Chris Villani and Steve Buckley - Back to Red Sox versus Athletics - 4-22-18

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Sunday, April 22nd

Final Hour. The boys jump back into the Red Sox versus Athletics rubber match. 


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T. Final hour or get wait you Bradford and you're like rat hole I always texts me a few minutes ago and says that people are yearning for media starts. I don't know if that was a reflection on you and I. Borges is inflated senses. Media star ego I don't know what Iowa but those bodies and all the above is probably a combination. That you. I do want circle back to the Red Sox begin. You know he gets in and I was telling somebody this last night mentioned I was out and you know how. Party and talking with people and it's you know. You know what's bad for business quote unquote Sports Radio business is when everything's going well because there's this inherent need the people want colony complain bin. Being matter angrier upset about something and he's really nothing right now. With the Red Sox are seventeen and three that got no hit last night and nobody really cares because there's an understanding of what this team is saying what this team. Is going and I was the on last time in his Levy I don't know how any left handed batter in the history of baseball. Could've square this guy last night the way he was the only. You us any set down fourteen in a row one point eleven or the leadoff walk to bats. The of the two quote unquote controversial plays. Again I I just had no problem giving the shortstop and error. On that play and I thought that you know in in a lot of other circumstances that may very well have been hit it there are five hits something like that. The out of the baseline play he was out of baseline and that's that's it you know there is really nothing. It was a black and white call again now would side with many see as well maybe it's not called that off and that's a better eye candies to outlawing them. He said I called that off and he may very well be right. I don't think man the managers sometimes let that go unless it's obvious or or in that situation you know EA trying to preserve a no hitter appear guy. But that was one they work collect out and they were called by the letter of the law by the letter of the law I would is what is he's out. He's out of the baseline that's it but aside from shaman ideal in the last night. There's nothing you look out from the Red Sox team and say well but what about this but what about that the beginning of the season it was about the competition. But now they beat the angels on the road they beat the Yankees two out of three but he Marlins they will take what they are which is the best team in baseball. And it's a tough spot could there's nothing to complain about with the Red Sox right now now. I have no issues the biggest concern and I had. Coming in his season was infield defense. And you know Nunez scares me its second that there was a pro down the second the other day it's just like claimed off his glove. And obvious he's knees giving him issues. Bogart's is out and amount of I am like. One guy who doesn't like Bogut is insurance it's that it's not that is a liability out there. He simply not a great choice yet and that's that's my happens to be my opinion you can put the charts and diagrams that signal Iran in point this that the other thing. But. He's a he's a fine shortstop I'd I'd I'd taken over 2.2 one issuance thoughts. He certainly Capel putting a great up at the numbers would front the defense and get all of that. But the fact is that they you've got a young inexperienced third baseman 88 shortstop. Boy just describe it no second baseman right now and when. You know can't Hanley played better than expected but people take better than expected and turn that into gold glove which he's not. Steve Lyons film of that trap last year and I was watching game when I was horrified. With Steve Lyons is on who played Major League Baseball. Is that he's a gold Glover Tommy anyone who's better and I'm like occupancy Erica present a play for the opponent Kansas City Royals now. And so. People turn better than expected in many good play last night on the ground ball right at the line grief at the picture 31. So he's not been a calamities so we we take not being calamity. Trinidad and the Bevan better than expected and then that turns and a gold glove. The fact is. When you got Hanley at first. Nunez at second. Bogut it's short devers at third it's not a great in the now that was my concern coming into the season. And I wrote that but but as we are now I don't have tickets and prop plane lawman now corps was on the dealing chief Andy was talking about. The the analytics that they use. Which it in his view has placed these guys in a position to better get the ground isn't it that's pretty complicated stuff that's beyond my pay grade. If that's the case then fine keep doing. But. This infield has played better than I expect. Yeah and the the biggest issue potentially she defensively in the infield gets corrected when Dustin to direct comes back right and and that's another point that it's sort of bothered me effort from a lot of Red Sox fans. First I get the treatment direct calls which are always on beacon he can't he's 105 guys so we can just and the conversation there. But if you want to entertain the preposterous assertion nation trade and trade and fine. Let's entertain. The biggest question with Pedroia over the past several years has been health and that's viable get on an appeal you obviously can't help the team. When he is on the field he's been an all star caliber second baseman and this is an ancient history this is going back to his last full helping somebody. We use via the dale what happens when inventory gets back placed second you places continued adult. Lab every day when it backed it just real quick in the analytic thing before we move on to something else and rob Bradford were pretty good piece on this back in late spring training. And it's something that if you didn't read the piece flies under the radar but the Red Sox are no longer using the traditional. Advance scout. Which in recent years had been Steve land own. Local guy raised in Redding pitched at Boston College played the miners to the Dodgers have phenomenal minor league numbers his elbow gave out. He came to Red Sox several years ago as an intern. Trying to get in that line of Orton back in 2000. In twelve was like the administrative coach would travel with the team. On Vinny became this that the other thing and then in for several years with the advance scout. Well not they have now and the advance scout tradition would be one step ahead of the team what's the team. That the Sox would play next file reports and on album back to the team and the information gets disseminated. Well they've got away from that Steve now travels with the team. And they they do a lot of stuff on video. And they assembled dossier is based on analytics based on. All the different data that they can acquire through different means other than sitting behind home plate eating hot dog. And whether you agree with that or not it's probably need a guy in the world you know and and people. Notably nick a part of the globe is bemoan the loss of old one time scouts and it's kind of sad to see some of these guys get weeded out I agree with that. But when you agree whether or not. The Sox now have Steve and on traveling with the team on the hip on the charter. City to city he's a summing all this stuff is there a daily basis and again rob wrote this. And it's it's a very interesting look now if that coupled with what Corus said. On dale show with Retief. That this information is helping them better position there imperialism. That certainly is is all the evidence you need that this move is in the right. Gas and and the broader point there to about core I mean talk about that move being the right move and we're twenty games in good. And they're playing well so it's easy to say that the managers doing a great job. But that is one of the few examples you can look at I would also say. The way that they're attacking counts early we're attacking hitters early you mentioned obviously the point about the defensive positioning. The accountability. That seems to exist in that clubhouse understanding that the first you know seven games the year at 887 guys turn out on the basis like all of them were under Ben attendee but whatever. Base right he's been back and and that was a point decor made was on apologetic about making things that barrel would not have done. At any point. And it's yet easy when everybody's playing well to say the manager's great news there's no problems at all. But even things like hitting Mitch Moreland clean up on Wednesday night against the lefthander. Worked out great I mean there are thirteen and doable things you point to both anecdotally with different situations and games. And big picture accountability including for the manager. That you can say while this was a it seems like a home run higher for the Red Sox. The I understand it strikeouts rot in everyone's either getting hit a walk or strikeout. Beckett a little boring and I understand that that concern about the game but I've never really been a big fan. All of the whole work the count Montrae. And that the premise being they can get the opposing pitcher that role. A lot of pitches. You're gonna get into the other team's inevitably crappy bullpen earlier in the manner on more well. Now you've got like the world suffused acrid go to the bullpen in the fifth paying back on 98 with late break in at the corner pay the cardinals 22013 other Red Sox beat him but every guy they brought out the bullpen out of the Rosenthal threw hard and got a form there. And that that that lefty king would command of you know like. So sold. I understand all that. Hole that that whole business. Of worked the count and see what that meant in its time but. I'm also a fan of something Ted Williams said a thousand years ago which get a good pitch to hit that was always his big thing get a good pitch to hit. And what better pitch he's gonna get that that fastball down the middle 10. Mean it's how many times you be seen in years past. That it would step and pitcher available right on the metal plate called strike one and then you go to work. And then Neal Wade Boggs thing he's got down one and Tuesday it rewards you with stuff like that but. If you're up there and in the cat's gonna pull one you know down the middle plates at the gamble. Yet and and and it simplistic but that's all right but but it also work. A fifteen year old book at this point regular season and it's talking about was what the Oates who. So fifteen years he had no two ways that you don't want when he era and came back they were way down to win that twentieth and remember it's not by. That mentality was based on the idea that the only two really good pitchers you're gonna see that day where this Carter daddy bought clothes. And I saw the movie the movie completely left out the fact that they had. Like Zito the entire pitching staff Mark Mulder yeah you know what I think I. You know it was all because Scott had Aybar batted leadoff that they won twenty games in a row and played first base if he's is picking the ball now left right and sideways. Well yes and in. Your point about scouting. Yes there is eight A sort of older he's the word again into equated that notion which scouting and you move past that and analytics and some of the modern day stuff. All of that I think he's he's fair but they made their scouts who by the way I believe all that that's starting pitching staff was all drafted. In theory scouted. Developed thirty organization. That they each won twenty games or something close to it that season and made those guys like a bunch of boobs now and this guy can't Hickey an ugly girlfriend no confidence bad eyesight and need all of this. You know the good face in the group body and everything else this ridiculous stuff they need those guys look stupid in wind that was unfair. Always the catcher in the book was it brown was his last name Jeremy Brown to roam around Jerry Brown. That that got like eighty pages netbook and barely scratched the surface of the last time I thought about it chairman brown and also established the legend of Kevin Youkilis have a news degree regatta locks yes. All that old old now it's old school kind of stuff because that's a prolific Tweeter now. You can more active on the the social media with some crap up there about traveling teams in baseball in the day went I don't mean crowd is good stuff yet but and he he's very opinion about certain things get him on the money after Russia gonna get meals based. Yet many old time baseball game not that. Sat out the chemicals and dale key thing Utah has got a nice nice flow to note was living in California. I can be count he's married Brady's sister. Now an active part balanced he's part of Brady you don't want industries out in California they get ISDN lines for tomorrow we'll get a pop a couple of hours you can make this thing I always liked you I like Angela yeah I did two way I mean he was also. Year year classic use everything it. For all the reasons people heated J. D. Drew does seem like he never cared which you coolest. Utility get three hits and then pop up to second and looked like he was O for five unit that was a lie. Eating right I mean I remember. Covering a Celtics playoff game most seven awake yet they won the NBA championship. One of the playoff games. Epic might have been a lakers game. At the garden like at halftime going in in the media room at the garden that was the night the you can meaning America going out of the dugout. And I just remembered being at the garden press from watching that. And may and you'll can I get a loving guy you kind of way you played them Joba Chamberlain when I was throwing in his ads and stuff. You'd that we joked. Dale Keefe. He knew the O'Keefe and you pleasing you wanted to know what I'm that make that happen what might talent recruiter WEEI IndyCar was the writing the route on this one right now I he's my pick. Now I don't know if there's any Fuller mine and illegally money on it but that's that's my take I know you're extolled his baseball document. Now that they use their real real good baseball and says years and years and years ago we drove down to. He was an intern and winning cable news and knows there. And the high school with a Brian rose the pitcher would soon. Is it North Dartmouth was the same one any heart went through and we actually drove down this year game and he he really knows his face. All right 6177797937. Got buck here till 1 o'clock Brad bowed to relic two guys that was thinking of the baseball they're coming in the top of the hour bloody but with you till then. Sports are UWB. I don't belong here. Sports Radio WEEI. It. This. Whole. This. Sport traded WEEI millennium bug hanging out with you for another hour or 1 o'clock. But they haven't Ehrlich said he loves you broke the story. That he text edict. He said he lake here he said the future in the Grover Cleveland hotel room. Z is he getting name wrong on purpose ironically just to be I don't think I'm still collecting get around them or I don't think so lightly Warren Harding and publicly any city showed him and dead Jason master did not get the it was cool intolerance and then. Were they as excited about it all the elements god device that Elliot junior showing us that back at old hotel suite like me. We go to the ballpark we it was like NATO workers at lake three rooms. It was huge with two full bathrooms. I got like 129 at some crazy price again. All because when I checked and I had a good says ask about it they were they were flattered they were impressed by them Blackstone hotel Chicago and on presidential knowledge life. What did you get tackled but into Rob Gronkowski or give a press conference yesterday he was flat out asked at the end of it as a motor cross related press conference that he said he's working on his motor cross and get in his room. Perfected would be in classic prompt fashion but he's also has this about what patriots fans can expect. When he does come back Perry. That's free. That's what. Maybe. And even into the season. Just my smooth process and learn about. Here right now some Bayer. What's your favorite part. Yet the question was cut out there was motor cross monthly or the motor cross Salem times or whatever was is there about to ask what is favor part of course was. So we will leave out the more across. But what do you make of grindstone. There the the the response that I've said look I do think while there is a a legitimate story leaked the the tension between Brady and ballot check in house where are kind of in the middle of that. I feel like much of that has been overblown in that I do feel that both of those guys are gonna be back. They'll be professional the work together Italy productive in the team we'll get to the Super Bowl with gronkowski he has opened and kept wide open the door at the possibility. That he will not come back he was asked point blank about it and now it seems like not only now wanna answer which is is is right if you don't want to. He's just toying with fans media. The team everybody about his immediate playing future when it comes to the patriots. Well like we said before if your parents stand. Again YouTube by the ticketed him by the shirt you watch the games you would best. Not just your emotions but you were harder and the team until you timetable in its time and and it and it's zip they've got their own thing going. And they can give a rat's ass about anybody else. And I keep hearing from. Pats fans who it's surprisingly self it's like okay you're on the radio I'm on the radio or read a column on TV. Was coming out rob Robin and it relic coming up next they're gonna have strong opinions. And in recent years if if you even say it like wants jacket at that banquet last night and did you people go nuts. And in like I don't know maybe Belichick and how dare use the greatest of all time who would you rather have and you can't say anything. Critical about the patriots this market without people just going one knots on. On Twitter. Postings in U com. Snail mail letters big block letters showing up in your mailbox that a lot of us. Not as announced by apple yet you always know before you open its positive and negative it's it. Big thick block letters and this isn't going to be is to get a lot from guys imprisoned not exactly and I look at importance of include acute I grew up without. Who who's a fan of mine from afar. That Grubman it would but anyway. So now we're seen. I don't know what rocked a living under but everywhere you go. People I'm little pace topic rock. I think it's going further in that and if you you know that that questions that Jeff I was asking yesterday and had a Porsche while one to ask more across questions. And people are asking pointed questions now. Doug Qaeda had a thing on Twitter a couple of days ago. Where where where he was like look at this and people appears this is why I'm asking these questions is when writing staff and I think it was Doug tied. It Nestor dot com and an Eric Rees addressed at this morning. That there Harrell had a staff writer at the event yesterday. Jeff how the Atlantic was there yesterday. This is something that people want information on and then not happy I mean if this was a year ago. Clark talked motor cry sky line. What's wrong with you pay and that's not get enough and by the way I'm fine with the idea of ground if he doesn't wanna talk about his future now. I think there's a way to do it without making it seem like you're standing at the podium double burning anybody who might. Dare ask whether you're gonna play the season wait year. The second most important player on that team and use your agent everybody around you. Has left open the possible you'll tell us by number one each day he should have that conversation the patriots beat you owes it to his employer. I think that's that's a fair conversation if he doesn't wanna bring out of the public's fear. Guys now you know we're not talking about that today folks on the motor cries back and I think there's a way to do it. Without coming across the way that he came across yesterday at a admiration at the tone and the content you know it's gonna happen to open the season eight now. Caught Brady Belichick crap all arm in arm. And it's gone and in the narrative is gonna be you mean you guys spirited girl way all of you who. We talked YouTube mediate a go columnists and everybody else that China. And there are moments where that is how I think for example the Brady the ESPN. Brady hasn't definitively said he's playing next year paying was completely wildly overblown. That plays a little bit of a snippet to move the story forward just it just an inch just enough. They get eight days' worth of saturated media coverage on a platform national platform. That is preaching primarily to. You know that this coast to coast audience most of whom want the patriots dynasty and and will lap up any coverage. It seems to point in that direction that to me was an overblown story the public rockets to rosenhaus had a chance to take. Watch it months ago didn't gronkowski had a chance to quash yesterday didn't. And again it's his life if he wants to take his time and thinking about it fine. I would have a conversation with the patriots for the draft because it may impact the way that they approached the draft. And I just think you do it in such a way you're gronkowski that doesn't make it seem like you're intentionally try to go up the coaches asked sideways. If that's what a well like yesterday. That Belichick's watch this get pit stop and crops and love every second I think you ultimately of course he's loving every. And it's good to be grunt. It is great regard there's no question about it yeah it's. I love and money they're paying in yen it's a good game actually like the idea the ground has I I appreciate when athletes. Have an in a public way show. They have lives outside of the game. You know that they they it's not all about football for them their human beings with other interests and other I think all of that is a great positive thing. I Andy you've had two I think they all do answer the question. And that hey great it's great by. Even even ballots yet to be Belichick is painted as this like football so bond who's sleeps on a cot they use those watching film right now on a reel to real as IC BI as least I I think like all good NFL coaches I think that the big part of his life but. You you wall sold. Here we is that I was gonna mix that precede the Nantucket gather vineyard guy he's an Antarctic. All right so doesn't have an icon down iron and that bespeaks a life beyond football. EU like we'll cries he shows up but lacrosse games that brown and so forth. But he Hopkins fan and CNET with that beat Johns Hopkins canyon de Petra Mahler boys are actually go to there and and it and John until he's in a music and the so so he's not he's not completely tone. When it comes to stuff like that. Brady week we BC has interest in in a with a coffee table books in the diet on stuff and and grunt likes to step out and beat. And and grabbed by the way for all the crappy gets above. He is he is. Indiscretions I guess if you wanna call them our our white parking tickets compared to some other people on what indiscretions and really that's on target yeah I mean. I mean every once in a like. There is some stupid wrestling thing he pile drive somebody year I he ran they guy and I mean he ran twenty feet that was essentially what he did I would call that in discretion in both England and in his back or something Eric didn't do some rusty and lost an iguana well he can. He's animate dead at wrestle mania didn't they just jumped over the the guardrail and ran it after you beat two years but agents on the pissed everyone off. I'm probably. I can't remember if pile driving something did something physically. That got everyone up user wrestle mania of our member and falling I remember when writing my large appointing that's the stuff the pisses people book on it isn't really in the grand scheme. Worth getting pissed awful yeah. Es he's he's generally a solid citizen and like I said. I think what he's doing right now is a finger to pats fans into Belichick into the organization. That aside I think he's been a a very good. Player in the community we've seen it time and time again and just some having seen him at that carry teams dot org event. A couple of weeks ago he works the room really well he's not like a minute corner what five security guys get away means stuff like that I applaud that as. Even when he got rob cheat somehow made it stick and it come across adorable they catch the guy. I think cot. Yeah you won that they get eight each are you doing that as are those loyal dot com what are non violent lot 360 now that that's that's a little bit outside of our our realm of expertise. Petty crimes but he would even that's got to sound adorable as the Exxon emergency its ground. Now in the 91 call that was hilarious Tony Bridgewater on the patriots at next hello Tony. It well I don't curve your ball open. We're marketed to this crap and all we didn't ballots that are really in what respect that. So so let each who knocked. It in my question is it and I are at a target. To me it comes off as well we. Go to club crowd out there are but where are that we are at war and law lords often when you're all part straightened out. And that's our lead at twelve months. Got to have a go a couple of reports. It is an agent with and see exactly what are we get divorced he did a good start and a special and we are out. No art we held on to require. A box or not or since our. Our little retirement that your an apparent goal. Not apply. Oh yeah what you don't want what you are works is leverages retire. Is leverage is not really there are but that is not. It's cool arts secure and accurate are all inaudible good for the auction. Was glad. Well I'm sure you probably is frustrated a lot of patriots fans are at this point and I mean what what does Belichick had to say politics had nothing to say right I mean he's coming back he's the coach he's preparing NC does every op seasonally. I don't really think Brady needs to say anything definitively agree I think maybe some people wanna hear it now because the out of chapter things that are on on Thursday. Brady's under contract everything he if he's holding this this. This passing side a lot more than a minute now in these football people. Media people. Who put this stuff out there. Wouldn't think ticket information. You gain from people probably in politics at that point I think the chapter report or you don't think you know thing gritty forms though I mean I would say that particular report. I age. All of these guys techie crowd Brady gronkowski. Right on down the line date date they all parcel information out. With an end game in mind. Sold. It if there's stuff out there on these guys it is a method to. So I know that going it what's the end game I don't know that's what I that's what I front 'cause I had my money that's my guess I think he wants to pay more. Eat he suffers the misfortune of being in tight end. Who's been beat up a lot and he might be viewed as a bad investment moving forward for big contract especially if you get a feeling like he might walk away at some point at you with a bunch of dead cap money yeah I mean listen let's let's be honest I mean we we can debate. Is either great tenable time is one of the best but I mean EE is in a select group of tight ends in football history yes. That the plows speed egress everything he does. Beyond not even getting an effect these marketable only. And that that that sand is going to the hourglass fast. And is that this expiration date of Rob Gronkowski. At me conceivably he can be done before Brady. I think that's likely at this point frail and united Brady going to be this is his 41 season. It is 41 year old season. And and yet I might bet money that Brady I would that money to Brady plays longer than Barack. Or right now I think you have you have said has few times interview Gracia is as a least easier to year. Every September EC whether he's renewed and that's whether he signs a contract extension or not Paul west feel before you to break hello Paul. That incessant running guys earlier take him. To the questions. One groggy technical shorter contract right he's got one year left to probably incentives and all that. I yeah Yad grunts go under contracts four or at least one more year. Okay sadistic if you if you look at this from a business standpoint we've got a few weeks left before he can not well Neal PH had done grudge and have stepped up. And did what we call normal negotiation of David K I don't think the owners from a business perspective. Wanna give up and actually three or four million unless they have to let him grunt in every race is deserving to get what you call an elite. Salaries you know most of this is speculation based upon negotiation. That it is a. Well I think there's a negotiating element to this ball but I think they're at the at the end of the day. Gronkowski is I mean he is only leverages retire and gronkowski and ask himself is he ready to walk away from the sport. I don't see the patriots trading him I really just don't. I just don't see that happening I think they're gonna wanna keep I agree yes simple one little caveat. There have been a long line of players that you didn't you that you personally it might as Lydia. That we the royal we didn't see being trade with entry. So. And grunt there's a market out there for him I ages each ethnic yes exactly but looking at. What they have right now with Brady wanting to. Probably milked everything they can't out these next two seasons at both agreed Brady and rocker under contract for room when he nineteen the year two years left each. I don't know I would be shocked that's one out there are rumors of any age wink wink nudge nudge message from the Brady camp. To upper management IE Robert Kraft to trade oracle. Did you think it was completely. Doctor. I didn't yeah I I'd I don't I don't buy into that I think Brady with a competency as a himself is going to battle I was awful about it. I don't know I date they felt like they had move on from that point it was in the offseason so he Jack I am. Forty million or 45 million to have both of them want to keep them for the remainder of the season in case something happened. If they get better valued at the trade deadline now the return that's that argument hard that year round draft pick out another turn makes that up pattern they would have gotten after this fight if Brady but the player side of the street that it Brady's got that leverage. Does he lose it at the end of the season after an MVP caliber campaign to say what trade has got to want this guy here anymore they franchised and tried my dad's. I need is a sausage making up making statement Dodd out but but as of right now. Brady is lord and master of the patriot Rome there with nobody to replace him if he leaves nobody. Not buying and Brian Moore is is even still on the contract and minds yeah so OK get two years left thanks so and amp. So if it if they don't stray drop below what would've been me and treat all during this offseason I was Brady got. Is that discussion on the table anymore now of course OK give therefore since it's not on the table. Is it not at least possible that Brady removed Grupo from the discussion. Not hot side by deed but by innuendo like like getting a message for the Kraft camp I think crap ordering ballot second queries. I think Bill Belichick would have rather had a nice handoff to Jimmy apple. I think that would have been the ideal situation for every it would have been no and I franchise back why I think that's it would have been polite when they draft it would have been it would have been. It would have been. I'm backing up now for one year curry I'm back it up to any draft to grapple already said this he said you know we know what Tom's AG contract situation RIQ is eyeing. Right around now. At the time were Brady's off into the sunset. And Jimmy grapple is ready to take the reins the problem is that didn't work out for multiple reasons the main one being that Brady was just too good I'd. Want to go back if you go back to mid season you don't make the trade we created new time line. And the season and isn't the world for the sake of discussion it loses it and say I liked him and you prove a 500 yards as though there's no other outside the strip sack is there's no knock on Brady coming out of that season. And even even if you fault him for the strip sack late in the game they still 500 yards and MVP season. But would we not moving forward at that particular moment in my alternate timeline here even. The entire offseason. Story. The red time what do you wanna call quarterback situation there would have been you know is it time to trade Brady. And we would have heard rumors like indeed different web sites and different this different that that this team's interests of this team's gonna offer this and. But he can't discount the notion that Kraft could still be involved in that deal in other words pushing rappel out the door without Brady's involvement. Just Robert Kraft choosing sides and saying. Without this without without Brady isn't this is Tom Brady team win and that's how Brady how does he ascertain that is just brought to craft a book of discount the Kraft family. All by themselves so just looking at and looking at the way that that Tom Brady's playing and saying look this is my quarterback this is the guy that I wanna invest in but they're not term but they'll try to figure out what's going Richard around right it's a Smart guy yet I just. Who would you want it's ten years ago you want liberty over anybody. Five years ago he won liberty over but he. And I and they right now I want Brady over anybody I know. You rather Jimmy grapple I. At age 41. Verses 845. Would tweet whatever Gruntal and taking a gamble maybe ten years of viability over being the prohibitive favorite to win a Super Bowl next year or the year after I know this is sacrilege but at the end of the most recently played super ball. If they had and trade drop below and some and it certainly you know again. It's a whole different world now we're living and yet. If somebody said to me right now. Who do you want. The next five it's accused what does it up while that's not even a debate because you're opposing it yeah you're putting in as the the next five or six years old that's why you would have kept a problem because but it's over the possibility of of winning a in -- probability of getting back to and then winning a Super Bowl that next year. In other words once ought to give it probability is a loss is simple bullet employed 500 yard I think the probability is them getting back to the Super Bowl though the next season I will take. That one championship potentially over. The let's see what happens with a rappel low over a longer period of time give me the best chance to win a title. And that's Allard Buick I think Bill Belichick by the way who disagree with that. I think he would be more in your camp of what why I had as valid as continuously move down in the draft over the last ten years is no doubt he'd move up about his bath you moved down but why why is he always played with the draft why hasn't he always pushed all the chips to the middle the tape he wants a volume of draft picks and he is alarm focus weeks. So long term focus I do I think Belichick would disagree with my logic long term focus equals trading Brady. And it can't it would have been horrible it would be fighting in the streets again. But with the potential and yet that underline that word kept Beck rock alone he's not going to be great the greatest orbit but he'd have been. We think pretty darn close verses all the other quarterbacks that it is balls. So you might have at a situation where the next eight to ten you can just a game you have very best scenario. Is that they move forward from Brady after this season they they they invest in rock boys their future and for the next ten or twelve years. He does something akin. To what Brady has done then that would have meant nearly thirty years. Of the pay thirty consecutive years and under in the ultimate validation of Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time patriots. Going into every season by three decades. As the dominant team in the NFL. That is unheard that's the that's the Yankees in the twenty's and the fifty's that's rubbed in the modern era you know it's there right now you're cutting in around Bradford airtime and that is not the way to win media star and dissent. This is this to subtly it would mean Easter. I didn't know that gold distinctive clothing was involved changes that's got to change everything. Land they modern Lester speaking of hand Koppel get things out to Brad or drought next. Chris baloney and. Still almost like terror against. It's just played around Bradford and in the crowd crowd Bradford is in the studio now after wrapping up and we can 180. Turns I was should see him now amaze. Some zealots just felt robbed routed the big day rise of the equation weird dry them it removes heat that Susie and hearing like gift card I'd like it if it. Chris here's the honest truth I got halfway here all of this rack. Forgot to just unbelievable hey did you see what I guarantee back in November if he had big dust of that's going brawl. The red suddenly. He's just in theory it and they also sought out in the bench clearing brawl in that if fifty tweets that you had their way I balding takeout slide at second day. That doesn't get any minute nominees lobbies to go I was gonna say. Is it didn't it as it's in this and be great it's great that we put you might work your way in with the Warren G. Harding story it it's so good ironically. It was during when media stars usually runs so I think it'd softly on the tenth aren't as good story and so. Surrey and CNN I have a good fit and haven't drilled its character in that story he was also shown the Warren G. Harding sweet if there's a very unlikely ever to bring you stuff happens to it is unlikely to be very unlike him. All right Brad Owens Ehrlich are coming up next but Pletcher is always on. Ceiling and then we'll types he soon impressed Lonnie aiming comic great job helpless out producing all morning long stick around. Brad go in drought next.