Chris Villani and Steve Buckley - Reaction to Red Sox Getting No-Hit - 4-22-18

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Sunday, April 22nd

Hour 1. Villani and Buck get into the Red Sox being no-hit by Sean Manaea and preview tonight's rubber match with the Oakland A's.


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Guys say about us. After having to deal with rob Bradford and haven't relics picker nonstop for four hours each of the last two Sunday mornings I'm very happy to see you tonight. You know what I'm I I have a feeling about those two kids that think they're gonna make it. While they get to pick this afternoon I don't have to deal with it myself personally I can listen to it we'll put out a want to. That he'll be on this afternoon you'll meet till 1 o'clock no shortage of things talked about I like it when their Pickering is real man contrived or itself oh it's always a real. Sometimes they say let's pick her. No I mean watching those two guys has rod knows the exact things to say. To get Evan angry which as you guys unless they're leading that's been tried that but it Evans legitimately angry old Evan I know him very well yes. So he's he's that I can brag on his side. Not my point being Evan Evan is passionate about a lot of things yes passionate about life it's which makes him on to be. We enjoy it will enjoy him later on you meets the 1 to Iowa 1 o'clock there I don't want to Leo and yeah we do cross of cross. Yes that's a columnist at that was in. But he handing out you're sure if at least caught in a cat we call cross over. That's you know on the money on your radio Tehran earlier every day elect you liked kids our own cells that's OK it's OK we're happy to have. I don't know what that's like this is not a lot going on now and on. We get the Bruins last night. We've got Rob Gronkowski motor cross racer at the new thing you'll want it would get his entire show and any one of the force sports right now and be relevant. Yeah you see you could do what happened the Celtics in the watching game three. You could do the Bruins. Failing to close out the Maple Leafs last night it. Use Sox now here they hit like crazy historically the greatest team in the history of baseball and you can do you can you grunt throwing it cream pie in the faces the patriots fan but showing up at that event yesterday. And basically do when the finger thing that the pats yet eligible double Burris becomes so you could you could data you can if you could say it would just gonna talk about. Any of these four topics. And do the entire show to let you pick where do you wanna start well is a couple of things as some questions for stop and I tweet to fellas thank our response to. The threats I get no here you have to bring furniture to Jordan's. Great question. As a good question that is stop by Vietnam wars we have been coded to and here's why I'm on 120 and what ready whoever they are. And bring them cuts that's it is that some of the fine print in this in this promotion and or because it's not July 17 yet we get it passed yet I don't understand the July 17 thing I do. I can to a more no hitters thrown in the first tap this season of make sense yeah season. And I think that bill Lloyd's of London actuary people. Lloyds are not there one of their their insurance company basically said will underwrite this but nothing before the all star break that's probably agree that's my guess yeah. With yellow lights it's a garbage this is not a criticism. I think that stuff that they do with that is fun. They they did the if the Red Sox win the World Series in 04. All the parents who buys tree that's what started yet I. In February or march of that year was thinking. Of buying like a whole bunch departure regardless. Of their promotion. And Sonoma so a lot of exit at the pilots furniture anyway. And it is I was member of the way I was telling him renovated Oprah's yep yep it was by no starter and well just by. And threats us with a series of it and as it happened. My whole house was like I could even live in my house late it was just the mass at evident by the fractured thoughts on the World Series so you know well and I got a tip in the stock market didn't. And they did and 2007 Wright was idea to sweep the World Series whose win it again I think they they have a little. Candidates elected anyway so that he can really matter if they swept it by my way and and I was just finishing college at that point. My mother wanted new furniture and house. Wanted my dad to buy in based on the Jordan's view of the giveaway and everything. He wanted to do which is that indeed the furniture anyway so whatever matter they of course the Red Sox then sweep the World Series that in by the furniture to mailman didn't want to she still. Eleven years later has not let him live that I bought my lack tested for a bone to the jordans people at what analysts mattress that mimic I think we throw plenty of balls at them with the dimensions and I by Iceland salesperson. You guys went and no known known them from Marion Elliott any little known don't know anybody can buy a mattress. Sales person. You wanna buy a match if you buy one from the sweet technician. Shock mr. The white coat is solid these things yes that thing with a little thing applied an outline your sideline ecstatic at. Prone in the field positions on like that yeah really tough day out. Will the memories at all or is it does it right but you know the thing you've got to know quite a question about that. I saw star Red Sox certainly with the no hitter last night and controversial want to say at least two controversial calls won the scoring. Play with the the ball into shallow left field that was a blooper by sandy Leone the other was Interbank attendee down the first base line. I think we may disagree on one of these Spock but for me the betting Tandy won was pretty cut and dry. He's out of the baseline. You get a step or re not here every YE cattle all about it elect and and you can say that that's not often called aunt and you may be right about that they may give. Haters the benefit of the doubt more often than not but if a manager comes out. And you're asked to interpret and enforce a rule based on the way it's written. They did exactly that right under our there's kind of a weird thing about the base. The bases. This is a state the obvious bases in their territory as they should it. And yet advocates and is it soccer ball what they have the base there is to a double beta out like one in one is the one you put your leg on. When the pitcher is in motion that you can't take the lead the other one is the patient touch when running on the line that don't have that obviously in baseball. But you are expected to run in filed territory. Down the line. Until the pivotal moment when you touch the bag in which case she physically have to be in fair territory to palatial left port. On the back so if they're there is some ambiguity here. Having said that it's it's clear that he moved out of the baseline. To avoid attack. Iraq and to discuss. Yep so I get I mean I I guess I get admitted that he wants the hitter he's frustrated by it or whatever is a frustrating night thing for a lot of Red Sox hitters by. That one's pretty cut and dry. That that's not a 5050 call that is if you wanna enforce the rule and sometimes they don't that's fair but if you wanna force the rules they enforce the rule they got it right to make a second one. There's a world and have our little spat may be huge relic of Bradford could be as my the other night to get nearly zanger struggle to sell you you can play that role do you really want to found. The second one for me. I know I feel like if there if the Red Sox have five hits at that point. I don't even think there is a key question that they called etiquette. That is a tough play with a shortstop back to hitting guys make that plan to stay and that. But that is in no way shape or form anything resembling ordinary efforts go back and get ball. I gets in Leone. So just as a jumping out plan this part of this election. Know that the official score is is paid for. By Major League Baseball and technically that's a key word here technically is not an employee of the Boston Red Sox. He or she is an independent arbiter. Working and paid for by Major League Baseball yes now that that's the fine print. The reality is that the official scorer. Invariably is somebody leaving in the market. It often is a it traditionally has been an older sports writers who has been around for a long time. Who. I'm certainly not going to say is rooting for the home team. But is tilting toward the home team and you also need to know that if you make a phone call against the home team the home team is not happy about. That the manager wolf frequently. At the end of the game ask secede official scorer. And and plead his case on behalf of a an aggrieved party then. And and that happens much more than you think. And in a case like this you've got a score keeper I don't know who it is out of Oakland who did not being paid by the open days being paid by Major League Baseball. I get I don't know the score he or she was but he or she. Lives in the Bay Area. I'd also Rio over the yard you know Alameda. Drive in the part was fun show tunes Corky is doing well themselves it's a nice little. Site yeah a lot of money it's that it's had actually pain in the neck is pictured like a seaside chateau basically a score keeper he's now is the life of luxury. Not now they have they have several different score keepers they use at Fenway might fail one used to write for The Herald how big man big Yankee fan is a huge Mets fan a Mets fan I was in your union no no no huge Mets. And Kalin is is one of the better officials scores of government he's really really good. They're there that there is some really good official scorer as there are certainly that when I when I was in Seattle years ago the guy that you were the united press of the Kingdome. And it was like any was intimidated by Dick Williams as Dick would intimidate a lot of people the game and it's. And that in. And then erupt in the press box and in it's engineering on back to avoid paying. Credit Jim Presley with a head you know kinda keys and the reviews scorecard analysts that. And so I all agreed to the deed to the degree that. Any normal night. The game being played in Oakland. I don't know made it may be that there is no. Emotional attachment to that play and he just calls they had and we move on. And two questions you need to ask yourself and and actually talk very briefly can layered. About this. Just put in that moment just before we came in here. If the player had made the catch. Whitney announces oh my god what they grabbed outlaws. And would we have ever mentioned it or refer to it during his programs enthusiastically on April. And so I know I don't expect grabbed now and then ended discussion. I mean vitamin a makes it. But a bit if it meant that that addition every play you'll avoid being hit it's got to be sensational. Has got to be wait a way to come in on it is I hiding score keeping these days Joseph Morgan the Red Sox manager is used to loses his mind on this in several things that these. In a way editors get an area that's that's a big Joseph Morgan. And I'm not with. You know parking clouds is Joseph is about this. But I see his point I I think that score keepers scored keeping in general it is far too. Nice. And I I think lots of balls to call it's that I think are errors. The gloves the bigger the fields of batter that the players are much better condition than they or even fifteen or twenty years ago. They they work out at these facilities they take ground balls. They should be able to make lots of place that a ruled it. When that plane last night I suits without a getting a late break. And beat in my view settled under the ball and sort of made it I wouldn't call it an hour. I don't know it's not it's not but I and I don't mean hog might hear about it it's not to the degree that I wanna throw down on this. So there's there's wiggle room gap and you you're you're you're argument you're about to make is solid. I just think that it's. I just think it's an I just think it's it did to me I look at ordinary effort an error in in that in that that contacts the medial pop up. Look at the infield fly world now you could have an infield fly as long it is in fair territory where the shortstop was last night thirty feet out an infield fly in theory on the warning track. As long as being an ideal leader is in position to catch it with the word sorry yeah yeah I mean I. I'm I'm I'm Osama if it's McDonnell lining on the official called him piracy infield play an affair affair yet. A big somewhat hyperbolic you need a ball that was hit six miles in the year Freddie fields to get back to the warning track merely catch with ordinary effort. That are not crazy out there not an ordinary effort if. They just jump in before you move on you do you raise an interesting question. I don't in the incidents. Now Gil Hodges managing the Mets thousand years ago used to be a a fan of the form in all field need to get some big like. Richey Richey Allen coming up the Phillies. He would accusing go to the form and I feel so it if you if they populist play the outfield and boss at his or I'm sure it's not just them all. Why do I I think it's got more to do with the positioning a win the ball is in the in Fiat can't I can't always fielder as at all as opposed to who's under ranking and in other words of extraordinary twenty feet. To the triangle in center field to happen I have a form in out there with a second baseman out they're excited no flight it's more the position it's more win the ball is approximately infield. Then then who's actually under. Or think of it this way a big pop out right over the second base bag where the shortstop goes out but it's called out by charging center fielder back and still be an infield fly out shortstop in position to catch. Looking at the so that's ally that's how I looked at it like that that was not an ordinary effort play. By he he shortstop who is got his back to it I'd writing it got a great break on it but. And that's that's the way it works sometimes and then you'll get a great break on the ball you a look at where he was in that ball came down. I think again I didn't think it was so egregious and in. You're argument about not talking about it that's happening either way at the Red Sox have another hit we're not talking about that play. If you know I don't aren't paid artists you guys had a line drive up the middle and I and it's a clean single by. For me I had no problem with it I had no issue with the way they called it I know issue with the Red Sox getting. No hit last night in Europe pitcher who one way or another respondent jam your tired fourteen in a row one point lead in a wrote another point he really standing last night. Even though you got any until Chris Sale which even adds a little bit to its sale wasn't sharp early on. He pitched well enough to win certainly but the Red Sox didn't have a bad back I have no problem with the way they call that either way. None and it's you know what I mean what he wants show me not ours our day meeting either play I don't proud of the way they called either play and you know I look at it and say I'd feel better you said you're crazy old man. I do you know I think that any day if anybody that's that's regardless frankly. Every single time somebody tweet something about that's the first time that's happened since 1936. In variably somebody with weak ass Spock in Boston he was there. That's out there were either for the last on the Red Sox got no hit that was only when he has notified by Zia in 1993 I actually think it was in Seattle I was you were not there but you don't remember that if it was in 93 it was even where I was working. At Boston magazine. The Mac that's still around it's still out the thing is what I'm sorry I was between jobs back in those days like it's always brings us national. Free and anytime re wearing Arab media and I was doing. Reds the Red Sox pregame show on WEEI chiles would nick before WB I'll also still around. The sad thing is anytime you bring up a publication to get three years they'll be saying that aspect I write for The Herald that's the still they hey hey ray ray and I hope he's very much still around city is still that I preach them thoroughly January 9 on the no hitter aside last night. Red Sox seventeen freaking country and everything these team is doing right now even last night is still pitched well enough to win as bad guys are now batting average let's talk about that the two while this does not think I was that young thing to to look at they're the one that's really team's best hitting teams have pitching teams in baseball. Was actually tying a friend of mine yesterday and and I was scrolling to the batting averages. And won loss records in various statistics of this current Red Sox team and I said what Christian baskets it to a 30 whatever was yesterday. And nobody cares. Now because he's good defensive catcher playing on a team everybody sit in 360. Or so and I'm in I'm exaggerated. And when when the team is playing that good. In all phases of the game including much to my surprise the cents although unions can't tactical. Is good is that playing. When they're playing at at a historically high level no one's going to. Seek out the one number that disturbs them and make a big case out of it ala yes baskets is batting average. Although new density is is that the need glove I you know I know he's hitting. But you also I got either catch all there yet Dustin Pedroia is he's running the bases is coming back to the lineup at some point when Pedroia is healthy. He's one of the better defensive. Second baseman in the league. You're doing there's about the under Bogart's out of your I had to pick something I'd have taken it. And this one do you talk to argue now because there aren't a scoreless inning streak. The bullpen hasn't thrown a lot of high leverage innings I'm still not 100% sold in their ability to get to Craig Kimbrel is when they're tracking teams nine nothing in the fourth. You're your base and he Marcus Walton was leading the team meetings in Italy went down for a reason because it it's all mop up duty. Is it they nothing it's nine the winds tend to want it all mop up duty that would be the one hit that I would pick with this team so far. But your comeback to that is well they'd be that it broke the when he scoreless innings you would pit exit. What else would and I don't normally hear it usually it's nitpick but this is a minute that you would yeah I like to break up a little that's interest so you don't have another nick you're taking your nit to pick was the way that I said that the picker get sick. Not as a work out of. That's his thing it's just in by way of example I have no issues with with Vazquez IBC's solid defensive catcher that got me on. That and obviously Swire hearts of the audit they're catching situation isn't anything having issues with. Don't know I have no concerns with this team. I liked the way Alex core I am a marketing getting. Get into this move that mold because it's so early in the season but what I like in an. This is sort of on the players. They dig digs they did. Closeout on Federalist is any doubt about them and I've been steadfast. Rob. I raise this question when it happened why did they fire Ferrell after the all the China open Wimbledon it was obviously calamity was handled entirely wrong. People focus on Pretoria tonight needs them. But then the manager the admiral the general team than the guy in chides the guy who keeps decorum in the club most impressive the buttons. So happen on his watch. And the Red Sox looked horribly wrong in that entire situation. And it pestered and it continued on its is in the about the David Price situation there was much as that's on the player now at some point of John Ferrell wants comments they look apologize on the manager I'm in charge of this you gotta do it if he says know that you really know he's lost and NET. Not only in and I don't want tennis and immediate thing because we always lose. But win all that stuff happened with price and the -- stuff but Ottawa gone big rampant. Well and all that stuff happening Carroll's response was though accountability goes both ways. How would you talking. So now we've got an and I closed the doors on that. Bring it for decorum. And you've got a case where he's on with dale enriched chief a couple of weeks ago. And he's asked inevitably the question about baseline mean is there have been based ring for also for. And that same question is posed to Farrell a year ago. Any bizarre and you know he's as the big stare down with Keefe and calls Brian Catholic acts like a high school slop on going to be you look at the school. And what what. He called an aggressive base running when Cora said in so many words that have the exact quote was it's a prom on the ambulance and work. What's so hard about that. And it is a it is a problem if it continues. You can't run into outs. Somebody in the Astros at last year the thing that the way to beat the red sides let them keep running on the metric will be out of The Who said that and again I'm paraphrasing. But that's how horribly bad debates early outs core. Saturday morning and I get at it it might have ping core L or bad its Eddie let it keep a lot of golf and up they'll be fine and so. That that's a meat really jumped out. And another thing was also taking responsibility for lefty Martinez in the outfield for November with a W black yeah and took the lead against Tampa on that Sunday yes and they came back at the big rally big one of the ninth inning and they got the truck outlet field yet when they go to maneuvered and added a more sound it. I don't like my team as the LBO I think it's gonna be a problem it's gonna hurt them he split about capital gains I know I don't like an open more than I thought it would be at the dads and I think what's the weather gets one maybe to get out of that course. We're Ramirez's hitting and you gotta you gotta add him in the lineup so. And if you do more when Ramirez thing that's fewer DH and bats and Mateen is and it's and how it works. I don't like him in the outfield and that will cause some problems on the road. Having said that I like the tactic quarries being transparent about these things I also liked the fact that. This was back to throw a little bit it it it is it again to repeat date date date closed him out last year. So you get a case now they lose I was them Tropicana Field for opening day they lose opening day everything was wrong world. Because court backed up against the law in the to have manages office point fingers on each hitting a baby get pretty hard but that is that I use Monroe's up. You screwed up and where is Bobby pointer and then the next day holiday after a a win. And I. It was like that the celebration. It wasn't just that they won their first game of the season it was at its core and won his first game as a Major League manager now and I don't know that that happens if it has had the I don't know how many first time managers uncovered. Does that diminish as I covered over the years where we Dick Williams loop and Allah. Billy Martin you know Billy had managed for twenty years by the time I covered so Valentine. Bob is another one now we downside exactly so. And Farrell had managed in Toronto. Francona pregnant and is an elderly you know and so forth. And so maybe Joseph Morgan and 88 but I I I was in New York Yankees it was around that. So I don't know eat in traditionally players go nuts. All of a manages and it does somebody up there they can educators on that it was a call. I know players get emotionally wrapped up in a manager's first big league victory. As this team did over this manages first big league victory and it it it resonated with the out and in in a lot of. And in understandably. A lot of the adjustments that he has brought. Are working I mean the biggest one is just being aggressive early count these guys wanna see good pitches to hit. And any Handley eat healthy to be swung out of shoes and he's he's a good fastball early to count and he's trying to put it over the wall which is. A again I wanna see that I wanna see that aggressive approach at the plate even on Wednesday night you know it's it's a late West Coast start Matta bar. You don't have the sound on but I see there's one out Hanley zone by Hanley hitting second who's hitting cleanup what's going on now what's Mitch Moreland what is Moreland do. First of bad drives in runs second at bat drives it around thirty bat it's over the fence so even. The the different approaches that he's taking so far paying dividends now it's twenty games in. There's going to be a slump or some snagged eight this team. But this is no there will be you know slump a 1593. And I predict a 162. And and they lost the next day. But to but to say this a hundred win team. Is well within a reasonable level of expectation that they haven't done since the what forties. What six. You're there you'd run error of marriage act much like somebody was gonna say it's mortar and I think I had a jump in there but they're only gonna be like a 550 baseball team pressed the aide went a hundred games while yet at the the math is on their side. Well I mean. Just the look a caution flag is the 87. Brewers. Where they went thirteen and Obama with seventeen into nineteen for you know that I always think about decent numbers in this in this discussion you should because and that winning 91 games. And the blue jays and the tigers both got hot late in the season. And they had to fight of a debt that brawls big knock down that second base and stuff. And the tigers in the blue jays down the wire and the tigers won me at least and they lost ill CS the twins went on win the World Series by Olerud and Bleiler. And a lie I covered that series and a lot of people. Said that the reason the tiger is cut role local by the twins is that they were just exhausted from this big death march with the blue jays. The reason I say this is because nowhere in the discussion with the Bruins went 91 games. But there was six games behind leaders after an eighteen into acute restart their Tino start though. That's the caution flag adding you know the good news is the tigers in 84 I think this gives more 84 tigers the 85 and I just feel the Avian or type I say. Now Bob Ryan is is I credit Bart Bryant the globe this. That. Traditionally teams that win this is going to be adopt. That teams that win. Pennants and World Series and finished in first place to sell because. 88 component of players have their careers seasons in a 67 right side. Yes ones that Triple Crown in one blog this idea on to another thirteen Red Sox yeah. Well what the bullpen did look ecology integrated season closers ever had and Alice and and we we were all together one night trying to come up with a team. That not everybody you didn't have this and then you look at the 84 tigers they put up with 35 and five start. They ran away the alleys they beat the Padres in the World Series and games. And then you look through the numbers and bunch of guys had pretty good season but there was nobody there was no 26. Bob Welch or whatever. They nobody hit 360 that 43 home runs it was just a good solid team. 69 Orioles elect dad miserables Orioles teams even. You know obviously Frank Robinson was that moment they have to come incredible pitching. But they knew look at Blyleven and Davey Johnson and Richard Barrett and all he's got into the ball blared on Bewkes went to guys they have. That the deficit is Red Sox team right now which is the good news indeed all but two guys that are just question the ball on the pitching has been good and so forth you know they are winning 32 games and stuff and it's just from what I concede right now it's just a good solid ball. Christian Vasquez career gonna act at 61777979837. Upon normal toxin Bruins coming up the bees lose last night. To the Maple Leafs of that series go to game six at the Celtics playing later a chronicled in motor cross press conference at the bottom of that lot of stuff on the table get to that coming up Lonnie embark with you till 1 o'clock we're ready UWB yeah. Watch Sports Radio W we. Sports Radio WEEI crystallize Steve Buckley wick up until 1 o'clock 6177797937. The phone number. Our Rob Gronkowski really wanna talk about Condit is different in most things. That's disclosure. Yet I think that it kinda I am a hypocrite and a little bit. If it if if if some. Stuff. Do you wanna talk about project through idealist that I know you do you're chomping at the day I kind of like rockets get outstanding. Chanting not jumping its champions it's an external force things. Anything to say charming. Some old weathered I was cowards champ then I had I don't know I've gotten beat up on that number of times. I'd like course just more scare these don't enforce them I did not know that it is the right what's his name was will. 2000 pound Nolan normal way elect and be on TV at the borders horse now. Dallas' early that ran a couple of a couple of years without a ranch or whatever is lived in what Watertown is to write down you can write your personal life townhouse. The company had stable and nine Hamilton. But out anyway Rob Gronkowski. Press conference yesterday talking about among other things his future motor cross career was asked a lot of questions about. Whether he's coming back to the patriots is going to be he's idea OTAs we know that. Not to be part of that and is he going to come back to the patriots that you have a future in New England. He said maybe. If you put it when asked a vote he said they're gonna people are gonna be some racket the exact birds that use them off I can conjure Greg looking up that look at the quote here to second by. It will upshot is heated maybe he may be coming back to the patriots. Do you feel about about grunts presser in his overall is demeanor at this point. When all our listens. To pay close attention when this. Now you know the Geico commercial. The money in a way it's not going on and around the wanna get away at south west or southwest is there at the plane that takes only got a call that Geico commercials are back on. I called the Geico commercial my call people have been chanting at the bit to. So you got the damn you and you've got the you got the two investigators at the crime scene. And one of them is saying. He's playing with us. Now he's trying to tell us something and in the helicopter lands him and in the forensics guy blows all the stuff away damp. But when the two investigators in that selfless commercial which I call the Geico commercial companies. Which must really (%expletive) off a southwest people. And in great joy of the Geico people that there's much echo somewhere that's very accurate but Whitney investigate I'm when I'm watching that commercial. And the first investigators says he's playing with us the second investigative says. Ellison tuck them grow even. They're talking about Rodman says grunt then again helicopter the come on out on exhibit now he's the guy who is on scene. He is playing with us and he's trying to tell us. And if it is true that football has parking rules which it does mean is seen not liable for talking given what he did yesterday. Without taking any sides on this without pointing to is this fingers Kenyan I'd say. That that wrong is taunting. The patriots. Belichick and patriots fans. By appearing at this is demoted crisis that would it was vote across at this moderate president immediately to a state. This is what he had to say when asked just point blank about it is what what patriots fans can expect from them. Some free. That's what. Maybe. And you've been in this case. Just my smooth process and learn about. You're right I'm very very in his Bayer. What's your favorite part of the track yet these little what sections. Motor cross weekly jumping in here. I think it was Jeff how that asked legitimate football question. And you know you've got the patriots and and he's clearly the air and I don't know who was who else was there but it sounds like they're out and so he's asking legit with apocalypse and then. Pregnant answered it and pause and then south moto cross weekly dot com jumps ahead when it hit. Dirt biking times Picayune wants to and still weigh in with a question. I love stuff like that by the way that video was from Phil Perry of that NBC sports Boston was also there presumably asking people to question misplayed it. At some point wanna hear that again because there was a laugh and that was so bad it almost sounds like it was edited man with the youth here again. It's free. That's what. Maybe. They are now Glenda Allen this not only that you added that it. Just on the left. I was wrong laughing right. He was that other rock rock rock odd. The overall sentiment I've gotten though this from the very unscientific. Poll of looking at responses on Twitter. Or seeing comments to his stories in the and Harold or wherever else. Is that patriots millions are at their wits end with him I've seen so many versions of trade him another diva grow up rog some comedy shows that create things that play it play it. Could see the exact same thing about Brady. In city tactic and a Belichick. Did say anything about craft we can do so morning. About Afghanistan and I since I conceived and if I yes I mean it doesn't have to be a degree to for all of these guys of of pride swallowing and when you're talking about Bill Belichick Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski. Arguably the three best and some people would say in arguably the three best at their respective jobs. And there has to be ball in my Asia and argue writes while Brady and Belichick. And it's a garlic rod to what the longevity thing you won again a curly Lambeau and and and Lombardi and you know and all that but. You can at least make an argument Amal on the hold tight end. Sure bet you know ticket Casper I don't know we wanna go at this. Russ Francis I don't know. Tony Gonzales is guys did it for every thousand years. What to me wigand's. Rector mainly the reason he's in the disguise themselves. And that's not I mean I I if if I was on a game show and I had a pick greatest fans of all time for the win. I I would go with gronkowski is any doubt. But. But if you if you if you have like for like real hard core history of football people at a roundtable. You'd you can have a legitimate argument about. The greatest tight and you do it way it looked from the old timers get ER you know Johnny Unitas called the whole game you get the arguments on all three spot regardless there in the conversation there and snapshot. Where the jeopardy category. In their respective categories and in perspective positions and they've all got to bend to some degree here if they're going to make this work I'm still in the care that they are going to make this work I believe there are going to be back. And they even the the much acknowledged much talked about him ballyhooed and Sheen here will be shelved for the sake of winning football games does it seem like they did it to a degree. Last season's on still in that camp. As far as gronkowski goes here he's clearly having fought and I have no issue with that he wants to do motor cross who wants be part of that. Look go live your life breeding goes cliff diving coast Rica live your life no issue with that whatsoever the the the press conferences that are going out Bill Belichick you know what sideways at this point. I think at some point get a yet occurred that I know he's what I don't. I think is I don't know what is in game is easy just tick tick Belichick does he. Is all about money he wants a new contract he wants to get paid like the best tight end in football the best tight endeavor while public trustees and gain here the pitching up his coach. Much stock you taken this we want him more fun and it's just they they squeeze every last ounce of emotion out of view is nothing left at the end of it. I was at an event at. It was a Harvard club couple weeks ago the charity team's total had a Big Three. Boston Marathon event. And all Susan Hurley from charity teams donor organ although charity runners there her group and rock music is as a team go on kind of thing. And and I'm it was a thought the size Brothers Gordy was there and Flutie was there and as Steve Hewitt who from The Herald he ran a 35940. And covered a no hitter and we haven't don't because I 97 a good week it's a good point Steve Hewitt who's like 24 years old I was like covering high school soccer benefit Linehan. And in one week he covers the Boston map he runs the Boston Marathon itself for Al Boston Marathon it's on a plane flies open covers a no hitter Steve Hewitt. Who taught you haven't a great weight good way to go guy absolutely but so grant was at this thing. And and now I'm just off to the side assistant spectator. And he was to have so much fun it was a classic case of rod got a big rock. And if you know you never know how much is DG and stuff that he he's obviously very very good crowds very participatory. And posing for photos he site. He's as good a crowd pleaser he's what we want all our athletes today as opposed him out of my way pushed a camera away and get in the demo and stuff. Iraqis is like we teach them respect and it's funny that they paired them in the in the Dunkin' Donuts commercial was it two peas in pod. What he's doing now. As fun loving is he may be in the I wanna be the fan favorite all that how can you not be pissed off by all this because. This is the eighth inning get I wrote this through it don't the weight dynasties are supposed to end. Is that you you have a collection of talent for X number years and suddenly. Everybody starts getting slow and older and banged up then and and and that longtime coach starts wandering around and bumping in the thing you know Casey Stengel the old yankees and so. And in that it just falls apart. You you you you come way down the bottom like the 65 yankees like the 1970. That's the normal course of events with sports dynasties in a that it happened. With the patriots and and pats fans were complaining. Then we could say oh shut out that you if had to run it's over yet to rebuild. But but this is aid is still they still had the building blocks that great team. And and in yet there's all this intrigue and whining and backbiting and all that and it's embarrassing. Into the the principal actors are great returns to the principles at least two or are coming off beat the best seasons their career I mean these guys can still do it yeah Brady Crocker is good last year is Belichick and they'll do. For the mount involvement. Eight this and that's I eyed view that is circumstantial and you're wrong. I think cats is that element circumstance in the capital you've got one it is but what I'm thinking I'm saying he didn't blow it. Because he's now in firm and he's old and and and he can't juggle the ball he just below I think he does will call. He just blew it. Let's go to nick but I don't think he's unqualified to be an NFL coach a dot certainly wouldn't say that that said there are a lot of guys aren't at all coaches that are totally all right I get NFL coaches they can Weymouth on the ground situation a neck. Okay yeah I went nick and I won't start. I they like how you've got to look no they're not seeing player won't mean anything to which archer what media and walker are. Because rightly. You ought. But a little prematurely. You got a little cute with Rex Ryan Parent and actually yep no doubt. 2010 season now yet you know it it that's it that's a great point beak is. I don't know Walker's head was at that point. I was at that press conference and it was it was. I I wish I had a sack. Had to sit down and say that welcome all the press conference this morning to announce the patriots are not going to beat the jets. I I had a column noted that how cool would that but I went I went to the clips I felt that. I genuinely said there's something wrong button but I can't lay claim to would not need right. No part of me thought the patriots don't respect him also has a way to do it as oh we'll get a remember three weeks before that. Brady to throw an interception months they they played that Monday night game against the jets and the DY 41 nice up and down. And for whatever reason it wasn't covering that game and that was in the that. What way does the little cookout thing. Across the street and they sell hot dogs and stuff and that's celebrity but it does little Coca. And and the Osce is moralist what am watching the game the celebrities with with. I'm watching the game with two former NFL players and it and they have. Breaking down the game is only ex football players canned. And you'd take away was these teams don't belong in the same field. If it if it was like. Thirty years ago in Ohio State playing an Aztec team that was that patent. And. Then three weeks later you you've got walker sitting there like with his feet up there when no load that best foot forward and stuff and of sadness saying. This isn't how the patriots do your conduct their affairs. Some Paris. And and then. Bigelow wounds. The difference. It into it sort of just go back to knicks knicks analogy there the big difference and not sit out to minimize Welker made to the team. Slot receivers as the patriots have shown you could find others. You know they they were placed Welker with with Julian adamant they brought in Danny Amendola you can find other guys. They can do that job a high level you are gonna find somebody else to get to the ground that's. That's gonna pick up a guy. They can do it Rob Gronkowski dies if to take it all the way into liquid that that was the beginning of the end for Welker in this the beginning of the end for gronkowski a patriots uniform. You're not going to readily find somebody else. To do what Rob Gronkowski does 6177797937. We get more your phone calls coming up Lonnie box Sports Radio W week. Chris baloney and. But a lot of sports period WEEI 6177797937. Phone number. I Twitter at clock in Boston and act Chris Maloney forty Corsican. Weighed in China in there. Do you think. Bumper sticker that. Are altering our guys back in happiness here. Feeding Brady Gradkowski Bill Belichick. Definitely ballots Jack definitely Brady now this that now the is back and happy so let's just talk that I harassed with his fight back. Belichick 100% he has Brady 100% yes. Wrong I I'm I'm wavering on because. If it appears he wants out if it appears to be it'd Belichick determines that his presence would be a distraction. And then like I consider making a move. I tilt toward him being back. Now that's that's the back part now we are happy. No I mean I don't think Wachovia getting grunt clearly. If if you read the tea leaves I think he'd rather be somewhere else or is he is envisioning a future in which he someplace which is a shame because. Like I said I am very big on. Athletes being invested in the community. And grunt is much as anybody is invested in the community and meet from a personal standpoint the big big game we doing the old time baseball game in Cambridge. Is his brother Gordy has played a game the last couple years and and Gordon system for a Minor League Baseball player. But he's got decked wrought name and people are attracted so let me get people to grow by shows up in everyone's happy. Rock is a part of this community. Arts family as I just illustrated is part of this community. And yeah I guess I like guys that like Boston. I want that I don't like it when guys whining Carol. All about. Though the media motive club buses small rod clearly is not bothered by the media immediate and now he's toying with them yesterday it is. There's nothing about that bothers him and for me. Ideally you'd like him back in happy. But it seems like he wasn't happy this past year. And I feel like the happiness factor may impact. How many more years he has it does not see if he makes the decision to come back even if he's not happy this is the gadget still invested in doing his job well I think you saw that last year. By according to Tommy card in the other reporting he wasn't happy last year. And I goes all the way back to training camp in July by. He has an ability maybe it's just an ability carpet compartmentalize or despite what you may see in the image he may project. He's just professional takes his job really seriously when he's doing it I think that's the case. He has the ability to say OK maybe I'm not happy about getting out there having fun when I'm playing and I can do my job really well getting him back is the key piece happy. And I thought I am less concerned putt and I. You get the feeling I chances sinister you get the feeling that Belichick is is kind of socket and silence. RX number years over grunt because he you know obviously football coaches are much more powerful. With their players and coaches in the league certainly in baseball. Guarantee contracts and so for it the way the whole club into note John Farrell as it did last year as they did last year. But you got the football coaches all powerful. Contracts aren't guaranteed. But even among the ranks of NFL coaches Belichick is is the supreme allied commander. And we he runs the patriots right down to who can talk and when they can talk and what they say it. You always hear anecdotes about he'll he'll see a certain thing in The Herald and cut it out hold it up. In the in the in the players' meeting new and point to that players and instead someone so. Said this to Karen Regan Steve Buckley or Jeff power wherever. And humiliate that player because the players says something seemingly innocent. But. Did it fly in the face of what Belichick believes. And I remember it was it was Ellis Hobbs used that. And and I asked Ellis Hobbs at a very simple question and and he art and talk about that another time and I uses for example a few weeks back. Our Rosevelt Colvin was a veteran players capable of bears. I because Colvin was from Indianapolis. And they will gonna be playing in Indianapolis than like two weeks at three weeks and I happen to be down there and I said let me get. Coleman is a terrific guy coming at Malone for a few minutes and get since that about coming home. Indianapolis for a called them in a right to three weeks. And now Beckham he refused to talk to me about that. Because it's not the next game on the schedule right. And I say I know but I'm amok and righted for two I can't talk about that. I should know it's I can't talk to wanna talk about the jets of the bills and when we got the Sunday a talk about that. So I left a combat a week later hey buck Murray wanted to go but now we'll talk about it because it's an X games schedule that the Belichick. So that's the way he conducts his affairs those expectations he has a lot of world in his grind. Who's been saying whatever he wants whenever he wants the entire time he's been here. Even when he was a rookie I believe. From the very beginning at the bull you know juggling balls will buy a lot we don't know there and you know flashes on and stuff and and I'm thinking that tocchet is things while on the one hand this is gonna (%expletive) him off. On the other hand he's like well like at the greatest cited in history innings cope ascetic with Brady what can I do. So you've you've gotta you gotta think that that rock wants to continue doing things his way Brady clearly does. And if I'm gone I'm saying Boyden Gray's agrees quite remarkable time and he's doing things his way the greatest tight in the all time one of the things my way. I'm projecting yeah his others bella checks and on the greatest coach jail time and I want these guys to shut up and do with the way ahead. And your path and and indeed if you're forty year old pats and it means you're at high school you saw really psyche football. In these in if you've invested all these years. And you stayed with them in the dark days. If you around in 1990 when they were one at fifteen. Nosy Mo Latin and all that Aaron Medicaid dharma and which reminds me. That going into the break at some point I needed tock a bit about Gil Santos yes one at fifteen just reminded me something like that Dale Arnold told me today on the phone. And out but if you if you invested in the product all these years. Bad teams good game is bad teams good two good teams that coaches good coaches in Iraq rests a Bill Belichick. And you you've invested you would not block and a shirts and you drove the Foxboro when you bought tickets and pay you get all his stuff. And now you're sitting here and they all look silly. They'll look immature. They'll look ego ridden. And that's not what you expect from a team discount. And it it exposes. The patriot way is nothing more than a postcard. A bumper sticker. Let's go exacted a bumper sticker and you did at the brought that full circle and I came around I appreciate that. 61777979837. Quick break we'll get back some calls the 10 o'clock hour. I do wanna touch upon Gil Santos that'll get to that between us now 1 o'clock. Also talks Bruins after their loss last night in the Red Sox can do no wrong except for the fact that they got no hit a few hours ago and Oakland gets all that coming up. Bucking a lot of sports hernia WB yeah.