Chris Villani - Red Sox rumor mill heating up - 11-11-17

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Saturday, November 11th

Rumors about the Red Sox engaging in early talks with the Marlins for slugger Giancarlo Stanton is the big topic of hour 2 of the program. Chris talks about what a potential trade might look like, and other options the Red Sox may have in free agency. Villani also recaps a strange story where ex Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett has gotten himself in trouble.


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6177797937. I'm sure we're. EEye dot com. Second hour Gilani with until 5 o'clock sports hernia WEEI 617779793. Sevens the phone number it by the way we got a number of suggestion that the text line Jack. For the most pathetic sports city now. Some good ones here Minneapolis. No title since 91 after that. Techsters from Connecticut that's a beautiful place is Twin Cities are very very nice nice people to very friendly like that big mall. Very large mall the mall was out there. Went to other places and checked out some of the things but it announced that mall which is kind of odd that the one thing that you would definitely do when you went there. I new York and Billy boat big markets long drought at this point the Yankees and giants won titles in the 2000 so. That one wife holds up Philadelphia. I was like Philadelphia and now we are fine you know at the error eight. The resonate to be Marlins are the raise rather. You're after the Marlins York that the Yankees won somewhat recent 91 a little bit better but drought. And Dallas. Dallas Yan mavericks beat the mavericks are the most recent he had still fairly recent though. In Texas and Detroit sucks adding that they're tired about sports in that case to animate him pointing out their fair ball below. Aimed Buffalo's only had two teams by. The bison when the internationally at any point does that count now thanks now. Oakland should but it a nickel state so their their Macs Seattle. But they have a Super Bowl two years ago. It's Seattle's. Recently been to a won the Super Bowl. San Diego. One team lot well not in more need is a blood boil and laughed yeah they had they'd lost their lots of football team that's a pretty good one right. I guess having a team forcibly removed from your status at all Seattle got back on board until. I mean they're a team forcibly removed as well lot forcibly date opted to leave. At Buffalo's pretty good one. Not a lot going on there it wings it's about it. Syracuse basketball and the closest they've come to a championship the last. Last thirty years at again dead in the had today that to get talent in their way they may think sports are fantastic. Cornell and Syracuse last night. I think he cares about the game he's won by like thirty as the nation. By Jimmy day I'm the son of Jim daytime. First basket of the game drains the three right in front of his dad. He's a forward for worn out. Scores the first five points of the game for Cornell against his old man sticks until one. He's when they recruit or that they can't act as there's a big difference between starting for the Ivy League which any gonna get a great education near two united Syracuse is a bad place to go to school say from experience I. The bigger swing going you know starting the Ivy League and and starting Syracuse. Wanna play for my dad either. I did an uncle kid is fine speculated that I have a level and I I thought that B I go to and though it does Exxon uncommon at all. I just. Got into an Ivy League school I can't really fault them for political witch Cornet. It's pretty stay close to home but it was a nice start for him an answer tees and steamer. You text you don't wanna get on the John Carlos Guillen around. Mentioning going JD about Martinez and scatter Eric Hosmer. A lot of people are looking to sort those lower cost options let's go to some phone calls on that 6177797937. Jim and lol. Next on the Red Sox in this report that the Steve talks again not had the agent. Fact you know like Chris I try albeit one that people says no to that trade. Names. You know I was telling near Australia. I want French somebody here who had and I do your part awarded in May in particular maybe it wouldn't share share. We are to get data for sure great individual stats they're regular seat oops can't. Pitched well in the playoffs. We are all hot Austria would do in the playoffs which pressure because he's all like a pretty much a long team and not intend. But okay can you hold it against them now I mean. Did this as a great hitter great power hitter I feel like he would probably do pretty well in post season spots which also got to get there and you know having the kind of power to get to the post season that things are holed against the and I guess Jim. I just don't know how would be one of. Well he inherited that we don't know you may be right trashy nature and I Indy show Betty that will have success. But would not attract wrecked it it shows that he has we all know and we everybody I've aren't certain shape and I give it. Put more hectic two years ago sorry. Price what you're gonna get into the playoffs while we did it hey he pitched well this year it is one game we get a win in relation. Spiral Paul Eaton. Terrible post season are well she grabs somebody like cause we re not sure Q there ain't. What and he had died issues total DKQ should be the Porsche in that championship situation. And I like bullet to negotiate controlled but it'll posh La. Into into diet at least a torrential our bracket I would love to go which can be even know they are tired talk put a better stats. I think we have a better shot it would and playoffs somebody like caused by. That ticket AG assaults the. Yes and let congress the gonna cost a lot of money twenty years old they thought to be quite scant money back after pay you know eighty terms of prospects going back. I just think while I understand especially after David Price the logic of if a guy he hasn't succeeded in the post season. That you should be a little bit it's we will squeamish about him but at the two big differences dumber one price had a track record in the post season a bad one. Stanton doesn't have to try to get that the opportunity you don't know. Where is price and I think some of David Price is playoff struggles are a little bit overblown but. He at least had something you can sort of sink you teeth into and say well look this is what this guy's done in the play opera opportunities he's had. As it is not and on a contending team on a winning team had that opportunity to have all these bats these opportunities adds it to succeed the plane so you don't know with Stanton. And the flip side this arch in his warmup probable Sandoval. He's a guy that was signed a large part. I would argue pretty much exclusively for the fact that he had a great post season track record that signing more so than price. Was an abject failure an absolute disaster. So I just think it's painting with too broad a brush to. Say well the guys men in the playoffs you don't want you to be eliminating a pretty talented class of players. At all investment levels the top dollar guys build dollar guys whatever if you just base them on the back they do happen to play crappy teams. There there are drawbacks to stand on the money is part of it at a trade form is a big part of it I understand all of that. Adding to invested in long term is part of it I just don't think I would hold that particular thing against the that's me Richard Providence up next on the Red Sox carriage. I Crist. We have gone along that same line. That I mean if we're we were able to it yet. Land GD Martinez. And Hosmer. I mean granted the Hosmer from what I heard because they'd be the royals signed him you know so that. In terms of we would have to give up a draft pick if we signed him. Yet there's no compensation attached to Judy Martinez. But not indicate where he has so if we were able to get. Martinez and Oz where I mean. That would soar like make up and away the production. Of stand to a to a pretty big to a pretty big to. Raise a lot of money the rich. Can be a lot of money mean they're both Boras guys. Yeah Martinez look at courier reached one. Easily into the twenties. And and Hosmer is gonna wind seven years Hosmer is two or three years younger Martinez thirty odd 328 I'm pretty sure that's right. So Oscars probably don't whine but this way the both probably wanted to sign until they're 35. So and that's a drawback to Hosmer house can advocating a few minutes ago but edit a drawback to Hosmer you probably have to making bigger investment in terms of years and dollars to in the do Martinez. Right and the switch into the Celtics here. Do you increase the Hayward having a full recovery. Yes. And I think that we had absolutely no medical experience whatsoever or any really any expertise in this whatsoever. But based on what doctors have said based on similar injuries Paul George is when it comes to mind. When you have these candid sort of clean breaks. I'll eat you end up. Being able to come back in in to get put back together right way in the player in the being fine I would imagine there would be a lot of mental hurdle. I would think. I think about that kid down. From Louisville I'm blanking on his name do you know what I'm talking about hasn't filed for every jump up in his less they was aware enough player yet his like just wasn't there when he came down because own unbelievable that that was freaky that was probably the most grotesque obscene. That was freaking. Or he think about I don't know this is good but I'll back from that analysts you don't have that same player but he is also not the same kind of players all due respect in the Gordon Hayward is. All were I that and then may. I'll fighter is the round house kick in his legs Nat. For me and granted this is coming from the mind of day. Newspaper reporter and part time radio host not in elite level athlete. But how would you look around us again from the rest of my life. For fear that that was going to happen any you've seen it with players and Tony Allen have trouble after one of the ACL injuries kind of coming back Dwyane Wade. There's that mental part Jodie Allen David said he used geared LD don't yeah after that that's how it happened was on the exact only after the whistle came down blood sneak in with Hayward was such a it was kind of like that just did run of the mill plate goes up for rebounding got undercut a little bit came down and boom the legs going the other way. Well I think we've seen even from. A banner personal perspective every time since he heard injury when someone goes up on a similar players than like that are preaching holy. Pre deal and how old of cringing. Yeah it's that had I would think would be part of not physically again. I know nothing about the stuff but all the doctors say he's in. In a full recovery. And other athletes have done it in the past with with similar kind of injuries is there a bit of a mental hurdle to get over probably. He's going to be going up or rebounds again they'll be times threes getting undercut and 999. Times out of a thousand even more than that you come down your spine. But it's the one time where this happened that it costs in the season and making on his mind a little bit. But it get these guys are wired a little bit differently when you're talking about an elite level athlete as opposed to reduce or your bureau brunt of the note back. I John Revere is up next on the Red Sox offseason John. Hey how you do what they can take recall back to the hard Machida Machida has armed. Tobacco I would say that to sign any of the three hot mama Tina as a Chia Palestinian. I would sign onto my based on his steps in the American League. I just think Martinez in smitten that they have been. In the National League that basically go oh Korea. He hit facing a weaker teaching system than that the American League. And I base that so often I know it's probably crazy but it's much innocent baseball. All of our projected numbers are attic and follow the Saber metrics. Stacked up like that I think on small would be the best that I am in looking at a longer contracts. And stuff like that like if you do the projected numbers which I've done. In I had a moment in the last two years I think you're compatible with right now above and beyond anybody else. Yes and I a thief anti baseball I seem to have Mike Sweeney on my team back in the day and no idea why is that the cornerstone of my team three years and around the president ever won anything. But with Hosmer as soon went with Erin Brooke just is all they have begun your big Heath yeah. Sweeney again what else in the sixth round or something like that. But with some really cause Merck. You are basing a lot of projections because it is important to mention this is all in the context of the broader conversation about the Red Sox DD our backs right. As we're talking about your power power power. Opera by far the least amount of power home run power. Out of those out of the three guys were talking about here. He's complete hitter in other ways uses all fields I've hit three AT last year had an. Erie ID something OP ads so he he is a pretty complete hitter is 200 hit kind of guy if somebody can be in the middle of the border. But you're projecting and he said he's most home run power over these last two years not as much as JD Martinez certainly not as much time Carla Stanton. Like you are somewhat projecting. That as he heads interest twenty year old season to 48 when he died 3031. That you see a little bit more of that power surge may be benefits from. You know going the other way in and try to hit balls over the over the green monster but. You are projecting a bit with Hosmer if you're expecting him to come in and Philly power void. Because he's not doesn't have established track perky retired a track record he doesn't have the track record. Of Stanton or even JD Martinez. Over the last couple seasons when Martinez mammoth stay healthy he just doesn't have a power track record by one of those gas. So there is a little bit projection ball I like the fact he plays a position. You know he fits in again he's a little bit younger understand I may make it a longer contract made it bigger investment. And I guess some buying in somewhat not based on the NC baseball but buying in somewhat to the idea today. Projecting forward he's got to provide little bit more home run power then what you've seen from the past. Texas says Adam Dunn was his and is he being key. Has done a good I don't remember having many teams he could fancy player or a home run strikes out a ton depends what yeah format is Seattle if you don't have strikeouts and yet easy to fancy equivalent of a PP ER baseball league or some like that I did that fantasy baseball years and ever the attention span for you have to do. To every single day never get any airline and pick up like. The good guys I would be the leaks have relief pitchers were holds count Apple's brick I would be such a bad general manager. I would have to deal like at lake and LA where they're hiring. You know 47 of these young guys today. A lot of times they have front office experience they just got a delegate man I don't focus on his African team every day marked Sunday gimme a gimme a day off. It's abort text here in recent years Red Sox rode three cent appeal was at shortstop yet there really is and an everyday leadoff hitter. To shake things up in the first inning that comes from Hawaii cans looking for a leadoff hitter. I would completely discount the idea of adding another bat but I think power is the the main concern here detector in 77 ports as Posner. Not Hosmer no Iran Oz Merck. A Google search can of that conceded that let's go to like dug in Portsmouth for you to breaky dad. Eight and Ari can. It yet I mean if you have a shot is all about stick your results are. I mean Ortiz was a monster and let everybody loved about it every at bat he who has student of the apparently we'll not all he could. Indicating that one out any time. And that that's like stare I mean that carries insists. He's no monster in I think that's what they need low lying to our viewers. How do you replace sorties now. While luck and it David Ortiz a hall of fame player sell your place and guests of another hall of fame players some combination of the two stands tracking in that direction. And that's another part of this of this conversation is. You know you Ian hindering about the compensation for somebody like Stanton. What it might cost in terms of prospects more so what's gonna cost terms of dollars does that money. It's being spent and prevent you from going out improving the team elsewhere all of those are our legitimate point for conversation. It's it becomes Ortiz and he Ortiz was a 1000000 dollar flyer central. These are apples and oranges in terms of the initial investment but he becomes that guy. He's a hall of fame player who changes the course of your franchise for a decade is anybody really gonna look back and say. Oh look at this prospect they gave up or how much money it cost they couldn't sign Hosmer after that they couldn't get this picture. And probably not. Probably not. And the fact is teams pretty well built around him. Again I just think it if it's into what he wants or what he says he wants what's he goes someplace. Hoarded all the reports ones goes and plays on the coast region contend right away. When Boston teams get fit in Dave Dombrowski not shy about making those big kind of moves. I I guess I'm saying the long wait saying it's it moves would be shot to be n.'s appear. I think that's what you're talking that's kind of made the Chris L treat so good in that. While you had to give up high compensation amount conduct his contract was wrecked. You taken that double in years assay with stake in Cochran AB and we haven't really talked about it but you're also inheriting some injury risk with intent. Ten years yeah I mean one injury was that the frequent Reagan yeah that's not his that balanced on his ball but yet there that's part of but it part of a mark. So that's going to be part of equation for him you just investing money. I don't know in terms of compensation what kind of market is gonna develop. How much money a Red Sox picking up how much money or other teams willing to pick up. To the Marlins just wanna get the contract off their hands and then sort of reset here colonel wants something back. Obviously. Why if there's not a huge market out there for parting with top level prospects end. Paying 290 million dollars to chart Carlos Stanton. I'll it to supply demand issue here. If he's demanding to go in there to supply him somewhere. They need to take something that I and also the other he just a real. Give the ball no trade. So it gets there are better opera here in Saint Louis I want to go to Boston man kick rocks they are go to Saint Louis I'm staying here in Miami if that's the case. You keep paying me. Chatzky cleared every two weeks. So then there's a lot of moving parts I guess what I'm saying to a deal like this it's just seen it feels like Boston if it's a lot of the things that he says he wants. Right because you could look at the Phillies and say OK well they can afford probably pay somebody. Light stand in getting paid and they certainly of the young prospects available when you have that full no trade clause in the mix. And it makes it significantly more complicated deal. Yeah easy he's got to like if you'd spent a lot of time here ran out a deal and he says. Get a stay here. This state income tax on und. 61777979837. Oh wild story out of Avery caucus that talked about a little bit earlier in the day involving Josh Beckett. As we get into the had a little bit. And that takes on your phone calls as well we started talking Celtics mixed in some Red Sox offseason it's on the table this last half hour before I give way to Buckley and Reamer. At the top of the hour Chris baloney with until then sports hernia W media get it. Touch with Chris right now 6177. ESATA Chris Villarrial what Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah policies and stand put together 59 home runs hit a leadoff the last couple of games try to get an expert batter to over those last two or three games which I'd. Love that moved. People heard Scott knows or resent an issue with a. It somehow we'll don't like baseball league fund I guess Seattle and whenever man judge its second. And sometimes the the guy that looks like the big slugger is the big slug it isn't the middle of the order especially when your team is been mathematically eliminated since shortly after pitchers and catchers reported. It doesn't really matter get got an extra back. He's the only thing the only reason to work on that ballpark anyway and I do wonder. When we side we talked about Celtics rating to beginning this whole thing when we saw the numbers ratings attendance for the Red Sox take it a bit of a hit stagnate in in and take a bit of a step back this past year. You get Stanton in the mix Red Sox become must watch TV every single day it's like are on sale five days a week. By times in the rotation the room every time. You're gonna wanna see this guy here at Fenway Park and is saying that we judge. He would are judged going in that. At a tailspin the worry about monster September. Yeah a rough couple months right after the all star break but every time he stepped to the plate there was still palpable buzz in the ballpark. Because the idea that something incredible could happen. And that's the appeal I think it's the end brings. I don't know that the the Red Sox ownership will be just focusing on that element out. But it's a bonus it's definitely a plus John Carlos and better business and our prosperous. That's just. It in terms of getting eyeballs interest excitement opt for your team. Is it better long term investment that the legitimate question and that's something Red Sox left tangle with but again accords the Miami Herald. The trade talks at least are heating up. They say. Between the Marlins in the Red Sox just my read of that report it still feels like any thing happening is still ways away nothing imminent. And the Marlins and talk about the Red Sox to a new due diligence is Dave Dombrowski told my axle Mormon in The Herald Boston Herald. The Marlins could do their due diligence as well as the new ownership group is the biggest move they will make. You try to remake this franchise that gay bigger in this they're gonna wanna do as well as they possibly can't I'm curious to see what kind of market develops for Stanton. In what kind of compensation people willing to give up odd knowing how much it's gonna cost. This story. In the realm of the ridiculous. Involving a out former Red Sox pitcher to god it was actually part of the very very big trade at blockbuster trade several years ago. Josh Beckett. I according to do it TM is the analysis on this on bar stool sports what a different element of the story don't get to a moment. XM LB star Josh Beckett was arrested. After allegedly going. Full NFL linebacker on a country band completely laying out the singer and causing injuries TMZ sports is wired. The 37 year old World Series MVP with the Marlins in 2003 was it an open Mike night. At a country club in Texas with some friends woody jumped onto the stage mid performance and tackled the singer. Cops are called to the scene that he was arrested for public intoxication. Officers to be determined back it was quote. A danger to himself and others. I TMZ has the police report back it apparently admitted to stage diving. In cities like big hit the speaker. During the incident so e.s make it seem like he was just trying to stage dive and he tripped on his way there. This is from TMZ also the word. Sager the bad told cops. He suffered serious injuries to his arm neck and shoulder from the entity including a torn rotator cup any dislocated shoulder. Cops say the incident still under investigation backed lawyers tell TMZ Josh claims it was an act of horse play. He didn't mean to hurt him he's apologized for the incident trying to do what he can to make and then sold those guys get the kind of injuries. That the initial report says he has making amends you don't balled back as the inning over shoulder rolled Josh Beckett writes apparently large check. But then there's this part of it it is part of back it's story here checks out. I've been to more country concert I can count. From big venues yup Fenway Park let stadium whatever to. The places like weird Josh Beckett probably was watching this this cover band are open Mike Webber was every stage dives. A country shop. Are you you're not watching. Death metal here there's no mosh pit for Brooks and Dunn that's not the way to John works also typically staged padding is done away from the stage. Into the crowd as opposed to diving onto the stage in the direction of the artist. Not that got a lot of firsthand experience with. But that's at least then what I've seen in my in my travels by wary of the officer problem limited stage diving incidents here. However and this is this comes from our oral body Jared Robinson bar stool. Rumors but there's supposedly a video out there one back of bodies batting him. Something in the neighbor 75000 dollars to run onstage and tackle one of the band members. In the video people cheer back in on after the bets made. He then proceeds to run on the stage in tackled the guy around the stresses is all allegedly but it will be a very bad look for him. If this rumored video. Ever sees the light of day. And at best especially given back its financial means you're at 78 this is me talking now knocked around this unit that Seve by grant has paid off. What's he may be breaking even. When he asked that some kind of a settlement with this guy it's assault it's assault and battery and pro losing money he'd I would think so. Energy today's litigious society or Ed I'm uneven heating this sound like a litigious society you tackle somebody. Yes you deserve to have criminal charges and potentially civil charges levied its team. This is not like the woman he's pulled a hike up a copy yourself is that he frivolous lawsuit is the guy who. It gives a torn rotator cup and dislocated shoulder I don't know he plays the guitar something like that. It could affect his ability to work. Maybe that's how he makes his living he he does it play late this is a series real world stuff. It doesn't really surprise me that much about Beckett I was kind of like the fact he's a little bit of Natal. From a player perspective you know you like and I like a pitcher that's got packed back edge to him. But it doesn't really feel as our tired yeah when you're 37 years old. And you're getting so lit. That you think it's a good idea to Ron on it was stage. And goal like Terry T op this linebacker. On some country frontman. Who's doing like Alan Jackson cover up there or something like you think that runs through your mind it's a good idea clearly it's the alcohol. That's fueling that in every which way. By is it the candidates really shock you think you're that story about Josh Beckett and it's it to his wall can't believe he believed that happen. Josh Beckett for tackling a guy can these drunk at a country concert in Texas like a lot of those things just add up a lot of those dots connect very ease the question I have is if the guy who made that with him was was Lackey. It's gotta be somebody which means if he's got he if he's got a ability beer clubhouse guys like on if he's thrown at seven has stats a high society around for a bad. At a cover band concert. An open Mike night I'm pronouncing it was Lackey this guy whoever it is I dispersant that's and that's and cabbage is Britain's got some money. To be able lay down that kind of a bad or iron that kind of dare. So a little bit of that Josh Beckett news there it's embarrassing it's horrible look for him obviously. You hope that the injuries aren't that serious for the singer and were kind of laughing about it but it's certainly not funny situation for him whatsoever this poor guy. That's a way makes his living. I don't now. Just barn storms around Texas on tore his band he can't play for six months that is arms in a sling because Josh Beckett tackled him for no reason. There's there's going to be some damages come in there. Not just the damage to his arm new punitive damages compensatory damages those kinds of things are gonna be coming Josh Beckett way dumb dumb and dumber. Just stupid. Art or wrap things up on the other savvy guy Buckley and Reimer I'm not here. But after there are only 85 subject you're taking over. If they don't show up I will make that executive decision it was another. Amman. Legal issues that you were only about during one of the breaks that's going on China right now all the UCLA trio including the middle ball. Rather what they Lee Angela. Yeah Lian Li Angelo Ali. Yes and this was interest thing also silly Angelo ball Twitter UCL play I UCLA basketball players I think they're all freshman. Higher Cody Riley Jalen Hillary the other two. They were arrested and after they're accused of shoplifting on Tuesday in China threes for the teams can play Georgia Tech in an annual packed all overseas game. Nothing has been confirm the players are accused of stealing Louis Vuitton sunglasses from distorting the team's hotel. And according to you this is a report from believed ESP NL way. They have been charged with shoplifting and there's some video surveillance. So you won the obvious questions here's how much trouble. Can you actually get into as telling you about this is a made a couple overseas trips image Iceland right at the beginning I was in the Canary Islands recently I was Amsterdam recently. Not that I go out of my way to commit crimes anywhere. If you're overseas. You are in their game at this point man and China's got North Korea. By the the types of of penalties how much trouble you can get in until. You know work because separate an international incident. It's an entirely different ball game you don't know what it's great people have a good handle on the laws of this country much less other. Cell. It's scary notion I think an incredibly stupid. To get yourself caught up in in this kind of situation is pretty internationally entry according to CNN. That's if they're convicted of Grand Larceny. In China. We years in prison. Three to ten years. At the very least there's supposedly going to be China for leaked and a couple of weeks is legal process plays out CNN says their hotel. In hangs out which is the same city where they allegedly shoplift didn't. Ever heard from Lavar ball. Much during this entire thing Bill Walton however did apologize to China. Last night he was calling the UCLA Georgia Tech game on ESP annie's accorsi very noted. UCLA alumnus he apologized to China on behalf of the entire. Human race. So maybe a little over the top they're from Bill Walton the 310 years in prison. Her Grand Larceny that's why don't mess around in our countries made overseas. You wanna travel that's great to see the world I'm all for I'm with you in that regard. But you don't know what game they're playing over there it's not the same ones here. And that the sliding scale them punishments may be little more lax maybe it's little more severe. This one seems to be on the severe route but I again according to CNN if they're convicted of Grand Larceny. 310 years in prison in China stupid stupid and stupor. Even BE caught up in something like this he supposedly they've surveillance video of it. I'm. EC LC where the facts come out and so the evidence comes out here too addicting these guys report starts I understand that by. And I have to imagine there's something there that we're not them to believe something was amazed again this is China. They don't exactly have a stellar human rights record but we're not talking about North Korea and you're talking about high profile. American athletes who were over their blank. I would be surprised that this entire thing was to concoct an inmate but they're not rotting away right now on a Chinese prison now they are staying in a 300 dollar a night hotel. In a tourist town about a hundred miles away shank. Could do worse. Like three to ten years rotting away in prison wants. Horse that we are Buckley's here I think Roemer is going to be in a house to they'll be coming up at 5 o'clock or wrap things up on the other side sports hernia WB yeah. The weekend. We can't dream Sox beat some pain seasons it's all good. Sports Radio guy. Dad disappointed it is Jerry is this is a very big deal the noble purpose here has been staying. Our host Alan bobbled China the people. They have been better than perfect it. Right to big physical work. Now remember tomorrow Bentley just regular polling blackout on her lack of respect black fifty. What do so it is what. Wanna apologize right now on behalf of the human race for this travelers yeah. Hello I'm eleven call there without the wall but it seemed like whoever was just went right back into the play by play. And Georgia Tech moves right left and if what you say after that. Walton nailed it oh man. Idiots idiots idiots all three of them stock over there to detector by the way that says how is the Grand Larceny for sunglasses. That US laws don't apply here man. The First Amendment and every other one after that you don't got on there is no Chinese bill of rights. You apart. You go on their soil. You follow their laws if you don't you accept their punishments. Should hit a carefully I was driving when I was in the canary out. I part of that whatsoever. I mean it's just. Unbelievably. Unbelievably. Done done done cell. We'll see what happens here again the pack their high profile sure probably helps them in this type situation went to avoid an international freak incident but it could be weeks. That's them the immediate impact to their team they're thinking about prison Lavar ball did speak he said people are making a big deal lot of it comes it's a big deal Lavar. It's a big freaking deal more on. The thing is I don't know if that would cause much of an international incident because of how most Americans feel about the ball family day at that it be okay with instinct actor Cody Riley and Jalen hill I've got no problem with. Send him back at doe issue with Lee it was good to do it exchange betrayed. Said to them back you guys keep ball now they don't want a minor. I'll see what happens with these guys aren't Roemer and Dow Buckley air coming in next to entertain inform and engage you for the next couple of hours. Jack fantastic job as always. I'd be remiss if I did not for a guy hearsay a very big it's dear thank you to everyone who has or is currently serving. In any of our United States armed forces a happy veterans day to walk all the bats out there. And hopefully get some time to enjoy it. With your families see and take in the respect the honor the admiration the recognition that. You all have worked so hard to earn Roemer and Barkley come your way next. I'm crystallize had a great Saturday night everybody see.