Chris Villani and Steve Buckley - Is Tuukka Rask to Blame for Bruins Loss in Game 5? - 4-22-18

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Sunday, April 22nd

Hour 2. The boys get into the Bruins loss to the Maple Leafs in Game 5 and talk about who is most to blame for the loss. 


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And Jesus available here in the AFC championship game and whether it. Has come to a close play 36 years of broadcasting patriots football so you don't have one more game for you. We'll look I don't. So that's video was hoping you don't put national security. But going to be their ways so. Didn't do. Walking away from him likable and return as the voice of the patriot so we'll just say this over the break. The manager it was a very kind to me over the years we'll play. Bob Kraft and his family Bill Belichick his staff and his players thanked them for being so cooperative we grew our broadcast team all season. And do all the previous patriots coaches and players and owners. Thank you very much for allowing me to be the voice of the patriots with 36 wonderful years enjoyed every bit above it. I hope the next guy who doesn't enjoy that as much as I have a few realizes relatively privileged. Another job. As you'll see it does signing up after the 2012. Season when he retired 36. Years. Missed only one game. And that was to attend old time baseball games announced it funeral services for his dad. But other than that called every single game at 36 seasons as the voice of the patriots. I passed to a couple days ago on his birthday he was eighty years old. And there's going to be aid public that this into Stanley has invited the public to a visitation. Period on Tuesday. That will run from a 48 in the evening. And that's at the profit Chapman coal and Gleason funeral home in Bridgewater mass the patriots put that out earlier this morning all the other services will be private but. I was stated to you by you know growing up listening to. The patriots and in. That voice first of all I mean that's one that types grown up as a radio guy writes this it is somethings you just never gonna happen and that's one thing I knew I was never happened never to semite kills theaters nobody no no was I never had interest in play by play but. I have that. Gravelly Boston accent voice and all right pack you can and this gal the voice of god telling you he added alleged awareness touchdown pass. He had the voice yet the cadence. Pacing timing if you own rhythm and if you wanna auto mechanics yeah yeah personality. Sense of humor beyond all that. If you covered the patriots and I I've mentioned a few data column if you cover the patriots Eagles stadium. And the broadcast post on the same level appeal by sports stadium with a game ended. He and guilt a geno capital that he would be in that pack world. Having the same engine they would wait it out but now are now because of the bottle making them on going to rule one so. Rather than just sit in traffic on Arab they'd sit there and tidbits. And I used to always remarked that they'd just put them part of a laptop they fit right in they would they would just you know. Geno was a very Matty guy with a you know it's for a amendment tie in the vast and all that but. And it was kind of like us just you know just a guy. And but it was so much apart we war we York. And and you'd just you you could be 22 years old you could be seventy years old and treated the same. And what's bright. John go my Gorman. Helton told a great story about being a young broadcaster wanna be broadcaster and approaching G Gil Santos and Gil helping them get in the business report which is not surprising but. Whitman I heard Gil died. Companies that I called Dale Arnold because dale. Did patriots games I think in 8889. And ninety your access to replace John Carlson. But guild with all respect to join thousands detailed accounting and everyone else who did Bob socially. Gill was the voice of the patriots and dale told me stories that he raining and Gil at one point during the 1990 season. When the patriots which is probably the worst team in patriots history. They were. With the possible exception of being the will make applaud it I think there was two of twelve. But here they are. The 115. On route to winning fifteen in topple ball that there was the turmoil over the of the sexual harassment thing with pizza rolls and it's just was an embarrassment to the organization. And and his dale. Supposedly. You know you'd you'd put a can meet people excited be broadcast Brantley. In a season ago and Gil says that that really resonated with me when dale told media day that that gill told dale dale. Always 1616. Ago. And it paid. Which is very inside its broadcasted a broadcaster this is the business than you know they're gonna pay it out don't worry about. The second part of that blaze but you'll the same effort. And it wasn't. The way I took it wasn't. If it was just advice from a veteran broadcaster podium to broadcaster don't mailman. And if you listen to deal and they he did bad teams indeed are receipt it supremely great teams not even the Brady teams but that. The team that lost you know the van right team. The vent right call in Oakland. You know when they had. Grogan and and John hand and and Steve Nelson and you know they've just had these great players that position. And for Gillick tell that the dale were resonate with and you get. The impression without ever having listened to deal that this is a guy that brought his A game every single game. To those of us who listened so yeah. I was until a lot because of the amicus accused I'd always be driving around. Covering different games since the open main event since so I listened to what more games in the radio. During my years in Maine than when I lived down here and just that. Great broadcaster and in again if he had the pleasure and know him just a regular guy funny guy great laugh with him. He adds I unfortunately never got to Nome as as a person but obviously knowing as a broadcaster in listening in. Being a play by play guy. And wanting to be a play by play guy back in the day that was one of the guys and listen to again just the mechanics standpoint I was ever gonna sound like that I understood that by. The other things you were talking about the cadence the the way that he called games the personality. That he can bring into that and not just be so mechanical and focusing on describing the action but understanding the seized. Entertainment this is essentially show that your putting on in bringing 88 teams gain in two. Somebody's living rumor somebody's car where react to bring you all valuable lessons her young broadcaster to sort of taken. So many definitive calls I mean obviously Adam Vinatieri in that first Super Bowl how credible that was before remember that. I remember the third and four years where he just said. Oh yes is that the questions where is. Is considered a dynasty the patriots win three in four years is added in the modern era and this was the discussion leading up to it they win the Super Bowl they went three and were years and he finished the call with. Yes it's a dynasty. And even though geno disagreed with him about half a second layer effect jets beat the definitive way that he says likely to dynasty yeah I'm good I'm onboard. Because of of again that authoritative. Presence on the microphone that you just can't teach. I am as. It must Peet's Coffee fury in again I've never done play by play for a living. And it it's when your sports writer columnist and you go to regain your your your hidden from the public until you right. In the game is over and they knew right that it appears. In a newspaper magazine online somewhere. But when you are a play by play guy or in the moment he. And whether or not you're home are. War C a cynic. As a play by play guy and and broadcasts is running entire spectrum. You still need to deliver the message in such a way to keep listeners that's that's the bargain. That's why you have the job. If there one in fifteen if their fifteen and one. You've got to eat and and you can beat the team up if you listen to the Mets on SNY. Ron darling. Gary Coleman and Keith Hernandez are is critical as any broadcast trio whoever. But they don't do it in a guys team sucks they they say it very matter of factly but the chemistry those guys head is outstanding. That's what I like about Beckett is that this is what I say. But you still need to make it entertaining yet in the team is really bad and again gilded bad teams and you'll be good teams those rates. But you can't. Isn't what the three you're going and you can't do that. It'd make it so that the B listener or the viewer wants to stay with you and he always did. Help the bad teams you could argue is even more important BK is. They weren't selling out Gillette Stadium he could watch the the damn thing on TV. I felt I wanted to find out how asked Alyssa wanted to take a ride down my kid. In Ellis who wanted to ride down into the stadium which my dad is in one of duke through its actions are still they're all there are flooding there are plenty of good seats available. You're only way to find out what was happening with the game. And half the time I swear to god like back in the early nineties and put it on it was already seven nothing to public game started that way there are cameras except the nothing but. That was your only conduit to listening to the game or finding out what was going on in the moment with the patriots usually it wasn't good news but. He was delivering that message very well of course a lot of years of Gil Santos. Passed away on Thursday and again if people are interested Desantis Stanley has said that the public can come to the the visitation. Period Tuesday that's April 24 48 evening. Profit Chapman Cole in Gleason funeral home it's on Bedford street Bridgewater mass everything else will be private and just the family and friends but patriots hall of Famer. I Gil Santos passed away after calling 745. Patriots games. Over 36 seasons just an incredible number. Of football games to call over a star studded career 6177797937. We'll get back to your phone calls coming up we'll get to the Bruins as promised a lot of you embark with you what a Sunday morning tortured you W yeah. I. Okay. It's radioed to. Hockey Night in Canada Olympic follow the Maple Leafs four to three victory. Although want to get to 43 Ali they got was five years ago in the first round the Bruins and the people who couldn't speak to great calls that was that was a coach you're right Bergeron Bergeron Bergeron. Back then dollar call was the weight gain that was that was all I could they can capture everybody candidate who's thinking the exact same thing everybody Toronto so it O'Brien steely Ortiz Ortiz a tease him a go to his version numbers numbers aren't we have a scandal which happened first. The would have been the merger birth parents are doing a better team but over it's all right there team. Well I loved about both of those calls are you screaming the player's name beacon in both of those circumstances. There was nothing else to do it was so crazy what just happened Ortiz tying of the Grand Slam. Bergeron goal against the Maple Leafs. It was so insane what do you do to screen his name I mean that was what everybody everything and was doing says I love both of those calls by. It was out last night's game anything but but memorable against frustrating is first time since 1995. The Bruins goaltender has been pulled. In a playoff game and may explain why I ask because it was Rasner got may have had probably when he got pulled into Haiti to I think. But Rask earned it he was brutalized that and a lot of that to go apologists say while the defense like what appetite radavan there was that he had to do well at Matt. Avoid late at waving his stick like a sword yet instead of like having it on the ground and block the past triumphant. If that's yes Katie it's now but cricket for a run out I was out at portal one game. In thirteen. And you may remember it Milan Lucic it later came out. Went to his bench and told that we're gonna win this game and down for Washington and as everybody said later on he static with such conviction. Not as so worried pledge or promise is or effect. And I haven't had a chance to look this up yet in my review that game. And if you're Bruins fan. Call us up and and helping with this but my recollection. Why is that in 2013. The Bruins came and took the game away the Maple Leafs did not him a game or. That's my recollection of the clerical or maybe I'm wrong. Whereas last night. The may police were putting the game on a platter. What some of the calls lately that the penalties and and and losing focus and yet they have the best coach and hockey. And it wasn't so much at the Bruins. Stage this dramatic comeback which they did. To a degree is they came illegal short. But might I watch the game last night and saying. What's what the Maple Leafs. They wanna win this game or not. Yeah and that's why elegant big picture I still come away from this nine. The way and it it's it's a little bit and Bruins and DNA to worry. Because you think of the recent series. Whether it's that the real 31 lead to three nothing and suppliers bunch years ago and that. It kind of creeps into the back here minding your faith real real is that we have a real league game 73 I don't know and I discovered that game. Realize the real we are now you and I are both in the dressing room ten minutes later outside in what and what is staggering around an Oriole game seven announced it will this is Don you may like and any penalty now they got it all they got an ongoing so you do lived through that recent memory can't help but it's OK until they get that fourth game they'll be a bit of trepidation by. Looking at the first five year. You've got five games really. Where the Bruins outplayed the Maple Leafs in vast swaps and last night at the very beginning. Was the first in his pitiful start in Rask was bad but that was the first time that that that chunk of the game. Was the first time in the series right but like Toronto looked like the better team meeting game three with which the Maple Leafs won me the Bruins beat him. Without Patrice Bergeron. In in game four to aid going into game five with an elimination opportunity. I still I guess and not worry quote unquote. About this senior it's and I'm worried I'm not they're the better team they should be able to go to Air Canada Centre in this thing in six. I I don't think Tuukka Rask I don't think that type of performance at a Philly DC I am. In that game when it went on as to how do you feel about game seven Wednesday it Arnold once excellence and relevant to play with me okay. I wish I'd get beaters and I'm sure creating an alternate future I mean we're we're going all peaches or ultimate but I'm creating a timeline to make a point. If I'll play your way if they lose. Monday night. In Toronto how do you feel what a game seven of the guard with depression and I brought some question about as a broad now Maple Leafs play yes Maple Leafs are playing with with. House money that a lower seeded team well yes and no they added five points that that did not like 22 and forty. Where they're just happy to be there but Dell's got blown out at their doors blown off in the first two games yeah. And it at that point. You get a win or a five you don't have home ice advantage I mean the only reason that we're not playing with house money because they lose this series they have to answer to a long suffering and and that's that's exactly our dollar was in the naturalized when the Stanley Cup the only reason that they EU EU look at it and say they've got a lot of pressure on them it's just because of what they represented only half a dozen or so Canadian franchises none of them of one cup. Since they the last time the Red Sox were no hit 9394. The last and then the Canadians once somewhere around there so. They there is a tremendous amount of pressure he's are every time they scored and cut the shot to Toronto where you've got. You know it's seemingly 20000 people however many going the list. I love that shot because it's always that one black and gold sweaty just barely see in the middle crowd port ethical whereas although I think that and I actually. Total loser Ryan actually froze the screen the big screen last night at my house for flat screen. Just think how I connect act there are areas that is that he's from king on you know is that their but you know it's it's amber was at a lives in Toronto but. It's just funny to watch that and the these. These Maple Leafs fans are not unlike long suffering Red Sox fans. That. Historical timeline is much vast. For the reds and making T this is 1950s is that fifties there was suspend 51 years and Seoul. It's a long time let's get on at once. Like and I've been around. But it's longer than most in most major police and to try to be as old guy. To have you've yet to be like in your mid sixties to really have an appreciation you met him in five years old but. You know unit brick in the games down those are really remember too you worried about the series at this point you have that may welcome how boring as the typical Bruins fan trepidation. I'm I'm worried and that he had a kind of flippant maybe police team last night. That nonetheless won the game and they won the game. In Boston. And and now it was back at Toronto and eat if you invest in pressure and and who has to do what. The pressure is now on the Bruins because you pointed out the other are your seed their. There are more expectations. And the way they started this series and you know of these that not that these Maple Leafs tonight. The young. That the 1991. Northstar is that what lakers barely 500 sub 500 team. That had no pressure and made it all the way the cup final it's I think Pittsburgh at the Pittsburgh got the Pittsburgh beat the Bruins in the world conference finals. It's four games to two. And with that that was the Bob Johnson no brief fight called on the professor of buddhism and all that. And so he got a situation here where yes say though that may police. To a degree a plane and house money but they are a 105 point team with high expectations but the Bruins have higher expectations. They get up the home ice advantage. And Andy got 88 team that would play outstanding hockey all season. So the pressure is on the Bruins winning game six at that if it was that game then. That's a whole different scenario here. And the pressure is back on Tuukka Rask to and we know sooner gotten finished reading that a round of ruins columnist with that seem to get hitters see a look at what he did in game four look at how good that was just got finished reading that. That round of columns from the Bruins pressed the Bruins. Beat card beat writers and columnists and everybody else. And then he faces thirteen shots thirteen shots. Last night for them get past him including a couple I mean the one that was glove side where he's got his glove out images. It just goes the parts go for a privately he's not seeing it and he said after the game he could have made were saved his eyes closed and that. Feels like hyperbole in some senses it's nonsense is doesn't he was that that. I can't pretend that you know bank like a goaltender in NHL goaltender. But. How do you go from where he'd been to where he was. Is it is it is it terrorist. But he him. He's played a lot of games with was he saw or was he. The so you know this heat some some in some of those plays he kind of got senate that's one through a map of what with a stick. That that that was moron. It Tara Mac avoid that that was more on the defense that it was but an American boy at bat. Yeah he scored twice at their money I say they'd their three times the money as it was a bad night but it's still a call three goal tended to stand up let's in his head as they say. It didn't. And any else that was sakes it just wasn't a good game for him but we agreed you and I sitting here on Sunday morning in Brighton. That dole was not the answer for game six. Oh yeah. I paid I have no problem with Cassidy pulling him in that spot I agree that's moved close Julianne never would have made he let Tim Thomas got seven goals against a lightning in that back up front. But I had no problem with polling. Rask in that spot because he was that bad now you'll go to Anton who don't and that's the the panic move that you don't make because you look at. What did happen in game four as much I'm sort of chiding the the Bruins columnist who did the whole round of get a finger wagging at the Tuukka Rask haters and see look how good he can be they're not wrong. That is how good he can be and I think you ride that in in game six and hope you get something. Donate your kids I help with Nazis and Abbott scientists respectfully but the late great Steve Harris. Longtime hockey writer Martha died just a few months ago. He is up there and press box hockey haven't beaten he's wagging his finger right now because he. I remembered. Early in the season when there was that golden Todd and and Cassidy was dropping little hints about Ali is and I wrote a common though it's not gonna build and buy heady feel about being you know chance that. And Steve Harris was like. Well. And he was not buying and he was not behind at all Rask is the goal. I gray basket our goalie and he should be games then I quizzed this Sunday skate fellows. Early this morning is on the make sure they were on the same page that you cannot. You can not change eagle is at this point so but people are saying it people were tweeting it the the it was it was on their radar this morning so it has to be addressed. 6177797937. Who's you starting goaltender in game six or should appeal let's go to Maddon Springfield next on the Bruins while Matt. And I think they might and so obviously we're going to go and since I don't think there's any question about that no matter how that played. Let's let loose. But. I called just to say I think we're in big trouble we lose in six. I said that I senator Gilani be rolled his eyes I did romance yes. But body so real quick like called military got an initial sort of be really quick back a couple years you'll in the Bruins came back and that 41 deficit against me at least. Need about bodies were surrounded the TV in every single Democrats feel that we are gonna come back I don't know what it was but then. One Goldblum 42434. Or eclipse where we're actually go back listening to well our corporate insurance. But I get actually saying that like how how awesome that gamers. Did you notice that a couple minutes about this I don't know if you are listening but. Did you get the sense. That you see you had your buddies we are the Springfield. OK so let's bring peerage around the TV and my recollection of that team without looking up the specifics I was at the game Chris was at the game you when you boys were watching the game of the Springfield. That the Bruins took the act team all right they rose to the occasion and they answered the belly of the cliche one. It wasn't is that the Maple Leafs will into the fetal position and gave up that's my read on that as is is that yours. Yeah pretty. OK stop right there because last night the maid police wish he would need to gain the browns. Yeah. I think we should score 70 yeah that's my point that's one point the maple leaves. With the with the bad penalties it's like it was a bullet up the police are you dead center of the event and doing. Eric can amount you wanna do it. Me one for six on the power play and that's what let let's say that the the doomsday scenario does happen they lose game six go back to game seven where yes anything can happen. They lose game seven the level of frustration. Losing this series to eighteen that I feel they are clearly better than when you look at me they hit four post. In game three and Freddie Anderson has the make. 42 saves or whatever was it makes 42 saves last night. The opportunities they've had a number power play opportunities they had after the power play scored five times the first two games this would be equal. Oddly frustrating first round loss and now it's the deceit of the game ended and has a little scrawled on the boards. The game's over. And and it has passed it just kind of reached headed home just like you know. Just shove this by open palm into the SATA guy said just pushed it yet. And and like all right and then you know clearly it's news. As I like that mark marsh and had 121 of these Sony all that is going by skating down all of touting yeah. Well all that. It see what happens in game it bothers me because I don't like stupid martian tricks. I just know it until I put on. To me is infuriating. Because every time he's on the ice. I just don't wanna do Salt Lake something like knots and congregate where it's you do something selfish reckless that then. Potentially take you out for game two games in three games or whatever. And now you're in trouble is when your top six boards a game was over it that's when it's I have to have some fun mumbled boys will be boys but I mean it's like you're you'd realize what appears to be just one I've. So on the mat I wouldn't I don't mind opening games over the united in not gonna have a two minute minor. Going into game six because pass and it pushed you know yet pushed a guy's head in game five so at that. John in the car next on the goalie change when John. You know it's it's funny you mentioned with the whole country at large ship. Did you seek concrete cross check the rough and I had written a break up muscles. And yet I was pretty clear to I mean it was they they've made contact on the boards in the right after that you could see a lunged forward with a stick I mean that was pretty pretty textbook. As cross check. In an Atlantic all I admit I will be surprised at the lead up as compliment finds it. You know they're not gonna suspend. Be you know you know me police fans are gonna say they're gonna say show that the replay of marsh and skating by. And doing the day hits in the back and head and they would say the same thing the players say they are all accounts like that little tap what mark below that now. So just timing knows the system due to a guy like it was. I'm not a Smart play ominously now has changed yet exactly what was supposed to do. But what they have a shot what's the Medicare and six shots or seven. Almost thirteen with twelve. Minutes and it and it. In particular advocate we try to. I I don't think. That Iran had a sustained attack. On Russia for more than fifteen seconds Appalachian from ransom note there is no way they're gonna stay put into the open and we rats. To me has earned the right to lead the series if it Pete loses its aggression goalie parliament that point. I've never quite heard it put that way he has earned the right to lose this year I agree with that now I have to oasis that clever phrase Knology. Then there's no way idiot on Dohmann. Expect the light but deserves to play against you if you look at what calling a goalie and and giving me they are offering a quote proverbial jump start of the team that's exactly what happened last. Yeah and that's why I I'd like to them a and it's something again that I don't include Julianne does Alley close would have done that that spot I'm going back to again the run by Tim Thomas. In 2011 where he had some games particularly when against Tampa where he couldn't stop anything in the ages. Kept them out there is that's your goalie and that's your right he did the same thing to go when he was the guy. That was in net but I like that moved from Cassidy did spark the team it did seem to. You change things up enough that he gave them an opportunity to win I thought it was a good coaching move at that point. All of that said. He's still gonna go to go to games and it's not city and it's an eight funny way to put it by Johnny Wright yet are in the right to lose the series. Not enough they always is LB likes to say not but nothing but. Think it would given doc Emmerich oxygen necking was over. I love doc. Q is slight like that Tommy again he was just going nonstop. To get a hole. What the visions. Beaten you know I'm I'm doing TV throughout radio play by play. And heat policy good. Remembered during one of the and one of the lockout to guess the most recent one. Doc camera was calling it mean any any hockey game that he would colleague called you know juniors games I've got to be the juniors gamer college gamer or something. But he was calling a hockey game in good buddy of mine. Jason the nanny who went to its turkeys with his very accomplished play by play guy in his own right with ESPN he's the TV voice of the White Sox. He was doing a game was college game is like Cornell or somebody the next night and the night before doctor market had them just because doc ever looking for something to do. There's no professional hockey happening so. What the hell he's gonna call this game. And Jason saint mean to you gotta be kidding me I've got to follow dot camera now. Like these people were listening to Cornell hockey whatever was who now organ elicited meeting or listen to dock Emmerich on how to weigh. Possibly follow that guy. Because he is he is Beckett I mean that's not a position you wanna be eighty's like I wish I had a Friday night game and Aegon dot camera on Saturday nights they just forget about me rather the comparing me. To this guy who's the probity of the best probably that has ever call box. This is this is not a reflection and Dave O'Brien is obese a very good friend of mine and I love the guy. It's not a reflection on baseball because my credentials as a baseball as a seemed had a well established. Having said that. I'm homeless night and I watch the Bruins game. And the game ends in this little little score on the past and it shows that guy at. Right that's that and I switch over the rats in its a no hitter yeah it's a no hitter going on at all it and you go from. Pentagon has shot saved via VoIP get all that Edison says again the two won it up all dives down and out three and one half here's the pitch as well outside ball to end Mike. It's just a whole different. Different world going yeah play a hockey to April regular season baseball. Even with a no hitter on the line who says it was just different. 617779793. Settle get more your phone calls coming up on the Bruins heading into game six would you wanna seeing goal after. Adobe has made game appearance last night in game five also let's get to between now 1 o'clock Sports Radio WEEI. Chris baloney. Had it tonight. Soon look Anton is very good for us. Then there's those that part of yes it is the rescue teams have. It's both one measure. Percentage of each. Concluded I thought it was song was a couple. As Bruce Cassidy after the Bruins 43 loss to the Maple Leafs last night talking about pulling through the wrath for 1036 left. In the second period basically write the middle of the game put in time Philbin. Back in there. First. Stanley Cup playoff experience vertigo and by the way into the felt pretty well. Didn't give up any more goals I would have been looking layman's question there from cast we agreed yes. Wasn't my god you wanted to through fires back in half. In half ivory and it's almost like you know which you're saying about out score earlier. I understand that coaches managers would every EUU wanna have your guys' backs and you want to guys more importantly. In the dressing room locker room clubhouse whatever repeal lightbulb Caroline and act in about before sayers were asked me I was outstanding exactly. Don't you know don't pee down my leg and tell me it's raining basically you know when word that's you don't do. Horrible segue but you know what I capable manages this is that I'm in Francona does this. Is when you talk about eight pitchers bad pitch. That he threw a slide a cut too much of the plate. That that Izzo is isn't very into septic way of saying it was a crappy pitch in. He threw away slighted that caught too much of the play one of the ball down stayed out there and now it was a crappy pitcher. It was a crappy pitch and then there's the hole. Like win win in the Sakhalin buckled seemingly every start. It's lit up to set outings it's lit up to shut out innings and then Farrell would say that he really settled down a third innings that it real word magical. Implicate him. And it's this it's it's it's it's almost demeaning to the player. The guy knows he played a horrible game. And if you're. Driving home from the ballpark and you get the radio on and you hearing the manager. Extol your virtues. Pissed. With a nine point crap. I don't think Rask to go rest needs Cassidy to say oh he played great buddies want to shake things up don't just call what does. There and and I think you also demean the fans people aren't so do customers. They look they guarantee there wouldn't give that understand product anybody that while I was at a party last night in in Winthrop and watching that game without 120 or thirty other people in the room. Everybody regardless of their level of hockey acumen prior to that game could understand that things were not going well for the Bruins a big part of it was the guy in net. And you've got to make a change at that point any did. And Cassidy sums it up perfectly Rask doesn't have it. And there's also the idea of sending a message to everybody else that like. I'll pull black guy the guy that was the the hero in game four that was unbelievable game for one of the reasons we won game four I'll take him out. Two nights later because he does inhabit the rescue better shape up to. And they play a better look it was it was certainly there was that big element is as we talked about before Toronto trying to he and it back to them. But they also generated their own opportunities and that's in game six possible and this X Anton ego and put him out there. Air Canada Centre. Man what a spot that would be for him obviously happened a second playoff. Appearance. Starting at that would be elimination game to game six in Toronto. That's it was with the team. In eleven when they won the cup correct. Two grass though the building was emulate the third goalie in canning and around I'd have to add to double check and I remember I was in being cool over. And they do this thing went all the players who don't who didn't dress was there. What that tradition is they will be down the dressing room in dress so they can be on the ice for the cup presentation. So I remember we were coming down. When the press box hoop walking on this long hallway to get to the dice. Is everyone who won the ace afterwards and all the players who had not dressed that night. Were world like walking with CU's with the franchise. I usually use with about Providence Bruins as a what you got now in 2011 ENT a time with the Boston Bruins right that sees I believe it is when the French I believe that he was walking down the hallway with us. In in in the unit in full uniform. You know I'm sure you have all that stuff underneath but just just to be that's that thing they do where all the players they so they can all be part of it and and which which is along with the way things are around one. Yet he broke it because there aren't you go to Carolina or that candidate where you are gonna. Oppression like in 2005. And played India are different leagues get it cut a copy with the wild back in 20092010. Then came to the Bruins and yet I went to the hurricanes for awhile. I spent some time but the ducks. As well and then circled back to Boston after a 20152016. Countries. Classic goalie stuff right there. That's classic goalies that Tim Thomas who rendered sometimes. And look at all the different teams he played for. All the teams he bounced around with before we settle with the Bruins HL in Europe in this and that the other thing and that's classical stuff that's like being the backup catcher in baseball. The bill and broken the Saskatoon blades. The WHL that has US economy goes Saskatoon lake so many before him. Yet played Russia played Nikkei HL players in the EC HL. The HL. And Indian eight. But in the NHL but now we should not be the goalie rats will be back in their in game six against it. 6177797937. Gets more called the 11 o'clock hour we'll circle back to the Red Sox as well and he. If hot topic the popped up at that ended this past week and wanna get Steve Buckley spots on will do that next. A lot of embark with you till 1 o'clock sports hernia WB yeah.