Dale & Keefe - Alex Cora says Dustin Pedroia is not done yet, "He'll play baseball again."

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, July 11th
Alex Cora joins Keefe and Tomase to discuss the red hot Sox, Dustin Pedroia's retrun, the success of Bartolo Colon, David Price's "search" to be better , and more!

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Time now to talk with Red Sox manager Alex Cora Alex brought to buy our dollar insurance you're doing an auto dealers and Cumberland farms the official copy. Of the Red Sox radio network Al scenario you know. We're good we're good now last night when Hector Velasquez get in the start probably notes reveal a lot of relievers to get through that game how does how does that change the approach dornin now on. We we're prepared we we felt that. We we had point seven house. I don't know how but yeah. We we had an idea would be X and their lefties. He was going to be part of the game and then all the offense where we were in the game later on we use our guys over. Use some of the guys we had the lead and then we got police have announced and now we move on. I get a bigger picture question for you for the Red Sox bad for baseball. Conceded defeat on game. And that's a higher rate or the other great for Boston based. Now I'm angry and people are watching and we all meet alt country back on in the Caribbean watch in the rats and there is it's a team that. Often facility. Is a team that. If you watch in the game is cool to see our duties on monkeys and same time when stuff. On the bases we still bases completing the things. Regret yet in all seriousness do you worry at the bigger picture that you know you guys the Astor as the Yankees are so much better than everybody else in the American League as a competitive imbalance that maybe people watch as many games. Six games in the walk and we've seen. Teams coming from these years bigger deficits. The 95 mariners there were what thirteen is back games in August 1 and and they came back and wind so. Minnesota last year there was struggle MM MM Sega have also on the became one of the best offensive teams in the big leagues then and Damon to play Elsa. I know 62 games is it's not that easy. If we gonna compared to a spot the sports. Well I'd follow sports and had a pretty good idea who was gonna play him and BA finals. Yeah this doesn't warriors haven't been. A little bit of that. I mean the big Amy's. The game is people are watching it grow what's in here which is very important for us wherever and blasted. Now you're are talking poppy. Home run derby yesterday a little bit how you city yet your swing you know probably that with the other guys like bats and you know Martinez couple the Yankee sluggers they are not taking part in it. Do you think there should be invoked even talked about adding. Like a skills competition or something along those what do you think that would help you know the days if there's nothing else go a lot of sports. During baseball's all star break you guys to really bring its more than they used to have like different concerts back and like a really raised over thrown into. Primate. Maybe they things out I think hobby yeah. You know without in the contest now. That's going to be fun because. It really doesn't matter with him. No strikes two strikes home run there is gonna sweethearts. That's good day's going to be there. Hello Susan. Harper are Thursday is their home we saw one of those mornings. Yeah game. Those impresses the Max month's season right. Well. He should be daddy yes saw him in oh opposite field home run yesterday so unreal and the odds of it. I'm guys and they can all hours. Bookie tell us about Pedroia you know the decision to go to Arizona was that him was that you guys just how does that happen the whole group though it was sundown we talk about it and poppy is a guy that he he loves to be here and he's so invested on the team and and sometimes I feel like. It's not that he forgets about himself but. He needs time for him when Dustin Pedroia and when you in the club house. He's the first one that says just take care of Celtic enterprise and then we'll find time for myself and I don't think for him is that is the best thing that happens now. Send him out there you know from. Probably he'll be in the clinic for me to five he'll do everything possible to. To be back as soon as possible but away from all the noise away from the guys. I think it's a lot better and I do feel that he's gonna come back in his image helpless about it and to contribute to what we're trying to so we are talking about us before hand you know nobody doubts Pedroia as will nobody doubts how badly wants to be here but. The injuries pile up and keep like people like us wonder is could this be it for him won't how do you respond when you hear things like that I think it. I think hopefully he'll play and like I said yesterday this is more than this season you know. Before XY reason he doesn't come back this year we know he'll be back makes yours we did we just want the wanna put pressure on himself others. There's years in the contract and now we feel that he can perform we saw him firsthand when he came back. The first game mats that can he was second base into right field. When he took the public is going to be you know just. Remember what I saw last year. And he was line he was saying of these is worth it's you'll be fine. You completely. Speaking of base running now there were about the halfway point of the season we talked about base running at the beginning of the year you said it was certainly an issue how do you feel right now I think that's I guess they'll about it the 85%. There are ways that we are still basically crazy the stolen bases certainly but we were making embedded in some doubts like yesterday Jack you got that are but he was going to be a close play at the plate will take down one. There's a few stations that we're going for that coming from a. They've been better they've been better. And then Tom Goodwin and and run right IKEA and an outstanding job the last. Last month talking to them about decisions. As far as stolen base is organization. Has been really really Gibson's I remember I think you know seven when Louie at least that was first base coat. The pursuits percent what's eighty some percent mice have been intend me whenever he goes he saved. Moved here I think between Milwaukee Jackie and and many Daytona they've been out three times this. That's that's. As a weapon because we hit homers we slut and missing time when or was struggling we can put pressure on yourself. Still you know still ninety feet and then with the bases with scores so we're very pleased with the way we mean run in the days. Now a trade deadline is coming up we're gonna ask you about this every week until the 31 pass as a deputy and you can punt on this the site there have been reports that maybe you guys consider a close or somebody else's clothes into the reliever I know you can't comment on that however. You were here and I knew it was acquired. I'm curious what you remember about that because there were challenges you know it is taking a long time all star closer and saying you're going to be a setup man who wasn't as easy as maybe we. Dot on paper the I was in the mail because play with American in LA and feel ultimately over the library and we went through all process and when we betrayed would like they'll do is over you know we've got Oki and we have we have Eric. And also I'm Eric struggle you know and we face Harry here actually in double header he was amazing and that's. That's a tough part about the training them and let people. Think that because you traded for ex guy and he he's been having great seasons also and he's going to be using. Whenever he goes and sometimes if those were and I year. When we got Gagnon is still remember like is over and you with him I think I expected. We're down 31 to him as if Asia Africa or talk with Red Sox manager Alex Cora speaker of the bullpen Tyler Thornburg is back what do you see from him and Anheuser feelings. He still okay is available today and I velocity is is here you can see the light at the end. You know some some pitches up in the zone and he was very impressed. Just a matter of getting him out there again we some guzzlers that would you know he amber has been amazing last month and great against left and the haters RNC outstanding game against both. Joseph he struggled a bit last month but now he's getting back to make seasons change more so we're comparable. But I do feel that little by little mist of Bob McKee in the matter we can put him. Hi Libby situations and his. Now looking at tonight's game you played against the starting pitcher you've played with the scientists have yet any favorite Bartolo story. Tomatoes and we went to Arlington. The Bartolo is here and oh yeah it was way. He was pitching well one day I go upstairs and the bedroom earning game and Bartoli some treatment course they're masters ours they're masked. We two TDs he's watching a soap opera. That's menace of current right answer and and the game in the left. That's how you do it. So is amazing is amazing that he's doing what he's doing now line these one win away from becoming the winningest pitcher in. Latino pitcher I think Leo. Yeah yeah yeah so hopefully we we can take care Louis today you know we doesn't get that way amen. When you look I mean it's been amazingly is doing especially on a lot of fastballs. In an area that every embody those 97 opens on his money's the ways in Austin. Blake's fire at the start behind the plate yesterday pretty good opportunity it and it's part of it now with baskets so for so long how much per week do you think you'll be on the plate proud to have him to a three. You know we were right there he did an ascending to Brady mode when Barnes late in the game he blah. He calling the game. It's on about well his vision about a lot better than the last few weeks I would miss an all time you know we combo with a guys. As a matter that is hard to play three catchers of the big league levels is his time two to shine and we expecting to do a good job lasts on for me is a lay up. Trade deadline are you happy with the team you have yours there's something you would like to see how comfortable would you be if it's just these guys are rightfully very very powerful I think you know from top to bottom obviously. They're setting guys. Doing a better job now consulate he Bradley. He's an outstanding job there's been pitchers that we feel that they can make adjustments and they going to be a lot better and have what dish on first and we're very comfortable right. David Price after his last start city searching a little bit right now what tends you do woken you know pitching coach what looking and you guys do to get him back on track I mean it was an anchor it was an ago one but. You know if you pay attention of the game it's a pitch and up in the zone which is very important and allows it was there. He misfire game against a few guys we saw that in the in the fifth inning or sixth inning when was it. He was pitching up to him back to wind up early in the game and he went to spread so. Live by Lilly understands the estimate investment and if he does this stuff is there just a matter of users see those guys. Time now for the Cumberland farms question of the week for outscored those questions submitted by hand big hop Warrick Rhode Island. What preparing first series nor the temperatures will be in the high nineties on consecutive days. What do you do to make sure your staff and players are prepared. With the facility is so we have we stay up. Less ground balls. No BP. We went to me are we winning the last two days who went to Washington we only had one day so and you can do that now because he got batting cages all us. That was the total arms question of the week brought to Becker at arms former Oakland eyes copy go to WEEI dot com slash manager and your question for us that's Alex Cora. Every Wednesday any lineup changes for tonight in. Yeah out Nunez shuttling third note Ebbers. Sandy's cats in and vote bay apartment that's volatile Baghdad aspect vote credit score out thanks so much talking next week thank you guys.