Celtics vs Bucks recap and will the Celtics bring in a veteran to fill Hayward's spot. 10-18-17

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Thursday, October 19th

In the 1st hour Patrick Gilory recaps another tough lose for the Celtics early in the season. Patrick also talks about moves the Celtics can make to fill Hayward's roster spot. Peter Vecsey of Patreon.com joins Patrick to talk about the Celtics and what can we expect from the young players.


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Season late night talk Sports Radio. Let's get a going east east late night will play hard Sports Radio got a. It's radio and W yeah. It's late night. Patrick Gilroy who would you guys once again taking you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning. Nobody join us here 617779. To seven at 9370 takes. The program at 37937. You find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops acts in Gilroy on hoops. And you know we were here last night for four hours of sort of talking everybody off the ledge. A lot of group therapy took place last night. And 24 hours later. I'm starting to come to grips with the reality. Of what we saw last night we'll continue to talk about Gordon Hayward the effect it's having on the Celtics so much anticipation. Coming into this season and now the Celtics. Are awaiting skewed to start the year it's way too early for panic especially with the the situation the Celtics are dealing with the I will tell you this. The young guys on the Celtics continue to make strides it's not. Without pain not without fault it's certainly not perfect but when you see guys like Jalen brown continue to go out there yet a tough night. From the field eighteen points though five rebounds Jason T them again had his moments eight point but he was a minus fifteen. For the game so that really hurt the Celtics. And I do want to get into markets martz and I mart to Smart with twelve points but more than that seven rebounds in on every loose ball he missed some critical free throws. In the fourth quarter. But you wonder with this injury to Gordon Hayward. And carrier ring was OK he had seventeen points 725. From the field this awful field goal percentage tonight for Tyreke he struggling a bit to start the season. And have noticed something about market smarter than I wanna talk to you guys about as the night goes along about as markets taking more more of this leadership. Roll and I I think he sees an opening here which carries struggling a little bit and Gordon Hayward out for the time being let's call it it'll be. Really irresponsible we go on here we talk about the three to six months that he is starting to trickle out because. We don't know what to end the Celtics have made it very clear. That they expect a full recovery is the word that Brad Stevens used in his pregame press conference tonight from the garden. But the Celtics also said no timetable for a return until after the surgery the surgery that Gordon Hayward is is in right now. So I'm just curious if you guys are comfortable. With the direction that this team is taking right now with the young guys continuing to get more and more minutes I tell you what. Going into the season if you had told me that guys like said he always delay Abdul Nader these guys were gonna get double digit minutes. That's. I don't know if that's a good thing for the basketball team looks ME usually. Looks like a man child right east he's built like he's been in the league for a long time. But clearly. Clearly there's a lot of development that needs to take place in in years past. I I tell you a teams that weren't quite as good as this Celtics team. They still would not have been forced to play guys like semi usually. And there and yelled at Abdul Nader double digit minutes they just wouldn't. This team and we knew this going into the season even before the injury this team was going to need. Contributions from young players that Brad Stevens generally doesn't have to go and get contributions from. This team desperately needs. A little bit of veteran. Talent infused into this roster and now that we've seen this team go and play two games against two of the better teams in the Eastern Conference and the Celtics are now awaits you and they are far from a finished product and it at every excuse in the world. To be owing to. The question now becomes does Danny Ainge go out and use that final roster spot. And I think we'll know a lot more about Danny's intent to use that final roster spot and what type of player he intends to use that spot on. In the coming days because as word trickles out tonight. After. Gordon Hayward surgery is over I'm sure word will trickle out tonight word will start to trickle out tomorrow. And at some point the next 24 to 48 hours that people have a a semi accurate timetable. For Heyward returned but. If it's the optimistic. Timetable where he's out three to six months well in the Celtics technically have not lost him for the season. They can't apply for the injured player exemption which gets an eight point four million dollars of cap space to go up there. And trade for a player or do something to bring more talent on the team which essentially leaves you. The veteran minimum exception and now you got this. One and a half million dollar so to speak to go up there and get somebody and we Gerald Green getting cut last weekend. It just seems like he's the perfect fit come in here knows the system. He won't miss a beat from not being here in training camp and he was a guy without Gerald Green on the Celtics team last year in the playoffs they don't they don't get out. Well the first round. So there's a lot to get through tonight when it comes to the Celtics who located the patriots a little a little bit later in the program as the week rolls along here you know the patriots. Are creeping up on Sunday Night Football and I'm just. Very very very excited about this weekend's game look for whatever reason. I see these two teams and I see the falcons and they've been so susceptible to giving up leads ever sense. What happened the Super Bowl happened to them. And there are a team that wants to be crushed in the first quarter they are just dying for somebody to crush them and the patriots have yet to play. Patriots football I mean they've been good enough to win football games but they haven't gone out there and giving you a complete four quarter effort. That you expect from the patriots. And if there was every weekend every game to put it altogether it's this Sunday because you can really. Do a lot of damage a lot of psychological damage to your opponent in the Atlanta Falcons this weekend so we'll get to that a little bit later in the program coming up. At 1040 we'll be joined by Peter Bessie I grew up with Peter Bessie is part of the NBA and NBC coverage. Of course he's been writing for the New York Post forever and now you can read him. At patron dot com Peter that he's been covering the NBA. For ever he'll join us at 1040 coming up at 1140 it's Dan Greenberg at school treaty from our school sports so what action packed show for you guys tonight. You driving home from the game you wanna talk Celtics basketball I am curious to hear what you guys have to say about this basketball team. How do you feel two games in with your Celtics down oh in two to start the year and down. In all star in Gordon Hayward its Sports Radio. WEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy the number to join us here 617 of the 7797. 937. And is this Mike can mean a real call from from much jump to take him out right. Right let's go our Reynolds of the calls him Mike Mike is in the main Mike your first up here on late night. Like. Yes how hi how are you I'm living the dream Michael's than a month because yeah I mean to you right you know problem. Yes I hooked into the previous show and I am there was this sort of debate going on as to whether or not the stand. Can actually appreciate that type of debate and protests in the context of a National Football League game okay. And I would didn't what are your thoughts on this well the best way to him probably find out. That they aren't there or not is and I understand that the networks. Are not showing whether or not that players are kneeling or sitting anymore they've refused to show that more. Yet didn't really do they didn't get a bigger they're getting away from that right now yes. So what are based on during the national reckon they're showing the person singing. Yes it's unfair and yuck I understand. If they're showing it at all because sometimes that you cut to commercial at the partnership if they do show that. All in and out of every sort at all really you sort of like you know that that was just you know preliminary thing that happened and never showed it. I am but another showing of probably a little bit more and I'm wondering if if they show it. Now. And they're showing phantom and if there're any examples of fans in the stands. Sitting or kneeling. During the national recommend making. Sort of Durham protest. And which would be really difficult to do if you work and in in aid in the stands on the you know you probably get booed a lot it's kind of a dangerous thing to do that and an and I feel like they're these sort of like one guy that would start to slow clap. They've been like another guy evidently cannabis slow class involve certain. Now I think that it could be possibly eighties a pretty huge sting and if it. Certain amount of people in the stands. During one National Football League game who. You know they'd be big. Now refuse to show the players. Sitting in dealing. All the sudden on national TV you have some people who work mingling during the National Anthem. I don't be like national news media internationally. It would be quite a game would have the impact and that's really the question Mike and I certainly appreciate the phone call the reason why. Its impact full when the players do it it's because people care about what the players do people unfortunately don't care about what you do Michael what I do they just don't. We don't have that sort of impact. On on the world that these National Football League players and that's why they do with when they do it you know I've heard the argument. Time and time again where you know people on one hand say well they've their protected it got their person and right they can do whatever they want right. And they absolutely can't and I have heard the other argument saying well you know what they are working for an employer the employer can set the rules and that's true was well. But regardless of their breaking the rules following the rules that doesn't matter. When they do wait it gets attention because we care about what football players do we care what these athletes do. Look at all the entertainment shows that are based around sports look at all of the programming on TV and on radio that is based around sports. You've got it to monstrous Sports Radio stations here in this city. You know. And people can't get enough when you look at the ratings that you see here and across the street it's evident people can't get enough of sports right. And that's because we legitimately care about our teams. And you care about the players on those teams and you care with those players do what do you agree or disagree with what they do. They have an impact. And you when I. The 70000 people in the stadium unfortunately. We've got no impact. And all its Sports Radio WEI it is late night it is Patrick Gilroy ticket you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning. As always the number to join us here 61777979370. Driving home from the guard and I wanna hear from you guys are you freaking out it's. The Celtics start the season a win soon. Two games that were certainly winnable in the closing minutes. And you know this is riddled with out. David Gordon Hayward injury this is the third youngest team in the NBA there is certainly going to be some growing pains here. And I think you as the season goes along that we talked about this leading up to the season. The Celtics were going to be a little bit drop out of the gate anyways. Is it feeling out process that needs to take place and now more so than ever because the Celtics are needing to adjust. On the fly and I don't Brad Stevens he can't wait. You know the Celtics are traveling. They'd play Philadelphia in Philly. This Friday. But then the Celtics and Brad Stevens have the weekend off to practice and I know Brad Stevens Brad Stevens cannot wait to get his team back in the gym Saturday Sunday and Monday the Celtics don't play again until Tuesday at home. Against the knicks. I think you'll see the Celtics look a little bit different a little bit more coherent. It just a little bit more organized. Then what you saw specifically what you saw in the closing moments of the fourth quarter both last night and tonight when it seemed like the Celtics were a little bit helter skelter. They just didn't have. The it factor that this team had last year I think they'll get and I think that this team will ultimately be okay. But right now this feeling out process is learning process that was gonna take a little while anyways is certainly going to take. A little while longer let's go back out to the phones let's go to George George's in Waltham Georgia next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. It was a George. And then everybody of important injury eight I outlook toward the utterances intervene. 125 year old veteran and income and carrier ring. But if you give a thirty year old veteran and help or hurt oh god he's a great player but. It took him. It's like this you hit it towards that. Oh yeah the stock while it may be to get more than that you can get it he's the best backed project I. Immediate look more maybe get worse actually point to actually want to game yet. We police were comfortably and are actually some of that out or for now especially in the wake of important injury no optical your thoughts on. I am and production we received from Powell I think that time that Al needs to look step up to salute the more. And in and all the moral leadership role in Britain in particular more and I was stat sheet role. They've been helping out. We are with you topping the fifty miles you know your your arsenal because it didn't appear. Certainly judge and appreciate the phone call don't be a stranger to the program had this conversation time and time again since the Celtics. Were able to. Bring Al Horford here in free agency it's frustrating. Because Al Horford is essentially. 21 points a game for the hawks. One time in his nine years for the hawks he averaged north of one. He's pretty much as sixteen in seven guy a fifteen and six guy that's what he's been specifically what he's been in the last half a dozen years. Ever since he hurt that picked oral muscle a few years back this is the guy that he's dead and it's frustrating because you saw it when he wants to assert himself. He had some outstanding offensive games in the playoffs last year so this is the guy that you saw through the regular season thirteen to sixteen points. Six to eight rebounds and that's the steady Eddy Al Horford and that's okay. Mean it's a lot of money for. Really good production but not great production right but that's the trade. And this is the modern day NBA we're gonna be Mann's got it 65 million dollars and yelled Kelly Alina it's fifty million dollar so yet Helio is getting fifty million that Al Horford is absolutely. A Max contract player it's frustrating. But if you're looking for him to be it's one in ten guy he's not gonna beat that guy. He'll give you one in ten occasionally. But if you want him to be that guy consistently. You're looking at the wrong guy it's never been Al Horford and it never will be Al Horford Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy this reprieve guys you driving home from the game I wanna hear from you 6177797. 937. Many three point seven FM. Sports Radio. W yeah. WEEI late night McIlroy. Think you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning. We'll be joined by Peter Bessie you guys know him from NBC sports growing up that was. The NBA and NBC was it for me a lot in my average Marv Albert Mike patella. And of course Peter Bessie willow bay was probably my first celebrity crush. You look young back there so it will pay somebody you even when I say will Obey does that do anything for you. I had no idea no idea she was one of the Q it is hot. Original blondes like doing basketball stuff on TV if they she became Micah legit news person and it sort of went away for me but I think I was twelve or thirteen right at that that that peak of becoming a teenager and really. Finding women attractive for the first time in my life and I would watch inside stuff on the weekends we have Ahmad Rashad. And will day just to watch willow bay so Peter missy was a part of that NBA and NBC family and then of course years and years and years but the New York Post. And now he's writing a four out patronage dot com and actually gain a lot of news. Little bit earlier this summer back in August on this website he's ready for now he broke the story of Paul George in the tampering with the lakers and Magic Johnson. So get into all of that and how it relates to the Celtics and their chase for Paul George. In the offseason. And you look at it now and you wonder if they were able to get Paul George today. Still go and acquire Gordon Hayward what is this Celtics team look like right now there's just so many question marks and so much to get to you and so many. Should would equities right and now the Celtics find themselves down 02 to start the year they find themselves heavily. Heavily leaning on the young guys 28 minutes for Jalen brown tonight he would have played a lot more. But he was in foul trouble for the majority of the game tonight one of finishing the game. Who fouled out of the game and you've got Jason Tatum playing 37 minutes again just huge minutes for the rookie Tate in the nineteen year old rookie tonight. QC eight points nine rebounds couple of assists you know but he was a minus fifteen from the field so clearly he was a bit overmatched tonight Al Horford. A pretty pedestrian Al Horford night gives you thirteen and six I mean that's essentially. What Al Horford is what's frustrating it was troubling here is carrier carrier ring goes for 39 minutes shoots seven of 25 from the field. And you're not gonna win many basketball teams especially now without that second legitimate offensive start lean on right. Without carrier ring. Sort of propping this team up my shoulders and he's gonna have to do a lot better 0725. From the field for the Celtics team to win. 4550. Games whatever you're just to win totally is. For the Celtics to get there or you're gonna need a better effort more consistent effort. From Kyra you're paying for this team to achieve whatever adjusted goals you've got in mind for this team is Sports Radio. The WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy the number to join us here 6177797. 937 let's go back out to the phone's gonna Mason Mason is in New Hampshire basing your next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah it was abdomen. On view talked about shout action based this pick out of what you said. Adding I think there really not a lot and it really be that. I think it was about court directing their it is true right now not much gap on the bench. The last years in bad. A lot of decent player immediately guys like Kelly oh let it didn't Bradley just got that bad guys inventions like at. This year it at public superstars but you're out. And out at about the badger that letter. You know when we do have to keep in mind Mason that you've got Marcus Morris they should be coming back a the next week or so and he's a nice veteran piece CEO gave the pistons thirteen fourteen points a game last year he's a stretch for he can hit a three can play good defense so he's a veteran piece it's gonna help this team and you know you talked about last year's guys and it's interesting. Because we talk about guys like Kelly Olympic write it and Avery Bradley nice veteran pieces. But the difference here is guys like Jason Tatum and Jalen brown. There's ceiling is higher than Helio and make their ceiling is higher than Avery Bradley but Kelly Olympic Avery Bradley. Are better equipped to give this team serious minutes and make. But real contributions right now. Absolutely I saw it pick a hallmark thing just that. All options or Jarrell. It looked like red dot Bruins patriots felt they let her garage on a lot of a lot of use. And I start it ain't dead out of it's just because he has let exit that are under quite a bit. I don't know right thickness does not give up short this year that you like you might not be exciting people and epic and made that statement remember. I think that atlas and I appreciate the Qualcomm is an orchestrated the program I think you bring up a good point. But you know every one of these young guys and whether it's. If you wanna go to baseball and probably Jackie Bradley junior a movie that's in of the young guys that struggled a little bit for the Red Sox this year compared to what their ceilings are in the expectations are for them. And they bring over the Celtics side and you've got guys like Jason Brett the jet tila brown Jason Tatum. And even guys like semi OSHA leg you know he's got that he got twelve minutes tonight Abdul later gave this team eleven minutes tonight. Aaron Bain sixteen minutes it's very rosier 27 minutes he was excellent tight fifteen points shot three of five from 36 of twelve from the field overall. The Celtics are looking for one of these guys to be a scratch ticket and it's a lottery ticket same thing with the Red Sox edit the Red Sox can yet. One of their young guys to become the next Mike Trout then they win. If the Celtics can get one of their young guys to become one of the top ten players in the NBA if if you've got a guy. In Jalen brown that legitimately can become the next why Leonard who that the guy he's been compared to. And the Celtics went and the only way for them to get that guy there or see it even has the potential to get their. Is to give him minutes which is what's made this. Run at the Celtics have been on the last couple years so incredible. Because generally the way that this is supposed to work is these high lottery picks go into a situation where there are two. Expectations to win multiple playoff series and potentially compete Ford NBA finals berth. Generally they're going to light to the Brooklyn nets where they can go out there and they can learn on the fly. Play forty minutes a night make all the mistakes in the world and eventually mature and become a better basketball player where in Boston the minutes have been very controlled. It and contributions. Have been few and far between each that you saw last year it took Jason Tatum I don't argue them grounded to Jalen brown. Half the season to really earn the trust. Oh Brad Stevens in the rest of the coaching staff and then finally come playoff time he was ready to contribute on a serious level right. But it took all season to get there he certainly wasn't walking in to last season. Giving this team thirty to 35 minutes a night like he's expected to do right now late Jason Tatum is expected to do right now so again if you were the Celtics. You knew the you're gonna be leaning on these young guys to start the year anyways but now you're leaning on them even more even more and the question really becomes. Which one of these young guys that we've seen so far. Is the younger ID you expect to really step up. And plug that hole. That according Hayward has left. Behind its Sports Radio WEEI it's late night number to join us here 6177797. 9370 driving home from the game I want to hear from you guys the Celtics are now oh win two on the season how does that make you feel. You know the Celtics embarked on this season. It was a season it was starting a little bit different from previous seasons anyways with the the start date pushed up by a couple of weeks and this happened for a reason the players want it less back to backs. The players wanted a little bit more time off between games. More practice time for the coaches and this team right now is in desperate need. Oval little bit of practice time. Unfortunately they're really talking again tomorrow. It's gonna become a travel day they're gonna head on down to Philadelphia play the sixers on Friday but then. The Celtics have the weekend off they don't play again till Tuesday when the New York Knicks come to town that gives Brad Stevens three beautiful days of practice and for a team. That looked as this come by deleted is this team looked in the closing minutes last night in the closing minutes tonight. They desperately need to get back in that gym and retool. What this team is supposed to be moving forward. This season let's go back out to the phones we get Doug Doug is in a car Doug you're next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. But men ornament a man. And how much they mean so here here are being put my mind it I have a receipt and while it's right. So I think that. Right now one thing we're really lacking chemistry so I think really done that very poor right layup or got them back from last year's team. But not only that those those four guys that come back they played it should really well. So I think that basically I filled Coca right now. Are essentially just like to play growing pains. I mean I think that beat beat new players have to basically. Learn our system they have to do and they did it click the edit each other. I mean if you look at Smart he's played very well these first few games of yet shot. In present it and know it and shot though you know brown has looked basically. Like in peace in terms of late the first game nineties without troll. That you have to. Corporate alternative CDs just carried this table that where basically like that you went but I like Terry tonight was quite some. Besides that I think a lot of very now is just like just a growing pains. Doug you would just hit have you adjusted your expectations Doug and the I don't know what your expectations were going into the game last night. But after what happened Hayward and now seeing that the Celtics team is really going to be leaning on. These young guys for the chunk of the season here have you adjusted whatever your expectations were going into the season. Yes that means. I mean I was initially. I can you not he can win. Somewhere between 54 and 68 somewhere in that range yeah I would say now. I would go closer to 45 maybe somewhere between 4550. I mean. I think. I mean this is like losing losing. Losing Hayward at imaginative use. And we need to put up twenty points per game all star. That is the big kid now now we're just really like eating our younger players personally I. I mean I never where I I really do not think eight that we would see a commuter line. Thank you is that so this is where and I appreciate the ball come up against a dug this this is where I have a problem right so Nader. A semi oh shall these guys I mean these guys are playing that this means that. This team's going right now about twelve deep. Note yet we silly is hurt Larkin gonna play tonight and Jabari Burt didn't play tonight but that means the Celtics went will be tonight and you know. Brad Stevens teams have always been deep he's always gone between eight and ten deep. But this going twelve deepen and guys that are set to second round picks last year getting significant meaningful minutes to start the season. It's something I wasn't prepared for and I am I sure these guys were quite prepared for. Again we go back to the shrunken pre season the shrunken training camp only four pre season games even with Gordon Hayward. Are on the roster and healthy even if he had not gotten hurt. This team was gonna have some growing pains there was going to be some time to get to know one another and now there's just been amplified but again. I challenge people to try and find me it seem that. Featured a rookie at a second year guy. And having that team win fifty games you know this team is featuring. Two guys that are about twenty years old to the browns' twenty Jason paid in nineteen. The average age nineteen and a half between the two of them. And the Celtics don't just need contributions from those guys they are heavily leaning on those guys. If this team is going to win 45 games if this team is gonna hang on in the Eastern Conference and make something out of this season. Mean that's the facts. Unfortunately. That's where this team is right now. Many ask yourself the bigger questions. EE LR they're guys out they were in free agency that interest you does the thought of Gerald Green coming back to Boston gets you excited if you're a Celtics fan. And goes Brad Stevens have to go out there and get another veteran that he can lean on. Right and I wanna talk to Peter Bessie about that because this guy's gonna finger on the pulse of the NBA he has the last forty years. He broke the magic Johnson's story the that that. Tampering story. Went with Paul George a few months back so you know this guy's been doing this for a long time and be very curious to hear repeated that siesta say when it comes to the Celtics and whether they're a team that's gonna go while they're in book to use let's say they get the player exemption. Eight point four million dollars injured player exemption to the use it. Or they just go out there in May be fill that roster spot with a guy like Gerald Green and call of the day. That's the question I didn't think going into this season that the Celtics would win their first two games I had been picked to go 11. They've gone oh into they've lost their second best player he driving home from the game I'm curious how do you guys feel. Because right now I feel sort of as a Celtics fan I feel sort of at the on the inside. I want to lean on the veterans I wanna lean on Kyra you're being an Al Horford. Haven't seen enough of these guys yet this year to believe that carrier thing is going to would just as quickly as we wanted to do and Al Horford is just not going to be. That guy it's Sports Radio WB yeah. Real. Sports Radio. W yeah. It's WTI league night. I am Patrick Gilroy did you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning number to join us here. 617. 77907. To 9370 text the program at 37 and 937 you find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on group's ads. Gilroy on hoops and you know it's cool when we get a chance to do this because they grew up would this guy. As part of the NBA on NBC. Legendary writer for the New York Post and now from patron dot com its patron dot com. Back slash. Peter Bessie Peter I really appreciate you staying up late and taken a few minutes of me this evening. Or are you. I'm not from New York was that. And our corporate. Niagara. You to meet you apart yet did NBC package right and and you know it. So I grew up I'm 37 years old so that music and that whole weekend Sunday afternoon thing was it's how lice that my childhood Peter. Are required go. Up a tell you you would reminder shot of willow bay mean that that was that was the crew you know for me and it. Unfortunately. It did NBC lost the coverage ABC gets it ESPN has it and for me anyways. Still as a basketball junkie it's never been the same as what it was when it was the NBA and NBC. I appreciate it but I I chilled meat you include a barber shop. As soon. I mean he he used in the yen in the studio where in through it is. When he came in the studio by I carefully yeah. News these Earl who work in you know that's secret he couldn't do one thing when I read the month he couldn't save name. Amare. I think the Ahmad Rashad connection for me has more to do with willow bay and inside stuff on Saturday mornings. Eight days ago the willow bay serie B&B. BC you know. In this machine she can do to share what you know she did lose. She routinely greet you are working around her to mark's crew cheap cheap to our show are. I knew I knew world turned to my wife's. Work regional which her agents. Handled her where she was a model for Ford. And I achieved she was so bad and her shoes you. Yet she was to cheaper me anyways she was probably my first celebrity crush Peter but I wanted to get you on because you've been covering the league. Forever and last night. When Gordon Hayward went down with a injury and immediately I was I was on the air for four hours and I start. You know the Google search trying to find comparable injury so you tell me Peter is somebody that's covered the league we've heard about all the the football injury comparisons but as far as basketball goes. What have you seen the compares to what we saw last night from Gordon Hayward. You know I mean you're risky thing about something I don't wanna think about this is. Right when eyesore or and I saw the injury. You know grotesque. And I turn off the game. Tests as some that I felt so it paid tweets from Celtic and that's without a paternal police and citizens. Pitiful five and a half minutes into the Tutsis. You know on it's. No injuries of course legal auto sports auto likes. Thought to see something like that I I tweeted. One of my friends and so this is exactly the reason why. You know nobody should have a problem with the anybody come and at a high school into the pros are only playing one year in college or whatever site. You can't he can't take it change if the money's there you've got to go but to me you know some guys. You know we're able to withstand that sensation like in a bunker where it is all careers what. See guys lose it what do what if that happens soon you know. Is he so heart three years Colin mandatory at freshman year college. And art so they say you know it's not that bad and injury certainly looked bad. I don't Manning answered your question. That's that's that's what I was thinking about them and try to make your injuries. C bear. You know I know old George had one that was really really wicked. Ones he could you watched that he's he's come back. Yet you Hannity took them awhile right. It took Paula Georgia while he came back and now he's Paul George again but you know with the Celtics the Celtics were so selective. With the the the way that they were gonna spend their money and you always knew that Gordon Hayward was in the plan. But the Celtics in trading that the Brooklyn taken to the whole carrier ring thing they were they were all these different directions. They did he could've gone the last few years and this is what he honed in on is acquiring Gordon Hayward. All the eggs in that basket and now that basket as it's blown up and you don't know what you gonna get back in return. When Gordon Hayward eventually makes way back to the court. Yeah I don't know how it'll affect him. Let the interest being that you'd correlation between Jorge because Jorge is an undergrad at the Celtics. As honed in on. And and when they didn't get him when he went to Oklahoma City that trade act. Some people on the radio so you know it seems to me at exactly. You know the Celtics were actually any looting that I thought they had a deal with the wall along because. You know you can't he can't take a chance of losing George you know and they did so in Vietnam that you would say would. You where you your you broke a story back in August it that. Regarding Paul George and and the lakers and their tampering so what happens is this offseason Peter if Magic Johnson calls up. Paul George when he finally is a free agent at any comes in for a meeting at this point with discipline already come down from the NBA. If Paul George did sign with the lakers it be a bad look but could the NBA potentially still stop it or is that part of this whole story over. None at all. Obviously dealt with yet as much as the leak had a police found that heavy in war. There would be stronger punishment enough of that or. Now I mean. And what are what are Oklahoma City has so you know an unbelievable year written. You know it is expected to have you know I commuted the second best team in the west. He changed my Westbrook has already committed so he's he's there. Him. Carmelo has one more year of this contract and he could opt out. But you know now what books there he might say ignorant that they both stay at the get along Georgia's. Don't happen. Well when you when you broke that story Peter it sort of started another little social media war between you. And magic Johnson's like I mean I got to ask you your on the phone what the what's the Genesis of the dislike the you have four magic. Well I mean no effect that these stone pony. You know enough doesn't really. The week we look we work together at NBC covered him you know those whole career. Richard you know many many good stories about a minute and if you really negative stories oh we got axle that. And sick I think he took great exception to the killing him for his coverage on on on to the system says nothing. And you have the money. And so I've you know I would glare from on that that's really repeat from. You get access. And so you know of memorabilia playstations bleaker station radio station after the so. Story that I broke I mean I'm not one that discovered that there was imprint on the one discovered that. Yeah. Casey were blown past the hour the lakers on. On the Simon. Yeah owner. He complained of Nasrallah so I would break in the stories of a Derrick can you already personal between you and what would you equate break hysteria at an oil well I use. Stupid. I. I didn't break the story than it rob regulatory that they. It there investigating. Your body that he reminds me. A home it's actually. It's funny it's Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I. You. Messages from New York there who knows if it's it's Sports Radio WEP guys Patrick Gilroy and aligned with us right now. From patron dot com you guys know him from India and NBC and of course from the New York Post is Peter of their seats. Peter the Celtics in the first two games they're leaning heavily I mean heavily. On two young guys in the Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown Deer than Brown's one years old seat in nineteen years old they're gonna lean on these guys anyways with or with out they Hayward injury. For me and he might take your going into the season prior to Hayward getting hurt and knowing that these two guys were starting in game one in Cleveland. It was probably one of the more difficult coaching jobs in the NBA. It's what Brad Stevens as trying to get the best out of a nineteen year old and a one year old while still winning 55 games and contending for a finals. While a Linley Grozny revered across. Rosier yet art I think a big east's he's super. Tyler and so he's super. But but. Well. Brent yeah at putt you know it paid huge money. And he's he's really cute coats and real priest and as it goes for our fairways aren't. Continue to think so. Actually coaching you know young guys in the he was a college coach so he's also are your teacher and I'd like to have this job on the market is. Even I. I still think you know there's so much. How warlords and my wife watching. Those silly Washington games. And everybody's talking about. You know it's the warriors are a lock to win this again. No secret schemes were all talking super teams and you know Jordan's sane at twenty garbage teams only to. And then you see or what talent. That means they're so it's Alan in. The little Washington story boat loaded yet you know. Washington's still loaded. So. No they would injury is is tragic and then it allows these young guys to grow quicker. And being mature quicker and to learn you know the game on the court first watching these slave. So that's that sports and. I'm I'm. On the I'm excited about you know watching a lot of these teams play I I've been retired five years so I I really stop watching. Most of the India NYC get that you do it. Many many reasons but I. No I 11 on one big reason was that I. Say I really enjoyed doing. The last ten years of my career was so. Or actually enjoyed justice or people people died I was saying tributes and moments. I've really enjoyed doing that and paying homage to people who deserves it and then when I retired. You know and a lot of my friends very good friends with Brian and nobody who's not used to it now. And so I actually you know for one reason anywhere when a comeback in sports. You know basically a lot of supplement doing recently it's you know Connie Hawkins side you know paint. So you know each time we get tremendous history and also without Beck will sent out mixed wife died in you know did he keeps on her and and that. You don't even even you know like George mcginnis goal and it's all the same tactic you know angry about two years these Kuwaiti almost any sort snobs regarding the media day. Including Jerry Collins alone not really really went out to them when I was inducted. It has all the claims that it's a lot of people office but but but but I hate to put idea actual strongly about it all the people that I mentioned in. In my speech are now in all thing every one of them and an an and hours on the committee salute salute gives them an insult. You are really have. A connection and affection to let these people over the years cover incidents in the early seventies actually late sixties. And and so a particular moment I'm glad I'm glad I'm able to the hole unfortunately. You know. My columns on and taking on the you know there are don't have oil many subscribe to teach them that the move shocked about it actually work. So if you couldn't you subscriber. I end by not mean it Spybot and you know I bought a month amid the joke but let. I don't have enough people reading it means to Connie Hawkins peace what is your trip to history. You know and it. And gives insight into how how it's one less sense of humor he patents know that George mcginnis Keyes was just going back. When he was in college in all the way to the end I mean really stop it. I was receiving from my book which are now more right to marry me. But he had the chance to meet a leg to it and at night. For two nights it takes and sometimes yep and and I get it out there and so. If nothing else I had written for posterity and you know Hawkins peace and really proud of millions product. So those. Solos sound economic Coles you know Jerry West wanted to get partial status it was assistant. In LA. A Willis Reed holds his daughter you know calls sort of was withstand you know yesterday. You know voices that they are together with the nets and so you know he's still a huge giveaway is. It's camaraderie and and still stays with a lot of people and certainly part of that big auto body. My my life. It is in I'd I tell people with patron dot com back slash Peter best it's five bucks an a in this Peter best in and what he's giving over the last forty years that's where you can read and now Peter real quick thirty seconds or less before it gets out of here you did say. Not too long ago unequivocally that you believe LeBron jeans is done in Cleveland you stand by that. Yeah. Is he gonna be a Laker guys again it's patriotic dot com backside Peter messy the best buy books he can spend if your basketball junkie like me Peter thank you so much for staying up late with us tonight. There is Peter Bessie part of my childhood party your childhood it's Sports Radio the WEEI we get we come back there is plenty of room for you. You're driving home from the game your angrier pissed off you're confused the Celtics are oh when sue Gordon Hayward is down what is the plan moving supported sports radio and WEEI.