Celtics President Danny Ainge with DHK

Boston Celtics
Friday, June 23rd
Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge joined Dale, Holley and Keefe for a complete breakdown of the Celts moves this past week and in last night's NBA draft.

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You. Newest member of the Boston Celtics the man who drafted him last night that the president of basketball operations. But the Boston Celtics Danny Ainge joins us right now. Denny thank you very much for taking a few minutes I know it's been a busy couple of days for. Yes there have been buried it. Dale. I guess at your. Advantage. Or very good. Let's let's start with the with the simplest question of all this start I guess to say definitively. If you can't the first overall pick in the draft. You would Jason Tatum. We're going to elaborate but. I get asked a simple yes ambivalent that's an outlet at all or are there any what we're juror and you want it all Peter the bush or why. Dog this guy right to it like it goes we'll be around the bush. I'll ask you this question you got to give it to me right here. You can tell as the top Borger draft board. Your present itself extra work with who want to report. I wouldn't I would I usually don't ever do this by. I would say aid. It. Jason. Josh. Mark KL one. So. Lots of work now. It it so called zone route and I'm not saying that exact order sent them up. Okay it was a tough work guys and we're here in your phone's going in and out sometimes but I oh. And it and Java are street Bernard. Awkward and the toxic. Where. Not that there's like this separation. Can install to a you know nine or ten guys see he does he ever though it turned out to be on you're a young age but here it was. It was built it's there out here. And yet there was a lot of good ones. Okay and it now maybe we're overstating it but it seems that I. Throughout the season and it really leading up to this draft. That this term you're dead in this up coming up with coming up with mark helpful to you unanimous number one overall choice of at least. Most people thought that what wasn't. About him that they use that in your staff sit well. He's got a bad habits for us and we're gonna go is there any thing or couple things about. Well what we'll do you think. Of things that go with it aren't you rich oh years and what they're it's very difficult those are. You know mark you know which is a great young men. I'm a fan and one really who featured. Terrific kids. I think it requires you. I'm engaged with quietly while we're seeing. I don't really it is what you can achieve to server C. Yes she ate our team. Direction. Where he can't get them or kill the opportunity. Bought war and contribute or and it's. That blue jays are not as if the death the rosters. And so what. Well there's there's nothing that. That it is just stood out the. And you know I won't share influence and all you propose. We've made that decision. You sort of touched on how other rookies are going to be able to play more in other places did you guys get a sense at all that. Some of those players that will likely go in the top five or. Little apprehensive maybe that's why they didn't wanna work out with you because they can go start for Philly your Phoenix and LA and they're gonna have to really work for their minutes in Boston was that any kind of concern plus. Get a deal that last year they'll likely have to do it again next year. Yet. Who is in question why a particular from a couple of agents are at a fast. And I appreciate that I understand that I'm. Not yet kidnapped last year Chris Long. So I think I get it. We want to play. Players to point out cheap on plot you know you wouldn't be big bonuses if you repeat here this woke up seeing. And all the moves but that's what I keep harping on the fact that house special Q a brown was last. And also a budget and you can help you this year. He can manage it I usually don't we that you have around eight a different situation. Over what she learned last year and playing. In a significant minutes since crucial minutes in the Eastern Conference playoffs can. He as far as development in what she saw that what you learn so. It's it's a longer process for we feel like we're about chart with too much pressure and he looked so you're old. We've seen not that backfires and other organizations. They put too much to uses about kids. And we're both looking out at success too but. We don't feel like we need to roll that. To the wolves right entity that could if they're not playing bad it fit me that they're playing well lately that they have cordoned them all there but. I feel like you have growing speaking that's more wealthy buyer. We're talking to Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge Danny from a logistical point of view. If you were interested in adding a free agent and I assume you are and were interested in acquiring a player in a trade and you might be. Do you have to do the free agent first before the trade. You know it's not that simple. This salary cap. Can be very complex. What was that was a simple question but either want to. Depending on the train that what that does to us financially more. I think that there but they're all things that we like to do it with Kate the sequence. There would be a specific he was that we would act to follow you or that you can get something done. I pity how close were you two. Making history lesson if you work those germs feel like well we we we got something that. Hey this is gonna go out tonight. You know like he never saw a quote Smart to me or. You know it's a bit earlier today at the press conference but it's like here you play any game poker and it. Oh you know it was a full house wins the heat of the assert that quote there but you know what it's over cart's there. I have no idea I have no idea how close. The other teams. That he talked with I mean some pieces right now that there were short of compensation that and at Tokyo's but there's a lot of conversation. And because. I don't know that the hands of the card that says my opponents are all being I don't know the answer. You know you also said earlier today there's not that it it would sacrament are can play poker out there right and I. You're out there and you play political games than what you do what you're player. And rate gap. I wish that it did you know malicious yeah. I do retract that because quite into Africa. Witnesses said is that with Brad Stevens that might there and therefore there's you know if we were in then it. We we it would be boring. I. The total got out of the Arctic if hypothetically there was the player a great player that he wanted to trade or who only had one year left on his deal and that players made it clear that he wants to go to a certain destination. Would you be confident enough to trade that player and and wouldn't be worth one year would you think that deeply convinced him to stay longer how how would you go about a situation like that. All that you recruit. Out of has. That it of course. Then then I think it all depends on him. Just what sort of risk. Is that the war. And what sort of probability. You'd think might see. What what's the probability is that we've seen him for the future. I think again it's it's a complex. Inclusion of those situations. I I don't I don't know of a definitive answer is being the answer is yes there's some. For sure. Seeing how much value and the big question. I know I'm asking you another theoretical question but. Do you foresee any circumstance in which you would be willing to trade either Jalen brown or Jason Tatum. I'm certainly not looking or anticipate that out. But of course. Mean when we need planet. When you're in the business of basketball that he could support for your players to understanding her. And appreciate. Where they are believe it's what worked in the understand the business side it didn't. We need note that. You Kareem Abdul Jabbar is true. And I mean who wouldn't lose players that are played in the Basque all have been at entry itself. Certainly there's a price and we all can be replaced. And I think that's healthy. Way to feel as opposed to you know something that is above the team work station or the league itself. So yeah but. I don't anticipate or and about what he had to do. I'm guessing you know for awhile that that Jason Tatum was going to be your guy can't have number one pick we've all we've all known that for over a month. So how did you approach it work did you call Philadelphia for example and say. Hey are you accident in the number one pick or. You have several teams calling you in Philadelphia gave you that that's the polls. There were a lot of conversation. You and it was pretty clear. What her. And after. We knew the truth. That Philadelphia was to keep it placed the most value on the topic. And there were a lot of called constellation and a lot of proposals. But. Other teams felt mostly like us. But yet there's some value. But not nearly what it might normally be so. This is all that you wore off pretty easy to move up. You know just from where we yards. So I think that most people were set up like you're seeing you know won't all their credit and debt they wanted eight we have our cal. As we got like you said you can't. And down. It would for. Yet here they only thing I don't like about Jerry. It is important out there and I would ultimately first they'll be you don't you don't care that out there who who had a lack of a only thing I don't like about it is the conditions. If it was there any with that a sticking point. They just give me the give me the pick without the team through five. Protection. What is it that you are you that that content. Or. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yes yeah the walk off any outlook heading out. I applaud your that it it that'll be it ever. Playing that aren't prohibited. Everything and it never let you go out of the bright colors. But wouldn't let me tell you a little bit about that I beat. So that would that goes. Obviously I mean we would prefer the Eric have zero protections. But the fact that they had to potentially. Quality pit. There's a purposeful about you that you have two chances whether that is taking an unprotected they're. From Los Angeles and punitive really only. Eating and or taking the Philadelphia picked. This unprotected that they you know that's what you know they would have preferred. But we're taking a chance we had and so we wrote it. The bad picked protection so it's not a pop tart here. Then you don't will open onto the pictures. That we get too cute is that getting five. And so anyway but that that was that was negotiating with that. We'll see you all wrong you feel. You would feel if she either way. Finally settled up. Arduous negotiation. Last thing for me day or the expectations for updates visit Spain Gershon on Yahoo! Celek could one or both. He on the active roster this year. Yeah OK. Wow you really want the most likely. Yeah we'd like we'll all. We can do all of our she won't move to close. You know a lot of what can people who want should get you if you this next month there's going to be. Trying to figure all that back up you won't. Any we really appreciate take a few minutes to join us and that catches up on what's gone on.