Dale & Keefe  - 2018 Patriots schedule; Bill Belichick’s dog; The Red Sox dominance only made sweeter by the Yankees sucking so far.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, April 19th

Hour 3: Bill Belichick was caught holding is tiny little dog Nike, wearing a hoodie. This sparks all sorts of discussions about the type of man Belichick is. The Red Sox are hot, and they are doing it without some of their starters. Will the return of Pedroia be a bump in the road?


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Yeah. Whatever three ailing team Sports Radio WEEI. Couple of quick notes here as we get back to the calls. First of all the entire patriots schedule is out. Good thank god the other you're worried about that Jeff Powell. Patriots beat writer for the athletic Boston. I'm not only gave you the entire schedule out of all right here. He's also giving you the complete pre season schedule good dates and times of those four games so we've got everything. Now the league. Reportedly Amy trashed like follow on Twitter used to work the Oakland Raiders OK she said every year the league would send at a very sternly worded memo to teams in the league in and would warn them. If they leaked the schedule allowed early to pick at this big it's cause I got hit day and night out yeah on the NFL network share Scott Hanson and a host I'm now gonna have the information you very excited. And yet every year ice admonition manna. On the New York Daily News had the entire New York Jets can't unbelievable Jeff how nap now has the entire patriots schedule guys sniff that White House week eleven. I want eleven that's actually maybe the most important thing that's that's good that now you know like that early bye week the right. What's throw of the middle and live on November I can tell you they have five night games. They have three Sunday Night Football games on Monday night not Thursday night game. They have 3425. Games. As for now there's always there's always that flex option is 781. O'clock game take you down at the schedule is that as a wanna I'm looking at this right now taken 124. They're easy to three loss. At Augusta win and we in now. It's Thursday night game at home against Andrew Luck in the Indianapolis Colts I am surprised. Well into locked out of Africa and Arianna do a lot of it or not I had a great odds and little early for Andrew Luck. I am surprised they're opening the season and they only 1 o'clock game against the Texans yet. I thought they would have been without the thirst that I game the Sunday night game of the money and I care about them out of the united jets lions game as the rundown on how Jamie has a believable they got screwed it's just I have like we all read and what it's awful. And one other not right I'm expecting a eight. Sincerely worded apology from you my friend. About one because you mocked me when I said about the possibility of the Cleveland Browns picking quarterbacks with a both their first round pick our Ed Baird. About a course architect of the delta. Like the idea if I don't take my mocking them you know and apply it to the browns and the same thing that is the worst idea. It draft history to draft a quarterback at one end at four and then to say hey come trade for the guide for where the teams that are going to be trading for say we know you can't keep both. You're an idiot this happens in fantasy football almost every year to the exact same results a guy takes a quarterback. Two quarterbacks in the top three or four rounds is that while somebody's got to trade for me or they don't and you're stuck with them and that getting sick while Barkley you have a back up quarterback that's the dumbest thing ever sold six years ago the Washington Redskins. Traded from number six to number two to take RG three yes and then pick Kirk cousins in round four of the same draft and they got mocked then but it actually made a lot of sense because Robert Byrd in the third. The style that he was playing he was going to be will be more mobile and injury it was react protect against injures I hate that as much as you wait until the fourth round. Yeah actually did a pretty good job and identifier quarterback there if the men. Yucca I got one other example 1989. Cowboys take take Troy Aikman in the first round of panic they debt invest a first round pick in the supplemental draft on Steve Walsh. Am I a year later Q because they are traded Waltz to the saints for a first round pick and a third round pick and a second round packed. Outs he -- the supplemental draft proposal on the well layered but EE if you take a supplemental pick you forfeiture first round pick in next year but and they got it backwards or they got it back along with a second and a thousand what 19901980. To 89. The Packers when you're drafted Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn and the like that useless knowledge for Matt Flynn was the seventh rounder heated up in the better quarterback than Brian Brohm. But now I think that would be idiotic if they drafted two guys but if any franchise were to do it. It would be the browns so. Another another layer of intrigue for the draft next Thursday according to pro football talk dot com actually they're they're quoting a story by Kevin Clark of the ringer okay. Said the browns have bought about it discuss that and investigated it. It says wait it's as the work address to the point where one unnamed stories that's the one unnamed sorts with whom Clark spoke with elder rattle off every previous instance of teams drafting two passers high. Because he'd done the prep work on the ideal. But not that high. Did not Ganassi not worth the tolerance for X article back. Don't be so dog I would love to know what they did that patient Bradley job might be available at number five I would say so I would say that it that it definitely is. But you're better off if you think there's always seems there'd be fighting for trade of of a quarterback. Just trade the pick you'll still get a lot for the pic we see every year you mentioned the Robert Griffin the third when they moved up. They had to give up a ton was that with the rams they gave up odd and a draft picks. It's so you can still get it. You can get as much if not more for the number four overall pick then if you talk Josh Allen and then tried to wait and flip them. So that was his dog. Did the investigations the CSI Cleveland trying to figure out it makes sense the draft two quarterbacks the top or extra caddy said he nearly word apology on my desk by the end hill and never happened I didn't it'll never happen okay never mind. Builds a New Hampshire I don't I don't. Hi I'm nick I questioned first. Our look at me god never talk about the don't take it a try that was a lot. You dial it back up in the plants last little. He's been pretty good though okay he's not been as good as to Iraq plan allegation not any other thing is you know you should talk or. I'm rose you know there election talk more. Arrows. This. Now yeah the other group game. Oh yeah that's I doubt but I work with Billy Jack and I am I have a chance it's a good it's a good concerned bug out are gonna happen. I actually operate under the the assumption that less of me and more of the experts is a good thing and they'll they'll introduce degrees. He wants more ideal aren't you want the analysis of meat or do you want the analysis of filly champion Barry Petersen. I'm on the spot Heisman and we're probably going to those guys the and I don't mean to put on any spot there it is that's the reality of the situation and besides is ice out of work with Jack the obligates a high on the that politics and I. Our guys out there they'll think you very much first period accidents that we saw odd jobs on the cell phone hey John. I come guys and how long the short quick question hang up. Wanted to hear your comment. On Jake brought in his play in the other rookies. And that also entail for you one on eyed Jakes to a lot I don't mean the only one playing. From the first round another with a big draft I am wondering what you're thinking long term debt trap. If any Morgan wrote can't help. Everybody kills the Bruins it in this regard look they've got to take the brass playing they took three players and route I had no intention. Of taking players at 1213 fourteen they wanted to make a deal with the Arizona they wanted to move up the deal fell through they had to take the three players. And what everybody wants to point to if they wanna criticized the Bruins and I understand is you know Matthew bars all who's going to be the rookie of the year. Went after those three guys how did you screw that up. But if you get a guy like Jake to brusque who you know is a legitimate second line left wing on your team. Did you truly screwed up the entire draft now natural the other two guys I I think you'll see them. What's really frustrating is spending get all those guys that draft class earlier draft and always eighteen year old so this is the 2015 draft yeah I can thirteen 1415. Fourteen is the bras. But the other two guys if you look at the 31. Round picks. There are only three players total. That have not made their NHL debuts yet in school Omar the grow our Bruins guys now there's a couple of guys that you know just played games and had barely count but it's pretty alarming. And if you wanna take a step further out of the top 21 protects. Only to a home of not made their debut in the Bruins have ball of so yeah you get a second line guy who had a really good season. You're probably hoping to at least get something for at least one of the other two and that is that it added even. Without even talking about bars all just just a first round pick along your most vocal at gunpoint to the bars all thing instead Allen drives it home audit aria yeah. Yet three cracks that day in and you skipped over him so. At the very least the tick the prospect at least makes you feel a little bit of a big goal old for three there that would have been brutal but yet those two guys are still kinda. Kind of waiting. Did you say what's the expectation on them they held the resort an update on those guys and whether or not next year to be the year for them while they still. You've got Jacobs of moral right who was taken thirteenth two brusque was taken fourteenth. Vaccination was taken fifteen. Sedition playing in Providence and writings of moralist who for that matter are. So and you've got guys in the pipeline who could theoretically but those sort of get brought up I feel it during the trade problem as Matthew bars all went sixty yet now that as the prom but those guys. Don't even seem like top guy I ever turn the trade deadline. We were talking about Trent Frederic we're talking about JFK we're talking about all these other guys on the roster or you know in the organization. Those guys really never even got brought up I don't know what their when their trade. No you hope they development mop and help you hear that it's not a problem the issue is you've had other younger players. Who've already moved past the I got a treasure on an act of oil has already you know moved past Jacobs immoral and it's already playing here. I got like Chrysler are not always better at Ryan did not always hardy moved past at least at this point in his vaccination and I started playing here arias the good news is that 41 but again when when. Hockey's. A little bit differently usually see some of these guys and even though martians are the same player that it was that he was still on the team and you know used 42 point three in it was a part of a team that. That one McCullough so it seems legal these guys signal slower than you hope. 6177797. ID 37 towns on the cell phone hey Tom. I do it once I'm. I don't conspiracy. There for live on. Are always say that British and other power. Let me pick this out a little bit. I'll be certain. Telecheck traits pure apple sure. One ticket and writers wait wait a little bit but so is certain. Belichick Y 58 net job. An insider at their Tom we're gonna let you get right back on those tracks but Belichick needs a job. Well sir it's it can't get rid of me decent job. Yeah I bet I've only honest there's there's kind of losing me here but continue. Well I'll decide not doubt quickly because Becky the 49ers you Ecuador below. Everything is. I'm all about it. Like some keys residents I don't want that loved it and I'll settle we actually think that politics and indeed at rob crappy app well first of all that contrast gonna get rid of him he needs job at second of all. Like 29 other teams in the NFL wouldn't be trying to hire and that day he's gonna go to the niners because he's got nothing to wink wink thing and they pay Shanahan you can stay on as the coordinator. Because number I was lucky you. Grapple anyway. I don't know about that on Tom. He might need a job just based on the photo that ran last but sports is see the photos because it's in the phone is that the lacrosse game at the you know his daughter Amanda coaches that whole restaurants and he's gonna supporters thought it good for him yet. So he's there with Linda Holliday right is his lady friend yes. And a pocket dog. The small guy that's a purse dog I mean you know the tiny guys got to like a little beat these titles no no I think it's just the tiny dog with a sweater and it'll take a little. So Bill Belichick in now. And retreating pictures there new puppy. Who is going to be camped under. It it looked like one of those dogs that. The lowly card actually varies around and a purse. Yeah now. Dockery on a huge dog person those little bugs I can't really get on board I think my weight but my thought too little but he's like forty pounds I think that's the cut off with see you can't it's not that you can't beat carrying a dog around with a hoodie on and now when your Bill Belichick act forgot six. Maybe not at all let out here on your dog out for a purse is all of our smartest dog has its first the accessory. Roll and between me whose rule number of Brinkley Belichick with the Nike which is obviously shot Brady. Evidently and an eyebrow Armageddon not the last thing the rule. Now that's not there on the stock last night was not. Did not look like a little wall yet maybe this is somebody else's dog this little play not luggage that dog around for somebody else does not rule I just doesn't it Dell he media and Leland Leland and it's the same. As it's just the poppy. Draperies. He's carrying around with a little sweater. If you'll sweater on and I Belichick and Wear a sweater I'm fine with that ED actually has had been on two but yeah I don't think the dogs the slaughter. He's the first on what he's slightly shorter dogs I don't know better and wet out though it was wet it was great to slip on those bleacher steps that compounds I don't know not yours Kerry and now go the other way anywhere on the other ways beaver kind of the dog he's here in the dog. Obviously he's well cared for. I'm okay now. I'd take 120. Seconds yeah doctor's oath. Right until now that's another picture. Got a quick about adorable little tiny dogs I think that dog will get bigger isn't huge it's very important that would be what's what's your definition of its argument under Paris Hilton to while was get those things yet but Palmer Pomeranian and the ones he can yeah your hands but like that but that. Tiny tiny faces that he does what about a hug Allopod okay told me on the bones and other debt plus there's there. Death in there and that's I have. Thought oh putts go. Partly it's got a little weight to a Bulldog. All credit her for principle is you couldn't take a French Bulldog and stuff it back and walk around those things like fifty times where you know connect. It's confident over. Don't please don't both our owners Belichick and Nike. While you're earning your dog Nike I would I would gas it throws those with two different color eyes like Max Scherzer. Oh. Like you know textures are scherzer. Or the dog or he's like now about or whatever it is to mutations so. And his there's a mutation like only missed one. Who picked up my attitude of scholars like you know the way. There I just got a bit and now a charming you know with the guys gags that's low for breads that Nike's the Greek god. It is proof that that no one in this country thinks of it in those terms really thick of the shoes made of bill is the big Greek goddess guy now. Could make maybe it's they're Jordan's. Dante high towers a screen in his or scream as his putter handle these guys on you get everything that's it's a little here there. Zoo some open. I don't know it's just a troubling picture I don't want it loud at knocked around who's the idiot that took the picture and out of respect for how little dog with a puppy that's right let he's still a small dog now all. We know is that manly look for Bill Belichick at the at the lacrosse as well as the sweater throws you know yes it's anything it'd be the the little head bands. That's less manly than carrying the Donald bills at the F yeah. And at an odd is that basically confirmed the public another in superimpose a few weeks ago that she's the key is out it's well I don't doubt. And fund Soviet. You know I am willingness to maybe change my opinion. How about this because there's been a suggestion the other flip flop or what exactly there's been a suggestion that what the dog is actually wearing. Is a hoodie with the sleeves cut off tonight that's the case then that's bad that's not bad right now that's that's complete all of our minds more sense yeah. And a little thing dogs need closed with a federally. You refer it to sort of looked like but he somebody's got to of the and in about closeup of a it does sort of look like a quality so that that's legit then that's on you do. Well then you're actually I mean you are. He he is you that point if he's definitely on with costly yet he's the dog version of the about Dave's on the cellphone hated. They didn't break. It's gonna listen I'm probably another ball and they around the Yucatan. I've heard otherwise. I've heard otherwise he's got to be honest with the added that Reid gets bigger than that the now the Alaskan clique high which is what this thing is called currency bill where. It. Yet but not eight pounds now and how do you measure wallop me at the tiny on. It's gonna be around. Boy anybody tells you pulled it to consult so we've got the real as the men that's a nice dog right there. But we're gonna get them out yet. Anyone like you kinda cool. That's true it is presidential all organically and your talent this thing's going to be more like twenty pounds it's not a beauty when you think the media he think of primary season two was to allow five to seven pounds of force of pounds this thing will grow twelve pounds it's mailed to believe it is. You know female and eighteen it's not a small to me I'd say is that this breed of dog the Alaskan clique Kai yes sales from Alaska done there is so when the weather gets cold you don't have to dress it up. Which he did. It is Seattle that you need to do that would that there's some dogs a super short hair that yet they get cold movements their efforts in record time but most dogs don't like in the preferred. They prefer when it's cold. The appointment and they did that eats them up the word for coastal town and I'm looking at the pictured Oakland Holliday posted on its program I mean is cute as a button is a good look indicted that you know yes it looks like a little tiny miniature. Wolf. And little wolf which is. Kind of sort of coal actually. The talk like them the whole dressing and pretty quickly and LS it's analyst yeah with a cross lately you wait until we find out whether it is my NAFTA if you're a woman or female you're allowed to fillets are fast nicest guys that don't and I don't know I don't think I would not a dog is not an accessory a dog is a pact or really member of the family. It's not an accessory it's not like backpack or. Cellphone it's fun it really cares so treat you heard satellite that. I don't like that at all is upon I follow on Twitter. Is doctorate there in spanky bug. He's not at all odd little plug these numbers for that no local by following these on or order Foxboro that policy spanky spanky the Pug and through the tunnels are outfits and I would think he'd but I know he looks pretty. Does he seem okay with a there is with the bow ties he sees that he's pretty. DA seems like he's OK with that I guess is he looks miserable here. To Santa Clara it looks really of that there. Yeah out of I'm out on Jerusalem dogs I don't think he's the sombrero and that's that's he doesn't like it though he looks mad that. It's in body there so yeah I will say this has my daughter dresses up for dog. She does I'm definitely sweaters and stuff on him. Ecuador's wearing a sombrero and the caption says let's taco about meeting up from margaritas. You follow this dog and I just don't know aren't Mumbai area and edit and staring at Andy you know there's a league. Get together me for them come. To omit the fourth in review. And then I hate both you and this moment. I got him talking about following dogs on instrument that you make it bad Star Wars just sank the putt as a decent following. So would you say I'm your Siebert coworker and a spike get fired out of Yahoo! guys. And here you take you yesterday at about two hats and as it is following there'd definitely casts and ladies are gonna craft Beers here from about seed Felix outback and executive. About all the way back. 6177797937. Davidson Wakefield a David. Captain on how you guys don't blame us. But the deal you know pretty high on to cut into what his goals against average for the first three games. I'll look it up for you real quick and don't have an important race. I find that hard to believe. Really. Yeah what's your overall point he's not a very good goalie because the three games his size goals against average is two point 71 looks I'm sorry but. My fault but I don't think he's good enough. You need gold lease to deal gates and play offs if you don't have that type of goalie. You're not gonna win a series and I don't think who could bring that not at all. But so is one series in the past hour they could do that excuse me they were able to win series in the past with him how do you think there that do that. Because it came across parts of it it's him farms pretty good. When they can score six I don't think gold absolutely keep the one that only can escort to retreat golf. You're gonna need a goalie. To be able to feel close games. His his goals against average for the season was 2.3 sets so historic race you win. That end the regular season completely gets. Okay is goals against average in the playoffs is two point 71 with so it's 43 you win. One. And an Eastern Conference that he's not on the cup we've got to put that so just because the guy hasn't won a cup means you never rule. Makes sense. I don't let it and cut it I guess it if he doesn't steal a game in this hearing. Bit on the rules. What do you think its goals against is is in his career in the playoffs. Like I I know be OK it's not before like you got a. Let's say let's say the benefit of those goals against that's what you're talking about for the series what do you think it is in the playoffs. None other fans have an outside its two point 15 which is actually better than the regular season. So he's of these guys who is better to save percentage is better its goals against is better in the playoffs and it's a pretty good sample size he has played 56. Playoff games counting these three against Toronto where he's not out to a great start the team however is 211. So I just feel like to see that you can't win a series a Ceres. Would to grass is outlandish they've won that series in the past with him. It's the best school in the world. Probably not but can you win the cup with a I think so that well with this team yes you can't yes. And I thought that if there were about he does not have to steal a series for you to be able to win with with a team that he's gotten from now if you wanna say art here you are your in the in the stealing game yes yes maybe yes. But so. Do you think Frederick Anderson stole game three. And maybe wasn't the only raise about that some of the saves he had he might have been the biggest reason Toronto one. In in a vacuum who's the better player of the game who it is okay Brett but it was around the league who who's a better goalie Tuukka Rask Frederick Anderson. So for interesting to do that I think to grass can do that too. And in the Eastern Conference I think they have the best team it's a maybe if he waited to play Pittsburgh in the cup final art. Made him when he may be to get past the play out of his mind for deem. But I don't think yes it to a Furl for the team a forum is good enough. Thought it. You write the there's a there's a lot of two good critics out there I just. I don't think it's as extreme as they make it out to be any end in particular goals against for the first three games that Roberts at 21. So we're our we're lose our minds about a two point 71 goals against the and in if you think about it. Is two point 71. That was because they gave up four goals in the last game. The only other small sample size rate in the three but they were the political touchdowns and was ordered that. We got Red Sox tickets gonna give away about 530 Red Sox Tampa Bay Rays tickets don't say a word. Don't even whistle uncle. While I say we've got three. Cats sick at the parity. Don't go anywhere to go right here. Why do the New York Yankees. Worked so hard to make it difficult for us to continue to hate. First of all. Over the weekend. They sent beautiful flower arrangement. For the funeral home for officer Sean Gannon. The police officer canine officer. Who was gunned down. And I saw pictures of an online a beautiful floral arrangement from the New York Yankees and I thought that was really. That was really legitimately a neat thing for them to do right. So now. There was a a young girl fourth grader. Who went on. FaceBook. Have to talk and she was holding up signs she nationally speak. But basically dipped to talk about how she was being bullied for more than three years at school. And FaceBook took her her video down because of age requirements. So her mother or reap posted the same video on her own or FaceBook account this young kid named Cassidy Slater. To talk she wrote one day during recess a group of kids grabbed my purse softened teacher spit on it and me. The group of kids always comes up to me during recess trying to fight meet kids don't even wanna go near me. So now what's happened is the New York Yankees have posted a video of the wrong it's almost. Two outs two plus minutes long all the players on the Yankees holding up their own signs. Supporting Cassidy Slater. And saying hey we got your back in fact will sit near you you come to the lunchroom in our clubhouse and coming lunch with us and I mean it's a class senior I think for the Yankees to do and you know as much as I wanna dislike them they've done a couple of things are in the last week that make that more difficult. I couldn't believe when Cassie Slater said I'll hang out of the Yankees but not John Crowe stand she let me just say yeah I don't want nice gesture of their parties is filling out of them. But there are off to a very very mediocre start at eight Nate so yeah they're they're doing the right things off the field on the field. They seemed to be scuffling a bit and you know it's. Bogon them that the Red Sox are off to a fifteen and two start. So that the Yankees are 500 their already six and a half games at first place and it's you know just after the middle of April. A your right to the right things off the field on the field then worker progress. But as much as it you know we who grew up here and when you. You know it's like it's like bred into us to hate the New York Yankees hate everything about the New York you can still it. I did acknowledge that they do good works but you can still hate them. Back in the day when we do the Jimmy Fund radio telethon. And George Steinbrenner would call in and make it's buried generous donation went. At least for today I gotta kind of say nice things about well that's where you get into the guard this is bigger then the robbery but he can separate the two. You know an announcement Steinberg overdue for all those years and you know the Yankees are doing a lot of great things he did acknowledge that the Red Sox also do some some great stuff but on the field it's still there the robbery is now is. Is is because it's bad and in recent memory if I was because it was. You know 1015 years ago but it's it's pretty dead right now. And the thing with Sean Gannon. Might throw him my hat's off to them in power and in good epidemic I I guess. I don't know if he had said something about being in Yankee fan when he was a kid I don't know I don't I don't know why they sent the the arrangement that. The images. From the from the funeral I think that was yesterday. Now where they've got all the canine officers and all the dogs are lined up along the street Michaud has done to these evil was wounded you know actually shot in the face unbelievable yeah he's so he had. Few surgeries and as a German shepherd and he was recovering now but he's yeah he's. Not occurred I go back to saying bad things about the Yankees like yeah tomorrow. Today's art today but can't afford that you acknowledge that that's very nice of them. But you can still him. Yes OK yeah builder and a menu that puts my world Bakken interest rates were sent alignment everything else is. I'm besides when your baseball team is fifteen into their baseball team isn't it's it's more fun to mock Clinton. And John Carlos Stanton is imploding. Yeah he's a massive have a when he was here even in the feels like he couldn't figure figure that out you struggling out there than at the plate he is just band. A mass at at this point I mean it just gets worse and worse you know because you go up there your hidden under 200. The powers not really varies it was a three home runs. It's a they're expecting a ton out of him obviously his contract now but what they gave him by the way they treated form so that was the Marlins they gave him that crazy contract but. He has really gotten off to a brutal start which is great to see is right there. If at that they're sitting here now still Nate Nate Red Sox are sitting at fifteen in two. Those are you keeping score on fifteen and two. 81 at home 71 on the road. Get this they scored a 108. Runs that's that the best in Major League Baseball. They've given up 48 runs. That's the second best in baseball and America only there run differential is plus sixty. Already yeah and at that estimates these blowout wins of certainly held at and there are also. They are tied for seventh. In all of Major League Baseball in home runs in her last year there yet can't hit them dead last in the American League I think they finish liked when he 827. Whatever in all of baseball. So I know it's early and in you know the teams Hawkeye jumbled together but. You see that kind of pace that there at least on they could finish in the top ten in home runs and got. We'll keep pets is locked in JD Martinez hit homers Taylor Mir is off to a great start. Your hottest hitter was in a Bogart's and he goes on the DL but all signs seem to be pretty positive for him. And what was interesting yesterday we're talking Alex Cora was. You know I think Bogart's would be eligible to come off the DL. This weekend I believe but he said I'm not put a timetable on it it might as the makah say it's next week or the week after that. So they are really going to. Wait for this guy and so he's rated ago has hurt or and they said all right ten day disabled list that he could be back in ten to fourteen days on the and sound right that's what the release said. Of course all of a sudden differently when aka Russia's got back and they don't need to go off to the hottest start all of baseball and if it takes him a month to get back Soviet. Sam Kennedy said today when he was on middays on well it's OMF but it. Not all of them were there just MF for the different yes so when they when he said today that drew pom rants can be ready for Friday. So they're getting another picture back in the rotation there who was great last year I don't know where Steven Wright is in. You know in his recovery and where he's acting thing I don't know where Dustin Pedroia as. That's actually move that I think could help them because. Eduardo Nunez is a nice story and everything but yeah let's be honest defensively so Heidi good. That are missed out Dustin Pedroia though for at the senator a major controversy on the team a year ago he was at so him coming back but they could not be doing any better but B they're who they learn there ought they're awesome right now they're hitting it. Their pitching their fielding. So you're right at northern areas looks like an error wait and happened but I haven't committed one yes a date they are rolled it doesn't get to things that you think he surely doesn't do you think Pedroia can just fit in seamlessly or do you think it's going to be. Yeah pretty adding that unit unit unit replacing you know bookie bet in right now replacing Eduardo Nunez right. Who's back but I wonders announcing another guy that fair that chorus and I have to do in certain of the lineup because he likes to keep guys fresh ice to make sure Moreland in the area writes to make sure. Don't rock COLT even before suitable Ers went down and out Nunez is another guy but probably feels like he should play every day. But now he's not going to so I think that he had until weeks when he came backyard that he wasn't playing every day probably did but that doesn't mean he's going to be the go throw. I got big key who who who knows when Pedroia is gonna come back these funds that are you are the opinion that the Red Sox aren't better when Pedroia replaces Nunez because I think they are back yet they may not be I don't harbor Pedroia is anymore and I wonder if you know his personality is he on their side this year or now. I guess is he I've seen as a serious questions like. May be that the change in manager will be all you need from from the directive is probably more Pedroia vs Farrell but it was Pedroia verses seemed it barn but. He was a guy that last year. After everything had already been bad. Goes into the middle of the locker room and is like on the leaders don't see anybody else here on the it's just me. Ours are very okay without legacy still the guy that's a rookie that's its parent taken on the leadership role. And are are they okay without they gonna butt heads and dollars are going to be fine do you expected that that Pedroia is gonna come blustering into the clubhouse day one. That's my team I I don't think he does though he shouldn't because I don't think that's how he really feels anyway like I don't think he is a eight necessarily great leader now he told you that he was last year and conflict are busy doing this if he feels he has to or does the is he doing this disease. Really believes. I got I don't know but if he just goes out there and you know he's a better defensive second baseman no doubt about it. He's probably of a better hitter Ryan I don't it is is about that are leaving is pretty good. So may I am really was thinking more defensively. And B yeah I think he's a boost but it detonate his birthday and good early on. But what's that they've won there aren't they gonna spy catcher or pitcher a bit they've been. Like devers and Nunez and Hanley you're thinking oh boy this is not a great defensive alignment. But those guys have been good all season long I know it's early though as well Corliss and devers is kind of turning into a little weak level. Third baseman Eduardo Nunez is it to 68. He's got two home runs he's got six runs batted in. It's OPS's 792 it's good to have its its mind and that's kind of that's kind of been what Pedroia has been a last year's rate it and to nine years so volatile power. I also think that in this town because we got pissed at him last year yeah we also forgot how good a player areas. Yeah he's been a really good player he won't yeah he was a really good player I guess is is he still really good player does help these really good yeah. Yes look like he's gonna hit 17 the rate in the lineup race that's OK that's fine and I albums and a great players is it'll hit down there and in the order. I mean he's. A guy that you have for that you hope to get some that out of him because he signed that crazy contract McKee. It's three more years left on this deal instantly he's been here forever and I don't think he's getting any better. But yes the popping down as kind of mill. In the middle of a drug I don't think he. How can he make this team better teams or great the teams and insanely good to this point out on the he makes them worse but I image that this the how the personalities clown he's an Aries Federer he's been around with a team a little bit. But within playing every day how was the trickle down effect would would Nunez and in with everybody else how to score. Use all these different 6177797937. Jackson all HM. Little blue whale and Dustin Pedroia has a life long ride so actually an OK I. I would be OK if you ate his no trade contract is about genocide. Dale and you know I miss king you respected veteran status he that he wasn't great player for a launch site. But the way he did trade is team in all the ball actually it was teammates under the bus. That was just grateful I pretty much lost all respect him. As a result but what happened on Baltimore. And you know what. He heard a lot. What I should you call screener what are what I would do is I would move live over the second patient replaced millions. It's turned so that. Get it placed intentions. He's playing well in the field he hit the ball well and I would send hold back to the minor league. They get into it it's us luck and ends away lens. Off to a rates parties only at sixteen at bats yeah he's sitting pre 75 that's not who he has now. Well you know what else document is not getting it to reach out and fight we all know. You know what he's talking to each other side but in terms that he had to agree. I would I would give him chance on the launch at least at least a replay. What can you tell me about a month or he's played to this point. You're gonna have and somebody Tammy you're you're gonna get guys back in the lineup you're gonna get Brock Cole I mean does it Bogart's back nine you're gonna get Dustin Pedroia back somebody's gonna have to go. What a good budget should continue to back a minor league. I know what at all boots that Dustin Pedroia it seems like the last game but the Red Sox what happened last year I'm OK with that dale. Let's not the only one Jim I'd be you know other people soured on him greatly. After what happened and blood spatter there's no way to spend that that was bad at least from everything that we know that was a terrible look from from Dustin Pedroia and I think the way fall that a bat third and some stuff was it was kinda applaud. I think the other concern with him would have to be just how healthy is he going to be. So who's coming off of an injury. You know last year he played and a 105 games the year before that he was healthy news actually really good and sixteen. When fifteen mile played in 93 games so he's done no health is absolutely an issue but when he is healthy yeah he's he's good he's the best second baseman you have when healthy I agree with that but. There's a reason why they probably said. Let's make sure we bring back Eduardo Nunez is he may have department Dejuan bogey whether Pedroia being hurt well they don't ever it was going to be ready to start the CI navigate yet right but even after a month you know that that's a is to me is an everyday player like it brought Holtz. If he was replacing Pedroia for the first three or four weeks are okay and he's gonna slide over to the bench but Nunez is somebody that I think it's gonna. Gonna wanna be out there is it just what happened in Baltimore. Or was it the fact that there are those who say that. You know he was a maybe not an active participant in what happened between David Price. And Dennis Tankersley but at least didn't seem to have an issue with a that's sort of thing and responsive he all the way back to the Bobby valentines stuff if Valentine wasn't such a clown. Pedroia I think what have gotten more grief. For the stuff he did and said are the photo and everything it yeah but everybody hated Valentine's night after they turn on him anyway but if he was the guy that you know had. You're just a little bit of respect from people and it Pretoria would've gotten ripped for that because it seems like. Pedroia loved his critics body Francona and and sense that is knocked out along the managers. Core is that this is former T guys you know I bet they seem to have a pretty good relationship they do and that's why I think. Core was should be able to get the best out of out of Pedroia. They entries this. Yes it is fair one on its hockey and make up nights on gonna head out crystal unease here that's right line will be on his choice are coming up in the door and and right back to your calls.