Chris Villani and Steve Buckley - Should Kevin Cullen be Fired after Kirk and Callahan Exposed Inaccuracies - 4-22-18

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Sunday, April 22nd

Hour 3. The boys hash through the Kevin Cullen situation as detailed all week on Kirk and Callahan. 


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Our joke Lonnie and by police for charity at W you guys. Touched on Red Sox Rob Gronkowski. Boston Bruins. You just quickly talk to you mentioned about the air the Celtics game 1 o'clock. Be like him down and it's bad timing for the NBA and the Celtics in particular because. We've been. Beat and tortured. By horrible horrible weather that unless you contact really really. Cold and rainy and if you like to working yard if you get dogs like I do it. Me I'm I'll take them dogs it night long underwear Ryan to put these in that big happenings for them they have fur coat. And I'm up at the dogs this talks. So. Get the Celtics at 1 o'clock yet and you've got 58 I just checked my phone from basically from one to six. You know 58 isn't it lying you know line up their new shorts and T shirt but. You can do a lot of stuff overrun in 88 go for a Y drive and actually put the windows down a little bit and work in the yard which is what I like to do Canada. And soul. You know I kind of got to invest some time in the Celtics but. A Mac ally I'm gonna get off a little bit in the yard yeah I'm not just it's just I just have to would suspend. It's just been miserable. Like I like I don't like to travel as much as I used to does that you know it's hard to get on a planes that but. When the Sox open the season in Saint Petersburg. And met four days down in Florida and in you know cold march was around here and I mean by eating recalled. This do you wanna go to yeah again I don't wanna go. You liken around and cargo you know look at me. And and then you come back home. So yeah I wanna get a full of the seven. Yeah is bad timing. Bad series that means bad basketball. In a lot of out everything about it is is bad in Eastern Conference in general is bad during the LeBron whose been a seven straight finals is now. On the verge of going down three games to one he's gonna win on the road to avoid that it is a odd bad Eastern Conference. Which sort of you know what a weird ways to what should you invest in the Celtics and watching the Celtics more because of that because they got a legit chance. He gets Eastern Conference finals a Toronto is the one team that elegance okay raptors you know they lost game three Wallin peel played out of their mind but. That's the one team is that's a good team they played well all year they've kind of done and under the radar. And they could continue to do that in the east everybody else looks. Exceptionally beatable yeah including Philadelphia clinically. And I came into the post season like a lot of people lake all go fight the good fight me begin by Milwaukee in the first round NC later. And it in this has been done to death I just say for the reasons selecting step on the next point but. Yes it Gordon Hayward had gunned dominated Kyrie Irving markets Smart Smart in my goal you can. You can fantasize about what a great run it would have been. And if that does a disservice to the guys are out there playing the basketball but at the end of the day you still. I still Cummings you know does not deep but. Again it's I had game want to guard that was there that place was rocking Celtics fans and part of it's the presentation itself. Everyone's right up hug in the Florida after he got that cheerleaders and marquis is doing somersaults is that. And I need a reason was that I like lucky. Is the I mean he's the it's fun life. Alabama UMass will game as Colin this year is on the watch and that you know a close to his lips and dumping the stimulus lol is it halftime at halftime the UMass will game of it lucky to make a little -- outside the house you know like he's the effort the birthday apartments that's what every they have a if you get a backyard trampoline he'll make it work that's on you. Have a trampoline will travel like my dad was a teamster you know coiled trucking -- -- into the cab on weekends I'll. You must flow game was he's got to like a teamster the equivalent of what you don't have an account weekend. It but yeah local guy. I would assume so is it time to swing or UMass will probably about immunity. From. You know the year is he from Wyoming beach if he should be himself. We'll say is back stories he looks like I characters from now he looks like a leopard the guy exactly yeah I think that's really the biggest part of the job description. But I'm with Yates is I want to invest I want to you. Say hey this team even as he's even as constituted beyond all of the the obvious caveat he gave to the injuries and everything else. They can make a run because of how bad everything is in the east. I just don't I take it that invested in bad basketball which is frankly what we've seen not just from the Celtics but in general across the board there's a bunch of bad teams his Celtics who. As adults were really good team. An hour just beat to hell with injuries. And I'm gonna go home I'm gonna what I mean I will get there by atomic at home are going to be. 7810 minutes in the first quarter yep and I will I guess I'm gonna watch the first step that's probably the the CEO goes from there and then it's. If if the game stinks and it's halftime. And I see the sign up the backyard and I get Sunday papers and a cigar and the dogs and rate may go back. Or 6177797937. We did touch on the Bruins quite a bit last hour including to go round Robin New Hampshire. Thinks Rask is getting the F Fuzzy and the the lollipop here they go around yeah that's a bad thing right this. What this weekend. Well what whatever. The French are acting like a big. What do you look at the goal that was scored right. At first all the luck here so you go to where are we all the way to get the lows are so I don't know just such a warm welcome. One game acting out walk to try to get the web. But you look at the court as what it was like armor where generate a lot of points. Apart on. Welcome auto corner like that simple beautiful well like Karachi I would let guys walk around late and that wages that does all its slide. Yeah I eat I agree general that point. I mean I mean you look at work. I've sat at a time for that. Where they eat out. Our plates in your mirror on the same page in the Mecca when wave in the stick that was that a guy that I was trapped now. But you have dual Altman last couple I'm not sure. You know it it's activity hell yeah that terrible I don't know but IIR. Word dot. The extra suck at. And all the luck I wonder if they didn't let it get it to you real quick pick and they also have trouble when you look at the Kodak. I don't I don't hate police fan and they lose this series. After what I saw last night and I'm saying to myself. OK they weren't supposed to win runs with a higher seed. By how do you get blown out the first two games. And how do you seemingly try to giveaway game alive. And if they lose economically sound to belittle this stuff. Yeah and I'm gonna be pissed off about that I'm gonna be most angry thousand Cotchery there doesn't seem late may police fans are it seems like they're just sort of food increasing that I wanna stand around prepare like. It's a then and celebrate based on we saw last night but. Not be it in both teams. Can look back at this regardless bully goes NC had opportunities for the Bruins any paid more they chances to when he game three they chanted comeback and least tie it last night. One for six on the power play those kinds of things the Maple Leafs capitalized on the opportunities they had the Bruins did not mean that sums up. The games three and five losses and when the Bruins played well only one in the series. They've been dom. A daily while clearly the better team and is Venice Toronto. Yes as actually Toronto in junior partner with about elephant. Toronto is people always ask what if their road cities on his way out there. What on young street and it's just. It's a really really to do that this CN tower. I have done all I get older I'm going to put 35 years until we need on that now. Now the glass floor before paying out 12100 feet down here that might my impression of trying to change when they moved out of exhibition stadium the blue jays. Is that they. Played absolutely the worst stadium in baseball. It was a CFL stadium. That was it in Norman stadium. And. The the left field foul line went right down to the football grandstand insisting in the press oxide and all the seats are open and the sun would kill you for day games he's the bad venue. Now they get right to Senna which is abating antiseptic but as domed stadiums go it's it's pretty good and it's a great walking around city and stuff and you can get up this season go to Toronto so much rob rubs always silently. I was gonna say they'd best part about Toronto is getting there on their order Airways a pick pick pick it and that is broad thing that's real lot hey you ride in the the Q4 hundred bomber now. Well propellers on the side free free booze like away now than it better than that they surveyed last two and a glass it's nice it's classic. Porter Airways mandate bail Robyn I royalties until it lands on the little island right. Yeah and actually those there's like a waiting list to live there at the very exclusive neighborhood and our rob never look bad that. You can't sleep can't. He can't drive a car onto eat it ferry your car across the only way to get to the island is to take a ferry or yet go through the airport. And go down underneath there's a long you the moving walkway that takes you and I've been water there man it's beautiful. All white face it Arnold Bennett than the big airport. Not Billy bishop now is Billie dish blood pressure airport and that never never been there it will only play supplies and there. Porter has never been there and I see the ads in the paper isn't. And that's that's the big that's what Bradford airline's rate yet that is Bradford airlines it's becoming Gilani airlines to the amount problem giving them but I that was part of it like five weeks off in January and note to do with myself Sutley down to Jamaica. And I decided it was too warm side look to Toronto after that. It's kind of bouncing around a little bit let's go to Peter in JP on the NBA hello Peter. As they don't do you I think I had a little bit put addicts so I'll be anemic and courier saluted its own or is being. I think they've paid don't consume pertain. They are so talented so you on. Then I mean they're they're contradicts all I doubt very portable contracts. Gately they have seventy million dollar payroll next and we were up against the salary where they can land next player. You know you're. I'm afraid. That you're though. Even when we did. Try reading Gordon Hayward packed. And they looked into it continue to dominate sort connects our ears it can be scary. Yeah and I heated you know odds are he's really hated echo everything Peters a regular little kid not having success for our now eighties. Now round I don't remember the aid in a ticket but I am I still played very vague memories of the eighties know that the part heat is that. He LAV. Announcer taking. Is. You know everything about it feels wrong. Want and I'll be now it's going in a baseball I mean there that really scares me two thirds of the teams right now. May be that slight exaggeration but not by much mean look at the team the Red Sox started playing. You don't. Have a bullpen day once every turn through the rotation if you think there's any chance your games are gonna matter and August you don't do that. The rays know their games are a matter in August the Orioles know they're the rays batters on in the third game of the season and they know they're humans don't matter. And the Marlins that it the Marlins had a TB. You like to Marlins last year and obviously they edging Carl Stanton and Christian you know like I mean added that always players. And you look at the now in its asleep good lord to mass and never before has baseball. Gone into a season. With so pro announced. A philosophy on tank. That's why even at a great and advertisers start 173 but the team the people who are just sort of Pope going to start the initial start because they're beating the rays in the marlins'. Look around the American League and tell me whether most of the teams in the league are closer to the rays. We're closer to you know we think the Yankees are the Astros are in the angels are good teams like data to be most are closer to the race I got my choice would agree more. And you've got. It it it's almost like. The second half of the season it's going to be the contenders playing a bunch of exhibition games get ready for the post season now let's say as of you know fight for the wild card with the way the offseason played out. All of the big moves in the off season involve teams or playoff teams last year in better. The rich just got richer across the board putting a Red Sox energy we had a nice run we had the you know White Sox mean it's the World Series and one at the Astros. I'm talking the Astros before they won yet. Pack of that'll five or six tide is new World Series in the royals made the World Series and and you and into each season with the expectation. That there might be surprised I mean the cardinals you know their blue blood but they want 83 games and then worlds yet but they had a great second half they did and and they they. They were a decent team the Colorado rock don't make the World Series goes seven and and then you look at right now. And the dude doesn't appear there going to be any surprises this year in the got to be a lot of bad teams it that raise the Marlins. The reds. The royals the Orioles a White Sox and I'm holding out hope the Oreo half and other bad team but I'm looking at 100 losses through like 45 teams made. Yeah I saw that it might in every and so did play is up in a global one the ones that are still these certain. They haven't sold them off yet. And one of the reasons why can't beat the Red Sox are hundred win team. There's a lot of wins out for yes. Mean by by virtue of your volleys hundred lots teams somebody's gonna win somebody's got to lose belief has to go 500 at the end of the year no matter what so. That means you're gonna have hundred win teams and I think the Red Sox have get a chance as any to be that based on the start obviously because a lot of the competition staked out. You tell by the way into baseball guys could be immediately took his basketball point in mated about it after a is basketball point the reason that I agree with what he was saying that especially you know there's is this. Maybe fail to see that that did sixers to sign LeBron in which case. Cocked would that be a there'd be juggernaut. What I hate is that they're stupid process. Of we're just going to. Tell people you could invest in the team if you want as bands over the next three or four years but they're gonna stink but trust us it's gonna work NET eight. It's now actually come to fruition any just validates the idea that if you're willing to stomach three or four years of sock. Have some of these high draft picks even if you're drafting guys that you know are gonna help you right away because there injured. Just trusted and can't work out an Audi sport. That's the part in our yankees. Apparently Tony guys and disabled list and their pitching is amass. And Aaron Boone isn't bringing to mind. The great managers in baseball history pay outs and more on him out score on having said that I mean yankees economic comeback communion as but if they're not. And if it even if they are but only to the degree that they are wild card team. And the in the Red Sox can build up a big lead which add me to do even in the last couple years in the won the division. It if they can get a healthy lead and keep everybody healthy. Then you eat that that sets up the post season in a way where they can. Limit Chris sales innings and not leave them up in a Friday Katrina strikeouts in that nonsense and last year he and and keep him rested healthy for the post season irritable General Counsel rattles and stuff like bats out and you know they're not gonna keep playing at this level but if they can play at a level where where some issues assault in August. Yeah then they can prepare a post season team. And it looks like that's going to be the case is just so much and speaking and why broader edit it's as bad as you say it is the Yankees who will be being opposed to. Yeah I aid. I mean it dirty getting the separation I zero point if you still fighting for division obviously you don't wanna be in that one game now wild card playoff. I do I I thought at the beginning of spring training. The wall once these Angie Martinez once they they had that component added I thought they were better team than the Yankees at that point and he played like a better team. They certainly have seen that he'd better first year manager at this point even record notwithstanding that the duplicate core and say he's had better start. By and large then then Boone has. I saw I would that is a division title winning team at the Yankees Eric nipping at their heels back to be different situation but that speaking to the broader point. You do worry about teens and how many whether it's the Pittsburgh Pirates the rays Marlins government called out for this. Having such a wide number of teams is coming into the year and saying look. We know where essentially mathematically eliminated now we know our games are gonna be important in August and September we're gonna approach it that way. That's gonna lend itself to a lot of the bad baseball. And we've seen good amount so far 61777979837. Knock the Red Sox. Now after the race at the last match on a night at the I'll get to warrior calls coming up there was that thing that went in your thoughts on that next as that that expertise a lot of embarked Sports Radio WB. On Sports Radio W. That question Boise Buckley do you. Listen frequently to the maligning Bradford to relic. Experience. On Sunday mornings. The way listen. You're you lied and I don't just listen I take notes it's gets a you know then write about this time 1145 right. Media stars yes rob Bradford media stars of the week yes the winner gets equal distinctive clothing gift card and I still have not Ozzie not even been. Finalist solidly and he'll work wolf. Being being the being sports columnist at the Boston Herald is done enough beaten me when the primary wanted to keep sports guard investigate Olympic commentary gout. So this would be the point of the show where you need get the media stars as probably influx of people right now that are tuning in. Gearing up getting ready for that particular point shot why are they coming in later is that on the Sox pregame thing that are I don't I don't ask questions shall open until to. So I assume that's why you guys in their keeping their their quote unquote baseball guys together earlier baseball guy too so I don't I don't really understand the game the way they do so that's true that's true about Brad pose got a special special knowledge of of many things. So I'd sorry to disappoint that there will not be media stars right now they're going to be a guest later in the show I don't know when they're going to be during the Bradford drought show. 01 I would not be in line for media start regardless of what time they be given out on the glows Kevin Collins was placed on administrative leave. Paid administrative leave which I'd like to think of his vacation. Earlier this week was yesterday actually. After back to back Kirk and Callahan shows on Thursday and Friday. Talking about a couple of things here number one columns. They he had written that seem to. Present or represented the idea that he was at the Boston Marathon in April 2013. When the bombs went off when he was. When when you know that event was was just turned upside down by the tragedy or that happened on that day seeming to represented he was here there the other thing. Was a series of interviews that were given either to the BBC. Or two. HBO is part of documentary after the fact and some of the comments from that now but your columnist as we just established. A eight yarder tales as a war. As a columnist what was your view your reaction kind of learning about some of these things is they were out revealed on curtain Callahan the last couple of days. What's interesting is that kind of jumped into the second period of the game if you were if you will be in that on that particular morning. Just as I was getting up and it worked late the night before improbable. But. I hate list and yes as they were tossing to the BBC interview. And late and it I think we have that the BBC when he timeout. Does Hillary's ready set it up Jimmy can play it but it was it was. Kevin tell one thought I heard and an act I knew he had been in across here is so I thought this was just typical. He he's in Nick Price is in the united realize they were building towards something so they go the BBC interview and I am listening. And now done the marathon you know but. I don't think you need to have run the Boston Marathon tickets and know some certain basic facts. And I'm listening to this anomaly. The Richard didn't run the marathon I don't know bill Richard I've met him. You know I knew I disarm them at the charity teams are ordering a few weeks there's a very pleasant guy. But I know that he did on the merits that's number one number two. EE. Martin Richard did not run out of the course to two he could not have done so those barriers. There and I this that it was the street go down almost all the way to Arlington the Argentine station. I don't know when they finally took a lot but when you finish the marathon it there's a whole conveyor belt yeah you'd you'd you'd given that did the heat cheat. You are given a little bag of food. You'll there's there's some there's media there. And Burton is always a there there are. Derek people the empties a triage people from over the for the medical tents right there on the right is no bio when you finish America the Iraq medical people standing right there. Looking at everyone who needs help here yet. They may come up to you without you asking for hey hey you OK yet. So it and then further on down you gunning their of people giving up the metals. So so their. It's a long jump in and somebody's covered the marathon. If Europe media and you wanna get quickly from one side to the other it's a bit of a Pena and more so now at the at a security at 2013 even then. Because the barriers are so long there's sometimes no quick way to get one Bradford to the other. So so you know nobody would run out to greet their loved one of the B. There'd be chaos because everyone will be don't get it and and the runners would be bumping incident everyone else unplug counts. So so that's number two and number three is. You don't register your time this you know walk up to a table and you know I sound like it was some lake it Essex County trail run five players or other golf cart added you know down like in a golf tournament you'd find is Carty was penalized a stroke whatever. So you wearing your bid has chip and it and it's iMac the U lookup Tom Worrell is up there on that that that platform out there congratulations you just. So all of this at a blitzer that's. And so Kevin's doing a BBC interview in the BBC rocked him on because we are in Boston so you are our eyes and use in Boston. Hollis you know create the scene porous. And did this theme he's trading has all these mistakes and it and I don't know books on the firemen and and all that I haven't but this is just basic stuff that anybody from Boston. Even if they haven't run the marathon they might not know the bill Richard didn't run but you would know about the berries and you would know about registering at times I think I think. Those of basic things so. God knows I mean a million mistakes of the columnists some of them pretty bad that an institute. Some of them may be only I know like I just mentioned literally I epic Geico path and but that that was a clever line in my comics that that was the Southwest Airlines by not a tackle spot and pisses me off. But it is but you do have a chase would clearly. He he is presenting himself as the guy. And that the facts of model. And you need to kind of take a step back and report on other people what rather than your I was there type thing. The criticism is legitimate the investigation the globe is doing is legitimate. And there's really nothing to be said beyond that it's it's all the criticism is legitimate investigations would you and that did it if it's been said because I I apparently Kevin Cullen was at some Boston College journalism. Thing. Yesterday and I haven't seen video of this sort missing a quote specifically attached to him but to anyone who would say. That this is a right wing thing and and listen that bumped the morning show is what it is. They paid their it it has a very strong adds to it they're gonna go after people for whatever reason. But even even if you remove. Agenda there and ratings and all that but points at they're raising legitimate if you look at that as in a vacuum. All by itself out to get agenda to get the push for ratings and we're AG Enron if you if you just separate. The facts being presented from the people who are presenting them this is a legitimate story. Yeah it's as simple as that and and you you posed. And that the right wing thing you know yeah Jerry's a lunatic and all that but you know I do know that cart was very strong orders from the border Hillary. He he that was that was part of the theme of the program called him I would call him right wing. Certainly. He's on his own one yet so the Kirk sold. And reach into it and remove the facts. And place them. On the table for examination. If he'd just go at it from that perspective this company at these mile and this is from a guy who has made lots of mystics. And will continue to make mistakes because I'm a part. To meet this this goes a little bit beyond this I mean I understand like forgetting some details or or or getting detail Ron even if it seems like a significant one because. Whatever you do is you just remember on this one it seems like he made up characters and in his firefighter shot no last name. Who did not was not the person who picked up Jane Richard at the the finish line that was Danny Matt Paterson. Who from San Lin wasn't he I think so yeah now opt either an off duty. Firefighter who was there and picked out Paterson said he never talked Colin. Didn't know of a firefighter. I named Shawn doesn't know whether there was anybody that was there that particular day they are obviously firefighters being shot may be chemical we know some of them. But it seems like he made up characters in the thing that that also jumped out to me was from the interviews. Talking about like. Second hand PT yes and I'm sorry that's in the ratings Seoul. Home death. I mean anybody is a journalist whose it is covered news myself included has talked to people immediately after the worst thing that ever gonna happen to them in their lives. A loved one is just killed usually it's making the news it's because they died. In a horrific fashion. The usually it's not just this you know lovely old lady lived to 96 years old and passed away in the chapter of the famous anyway and it's neat covered by the news. Involved on it. And I understand this was at a greater. Level for a lot of different reasons than your typical. Homicide. But it's sort of seemed to. Make it about him in such a way that I found. Disrespectful knowing the many talented journalist I'm not in this group of the many talented journalists like a laurel sweet from The Herald for as an example. Who managed to cover this. Do so in a thoughtful fair thorough way and not make it about themselves aria and that that really about that bothered me I think is much and they are working people. Lower rate you mean Steve's over from the glut is is another guy with the personal friend of mine and he was a video under thirty was right there and use dislike me deepens. And I I I don't recall him ever. Posting up the second hand thank you and PT yes I'd art. In your columns about. The marathon I did terrible accident but the bright doubted that I I. I miss the boat. I missed the ball completely not not because I chose to miss the boat but I've done the merit on most years. Eat in a run it twice but I've covered it about a million times. And if if the situation have been otherwise. I would I would have been but on this particular day. I was over at Fenway they needed to do the Sox that day it was the way the schedule broke so I'm at Fenway. Mike Napoli woman's game of the wall bubble I wrote a column and Ari had it written and I had a friend a very dear friend who couldn't finish the marathon because they you know he he I think he was somewhere in ten more square. And he had a friend from out of town so I had to collect these people. And not an easy task that particular day yet right now but it's not dramatic in the tally up its its knees citizen. Trying to get my buddy and his friend and get him out of there that any great column. And because I was I art you've written a column which if you if you go to the Michael and look at the Harrell the next day. We had a glittering array of great pieces. On everything that happened and really captured the essence the mood and all that and then their way back in the section. Napoli proud did win the game with double you know the common I wrote. And an already written itself wasn't like a you know and so. Subsequently over the next several days I wrote a whole bunch of columns on but I was not part of all of everything out that he had they're just a lot of thing and this is him talking at me this was the BBC interview read about the the second hand out posttraumatic stress. Like a month after the bombing I was completely screwed myself by just. Hit it was not taking care of myself was not eating right it was not too which was drinking too much was not getting the proper exercise asleep and I it. I think it was almost like the second hand PTS I just was dealing with so many people have traumatize. It really effective remember like crying at night and stuff after talking to people and and I just remembering that stuff is that there's no way I wanna see a movie. It's just an agony that was X from HBO now from DC but whatever and one of the interviews he gave to me again that ring so toned up it's not about you. It's just not a buy and and indeed he's not the only one that they did it I don't or call many other. Journalists reporters columnists etc. sort of bringing this back home in bringing this back and making it about him the fact errors are bad representing. That he was there as he seems to do in a lot of his car is also bad and also. Then making the in any you know that in the mid morning guys when it's out almost makes and so what you composite Mark Wahlberg character I think you're one point. He says he knew. Sean Kali. That I'm sorry that strains credulity to me. Why would he know you'll like pop certainly but this wasn't it a person who at the time is an MIT on so so. And MIT police officer BC over the summer the police department wasn't an officer at the time you were already with he worded it environment actually wrote something that you avoid did not know. To live near me and he worked in the tech but you know where to detect if armies actually developing a police related app I met John once randomly out for a night. Of Beers and Davis Square you did and that was well and that is he's a friend of a friend. And I actually did not wanna write that column I was asked to by The Herald. I could I didn't want it it's not about that weren't friends we weren't buddies or anything like that we happen to have a friend in common and one night we went on a couple of Beers and Davis Square and I was pretty much the end yeah I know you live off of Broadway needs he'll square I knew that he worked in the tech department assemble please. I knew that. She. Worked as a police officer MIT and that he aspired to be on the team on the simple place. That's the extent of my knowledge and by the way that PTS came from Bob Bryan's podcast. They played a bunch of different ideas some moves me to BO. Some of that was from Bob rants podcast some of it was from the the BBC interview I mean to me this is problematic on so many different levels and on and I don't know they're gonna do their investigation they should they'll do their due diligence in the shed I don't and I don't see how he could write anything again. That a on an unbiased person look at a reasonable personal look at knowing this and be able to take seriously. I'm not a big you know calling for people's jobs never reached your fired back at everything but looking at the the practical sense of it are you write something. After this. And be taken seriously. This isn't just a factor that is and you know confusing guy go in and southwest this is a series of serious. This representations. In this characterizations. Why somebody who shorten your columnist you do take some artistic liberty and whatnot this goes well well well beyond the pale. Oh my goodness I can tell you that. I'll read Kevin Cullen for years of that matter reasons. You know I've seen Eddie because and in newspapers I am you know don't believe what you read. On the other way around I believe lottery and I I don't think there are a lot of people in this business who's specifically sit down and you know wring their hands together like a mad scientists who say I'm going to fold it like that. Being. Veteran columnist and he likes the thing that what Colin did was. I don't they keep crafted a plan to inject himself in America I pinkie just became obtuse about it. And when of the rabbit hole without really thinking it out. But that does the stuff is would the criticisms the complaints a legit the investigation should be which is that there is no wavering from me on that. And again if you and I'll say this again. EEE if you if you want to shoot the messenger here have that. But if you take the message and separated from the messenger and just look at it. All by itself that you really can't get away from the fact this these look. Yeah and at that that's what I listened to a little bit of sun. Thanks a percent or listen to the show. The what's the that to me gay people next door on GBH what they called a Margery Eagan and yes I think I'd never listened before. I'm not their demo so whatever but I'd listen to that ten minute out there today if it if it did in my own special way. I was into the ten minutes of them talking about it and the two huge caveats they kept putting on it was. Who was coming from the news coming from Kirk in gallant so what about it guys here that point that's my point yet. 88 you've got to give her credit this is legitimate it is good journalism does is this is what it is and and and again poker have been a guy who's a well okay. Have addict. But what curt came up with. Is something that the Boston Globe. Said OK we got to look at those tents administrative leave. So that the globe didn't turn around and sale lets his cart Manningham and ignored goal weight because it didn't and it hasn't had the investigation. So again this this I say it without. Taking sides this is just basic one plus one equals two. And there is another op art that they heart on his. You know there is talked that he heard crystal Campbell's death whale. And that was one of the interviews I forget which one. And yeah he wasn't there how can be heard it. There was a lot of audio and video from the scene anybody if all the story knows that's a big reason why they're able identifying catch these guys as quickly as they did because there was so much. Surveillance video and so much. Available to them to be able to scanned the crowd see people see exactly what happened. Much of that. Was played in court was available publicly so whether he heard that again it's a tall about when he said it. How he was representing it. I think he represents himself as being there he may very well have heard it. And how you'd also differentiate one scream from another frankly when it's chaos and everybody screaming in these days panicked by. Even giving the benefit of the doubt on certain points in almost brings to me and I. I wanna be clear not equating these two because they know somebody will will get angry Colin and say the patriots this thing at America now. But it reminded me of the wicker champ peace. Where people would look at sort of individual nuggets and say well he's got that little bit wrong in that little bit wrong and they may be right about that but they missed the broader. Perspective which was that there was an issue going on in the locker room that's now been much talked about and and well reported by many sources. If there are details that may have been you know the may be able to explain it a different context. Woolsey as the investigation unfolds I still think the broader point here of the misrepresentation blatant misrepresentation states. Bill rich it was that event now is that a couple weeks ago and my guess I don't know him well met him. Dave McGee ovary has an event running event up at Merrimack College every year I've met him out without the last couple years. I met him at Fenway. And the last two years of definitely two weeks ago at the Harvard club. Where charity team's total of rents out the Harvard club this big event. And on a completely different level. The manner in which that family is able to do good. And take this situation happened and use it for something for which we can learn and build and prosper. Continues to amaze me. I don't know I've I've had. Depth and my family is we all have and a brother died a car accident. And it. The way A is that they are able to take a very very very public tragedy. And and and do something like that again I'm repeating myself. Continues to amaze me. 61 to have a separate 1617779793. Several get more your calls coming up in the 12 o'clock hour Gilani embarking now with you until 1 o'clock sorry again for no media stars have to forgive us on that one. Sports Radio W media. So Chris Paul Lonnie and. I. I. Oh yeah. A lot in bucks more security at WEP eyes 61777979. Degrees beautiful day out there in Boston before getting out and when it will but this afternoon. Probably expense the Celtics who would be agency would be TV numbers for this. Game 4 in Milwaukee 1 o'clock at the time being nice to him Austin that we can. Hoping for a yearning for quite some time. But we started couple hours ago talking about the Red Sox have been no hitter. Last night and a couple of controversial plays on the no hitter now but you and I agree on the out of the base like phones off or gal we agree on one in your wrong on the other. One way to put it one way to praise I suppose. Don't talk like a guy who's never seen a great game is quite yet. That's another way to put in Europe modern day liberal let's let everyone have the trophies and yogi said not area today tighter budget and arteries audience made it great immediate answer was as you say no I'm just. Under the age seventy. Center for not really falling into the era not true. Is totally not true you think everyone was disaster on 170. It is for the Euro and so you think people wealthy eighteen to 34 demo I don't know they're razor that I am hurtling towards seven. I don't know what their ratings argued people big share eighteen to 34. Of intelligent young people I mean I get them in depth story on what's happening in the world think people as they pose the mud being Torre against the war I able I have no big eighteen to 34 number optics are probably. Topics Olympics a bit on the show. Tiger about what. The period right. Different different stuff. Know that a presidential historian correct you're talking about presidential history will Grover Cleveland talk was that no but I was I was able to talk actually typed. A blow the gore. Kerry the Al Gore bush thing. Because it happened in 1976 with Rutherford Hayes and Samuel Tilden and studying reconstruction I was able to speak intelligently about that two guys from Ohio. Yes he's until. And hopefully with you guys from Ohio now is from. It 1920 Warren Harding Cox. Who bought from their higher than what you are thinking bloody out of course that fox was a newspaper published as was party he was a smaller newspaper area. And worked out so well for Warren Harding units this. People out people really remember that you know that I stayed in the exact I don't know handle. Where he got the nomination president 1920. This is truth and that's something that and I will tell you had to say I lately is the Warren G. Harding Roman Italian historian I would get marked on other shows because of it. But at the Blackstone hotel 1920 room whatever. And this week in the famous smoke filled room all the Republican operatives stayed up all through the night. Trying to break a deadlocked convention and they came up with a dark horse candidate warned you right from Ohio. And the united press story broke emerging from a smoke filled room and the terms smoke filled room which had been used before that's what popularized. And the cubs played the Indians the World Series a couple of years ago I stayed. At the Blackstone hotel. And I inquired about that sweet. And they brought me up and showed to the big in and they haven't restored. As it looked in 1920. And then they called me the next day and said. Let's and the people who are staying in at this week and a leaving a night early would you like it for one night since she was so interested in it we can give it to you for one night. At your regular rate. And I stayed NetSuite. Can't imagine why you think you get marked on other shows and telling that story I think. It's a mystery to me to always like to butter than driving our -- real right now without my guide as we don't put him in the air I can't imagine why you get by for that now have a quick break we'll get back to the call the Red Sox for the next hour taking up to you Brad pretty dryly story I don't if Jolie and the clock Sports Radio WB yeah.