Chris Sale joins Kirk and Callahan from Ft. Myers 2-20-18

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, February 20th

Red Sox ace Chris Sale stopped by the K&C booth at Fenway South to discuss social media, his contract, the clubhouse last season, his new pitching approach and much more as the 2018 season approaches.


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Joining us right now to follow on Twitter at Chris Sale. Because obviously Graham at. He's every success at me like he talked that guy is a psychic had nationalistic an excuse to shop with it would social media or where. We're all adults we understand your site FaceBook Dave price will focus on baseball season. Just like this foursquare thing so exciting grown man he's so who's got no chance not never never. Zero Europe. There's a single. Reserves in the world. Do you have any idea when when other than the guys talk about something somebody's bitching about something there's some big story during the day you know pay no attention to. You waddle have a slow slow it cut and get my information and avoid a couple news outlets that read. It was what are your what do you. Pieces of equity due obviously people addicted to Twitter and FaceBook keeps you people just. When they're doing what do you do with that with that in that time. The iPhone go back electoral person. Com at billiards it's our celebrity I have children you know but it's ivory and others sergeant shot here. For a bit odd. You know run there wiping out kids took the pool. Cluster clans of remote phone via. You know that's. We talked you a year ago Edwards put your right here right. That rate for boss that you don't mind traffic doesn't bother you this or that he spent a year there did you like experience you're on the good outlook the it. Traffic you know can do Luke Jensen. Whether can be its body that are best book. It was great little place there that if there isn't he reverend Monroe Hitler ignored. Or at a traffic is pretty nasty out there is everybody from their homes that stroke right. Well we asked you when you sat down to break. Your history in particular he sees it not good it's not had that. He's only had 237 out of three months powerful through third set yet that's against his MO three bombs slipping five point six. You remember one home. Oh yeah Africa is a that it was in the sixth inning. Is that's what news on the disabled list brokers or run into the outfield wall. The guy has been out for who's up for one month while that I have yet overload it wasn't Lewis. Comes back. This couple swings in the on deck circle first pitch Jesse's. Takes it deep in the forest pork of Detroit this would use in Detroit knows Chicago. Into the visiting bullpen. And those are rep got a letter in the mail the next day it so this is yes this. How many guests who were pretty happy and you heard the hoosiers. Yes very excited. A that are of Colorado a little bit at great. From what I've Ramona together hers to team it works hard and you know the baseball stuff. Speaks for itself did you finally you know I've heard Bradley say some things Bogart assistants at some things did you find there were issues. In the locker Muster at least I would say more than usual was it was not normal fun that was in the shoes that the your is going on. For me personally knows this is my first years I didn't really know. As a whole how to handle any of this stuff for you know what what was it and they'll. Clearly we read it or bumps in the road. A couple things to emote. Couple controversies if you will. Those things are gonna happen I think we just out of gotten through rhythm of finding a way to do that next one last year. And I think honestly as a team as a staff com. As organization as a whole I think with the best we could handle all the situations and you know we've got a good group because they're pretty resilient you know we can usually find a way to directorate for every. Everyone always says though when we talk what your season last year that you you know obviously the first half was better in the second may be your. Use up too much energy in the first half but a look at your numbers and that's kind of overrated post calls terror. Last year six and four with a free one to. 130 cases. Do you feel like that you ran out of gas. What news room numbers and it's true it wasn't as good in the second half of that was the first. Every game counts it's the first day of the year's important as the eightieth game of the year as that is the modern force here. But that being said. We get to the end you wanna be as strong educated you want to do. You know spread across that finish like you know you won't be elected in the playoffs it'll be you know slipping in through. Most important time of the year and I think that's where. You know where we where was anyways wasn't able to relieve breakthroughs. Get that extra latest wares this year who will sound changed we do things differently yet were right the middle of changes were right in the middle vote in a new program. It's easy for me Russians it's easy it's it's will be different but it's easier for me to trust this process known people but I have. Conducting missile that you aren't talking about and contractor knows that discussion then throw at all caught contraction in any discussions at all. An extension. You know concerned about. Now. What. People out that bloody discussions evidently thinks ago one trust home in Austin will be huge issue. No one wants to lose. You'll Tuesday. Yours leftists capital equipment both options votes right. I get it done right I can we can do this and if you that hitters number and other side I thought our guys show verbal yes you're. So yeah that's Stefano he really get that stuff like no thought that the this is potentially a couple of hundred million dollars. On a million dollars. Yeah I don't know. Don't worry about the crap on us I have one thing direct and play baseball pitch because teammate. Those tunnel route and the one. Thing is what I am as a pitcher. Com. About an agent amount no older I'm not a general manager sort of basically nothing about contracts. So. If and when that happens. All of them can take care of that. Mort but that is what you've learned this attitude somewhere obviously works it works for you it would work for everybody that more. Focused and less distracted to you the depth adopt that some pointers. Related do you think is has come out my background of my family. The coaches along the way. Cut nuclear surrounded by Ira and I just know that it's not important he noted at the end of the day you know as job security but on the word about job security is what's the word about my job. You know if if I do my job the right way to security come and come on how to a format. Is your family happy in Boston likened it they love my must love. As a blaster and around Fenway Park mark my wife close you know the city. And where we are we feel safe we're at. Great place spoke. You are you concerned at all we were talking with us this segment too before he came in concern although. The picture baseball sort of the younger generation piece of plays a softball the the note that this document yesterday he want that to change you hear the games three and half hours or two and half hours. I prefer quicker game yes I don't. I think it's kind of a fine line of how to make it quicker. Have obviously my opinions on on what could be you know what happened with an idea that you think that. The will they live in my mound visits gimme gimme. No more than a minute and a half between. Innings to are out there Phillip my thumbs half the time wait for him particle of commercials obviously we make money you know. If this whole operation yet. Com minute it happened between innings pitcher can't leave that there that a that vote box. That now it starts. Well I just so much about this but nonetheless there's a slight just a much resistance from state plays. Well because it's. Two sides. Can't agree on one thing that's usually in theory. Pretty hard. To get through not only that but sometimes someone's thirteen it is step on the box that vote batting glove helmet that stepped back. You know ground ball that glow off road but a cleats on the back thing resin bag. It's. I don't know what that. Routine does that happen I school or college. You play in obviously. And the kids. Coached and where it blocks stopped in to right. They've done that later when they get to this level teams will this is the fastest level. Oh baseball. So this is this is where you need to slow down most. Com. Ethic that's through. The progression of your career through evolution of US baseball players coaches of one thing coach always says he never says they need to go faster they always say hey slow things down because. You know they're. Give up base four pitch walk. You know maybe in order double double thing just things can just keep kind of snowballed on so one thing that Wallace taught from an early age two years. Slowed into. And no way to slow game. Stuff is due to ever shake off its catches. I have. Without any particular reason. William. Is a story now to or yours. Have to have that done catcher just. They never officially dump people worldly and by accident you run into. You know that's plastics rituals of ignorance this particular point oh wants to watch this duo you don't want opening day just just just for us yeah. The thirty days and still on the third fourth it you know just one now. I wrote the whole game though that's true. Considerable. That drew another thing for the first officer a lot often as a catcher or pitcher coach them that you don't want to. Minutes ago while limiting pursuits. That's another misses at the touchy subject there with with the votes votes be counted. Is. Since six Verizon the number says it yet those account for pitching changes. I don't no no but those are limited to its markets change. So. It look at the pitching coach has the currency basis we standard products through guys view how often Vazquez. Is always run that I want that. That's Christian baskets. Well that's a thing with with like that loose baseball size stealing and you know. We can't have cell phones out there we can't use Bluetooth though apple. That's they don't know apparently and yes so we have to find a way to change science and keep it you know we're obviously gonna have to debt that because we can't. I don't know the repercussions. 77 mountainous it is. Com Padilla were where we've been talking about how to change sides with then. Just kind of looks the stump and if you like the fact there rules pick in the Yankees and can continue. Cases before its statement. A spot about me. I'm a happy face them. Yes face. Couple times the nominee. Regular season games right yeah numbers it's judgment right. Thought no welcome Leona. I'm assuming. That's sided talks but numbers to consider all those two both the second you do the objection flip flops Aaliyah to you actually believe it's that the forces of a tool would change that's yet they're based votes your superstition. Not. That you're not huge won't have to Wear the same socks little you know little cute single over the same but on the talk about mind. My will be the happy is if the guys slapped around Martinez as the other way around it. That's. And what's that there's this baseless yeah Emma and nothing. No room and they don't like it and I crystal's good luck we shall see M Sherwin won their fifth Chris sailors he's the Basra.