Dale, Holley and Keefe with Patrice Bergeron

Boston Bruins Hockey
Thursday, June 22nd

We check in with Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron, who won his fourth Selke Trophy in Las Vegas last night.


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Eat drink JS LP trophy goes to. I was. NHL awards ceremonies that took place in now in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ben can make is that line on hold can go to that when now. Okay Patrice joins us right now on the line eight Patrice Dario. I'm doing great thanks congratulations Al. Very much you you received your cell key last night from the only other player in NHL history who's got four of them Bob Gainey. Did that make it even more special for you. Yet they get you know he's someone that. But you're obviously going up. Great role models for for kids. By the way that he played in Kosovo recruit so population you know lot of people. Complexity. You know he was. Basically the face of the Canadians for a long time sorted you all a lot of them are yes it was you or. And you win that four times and it's is clear how the league views you I'm wondering. When did that become. An important goal for used to excel in that part of the game when did you say. Hey this is what I'm gonna do this in one of the things I wanna be known for. The question I think you know Paula grew up book warned to play well. 44 the excitement. You know even. From back. As far as I can remember well my coach is always such talk about that he had that occurred just as artists. Going on the offense photos most of it took so hard it. But I want to. YouTube and and policy you know. Well seventeen. That's really when by coaches of interior told me. That he's such a birdie gains could. That be what I need to improve and get better to really establish itself. To the next level. Up Patrice you've obviously played many years under close Julian a last year making the switch in season did to Bruce Cassidy knew what what kind of coaching style does does cast the you have and how do you feel about him going forward. Yeah I mean you know who's been. In this organization for 09 years so on argue. We're in words of vote I think he believes in current system that's what we out of Boston is a few tweaks here and there since he's sir you let. And the Russian law. Or. Maybe I would bet that creates more speed through Q are you being at all at all you know elect ability. Right side and you quote that bruised. At the end of the year lockyer. The imports that or hear what and really. I'd have more comfortable with. Would go to were also with with it could players. We're talking to Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins one cell. Also big night the airline made Brad marsh and who was named first team and all NHL. It it seems as though he's been skirting this kind of recognition for a year to now finally able to break through that. That barrier. He. Well deserved you know how to cook for the made us here. Wondered could step forward more so than your report into editor your editor or. At the last it was I was losing. That the world got on. Didn't he didn't look over. If you leader for us on the lesser events and it's well deserved a really before. Did you continue to allow watch the NHL playoffs consistently and closely or have you guys lost he said I don't know maybe I'll go on vacation what was your what was your take care. It definitely stepped back there early on in the first round so well you know it's horrible things were you'll be seen so much what you want her. I get back to work in and watch and follow the scores of and we're series that so they're gonna what are your. Austin corpus Arnold Arnold the third at the present. In the second round. Did any other results that surprised you whether it was Nashville being able to do. Get to the final or or anything else in the the conference finals anything jump out to you. On this important that we wanted to. Authored edited scene that a lot of depth look. You know they can play them all circuit are here. Throughout this and pollutants that are. What do you think you guys need to improve on the most next year as as a team. The personally at that screwed. You'll continue to establish crawl ourselves all you know short so that we've learned from from. Well more than extra everything and that's a pretty young players. In the playoffs is its YouTube Internet over and that's what the main thing you know it's that it ought to consider that you know there's certain. This all your work. All of blues and I think we need to really really loved. What we have to keep an elderly Goosen tumbled ten. And we actually produce products are carried over what. We've done on him a year after dinner so at all. And mountain and then it up. Seems to be able to record action packed. Sir noble and I and I didn't mean to interrupt. I find our disciplined every pass American. Who Marion and feedback or under what. And I'm taking well then let it and you were in. I was actually gonna ask you about some of the young players and you mentioned posture not Charlie Mack a boy came in in the playoffs and I think impressed a lot of people. A you've got under his Bjork who's now signed from Notre Dame it seems as though there's a real youth movement going on with this team right now. Yeah it'd. Only you know it can't predict Greta Carlo in either their book in this moment when your little sort of sit and anything that could hear. I think it's something that you in the south. Great young players are coming out person with a cap situation now now it. You know he he debt and some of those so young guys coming up where. Are reviewed on the takeover of achievement and. Is that you're a little surprised by national they had a great atmosphere for all their playoff games particularly. In this Stanley Cup final. In Europe Vegas. Yeah I have a team and you don't think of I know I don't what I think of Vegas I don't think of hockey and passionate hockey fans that. How do you think that's gonna work out. You know from what I seen over the last year if you're technically not. I don't let them and sharp by the people the locals caught in a voter. And being critical that you team and we all vocal hook the entertainment you're in Vegas so I'm pretty sure that they have a pretty good show. Under great commercial break and suffered their their offense endurance. Two more compact. It's just that terribly uniform though isn't it did you see the biggest uniform. That side snuck out. I don't want to. It. It would mean. It's the old record. Volume on our team and the Bruins who were hurt in Montreal but the sort that I think also. Plays. None of their favorite. They did they unveiled all uniforms as a last week of all the new ones that I guess the good rules it's pretty similar but again you guys have that back classical if you like where all the different throw backs and they and things like that the guys Wear throughout the year. Yeah like in the the prequel. Had a chance but is that what is important also in farm support that as well look solid on the moon. I think you do get to work home. To Wear throwback and goals or are you. You know all old or older leaden Houston stewardship over Chris. Finally before we let you go I know you had surgery at the end of the season how do you feel how do you think it's going to be getting ready for training camp. They're prepared and expect now also. Happened. A worker cars engines you know you're training camp. I feel confident that don't think that you don't you know. Practical they're. Compare that it you know lots whose arms and money. Training routine and normal what's not good look at it throw up on it let ahead of apathy and Michael good happy with the. Patrice congratulations on the fourth sell key trophy last night best of luck the rest of the summer we'll talk to again soon. I expect Bret thank you Trace that is Patrice Bergeron joining us here on Sports Radio WEEI.