Celtics changing the narrative on free agents coming to Boston

Mut at Night
Monday, July 10th

Villani and Reimer talk about the Celtics signing of Gordon Hayward and new acquisition Aron Baynes, and what it means for the team now and in free agency in the future.


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It's always a safe bet with the month at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Jets saying things had no idea what he's talking. A sadistic it's on safe that and that's always say that might it. There are also now it is I don't listen to the Promos are completely tune out between. That bad they're gonna give you great to energize recite every commercial on promo on the station he energized the show's real energized. Are cans here means Charles Dunn. 6177797937. WEEI late night is continuing activities aren't going to be wrapped up. This guy still fighting mean the idea of the number of concerts he keeps saying 162 only 81 of them are here and Abbas opt argue isn't an adult what I announced our at all that you should he go down that. It they rattle you shouldn't go down but I've gone down indeed. And there's no way they're not more than ED one concerts. At the major venues at the garden at Fenway excellent. There's just no way. If you add them all together is actually more than 81 that come to Boston and Yasser forgetting and the seaport what's called the pavilion that's a major and you put. Good but I mean ill feeling is okay as we get 5060 bucks a ticket in charge like twelve bucks for a wire so it's. Some of the Packers get real it's a real man units are real concert and you get real. Bands at. Acts if you will then they come in there exactly it really ripped off he gets was of Boston Colin. You're ripped off of Boston College you went denied that not now at anyone's anger Abbas and his when he tweeted about it. May be treated opening downtown Athens and now is coming from a place of knowing which were on him I did not ended and Annika by Alan I never done you did go play then your word on its I days right. I went got called I called it a good job on doesn't do a little bit down here. I went on Matty in the morning that I am I busting on recount sounds about right he Kirk's going out with Gmail hill now on Twitter he heads yes. Janelle hill not a fan occurred and ally and anchored in time not an affair what happen happen there. Bloodiest credit line demeanor sure doesn't really get any ratings like he keeps following in the ratings sports center at the ex smoker I can put all this promotion behind by the way forgot about it in the senate that counts him if I her accountant and he. When it's a pretty trap Jesus the light really helped him. Can they needed that if you but more than anything less that they need to boot she made the console. Now I watching I don't know what any of those words meant a great patriot because all you're black so talk like they talked. Do it. I don't understand when anything she said meant curtains and Tina out of the eyes. Nobody some cuts they're going back and forth. They're going back and forth in the sports center at six thing again it last year they had that Lindsey's on -- sports center show that I regular sports center. If you better than this one of people the promotion and so yeah. Jim Ellis still testy people hate talk much people hate us Mendoza. They lead the 2008 the sex yeah Michael Smith and Janelle hell yeah the guy who had a so I Yahoo! Randy Mike wrote a story about the ease in playoffs knees like half of the 5000 comments this article are all about how much people hate mail hell. Michaels and now Monica Monica and anger and attack Kirk in amex's while. Fair enough fair enough. By the way we hadn't talked any Celtics we have an article I just been chomping at the bet you have been chomping at the bit. To bring out your hot celtics' case Eddie feel about this team in the starting line up next here. My music illegally at times and I standpoint kind of going to be it was an O line up Brad Stevens that he has due positions anymore right. Guy William Cantonese that really exist in the NBA anymore no positions to new thing as an orderly tells me every point shot is big test and I blends together that is that is one of those that is one of those new new trends the three point shot yes. Out start and that's what mostly and so allow wild. At I was exciting now what are what mutual friend tells me ask affect three point shots on the rise the company positions anymore I'll take what I do like them. About this Gordon Hayward signings everything. But the thing their. I like the most about it is studies like then they lie and sign stopping arron Baines who by the way is also white. And also enormous and very angry looking butt and their bringing out these losers who they thought why gardens signed him some returnees like they go up and sign him. Any actually takes less money. I opts out of contract that he can make six and a half million dollars for if he had had accepted as. Player option stayed with the pistons instead it's free agency takes a one year deal is getting interest from several other teams including the pistons who were willing to bring him back. If he wants to come to Boston house he marquee free agent now could help out maybe or satellite is the idea of Boston. Moving in the direction the Celtics moving in the direction of becoming a place where people are willing to take less money to come in order to play had a chance to win. And part of that is the landscape of the east sure if its assaults in the west it would be different equation we know that but the adding some people mentally might be looking at the idea well Brian James going to the west in a year in saying the Celtics get the easiest path when it comes to getting to the finals. But it's also compliment on the way that they be able to rebuild over these past few years cell. It's not a huge signing in terms of impact it may be Danes can be that kind of enforcer of the people are looking for help on the board little based on a plane within probably fifteen minutes a game. But the waive the signing happened. I like opening that door a little bit and maybe you get to a point where other free agents are looking at it saying OK I'll take a little bit less than Max I'll take. You know all things equal I'll go to Boston for the same amount of money because I've got a chance to win it's the same situation that he treats found themselves in in the early two. Thousands here's my question does Gordon Hayward signing with the Celtics changed that narrative that this Celtics can attract major for it doesn't change course. I have a body that narrative about what Al Horford. Changes that narrative till he was the second best free agent of change teams last year. Now people get excited about Iran and Al Horford doesn't feel like a great consolation prize to get all. Jazzed up about about Kevin Durant I understand that but you still be second best player to change teams. The only thing I will say is a do you feel like can we talk about it Joseph cumulative Blake Griffin at signed with the Celtics at Billick in the national NBA landscape that would mean a bigger splash. The upcoming free agents like wow possibly is a real place to go on to play who place where real superstars. One aside because for writer for Iran but we're we're Blake Griffin out. When resent the clipper bragging change teams I understand best players change teams this I think people with a derogatory out of and its lasting public record here in Salem there's another white dude on Austin. I feel like that's such a it at this point that's a tired its tires storyline out a doubt but I mean a lot of people say it a lot of people have sent it. It's that comes from someone look at who who is changing teams we actually going somewhere else and that the narrative throughout was going to be the plea Griffin re signs an ally though that was key. Like that that was the there's a lot of them out that was the least surprising free agent moves so far. Was that Blake Griffin was gonna be backing out lack but it take for a lot of people gored here are the Celtics with that we surprising move united Brad Stevens connection to protest. White guy going to Boston for the big money. I'm telling you I feel like epic it some NBA circles. On the dot. Back kind of moved doesn't make a lot of headway whereas they develop weight gripping goes they say wow bosnians are revealed this nation you can be a real well enough or her last year. Not a real superstars in the NB Max contract player in that top fifty years so I don't league doesn't necessarily mean you're superstar and injured. Probably topped eight years so guy and we Ocala pretty good Al Horford hottest stars article it's guys and glamour but again I don't act on a lot of these guys don't change teams in general when they do it's typically to form. So if you have a couple of those pieces in place. Your ability to attract another one. Is exponentially increased. It's not like they're teams or players they're just flocking to all these different destinations they tend to be going. Were stars already are forming these super teams were staying with their own teams so it's not like there going everywhere but Boston. The of these guys that are changing teams over the past two years the second best and now the best this summer had come to Boston. I don't know how that doesn't change about nice about resulting assaying and her letter they can but who's. So we word moral stand perception and it's unfair it's old and tired by ethnic amongst NBA players. Who play you know it is there western Roberts the plain awesome once a year their Easter cards that come oyster. It's a plant in I think they all like the atmosphere Boston it says not to that was related industries and Al Horford inside the ten year. So I don't think there's a perception amongst players and oh light guys from the Boston but I do think. There is definitely that amount some fans. Well and I think I'll and it's done but I think it's driven in part by a bite talk radio and what's you know what she's played a mean that kind of narrative there. I don't think though. Again when you look at. Just we the Celtics are relative to everybody else forget about the Celtics for second in their history. And we understand a lot of that frankly a lot of cities and franchised blessed and ignoble records when it comes or less no pork positions that. When it comes to you. Race relations and how they have been. Perceived did any actual reality we all understand that players today and dockers sign deploying Diego coach for Donald Sterling that being said exactly that being said. Look at the landscape of where guys are going. Who's changing teams. Where they're gravitating towards you wouldn't say Boston is one of those places the people are that lever gravity on the at least every once played for Golden State now to directed. Yet if people want to play. Than other players people wanna play with. LeBron James in Cleveland. Maybe not anymore people wanna play bound not to goes down like. Blake Griffin wanted to stay in Los Angeles he did not change teams Paul George you need each ended changing teams willingly you wanted to he wanted to go to LA. LA being a destination. I got exactly new fad in the NBA that something it's gone on of that short list. Austin's and that makes two George Michael vocalist Oklahoma City had to go there because a desperate attempt by the thunder to keep Russell Westbrook from going someplace else sell. That the fact is. If you look at where. Free agents are going big free agents are going. Boston's right up there on the list I mean at the top of the list but it's close of the top and the bottom I think what helps would really Jose and Hayward signing too is that he could have gone to Miami so South Beach. They ended. That's the state tax all of that stuff right and he still has sound the Celtics over the sexier heat if you yeah. Yeah he chose the sound of the Celtics in happens. That that's that they make a point I'm talking about here but I think with Hayward now on the team I'm. Adding that the cavaliers are still above the Celtics Eastern Conference obviously but it's pretty it's much closer I tell our closer look. There's a gap between the two last year I don't think gap as wide as some people thought it was I think they'd. You look at the Celtics went without Isaiah Thomas perhaps the series losing game. Having a sixteen point lead in blowing it if they don't buy an old if someone not that they don't blow that lead the cavs still win the series yeah I think they do. But it highlights the fact that the gap between the two teams is not as dramatic as some teams think if you add Hayward into the mix. Yeah paint lace them up see what happens. And I think cavaliers are favorites apparently it's overwhelming at home court all the sudden matters a lot more and the X-Factor too is does that team block mean you've heard rumblings for the past few weeks LeBron James opting out at the UST on 2018 and even for LA. You know carrier Irving tripping potentially about wanting out so the quite you know general manager so the question is does it all gulping Cleveland do they have been losing streak you know the season. Do they not get off to a great start does it just all good how here come the Celtics cavaliers are Boehner. Actually I think they you can look at them as a team on the verge. RC collapse but on the verge of a a dysfunctional situation remember they weren't. Invincible even in the the second half the regular season last year they were never great defensive team. Kevin Love has always been sort of awkward fit on that team and I wonder whether they want pet trade back despite obviously winning a title. With love. And you know the rumors are popping up about LeBron wants out carries getting pissed. You know love still not a great fit yeah. All of a sudden. Who knows what you look at in terms of a mix in the second XP to south here come the Celtics aside three earlier today this is the guy. Three year anniversary of the Celtics. Acquiring the sorry cap exception of they got from the cavaliers were Cleveland could Reese on LeBron. And 2014 when they did not that they eventually and mood for Isaiah tops out. So it just goes to show you real quickly this happened and just three years ago the Celtics were willingly. Acquiring assets from Cleveland that allowed them to sound LeBron James and now look where the Celtics are very destination any free agent destination or even likes of Aaron Baines just wanna take less money to play. They're great and nothing right people are gonna love this. These are real lunch pail kind of player I would look at appeared. I don't they care I do not of this act the second route I imagine it's pretty gritty take an ax to a tree somewhere and just knock it down in one fell swoop. That's what it looks like our our kids coming your way just a couple of minutes we'll get that to turn it over to him. You start to line up the phone calls form as well 617779793. Cent.