Celtics win their 10th straight and will Jerry Jones sue the NFL. 11-09-17

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Thursday, November 9th

Hour 3: Alex is joined by Ty Anderson and they recap the Celtics win against the LA Lakers. They also talk about the importance on Al Horford to this team. They also vent about Lebron sub tweeting current and former teammates and how much Lavar Ball angers them. Deflategate even makes a quick return as they talk about Jerry Jones as he is threatening to sue the NFL because of Rodger Goodell's contract extenstion. 


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The season late night on Sports Radio telling. Let's get it going with the Alex Roemer on late night on Sports Radio to. Yeah. I continuing on here in the late night train. This sea birds exits Tai Anderson answers. Going through the Celtics game tonight Taiwan a 796. Win over the lake show. Don't call on the late show now you got to get to earn that payment and now at one point where they really excel. This this and are probably now not there but at one point yeah yeah yeah. And you link showtime lakers showtime lakers that's right a good name are on nicknames. As a does a better handle on that night that an odd kind wait wait you hired. Now yeah anything is knows I'm not an active they played two games the NBA two K and I used to. Well they do this thing our no matter what you create your characters mean if you could be a pro mode. Think it is stupid nickname last it was prince thank you were the president. Maybe it was the dumbest thing I've ever seen so I'm I'm very anti nickname to sign on non not a guy and I nicknamed. I've a friend growing up who I that would make you watch him create a play here. It was like I was friends and before you I had my place and so you go over some in south straight Buick stock you're captive yeah. And site after watching nothing's more boring watching somebody create their own players in that ways that I themselves. Now is terrible boy is Tara one of the Celtics ties Jason Tatum. Left the game after nine minutes nightly sore right ankle. Left the garden with a walking boot he'll undergo further and I wasting so I know it's only November 9 now. And you know we have a long way to go but I look at the Celtics team how it started with them Gordon Hayward out opening minutes. First game of the season Al Horford down geek fashion protocol they may be without Tatum. I mean it sounds silly can this season on the month old at the Celtics team has shown an incredible ability to. Battle back against adversity. Yeah absolutely I mean I think the big thing there is that you have these and pieces that are actually contributing you know Aaron veins occur heights nine points when he won. Reggie has been to the gods that entry fees on gas so. If you can get those guys the role consistently you'll be fine enacting the east is so bad that you should be okay but. If Tatum his outburst trash on top of Horford on top of Hayward then I get over concern in terms of what this team's. Sealing in what they can really do right now as well and street is ten straight but at a certain point skated status are showing up right keeps attracting talent. From and you like eventually Yi Yi left not much. But it Intel exchange market only played five minutes but at the start of the fourth Chordiant Irving a blow in. Stevens does again I mean this is an it team that seems to be 89 guys deep. I can only help. And I know that Tina mean Jalen brown are gonna take a step back at some point it's inevitable. Over a long season but who's to say these other guys can't step then how are serving can't you know we say can't keep carrying here. Let's that's the real thing to rent and kept it sort of consider that Stevens always worked with less talent and he's always made. You know things happen on that so. I haven't seen that maybe is not as deep on the surface and you look at it but if raw buying in which these players are clearly if you look at the results everyone's contributing. I think if he kept that work did he get that work ethic and you can win and you can sort of make up for some of these losses. For me it's just a matter of consistency I mean I don't know if I can rely on iron means putting twenty point home and I use flashy can't yeah exactly so so that's that's right get a little bit concerned. It's funny though you eat you watch Twitter tonight and what is going nuts or carrier ring. Venus is final stat line not great wasn't the battle for seven from 3 December 21 but that that I think is the lack of corporate. Yeah Ali and I don't none of spacing him as much room to work with but the thing with Irving is just every game there are few things here right while did you really do that. Yes and he beat you knew that coming in that he was probably the NBA's best ball him right Andy you see it. I think seeing it every night print of the cavaliers were on quite a bit on national TV that I wouldn't make an appointment dealing now but watching Irving up close it's just it really is sort of remarkable he doesn't basketball you it was the believes certain loser actually happening. He had that one moves and Irene. Yeah he went around the whole court he went around the great sore left it was around the world it was incredible. L with that are on the flat the flat earth yet but we're yes yes I don't know quarter edges following up there for the fortunate that the Celtics but. But none but it's just little things like that that make you it makes you go on Twitter and this guy's unbelievable you know as it seems like it's every night though at this player and I mean I think meridia certainty the beginning of materially. And I was saying this earlier I don't by the argument that of the cavs beat Milwaukee last night he did win for them but I don't buy the argument that. Cleveland is automatically gonna go back the top the east because they have LeBron James being out LeBron James is greets best player in the world by. You need pieces around him and who's to say that Isiah Thomas comes back in is who we once. That's true and in. All those guys look old as hell he just can't rely on them I think and then. You look at some of their bench piece as to whether it's Crowder whether it's Jeff Green and again these players don't look at right now so they are a situation where it's LeBron fifty points tonight and it's like. Okay can you really do that still pay Kia for each game now and then four rounds probably not. Now he's an old there ET to. Mileage on his legs and he looks at him he looks he mean he still looks great but he does look older an ethnic and they're going to say. Leon has faced by ousting his attitude he's become he's become a little bit. You know it's sort of that bad late Cleveland. LeBron feel around and queries like he looks round he's like this is going to be enough I'm not here I think purity has won frog or a lot of winds will what is up with the Ivan fondness Unita the passive aggressive guy mr. Graham posted the sad that the angry Arthur thing he'd dead. That what was the explanation for that. I didn't here's explanation out of most definitely about carrier ring putting on each aliens and I'm watching now it'll mean really your. A brawn G eight's. In years sobbed. Instead granting Tyree Erving after 35 point what are you doing will be to see who else happened that night he also like a video. Op are a bunch Irving highlights from that night. So I think I think the the Arthur followed him like in the video watching Carrie brown show. Which has the great believer wanted to teammates you know it's funny watching Thomas comment on the photos and we let me take care of its like. Much on the court and just like teenage girls. They have the NBA is run like gay teenagers. It's gonna count pretty awesome on following cost them like MySpace for the top they just keep on someone down a third her grow up guys that's venal man but he mean and what I find crazy but that is all the beauties on mine who. Enter one of them I don't know who loved one. LeBron did it again well well. So we did try ringing very close I like. Bonds for it I guess what I like LA when he on follow but the cavs during the playoffs are they why do that is a lie and not focus. Why on Twitter feed your focus that's like the last thing you should do if you need to be focused on Twitter. He still followed blaze pizza and sprite that's it is the Atlantis is he owns please beats drastic owner is pretty good by the way. There had it not bad when in the Fenway on did you pull we have pizzas. I'd I'd get behind that yeah yeah it's DePaul late pizzas it's it's not that good looks there from Bryant is not good looks at the sub tweeting but we have a response write them. But he called it. Apple's media as though Anderson and whatever you post when are there any contracts. Or explanations and move them the picture you put it was kind of now. Why aren't the. And and you what you're that's such a genuine laugh like yeah your muse by I am because like I've never grown man's. And that that's like I like IE they say and as one step above saying Alec I. The other thing as going out tonight at bats were elated is is it's. Does that make you evil. If you want ones no ball and the ball Brothers to fail because you hate their father so much now it makes you. Good hearted merit but the children should not pay for the sins of the father. Haven't the children. At least two of the three are kind of coming off as terrible people. Who is what we enjoy while we Angelo how elemental as awful. Oh he's the one we scored a hundred points last year yes gold and how I approach rowdy and bomb on Betty heat today my dvd that area number that. No he socks he's terrible off. The L Fletcher you're up she steal it in China villains you know. Just being. Eight terrible per I anywhere we did a friendly and I mean does it make him a terrible person or is it just is stupid can't. I I think in in a country where everything is very very affordable to shoplift yes it is dice for shoving and believe the times story like he wasn't going to like a poor woman on the side of the road out stealing her you know her jewelry but as music. I believe it's time does he do that he's eases agent bone headed stupidity that. We can say begins at the father but I do think it's it's. Beginning certainly entity Childress they're not begins with a father and now they DT Saudi humility in how. So no I don't believe it's quite a big Bob Randy tapie you want to dumb names to. Once the Yelp. And an error of daddy and although I as much in an interview with the ones on ESP NB for the game. I announcer peacock is he easy shell shocked reporters are ask him questions he was given them the ballot check one word answers. Seems Willis Josh sacked I would be too because his father is not making it. Easy for him is making it more difficult than it needs to his Lavar bother reason why ones though. Is breaking three pointers getting rejected by Marcus Smart tonight cheating less than 30% from the field. No I'm not gonna go that far. By is making it more difficulties making it so his son as a big target on his back. I absolutely and it's funny because I think when you sit down and you get to know lawns a little bit when you watch his personal profiles he comes across as likable dude yeah I guess that's rap song right. Actress' father is the worst and it just like he's. It is show's over has someone a senate transit agonized on job in the game and try to be successful. Yeah he has that background shouting over whatever he struck whatever point he's trying to make it it comes across the awful but. I think I want him to fail because I want the father to fail. Exactly and that's not that it is that's what I said right that's my conundrum 617779797. Does it make you evil. If you want the ball kids to fail because you hate their father and let's caught what is we'll hardball show boating his ragged ratio. It is serving nobody's interests but his own. You all a picture yes I am hater if your hateful I can it's very easy to find you hateful I'd hate a ball very readable. And he does it mean he is only part of the conversation because of his kids. Absolutely he's terrible athlete he's seen him try to do anything athletic no audio awful as he stories of grandeur in humans like no. Like the does that happen you never beat the experts and won one it even play football and college. Yes he's riding his kids coattails there the only reason why he's relevant matters and law so so why do we have to say could make SB nation wrote a story. A few months ago Lavar ball as outlandish bees are good sports to. GQ of our boss seems like a good dad sports honored to have our ball the other of the year. CBS Lavar balls a lot of things but bad father does not appear to be one of them wrong wrong wrong wrong. Wrong it's making my words of a putt for his children. His show boating is pumping them up only serves himself he's using his kids did to the palm to infamy here theme whenever the Cali wants. What what a lot wiser this we got wiser this this this this this temptation. To defend Lavar ball. They know he is a good. That they all these networks. And I think I think. The on the TV side of things and they all want him on their programs so it's one of those things verve were nice they maybe feel like us and he'll be on news shows I don't know because I don't get it because I think you sit down. And you watch the marble speak for five minutes and you in Leo this guy is dumb war Israel I'll talk to them and that's why you root for the failure of his kids because the more his kids now the rest solvent he beat to be seen his heavy lawns and shot it is I don't watch a game tonight it rivals mark helpful to the shot with when the it is a terrible and is it a lot and he can he can't shoot from one side does body Charles Barkley you break down as today I was watching that this is incredible that he's noticing this. It is just like. Would we notice this. If he wasn't he just sort of pitched as this amazing player I was gonna dominate in beer the jump. Probably not who we hear that from his father so in a way were rooting against them because of the badly he said it's just it's I do feel bad almost no way for Alonso. But you know at some point I mean. He should have come out and said daddy get shot up what's your thing too I mean right now on the ball is the breadwinner for that family. Absolutely so what is stopping him from saying doubted you said but a socket. Stop it I think I think he actually does think that his dad is looking out for him. Which is crazy must buy into it to an extent are they have to do they have right because of that the the apparel to shoes whatever maybe I mean eight they look at it they were making money so. In a way. You know law ultimate one or shut up but plausibly be saying okay you'll Islip and the NBA we have all this money. From this apparel in the shoes and all this up but this brand that we've actually built that some kids these speaker heads will love because speaker had loudspeakers no matter what company where they're from. In a way I mean I guess he's aria hustle and look at tonight they called it Alonso Wednesday. Right guys played what ten NBA games they are now there are you dedicating decent ideas again. And who's that that's him that's his dad that's his dad's doing 100%. So. It's working for them so I think at the scene he's battling Nat internally probably saying I want to shut up but we're making money off the so why would we. But is it working form and Patrick Beverly says young coming out to get you in the wizard Sam coming out to get you know every time he touches the ball tonight he's booed. By the guarding crowd. I know you know Celtics lakers rivalry on that but it. But Harbaugh is not part of the picture I think Alonso vol ten games into his career would be getting booed every time he touched the rock that's the spot and not. Again he is the reason why he sentenced to bad starts whose career by it certainly can't help. Not your minds you sort of like the overbearing sports parent that we all like new right up to exactly who Lavar volleys yeah and it kind of just like this like. I think the worst part is that he was probably saying Mike should go to the NBA since they were four years old and it's actually coming true so it makes him like ten times worse than he ever would be because all those kids all those real naturally. I'm like it's an Ambien and never dues he always laughing at the skies actually and the last line is this is a song is living through his kids which is like which nobody likes who likes. Now now I don't doubt the parents who lives through their kids athletic achievements that they couldn't. Achieve anything sportsmen who nobody likes that guy. Nobody likes that it's tough to beat that guy to anything everyday I aids I'm just shocked that. We'll varsity to have zero self awareness that's what I think that's what bothers me about him a lot of like. You look at enacted there's no way you realize I'd done right it but he doesn't. It's work in now but I mean it's it's it's it's I am so Don Sobel used to find it somewhat. Entertaining news during the Johnnie Morant arguing CO line we Angelo goes behind bars for China prison that that is tough. I would be so afraid to even send an email the firings. Yeah I mean you don't want to mess around over my friend brought back some candy from China once and I still think Tuesday it was poised. It tastes it was awful it was as we are chalky substance I don't know would not be for me I like to travel with no interest in seeing nine. The NBA's picket that they they want that China does not like these college teams are in China is outline probably I mean I don't know idea why why are we doing now why is why wait to make college sports and college teams today it's hard to keep up with where the Al Arnold times I don't even know where. Bowling green is and now I said okay nozzles and or all these teams are wider in China have no idea too many teams IC we cut it cut it down and Waller out of it. Get rid of the wildcard in baseball. Enough 617779. Where flight and ticket in sports backed the way they wore. No playoffs I want nope class is where it goes straight to the champion birthplace win the title a real pennant race that's and I want. 617779797. Norm is on the cute tonight norm it's gone. You know I'll tell you amendment we're streaming and volleyball and these guys Seve well ball despite. Nobody dom dom I'm I'm I might add. Amanda headed back to norm now so you know I'm right here man amazed by what it's. Although it all right Arianna of but he got so I called over the NFL but I'm gonna talk about what part of monster real quick and I know several of our ball would not be chambers without. The kids maestro. But it would longer OB SC this level Bart. No but I think he still would have been the number two pac. So what do you see. We talked about it now but David Arabic Arabic that helps them I don't think all this talk is helping lines a ball is a big target on its back up put every time touched the ball tonight nor. Traumatized for young kids. It does help it doesn't help in his professional basketball career. That helps in the overall. Scheme of make. Money is a basketball player he's a basketball player without his -- all about not playing the game. Now now not about being payments. That's what mare. Why. Segue is into the NFL go for terror as a society nowadays we care more about the behind scenes in the actual scene. Me do I care about what our ball that's why. The NFL has become more of a gossip. Lee and football league that's why there's so many stories coming out every day about the NFL has nothing to do this sport on the field. Because they want to get the clips they wanna do it yeah advertisements. To donate more money off Jersey sells for advertisements that would be horrible. You care about the behind the scenes to that's what we care about this side. Well in norm if you're referring to the NFL palace in trees you know being knows content extension whose maneuvering who's not. I find that stuff so interesting I love it these billionaire. Babies they are so a mixture. They are so cantankerous. I mean there are so spoiled everyone's used to getting everything their way so it I. Eight that stuff up like when I read the news today that Jerry Jones is hiring an attorney David Boies well you still like is he argued for same sex marriage in front of the Supreme Court. Good guy Al Gore in 2000 data voice represent him in fared as well. Dot it was a good guy. They'd run in Paris peace new Yorker about Weinstein. Not a good guy can these Weinsteins eternally gone backwards helping the private investigators. You know hiring them funneling if there is law firms are not good. Now we get the news to Jerry Jones has retained him. This threatening to sue the league and other runners including I presume Robert Kraft. If they do not halt to Roger Goodell is content extension by Friday what do we make it that's. What do patriots fans make about that Jerry Jones is pushing back against the Dow over Ezekiel Elliott's. And Robert crap Tom Brady and the weight gain. Didn't do anything like this app off and people sent all while Robert Kraft wants stepped loses in doesn't want to lose his influence. Jerry Jones I think cares about his influence to. But it's not stopping dive into that story next it out you're retired Anderson WEEI late night. Losing sleep over the Sox pats b.s and c.s we can't back to more with Alex Raymer bad late night on sports. I think we all have an appreciation I did it for maintaining. They Sampson nests are if you will the authority. Of our commissioner. It is your name he. I would say is just judgment and the elation decided to. Take away cap money from the cowboys. Now I didn't necessarily agree with that at all and it was rough for him to do it. But there was no there was no deal that said that he should. He just looked at what had happened when it was all said and done and said we're going up even this up a little bit we're going squared competitive. And so he found washed Denny from the cowboys. Got a few other teams that. Didn't get some of those what we paid our didn't play in the cap and that's his job. Now we don't like it from time attacked fans get mad it's a tough job he's done a great job frank. That's Jerry Jones. I know it is money. Great question. And make its money just seems like the absolute. Peek at Texas oil tycoon yes well they are now I think was an oil Bob McNair. They are more Jerry Jones or Bob McNair Jerry Jones really yeah. That is I think we mourn detestable Bea Johnson yeah yeah I mean they're every NFL owners pretty. True Jerry rich and I've always said is the worst of the wars to slick sick the most miserable as simply does adding that fund is 93 known as phase is no ways that on now. Robert Jones is just. It's the bottom and is not a fan Mike Haley always injects himself I hate how he's like that. He's basically the owner of the GM and borderline a coach of the cowboys just he has held that franchise back more than average. Oil and gas exploration I can do and Leo it started as that sound is a Jerry Jones for a couple of years ago defending Roger Goodell. During the he had deflate gates' idea I knew what it turned it is or Jerry Jones at the time when it's happening to Tom Brady and the patriots not his beloved cowboys. It's while we do respect the commission Gary's doing a great job this is why makes the big bucks for these are decisions we support my 100%. And then. Did doubt comes down and Ezekiel. In here a week if there is any doubts. I would Jerry Jones animosity towards the Dallas about it's an odd about the new Elaine it's not about location in domestic violence declining ratings. Now Jerry Jones wants to Alter Roger did Dow's contract extension because of the easy keel Alley case that's her life. Personal personal and when this happens again in New York Times reported on Wednesday Jerry Jones has retained an attorney. David Boies to you know him from the Harvey Weinstein side and now he. Was one Weinstein is attorneys who signed contracts or these private investigating firms in. Allowed them to investigate his victims and journalists are not a good guy this high power attorney David Boyce so it makes sense that Jerry Jones has retained them that the my god guide to another. And got Jerry Jones has said that if this Roger Goodell contract extension is not halted by Friday. I was sued the league and I was see some of you owners and doubt we can only presume. He was talking about six hours on the compensation committee who decided downstate and of course when those owners. Is Robert Kraft here's my question Tai Anderson patriots fans see this news they hear this news. How should they react to it in regards to craft to deflate gate did nothing. The so I'd be so pissed I'd be passed IB aptly passed because I think that. You know craft sort of started to hold the flaky from a with we're gonna fight this this is not right we agree with this and all the sudden. It was like well we accept punishment everything's fine everything's cool Robbie great job so he worked and up in a frenzy. Saying where we're being we're being attacked this is raw and defend the law all that stuff and then he just. Laid down and died and that I think your patriots fan if you're someone who devote your time your money and use team that you (%expletive) you off because that's when you see Jerry Jones. Who weak dollar is complete jackass fighting this tooth and nail right from the start and Zeke Elliott this suspension. I think you got that's what I llama owners do right defending Ezekiel Elliott much harder or domestic violence behind the scenes in craft and Brady it seems like with you know deflated football odds and that's the worst part I think too it's like. You know Jones is fighting. Viciously for something that we can all agree is detestable. If it is indeed you know an eight in his guilty. The flip footballs I want my owner going through a dam wall because it's a stupid thing to begin with a forty Ted whatever it was game. It just shows. A little crafted disease that it doesn't mean that this is all going down I'll never forget spring at 2016. The appeals are still going down between Brady in the league. And Kraft says B Dallas Tony quote very good job. Yeah Billy very good job I have a question for you yes you overlook that crack the same since that whole thing. I viewed more as the ultimate pragmatist than ever before you know in Kraft gets portrayed around here wears his heart on his sleeve. Belichick's according calculating one Kraft is you know grew up going to patriots games in the bleachers rock rock. Karen Regan and herald before the season I. Keep up a cordial relationship with the dal because. It's in my business inches deduce over the I would say it would Jerry Jones. Is just as powerful as Robert Kraft I mean the guy pretty much engineered. The rams Liu a case relocation to Los Angeles. He engineered the raiders eventual relocation to Las Vegas and by the way poll does new stadiums just to guess his company owns the suites. Jerry jones' companies he's getting a little a little shack. Well piece of the pie from not as well. I think Jerry Jones is afraid of losing his influence here. Now and and that's glad that I mean roast in dot. As I mean is Null and void. Yeah for me I've never looked to craft the same since that whole thing because I thought it was I thought I was telling your fan base one thing and then doing a complete. Different thing in and and then cylinders hate hypocrites naturally I think they were the first to cry fallen something like that happens and the owner of their favorite team the most popular team does it. In Iran to sort of accepts it and I think that. You know you go to opening night and fox for everyone's that wave in their stupid Eldorado house now show him yeah and it's like no this guy. Doesn't care he's out there shaken hands and laughed with them for the game it's it's it's just that the whole thing is a complete. He worked his fan base in a frenzy and it wasn't there for stand basement mattered most in my opinion he took the punishment. Easily could've fought it much worse than injured joneses is fighting. On the dollar right now you can see it. In craft is on his compensation committee. On the committee to period. I wouldn't know what about be ironic if Robert Kraft wanted getting sued by Jerry Jones for protecting Roger Goodell I would look at the budget happy in that room when now that is happening because it's absolutely insane to meet you imagine. Those egos. Fighting senator around that one ego being Roger Dow that is just a ridiculous sort of situation that do if listen if we have to be honest about it. Jones would do it. Jones an athlete like a kicked off the committee that we wasn't on the committee officially here is like an ad hoc advisor but they sent him told them yesterday I don't know no more. Ad hoc advising whatever that means I ran Foxboro wants to weigh in on this ray what's gone on. You remember puts up a little insulting was done you know better Democrats as those who put an end. He went down into the locker room talk to everybody involved. He knows what I know. Pay anybody descends Tom Brady was not complicit. And knows equipment guys like near out of football is easy distilled put our lineup. T think Robert Kraft to not fight the league has he knew Brady was okay well actually as a boss and I want you to flee. The why me to get enough. And it goes what two and a half years how many. My new details about the flaky do you remember now two years I remember. We'll make now in just rams scary idea and you as a Red Sox name it's well it sounds like yes. I think that that's I remembered it clearly remembered it very well added but I remembered the PSI levels went with the the ideal the ideal levels while a Q where Brody is reported to be a sire under mortenson got that Ron yep and then there was. There is another guy and I wells Ted Wells got yet I wondered why I just. A bit you know you're around two years ago I was play it was one of those things are advocate who doubt finally. Two balls that I can't do this story I can't do it it's not entertaining it's not fun now I've always said the quake it was awesome Intel. The Brady's dispensing reinstate itself up and tell when it first happened until September 2015 when Berman vacated suspension it was awesome is it was like. It was like covering a big crime story. Without they're actually being a big crime and his dubious bomb past taking crazy with it as you line against the candidate of the matter no one died and heard dispute. Errors out of air out of football. You know the egos at play has just I was wrapped up the deplete he now and once we got to eagle. I don't know analysts are acts there is a lie or I don't now and I was like other now now I can't I'm I'm sorry undergo this is not doing a busy guy cases the same way immunology circuits all these appeals by. That's it in and of course you know I think a Dell is making Elliott in example he always wants to you. Reestablish his disciplinary powers who's gonna go to the Wofford out and yeah Eliot I think is. Being made as an example for domestic violence you Dell probably use it as a way to clean up his messy legacy on the topic. Jerry Jones I'm sure recognizes that says wait a mean. The Columbus police department dropped the case against Al it a couple years ago. I've the only NFL investigator. Who interviewed out yet came away with a recommendation to not suspend him. Because his girlfriend lied about certain instances told one of her friends to lie is well. So this gray area about whether Elliot actually did commit domestic violence Jones probably sees that. But you know I mean. What do you think Roger Goodell is doing to Tom Brady dvd was about deflated football's of course not so it downloads are doing to Elliott which he did to Brady. In Jones helped create this monster Jerry Jones two years ago we played the sound praising Roger to doubt doing a great job. So you reap what you set up so I'm no sympathy on the front and I do think that Jones. Jim Jones being pissed about this probably a wake comes back to I think that he saw the way the NFL basically buried gold Josh Brown incident went. Where what the giants kicker right there EI and he's pricing a cats and our rivals that you sort of helped hide this but the league. So he's probably fighting it from that angles while saying OK why is he being an example out of when this team got away with that. And talking about a far less important position really kicker verses. Probably one of the best running backs in a telethon in a top three really so. I think that's awesome do that Nate. But the public understanding right now losing Zeke right now is a major blow for that team. But they've already had some issues and you look at the NFC Lotta good teams lot of six and 26 in threes. So this could be a real death blow up an offer Boris is their starting running back for six weeks. What Jones hired Greg Hardy and that he got away with them than their duty went from a ten game their four game suspension and I don't know is that does that have anything doing it like. They can that he can maybe get it strong arm the commission here yeah yeah he'd be there yea got away with that signing hardy and now he's. Game bully back his right take it yeah I mean these guys are just all used to getting away such babies but when I read all about the stuff you don't now you wanna get ready get Dowell. You know I've read our report couple weeks ago the seventeen orders including Jones on the conference cock coming up with ways to. China halt as extension over domestic climate really now you care about domestic violence now you do it now coincidentally when ratings are down. When revenue may be stagnating a little bit now. And I you have an issue. Which how'd you don't handle domestic violence really. Now dealing now with a video of Ray Rice punching his fiancee in the face came about that was just you know we still like raid array of story. Well and the ravens are the ones who major in a rice go out there and apologized for her role in her beating yeah. So I got punched in the face everybody did so did tell. Well as whipped on domestic violence time and time again. But he wouldn't be able to do without assist from his billionaire over awards in look at Josh Brown John Mara knew. About a domestic balance incident between he and his wife at the pro ball. Kept him on the team so these out of the line is deserve an assist you can Dell is their steep on it for a lot of the stuff they think you know. Because they're freaked out BC the ratings are stagnating in May not get to their 25 billion dollars of revenue by 22 point five whatever the how it is. And they're looking for a scapegoat to win no firing it down I don't think there's any for the league's bottom line and off. Now like they got to fix what the product is which is vision. I just think that they've they've. Had record highs for so long that this come Dallas going to be happening it just so happens that happen the same time this mass violence. Ratings are down product is and as best I think it's better this year but last year was really the absolute worse and I think some Sundays at the schedule and you know I'm not giving this. And I think you see a lot of casual fans check out so the timing is perfect for Jerry Jones a strike right now in the scary thing about all that appear in NFL owner is there's not much you can do you can't change injuries he can't change viewing habits so that's. The scary thing and are looking for scapegoat in a scapegoat now is Fidel. 6177797. Tiny percentage of phone number that again 617779. 7937. Roemer after dark here to 2 o'clock Ty Andersen along for few more minutes we back after this. Boston sports never rests. Seeks peace Alex when Merck. And late night on Sports Radio WEE. Tell her I didn't like her first I actually hated her when I when I first started here. Because he would just sabotage. The hell out of Monty show and I get it like he does like hockey lot people here like hockey. But it made people think that ice and that really pissed me off because. I was still trying to make the let I'll try to learn how to do the job. So whatever and thinks that your shows sucked because Kirk says it is shows socks and a tie and he can make as millions I was like yeah man like. Shut up play are already know you you don't know me like we donated units. So is angry Tai Anderson thanks see tanks TXT tire and I would angry tied into it they don't like. Thinks only a little bit to be easier and yeah you're angry you're pissed off ask around and they frank and loan that's. What do you tweeting about where you are so I tweet about that the quality in my car broke and I had a get a rental car round. And it was like the wars in which the worst experience why prima pour you. You want on it once in between your sympathy now way at the end game to be nice to immediately you know like. How is this a New Orleans Dallas BAA out just Ben ami some money without debate and her name is. On an all but does tweets they don't wake up the next day and Alec you know those big checks in my door beyond TV at the balloons. Well you like people like you did this. Andy Reid and my tweets way too much it's as I've nothing to stream of caught I just like Eric tweet deck all day tie I just nothing else this tweet whatever I'm thinking you know like I have I have treats that make no sense but they're funny to me. Or she's like and wanna say that some say this like. And at that moment IA had hoped my thing I'd open my checking account on how bad is bad it really is that uneven open Mike you know one day if it just card doesn't work guess it doesn't Wear a learning to do that again no I get notification my bank that's like hey your limit like five dollars back and I swing it. Not those bats or rent a carton have you put down his NASA deposit. And then if you get the insurance you attribute prospect which was not fun islands now. Not fun at all but you have been on a Rampage here came in a few night a few weeks ago. You hate Tang Wei you hate is when you re out one. I'd go after Kirk a little bit. It brought out into mossy you said you hate them. As the way put down the hockey show last year but Kirk about to be heard this sound called in last night's. To mutton Bradford. I know this is actually to start the current Italian show on Tuesday incitement to mossy called and what no he was on his and so on sound I got a sector on the dollar and now a distance 1250 of them almost no point did you hear this hear Kirk response here. Gnarled ball here is Kirk met a hand on Tai Anderson. Yeah I heard him knows electrified stuff but people come in. But between that and a lot to say they come and they just conflicts they wondered two things the aptly and well leading give Mo a big window as Johnny got there that's he ripped you. And sort of not really I've taken much worse yet well obviously that now I would call rip would you. I'm. Not really used not I was not impressed that put him in the non interest. Anyway he had which he did. You've got to go act Kirk harder than you dance tie when the thing I punched him in the face. Like figuratively literally. I'm not gonna go there all the lot's happened and the right here and now yes and I that's that's the hall it's a and again if someone's fist print and then what you like Cooperstown. No but let's think I was actually going at him like. What I was and that's one of the belt and those guys that like when I left this he has just about better. Because Kurt she texted meter in the summer and he gave me like a little bit of encouragement I guess which is which was cool of him sign it on us at all I hate that guy like. In the beginning I didn't like him and then I kinda like we had in her actions Iranian housing our first actions like I'll maybe he's not a terrible person in a lot of ways so. You know I I that's one of those guys that like he doesn't want you to be nice to him. And I get that I want that's that's cool like. But that was one of those things I want we have that saying I don't heed and so I wish I kind of went back on that a little bit. But no I don't I don't listen I respect what Kirk does I know we're still expected all you think he sucks he's off he's the reason why it's paying way. Is on the show every week was incurred as it is going to be my best friend I've told him that again and again and he's your best friend we're gonna hang out a lot of fun now. And besides that he's on his isms in your best record as saying holiday Kirk it is uncomfortable. I mean I only do we hear right during breaks there we ran a Red Sox game that that Fenway Park Red Sox game last year it's. Yeah demean the fact that there's no eye contact these guys is always a little off the I've never met him in real life. We really like we've. Only have a virtual relations yeah that's why season best friends I don't know I've native with a ring me realize I'm not gonna like combined and I'll tell you I think you need to make a choice I'd you're going full blast a blast and everyone. I am I gonna go that Kurt is common illustrate a he got anyway as though he was expecting a ripped some not so does this I was never advertise just bought a net I was it was never on column that is saying stuff they were Bradford Texas and thank you commitments usher like when it was now. It wasn't hey come in and rip these people and it sort of was a free flowing thing of the asked what I think about these personality her now eyes takes guts now I mean to rip other honored Tom like. Yeah you're knock her committing you know you don't tie Anderson down never I mean I'm never gonna be Kirk cajon ace yeah holidays to do that on Saturday. Yeah I've ripped worse than. I ripped worse during that segment and Kirk animals and you certainly did. 617779797. Let's go back the funds hearing grabbed and and and stand with them. Other dark and it's gone. Saw that public and tonight yes I sat right where the lakers are now I and UBQ along the ball around his demeanor was just not. Like you'd tell what an intimate. Portrait was this look like Q bit of space channels. I did go back again I think it's that drones whole career every kind of formal state it was going for them and everything. Every time he touched the ball all right who moment got every time. Now every time and now and I outside and patents are. Doing I doubted that he was done late night your height your hang up on people early. I'm battle line and I mean it's there there there and that's in and out in and out quick quick quick just 'cause it's 1 AM tied as I mean we need to at the collar on the other guy does finally got a lot of trouble today though. Processed eight O Reilly's let's write learned you know I learned to radio at the new Michael found in turning screening calls to his death you gonna make fun of next. I will see what size my career. It's I think it's great it's been a great hour and better. It's at to get out I thoroughly enjoyed this hour on. Record you think NFL gear right now is terrible terrible I just ideas think that's there's no. There's no need for that listen I can deal with Michael voter telling me that you know I told you so it's I can do it that about sports revealed that about some personalities. Not somebody dying not. 24 hours after someone dies like I don't I don't need that we don't think right how odd it was acting recklessly it seeded teams the video out like five feet above the water in that little. He was plain eat a plea was but like it's the same sort of logic logic I have towards like Indy White House tonight yeah I mean like we all knew that. Was probably gonna happen Sunday but the day it happens I don't need people saying I told you so you get what you deserve linked. This is still somebody's father this is someone not that I know. We want to make all radio or not no you can't think like that so so I said I gotta go home splat. I have to doing always at a McDonald's. It's insane that he did this in and I just think that I think that he is better than that I think he can. He can bring more to the table than that and I think that was very low for him especially guy who. Likes to say that we stick to sports here we do that Leah Leah Iowa that is only T signature non sports takes right how'd they deserve to. And intact attorney Lee. Like he's the air is the anti return he weaved like a mob that bounces that's who he's now in his nationally and I tip like the entire summer off. Right you compare it to go to Nantucket guys on us that and eternally does that mean. I think that that is complete garbage on his part is to do that and I think that it's a weird it's a really weird. Like thing to dig your heels on bought so last night you know we story was breaking in and yeah I agree with the general take I've said this all night I think howdy was acting recklessly and understand people who get their portals like dot opt. Get your rocks off elsewhere don't really get that mean displaying three crashes since it was you know not produced in man a the lead designer died in the crash as louse like mechanic bad. Put a halt on meet the that I say are before you go all in on the salads do you care enough about this topic. Q injure your career do you care about enough about this topic to face the backlash and I'm like now. Like like that's been why are so angry cease that it personally angers him. Yeah I don't get that mean I IE listened to his post that later rounds like this rage is forced this comes back to sort of talking about Unix or it's like. The fake drama the fake outrage so what they average gonna be worse. What he actually set what he did that outrageous or the outrage of what he would like everyone being upset about it like my outrage is more along the lines of like it has been I'd like let's not do as I'm not saying that authorities he fired announcing this like. I just think that it was a dumb thing to say but we're gonna see people take the aggressions that they've sort of been pent up with enough for Michael Felger rescue these. Lola I think he's he fired he's the exiled whatever the case maybe just not true. I'm doing it like once numbers across mr. you do love medias that's your thing I do you I'm often able gays tie. Thank you for indulging me. Great stuff Tai Anderson read on WEEI dot com Celtics Bruins get a bruins' post up tonight. Yeah probably dollar for arguments operate at some stuff when I get that excellent tie we'll see as soon. One more hour ago of late night. And fortunately we're not going to be on the manner for the exact one year anniversary of the Donald. May do little Donald. Haven't bright here and it ain't pretty would do that next WE.