Celtics-Warriors was a prime example of why the NBA is gaining fans while the NBA loses fans

Mut at Night
Friday, November 17th

Villani and Curran are talking about the Celtics and their upset win over the Golden State Warriors, and how the Celtics stacked up against the games elite. They also discuss the ratings and he NBA seeing growth while the NFL is dealing with a steady decline.


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I kind of mind what might break here and might. That happens things happen Mikey you're excited you're my parents side that you can't get excited Tommy carried over a November victory. In the NBA if I did my thing. You know it's if assuming you look at the docket this season. From I have not anticipated a Celtics season like this ever really I mean. Even when I was dominated what Larry Bird was and what can McCain on. Broke apparently going to be like. You know I was excited about one by a set and knowing last night on. Oh when you look at this team. They've got the Eastern Conference finals the east was in disarray and they brought in an entirely new team depend on the the season opens and you lose a player to a gruesome injury. And I remember twisting you ought to really look forward to his team to ask if the British Open at the fan completely and I figured this Kate he was a 53 win team. Okay reconfigure that's going to be probably ten less games that they went 45 terrific. Now they've won fourteen in a row when they're fourteen and two was 72 in ten you have to look at all I mean. We Ole. Gordon Hayward. How will Gordon Hayward make this team pre should we better when he returns and do you think he has a chance to come back this year because I think that's well planned and well playing. The possibility that he could come back there. Certainly at a certainly trying to sell. They did get their turn have completely disassociate Gordon Hayward from your mind don't even don't even think about him he's done focus on next year where the conversation it's interesting now. Is that the Celtics are legitimately in a spot where. They decide hey we can actually. Take a run at this thing this year. And no you wanna have a prognosticate. Series and that's fine tune out the look out individual matchups but. Can you arrive at a conclusion. That the Celtics can at least contend to compete for a championship right now. Because for a lot of people that thought would have gone completely out the window five minutes in. When Heyward hit the deck and and for a lot of people frankly wasn't there to begin with even with Hayward. The first year they get they get comfortable with one another because it. If they they figure out this system how to gonna play with some of these young guys. This team right now that was far away by every metric however you want a slice of the best defensive team in basketball. They held the best offensive team in the league one of the elite offensive teams only 88 points last night. Looked completely legal thing or completely inept for a stretch for the completely changed the game in the second quarter. If they are in that conversation. And there's even a chance he can come back out part of it depends on the disability exemption whether they use it etc. but if they are. If there's even the slightest chance. That he could he be on back onto this team and their in the conversation for. A championship this he's. Then things really start getting Tuesday when you look at him I mean it makes every. Bit of sense to to go ahead and push it. Or see if he's willing to push it because again as the play output I think it makes a lot of sense to go ahead and you know trying to see if he can get. Into the system and into the fall with things because you know a late Hayward scheme and we had this conversation again a little bit earlier. But I still think he's going to be a much different player than people anticipate him being. Do you think that he are these potential her in her own physically question how how did the feeding you thinkers say he. A big learning curve to feeding him into this to this isn't true there it's I thought there would have been. I really did I thought it would have been more difficult but the way carrier ring has been absolutely so to me. Deferential to the team concept instead of dominating the ball and yeah I heard people say the ball with stick on the ball should stick. In a game against the team of that caliber you should have a ball stick on cap figure out whether or not you can get yourself on track because you don't know which are gonna get. From Marcus Moore who don't know which could get from on Jason's here average human ground so earlier remark sparked stick but your what you're superstar do his thing. But. I think that he's been so deferential that when he does come back. This does not seem to be a team it's. A where's mine type of team and and Isiah Thomas pearl for all the credit I give them. He was kind of a where's mine kind of player to the Celtics benefit at all on an idea but right now I don't think we're seeing that. And I think there's going to be times or Kyra recognized. He asked to be back act I don't think it of those games in February when. Tatum has played way more basketball than he has ever played his life. At at a very high level went from thirty to 35 games the college level now he's up into the fifties. Heading towards sixty games in the NBA which is a longer game to begin way eyes seem think perturbed brown and always not a rookie but. The minutes that he's playing the step forward he's taking in terms of shouldering the load he did a lot of the last thing did very well that's been. Eventually play a bit of a role to be some deterioration there there's going to be games where Karrie needs to have the ball this can't consistently re needs to force things re need. But the fact that he. And the other guy we have mentioned this point is Al Horford we took a beating last year and a little bit at the beginning of this season and they now. When you've got others worry is in place you see how effectively an offense can run through him. Not necessarily with him taking shots when you see some of the high low when you see. And I'm not an inside out opportunity where he gets a post touch in kicks it out or steps out and gets his own shot. He blows very well what in this offense two it's just and I thought it would be it would take some time a doctor Gail learning curve they just hasn't been a big. I was at us your landslide but I think a lot of it has to do with Horford and Irving's basketball IQ's and Brad Stevens. Feel for the new lesson I really think the means to his feel for the new ones of what goes on and and how this team what. Seed that might be underrated aspect of the same we in the NFL you have to have the coach GM gap in tandem I think the coach and GM are perfect in a mere 61777979837. Gilani carrot hanging out with you got rob Bradford cumin and be ready Celtics heavy. I quite a bit the we will get some patriots in medical stop as well let's get some phone calls though gave to New Hampshire is waiting to talk a little but it Danny Ainge gave Europe next. With blind I'll. Tell and might and economic. You know what I was leading you gave a lot better now we have this thing is the TJE. OK well that's not my fault I did it. I know I mean. I am yet. And he knows he hasn't got day our god day let's go Betty my aunt my great grandmother making an. Ass. Thank era and I am Norwegian. Flicks it's like shot day. Yeah see. Dad being gay bitter hey let's make it a bit. I am a lot. Boy okay great tee time you have do you have anything else on your name. Yes two words why the Celtics are doing what they're doing and army on my under Dieter eased. I'll let my game yeah well my question towards the altitude during of that. It'll change. I'm on my honor outstanding series than there are you talking about any change being the mastermind. Yes it'll to say is that there are. Absolutely I did I think when you look at. What he has done since he's been here I mean he's on he's on a hall of fame track. Yeah it's and if think about. The way that he's remade the team it's like. Certain general men's than any sport like they've done browse to get reputation for the guy that makes the big move. Right the big. Miguel Cabrera that's why there's a lot of talk right now about 200 million dollar Judy Martinez or. Read a million dollars in trade for John Palestinian and that's ordered his reputation there are other guys are known for building. Through the draft guys like telecheck who are masters at taking. You know your spare parts so to speak in saying this guy's gonna fit in this role in turning that guy to a into a star potentially at any age but all different weights. When he remade team in 2008 it was the instant gratification of of Kevin Garnett Ray Allen and bringing those guys in. Then keeping the team. As a contender despite not having high draft picks because they were so successful in now. He's been able to rebuild and re load. With a take you 53 week TV you're going essentially blowing it up which you can do this again that you can only. Do that though if you have the balls to do it if you can actually be. The brick and he decided to Peta and he decided to dude to make the hard choice of Isiah Thomas. Which I don't think a lot of other T other franchises might have done. Because. Isiah Thomas to me was a much much much. Would first of all. He uncovered him from Phoenix and Sacramento where he was in total disuse and send them to figure out away and and usually no one else has. Not because he was an incredible player. But because he did for filled out one thing we didn't have any gave them the the scoring that they didn't have when no one else could duplicate Avery Bradley. Was legitimately their second best scorer last year Avery Bradley should not be scoring sixty points a game. He's a specialist a very talented offensive player complementary guy but he was a second best Buffett to play in my estimation. So they found somebody turned him into which shipped to trade freedom of someplace else they got stuff that form. And the people the people here were married to kick out there. Is being untouchable yeah. That team was. Completely. Put together with duct tape. And wire this one is a legitimately talented team and a lot of teams don't I think the next team and playing the Atlanta Hawks. Very great example of the team that through circumstances in May be a lack of onions in their front office. As well load somewhere between. At high end media top. Eight team in the league at the best that I can win a championship that you get in making interest figure to a conference finals up like that end. Where they are now which is below 500 but were you among the people who criticize the Celtics last year and Danny Ainge in particular for not getting to republic for not getting Paul George of the debt by. Knew that they can cast doubt but here's the thing is how can the twelve SP here would seem like. Virtually the entire Boston sports media was kicked Iraq's about the fact that they didn't do anything because I can't stay and the notion of do something just to do something. Well and and a part of it's you for me was. The guys move they move at all. You know somebody moves and you look at it and say awhile back I could have been had for ex wife if if if the players don't move what does that tell you about what. The bulls the pacers are looking for in terms of compensation. And how does that fit in. Sort of accident to the long term plan. So part of it is it is the landscape argument for me but now I wasn't I would have liked to seen them make a a smaller move sort of rim protector kind of thing I was critical. In that. Round but it was gonna be a difference between beating Cleveland not Eastern Conference finals one way or another. There's still remaking the teams get where they are this year let's go to chill in the car next 6177797937. Page out. And it all got to do. I must say so publicly Nicolaus and last night. This out to eat at let's get the offense needs a little bit of work but I think one of the biggest thing that I got here a lot about how these NBA start overtake yet on the reading game. Look what happens when you put a marquee matchup in primetime slot in its not. Not a bad team and that's when you game all the sudden takes. Two and a half hours and you compete in bed on time it's no secret life in the day it started to Ian though that now scandal and I love you I sought them out. I think you're exactly right I think there's so many different elements to the NBA right now that are. Entering into why it's it's a more compelling watching and what Joseph just said a member state of Michael Holland last week or sit there and our studio Thursday night. And with the Seahawks and cardinals and it was. OKC might have been warm ones you know pretty yet okayed match up of star league teams. And I'm watching that game I said Mike. I want to more the OKC do want schema name football game and I've never been like that. You know if you put the two games up I would watch the generic NFL game over the generic NBA game. But the stars have become compelling as much as I real against the social media and the storyline quote unquote narrative. Notion of who players are and showing their personality get petty on Twitter. It's added something. And the Specter of guys being able to move so quickly to yet to be Chris that adds to it as well these teams. Come together quickly like a little consolation boom and now they gonna do. Yeah and the super team aspect of it is is huge I think a lot I think other sports have been great when they've had super teams and they sort of and that that that team to look for the numbers back all this up to when that I've got to was to be the analysis of the average age of audience. Now as opposed to ten years ago in every single sport and with baseball and football is particularly bad. The audience is getting older it's essentially the same people are still watching in those people are just eating the NBA is. Staying the same which means they're bringing in. Younger fans there they're keeping fans who want to watch the game to watch in their teens watching their twenties and and they're staying in that. It is sort of that scene age range of where their sweet spot is which is great obviously their advertisers scrape the demographics and it's why I laughed. When. It just a quick aside when I read that that wicker champ piece this morning. And I ever read that according to what the sources they talked to the NFL actually reached out Adam silver and that. Our job with around ball. Up job. Maybe try and the slightly different shapes. Football he wrote. That a shot and I tweeted that will segment on Samir lighter on Twitter and hit it out of the park. Silver after either be really stupid. Or really would you be competent. Even remotely entertain that kind of thing you're so sure of himself he can turnaround or just out of his mind to get everything with the NBA is trending. Younger with the times embracing technology star driven compelling interest being. And without the scandals that are littered saddling the NFL at times because. You still have probably been novelty of ownership. That is interest eating and in doing. You know everybody Colin on the was the same speed right and trying to promote things in the in you know in concert whereas in the NFL. Guys have been there for a want to ask you probably have some just you know care taken owners. You have some. Baffert ownership some owners were happy to be there Jacksonville. And then we have guys who are tired of it and I just tune it to be legal aspect of it if they're not building anything anymore. The NFL has the with the desperation around. But if you notice. And it's his interest and how many NFL teams are rumored to be up for sale. I don't know man coming on I'm not quite did you wanna leave that club against insurance. Because it doesn't reflect well on your permanent business perhaps I'm remaining I don't know I mean I. You're right. But you could probably kept if I was an NFL on I would wonder by valuation and I'm not a big business guy or my economics guy. But I wonder if it's ever gonna be worth more than it is right now. I just love the fact that we don't. Really know all the owners in the NBA like we don't think about that aspect of in the same league duty and I felt having speaks to the point of guys that are pulling in the same direction however about the collected and about their own individual we know some Mark Cuban is an exam because some of the owners the Bosnian which they've been a Mets at times but it. It's definitely different than you know Joe's call. Spurred me a look back in an email. You know working for NBC sports boss and we have the ratings sent to us for different shows and the Celtics have been. An absolute driver for our ratings in and it's not just. Here's the entire NBA in 2017. So far to date the Celtics. Rankings first the rest of the NBA. In household viewing. The warriors funders cavs and spurs in the fourth highest rated teams and the Celtics are fifth in their local market. But the Celtics their first in overall ratings increase gone up a 144%. Since last year. So I mean it's it's not even close right now what's going on with the Bruins but I think it's it's fascinating. To see the way this has played out. Because win Gordon Hayward got hurt. I don't within each other in the office not only but it felt bad for the guy really holy crap public is good for the station in general. The way they construct of the team waited that he was pleased capture people's imagination. Ratings at them like a 146%. The other thing is there's other fourteen you mentioned. Don't have the in market competition for the Celtics to Oklahoma City style meeting with college sports against. Yeah I'm tickled state does but that's a historic team Golden State bad news coming up championship you mention what Cleveland under their driving when spurs in Tony's yet the united anywhere near the same kind of where you are barking up to the numbers the Celtics a fifth are averaging three point 88. Which is good or it could all but the other teams. Eight point 77 point 67 point 05 point seven in their particular markets but again what else you watch and the Celtics are also up what is a 1484444%. This actually and eight different game. And make the game might be got day I don't know but we'll strike gave again in New Hampshire different guy I don't game. They don't want those great sort of lets you. All I was watching last night I was looking at both teams. Played their best basketball. We talk that you are so. If you if if OK. Basketball I'd technical Wednesday in the I mean I agree partial to the Celtics but there are a little bit better. But I think that the Celtics are more well equipped to do better against Golden State in different kinds of so like last game where we. Two people three people on each team were playing out there high caliber and at the same time and so the dribble pull it out the other scenario that access wedges in a simple kind of in another scenario where the so. Better to release physical I think that's another kind of game I think the Celtics. You know what that's that's a terrific point Q when you just to physically I'll be aspect. Because the presence of Morse and pains. Is something that they absolutely didn't have last year all the toughness came from the backcourt and summer was to swagger with IT. And Avery Bradley I go ahead and knights got you out there but it. No wonder you're absolutely right and I love that aren't I was thinking about yeah. Other upbeat about how how the team had a chip on the shoulder Vick put a hole lied about their between Brooke here. Pains are urging them or let all these guys everybody has slept on forever and they have just kept. Like simulate it wanted to connect what SMU. You wouldn't proving himself signature of your way through the Portland red claws. Are currently coming from Obama like all these guys have something to prove they're coming together at. I'm almost working here in that they're not. But if there is no history on the team but it's almost afraid to start coming together as one. Yeah and they're coming together integrate point game they're coming together a lot faster like we said and then we imagine and think what he's talking about to the different styles. It goes back to the toughness of the tier I just again I love. Defensive. Basketball it's not always sexy but he keeps you in games he keeps you in when. Eared best score can't figure it out for three quarters as was the case last night with the other young guy the other young. He's been a huge spark offensively Jason Tatum can't figure out for three quarters when Marcus Smart despite his plus minus. Was really struggling to find anything resembling an op Ed the game actually knocked one of Tiger Woods as it's right back out. The fact their top of an offensive and keeps minute and the fact they're tough on the defensive and I know and wanted to hypothetical match up seven game series here. But that's gonna keep them in playoff series as well Wednesday. But totally equalizer because bookie you can't wait crap defense and then say unedited on the other hand. And get mine James Harden style on got a dog put. They're just not built that way the mentality isn't there defense should be able to be a constant defense and rebounding it you know. It's the simple stuff to do. In terms of wanted to put the effort and you'll be able to do excellent 77797937. Let's go to Mike in Framingham next they might. I don't know it that'd always be out of a deal. Who looked an awful lot. He had no man I came out of my mouth I suspect that's not true Tom it's like to forget house its course is always have to go up glad you tell you see it. In the future like virtually out. Level. Where. The might. When you think a vote via the NFL. And the fact that the no reason for sale or or the fact that there this many headaches and you are attached as a as a businessman. In a corporation and an owner and your families invested. In this organization. Wouldn't you think that the NFL is it less appetizing. She up to own a team beyond the simple ego fact that hey I don't an NFL team but. Wouldn't you think that now more than at any time in the recent past you say to really need this chip. The public money that went all come out. Of the ought. There are not what you're not. Daiei erratic set hazard what do you think about on Corsica to keep kimono. Well and that's not the same level and there's a lot of headaches that come with that that's part of that would Christian peace to which is Jerry Jones has valuation of Roger McDowell. And I'm sure a lot of other owners if not all of them. Are sort of in this lockstep why he loved to tell if you're an NFL owner. League revenues six billion when he took over league revenue 141514. Our team but he promised 25 by 22. One the one which an area near its time. Does but it's it it'd be interesting record in the back in and take a look it you felt better about that promise when he made it and you doing. Yet seemed as if it would be within reach and now I mean this. Again it was me in on an economics major but I know how freaked out. NFL owners and businessmen become. When the arc of the improvement the arc of their revenue starts to get a little flatter. Love this stat that'll get too little jump right back to your call 6177797937. John Grady treated out at like 2:30 in the morning it is. What else did you 2:30 in the morning rest of the NBA 1489. When scoring 96 points or fewer Celtics with a win last night five and and that goes to we're talking about. I've known when scored 96 points or fewer it's not just at the end the offense is bad the op ads can get better there's room for improvement there. That defense to tough this is showing up every night. 6177797937. We'll get more your phone calls Tommy kerns hanging out for another half hour crystal line with you as well sports hernia WB yeah. Alike are 61777979370. Kind of split between the Celtics and the edge NFL. And whole. Set quicker Sam. Expose de wit. Jerry Jones Roger Goodell the other thing that was interesting about as we jump right back the Celtics calls as well a couple of months and 6177797937. Is that fact that it does seem like it Delhi's according to this piece is understanding. Either. It's a combination of things either knows that. They really don't have a lot of great options to turn to if he's not the NFL commissioner I think that's highlighted by the fact that Adam silver Paul Tagliabue. And someone from the IOC. Some unnamed IOC person word. That the names that were mentioned there. Or maybe he's just comfortable locking away again understanding that he'll negotiate some kind of nine figure golden parachutes it tonight. Play out his contract here. Or understanding that maybe a lot of the owners are really comfortable with changing and in this quote really stood out to me so this came from somebody who's in a front office. Steve I switching commissioners like switching from an iPhone to a Samsung. To my pictures transferred to my contacts has buy music in the end why take the risk. Which makes it seem like that despite we're talking about right before the break which is yes that the values are going up but the cliff is not quite as steep. As it was once did it despite that the owners are still pretty happy with the fact that things are are at least going opera. They're very pretty much and they're afraid of change to without those are very good analogy I think. That has to be understood because. In this completely. You know. It's like ought to put says it is the league right now in terms of women around and not knowing exactly where it's gonna be aware it's gonna gonna end up on what's gonna get into next. I think when you wicket. Switching to another guy. Then you have to figure out the landscape politically now probably we've we've would be good news for oil on a small market owners who would love to see them switch. But the most powerful owners and the Mariners in the Rooney's and the Jerry Richardson's. The terrorists and actually a side note. He was part of the people who got steamrolled. During the San Diego. LA rams moved the went on to so I couldn't even begin to put together a diagram of who was in. Which camp at this point who would be willing to go against Goodell who wants to see it change who just wants to see. The entire police few negated save for Cadel so brightly wrapped. Kraft would be conciliator he would like to see Goodell stands what that is and he'd like to see the dealt out of discipline. And into. Growth of the business. Discipline goes to somebody else. Operations definitely is completely. Renovated. And remade. But everything stays status quo. And then there might be you know an add on status football knowledge think those things I feel strongly about you know it being able say those out but they you have to somehow. Start to. Become a little bit more Communist among the owners instead of him being in a get that that notion of all 411 for all act that I think we were referring to earlier with the NBA. And what it what I love to about and I highlighting it tells comfy place or may be where he feels when this anecdote Bob McNair saying. That we don't want the inmates running the prison is looking for Roger get started to sort of back him up on that and apparently Goodell sit down get. Good mall sat an unhappy living you on that one rank and and typically he's been the first got a standard and take a bullet for an owner or at least in next to the owner of Willie takes bull. Right and but when you look at it to its look at the context of it because that emerged in a story. In which you can't really tell who sourced it you know was that from that meeting that in fall NFL lieutenants. Roger Goodell. And owners nor players were involved. Who explained that the Bob McNair said that I'd probably say pollutant of the NFL would tenets then. So. McNair clearly was being critical. Even if he wasn't being critical players even if you could refrain minister tried to do was say on this was about the fact that. Roger has lost control of his lieutenants and those of the inmates whom I'm referring Dole's again you know what. I don't agree with the anyway so I'm not you know prancing in by. So that's another level so that actually might show you some of the allegiance to the deli showing to his underlings all of whom. Probably no world. The bodies are buried in if they don't speak on the record. This is turned into a dime drop in. Yes the white via waiting for the next big big piece to come right back to you call 617779. 793 saddled go back the Celtics that's a christened sockets once talked about secrets. You don't. He's going to attack well I'll it was a great game Latin and in. Use our product of about two really good at. Going at each other and it. And it out except play a lot of games like. We've got down BI OKB. Good Antonio. Yes shall it and just let them come back when it goes to show you it a lot of great team and I with the color you have to go. Yeah aliens. In June and a lot fault that I shouldn't. Everybody knew it was in life. I can't afford to lose like that the upgrade at every position. It'll. Articulate about it and not real well RJ crowd that. Arrogant and that I really don't mean that. He's doing and tell me to do is ultimately gonna. Gonna be at the records and you talk a committee to pick it they'll have Monday in. And the markets locked and I should. You know. The attic and frequent line I was fortunate that he quite. Yeah. I don't want to try to learn a you have to stop it. But when you think he'll pick and really guys that means his his. You know operated with dean of heights yet you know the signing. Of Larkin go to the middle signing. What a good attitude guy in terms of ways fast. And we emanated shares of production again I did some production reverence that hornets here with sixteen points off the bench depth in that game. Do not gonna count on that and you're not gonna probably see him. Or two weeks stretches at different points last season game but Ed. But there will be games we gonna need a point now when they need it last year after. It really a point. We've with the disaster last year is I think Thomas is a point guard Avery Bradley was hurt for a large swath of the season. They're Rosie wasn't a position to really play point mark the Smart wasn't is a better decision maker now that he was last year so. Now you have ball ample options at point. They didn't have last year and Tice to me is he is one of the most interesting pick ups that they may because it's it's really a many other international guys. Have they made. In two players here. Alive boulder spring to mind for now he may be missing somebody obvious but nobody is really jump right out either so I mean that's he's using it utilizing all the different avenues. To get players out go to Chris in their Christopher pardon me in Jacksonville Florida Christopher. Long. Islands in 08. What do you do this week I think it's our way through the liquid Jerry Jones. Talking back. To placate these what a great job as the only. Now there's going to be decisions made it. Are going to be in. And read all about it all 32 almost clogging and sometimes it's all mine veterans. Hole but it's analogies he chips in so. Sliding the until date DNC. All you know not only the you know it's and we. Did you see all these other owners. Yeah well and going out there it and call in. Mr. perhaps interviews aired. Eight. Between really the common use it he was and that's really what he needs it was all. It on taking medicine. Yeah suits you so. Yeah it's a lot. It is it's you know it's got all the worst qualities of him. On display especially the passive aggressive and the strain on aggressive stuff that pitch Jones is engaged in. Because he continues to say that it's about the contract and it's about the guarantees about it's about Ezekiel Eliot. Yeah it's about his desire when a super ball. It's that. But his guy well it's about his desire to win a Super Bowl but it's also about the winner is Roger Goodell get off telling me that there will be no suspension. And then turning around after I've told people who have to be no suspension. And giving what does he have any understanding. Of who he's dealing with and that I don't take embarrassment very well. He's gonna pay for this again we've said this early on. The statement they could tell is quoted as had skewed either Terry Jones is quoted as having some beta vote craft that that's not him calling. Emma you know. Eight AD though that if they mean here if you think this is him to get doubt if you think Bob Graham I craft came after you hard marketing to placate Bob Kraft is saying. With the cat. Compared to an undated. And I don't think that is necessarily calling craft soft bottom line I think it's any of any it's the opposite then he's trying to show that. You'd think this was really graduate spent 22 and a half million dollars defending the act. Because they wanna let it go because the players union and cracked everybody I can top that. I I could take ET even more than that and that was the only part of the Christmas phone call it I just didn't agree with their keepers on the other side of this earlier. Adding that he was toppled in a weird way complimentary craft. In saying that the patriots came after you hard the patriots were knocked wanna let this thing go easily they pushed all the way is part because in the courts. I'm ready to do the same and even take you to another. Let's go to Jim in the car agent. I did know guys. Go to item it watching Q&A. Get out a little short it check it eight. Just a bit but what am I don't. Accredit all. Arrogant about every third word there unfortunately cannot tell Battier got the point you turn make which was. And and I am sure this was the case Jones whoever was all the different owners the might have been on the phone. To get doubted somebody in the league office turn to placate saying you better come down hard on the patriots look what apple would spy gate. These guys are cheating everything else and now all of a sudden when it's your guy. Until saga. Right and feels so good doesn't feel so good and it's so fascinating when you look at the dynamics between these guys because I don't think. They don't trust each other I mean the bunker mentality of if when that crap hits the fan with these guys. They don't trust each other I think that's probably one of the greatest. Problems that they have as owners right now because. And especially sort of like this in which it's shown the craft lobbied could delta please do something about it Ezekiel Elliott. Meanwhile. And that's what's fascinating to. He did do something about Ezekiel earlier. Yet dear lead investigator. Here Roberts. Hired by the league found no evidence. Upon which. To suspend Elliot because he thought she found the witness. That he had attacked allegedly. So on reliable. So. Craft lobbying for. Elliott to go down for that. When the NFL found no evidence meanwhile I think that they contrived evidence in the other instance. And Jones was lottery for that's I mean then in again it all comes back to the lieutenants and the inability to Tressel lieutenants unit diluted trust each other. Just have fun man won a 32 owners 31 plus the Green Bay Packers. Your billionaire in a football team it is to packet on its own if I did like forget house of cards is playing out. In need. He'll leave between 31 guys in their back channeling and Jones wants to be an ombudsman who wants BO liaison to this committee and everything else. As a major fund enjoy it. Six what 77797983701. More Sagal Tommy Carla get more your phone calls coming up rap 0:8 o'clock Chris aligning with you till ten. It's sports hernia WB yeah. Appear Tommy kind. Yeah but now we got stuck. If that is definitely like the the TV shows from NBC was plus if you lost which tonight. A finite quotas in the night yes he said appeals to the winner of this and I just heard live removable whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I just turn fitting last week. And stolen and counterfeit items with that and the bad temper implement it opened it to was standing sought commuter. It. Let's pretend you beat him. Standing out he's sizing up. Have to move anything eat out I attempt one didn't make it. Although only move my may want to step on something here. He's taken one step he's not only car is up on the table as all the TV twelve met. That is I I think TB to all be proud that. As the JJ watt ask. One little step get those he's up there tucked in and he stuck the landing nice job on as normal there no war but all authority and Apple's own rooms and takes them. Which now. It would have been rough is different payment. Three feet 42 inches that's a brief get beat three and a half at least really the three companies. Can do it. Hey what's going on it did the color of him car they gave. What eight all of its lit tunnel ought never talked a bit and I can say that chart and the real well and it's a big story when it happened right you obviously if you look at LA now. Also the climate that actually a goal that they're ethnic and a power Britain and I got a well what this deal. They got it. Stated this game and how I don't have a much money at the other girl and yeah they'll count all standard 800 million page yeah. And that they are at this hour. At the wrong direction and how might all out to. Yeah I mean we need. Yet that's a great point because you know I was talking about that. The expense that it requires to compete yeah you're gonna make money because you have T revenues which are going to be revisited very soon gave. When you look at the Doocy view it's gonna come out there will be new. Decisions to make those ratings draw up. You're also gonna see some of the evaluate not valuation some of the the TV rights full. Logically somewhat. Be brought back into lighting it up just yet but if we see all that happening. We have some teams which can generate fantastic amounts of money in their local markets. Of which that money goes into your pocket that's why when it comes to. A salary cap well that's nice but can you pay your executives injure players and still have a ton of money left over because of parking. Because of concessions. Because of local TV programming because of in stadium stuff because of something called patriot place which is not. Related to the New England Patriots but certainly. You know part of your industry. So nobody shares and that money so that all goes into your pocket if you San Diego you don't have those things if you're Indianapolis you don't necessarily have those things. So that's why there is a discrepancy can you afford. As. You know. One you don't ownership they ownership be. You know to. To really compete with the places that came out now and in acting. That's one of those things it sort of goes back to this is different. Here is this hierarchy of ownership in the NFL. Which are probably most directly play out in crocodiles future. In the big donors lineup somewhere at the smaller owners and the the smaller market teams teams like San Diego now move to LA. They might be more inclined to get rid of it dal or or clean house or make changes but at this gala support from the big. This balanced and we get absolutely do pants by the NFL on by Jerry Jones and you wind up with plain afraid in high school stadium. For two years before you become basically tenant a stand Crockett. Because Stan crock he has pockets to go down to his ankles. And Spiro fairly space could say we don't we don't have that we don't have that kind of money Stan crock he does SCSI on some nuggets nausea avalanche and he owns. Over the St. Louis Rams nausea labor camp my run on that avalanche in that it's podium to Rockingham. So. Now they it's. I mean there are they're all frigate rich compared us. But some are a whole lot more rich and can look at each other across tables say I'm a little more I think none on the to do you dusted down but none of them can do the standing. Jump on the table. Now we'll see how that feels tomorrow 4246 inches and another feels tomorrow tables and he hires keep on the story now that's right six and a half feet if there was an ancient type. Well equipped for yadier any worries on that for you get out here should take any worries on on Sunday in Mexico. Feel pretty good about this one yeah I think you should although I mean the fact that David interest in Marcus Canada out of going to be certainly. Concerns going against you know defense desk will Mac but they have not been able to hand run handle running backs or tight ends and I really think that the patriots. Offensively are starting to get a grip on what they wanna do. With their artillery meanwhile defense of wait going to be fascinating to see how they deploy on a Murray super in Michael Crabtree what both Peter. Receivers. Will cure war and Butler both get one guy and dog them around or will they mix and match and where besides the fantastic is going to be good indication how they're feeling about. Stephon Gilmore. All right Tom. Back and I item you're next step would be a Europe that is I don't PX that would be that the tables right Marty that's like our appetite for my foot on the but that's the central Italy the next team growing the take that next step in your actual national warmed up. Now I'd like to see after warmup I yet NBC sports Boston of course. Yet what's it's on Tuesday were Jerod Mayo and senator Phil Perry and relentless on themselves the chance to go to New York Times best seller and undermine its past and have a good weekend that we can couple hours are will do rap rappers in the house he'll join me next crystal Lonnie which he tilt and it's sports or do you W yeah.