Colin Dunlap attempts to defend equating Tom Brady to Barry Bonds, Rosie Ruiz, and Lance Armstrong

Wednesday, December 13th

Mut and Tomase talk with Colin Dunlap, a Pittsburgh talk show host who had some strong opinions on Tom Brady, . This of course brings out Patriots fans to respond and defend their QB.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you we. We. Hours plus night Sports Radio WEEI we'll get into some Red Sox issues not a clock during the hot stove. Show rob Bradford is an Orlando talk he gave to prosecute here. With Dane essay about Scot force and about free agency so far as Red Sox have been. Very very quiet the big one is looming on Sunday to gain that. I'm means at all for the patriots home field or on the road for the playoffs it's in Pittsburg. It's against the Steelers and in Pittsburgh that's where Colin Dunlap is he's the host the fan morning show on 937 the fan. He is RT eight a meant to come out there Pittsburg nice not to join us banks are but he can they are reaching out to Collin Collin Mike and John your Boston power you. My everything's good man obviously this is again and everyone's talking about here locally and the quarterback Tom Brady's been in the cross series. Nationally on a couple different issues he's not the cross hairs for. Deflate Gator spy gate in a while and you caught my attention with your tweets early this morning it was during your show. About Brady as the cheater and you compared him to Barry Bonds Mark McGwire rose your Wii's Lance Armstrong and Ben Johnson. You don't really put him in that category those folks the. It keeper and my personal background. I work with a guy every morning who won a Super Bowl the patriots Josh Miller. Who's my partner awards show. We were having a debate about Brady's legacy and I said that I have a hard time because I don't know that the re in which he benefited. From cheating I don't know Tom Brady. From either systemic cheating with the patriots or cheating. That he's on the court. What's this he's a systemic cheating will what what he needs systemic cheating what. Leahy Ichiro let me finish Libya. I'm being from institutional cheating that the patriots were fine for war spy gate and that he was suspended four for the play. I've not been. The level. Jurisprudence here like the NFL. So this is in a referendum on. What that guy guilty what he had felt guilty like I bought the governing bought yen helped found them guilty. Well they found that they found the patriots guilty when it came to spy gate for. I'd go against the rules they told the the teams not to tape anymore they did it. And there were punished for there was no punishment actually are. Lookup column there was no there were never any details that say anything about the patriots benefiting many videos specifically and Tom Brady was not punished for that eighteen what's on our team was punished for that that Tom Brady was not punished for that Colin. The team was punished sport. There was nothing about radiant despite about him benefiting from anything on the field. If you wanted to be around do your own shot when asked. Question what excellent chance. I'm I want and what have you on because you are my putting all of your statements this five words or less you're putting spike it Tom Brady there's no evidence about the complex the issue. Well I feel that there operate benefited from spy gate and I make out well re. I'll be completely new this signals from the east plants. That's how. OK let let's just accept that lets say that to happen how about the fact that Brady threw for fifty touchdowns a year after it happened how about the fact that he's their own right basically sixty touchdowns in a row right now. Oh wait yeah I'm just curious how talk radio works in Pittsburgh we don't have back in sports you just get the floor for like ten minutes. Yes a question of trying to answer. That's how he's the glory that the US anyway. Op but not alas you lack it. A question like that I can't delineate lately take Marino take months and it take one of the greats I don't think there's any question if they benefited from. Something not above board I think there's a huge question with Tom Brady I can't quantify and it's just opinion. If he benefited in was able to complete five more packed in his career if you have a complete. Seventy spot if you ever complete hundred and get more passes in his career because of votes by gay in the plate gate which again. Yet at all came down on I didn't make these things not. That's why I have a hard time understanding. Where to put him among the greats well in not calling achieve. They came down on again on the patriots not exactly on Brady and in the case of the flaky. And I I'm assuming you read through the wells report and you have your own thoughts on what. What did they do that it leak edit they get right. They might but oh well it is that's got it right now. Or state they they certainly did and there there evidence at the end was more probable than not that Tom Brady was aware of something going on not that he was deflated football accept it. What little I I I I listen I I was one of the people I call out of the gate and thought OK Brady definitely did this if if not if I'm importance it has it. And he is eleven to twelve football's. I bought in early the problem with that is that once you read the wells report and sought the (%expletive) poor job that they did the only result you can pat if you take the wealth report. And read the entire thing is that they didn't do a good job they had nothing and the over penalized sombre there was no evidence can do. I don't yet have balanced that. NFL or the person that hands down the punish a boat and trust you uphold the rule it's not hurt you are you ready but he does. They play under the government's in the NFL that whatever the government to WE I O box in sports fans. They get into that racquet knowing that. You know you never think police get things wrong and and just to be clear like I thought from day one that Brady did it and I still think he did it by a just to say that the NFL they handed down punishment I'll think that necessarily proves anything. Yes you bet it John here's the deal is not an all or nothing proposition. I'm allowed to think Tom Brady is brilliant quarterback. Innately superior to most other quarterbacks honor. It also a god who could have and probably it benefit from cheek. What you say when you say you say it year in year two week you know such a stain should never go away. But I would argue that it's not going away and it won't go away and it will be a footnote to his career it's not like people are gonna forget it I mean I think. It will be a footnote and that's basically what it deserves to be. Well here's the thing I don't think there's comparable. I don't think people look at accomplice Lee as he travels and sports like. Baseball players they're stamps forever the scarlet letter. Any sense to people in other sports it. Happens in May get. Get vilified for their life. It's in its pervasive it's not just in the sports world like. Read things and conquering hero and that's the part where I. I think it's fair to have questions about how clutching his professional accomplishments. Work done. Bought within the confines of the rules package market. I understand but it is where you lose me big time Colin is a comparison to a guy like Barry Bonds as were thought OK Colin is saying this to to get idiots like me. The called how on because actually because they're very well he just said you're not don't are not I. I didn't I didn't see any of your ratings I. I don't imagine ratings slice IIIBV. Tom Brady can pay you just admitted that you're not sure what Tom Brady did we know. What Barry Bonds did is he tilts the cinque Lee in game of shadows this guy. Since screw it I'm gonna use steroids and he'd he'd he'd he'd put a stain on themselves how can you possibly compared that action. To what would ever do you think Tom Brady did or did not do that's a ridiculous comparison. I don't think it is because taking a substance and make yourself better. For me it because you'd still have to go out and compete physically you still have no matter how many steroids take you still have to got to have that. And you still have to go out and compete in B athletically superior even with that chemical and amp. And it's I don't know Peter group we are now but they just can't take it will be go to. You've got to have. Some basis of athletic ability I think it's comparable in that Tom Brady if in fact I believe it do signals. You have. In competitive advantage just the same in that you understand what your opposition is. You what you say you do you think you think he did in the case of Barry Bonds we know what he did you are making a guesstimate vs the facts of guys like bonds and let's not struck out 808. To set up within the USA cycling team. If you're worried about went on shops. Ask them. Where Armstrong is guilty and at hand I think it's just didn't ethnic regions and to tape. Circuit Sicily the opposition. And have what they're going to do indeed it was our effort acts as it is opening I'm just. Where wait where's the breakdown of how they did that go outside a breakdown of what Lance Armstrong did we know what Barry Bonds and where's the breakdown of Brady Hadi as the take a look at their there'd been signals. Bob May and I can expect I understand it you don't want it at the Tom Brady or you don't wanna say each I think the guys acquire what like so be it. I'm allowed that may not allowed to have an asterisk next day because. I'd you know and get some of his accomplishments. Are tarnished just like when Ben Roethlisberger. Went his career also hadn't done they should and will talk about village. They sure. He was Hispanic of those actions like I'm not that guy who looks everything like that Steelers are gonna wind are my gosh I'll. It's not like. The public that in at least let me. People need to be looked at it held accountable for their actions. I didn't make up the fact it complicated place for Omar last year to start. Like that half. I know what you're used to using that four game suspension as the evidence the had something to do with the flaky when we all looked at that they actual did. Evidence there and there was that they are the over penalized now. The four games of the without equal but equal to what ever he did or did not do that won't support. In in new York and it. I I think you have to instruct police to get it right actually the governing body here's what we cannot like judge jury and executioner. Check gronkowski have gotten the same panel is reduce tensions are what are those two actions. I don't think so what you that's what happened that's too big sign the EPA whip that's vacate the power to that the league they play. It's like not for you are either side. Let me I don't know followed me I. I'm I'm trying to but it just it I'm having a hard time equating the evidence that we know and the known facts of guys that you mention in your in your treat today. First is that the the very gray area of Brady. Who again when you look through the big ticket wanting to pray there isn't there is an all the evidence you're saying exist doesn't exist. Now I'm not getting an agrarian race I'm getting into two Barry black and white fangs one he went and spent at the start last year and true. The New England Patriots are 5750000. Dollars collectively between Belichick and the organization. Force spy gate all of which the Auckland benefit. I mean those are great areas. Our taxi top money collectively do this much aligned our ratings are gonna suffer cuts or to an answer as it back out into the tarnish the legacy portion of it so in your opinion column does that make him ineligible to be called the best quarterback top five quarterback of all time based on what youth we think we ought to spy gate the flaky that much of a tar. I don't know I don't know that that's a fair question it's a question that the nasty you have opinions and everything what do you think. I don't opinions on average eleven time items time. And I aren't triple B ratings like a culture but let's. I. Don't know if it's fair to call him the top five quarterback the best quarterback. I don't know it because for me there's always a question as to exactly how much I benefit. He benefit by completing two more passes he'd benefit by completing two united and yet we we've heard it yeah well. I got I got exactly how bad I feel like balance art is not really in this is that does that take. More than Mike. You know rob Parker thing yeah a little bit. Yeah it is locked out of it radio sometimes maybe you won't be on Ed you know. 645 or whatever. Your your night and you and I liked in the night times gone you doing a good job in the morning show there obviously. Because you say things like this again people prior. I asked your opinion how where Brady is in the quarterbacks you kick it to keeping the top quarterback ever ask you a talk show his favorite quarter of the best quarterback is. Because no one else ever not caught cheating or who mentioned among those guys that's why. You know but the fact of the matter is actually true he's the only man has been talked cheating among the top you know who people consider last seven or so. I again you're here aren't rock opera you're quitting the cheating of always talked ordered a flaky spy gate with a cheating and Barry Bonds you think those who are. Are waiting mat Su mark cannot not adding that mr. Marino. Speak up. And I think we would agree with you that is going to be mentioned I don't think anyone. Is sitting here saying that that's not part of Tom Brady's legacy. But I think I think most of us here look at it and say in no way shape or form did what he'd do always accused doing or is penalized or his team was penalized for doing. Cannot be equated with bonds or Lance Armstrong Ben Johnson. What. That you think he's got because we're because you don't see a distinction between TDs and deflated footballs and and listen he said I'm a guy things Brady did it in his guilty and got what he deserved but there's a distinction. There's a distinction among those two actors aren't the states that all of the umbrella gaining competitive advantage. There's a wide swap it into it again like apparently the same like all Christians take. I know wouldn't I don't care the Steelers win or lose on Sunday I don't go to work Monday morning and it seems to me. I don't care. I don't care poverty makes all things are not. I hate in my opinion. In there that makes somebody put an eagle at the bottom somebody got. And someone else had potentially signals of another. Doesn't that stink actions that are different. But Iraq at the same place gaining a competitive advantage over your office. So when Jerry Rice and others used stickam is that also the same that the competitive advantage that that that has steroid users did. Much portrait oh Britain now what you're seeing a competitive advantage that's competitively managers and. That art now about where this event now so I could only policy Jeter. So did everybody. Holding policy cheater got to pass interference call each eager to where it would like logic tells it you don't think that what Tom Brady potentially it or pick. Even by virtue of the suspensions they would get this it you don't think what it merit any sort of mentioned with that got what is career or bad. Of course it does but not in the same breath is buried. Freaky but this call how do you not see that. And that's where it should it. Because I don't know what doctors but you're asking me that a leader in opinion I don't have Barry Bonds played in this town like I shot low enough. I don't understand what Barry Bonds did in Dayton deal. I read every day. I competitive advantage beyond innocuous one is a competitor who perished in the. I don't know kilometers right and you know it was a great note. I'm not asking you said that there and ask you do is ask you guess that you disagree and I I I would obviously just review when you tweet out that. He's in the same light as those guys you talk about specifically guys like bonds and Lance Armstrong and Ben Johnson I see a major distinction having read the wells report and lived it. And there's a huge distinction if you don't see that you don't see it. But I think it's crazy to compare Tom Brady with a group of guys you did as cheaters. And it adds a lot I don't think none out sakes I read it and I look at the evidence none out 'cause I read it and look through it and saw the NFL didn't have anything and it's by gaping penalize the team. Not Tom Brady's unable to pick and choose a look at the stuff you can't even tell me he's the best quarterback of all time. Because of this column that's the issue. A week out there's there's no question there without which there is no question that cool but quarterback all caught. They don't want horse race. Without it but. As the asterisk. In again is just opinion like there's. It used and about quarter racquetball I'm gonna make you right. Not likely won't restraining. WR you are saying you don't know if he can be considered the best because it's a week we agree to disagree. And will be talking about Steelers and patriots all weeklong taught them a discount thank you for tripling the ratings night thank you for coming on to this a little late prime show court in Moscow. You might of we all will know on a couple weeks enjoy the the lead up to patriots Steelers will talk decent. It. Colin Dunlap of the fan 937 in its very aggressive out of the gates when he answered let me tock here prepared which is fine I just like eager and it. You you talk in the circle and I probably I'll be I'm probably gonna be criticized for this and I'll be guilty of it's fair. Pollen went a little bit too long it got to a point where it was either I. I guess it's hard really screaming and is going nuts or just trying to get to the point of can you concede that there is a difference between what Brady's accused of and other guys like bonds yet when you look at that if he if he pointed a flaky in four games and see they got it. Then we're we're never agree on yet and the fact of the matter is is all of this is going to be mentioned in Brady's. Obituary when Brady's career is over it's not like the stuff is going to be forgotten and so he wants there to be an asterisk. There's going to be an asterisk like what what what does he want exactly it's not a bonds level asterisk because he didn't commit a bonds level. You know violations so I. I don't know what he wants us decide Barry Bonds given its transgressions Powell will now be considered the best baseball player of all time when their people preparing to Bieber during Tuesday correct yet and we knew he was he was the greatest dollar you could make the case and use the greatest all around player in history. If the steroid thing once and there do you think anybody is going to keep Brady out of the number one or number two let's say it. Top wanted to to a football because what he did pass that's the comparison I don't because that is you being a hater that is unfortunately for colonies and wasn't at eight. That's that's it take which is it's fine habit we disagree. And I don't think it's a patriots thing I thought I looked at the EDD well support. And I lived through spy gate and knew the lack of evidence the NFL had I feel the same way of ivory giant fan or reject brand. Or cowboys the dominant on the boat than you I think he did it and he's guilty of it and I still don't think it's anywhere close to bonds McGwire. And it would get your reaction at 6177797937. The phone armor you can get a column on Colin underscored Dunlap on Twitter wanna say thank you for gas coming out of on the ratings it tonight weird I tweeted at all pretty sweet thank you for that Colin Colin underscored Dunlap on social media won't get all your reaction to that and a lot more next.