The Celtics have turned a corner, plus who are Massachusetts HS basketball legends?

Mut at Night
Tuesday, November 21st

Keefe and Villani open things up with their thoughts on the Celtics nail-biting win over the Dallas Mavericks that extended their winning streak to 16 games, they also talk about legendary high school basketball players who played in Massachusetts and the MIAA.


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Welcome and it never mind at night. It's ever he Retief Chris Gilani undertow seven blog here a little town all the way till send around Radford cumin into rats both go to the government. When you leave the guys in high five Ali and I have little what model relay race absolutely. Like pretty good. Yeah rob Bradford forty time would be right now. It's forty yards a incomplete he could have ticket could be to take a breather by the way they are last segment reminded me of I was up in Vermont for two years I worked for radio cluster there. And kind of like what happened here. If you wander through the hallways in the different stations are playing over the intercom or whatever. And up there at the one of the stations are clusters stern on 1890s the the Christmas music station in the Champlain valley. Like November 6 six he would something like that I would start aggressive and it's not even what you're hearing your car for me be. Anywhere from ten minutes to an hour at a time whatever most people somewhere in that range and listened to Little League enter. He can do it. Mean it's it's playing in the building at going to be better and wandered through the hallway except I was on the air. It was just constantly. Going in by December 3 I was ready to take an act. Ax to our Transamerica I heard police not he got one more time like Jack torrents all call congress the more of that article I love it but. I need to wait until this Friday. Our revenues sister station here Chris is a Democrats he's against how to act. I forgot who ended up with who in that hole. Shall we got magic I don't think there in the building yet so I don't know what the deals of all of that lycra confusing to be named later I would be locked into them starting on Friday I'm looking forward that puts me a good mood I do like make me wanna kill people act while with a certain signs though I do like earliest any before I do like the song we are snoopy is fighting the red baron. And I somehow all around the Christmas I don't remember somebody's got to know what I'm talking about pretty easy it's a Christmas song and snoopy get shot down by the red baron. By the red baron doesn't kill him because it's Christmas and Christmas and it's lovely you know bulletin on the grinch on Rudolph. On all the songs like immigrants jingle bell rock classic gaps and making the home line. Yeah he's just got to do really like the nordic track thing when. Ever had that's a home alone soundtrack GAAP and destroy any of those songs on there so yeah I'm looking forward without but what's wait let's wait until love till Friday. Last night Chris the Celtics won their sixteenth. Straight game their plan the worst team in the NBA but for a bit there it did not look like they're winning through was gonna continue. They had a bad second quarter that a bad third quarter they find themselves down double digits in the fourth. They forced overtime and then carrier Irving just completely takes over as they're not Palmer or the losing streak or the waste your target and here. Or winning this game yet the biggest positive to take out the last two games is that. If there's any question about whether carrier Irving's ready to be that guy to be that centerpiece start to not have to worry about. Like that sixers fan the same mightily still undefeated since. Yeah we made our our suggestion for an activity the sixers fan could perform that would be by you know way to pass the time until Christmas music starts on the radio correct. Yeah isn't that he wants to he he he clearly wants to be. That kind of guy and he's comfortable in that role and you saw two games ago against Golden State. Res brutal for three quarters. And just takes over down the stretch scores eleven of their last thirteen points you Saudi gamble is it seventeen points or some the fourth quarter and overtime just dominant. When he needed to be end when outside Jim Brown the rest of the Celtics had a really tough shooting night and if he would write Harry's game at that point. To win for his team are not any seemed to embrace that role he played it well that's not a good team that's probably the first game. It's crazy to think about it it's the first game in the sixteen. Even though they've had a lot of close ones ref felt like. I don't say they quote unquote deserved to win this one yup I'm that kind of pulled a rabbit out of the hat here. But I love scene that. From Carrie because that was legitimate question for him and and that was a big thing and make a lot of Celtics fans wondered it seems like he's ready to embrace that without Gordon Hayward now. Right in now a lot of you know after he left so many of these NBA writers are LeBron people right that is dateline LeBron and when it whatever their relationship happens to be with him there and defend him so for anybody to dare wanna leave LeBron James how crazy is that. So they would point out what. Carrier brings record was games in Cleveland where LeBron didn't play and he did play and with a losing record there'd be so quick to point that out diet. While you you know you are the ones that. We take a focal point star out of that he's emea code they're going to figure it right but what sort of like Mike Miller somebody they've had in the James Jones figured it now now I like Miller just follows LeBron is probably there as well but they were put to those that this area Arnold this guy knows what he's asking for he now has to be the man. OK perfect he is the man and they have the right. Complementary pieces around them. The Al Horford is a very good player. But if he's your best player if you're relying on it particularly offensively to be in trouble without not a very good team so he can have nights where scores when he. He can have a night where he scores already I thought I deal potentially able to win because they have. Backcourt scoring close to seventy points in the game last night Jason Tatum one of the best rookies. In the league they've had other. Pieces guys off their bench or a fifth starter depending on who they put it there that have all contributed. It so the team even without court Hayward. Is pretty well put together I think down the road we're talking about trade deadline and things like that and you know it was February probably march. You're probably looking at. Maybe another guy who can score right in doubt according Hayward actually but have a great. Just another guy to the big topic today and it's a bit a little bit of a trip to negative town which were not trying to do that they've won sixteen straight. But markets Smart you're asking him to Cary. The second unit offensively. And that's not ideal like he hit a he's not a great shooter. But Tenet to his credit when he's out there with some of the guys that are on the bench who well who do you want shooting and who do you want getting on the show us. Essentially there is to feel like a good idea or until all I wanted it to Syria I've seen some fancy too bad two victories over the years received some good what's up all the bests. Senator in the 23 I Craig forth as again. Just went along it and I think you have to have the space the national title here when you're Carmelo team working Craig forth on the bottom of that when I Jerry Mac Marion quite poignant top justice thirty series that was tough to get three get the bad of a black players there but it even really know. There's a ticket Ares I this pick ups based guys hang out that there continue to be large breakage opted out act. You're you're gonna let you go back to three years daring and you're just comfortable market shot to say OK mark take an employee working on the particular the three. And he wasn't the only one you mentioned Horford port it was brutal last night at nine and especially. Though we urge you are given his guys so much credit for his decision making which usually terrific usually one of the smarter players in the league I feel like. The the opportunities he had. 23 kind of in the short corners there for easy baskets. In state kicking it out for wide open market Smart threes that didn't go win. That was just happening week to lop and so you wanna limit. I how many. Tighten on army touched on a shots markets markets and I think if teams play more zone against the Celtics going forward. That somebody keep an eye on an iconic trust Brad Stevens be a marine that and they look. Markets just as the shots there and believe me. It will be there right they will give him hatch act consistently. Jazz 'cause it's there doesn't mean it's one that you wanna take especially earlier in the shot clock there was way too much of. That last night you know they're starting lineup as if they go the one they went last night with a more us in Baines on the bench they have five guys in the starting line up that. If it's an open three they'll market down there when he go to the bench you're looking around there won't I don't know a terror rosier as one of those guys where. One night he could be offered to spark for you and another night he can just disappear completely seeking a nothing he can't knock down threes but. It's certainly enough on the they're gonna rely on the Russell's guys are I like them like. Beaujolais entice and gains but. There's there's no real three point shootings of your point maybe you do see more of that zone if as Brad Stevens has talked about over the course of the street that the record. Yeah that will be honest is better than the way were playing again should not want all of these games you can't dig yourself and do. 151617. Point deficit and keep coming be expected to come back and win. My question would be second half was the biggest deficit right now where you would say okay they're not coming back. Because I think are down seventeen gets Golden State and he's brought it to write the act as unsafe and so like it. If I asked I want me to when he and out of the 24 quarter into the fourth something like that it's early third quarter that's plenty of time than veteran right that's plenty of time. It was Tyree and be able to score so many points so quickly. Every time we talked about Kyra I don't want this to come across Thursday. Anti Isiah Thomas thank I've heard some of the callers saying you know he rose and Erica and it was great. And his big thing was the fourth quarter and closing out games ball carrier ring has done already in the short of having him play twenty games. Watching him close out games is ridiculously good that the number of ways he can score. Is is off the charts whether he's he's stepped back and hit threes. He's so efficient last night to what he started the year 22 for the games started ten to twelve I think yeah like nine a RO 57 from three down the guy shoots 90% the free throw line. So he can carry this team. Pretty damn far I think right now they are the best team in the Eastern Conference I'm I'm glad about that for a while. In the NBA now if you wanna. If you wanna say that they're playing the best true here argue with the winning streak bought. That the Stevens is just they're so fun to watch and but I guess ultimately. They're gonna hit like a little bit of a snag and that might be. Art what kind of leaders carrier Irving and how did they adjust to it a three game losing streak potentially what what happens van data out of their response from now but to this point. They've they've been able to bounce back in a lot of games but. I don't know what what more one of the questions we would. How about this team win or not I think you know we touched on some of them like when teams start throwing different wrinkles out and how they respond to that one thing is they're in the zone I wonder about that although. It's interesting to me even though it seems like a 23 is relatively easy to play. For NBA players it itsy little teams is so brazenly bad play against it had to play zone defense I thought you play a zone defense and I think it's it's easy to get lazy it's like it's a new fad in the NBA it's been years since it was an illegal defense the play is on her that indicate Ali they've had tactical follow -- shot Erfurt a legal defense. We to play 23. We play a pickup game Syracuse. When you show that bears that out crowd. The an homage to study also we are terrible attitude or it but I see an accent and an area and with that what can they get for markets Smart can they they do a lot of positives from market Smart even think back that Golden State game. He was brutal shooting ball knock when a carries pockets literally out of the bottoms out points away from which is not ideal. And he still played too late applause when he the end of the night and a lot as the other four guys on the court you know plus minus NB a little bit and misleading at times by. Some of the caddies here. Yeah and it's what can you on the defensive ends what he can do rebounding it's what he can do creating shots though. Getting the most out of markets martz minutes and it's crazy eighteen games in. These are they they knew it's they were picking yeah this is the sixteen into team is adding carries answered the question about whether he can Iceland or he Starr yeah I think Jason Tatum had answered the questions at this point about whether. Danny Ainge got the most NBA ready guy. And Jim Brown always. Is answering any question you could possibly think he was the only other guy outside carry. Who really gave them a lot consistently on offense last night so these are the types of things are look at markets march the biggest one for me going forward. Can you get the good. For mark is Smart because it's there yet but limit the bad and the big thing to me it's shot selection in just. Being willing to at the other sixteen seconds on the shot clock hit you on the shot clock passed up an open three you don't get shocking I don't like his chances of making. I don't like him having taking fifteen shots and taking eleven threes they go now it's Ariza could free third shooter if you want to post up smaller or even just weaker point guards great. If he wants to try to get some more shots in the paint. Great yet but he's just taking too many long jumpers and too many. Threes which is an issue for for him right. I think the positives outweigh the negatives with him and know it's easy to look at is is shooting percentage or anything else. I don't think that's all the sudden get a change so I guess the only thing I guess your Brad Stevens and this is the roster that you have. Maybe just try to make sure he's out on the court. More wins other offensive threats. You know I don't close a lot of games at that point greatly you don't need to be take a lot of shot at going to retirees with brown not yet exactly and fifth option but in an Arab times before if I think Galloway played good defense. But we hear the number one or number two option offensively that's where you gotta run into some issues and hopefully they can avoid back off for a suburb to the phone 61777979237. Days and occasional Osama markets Smart with update. You know what's gone on I don't I'm. I agree completely smug look it's not you guys number album Robinson. And it. He was dots are either of sir interview Reggie Miller they Aslan who's the crazy guy you're playing the Alvin Robertson that you wouldn't want across this guy he's crazy. Well game he came many symbol of spotlight. Nick when he was in San Antonio we music killer defensively passing their rebound and but he just weren't sure eventually learned about but it's not gonna rain a minute what you said ticket to the post yet she would retreat here and it may be another score with them but. When it comes of the the the other abilities secured talk chopped. When you look at them. And he got like three positions right switch up. And he's a match up problem too because of size with it with other guards has his callies strain but a lot of that comes from. Getting closer to the basket from knots eighty you throw away all of those the physical gifts if you're settling effort point 34 early in the shot clock. What does it matter whether your stronger than the eye you're trying to guard talking it over so that that's the biggest thing is reining him in right now. It get shot selection it was a big issue for him the last couple years if there's a difference between a guy who just can't she. It because received shoot 77 close to 80% the free throw line and it appears something there it's argued get broken mechanics. As solid for awhile number Rondo would shoot. You know 60% from the free throw line but he shoot 50% from the field because he would go to the castle carried it lets you actually get some easy pocket so. When he missed outside jumpers at the end of the night he still four for eight. In over ten point sort of are ones where as Smart right now is just. Shocking these shots from deep all the time and that's why he's shooting below 30%. From the field not just from three. But from the field and out of Bermuda with all that that we did have a big shot at the end of the fourth quarter usually did he didn't make a big white out of the out of all that did happen very soon of the Harlem globe Trotter for that that was that was so far back in Indy nailed that one out okay in discovering and calls it makes not one but I don't know if they want. I guess and I maybe that if you take him to keep shooting and one of those gonna go in but now that the more you get out of that I think the more you hit that point diminishing the term Smart but again. Keeping all of this in context because. You know you are trying to spin it negative sense just I'm being honest. This is the concern. League this is the biggest worry about your Celtics right now eighteen games into the season with no Gordon Hayward right and we're thinking about markets Smart shot selection. After a win like this kind of patriot stocky get it right there all right they rolled 42 to fourteen but you know the left let's analyze a little bit leaky at times and there were little breakdown in coverage there. Am not sure about their but their pass rusher depth. This is the kind of conversation were basically having about Celtics right now. Now my fair story of the day we'll get to come and a Ray Allen. Had a little bit of an issue. Are you a cat finished so whole talk about that it is bigger Celtics calls while 61777. I 79237. Nomar. Keith and Gilani Sports Radio W media. Never bought at night rolls on the chief for salon in sports or their WEE I look affects your Celtics calls in just 12 in your markets Smart thoughts. Carrier Irving 47 points last night Jalen brown continues you really do that won sixteen in a row. They go for lucky number seventeen tomorrow against the Miami Heat but this is. This story isn't hard to top this my view or write their stories of the year Chris as here's the here's the headline. Ray Allen communicated. With man who pretended to be many women many. This is amazing is a great talent that catfish you know I've seen this by now. But basically. Ray Allen claims that this guy is now stalking him but this guy named Brian Coleman is claiming that Ray Allen is stocking him. It's they don't know I don't know he's stalking me. This is in the motion that was filed. Quote Coleman pretended to be a number of attractive women interest in Ray Allen. Ray believed to speaking with these women and communicated with them. A fair approach hoping is that if it had to be attractive women. Nebraska down and out into red glare ugly woman he's Ray Allen right after player put that in there mesa a try underline it. Make sure he knows everybody knows there's only attract a win throw away everything for a half or something now now you were attractive real vivid. So he got catfish but now we stand at this guy who's obviously a real creep he's been posting stuff about ray Allen's wife. By the way around how's the wife. He now obviously Ted. I think she's probably knows what the deal which is she's aware I think there are curriculars he member when he tweeted a while ago to be WNBA. Player and I think if it was hoping it was going to be a direct message instead it was a message just her on that everybody could see who has. Very graphic yeah I am you know exactly that was. Any kind the got hacked without the classic. But I'll let a lot you know. Professional athletes urges men in general he's he's obviously a bit of a dog here but still. This guide Coleman seems to be nuts like going to ray Allen's whites restaurant. And like tagging. Him and also stop and I think you've just trying to extort what you're trying to do this and and a hey if you donuts this is my guess Chris if you don't owe any money on Mallory know what's going on yeah now it's a job back and forth on who stocking who. The bottom line is railroad Catholic sound kind of distracting I just looked up what that tweet was an old boy graphic. Oh yeah it's it's. There's really you can even read that there's no way to clean that up on the radar went on the LAPD don't say now outs and that's like one or two words he dropped to be able to figure out on and they might ordinarily would Jerry Jones said. About bill all right Robert Kraft laid back kind of thing that you could get a chance there's no way I would be others don't actually know it as we enter any words you can't say there. And I never understood late this whole. I hate against some guy easily get their their jolly from this from cap this thing from pretending to be somebody else on the Internet like even parity accounts that don't get. Yeah I do I have time. The British people find time for the stuff to make an account. It's huge I don't honestly they're there this is their job idea hassling the weather there if this is the thing that's how you spend your time I just never lonely people out there can't get myself in that. Mines that had space I can't now the political captured on delegate nothing else the deal to put on Hulu outs go reluctance I felt that there are other outs on non constructive ways to to pass your time. Other than making accounts. On the Internet. I actually don't hate the pear do you account only because when it's trade deadline time and somebody falls for the fake injured or your house you're the fate after after I laughed. Yeah I got a good chuckles and went to me it could have been I think that it grabs everybody's let's it literally is is colors you know but yeah after the pound sign in the middle not an option at all and right exactly. The patriots are treating Brady's jets Ken Rosenthal there was there was such a good fake Ken Rosenthal that MLB network ran when while Ken Rosenthal was down hall. Used on the holiday I and 120 feet placate Kenny trade deadline they put up the thing you know like somebody got traded endemic to minutes later they would decay that's not me. And they're like oh now that's a look. Those are good but these catfish people you rates they're out about it I saw one episode of that show which I believe is still long would look that up it's still on MTV Archie and free to love that show. So that's occurred at and so we knew we meant to look up the patio where you there for a guy called in I think I got called an arcane met him at a bar late tonight or something like that. The all male of your shell that you really need every spotty matter question. You met him at a is going to be an attractive woman that turned out to be him mentally modernize flights are canceled so we did get a chance to read and get a they put that off to another time that he got yeah obscure phone call. So the I had the Shia alliance and a Matt super familiar with the but I when he called and are him. And then they met accord the patio. OK that is unless that was a cat and meet after an anti tea out that was the speaker of praising the grants catfish there ever want is as a tragic story. Member his girlfriend and his wife or his wife his girlfriend his grandmother. Die aid. In back to back weeks or something like that oh see they they don't fret about ZoneAlarm is real grandmother grandmother. Actually we met yeah actually bit the dust Chichi asked the way right and it girlfriend was like really supported in the air and she died and this is Notre Dame was playing for a national I don't know for a great season and here entail is on the periphery of the Heisman combination. And this is actually holes and then it's being called me right around the holidays as a global hey by the way it is unbelievable best story in college football turns out the girlfriend never existed as the best and and I didn't I know what your cap issue wasn't. I'd never heard of either that actually see bond Kiefer madness the first ever Q for Madison has for the world as the anti tea advancements towards don't know about him edited down health that you can't contract with others slowly rolled down complete red cabbage today I actually yes we do play five years later we have Ray Allen. Getting capture full circle maybe just tremendous arrows the backs of the phones let's start with the Percy in Boston. What's going on Percy. Guys won't look real good do. Guilt Obama's markets were just pleased. I think he's an awful terrible. And a lot of assessment seeking. Make absolutely no incidents. And during that you know in the sixteen game distribute I do kind of agree with Gretzky and saying we haven't really played our best basketball at all. What I do think that if I like one of the guys that you market smartest little bit of convenient shots and you know be a defensive player I think he does a lot more folks. Changed trying to shoot these three intimately knows and 12 left in chocolate I've been paying can be a much better offensive player. Think the better. Poll regarding his trying to be shooting point. Yeah I'm Wendy and I thought and things McCall person I would have thought. With him playing point more than last year he certainly point their allies in a playoff the ball carrier re doing the same thing this year based off of that. You would be to be less shots he's actually averaging more shots a game. This season. Than he has in any of his other. Three previous seasons are we shooting a lot. And I would personally. Nothing yet and say hey you're only shooting twice a game like that out now that now but. Try to mix and a layup but try to try to get attacked the basket or the free throw line post up a guy. It doesn't have to be all three point oh good it's all business three's full think about it too when you're struggling shooter when you wanna deal. You get the ball inside when he gets the free throw line and that's where he actually should pretty well it's about 80% to sell very few bad things can happen. If he gets going down Hiller tries to get it tries to post up smaller or weaker guard. It's never about number of shots so just looking at the line and saying well he was what three for fifteen mustang yes it's not about the volume and he's got a rare he made it to the gas it. It's the eleven threes that he that he tick it's it's win in the shot clock he took some of those threes. And yet that was a huge three the end of and the quarter by. That had to be one at one of those classic no no no yes as you know why tenacity Celtics definitely an active and that's what Brad Stephens taken that spot WEEI southern discovered roster by JBL if it sounded Jason day of the Boston Celtics in the NBA will continue your phone calls six or 77797937. It is key to belong in Sports Radio W media. It's never mother's night portrait is WEEI Retief Chris a lot of talk about the Celtics winners of sixteen straight games are low for seventeen tomorrow. Against the Miami Heat that he may have already defeated. On this winning streak the back of the phone 6177797937. John is in Maine what's going on John. Chris keep saying that Michael and I felt. Obviously that's not a crack in that category. A lot of winning streaks in an experienced it EA and you know the last three right the queen Kudlow and while it was about a lot like where he had and they are certainly in. But these are about late to back off it quite deep it will try not a lot Wednesday. Beating out in. Alan won't eat where I. Everywhere in Iraq are now of course sport that you win. And you know. And it ought it you know no like people are a lot mark mark by. His tenacity and energy group that you bring Ing. I mean unequally inked a point that missed it last night when you come under quite enough. I think our back on important consequence our. I really expect. Out. All right to our job as for the phone call past 12 punch point guard wise there's got to be one better sending in more along the lines of best backward Easter. As backcourt in the east. In the east that's probably that's it I do it won't deal the only one whereas maybe the other now to below littered McCollum. It's got to curry Thompson is a strong. Paul harder to their Paul's help me out for looping in the Western Conference yeah then insert cost us but Eastern Conference it's. Italy Jill brown a split. Irving's early not a surprise slid her racist now we get a chance to watch him every single night but Jim Brown's surprise. Yet in wall deals agree on the doubt about it that it might be. Yeah we'll put it this way I would take this combination over any other. Yes to Ali yeah I think so too lightly and virtually combined age everything that goes into it and on our markets marked as far as. Just because we're we're talking about his shot selection and is shooting percentage. Doesn't mean I don't want him on the floor doesn't mean I don't think he's a valuable player now. In fact if the answer was does bench him this would be easy like I just don't play markets Smart or whatever the ridiculous thing Lucent about you know you'd tongue in cheek but suspend him or some of the stuff that opulent that's insane. Because he does give you a lot of value it's about. Making those minutes. More of a positive than than a negative not heeding that. At diminishing return point we say while he made. Five great plays on the defensive and yet. Number of good sets there got to the basket a couple of times. The also chalked up for bad to reach the recession we burn over is because there's no chance they're going to another team gets the rebound come back the other way. It's a little bit work complicate because you want Smart on the court. Even more so. What's mark on the war at the end of close games. And usually back a a challenge for Brad Stevens down I think a lot of it just comes back to forget to mark smartly 23. Rightly they talk about him like he's been around forever only it'll guide it's young boy or is old but yet John even veteran but at the same time he's 23 years old understanding that. Look this is the team that we have right now does the personnel we have in the backward or not then when these brown when there's Tyreke. And you've got to understand we don't need you to do this much offensively early you don't need you to play. This roll offensively actress Brad Stevens to be able to communicate that message that last year but he was obsessive Chris Dunn can play at Providence in a market smart's younger than Chris that always happens out anytime there is exists so few. Local college guys like impede the guy toys now guy yet exact replica of sass you know they can you sound play twice Connie Foreman Erica hill at my own that's better. And next thing you know that the Celtics really you know he'd like who's that Christiane you would be the savior and as good player and the bad dental not a perk was actually drafted yeah. And it may not agree high school players come armor are as cute watched. Mike Bradley like. It was two Brcko eulogy Eddie played you know all the while. BCR east on the east fighting Bradley nobody who's supposed to go to DC he got to know everything all right again he spurn obesity. Went to. Kentucky. For a year won a national title there and then went to Villanova. Initially committed to BC and ED committed. They booed the living crap out of him when he came back for nova Kristi drop like 29 and noble want you but it is that he's out there they'll Buddha a lot of them. Let's go to the high school players are around here. Really was your approach to games that's sort I'm Dagen about. Actually born in Massachusetts high school and went to either 88 public or Friday. Not a rapidly private high school BMI double A sanctions. I spoke after he was the best guy Jeff Adrien. That time in Asia Africa let's go to Pete Karr what's up. Good. Don't burst on market art I the check is well my question is that you. It in the shot the shot clock. The beat them directing all. So acute. They're clamping down a couple of other people making at that but all others shoot. So that increases the pressure on him shoot it all laid shot. Should consider that. Boy that's that's the case Pete don't you think they need to figure out a way so that's not the case for him and I don't know what percentage of shots are like that but I'm you're sure you're right I'm sure there are. Once for yes the beat the shot clock but. Okay fine if he's the best or second best option when he's out there with the second unit they maybe they should create something earlier and not force him to take those bad shots. All about right now costing them so much to let me. When they do lose a couple of bad the issue they're gonna get it. Yeah that the audit you bet that the other reason I think they're able to make you come back it down thirteen seed that. That it would be effective that they had everybody. As we've protected everybody. Is challenging shot at the basket. They're the last year when yet seller beard captain. And you're really playing patently and so you know everybody else's I side with all the ball out of that. So I think it's leave just everybody playing at a higher level on up and then it would be better actually because. The ability to come back to gain back the. Yet they faculty every defenseman of the best in the league right now and Chris and I love yourself some glove all kinds of basketball they're all my god alone defense and I'll. Good deeds so much the defense and rebounding by Jason Tatum in fourth quarter over time. I mean. He he has been such a big addition there are where there are such a bad rebounding team a year ago. And this year with guys like pains don't Horford is is improved there are certainly better than it was last year and and Tatum has been great very sure handed late. He Bobble the ball out like you on offense or or rebounding wise if he gets his hands on it he has control of it and there's been times in a fast break that. That's what jumps out to me about him is they can whip a pass to a home. Once stepped inside the three point line he takes one dribble in and out of the passes high low right in the chest he catches it cleanly in Lazard and after that. Once I do it that's that's his game on both sides and NEC that when. You always taking guys off the dribble in the fourth quarter which he's done in some big spots over the past couple games. He he just has that confidence that you don't expect in the nineteen year old who by the way is is been nursing a bum ankle for a little while here. Eighteen games in his career that the cars went on Smart and I'm kind of in line with you. Yes Rick Carlisle last night went to. A 23 zone largely with the intention of goading mark is Smart he'd go markets taking a shot Europe and take another shot. You don't just. Roll over except that if you're the Celtics what you need to be able to I'd get a better look either earlier in the shot clock or. It put markets sparked a better position late in the shot clock so he's got just chalking it up because that's what's there and I can't disagree with the idea that wait until it cost you game. You were very fortunate to win that game last night out on Monday anyway from a Lou I actually like Carrie was sensational down the stretch out brown played really well the entire game Smart did hit a big shot near the end of the fourth quarter. Try to address that problem before you lose two out of re adding that some rats even think about right now especially they Seymour is. Don't go on for a couple of the attacks thrown in for best high school player from Massachusetts. He's in mind that I'm only going back. You know when I can remember meeting like 25 years accurately go back much further yet but but so it was a Chris Aaron obviously. Yeah I'll run and we we didn't see him play in high school gives you were aware of him what to DC for one game and anyone to Fresno. Not a war for his advocacy after the attack Iraq. Adam Harrington Summers are not there government NC state and he played on the actual one of the New Hampshire a U teams yeah like Matt Bonner of those guys that he was good but. He's not crazy with Auburn. And NC state I want you guys what is knowing the guys transfer they go to a place where all the New Hampshire kid's life besides Bonner they would all go somewhere and that immediately translate there's a kid that Harvard had in Kyle Casey. He went to midway. Medley little town yet in central mats east central mass would ever. Freshman year is a freshman scored like 25 point two game okay. We need yeah correct Brian let another guy and of the text or mentioned indict. I remember back in the late nineties I would the Milford high they're great basketball team that year. And egg first game they played at a bar and over this kid Lee when he Anderson for about 66869. Something like that. I remember went to the game opening tip. Interesting gets the ball drills down the floor. And just throws down this monster is done theater and it's like okay there's Padilla this is how this is gonna play against guys Albert right when they came at thirty. That it took the cracked the answer you do this originally used legit Patrick Ewing. Patrick you want to get rid of the Latin if they touch you Patrick you I'm born here Patrick Ewing and Rebecca Lobo. Each gender right they've got to be the two battered industry to stay. Pack not a good one north Arlington and with a noted an item on the it's barrels condolences Berrian Wayne turner went to be overconfident would be insolvent so that there are some guys there's definitely some some dudes and receive bring the prep schools a lot of off -- guys come from all over the yes. Where where you start at seven area aren't welcome and Ricky tell this guy is wrong on a couple Celtics calls hang tight we're we get to Iraq rapid loves the Celtics. So we're tock when talks in Celtic hero price it baseball team before the end of the night. Hall fame balloting to be ordnance fired up about that hole I shall and a worm is on. Opens up once a year and it's a good conversation once a year Christmas music and hall of fame balloting the two things that find their way back to this Sports Radio like this Wallace back to Capistrano. Every late November those rob Bradford crisp line coming your way next here on Sports Radio WE yeah.