Dale, Holley and Keefe with Sox Manager John Farrell

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, July 5th

John Farrell joins us for his last update of the first half of the Sox season.


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Ointment with one of our firm's Boston area attorneys apart airman can count on 8572420000. That's a 57242. All zeros on line and Kordell Cornell dot com that's Kordell Cornell dot com office in downtown Boston. Big blue not just because it's July doesn't mean you can't get in and help the this summer it takes doing a vet lost I lost art Michael. Rich keep. It's great. I'm back on the dale and Holley show with. Rich key today is Wednesday I know here. Your schedule is off thrown off your mind is off because the fourth of July was yesterday happy fourth you guys fourth of July I was just in Tuesday's you're thinking if he's if it Friday. But it's Wednesday and every Wednesday. Alou talk with John Ferrell the manager of the Red Sox brought you by our balance tourist town fair tire and Cumberland farms 99 cent farm house blend. Ice coffee and John and only abuse so disappointed to learn that dale is not here today and neither. As your good friend rich keep right on. I don't. I'm doing pretty well I. It happened like this aren't just all the fun last week you guys you okay. Ought to refine that don't know nothing do. All your network will play good baseball. And look at sort of final game here in taxes. Don't know what happened last night with David Price I look like get a good start to about a 106 pitches I believe let the game with argument up any runs but there was some speculation about. In injury is he injured what's his status. No no injury. You know you went through the first six innings for the purposes. We have kind of a link in the top of the seventh innings so. You know with as much as our bullpen has pitched of late because of extremely gains you know some shorter starts. Try to get a little bit more than David last fight but after the you know the lengthy offensive side of the inning when outs and they'll stop wasn't the same which I can understand. And certainly didn't want it not want to belabor at that point so what Oprah and so no injury issues aren't good go for Sunday. John where would you put David Price and sort of his evolution this season obviously got the late start the velocity has been up coming off a great. Start how much more improvement is there until he's in true mid season form whether Esther but Yeltsin's. You know I think you look at the last restart you say he's in the season form now are in that knocks you browser you know. I think a lot has been talked about it and deservedly so for David. With the way he or the power that he's shown us fastball but when you look at the last three starts the commander of the crew. I think that's where you start to see the midseason form technical words not always measured and just sheer velocity it's meant it and how consistent pitcher commanding all the coaches. And that but on the play the last pregame. I call last night. He did a great job of elevating some cars all trojans when in this strike outlook and guidance or division particularly early in the game. And and he's been he's been very strong. Oh what what are your thoughts about prices interaction I guess is confrontation was Dennis accuracy on the team plane. You know Michael. That was the last Friday we sort of pays that that was handled internally. And right now just. You know as David is and we all are focused on on what we can do to continue to weigh in on field. How often does that happen though with these guys. I mean I I'm short says a balance we have team broadcasters who are. Who are pro Red Sox but it times is something happens on the field they have to be critical players have to be critical view at at that have to be but sometimes it happens. It is it standard that. You know there's back and forth. It on the plane or in the clubhouse. You know I'm sure this isn't the first time that Iraq simply got to take place so you know the best they can say and I think you know as all parties have been asked. Everyone has moved on from a and that's got to where we are. In general do you spend much time talking to players about their interactions that with the media's at a spring training focus at any point just. Sort of the overall philosophy wanna have for your ballclub dealing with the media corps. App for surety and whether it's go through our own media departments or coach he's it's teammates to outside resources that we can bring him. Four quote on quote media training I think that's pretty commonplace throughout all sports. And then you know you're it was just try to follow operate in provide whatever player needs are so. Yeah that's in place and husbands are sometimes. I think it's harder here than in other places it's been speculated that Boston's it's a little different. And your average market what do you think. All I I think the passion that exists here it is it is obvious. In the I think it's I don't know what attracts. Substitute to playing at a place such bought Google places we've experienced all fired in the in its gonna be trained impugn the Basque. Or can be a cup place. But make no mistake it's an honor to Wear that uniform and are reporting problems. But when we come home to look a few crowd where it's got a playoff atmosphere you can actually go to the match. Soul all that maybe revolve around that. And that means the scrutiny to. Insight into decisions to opinions are crossed support to molecular I think they're unique and in my my numbers are hopeless. Doesn't John usually my my standard line on this is that it to athletes if they were asking for my advice I would say well. If you play well. People respect you at an embossed and would they respect you belt they even overreach. It but things are going well and then. If things are not going well. They'll go crazy and maybe they'll they'll go too far but that's just yeah you have to know you can go with the standings but in your case that's necessarily true. You guys in first place. He made the playoffs last year and I think since I've been sitting here the last two or three years your job has come up. Constantly able to have a bad road trip. John Ferrell be fired John Ferrell what anything about his job security. And you guys are are good how do you handle that because that doesn't really followed the script of hey when things go well you get positive treatment. Are you you know. I guess by my consistent response has always been. My focus is on our guys are about and how weak credit block. There's going to be. Opinions comments whatever that might be but the only that we really have affect out of control over his shoes I would go artwork so. Whether it's been. Well the ball 500 record or record that we have today my mind wrote in the minds. Attention all focus their membership and so we're trying to do the best we can win tonight. John you had the opportunity last week to watch are your son Luke make his Major League debut and first I'll just wondering how that experience went but secondary as as Michael just alluded to your under a lot of stress as the manager of the Boston Red Sox and I just wonder. As a parent watching your son in Major League Baseball is there a stress factor there is that all joy is it a different type of anxiety what's that like. Guilt or losses Saturday it was a really. Great day for him in thankful have the opportunity to go take an in person and share with him put. You don't think for those who modular thing you know you've got to murder are looking sport and I know when he was either. You know liberty in Youth League high school. There's always anxiety when your kid is out there performing and and I used standout on the right cope outline Koppel. And get back out of the Lleyton Hewitt from four. What you know Casilla. On a Major League mound in some ways with a little surreal. We were just commit ten days prior playing them and and find yourself in street clothes. In a ballpark watching your son go about it. Yes there was there was. Array of emotions a lot of it was a flashback to all the years an opportunity to see him pitch. Saturday it was the second time in the last six years. I've been embassy complained that some person so. That was a moment of joy. But as guys are basically everything but I do levels. The jump up it would be a little while our guys are getting a little bit of a solo. Well there was it was a great opportunity and an on that show. You know some athletes YouTube you can just tell from a young age that they've got greatness written all over on the they're going to be pros I guess. About what's your son did you know from what I've done gates said he was that he had that type of ability. No no not necessarily. You know accuse you was always a long game he it. That you almost like a cult where you just hope that the strength would. Chilean and we start. Maybe gain control over body in the in this picture escaped repeated deliberate. But the one thing that was. Ever present problem. You know the earliest moments that you can walk and talks. Lindsay. A debatable personality one that was never satisfied. One that had as we came to learn over his own personal health challenges. You know there are on the on the athletic field a determination that was. You don't unfathomable and I think that's one of the main reasons in addition to some really good physical abilities and he's got notorious now. Getting back to your team coming up on the all star break sort of a natural low point in the season to assess things. If you're going to whom you know do what you know by week's scouting they called the NFL and right a scouting report for your team what you think the strengths are and and what are some of the things you guys need to do better in the second half. You know I hit it. Strings to also be in this case maybe turn the characteristics. You know this routine. That we have won many different ways we've come from behind. We pitched extremely well particularly Lleyton gains and an extra inning games. So to team that's not in the union it's not gonna put it back on an opportunity. In the going up against us you've got to work to record that 27 and final out I think guards are performers or players coming illustrated that. I'd like aware that our rotation is starting to take another step forward you know obviously David price's return. DuPont ranch might be flying under the radar here but you know what is last since started and wrong. I didn't pretty darn consistent. As we look approaching as a strength in particular open maker by. You know Craig Kimbrel. What. Or would got to continue to improve the patron you know we're gonna be aggressive but I think we can still be a little bit more refined in that area. And I think everyone is pretty clear on on you know oppositional upgrade that if it's available makes sense you know how do we settle in on third base but. Don't take anything away from what as a way to read his son and into tomorrow how they've combined it really got started crucial currently. I also know that that's an area where you don't. A lot of internal conversations don't. There are we using have a question of the week and its present it's always been about Cumberland farms are nice and firm house blend. Ice coffee but because of the holiday I think most people were thinking about cook outs more than question of the week so I'll ask you a couple of questions and in the place of those. And not one thing is all star game so you have. We'll keep vet who's gonna start for an injured Mike Trout and Chris sales in the two surprised no one is there starting at yeah at the start. Is it the day before the all star break in are there any restrictions or anything to you wanna see with his use in the all star game. Well actually starts tomorrow absolutely you're blessed our little break so actually two there will be used to. So. I think he's probably Euro strong strong candidate. To be the starter in the all star game. I do like the fact that I think three years ago they implemented if you start on Sunday you're not eligible pitcher and I think that took a lot. Potential decision or influence. To keep a pitcher that game and they're all their replaced. But they've restored and the better in the Patricia attitude. When those guys are our starting on that Sunday had no clue over and Vargas those two guys and Darvish. They're all scheduled to start on Sunday so you'll probably see some additional named editor backed group. So you know. I had I don't know how well you can change it in terms of adding restrictions role players. But. You know you wanna succeed and their their success over the for the first half but our focus still remain we've got to. Important series from our all star break and our pitchers being available for that series history. Since they'll start tomorrow is a tough holiday for me to hurt good order really good at the arrows are really good also what are your thoughts on will keep blacks. Actually starting you know story. Well deserved I think you know what it was an injured player goes down and of course the trauma that case the the fact that. Moved you receive this is that the fourth highest total void of votes. Among his peers. Players I think that probably. Adds a lot of weight in. You know credibility to him now being the starting. In that starting lineup so just just a a great player we see that. You know he's done a pretty good run right now is evident by a particular Sunday up in Toronto. But you know Michael the one thing that always stands out about smoky. Is just how genuinely is how much you want to learn and his drivers always get better and he's a joy to be around every. Any line up. Changes for you tonight. No we're actually was Castro Wright and her daughter gets is from the Rangers we've got to send more of a sudden that left when it. And that basketball article insult Cheney early on will be bottom plate tomorrow the most sales reached the start support your. Our job to see all star break next week we will talk with you add Fenway on July 19 enjoy the break. OK guys figure out of. Our John thanks a lot. John Ferrell talk with the every week every Wednesday and there you go. That's an analyst for Keefe then as I guess I'm a Medusa. I would tell them every Wednesday. Rain or shine. Whether he's had a good interview where. Now he's got to go get a guy watered the brits they're ready and that it was right. And sell that John Farrell did say that I need to improve their base running which was one of the points of contention a little that would retouched. He brought and scouting report right yeah I did. There's crew of the base running which was the negative aspect. Rich Keefe. Right how do you think historians. This chief barrel story you'd think they'd go out like this for the rest of the year yet I don't or like each other. And yet your your appearance at first thousands you can pretend they do they don't know an opportunity. Who I was gonna say I don't think Ferrell lights key. You know what within that number keep them like for I like rich keep a lot and there's times where it's been told now the issue. I think he's Assam fair questions within an unfair tone. I would be much of it a little pick up my good friend or what we're up your throat would you explain that and in a few seconds here and heart. Any artist here delves up keepers off. It's portrait or WE are lots of baseball basketball on the table for.