Chris Sale implodes and the Sox are battered and bruised, can they regroup before playoffs? 9-26-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, September 27th

Mike Mutnansky takes you through the Red Sox lose to Toronto, 9-4, and discusses the issues that are facing the team as the season comes to a close.  Between Chris Sale and Drew Pomeranz looking tired and struggling and the injuries racking up on the roster, can the Red Sox somehow pull things together and regroup as the prepare to enter the playoffs?  More importantly, will they be able to stay afloat and maintain their lead in order to claim the division crown?  Mut takes all your calls and addresses every one of these questions on Red Sox Review.


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Red Sox radio network Chris Sale absolutely rocked. By the blue jays here tonight to the tune of four home runs they fall nine to four to Ronald and Dow dropped two in a row. The magic number stays at three. With five games to play and things are getting very interesting in the American League is of course Red Sox review we do it up. It til midnight with your phone calls at 61777979837. On Twitter at mutt and UT. WEEI I'll start or baseball mix of football. A later on next hour. Not just for the result tonight. I would love to see her tell you that this is John Farrell's fault of course Chris sales gonna sock. He pitcher that stupid adding last week in Baltimore led dominate dinning. Extra eleven pitches 300 strikeout I hated that I hate hate hated that. It was probably not a factor here tonight. Even I can't make that case I would love to. But even I can't make that case. Chris Sale did not have it tonight. I have a hard time factory and into last week it was only eleven extra pitches. But I don't know I mean maybe if he had threatened strike out the Gulfport tonight are more focus in this game maybe it would helped out but. Probably wouldn't have. He did not have his good stuff he had a good fastball tonight could Chris Sale really went to the slider a lot for some reason he kept missing. With this lottery miss would Donaldson home run a missile morale is home run up to really did a man. He got hit it hard by the blue jays big bad styles in two bombs to Oscar Hernandez hit one he said. A couple home runs in the series already in the morale us with a big hit late there in that fifth inning went from three to one of five to one at. And that was pretty much hit the Red Sox offense the way they're set up right now. They've come back in games this year. But would this mash unit out there offensively. No smoky bets no Dustin Pedroia. No way Doran noon yes. I mean you are struggling to score runs and you're up against it anyway he thought the Red Sox won this game tonight they would do at least I did. They would do it in a low scoring game. And Chris Sale would dominate the ways dominated the blue jays and that was the real surprising thing tonight. About the outing for Chris Sale. He's got a history of struggling at the Indians. That's been well documented this blue JT you. He'd completely. Shut down in two starts this year. 22 innings no runs allowed. The blue jays came out late for batting priced out the other guys took batting practice that a big east. Or John they give part approach he realized that they scuffled so much against this guy this year they wanna try something gift. And whether or whatever they did it worked. And that would be the concern you have about Chris Sale is that this was an against a team that he has a bad history against. He scuffled and gave up bombs to a team that he is dominating in 2070. And I thought going into the start tonight this would be it for Chris Sale the regular season. That at best. Humid out one ward he's many starts over the weekend maybe maybe. With the first playoff game not until next Thursday. That he might go a couple of innings over the weekend ski and fresh and then he would come back and pitching game one on Thursday. You might not have that luxury right now. And that's the thing it's sort of hang over this team not the outing for Chris Sale. It's the injuries and where they are right now that's those are committed to big springs things right now with the Red Sox. The injuries and how much of the at the plated the wrap this thing up. Nokia Betts is dated day left races ominous for right hander hitter. Fedora Nunez has no timetable again dated day I guess but he had no baseball activities today. Dustin Pedroia man there's try against the post season that's swelling is not going away in his name. And it feels like we're gonna hear after the year he's got a knee surgery some sort to lease cleans and stuff up there and that me. They need all those guys offensively. Because Hanley the least right now is not carrying the team. Zander Bogart's right now not carry the team Jackie Bradley junior not carry the team Betts was the guy. And it again just one of these things it leads you back to a oh hole in the discussion of how disappointing he's been this year. But without pets then no Nunez to get the spark going then no Pedroia. In this offenses is no better than average I would say probably that they are below average. One almost guys around. So you have a limited margin for error when you have no pets no co Nunez no Pedroia. And at those injuries linger. That's the big question the second one now is where you are now the standings. Yankees when again tonight. So you got five games to go you have a three game lead. They maintain that. By virtue of winning the division this year when under the bed had a series. They maintain if you tie with the Yankees. You know one game playoff. You have to go to New York. So it's not likely. But that scenario was still there your magic number remains at three. You still be here you go. Control your own destiny you can if you control. Whether or not you're gonna win the division. The AL East Coast of the Red Sox if they win three other remaining five games they win the division. That's it. It's when you get down at some of the other things here where a Dylan went to. And the Yankees make a run. You let the playing in New York on Monday or Tuesday or Monday I believe any wild card debt are a one game playoff to. Then decide who's the division winner who goes the wild card. That is still very much in play and here's the other part that's moment. The Astros are gonna have something to play for this weekend. Currently as we speak. The Astros are pounding the Rangers fourteen to two in the seventh inning. It just went final in Cleveland. Twins courtesy of a three run homer in the eight inning one more than night they come back and beat the Indians eight to six so we are all canceling and the Indians four. The number one seed. Joey Jimmer joke off the air talk what travel plans to Houston. Not so fast. Not so fast. Because the Astros can come in here to Fenway Park and still get the top seed the only game back with five to play. That is very much up in the year so not only get the Yankees only three back. And Joseph Girardi saying tonight that they're gonna play to win the division. The other team coming in this week the Astros within one game the Indians and already said all those teams they're playing at the top seed. This thing may come down to Sunday. Chris Sale may have to pitch again. To put this thing away and avoid a one game playoff. And if on the Red Sox and it comes down to I have to win on Sunday. To avoid any scenario I go to New York on Monday a play a one game playoff to Bennett had to avoid having to go to another one game playoff the wild card. Chris sales pitch in Sunday you better win that game you do what ever you can to avoid the one game wild card. You have to do and I mean dressing pit at pitching Chris elegant on Sunday for an eagle fort. Thanking god willing you win that game he pitches in game two. Don't feel look like 2005 we had to play all the way to the end of that 2005 in Red Sox in the World Series in 2004. Banged up the end of 2005. Had a play all at the end of the year and Schilling pitching Delaski the second the last game they can never get to pitching set up swept up with a White Sox it was Tony Graffanino. Big error at second base. You watch that game and a ground round in Nashua, New Hampshire. Back in the back and get a ground round it's still about point it's no longer that wants you kids funnel the ground and was was excellent. That is still in play. And with Chris Sale amount against. The quick issue get to division. It's Thursday. You would need a win tonight and a win on Thursday. And a Yankee loss either tomorrow or Thursday. And I'll pull the Yankees matchup here to second but they're gonna be home throughout they got easy match of two so. Yet they did like to close this thing out. I envisioned a week at least I did know what you guys thought 61777979237. I envision a week where. The Red Sox got it done early. They had in the week Ellen nothing a place for. You get a bunch of back ups play in this week. It started with two and three inning starts keep them fresh get the bullpen guys and Manning get David Price lined up. Might not be that easy with Chris Sale get rocked tonight. I and the offense and the injuries and the issues and that's the part right he wanted to be able arrest bets and rest Nunez and rest Pedroia. What did you the win some games this weekend. What does your drop this one and you're left with having to win potentially. If you wanna avoid the Yankees wins lost meaning even let's put it that way. You get swept by the blue jays and you got to win three your final four. You have to play those guys this weekend. Here's your matchup tomorrow yankees get the race tomorrow. They get we Severino against five and four map into Reese. They win that on the Yankees I'll lose in a moral. So. John Farrell's easy week has gotten difficult because. Alas they couldn't get. The blue jays pitching. And tonight Chris Hill got here from the get again. 61777979837. The phone number this scenarios the numbers would tell you they still won the division. They still play Thursday. Likely Houston bought. The last 48 hours. Those things are are much less definitely felt heading into this final week of the year. Johnson met for waiting patiently part of Red Sox are you here at 61777979837. John good evening. Hey might not know one thing yeah. He would come up to think about Justin grew only that is going tomorrow they say you. They know how can you leave him at all until the playoffs what happens is that kind of game. Means the difference between them. Get it and the whole approval and not getting the home field as decision for the Sox took without fail. I think you see a broad Linda so matchup even though Verlander is working on. Wow what would allow a whole lot of second why the job site John why John John John why would they bring them back on short rest to pitch last game of the season. Even in because they know for sure they start the playoffs on Thursday he starts on Sunday he can't start on Thursday job. Well I. I just woke up there because that means that it is that Sunday didn't mean stand in the home the home field. Did did they have that the cup I need to know the structure left. Yeah I John I've man maybe maybe they will I'll before but they do thanks you're called there's a much more likely scenario. Chris Sale pitches on Sunday. Then. Justin Verlander does for the Houston Astros. If the Red Sox are pitching such sales Sunday night and not not against a tour three inning many start here not a let's give bizarre fresh for the AL BS. They're pitching him because. Their try to avoid the one game playoff. That's what they're pitching him the Astros are not trying to avoid the one game playoff they are well into it by then. I don't think the Astros would four goal Verlander. On Sunday. And now a lot of starting game one. The following cannot and entitle pitch tonight. So kite go would go on natural west sounds natural rest on Sunday technically. Right. So I don't I don't see that scenario. I really don't single we won those guys that start Sean caller from Idaho he's next supplements are interviewee Sean. But lo and regulating that are now on I ya gonna do any when he choked you have John John John it you know in this. And what about what you're saying and now I am just fed up disappointed with the way this team play I mean what you come back at 71 road trip. And you know people need to remember mr. Red Sox fan in me being a big Red Sox fans to. That as the kind of remind us a little bit of last year they had an opportunity last year to fight for remember last year they lost five of their last six games. And I think also the retirement ceremonies with David Ortiz really got up with the team and they want prepare for clean one. I got swept by quickly won in the American League divisional series. I'm very disappointed with that I think that's what Palmer ransom sale or should have been a no brainer I thought they become out and be ready to go I know job that the the teen as it would injury but it can. Point is that's not how you start. It's how you spinach and the weight that even explain right now. Is really horrible and they better win tomorrow or get swept by a last place Toronto Blue Jays that embarrassment. And it got to pick not a very got instant you know the Red Sox bang and upbeat but. Unacceptable. The way they play it goes again I remember saying after the beat the reds on Sunday like you know tremendous job with what the road trip by so I got one week. No brainer here at home quite well on the should be all right but then boom you dropped the first new and I don't know itself was not focused on the game or what but it's just. And I agree I agree with other Red Sox fans that you know Ferrell has really been over using up but. He's going to be the number one eat a big age and stop doing yard member what happened with David Price but. You know what how bout that wise but IE I just think you're right the team has really. Banged up with injuries they and the gap Ferrell has not done a very good job managing this means you need to have a lot of power hitters and the wind up you can't just beat sit on the end. Well you can't O Sean that's the issue though I adventure called. The thing I think he was the o.'s John Ryder Doug thank. Oh John racial in his job a job. You can't I'm not playing McKee that's tonight he had this a CT scans of him not playing the unions and not. I'm not banging on Ferrell for not play and the guys that are hurt. The day after they got hurt but you get to the weekend. And the magic number still three kids yankees keep winning you keep losing. You're an unholy glee moment you glad to play these guys. You might the pitch Chris Sale. And this team had a big opportunity these first couple games get thrown just get one pom rants on the mound. Last night sale tonight you've got to get one of those games. You have to do. And last night did nothing offensively. Tonight still got rocked and with a lot of do you have want to get down five to one if felt like it was over. So nag our Rick for cell and Marco Estrada tomorrow on my guess and other makeshift lineup against Marco Estrada. And the blue jays or feel like the Red Sox can't get Josh Donaldson now right now. He steps the plate and it feels like a home run every single time. Three for three last night two for something tonight with two runs at three more runs batted in two morals guy's been locked in. They can't get them out he had to get one of these two. Pom rants with two innings last night sale went five to nine got rocked. And now everything is in play or the final five games of the season Red Sox review recapping a tough one for the Red Sox are where they are right now. In the standings in your feeling on this team. With five to go 617779. At 7937. Your phone number on Twitter at but and UT WEEI. Quick breakage update on the scores then right back to your phone calls Red Sox review what would you guys until midnight here on Sports Radio WEE. He sees Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. There's a high fly ball deep to left field. And it is one that nothing Toronto's Josh Donaldson homers and here's morello is lifting one night in deep to left there it is gone. As Chris Sale is getting tanked tonight for home runs allowed by the Red Sox series. Ito recap of the Red Sox and the blue jays ace eats Red Sox revue with Mike magnet ski. Dial 6177797937. Mitch it's a ground ball writes I've run into the ship Darwin Barney throws to first base in the ball game is over. The magic number read means three. Red Sox a review on Sports Radio WEEI. Another hour to go here on this Tuesday night not with the guys for Fenway Park where they're working on the infield as we speak this year Red Sox review across the WEEI Sports Radio network LP having. A good week the weather has been terrific the Red Sox have not been they lose again. To the blue jays make it two in a row the magic number stays three. In the battle for the AL east 61777979. B 37 your phone every can text in his well. I actually not know text out here tonight so it's all Twitter and mutt and UT WEEI just to clarify something yacht. And we get this point via Twitter don't get back to the phone calls. There is. There is a potential for a one game playoff in the Red Sox and the Yankees. It's day eight so I've spread on Twitter suggesting that I am wrong the Yankees took eleven of the nineteen games of because they want the season series. That means they would win the division if there was a tie Red Sox go to the wild card. Now how works anymore with the second wild card now here's what they do if the Red Sox and yankees finished tied for the division. They play a one game playoff in New York on Monday that's because the Yankees won the season's series they would get to host the game on Monday that if they. Finish in a tie. So they don't when they're three games say they win two. And the Yankees in a corner five and no. There's a potential still for a time that that option is still there. If they tie. Playoff game one game playoff game Monday in New York the winner of that game. They when the division they go straight to the AL BS on Thursday the loser. Then host the wild card game in the next day one game playoff the actual wild card. So just because the Yankees won the best of nineteen this year. They do not automatically win the division if there's a tie they still play the one game playoff. That's why I'm saying if you get to Sunday. And you're in that position. Where do we don't win this game of the Yankees do win this game we have to play in a one game while Karl Monday you're pitching Chris Sale. You do what ever you can to avoid that game and avoid the wild card. You've got to get new best of five. Even that means playing in the B Chris Sale bullet and fired an apple on Sunday. And if they end up losing out here. Or losing in the watch one game wild card divisional round playoff then the wild card this'll be an epic collapse. There are people out there the walk the Red Sox the collapse here at the end of the year so John Ferrell eagle gets his walking papers. That will happen. Invade don't make the AL BS. He is going to be gone there's no doubt in my mind I still they got to get to an ALCS to make sure he maintains his job. So that's we stand right now when it comes to Wear the Red Sox are the standings magic numbers three. Three Red Sox wins final fight games the Yankees could go five and oh doesn't matter. Magic number is three for the Red Sox to clinch this thing. 61777979237. Your phone number wal is in Fall River. We give back your calls here on Red Sox review Sports Radio WEEI wall that was going on. It was so about my has about three inches from the panic but I'm. Like you said things that they melodramatic and over the last few would have bet the bomb was still in parliament on the. All these get one of those games won't. Yet it is you know it's it's just you know guys doubt in my life because seven Travis in the lineup what is one of the guy in. It's just unbelievable but I guess that is seems like just simply penalize you let's hope not but tomorrow is a very big game amicus I was going to be shop. I mean you just can't take to run O'Reilly. You know the same it would Houston. And I mean. Houston is a very very good team as far as stating. These next I think next two games are very critical. There are all critical now well I mean you get the final week of the year. And you got to win three year final five to close up the division where we're not this is not the boy that next couple of they're all big. Yesterday it was pay FY one what pom rants and I'll there are no velocity got hit that was a bad look. Today Chris Sale it's Chris elegance Jay apt they have struggled all year had a good September for the most part is nothing good. Not prisoners it was a year ago and Selig has been around the ballpark you have no bets in no Nunez and no Pedroia let's throw a listen. I am I am the master of the bad cliche. Let's get rid of the hate tomorrow to begin their all big gains the final week of the year. They got to find a way to win three. And you better start tomorrow against the blue jays is the Astros command here. Astros when tomorrow the Indians lose their tied with the Indy is the best record the American League. And they're gonna be all up for that thing heading into the weekend. So you ER one more game against a bad team the next in the comes in the weekend much and in the first of nine you have in a row. Against the Astros. Who might not be the Indians put our print TV and good. And have an offense that unlike your offense can put up 6710. Runs every single light. Without tubing company with that group. I Josh and a card Joshua next up a Red Sox review. Lot. Josh in their lot and got your body with some say why they were price on this Oscar. Ike is eased. Pitching now if you're asking why in pitch again tonight at a very good question. He told reporters what's the point of having him on the playoff roster. Right I guess is as the law and breaking case emerged to guide but I don't Josh I've not liked how they've handled him since the outing Friday I'm not like. He's awful barrel off welfare of all managers we fired now. Yeah I it did me any maybe you should be they definitely while fire in the final week of the year so what would you are what do you what what are you wanna see Josh when it comes to David Price. Oh right he's a throwback to back days and ordered be relevant. Already out on crop it's not rolling backpack it. See that's who I thought to that and now I have wondered that there's. Four days. He could but they're gonna play they're gonna play five in six days they're gonna you don't want it a point ending up. He's been more OK Josh junior it's a good point they've been moral K pitching come up pitching. Carson Smith back to back it days they have been with David Price. I don't like what I've handled David Price here since the outing on Friday. He came in Friday was lights out that spot. Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday four days they're they dare. They're gonna space this thing out. I thought they were try to get him in back to back he's maybe still will. I don't tonight's game got out of hand at one point but. You know what sale was struggling it was still five to one. We Harris David Price for a couple innings there. Middle innings in this game keep the game where it is. Maybe come back. But I would Josh is overall point. David Price is not awfully shown flashes since he came back. So what is the role going to be he can't be Andrew Miller. It was gonna pitch every four games. And I don't think the Indy Andrew Miller road saying compared Ager Millard idea or felt storefront as one it's not fair could militants so good. At that just the idea of having him. For multiple innings in the back to back games. Or a couple of batters back to Reno still little begin pitched back to back games you had a chance to get him released to those. You pitched a Monday Tuesday. And then Friday Saturday. Again a couple of back to backs. To not push it a better spot than every four days for David Price. So I would Josh on that ad that's a list of things that those of us who banged on Ferrell this year for his management style and the moves he has made I'd add that to list. The inability to really getting your whole and get a set up for David Price in the final three weeks of the year. As of five games to go on which Josh what's the role going to be. Mike's a north Providence like to run WEEI. I'm Mike won't you know that song. And one of them are similar situation where that and one of their World Series column and a long week and he wasn't that back to back. Grade but he still was able to go out there haven't been for them in key games being able to accomplish what and that and you know so coming back but I think that that's where there are coming on. I don't. Go check is is game log but again he is not so he pitched the seventeenth. Then the 22 he's in pitch is that good outing on Friday night to a two thirds so what's what so they're gonna pitch him Wednesday and then Sunday. It's not her very defensive back with that means to be effective. Opal I'm in the playoffs. That's a gal go check it out. I'll I'll check a lets him during the break. One into it well I think the once again oh. That the masses like they're put off about subtle buckle up you know one thing about the fact that so lots. You have a walk off and then that's celebration. You know locker room afterwards so we'll be you know what you are won by default. And sort of going on in winning on the field but won't either croak out everybody and and so they doubled down on what. At the same time Cleveland Indians went hard charging like who the end of the season. I went they'd send us that he is very aptly violent. You know and it seems like this is happening again I don't know it barrel. Got some bad luck with some injuries where that the same. I mean this thing resemble anything what we're on the road trip now and I mean like. Oh and get them rat. Oh yeah it was not number three we got that and that's what they're migrate out. You know it's liquid is like last year or the couple years ago when Belichick what they're not like I think this is for the Gator game right I guess. Yeah and CNN and maybe maybe you're right I think most people would I made he would agree with you an I've been as anti Ferrell as anybody but not on the dummy here here's what I come back to. Starting pitching might US drew pom rants last night sock you had Chris Sale tonight sucked out last night. You you should have you couldn't get the blue jays bullpen was a look yelled foot off the gas you're better argument last night because they they couldn't get to them tonight. Sale put him in such a hole and with a makeshift lineup they have once it got to five to wander 61 a morale home run. The game was over but to me it's it's pretty simple right you're cured he won in two starters. Gave you nothing the last two nights against that the last place team. Did you feel that we especially the first game not some respect that they know that. One should take this off the past I felt that that Palmer C that was not the best possible one. I thought he was on Basra. I felt it was like OK we're gonna coast on and I think it's not just the wannabes that is the other two. That's their deal and offer them a semester is a good center. All these talking about the playoffs but that it actually in which is where. You know and this happened last year. You but I and maybe it did I'm gonna have to I have to correct you here for a second day they did and Mike thanks for the call the the issue is that. Ferrell has been. Ferrell has been just talking about this game. Johnny Miller peppered him today in the pregame. About stuff for the playoffs and Ferrell over and over and did this yesterday too I'm thinking about today's game. Something about today's game in the pregame with ten and it ate it pains me I'm physically in pain right now defending John Farrell. This is war to the worse than that night but the got my year last week that I had to get tweezers and try to get out. Okay the. Ferrell has been looking at that way. He really has. As for the lineup tonight he's not a what with the injuries I'm not sure we can deal not sure what better a lot of he could have posted for you I tonight in this game. Yesterday with your palm ransom amount there's refresh myself here for a second. Red Sox box score. Bogart's. He got Nunez back in he had that's him right Hanley a first Vasquez catching devers at third. Chris Young Iberia. Pedroia can't play right now Jacqui and senator that's essentially the Red Sox. That's the eight lineup last night Mike again I am all for for bank in the manager I really am. I doubt that that's a good lineup. Does need those Nunez back big league they brought Nunez back. And try to baby in the trying to get him back in that lineup. Now I would out of play Chris Young. I would played Roger Davis that's it I I'm not I don't see any other spot on saying okay that's. That's Ferrell pig has dropped to guess. Last night Pomeroy it stunk tonight Chris Sale stocky best two pitchers and a based think in the post you forget it. But the Astros play the Indians but the bad news bears does not matter. You are not beaten teams with pom rants get rock and Chris Sale get rocked those guys better be better. And now one of those guys Chris Sale but the pitch and. Pirate threat to pitch a game on Saturday that means something. So that's why we are on the I. I would love to city Yuri and Ed the manager be that the Red Sox are you pinata just didn't bash away. We've done that for hours on the show. It doesn't feel like one of those cases for me. Lewis in Brooklyn on the Red Sox they Lewis. And my. Greg and nick are you bomb thanks Louis it's funny because there's are you welcome. There's been true really glaring troubling trends with this team I think and one of the pitching but overall team. And this has been throughout the year that I've noticed. Takitani tonight and I was eight series that they've played in the last 38 so months. Six of those teams are seven of those teams now. They've all had losing records and most of them had a lot of chemical policy get you in a lot of my only guys. This seventeen. The only team that. I run record was the Yankees they lost three out of clothes or gains and they were outscored 38. They've beaten a lot of very mediocre teams at or less than mediocre teams. And they have not played well against in about 500 with really good pitching on. You know I also like the second point wanted to make Oilers. You know the problem with their starters is and this is what they were talking last week about who's going to be our searched our we are. The problem with these guys that they don't have back gains throughout the game they're there in trouble early person in second inning booklets mr. And it would put. I'll professor's first inning has been atrocious this year. Exactly exactly and and give it a course on a lot of this losses have been like that are are getting behind you use that currency and in such things like. The problem as you're gonna into the playoffs in that small also not gonna work is because you over a 162 games. You can use that in the playoffs people are there there's doubt that they're looking at that so these guys. You get behind that many runs that early against good pitching we don't have anybody in superpower. You aren't big big trouble you know and and that way but the thing is it's like. If this happens if they melt down like this there's no excuse the last two games especially yesterday like he stacked with the all lineup. And you second that made you respect best pitcher pitching you have to win that game you'll have to secure our exact game. And going in two weekends for instance arguably arguably been the best team in the American week. Can take three out of four games against them. Well hey there you go that's almost like the class because if you if you can play Hartnett series indeed something. What I need at certain on it what are we gonna see what Jeanne you're gonna see because it is better heart this team. To liberate from me over the last twenty years I mean it's been really aren't yet up or down. For this team it's like I don't know what to expect from the only insisting he has been inconsistent. They play they have these really good stretches and Louis that is you keep a guy call anytime in NCAA the air early candidate for a call a night and probably going to be the cold night. They they play these stretches when they play the reds and they have this ability to come back that's what makes them. A very likable team they come back late in close games in a bid the reds game on Sunday four runs in the eighth inning they have eleven wins now. When trailing after seven innings can still do that. I can picture right here where I was look at that and he's right September they had a very good September and ended but they beat up on some very bad teams here. Trailing after seven innings he won eleven games this year. They won eleven games in the eighth and ninth innings and extra innings this year team should not be alluding that tied after seven they're twelve and six. They win 66% of the games of the game's tied after seven. They've come back to 15 games shelling after rate. They're 22 win 171 run games. The 104 walk off games this team we know what they are an extra innings right we know how good they are fifteen and three extra innings. They win these games close and late Louis and NAFTA makes a likable that they have these stretch where three or four game should they cannot. Hit themselves. Out of that rot they can't pitch they can't do anything. To your point there's no consistency. And what were bitching about the scene of this team right now when they could win a pump rates and sale. Not a surprise any of us a big goal and in Gwinnett jail BS and beat Houston or beat Cleveland get to an ALCS this year. They have that sort of talent in their pitching staff. I still won't trust their offense I've not trust of the offense all year I know guys like Lou and others have made cases but alas smoky back to September milky bets in the playoffs. I don't trust this offense they're not good enough to be good pitching. But the pitching is really really really really really good they can win a series. And get to nail C yes. Order I like to play Monday against the Yankees to avoid the wildcard. That's the stadium Boston Red Sox 61777979. B 37 affordable here from John for what he had to say after this game. Get your phone calls right up until midnight Alex three Merck. Is standing by he will join you then and tilt to hear on Sports Radio WEEI. I. Red Sox for murals on until midnight here on Sports Radio WEEI might finance scheme with you throughout the course up this week will be here every single Mirant size can clinch. On Thursday potentially if they do all the all the sights and sounds of the celebration down in the Red Sox dugout on the field here from Fenway Park or it could be this weekend. At some point that's also possibility given the way they're playing a purely yankees are playing in the Astros to be playing for a lot. On this weekend's 61777979237. Your phone number your tweets as well a mutt and UT. WE yachts go through some of these tweets organ back to the calls Joe's is a what Josh in the car. Why did talk more about prices lack of usage I am. I'm with you I don't like it prominence is give me that did the did Tim Lincecum line. I have to go back from the research I just know that. David Price for what they projected him doobie. A mall thing any useful piece. On should pitch more than four times. From the September irk. What is going to be September 17 on. Diego seventeenth 22. Twenties have been 27. So tomorrow Guinea in the and then one time over the weekend. So four outings out of the bullpen. I wanted more maybe John Furl we've proven correct and a work out we'll put that Tim Lincecum rolled the Kohler talked about but. I went to first call or Josh out like Seymour on him Craig says the offense is often not good enough to be bad pitching that's fair. There were good pitching has been just is or when it comes to the and so talk about the Al wild card and the playoff in the playing game as well we'll get your tweets at mutt and UT WEEI. Bills and hasty bill when he got. There you don't have a tidal. But speculate but also anyways still czar may god. And I typically advertise solicit us once said this about the wreck sub station okay yeah everybody everybody wants and had the panic but please please. Tore off the panic while they blush terrible and it's sort of play real seriously true republic had it all. Some of the vestiges it difficulties or lineup. We problem I mean in my in that in any given day and have a public gets swept it away bit. This year but it's panic and we're talking to vote it maybe a quantity I helped him as it is Monday. That sucker possibly I wish you guys were quote this won't commonplace back again next week that's not gonna happen. Saw it in the went for the week but at least two games I pivotal games guaranteed. Can't guarantee they'll register on facilities Boston guaranteed two games. To donate a lot of money to Jimmy fun if he's wrong it's fair. I think unless you have my old copy protection tobacco tobacco will give a lot of what did you but I guess so well is gonna win the that this approach to gay straight I think honestly we have a that a pitcher court issue that within Russia you have pressure on the. All I great pitching better this year bullpen is better this year a bolt their Barrett got offensively though. The game rookie that's combat can be a very good offensive player to really had that punch and a lot of directly as. These Pedroia and out of the lineup they arrest them Kamal please everywhere I've grown let's all let the secret so that we're not a hundred bodies in all of our travel page out of great manager. Article forget eat different is that your appreciable period or at a also a sole Key West and these guys. We're gonna go into the you know into the postseason trip Chris sales port so much you want what's going on but in the playoffs unfortunately initial. I think honestly never price is gonna shine this year. And don't be surprised to not be surprised everybody and told everybody to not be surprised if you know they were quite actually start today. OK these are cool things is the thing that's deadly weapons. He's now facing an underdog straight hitters they're reprisals static game so please. So all those peoples that call themselves part of Red Sox Nation. An awful. Don't jump on the way back bracket all of the let's talk selection it meals yes divisional series of doubles on the Red Sox fans. Up in about it publicity purposes we're barely into this country lost their election the world court and it was what actually stopped. Shall stay on that bandwagon. Who couldn't true Republican event. Okay with that and then dole dole that's comic aside because you know we wanna get up fours on the radio host comic the site because you know we picked regional baseball. Be a fool hardcore Red Sox. Grid like gay guy and Phil and Phil I appreciate the positive Eddie I would just say to the people listening out there. You can be a diehard true good Red Sox fan and have questions about this team. You're allowed to today you'd thought I discrete filled promising half do you support the team in or or or or. Say good things about the team and thick and thin. That's not being a fan a fan has about taking the highs and lows of your team and the realities of your team. I like Phil's called positively. But alt. David Price starting she's very likely right now considering east or exactly for ratings. In Major League Baseball since. You know July 22. So maybe he will come back and start that you don't let them go now what I know not on just give guessing things gonna happen one and always they have. Lot of their very good often to players banged up. What I know is that you Palmer its velocity was down two straight starts shell last night when I know is the Chris Sale get hit hard tonight. And I know the magic number is still three it was three or place started yesterday. And has not gone anywhere you make out the really exhaust all the bullets that you have to try to get yourself to avoided that one game playoff against the Yankees. Blair's up in Maine talking Red Sox baseball on Red Sox review I Blair. It was on its home. Yeah last Horry and I think it I've been told and for all I can always from California loop and California. And now I have it is. Me endeavors got a. And IA Ager is all well I think California Big Papi Jersey I truly love. Watching it and I truly well see the Red Sox. Now I have faith in the Red Sox. Doing it this year even beating the Dodgers that are red hot. We get a chance what some people in the first knock it straight out of the playoffs. Scuba outlook it and pop we're gonna say well what really happened to the Red Sox really just sweeping you because. The restaurant our they got hotter but seeing where we just took Chris Hill and went for a game isn't just swept to group was. Please go to war era in your fast sort of the World Series at this point. Yeah well we have a bit yeah. Which Seacrest well. Wow what a positive run a call also ran a Red Sox what's in the water. Tonight no wind the negativity out its salt deposit activity it's all lollipops and rainbows and World Series matchups. Yeah a few jets take him oh no battle. Think there's drum playing up to the best genes we have this thing. Yeah the playoff saying look okay treats body will be quiet streets on the Red Sox Nation. Yes. Senate say I love Red Sox Nation Blair. I let Brett got married soon let's hope that maybe what would you call your father at age 32017. Days he. I know. Let's save that Chris might be a new open for the show good job at a Blair in MAME. With the positive reinforcement. To the Red Sox fans how about that. The most negative. Bitch best show in Boston Sports Radio is they show. That's the nature of talking after Red Sox you second guess the manager you bitch about Hanley. You yell at the players. That's of the show you've fire the manager for Christ's sakes and Blair in Maine blows out the water. Says no not on my watch. Here comes main a little messages in the north. They joy patriots day off just like we do. Block sir and I say I ski vacation land vacation land says not tonight. Sick of this playoff talk sick it is might get caught by the Yankees talk. Sick of John Ferrell again fired talk. World Series book and it once a four game sweep to call as aunt in California saying what happened near Dodgers. Blair in Maine I want whenever he is gone up there to keep myself positive. I Jerry's in New Hampshire hey Gerri good luck fallen back call tonight. Or no problem at all you know John Ferrell is a total idiot. They put the best team on the seal well if you put the best game on the field and right before last. And had Mitch Moreland at first base. And Andrew Bennett can be in left field there's no doubt in my mind that would've won that game number one. I am in America who played first vegetable long time team also ground bulk which belong beginning. And they end up scoring a bunch of Romney and there's no way catch up and that's demoralizing when it's not a ground all the purse and Mets play it again with a guy out. And then tonight you got Sam Travis standing on first base. He's got a guy tipped off and drops the ball on the ground in his spare that mean and that prolonged the inning once again. And then Belle telling him picked up. Now Kelly it was getting squeezed to go and what he had a chance to get out of that. And. Pat got packed up and get market so idiotic play when your best player your best first baseman that you on the bench full night. And it also about a bat they involve the people at what point. Well the the issue easier credit in your play the ear hears the the issue are indeed the curveball here Jerry's a priest and a lefty. And he is semi face and if when they face lefty player when they face lefties Mitch Moreland is gonna start the game of the match balls and both nights. He's batting point denying it lefties this year would wanna. He has twenty home runs he has one home run out of his twenty against lefties. Twelve is 785 RBIs he struck out 21 times and on walks and as a OPS a 653. He can't. Hit lefties Jerry that's the issue. Or just brought Erin judges struck out over 200 times this year. But yet I don't blame he had fifty or judges fifty home runs your gang appear Aron judged to Mitch Moreland. I think McMoran about a player and Aaron judge. Absolutely what are you talking about Jerry Eric Jackson fifty home runs and a lot. Coming home run derby when it mattered not in a column when it doesn't matter. What's with us that you thought. About what's there. You always second yeah. Fifty home. All might god be did he he actually did match Blair's call. Someone just said on sports talk radio in Boston the Michelin is a better baseball player than their judge. That's it no more calls tonight more now with calls. We'll see it would go back on tomorrow on don't want the phones Chris hang up on the callers on the with calls tonight I've fact Doug shut the call screen computer. Done with calls. When someone says Aaron judged it better or did admit mourned the better play that -- judge that's a time to say but I by the phones. But by callers. Call against some other time and Allison take your phone calls after midnight. Welcome back and wrap it up here Red Sox lose and the callers are out of their minds tonight Sports Radio WEEI. Final couple that's on your Tuesday read some trees Sports Radio WE yeah I wouldn't be all baseball half the most part good reaction you guys the calls got a little bit wacky there at the end of the night so we have to shut those down on people's image morals better than Eric judge that's a good sign to. And the calls for the evening a couple of tweets as well but and you TW EEI Joe's is give Chris young's numbers against lefties. As well as more once and a dummy John Ferrell still plays and Benny rakes lefties and takes a seat the seat for CY. Yeah looking back at the line up. It did its Fitzgerald's big key Joe's right he had minera against lefties try to get him going. I think John Ferrell once again I'm going to he wants. Chris Young on this playoff roster so all you want a bag on him for yesterday. I guess that be pretty good Spock is Chris Young is not hit lefties this year than in any buddy. And moral and probably it's better than young doesn't he sets so good very good point there. Honesty says call me crazy out like Hanley Ramirez off the playoff roster he doesn't deserve to be here it has not been a more disappoint player. In the Boston sports market this year than him and Ramirez and if you factoring guys have gotten a pass. He is clear number one or has been a lot more common Hanley tomorrow on talk to Bradford in the pregame. About Hanley wise get a pass this year for just. Really opt opt out. This was not a close to the David Ortiz like a year that's so project go to go back to spring training. And pick up some of the stuff that you fed them the writers in the such a talked about him their Ramirez he's been in the a disaster AJ says the callers are entertaining keep them coming. I didn't call outs for her show beginning at midnight but I'm done with the other calls this evening. Let's hear from the skip John Ferrell as teams take non water they've lost two and brought to winning six in a row. He talked to the media after the game here tonight. Just you know joining me out of the podium early in the count he's attacking the strike zone with all three could society ends when they flew. From the middle of the plate couple times to Donald someone above over the plate the fastball the second time through. A changeup to Hernandez. Another breaking ball early count two dollars and first time up. Sold. Very good stuff lot of power put missile catered and I. What do you make of the sort of holding on what could start one bout over the last five or six weeks story out of six. You don't I've been shown that the only pattern is the bottom line I can't say that there's been fluctuation. In the power or. Maybe shape to a second or pitcher or use of usage pattern. I'm more than anything comes down to command. That was the case from start to go in Tampa. And then a little more here tonight. You know two's two starts out there are two starts ago Baltimore knew he was he dominant men and with caller location has been all year so. The common thread is. Is the location consistency of very good guys stand up the middle plate it was it was to the corners pretty routinely and consistently here tonight. So you can you tip your hat to a Walter actual command again. Oh. Leaves that don't come unorthodox delivery. No. I can't say that he's Sunnis rushing or use. Don't balls balls are from a little place and can he do he works so quick. And he attacks the strike zone so consistently. And that it's no he he has some misfires and tonight knowing that they didn't us. There's the skipper John Ferrell take and get in stride his team loses now back to back games here to the blue jays going to be up to. Rip or sell it tomorrow in the state of the team rather right now magic number is three. Magic number three to clinch the division. Three up on the Yankees the ouster of the game back in the Indians the best records there's a lot to play for. In the final week of the season we'll talk a lot more about human premieres tomorrow here. On the show we think Chris several back in studio thank Doug Ling and our engineer for stick around here from Fenway Park. Do not go anywhere if three were after dark until 2 AM the only show in town at the stays up late with you guys lined up and talked to Roemer. Unless you're gonna say Mitch pulls veterinary judge at 61777979. 37 I'll be listening you should be listening as well. I enjoy the rest unite we'll talk to with a pregame show 6 o'clock right here tomorrow Sports Radio W media.