Chris Villani - Danny Ainge is taking a big risk trading the No. 1 pick 6-18-17

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Sunday, June 18th

Hour 1: Chris Villani breaks down the pending trade between the Celtics and 76ers.


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Father's Day to allow all the dads grand dads and everybody out there are Sports Radio WEEI. Chris aligning with you for about two hours little bit more than that. Taking up to Red Sox pregame and that talk a lot of Celtics of course in the next couple of hours we will get to a little bit Red Sox mixed in his well. As we get set for the rubber match between the Red Sox and the Houston Astros the best team in baseball. And what is I think and fairly big start. For David Price at least is these starts go about a third of the way through the season but will be heavy Celtics today after the trade getting your thoughts on it and simple you make it comes out I think two categories. And CSN any. Who I'm sure work collectively debrief will call them CS and any because they were so excited about the number one pick I can only assume. And it's been a dark day a sad day a lot of tears a lot of hugs a lot of bustle thoughts and prayers. Going to allow all our good friends in Burlington very disappointed about that number one pick going away. But it comes down to something that that they tweet it. And it's one of two camps that looks like I do you hate the deal. We trust indeed change. Because it seems pretty clear that mark L fault was thought of an aide Steve teen youth to be gone out the number one guy in this draft the best player. Maybe not by a landslide maybe not in eighth old Ron asked category. Anthony Davis as category were you look at this guy and say he's a generational transcendent superstar. The general consensus is he's the best. So if you trust India any age you feel like there's something else happening here or a better fit or for some reason. You can stomach the idea the Celtics treating way this pick and not getting mark L fault or you think it's a bad deal. So which category falling into 617779793. Sevens the phone number to jump on board. On the tax line 37937. On Twitter and Chris baloney 44. I'm in the latter category and it's not just the tres Bien Danny Ainge this is kind of a tough one for me because. It goes against you basic principles and I have when it comes to team building number one is that. In the draft. Especially the NBA draft but in drafts in general. When your in the first round and you're picking high in the first round he peaking at number one is the obvious extreme of that. You take the best guy you worry about. Exactly how he fits or exactly how he might relate in terms of the other positions you have on the floor later. Just take that as Jack. Who's the player happier that you want as party your team and is maybe a quarter Stoney your franchise in the second point in this or dubbed tales from the first. Is it if you feel like you have these guys. In other words to guide to can maybe change the direction your franchise for the next ten years. Well then you don't think twice even if there is a huge copper a landslide of picks is Kennedy Jimmy drop below corollary or college. If you feel like you have that guy they could maybe change your franchise for a decade even if the moon and the stars are thrown your way. You pass up on it because you feel that confident about this player being worked issue worth paying and some of the chips are some of the assets that you could. Acquire later. And I'm kind of going against both of those trends here in the siding with Danny and John as I do feel the faults is based on everything. That has been written the experts and whatnot they tip keep alert arts and outsold experts are sold and up on faulty he's probably the best player in this draft. Why. When you look at Danny Ainge passing on him. That tells me that he's not viewing him as bad as transcendent superstar you'd be better than Josh Jackson. Even if he's better than Jason Tatum even if he's better the lawns a ball. He's not the franchise changing player if he was I nineteen means making this kind of move. And I also feel like and it's worth trusting Danny Ainge comes in. This is part of something larger. And back could be. Spinning this draft pick into more picks to trade down than packaging that for veteran star. It could be adding for the sake of a name let's say Josh Jackson. To put more or ace goes by Joshua now so Joshua Jackson perform putting him in that front court. To make somebody like Jae Crowder or Jalen brown more expendable remember that was part of holed up in a possible Jimmy Butler deal that was talked about last year at least according to reports. Celtics unwillingness to part with either one of those guys will now. You could have the opportunity to do that because your deeper at that position yet. More swing man you've got more depth at that position either the rear of the war depending upon how your. Said situated your line up at a particular moment and you can make that kind of the deal. Or. You're looking at the acquisition of a guy like Gordon Hayward to supplement the scoring with Isiah Thomas. And they need to get Jackson is the more NBA ready defense of player and that's the one thing consistently. It going by scouting reports at least going by the experts. It seems to be pretty universally agreed upon the Jackson is defensively an NBA ready player. And when you look at what the Celtics need scoring another score more rebounding help. And I ate a big thing especially in the post season. Somebody to help nasty the defensive deficiency. That is Isiah Thomas. Is Jackson better situated just using him as a name not saying he's going to be the guy but he jacks and a better fit. To do that right away if you think you're gonna. At a guy like Gordon Hayward. And supplement the scoring that way. And airport don't need the kind of offense I write a way to mark helpful to connect and then all of this falls under another umbrella. Let's not pretend that a team has a lot from Celtics fans over the past 24 hours and I'm not sure which gets him back to wage and with having the number one pick. Or if people are really that's sold on March helpful to if you're really that's old mark helpful I get you just buying into what people are telling you I'm sorry but I don't believe. That most people in the Greater Boston area were spending a lot of time watching Washington games over the course of the year I wasn't. They won nine games I had no interest in them whatsoever. And they weren't on television all that much and it really seek them out. Or you watch the five minute highlight on YouTube where. If it's it's crazy. In those YouTube highlights. Players never me shots it's it's unbelievable it's almost like they just pick the best moments in order to cast player in the best possible light. Maybe people are that sold on alt I don't now. But there does seem to be this this idea. Over the past day or less than a day over the past twelve hours the Celtics are somehow mark helpful to way from being. That team from being able to compete with Cleveland in Golden State. They always a way they're more than just one piece away and I think the Celtics and Danny Ainge understand that. And yes just did he draft all does that mean your Don he could still at a Gordon Hayward he could still put more pieces on this team to get them closer to Cleveland. But one thing that we do is evident in the post season is Golden State and as everybody else has a big drop off one to 2 in the Eastern Conference. There is a substantial drop off when you look at where Cleveland is and where the Celtics are and then where everybody else's there's now a lot of separation. I would argue between the second third four teams in the east. Celtics were the second best team in the east terms of the post season best team in terms of the regular season so there right there airing that conversation. But they are more than just mark helpful to elect. So I'm willing to wait and see a bit here and I guess I mean that's second category if I have to pick between just flat out heating the trade. Entrusting a big here in Danny Ainge I'm more the latter. More so trusting and any age even though it goes against some of my basic draft principles of just take the guy. If he you'd think he's your guy did he think he's transcending guy absolutely taken even a big time offers come your way. And I'll say this is I was a get the phone calls in just a moment 61777979837. I was on a year after the Red Sox game last night. And this news had just broken within maybe the previous ourself. The return. Has changed a bit at least the reports to return it changed a bit since I was on the air last night it seemed as though the Celtics were getting. Essentially 31 round picks. In exchange for the number one that does not appear to be the case at least from everything else we've seen since that it's two picks. That includes the swap the 31 swap and then I'll I'll go over again here to mention in turning now it's a big convoluted. These sixers Havel lakers pick next year that the Celtics will get. If it falls between 2.5. So this is a very specific protection. If it's 2345. The Celtics get a which can be fantastic pick if that's the case. If he doesn't. They get to king's Pickens when he ninety. And the Celtics are betting on the Sacramento Kings not being good basketball team the next couple years frankly. That seems like he ate pretty solid that my estimation. Are you guys are lined up point to weigh in on the straight 6177797937. Lifetime to do it. Up until Red Sox pregame Chris Forsberg by the white Is due to join me a little bit more than an hour from now. Let's get earnest though in the car he's up burst on the Celtics are Nesta what do you think of the deal. Because they don't let well I love this deal and they and I love everything that it is done since peaking year elegant. Gone back to doubt it is evidence when that deal for Ray Allen getting Kevin Garnett went I don't gain as another championship game seven locked in LA. No we didn't back out of the Eastern Conference finals and a schedule. I mean how can you. Anything he's done let's fire it and it at this point I'd agree with that I didn't think mark felt also was. A transcendent player a guy that we couldn't get out and let it it was at the numbers last year it earned nine. We have seen that he couldn't get the IKEA and we're not want. I know about it just an aura about them to get them into the NCAA tournament let alone and I see. I bent and Simmons I don't think it does the interest of being got examine our unity. Randolph county detention it and then you know find another but the point debts. Get a kid that played on the team that was down 2030 points pretty much in a regular basis I got a lot of points. It was their best player by far. But in the end I did in my eyes as well I think either Jackson or ball a better place. You must think so too I would hope that he did any guys. So I trust in the fact that don't already get that guy that he wants Turkey college action. But he's also getting it's like you said he their celebrity to it by next year or or to pick from Sacramento the following. Not to mention this don't have to let them pick next year and he's got the two young guys to actually opened got a great refusing got elegant. And it's it's. Coming into play in camp this year given. He's actually even get to Portugal to work wit yeah I can't I'm happy with the way in their connection will probably end up with. Anywhere in order not to take it to guarantee but in either put it anywhere or organic apple it. If Jimmy Butler art. Enormity thank you notes she'll wake up and away. Yeah something's gonna happen it's gonna add to this game that we are definitely worth this year and they were not what she thought they could not get actually went. It is not quite yet but am I am very happy with what he did absolutely under present are helpful what the answer is like not the same thing. Seattle now a lot lot in there earnest and I agree with and thank you over the phone call I think it kind of piggybacking off the last point that he made. About taking another step forward. We get to the Eastern Conference finals when you're number one seed Iva in a way. Teetered at number one seater whenever they still won more games in the regular C than anybody else in the Eastern Conference I don't Cleveland wanted to be they could have been number one seed Weber putting that aside. When your number one seed and you get to the Eastern Conference finals there's a feeling like you're very close. And at that AEU legitimate championship contender could be imminent. And I think that's a bit of an illusion when it comes to the Celtics they are close are much closer than they were a couple of years ago but. Even looking at this team we just after all season long throughout the course of the season. This group is not the group. It's gonna bring the Celtics back to legitimate title contention this is essentially eight at least holding a rebuilding team. When you have back and it's except from one of the four teams left. You can't help but look at it get excited and think boy he just add another player to maybe they can get to that point. I still think you with a Gordon Hayward and we'll say mark helpful to they kept that number one pick happy in Cleveland. Alice carrier ring gets hurt or something else happens LeBron gets hurt. And they're just not beating that team name like it'll closer in May be the series more competitive. But there is a big drop off and even then there's a big drop off between we're Golden State was this past year where Cleveland's. So I think it's difficult to preach patience. And I don't believe that it is or NASA does seem to get everything Danny Ainge has done is turned to gold I think you look at a pretty hit and miss. I track record when it comes to draft picks understanding many of those draft picks were further down. Middle of the first round and the first round things like that where it's a bit more of a crapshoot. And I understand the frustration where. Building up all these assets and it seems like never actually. Coming to the table and cashing in on these chips but these team. Is much closer to competing for a championship they are not all the way there and they're not just faltering and Appleton Hayward away from doing. And what does that mooted Paul George said he is an opt out it looks like he wants to go to LA I think that's a waste time at this point. Unless you can get him for a song and George is doing a lot try to. Kill his trade value. He's doing everything he can to make sure the pacers if they do move and get as little as humanly possible and return by. That seems like an avenue to be a waste of time peers have any interest in signing here. Or anywhere aside from in Los Angeles Lakers is at Butler is an anti Davis I don't think it's Davis this year. This coming year my gut is that. I said the two worlds pelicans will give the opportunity. I get an opportunity for Davison cousins to leak out one full season together and CIA and goes. He's got three years left on a deal. Maybe that's a possibility at some point down the road I think Danny Ainge is still playing along game. And it a lot of Celtics fans. Are are less patient than that or. At least feeling like the Celtics are closer than maybe even Danny Ainge feels they are. And I think that's all. Part and parcel to what we're talking about here in some of the thinking it goes into trading down in passing up on mark help bolts shot in Rhode Island at 6177797937. He shot. Earlier do well. I actually agree with you on the side like I personally have really been bad at history. It just aimed a lot of different options. Think up all that they now have in terms of text that they can. You are used to build for the future cut I agree with you that they're not going to be clean them more than that more than one piece away from that. So what bought these Texans are armed actors that required they can now either don't want to read they can use that was picked to help build for the future or. They can use those picked entry for a guy like Butler Davis hurt like you were saying. Just one point that I think is worth mentioning on the call Georgia an analogy hang up to decide. But that thing is what Paul George saying you want to go to Los Angeles and now this new rumor that. LeBron they want to go to Los Angeles obviously George abroad are friends and they loved playing together by. LA has those contracts of my job and anger ought to check the that pretty well I mean are kind of slim in my eyes so. You're not a cakewalk by which cannot take about player in the world report George. Yeah if it comes down to thanks for the call shot of the comes down to an either or between LeBron James and Paul George that's not even really conversation for the lakers. I don't. Maybe is the polish spot at it hard to believe the LeBron can leave Cleveland again. First of all the good people of Cleveland can't afford to keep dropping. What does it 150 box on LeBron jerseys every time they get one have to burn in the streets then have to get another one and he got a burnout one in the streets believes again. It is a cumbersome and expensive process and it would think he'd have more sympathy for the people of northeast Ohio. I feel like LeBron can play a while in Cleveland he's gonna go inch by inch here and maximizes earnings keep his options all open. But I think in my mind he's gonna stay high in playing Cleveland for I probably shouldn't say that because LeBron has shown. He he's one of those interest in sports characters and that he really seems like he he wants to be loved and has a strong desire to be loved yet very often. Takes actions whether it's on the court the way that he plays the way that he flops the stupid expressions that he makes. The fact that he left Cleveland in the first place the way that he did it it's better it's better he does so many things that ran contrary to what he seems to truly want which is to be. I somebody who's like to embraced. Now you start about finals appearance has finally that was not championships commonly misunderstood or at their eight finals appearance with only three titles. Not to make until LeBron thing but at the point is that that shot was making that may be Paul George going to Los Angeles. I even though he's interest did they may have other plans they may be looking at LeBron. Not possible. Like if that's the case you're addressing that in free agency going forward into the Guidant when he 1819. Season. If he can opt out summertime when he team so that's a free agent option I don't know that the Celtics would be looking at it. Making a deal bringing him in this year. Giving up whatever Indiana would want understanding it's not gonna be fair value because he said he's opting out. And then rolling the dice on what Los Angeles is doing in terms of roster construction in what LeBron decides to do in the offseason I just don't think you're doing that unless they can get him. Really on the cheap. And I don't know the Celtics will will find themselves close enough to make back kind of deal may be some other team does in the op seasonal Western Conference team. I held maybe it's it you know a team like clippers somebody that they can afford to just take him on perhaps a season make a run at a championship. Whoever it might be. But I don't know that's an avenue it's likely to play after the Celtics aren't. Taking your thoughts on the trade 6177797937. I hate they worthwhile exercise to run through the draft picks the Celtics do have coming up so we can do that get to more your phone calls and one important piece. They even as I'm backing. Chris colliding with you up until Red Sox pregame tonight. On a Father's Day edition Sports Radio WE yeah. Future here and there are no sleep till Brooklyn address him directly and any changes to get his sleep because the history of the number one. Kyle the loser producing this afternoon Chris Lonnie with you up until Red Sox pregame Chris Forsberg Joins the show and an hour. Be right back to your calls momentarily at 6177797937. I quickly public text here at 37937. From Rhode Island for me more swings of the bat we get a lottery better chance to getting a superstar so now you trade down get two shots of the top five plus. You get another I nets pick in that's. You look at the overall haul here that depicts the Celtics have to get Philadelphia's first this year. Next year the Celtics led their first in Brooklyn's first unprotected. Potentially. LA's first debates 234. Or five so it's great pick that's not number one then you'll have the lakers first round pick as well. And then it when he nineteen I'll have their first the clippers burst the grizzlies first and you could also have the kings' first AF. The Celtics don't have the lakers. First round pick. So he got all that. 11 round pick this year up to three next year two of them date could be fantastic six. It could be vote top five picks. And then either three or four picks the following year depending on how things play out ends depending upon whether. Danny Ainge makes a few more deals as our great tweet today. I for KFC bar stool Allen is number one dad mugs for Father's Day. And said Danny Ainge turned treated this much again for eight when he eighteen number three dad in a 2019 number four dad. That's that's what he does. And what can't you lost in all of this. And Allen make this point before we get your phone calls we can't be lost in all of this is even for those who trusting again change. You have to would knowledge that this is one. Even with the resume that he is built up. It is a legacy maker or breaker for him. In a lot of ways know it does not completely erase the fact that he. I've made the deals that he did in in the summer 2007 and 2008 rather and and won the championship. No it doesn't raise the fact that even after they had sent move on from that Big Three. EU was able to put together and has been a put together another winner and situation the Celtics well ticket and again we're a lot of teams. Had failed to do that and toward languished either as lower third teams or. Kind of got up into the middle of the pack but no further Nazi give a lot of credit for what he's done. But you get the first number one pick. That the Celtics have had in decades you get the the first win in the lottery that the Celtics have ever had. You pass on that guy if folds is a twelve time all star. It's heading for Springfield Sunday. And the Celtics don't win a title out of all this mess. This'll be one that is a huge yell by. When you're talking about the any age his legacy and somebody wants her puterbaugh which sank yap had faults. Passed on him. I think you know the 600. ST. Out of that's gonna happen six is doing pretty could young core with some of the guys they may have to put together and amassed their let's get back your phone calls Wright's New Bedford is up next. On the ES Celtics this trading Danny Ainge got Russ. Hey I just wanted to point out that Golden State for the next three years there's. They're going to be unbeatable. I mean I hate save out but so I think aimed at looking okay what do we get all what do we get Hayward what we get a grip and mock up good you are we built beating Balkan state. Well you know. I think that he's looking long. Perhaps Golden State when no one area slowed down a little bit or find somewhere else. I think he's trying to accumulate as many chances of the law urgently terror and to build a scene after this award. We learned our crush by Golden State. So I mean he's Baldwin and saying I want the next day and you're not gonna get a bit of RD degree going to be cold today and I thought it happened it how could like even if you picked up. Two of the top ten players in the NBA. You know global actually had two of the top five looks great pomp and clots. During laundering. Good luck throughout I don't think that you booking part Baylor and thanks for the next year we can't beware what you think. Now I I think they had to put another way arrest I gained just playing a long game when Celtics fans are still are now in the mindset of of the short game. Price and watching. And kept a pipe here in the US open but. That's what they're thinking. I think a lot of Celtics fans are in the mindset of pay top 14. Eastern Conference finals. Close couple pieces after the there is a huge drop off in this great Roth hits the nail ahead there's a huge drop off between Cleveland everybody else in Golden State in Cleveland. And airport Golden State and everybody else. Let's not lose sight of the the dominance. That the warriors showed this year you've got through the post season and lose once. Won that game. That is dominance that the likes of which we haven't seen it go back to that they'd. Late nineties bulls. And a roster that again had multiple hall of famers on him with Jordan Dennis Rodman Scottie Pippen he kept for hall of famers on this warriors team. Two of the top five players in the NBA. The added arguably the second best player in the league at least. Very comfortably will say top five player. To a team that won 73 games the year before what happens you do that they win the title and they're not really challenged all that much on the way there. So what I do think there's something to it. Now the counterpoint to what I'm saying it arrest argument as well as if your long game one entrapped mark helpful and think five years down the line thing fault on the second contract. And that's where. Even with Danny Ainge looking not just this year but looking to three years down the line I I I think appears in another piece. That for some reason makes somebody like Jackson or somebody like Tatum a better fit. Andy Heyward might be part of this Buehrle you've Jackson's image before Jackson to help defensively. Some of the in a mass some of the things Isaiah Thomas just can't do especially in the playoffs when thomas' isolated picked on a little bit more. And you supplementary scoring with Hayward. The jacksons not a score he scored twenty Kansas he's not nearly the kind of effective shooting the mark help olds is he's more of that in transition guy. I you look at his YouTube highlight clip and frank you with a lot of games and there's a lot of scoring in transition. So we Jackson the struggle I think it necks levels can be can he get his own shot. If they were his fault I don't think there's that kind of a worry at least based upon. Some of the scouting reports some mark health falls much much less than I did Jackson. I'd deer and fox. I'm Kate on some of the other guys want a ball that played for better teams that played in the NCAA tournament than any post season play whatsoever but the broader point not to get away from the broader point the rest may that I think is is right on the money. This is a long game play Byrd for Danny Ainge pat Matta pointed out next go ahead pat. I armed. Audited reports I agree or if elected he. Builder for any forward or not. And I don't think that the ball long term or short short term I think the Celtics very uniquely positioned to do both. And yet competitive district and right now while you're not blockage in the future I think it's open water get. It'll stocked full look transformer to Blair he'd eat peaking and he recaptured put a long term. Clearly I think our and I think it's a letter you look at it saying OK there's nobody like that it has strap or maybe at the Iranian look very. Yeah and then we're gonna be in position a year from now you just put her particular packet together. Anthony Davis or whoever else. I think there's some into that pat and in the Davis what is intriguing. Because. I do believe that there's going to be a year. Buffer that's given in New Orleans with Davis and DeMarcus Cousins for to work out. I don't think it's don't park Hogan put geek doesn't that it now. And we've seen superstars get restless when there in markets where they're not having a ton of success if there is more time. Or the Davis cousins. Pairing. In New Orleans and operatives championship very legitimate championship contender. Then. I there's a chance they date Davis may be little bit restless starts going down the Paul George rowdy doesn't Opel Paul George. As George did today reportedly. Telling the pacers hey I'm out once I contracts done. By the the ability to make a trade the ability to make that kind of deal. Gets big gets easier and you can put something crazy to gather the bunch a first round picks. Because the pelicans are saying Iraq a win at this combination we got to try to reset and go from there. I think that's 888 possibility. I also think there's something they'll line of thinking that the pelicans will fire everybody they have to deal and get rid of anybody. Whether it's the coach GM ball boy. Wire their fans whoever the hell they can fire and try to put people around Anthony Davis and make that the absolute last avenue I think it would take Davis. Getting frustrated. And not wanting to stick around I do think it's possible the after waiting year. And that goes back to media idea I know it. Pat them like this this term I guess but he goes back to idea for me Dini and playing one game brining in North Attleboro on duty to his legacy guard Bryant. A guard who won't. Yes so I want to get your current you've said. To any changes legacy will beat. Cut bread in it basically comes down to its origin and age let our. And it becomes a legend and I'll also never heard and conducted disparate group use it. I happen. Unions will be looked on past this is a failure in a legacy will be harder correct. Yes this will be a huge hit to his legacy if he passes on the first number one pick the Celtics getting decades. And you end up on the wrong end of Joseph Barry Carroll for Robert Parish and Kevin McHale yes. Okay well the only ones and I hate that I don't believe it was because. Williams leads. Brooklyn so that pixel. It's greedy when it's not like weak link and he got the pick any current bid. And he had to scratch and claw or at and he didn't opt out easily this is. A it I mean it could yeah. Brockman cute kid that couldn't so I just don't think. I mean it. Jackson turned out to be eight blocks and he's got a league like older more than a few years and holes in news. I mean that next Michael Jordan. And maybe I can say OK I think he screwed up like I don't think that we had. Whole week leaked report to their back just brokered it doesn't matter he did so well to get that correct. A bit the I you're just a ram I pushed back to that is that the pick is nothing and let you turning into something so. If you're looking at all of these picks and I agree it would be policing was he once I did. You've got to be kidding me trade that the Celtics pulled off but still the polling in deciding this is Danny Ainge. Is sitting at the craps table play and Wear for house money and hey let's let it ride see what happens that if we that doesn't work out. No big deal I used to turn those picks into something. And amp I get the opportunity for a number one pick. And LA and generally and Danny side you're aware I'm saying is if if this blows up in his face. This will be a huge hit to a guy who's got on balance a very good legacy very very very good legacy of team building here in Boston. Well I think. Right now but for the throughout our picket these teachers say that not knowing what you're gonna beat. And not knowing what. And Jackson oatmeal. That's huge I think when it's also gone yet courier bag holder over I think that could be very similar so I think dignity being trader daily he would rather get. To warn you rather have depicted. In the picked search year and he thinks that there's been no. A similarity between that sue. That's not giving up act that want to hold generation player. I'm an end up at that point at Bryant absolutely agree with an I think in general we agree here re part company is maybe. What could be on the line here or the idea that those Brooklyn picks because they were so. Unexpected did you get that good of a return. Our our. Ari house money situation he's gonna make something out of doesn't mean you make the picking keep the pick and keep the player doesn't mean that. Any of what they do now is in this number one pick in two. A three pick it becomes. Part of the future championship caliber team or they're putting together that package for Anthony Davis down the line. Or what ever they are doing. This is the kind of move that needs to hit there there are certain decisions. In the in the lifetime of the general manager. You think 2011 when the Red Sox unloaded. The guys that they unloaded you don't think of the the the many moves. The Bill Belichick is made granted Belichick's legacy of winning. And legacy of being right the vast vast vast majority of the time. Protects in the big here insulates in the day. But there are certain moves that you make you've got to be right. Say to trade your entire draft for running back he better be damn good you've won a Super Bowl you know these are the types of things these are the types of moves that you. You can make them. And he may agree with them on first guest is Brian does and as I am inclined to. Well you better be right because otherwise there's going to be out of some guy named Hadley or Taylor Richard Jacque we're all the guys that are waiting on hold again we'll get your phone calls coming up. We're going to be able to read but somebody's building up the deity Angel legacy twenty years from now a bar stool and say yeah but. He passed on bolt how'd that work out. All your phone calls coming up Hadley Taylor rich JK -- quick break we get right to you Blondie with you up until Red Sox pregame talk Celtics. Talking trader Danny and the number one pick that is no more sports hernia WEEI. But our data. And I saw the cards to be almost always it was going to be us right right before when you know some people. About twelve. What it was you know fortified with the kids. Wake goes back. The united lottery and the Celtics got the number one pick I'm excited about it. I think also revealed that this whole number one pick thing they can also revealed that the people have just an innate love of winning. Hearing we're giving away something is simply took the Red Sox tickets Celtics tickets of some good. It could prize I used to work at a small radio station in Vermont we have some good prizes from time to time sometimes a BB. A couple of tickets go to movies or something a book that you will never read. There's. Cover band of the YouTube cover Vander something I'm Joshua shrub has planet higher grounds gonna be great. These these crappy prizes but they're free we give away people would Colleen just for the thrill of winning something. And it's got so happy he's Colin number seven you go to see this band you like and now I've never heard of before okay fantastic I'll have a good time. And just I think just the feeling of waiting. Winning the lottery was a huge. Moment for Celtics fans of the text or asked about the history of number three draft picks. And without going year by year licking at the specific number three pick I did look and find this pretty quickly. And L direct actor calls a promise to see all lined up there six times. The number one pick has been traded pre draft only six times in history we know about wine the Celtics 1980 Joseph Barry Carroll. They ended up getting I Kevin Mikhail that was three pick out Robert Parish back in the deal worked upper while the Celtics. All the six times. Only one team. Has really treated the number one pick in live to regret it in I was 1986. The sixers treated Brad dory. They cavaliers for Roy Hinson was gone in two years Torre was a good player by. Not a aid sensational player hall of Famer use heard a lot op lady seasons but he is an all NBA guy once he made a few all star teams acquire. So that was one where the sixers are probably like to have it back you look at the other ones one is the Celtics here chuck share in 1950. Treated him got bill charmed back he and ended up halt claims that one worked out while the Celtics Rochester royals dealing hot rod Hundley I'll spare you some of the details by. The royals ended up getting to hall of fame players that played parts of their careers. In Rochester because of that deal in 1957. More modern day I guess you'd say 1993 to Chris Webber swap. Magic had the number one pick they ended up with Penny Hardaway. Went to four All Star Games three time all NBA guy remember what this was so my earliest NBA watching days watching Penny Hardaway in and Shaq. In their early years I and dynamic combination than the most reached a run at one is Indra wigand's. This morning worked out pretty well both ways I don't know the cavaliers necessarily regret. Dealing weakens but the only one that's pretty clear cut failure. With 1986. It's a small sample size it doesn't happen often most times you take the pick and make the pick. By. Only 1986 and he really regret it 1987 act utilize it to permits Ellison first overall at team regretted attempt. There regretted not treating the number one pick in that case at least a twister up next on the Celtics who crystallize handling. Pay attention to it to Michael Brown. I so obviously the point has been made or not read them by other callers on end result that. Any playing a long game which I agree with what did the short game as well that I mentioned committed prior called to the station it's. NBA you look at teams like Milwaukee and so adelphia. Com law first adult personal players like Greeks freak. Benson and competed and don't let up in coming. And throw away you know Golden Tate was Kevin Durant being able to handle all you gotta tread Mark Green it was personal. I think any danger also trying to build achieved. To be able to coordinate in and the way that belief is going. I'll wait longer personal players. Up all the open ports are yeah Jalen brown already you have Jae Crowder if you Josh Jackson or Jonathan Isaak that's an additional. That it Atmel. I'm auditing years people keep talking about how far away from Cleveland we are. Latch on tribute final what the team that lacked depth. If sweetie have a little bit its weakest literally play 129. And had 69 B. Good players who can make shots in the sand you have a better chance you don't have to beat top heavy to be Cleveland I think you could be done. It's you won nine and then the next hurdle is. Being able to compete against Golden State. Yet and that's a pretty big early look at how far away Cleveland was angry Cleveland did lacked depth. And that was something that it was part of what bit them in that Golden State series part of it is the warriors beat so much better. I there are a lot of teams that are building around those athletic swing men and after you get past the first couple's spots in the draft here. When you look at somebody. Like a Jason Tatum Josh Jackson fits this mold you mentioned Jonathan Isaak the kid from Florida State whose 611. Like can be a small forward type. Lori marketing and who's not even really as a senator he's a piece the basket kind of guy despite being seven footer the game's been training in that direction for awhile now. But point guard play still matters I don't completely discount the idea of drafting bolts being going away from where the NBA's. In the play guys like staff Carre. In in Klay Thompson pouring a backward. Some really carrier Irving what a difference maker he is in Cleveland I don't know that I fully agree with that. By say yeah I mean that the depth point by Cleveland I think really stood out especially in the NBA finals tailoring Covington up next to Taylor. And Taylor. You're on the air but guide. Oh yeah so in my poignancy that it seems to be any changes kind of differing. A couple of years. Com and by not doing with the number one overall pick China may keep some financial flexibility were. I don't know the particular free agent class in mind or particular trapped class where you want at a minute by that apple patent. And where he's trying to orbit creating claps were you trying to act. The assets to go yet a particular guy bombed. And I think maybe you think that coincide with the confidence and results for the warriors window kinda close. Yeah I think there's something to the idea of waiting out this warriors cavaliers strangle hold up at the top I think there's something to that. And if you look at just the way the picks are stockpile now you can about the four and when he nineteen maybe that's a class he's looking at these are guys are gonna be high school junior high school seniors this year. So. I wanna get too much into projecting what a seventeen year old kid is going to be mark help all students start. At the varsity level wrangling his junior here really become that guy until he came to Washington it's really in the past year. Were poll says rocketed up the top of prospect listened and gotten up to the point where he's been consensus number one pick and probably will be a number one pick on Thursday. By the overall. I think big picture look here for Danny Ainge is impart. Thinking about the landscape how far they are away from Cleveland how far they are away from Golden State going back that whole concept of a long game. And whether a particular draft class or particular free agent class. It seems pretty clear they Danny Ainge came into this week and he didn't think they were mark help all the way. From putting themselves into legitimate contention I agree with that. So you're gonna trade down you're gonna build a little bit more cash savings which was referenced there is somebody can't be completely overlooked you do save some money. I not drafting number one by taking the number three pick if they make that number three pick and don't trade down again. So I think a lot of these different factors going to our relief for breaks a Jake ritual get to you after quick time out here to trending. 61777979837. I want to open all minds can grab now get your calls coming up. We'll stay on the Celtics will mix in some Red Sox a little bit later on Chris Forsberg about a half hour from now. It's on his spots what might be any gains in the Celtics have been mined here in the big picture. Well might be due on Thursday night we'll talk but all that next hour review crystal are here till Red Sox pregame Sports Radio WE yeah.