Chris Buchanan of the Walmart Foundation joins Joe and Tim 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th
Christopher Buchanan is Director of Public Affairs and State and Local Government Relations currently responsible for state and local government and community relations for the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut on behalf of Walmart and SAM'S CLUBS. In addition, Chris manages media relations and is Chairman of the company's Foundation Philanthropic State Giving Councils. Buchanan holds a Master's degree in Public Administration from the American University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Providence College. Born and raised in Boston, Chris currently resides in Plymouth.

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Fourteen cardinals Red Sox now for the fourth inning I don't feel staffers six of visual for a ball curve ball one ball no strikes devers tonight. Watch. So no one bachelor one plate appearance and Lance Lynn delivering and a swing and file back and we are very pleased to have back pollution Booth this year. WEEI notion. Jimmy Fund radio telethon mr. Buchanan. Chris good to see you again good to see you guys are doing great actresses who director public affairs of state and local government relations. When Wal-Mart stores and Sam's Club. And strike called at Denver's one moment two strikes. And we'll tell you there's the Wal-Mart foundation. Stepping up to the plate generously matching all gift she made between the fourth and sixth innings up to 5000 dollars. Evers takes inside to answer. So if you're ready to strike out cancer and see your gift go twice as far. Call now 8777381234. Or go online Jimmy Fund dot org and her gift will be matched. Thanks to Wal-Mart. And thank you Chris desolate edited so pitch one and managed endeavors. Hometown track one down. Wal-Mart. He's always been involved communities matter where they aren't. Not a different you know win over it is very important I think we know from the company and they are involved in this week that very often. She's responsible across me. We have 121000 associates here at Massachusetts alone 40000 associates across New England. Many of who have been touched personally by cancer as well. Mr. Zander called marriage mentions. So did club was very meaningful for us companies step up and support. I'm sure the number of employees it's not you know some please. Stricken family members who choose. To insidious disease on the game away from. This won't have to right field toward the corner which it drifting underneath and you make the catch to house. Bogart's lines derived each morning welcome. If that could be the person we'll show them to get I don't see him in the mother's. Chris it's plus. Years this close no votes it internally. Wal-Mart is well love Lille in the the the minutes. What's real bone marrow transplant continue to flow from Jim excellent and wanted to do that showed a Tallulah. Doing very well now and back in school right now which could be here and doing well. Pitch to Mitch Moreland coming up from Lance Lynn. He takes time. Personally folks born in Boston. That's a direct reference notes in a salute to Providence College American University to which drought drying up and up. Think at the hands out short of living in America's hometown because of movement osmond's one home. Philip Jones and her marsh field but. It can benefit but that the I do know angels connections of the Latin America. No government connections if it's nothing different that would be violated if the rules last year's whose son. The suns would like that there elephant but it was like yes right and left. He never told me that Ohno was not alone of course nothing ever. To a pitch of managing tonight and look at Bruno Kristi cannon director of public affairs. And government relations at Wal-Mart will soon begin Wal-Mart. Now to the sixth inning. Doubling your pledge of 25000. Dollars very generous. Gesture from Wal-Mart for sure. 30. Construction there. That number in front view person soon. Number. Written for you know that that number could go well north to you know what would get three million. We've got to know Bono but you know we've gotten to a breaking news was good and wanna read it for absolutely. 31 pitch in one and it's a ground ball to the rights. Is knocked down by juror gone he's going to be too. They soon. But to for the drugs for the from that new number is absolutely 3284293. Dollars. Let's keep going or. For all of us here for a precious. Won't work that we can review. I don't believe part because. But you does the rose please I don't listen. Much greater number continues to climb and we thank you folks. And thank Wal-Mart and the reason why it's getting so happy to be part of the guys who are active in the communities that we serve and we don't have stores that matters well. The Christian bashes at the ladies one for one with a run scored to down a man aboard Christian represents the tying run on 42 game bottom of the fourth. Pitches inside for a ball. And won't know strikes. The phones team closely this year absolutely. I think we're. Looking good. Really exciting young players council. We're what Ritz looked shorts in tonight's he had missed. There's drive to right fielder Richie. Right there to play any holes and then no runs one hit one left. Chris appreciate what wal mart's doing for the Jim Flanagan she appreciated especially after the help both appreciate mr. cannon joining us from. Public affairs and government relations for Wal-Mart back here in the Booth and he's got a great parents not shorts by the way that seemed the team story wanna get to a anyway. We're through forward to the fifth that's the cardinals four in the Red Sox to on the show on WEEI Red Sox radio network.