Dale & Keefe - Alex Cora responds to Blake Swihart's trade request & Carson's Smith's self-induced injury, 5-16-18

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, May 16th

Red Sox manager Alex Cora joins Dale, Rich & John Tomase to talk about Blake Swihart's trade request & whether he would consider changing his approach to the team's catchers. He also gives an update on Carson Smith's shoulder injury and notes some encouraging developments surrounding David Price's heatlth.


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For our regular weekly visit with the manager of the Boston Red Sox Alex or Allison brought you by our belly insurance your Gwendolyn Honda dealers with. And Cumberland marks the official copy of the Red Sox radio network. We're done here at our Old Dominion freight line center field studios Alex good to see you see guys. It appears that if there's a lot of I like is much that area. Let's start with a bad news Karstens Mitt yesterday Lance on the ten day DL with. What Dave Dombrowski described as a sub luck station of the shoulder. The night before evidently is he came out of the game through his glove in the dugout hurting shoulder. Did you have an idea even the night before that it was as serious as it ended up being. Well talking to Carson that night. He felt he was. Like I told you guys before wanting all of our guys that hasn't would be transparent in Norman and responsible and in that conversation. It was a tough one from from here suits to my house and then talk to him. He was very sorry he accepted how'd it happen. It's a freak accident navy if you if you watched the fifteen games ago on every night there's a lot of guys that throw helmets through gloves bunch of they buds themselves just like Kenny Giles. Just happened to institute for him to he got Rangers he's it's a freak that accidents a tough lesson for us now it seems like he took some of the responsibility is talking in the media that the and the other thing Hussein was. Philly you've been used a lot of or was tired and I read it that you sort of what you're a little bit of that did you did you take it that way at all neither take about way. And a daily basis we talked to to the players how they feel special open that's very important for us. One thing over a 162 games it's going to be stretches but you play extra inning games played back to back a lot and I mean you play a lot of games without off days. You played you know those games some that's enemy down and then. The usage goes up but. On a daily basis we talked to them they need because that there about available and we go from there. I think since opening day we've been asking you about the eighth inning in this obviously another monk Austin that. So how do you handle that going Florida and how much of an area of concern is that for you which we don't feel that we have guys that we can match up against NC we used Marcy sometimes in the six innings against the middle of the order and that we use him VA Jill Kelly. For me was a guy that I've identified this before the season when I got the job that. You Dag I throw the ball the way he's talent is he's going to be cable guy to give this high leverage innings he's done so he's done so far. We use in some times in in the eighth inning with two lefties coming up he's been outstanding instances we use in some times. These guys and can catch up with the forcing fastball and a breaking mow these bars and sometimes looming credit in the in the ninth. That's why it's obviously is a hit because the way he was thrown the ball mean Houston corner he'd he had. There was an at bat in New York against hicks he threw a lot of it so too with retain yes that's on the third base dugout looked like there was sliders and I was eight he he's getting there by. To bat we got to move on let's be honest he's hurt he's helpless. Right now so we've we've got to find other guys that can step up and in the open. Dave did say yesterday that this has the potential of being a major injury is it almost to the point now where you have to have. Steel yourself to the fact he's not going to be available today. I'd feel though it right now hopefully something changes in the upcoming days and he can perform this season. But right now we got to move on and Bobby's here yesterday here on attained a too bad but. We feel that he can do his job there are some guys in Tripoli that it's on the ball well let us have before the season it takes more than 25 guys to win the World Series even. More than the forty man roster Portman was. Was it sample here in 2013. He was in a big league camp becomes in. And against the I think it was three outs in the morals I mean brain is in the World Series as a Woolsey resigns so. We feel that week we got plenty of arms in Tripoli that can help us and the number they'll be here they and that was the Nazis. Were we even added that baton answer yes I had read that area pretty memorable last liquid or on your toes David Price was doing when miles carpal tunnel so they miss that start the that he went out there and had a start that weekend. Is is that just something that you're gonna have to monitor with him throughout the entire season it seems like he had. A handful of different ailments weather's cold allergies. Carpal tunnel there in the middle. Or mama's got the other thing that is not on on and so bushels which is very important for us so in between starts obviously there's a lot of work going on in training room. As he says you know he feels that he's healthy they can pay its the rest of the season. Amy some adjustments which I love you know change in species in the breaking ball you've been detained and for him. To be that guy that we want is to make adjustments as beyond the league is and stage right now that they're pumping fastballs and here. Your pitches are in the same speed. They gonna do damage with a with a wee side yes there with Eduardo it was from 8891. There in the game. And there were able to follow the pulpit is or or square them up and hit out ballpark. After that he made adjustments this like they did did in in Toronto if he can do that could be. What do you think is going on with the starters right now I think over the last eighteen games the area around I've been happening at that consistent start to start success earlier I do feel we haven't been able to put hitters away if you if you look at the numbers there's a lot of who who two out runs. A letter to strikes damage and early in the season it was happening and the last few weeks is being there are also the first few innings it seems like. They're putting good swings on we're we're we're pitches that that we relied. On a fastball early in the game and and teens make adjustments we saw Woody Hayes we see that would Toronto win now against itself. To us and tell us their first pitch he swings he is a double. Then Donaldson gets another patron in the county assessing this one up and down so we have to make adjustments and. We're talking to Red Sox manager Alex Cora. You you obviously can't run away from a player like Jackie Bradley junior which you've also had a hard time putting him in the lineup on a regular basis lately. How is T get short trust again and earn his way back into the lineup on a regular basis over stations get. Out into them pull him in the office and show him some villas on the paths in where we want him to be. Isn't one them one of the most athletic guys in the basement you know be in Rania has power. Is a small guy but he currencies that he's an athlete just like monkey bets and it feels like he'd be game. Wait too rotational was his swing he wasn't able to relax and load and Disco he stands. And that's where we at right now in Toronto there was some strides but not where we want him to be. There's been a few tough matches in this series was among nine the did yesterday in Mankato today that he's very tough against lefties. And I feel like they're so tough. Guy on the mound against a left handed hitter well we should play one of our best left handed hitters which is makes more than he's at bats outstanding site yesterday so. Right now he's just a matter of him making adjustments and meets when about. Now there's a report out there that place one heart wants to be traded. The party your columns he's managing the personalities are adult point five guys feel good mood all the time but. What's it like when you know that one of the guys in the wants now I mean. I'd read about it and it's spite of the business terrorists then and and threes they want another pirates and look at them right now other efforts please. I don't get caught up in the whole thing one thing for sure I'd be an open mind with him talking to him. I've been in that situation I was 25 player for awhile so I know there's certain days that he doesn't like me you know coming into the clubhouse at. And I understand that. But one thing's for sure and you got to imprinted. He shows up takes its there at second at first base level in left field that's as open. He's always ready late in the game Vietnamese where he had his best you know months. Position wise it's one catcher that's it that's his position and and offensively we site has been trying and now. This guy you know with the injuries and everything that happened to him. He fell behind and right now when a situation we're very comfortable with Christian behind the plate with sandy and the played. Is very tough sometimes that I wonder should play him behind the plate like well. You know we got this guy gone would put him there but one thing's for sure and I give him credit he's always ready to play. He he does his work yesterday they had the remarkable machine here because Steven here it was here he was for him pitches so. You can't ask for for a better teammate and a a better place you know he's been in the club he's been. Red planet are you rethinking the catcher thing at all only because you've gotten so little offensively but your two novel we need them to choose to do a better job offensively and they know they're war in matters Didier. There was an at bat with men at second and no outs with Christian and he files pitches up well foul pitches. He ends up making an out he's tried to shoot the ball do away but the result wasn't there a legacy sometimes you now you wanna cup. For how good you are defensively you wanna contribute offensively and sometimes you can see the frustration. We talked to them. And you just want him to Colgate game and contribute offensively with quality at bats and we have an app that her you know for for a long period of time. But lately you can see sandy put him better at bats grace in the last two days he's been okay. But yeah we need him to perform offensively just lasting a slight heart what's the harm I've given him a drive we know is offensive upside is probably higher than any other catcher in the system. It does it get to a point where you say let's just see what's duty in it now I think it's just I feel comfortable with the two guys and and they do a good job calling games. Shutting down the running game. Let's be honest put him on the spot right now after 42 game series is not easy just to go out there reform. At this level is nothing against them is just that we feel very comfortable with the of. Briefly before it tore Iraq question of the of the Weaver for the manager here. Dustin Pedroia of rain sort of affected his his options last night we understand that he was supposed to a couple of days off then play through the weekend. If all goes well do you expect him to be available to you beginning of the week. Bob began the week I'm not a hundred position where we go until plays that there's the turf is in town but is not the best surface. For a guy coming out of injury just to play there but wanted for sure whenever he comes and there's going to be a lot of energy is actually in the clubhouse right now and and people are going nuts and there but he's in a good place he feels that he's out bats were good and the three at bats he was able to to see some pitches and tracked. Some pitches and put good swings on it defensively there's no problem which is great. And whenever he comes back I know he's gonna conform. Time now for the Cumberland farms question of the week for Alex Cora. Brought to you by Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee go to WEEI dot com slash manager to submit your question for us to ask. Alex Cora every Wednesday. Question comes from Patrick Murphy from Waltham he asks are there any positive to a long road trip such as players getting to spend more time together. Yes. And you know do we do a good job for them to spend time together they have breakfast one Swanson. In in every city that you know in the hotel just like the NBA which is different is the first being bought it. I mean a lot of organization that that never happens again dinners after day game to complete vita games. They can do all that stuff you know is is is is a good time for them to spent together but sometimes. It becomes long you know like when you play. This stretch we just went on it was a tough one though. Anaheim opened Toronto come back here for two cities and then you'll Texas New York Toronto you've Phelan I mean it was an easy. We survived that and now we're home for a little bit so hopefully we can pick it up with stones and they line up changes for tonight now gone just like the line obviously it's. Yeah same line as if we appreciate time is always good to see it now thank you guys Red Sox manager Alex Cora Sports Radio WE yeah.