Chris Mannix joins Dale & Keefe: “After LeBron the Celtics have the better players in this series”

Boston Celtics
Monday, May 14th
Yahoo Sports NBA analyst Chris Mannix joined Dale & Keefe to discuss the Celtics shocking blowout of the Cavs in Game 1, LeBron’s postgame press conference, and how the Celtics can carry their momentum into Game 2. Dale & Keefe ask who has the better players in the series besides LeBron and does the winner of the Eastern Conference stand any chance in the NBA Finals? Mannix also shares his thoughts on the upcoming NBA draft and the Celtics’ slim chances of having a top 3 pick.

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It's not that the Celtics won game one that surprised most folks might surprise many it's the fact that they won by twenty fives. Had a 28 point lead at one point it probably shocked some. They get ready for game two tomorrow night at the TD garden. Chris medics writes about a lot of things but especially basketball for Yahoo! Sports and joins us a line hey Chris Dario. A good guy and great thanks did the did the margin of victory Shockey yesterday. Of course. You know bought it and you know whether a player out serve regular season with Ty re without Tyreke. What they do would be played from behind eight. You know strictly apart and come back. It is in in game one of the really eerie out expect that the written. Game one of this series but you know what we're seeing it that incrementally. In of this team has gotten more and more comfortable playing together offense we have. As a result the long you know it is cat seemed to really back at the. Have you ever seen a player get applause after answering a question in the post game press conference. Are not like that in it in the moment it was pretty funny. The united the plot that Steen back. Before. It was you know yeah yeah it was at the end of what was a pretty loose press conference from LeBron been from start to finish it was. You know remain calm all is well out there and and a matter how many people try to you know get into a bit that you know he was worried about pumping out. After game one he just you flood waters where it don't perform at the three point shooting from a team. You get what an avid. That was cut dry comedy at the end there that you recite the first quickly or pork. What was it that Marcus Morris did to have such a great game I mean he was great offensively but specifically defensively forcing abroad and you know seven turnovers off bonds a bunch of miss shots. I know the team effort but more specifically what you do. You know we eat any problem at all things that you. You'd like guided due to factly I just. We've got the brunt of himself on the game now that early on when when it's still game meant. In the first classic bit of the first I thought they'd like to eat but it is probably look much different looks at him. Not just market more but you know built the next how wall in front of so all we needed extra defender. I don't care after that means. It's just like LeBron with the engaged in mean I want smoked that truck series and you know every time that LeBron got a mismatch whether it was on Kyle Lowry on CJ miles you. That mismatch getting which is where we're here with mark with others and whatever it going out of look I know we talked about how we treat game one like it. Feeling out process but early around a little boxing match but it was bizarre to seek guidance note correctly at the raptors red mail it in the first game of the series. Chris explained the Celtics fans and meet. Why what happened yesterday isn't necessarily an aberration and could be repeated by the Celtics as the series goes on. Well I think be effectively. That continue to make impacts I mean one of their monitors throughout its. Entire post seated then we're not frequent one got beat us what it was yeah honest the first rounder. R&B or cement the next to mean they'll they'll live which can tactic jump shot to even three point shots one player and want to correct them they'll get Ayers and I thought they're really good job depending Kevin Love. Really good job sticking with how cool over on the flip side as much public appearance there Iowa you know Cleveland can play better and we'll probably give a better shot. I think they blocked the plate that's gained green road here was was very average about. I'm Jason didn't make good numbers cited he played all that well he yet good perk. You know first quarter third quarter put some some runs together you play a complete game and you know the market. It's Smart experiences I'd like to call wasn't. You know wasn't that great either so I think balked again game could have been together played a better game. It sounds like Tristan Thompson's gonna get the start in game two would you expect any kind of counter from the Celtics or with. Do you think they should roll up the same starting lineup. Not that Walt seems starting lineup but I think that it Turk got the pump it. I'll pick up where he left office and really get out or like strict stopped you relax our last five years. You'll be aired means pretty quickly and acting more. You wanna bring it right back wade and LeBron but. Thompson was with such. Upbeat practice there I'll be limited minutes where he kind of got switched on them or even or we're gonna get over power. In the paint can happen and you can't can't it would kill the game like it that convert it opportunity in and that we're company sells. That's progress all the inner pain at impact on him. Last night though I think you'll need at saint starting lineup but he ain't pretty quick. We're talking Chris manic of Yahoo! Sports talk about Celtics and cavs in the NBA playoffs. If we take it as a given the LeBron James is the best player in the series and I think we are an agreement that we all do. It was the second third and fourth best players. Yeah I think yet the corporate author I mean you know Kevin Love had a great second round but he was you know very average work and effort. In that first round he probably had more talent than anybody else but I think he played in the ground after that or hurt after that mean you know. You're you're at the very Italy evenly matched from two beyond doubt. In in bought. Eight it's just how are you about your if you'd better get LeBron James he kinda shocked about how they bought. It can only applied to LeBron the next one but if you watch thirty wartime. Election there port side that they don't believe that that that there are bands so I think that it. It's a lump in that mix that paid him brown and corporate right after that. Dale an hour talking about you know if LeBron wins this series or if you lose the series is he more or less likely to leave Cleveland I personally think he's gone no matter what. Do you think this series could determine one way or another what happens with them. I don't I don't mean it. In trying to get side LeBron at this. Let me air well trying to figure out what he's got going on any conventional word that the more games you win the better chance yet retaining him so they Wear that period. I'd say they've got a better shot. I'll keep it around well one thing I know what LeBron from. You're covering him you know releasing an almost day one. You don't get something else going on in 2010 it was while you got the the two out in Olympic team all those guys pop up playing together and that was the Genesis. Of the Miami team in 2014. Wheeler got back the bury the hatchet with. With ownership. In in Cleveland you know long before he made that decision and now that the defeat it the plant that earlier about potentially coming back to Cleveland all for you know basketball region that of course LeBron desire to. It kind of be out there and and and be part of a community work again so we're a half ago. What happened last I push it back in October will be writing stories about how you know LeBron was on nuke some kind of extreme all the Georgian. The market cousin. There were discussing their futures somebody else that promised not to toot one's future. Beat the sense Chris that the players on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Like being the supporting cast for the LeBron James show. Not really I think they like winning and I think maybe they like what comes with the old LeBron. Experience like. Now I don't I don't think they like being. You know speak the low levels supporting actors always blamed for everything wrong look I look forward Cleveland you're great goal. They know every possession or got a bet you know that broad. Doesn't play hard every possession and time to look at the war last night brought. You're kind of walking back up the court train that he or or him you're not giving it all in all in half court defense he. Yo harper you know legitimate reasons you've got to. You know limit himself and and not. You know push himself so hard practically because we're yet to carry wrecking ball accurately what. Not sure the caps players Mandela or couple of them in a hate being punching bag. You know or for LeBron James so it's said that there are ways there are quite an act. I think early on when LeBron was in Miami nobody gave Erik Spoelstra any credit and then ultimately find out all about that guy is a good head coach. Is tight little you speaking of the other players being punching bags and tie Lou is as well that's sort of how I see it from afar but. Is he actually a good head coach. I think he's. He's got a good head coach potential and and look what he did in the finals. A couple years ago once was a remarkable meeting eat. As we saw with that the raptors here's. Part of a coach's responsibility. Is keeping your team are keeping them focused. Even in the face adversity. And being down inaccurate it Golden State the fact that I'm Lou was constantly able to panicky and show our. The problem you're back in the wrong with it I'd do it and then they're solid. In that regard plot coaching starts is any if it was easy. He could be more than a handful of got a lot of these twenty years but it wants championship rings Spoelstra we believe he would be good coach. Op prior to all the bronze went down to Miami in an epic showcase his ability to mix art and build off that. That features three stars are during that time there I don't know yet. You pilot was good coach but not a learned it time there was a great culture war on my left and that at coach until after the Roger is. I don't know who you think is gonna win the Western Conference final you could make a case for either team. Does it really matter because whoever comes out of the Eastern Conference final isn't going to be either of those teams in the west. Yeah I mean that that the only way to look at. You know it in a botnet ivory Irving. I'd give him a practical. Means that you it would because of the way to stop the to place their orders open the last two years but back they can switch everything. That they've got some flexibility versatility defensively. You give them more than hunters can't against the warriors but without that one got the success that's up to pat in schools they. It won't cut Isaiah or ivory that sort of power them through some dry spells. I'll eat that are offensively don't have that now I don't. The much the chance to Cleveland but it took everything for them to win what one game. I can't vote the award last year that carrier ring on that scene I just don't see that or Houston that they cannot. I think I think we're looking at the JP racquet and in the western conference of course. Now last thing for media NBA draft lottery is tomorrow the Celtics have a very very small chance of getting a second or the third pick from a sixers trade that they made how good is this draft class compared to some of recent wants. Go toward each other and went you know us. Like that you get it's it's it's it's just that and because it's that the that. Still it but it is art as he goes about straight to get the keeps on it and pick and that pick drama. And we. The dump it got to the number two overall pick in the draft student at the event at the worst traits or sister and you just you have to look at it it. Part to evaluate it draft like Ali it why you are gonna like I'm all last couple days. Go out after the Columbine on Wednesday but. Widely viewed as I respect perk up plagued Iraq at a pop which is very good. Onkyo offing yet seen that excited about our players at the top of the draft I. Be surprised if anybody but your country eaten up at number one after that it probably open back equitable bomb technology. Are in that mix. After that. Total crapshoot like it is every other year but I doubt. I don't know why it you believe this but even with that all you know what to reach perfection yeah I believe the opposite I believe they're gonna wanna record. They really is that it won't want more. With the US Supreme Court allowing legalized sports betting in the country I'm assuming your money tomorrow night would be on. A big LeBron James game and have and a much better Cleveland Cavaliers performance. Yet I think Boston wins because I've I've been it at the Cleveland for game two that Indiana series. And I want LeBron to be exact same thing game one that Jerry caps lock up front with our quick gain to read what he knocks. I think yet the first fourteen points a game that cap a twenty point lead and then they gave it up that coffee right back. And it took heed the heroic people miss where Victor all the people nobody's ever spent his entire life on Corey. But that you can knock over time and that it potentially the cat not believe that for the first climate and then I thought that part of it Korea for the first time since. He'll probably at least 2010. A great LeBron performance guarantee not a because you can click rate and that it was like can't that's a topic he was built it yet get help from while Korver they will lose and go down notes due.