Dale & Keefe - Is Alex Cora too friendly with the media? Manny Machado heading to the N.L.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, July 16th
Hour 2: Dale and Keefe discuss the Red Sox record against good teams, grade the job that Alex Cora has done thus far in his first year as manager, and and talk about a report that says Orioles 3B Manny Machado could be heading to the Phillies as soon as Wednesday. Also in this hour, the Red Sox lack of minor league trade assets could keep them from being big buyers at the trade deadline, the weaknesses of the Yankees, and Keefe continues to beg David Price to opt out of the remainder his deal after the season.

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Yeah yeah yeah. Our next to the Philippines Sports Radio WEEI we are back together again tomorrow. We'll be at pine hills it is the annual. WEP guys Jimmy Fund golf tournament. All the money goes to at least it sure Bert spectacular programs that Kia put together like. Taking the kids down the spring training and things like that possible albeit pine hill starting with the perking Callahan. ON math will be there. We're gonna golf a little bit but we got to leave at 1 o'clock to get back into our show yep for the best and not involved at the sugar they're gonna shovel. Christian and glad now to take our place owes no original yet that's what I was told. Owner is from owner that's a good trade off for those that were with there that the bad turnoff clearly speak think Glenn is of the golfer. This one's gonna recruiters. You know war routing rules or phone calls I put it. For Ed golfer I've no idea wander and on both of these rate hike Mount Washington Linda's daughter Beth Israel ago. Up by the way in response to the a previous caller during the break I I went through their eighteen teams in Major League Baseball who have a record of 500 or better. Yeah okay I've eighteen teams and so so what in fact the last one is the nationals there exactly 500. The Washington that they stick it out and their 4848. So what I did was I took a look at the records of the Yankees against teams 500 or better. And the record of the Red Sox against teams 500 or better the Yankees are 29 and fifteen. Against teams were 500 batter the cracked the Red Sox are 32 and ninety. So they have three more wins and four more losses as I think both teams are organized out of ending up on teams are supposed to well and if you think about it the Red Sox winning percentage as you said is almost 700 yards 694. The Yankees are at 653 chances are they're beaten everybody. Every everybody and I and the so the Red Sox if you look at the division leaders and ends because the Red Sox are you look at the Yankees. So the Red Sox yankees have played to a nine times in the first half and the Red Sox are four and five or is that a losing record against the Yankees in the first half. And had won the four game series against the Astros which they split right on some missing something so. You add that up their six and seven against those teams and haven't basically Sonia and so neither team has other and they just finished a take it back. On the Yankees just days yes I did that last series stated. But so I think that it's kind of points costs that's sort of the point like I don't think it's. Necessarily all they're screwed in the make the playoffs but it's also not well look at this 112 win pace they're just gonna run through everybody. The others three great teams in the American League they have the Indians got a good it was out of the Yankees are 34 and seventeen. I forgot about building or a cracked so they're 34 and seventeen the Red Sox are 32 in nineteen. Against teams 500 or better I think it's a three headed monster in the American League in and fortunately for both the Red Sox and yankees or for a portion for one of them. There rocket with a division they're out the play of the one game and even though they're better than Seattle or maybe Oakland catches Seattle where they have the play it's the one game. And they could lose their season they can win a 105 games the wild card team to get bounced in the first round. I think they're gonna win the east. They shoot the ball Red Sox gonna win the east I think what they did this week was huge it to build up the lead to where it's at four and a half games. They could make it very well come down to their six games against each other not so are in September either way how did they lose one of their last ten. Now while reports on was hurt or subtle how they lost one of the peace prize last ten but there were able to overcome smaller game you know that that Hector Velasquez star which they're able to overcome when they won that one and you know what they're twelve and two this month. Something like that I guess if they lost the first game of the month and a loss this past Friday and everything else has done. They've taken care of business 6177797937. Its telephone number I Tom's done a Rhode Island hey Tom I don't. Married to Gary what's gonna go Mike Gundy could I called to tell you that they only had two more losses than the Yankees did. Against teams 0500 so. Yet I mean that there's a bit lost at. Add in the narrative out there as well the Red Sox only be too bad teams you know they they that they don't do that great against the good teams well that's they beat everybody. Just not true and the best part is we get when most of my games at a moment sentiment. Well that's the other thing I mean you look at at the fact that the out the Red Sox I mean and it's and it's amazingly a look at this they're 34 and thirteen at home. That 34 and seventeen on the road they're pretty good. Pretty good about what. It yeah I mean the key is you look at. They end the year the regular season as a three game series at Fenway Park against the Yankees. The way things are going and it could come down to that you're you're gonna have almost a playoff series before the playoffs and with so much at stake whether yacht it to play the wild card game or not. And then in the middle of September there's a three game series at Yankee Stadium. The Red Sox also have a series against Cleveland and a series against Houston. All of September Soviet that's gonna make or break the weather up there playing in the while preeminent dance and Springfield paid and I don't. Pretty good it's one that set up right there in an earlier you book later right there with me here. Would trade deadline coming up. I just wanted to know they would cheer up because Red Sox need you know a lot of people are saying reliever. Now there's other things that we can do with Paul ran. And right Ian you know a little on how ignorant or you're not gonna be at you week. The best friend ankle do we move right through leader within that period policies that go out in another starter. I don't see that I I don't see paying a guy thirty plus million dollars in attempt to be up. A bullpen arm yeah and I don't know if they have enough to get a starter that's better than price so even as low as I view price and integrate our it is pretty low. But based off what their farm system has or anybody that you as on the major roster that you'd wanna give up. I don't that you can really do much better than price now. If Rodriguez is healthy and the other guys are healthy come playoff time right. Maybe there's a chance they move on their I think he's definitely starting the rest of the season Dan as you know the only reason he was in the bullpen last year was that they didn't have enough time coming off the DL to get in stretched out to start that's the only reason he was there. Yeah I mean but obviously doesn't yup I'm eating right now you look at it via HT. Just shortly innings would be you know me to do him. Just go to hell if not worse so why not just that manner and attitude Ers starter I mean I grade probably going to be on the market anyway. Signed various states soccer is where he's not on the market for our region average was up better than David Price I don't think he has right now. Maybe a year ago I would have taken on the doubted price president bad but but he's eat you gotta just hope it goes on another one of these stretches that he had. Prior to what the most recent Yankee game you open you'll that he pitches well. And then maybe have a decision may be Pomeroy it is backer hopefully Rodriguez's back maybe even Wright is back if you didn't. And any other thing is if price does have a hiccup say yes the miss another start in September. More than now what fueled it easier to convince him that hey your pitch out of the bullpen like we could but what what happened last year he was because of his health and that he was able to be effective albeit out of the bullpen. But if you remains healthy. I don't think they're gonna have that conversation with a now they're not. And to your point lead and again who's going to be better I know you have a relatively low. Bar set for David Price they can't get anybody that's the thing late bit. They they can maybe get the Steve Pearce equivalent in the bullpen a boy or as a starter but what what do they have to offer anybody. But the Yankees actually have all formed system and some of these other teams have a farm system. I'm right I'm not enough to get many Machado if you believe the stories out of Baltimore and all they that all the once or I read was that they were asking for is that just the Sheffield the left him pitcher they have in the minors so they have what it takes but they're sucking on the Yankees are part with that because it's. You know it's only a few months the much I don't know. They don't know if the gun dealer or are they would resign him or if you get a bigger deal somewhere else 6177797937. Gyms in Newport HM. Hey guys who enjoy elicit an issue go on vacation thanks. Down from down in new York and it's just very different than what we're talking about down there I mean everyone in New York is are you freaking out ready to melt season entry the armed. Our system for a pitcher for this year. And then to hear you guys. Your caller is committed just completely. Opposite thing I mean talk about Sonny gray Rhett saw expansion wanted to try. He's yet he stakes. And let's keep. And it's you know you my friends are Red Sox scandal like I had a great pitching tonight we're gonna we're gonna go up another game on you guys. And then you know yeah I heard you talk about CC sabathia I mean you know this is 20182008. Yet he's been against the Red Sox do in these guys vicinity of the Red Sox news. I don't dislike where you just like we knew where all of the price right and as far as separate I mean it is great I think in itself. You know could be a tossup. And totally got an aka I mean we're not really did a starting now. Nothing major stars look bad in and Marcin has yet look at it for Alcatel also depicts our ideas strikeout or hit home runs so. Lot more on base percentage coming out of Austin I think this is one of the best teams I've ever seen. Play. In forty years of all the baseball Red Sox it's it's contagious. Yeah I I don't go that far with that but they do they do have a variety of ways they can beach though the numbers that that's a Martinez are putting out I'd never thought we would see a mall carts to start and a boat parts and bird that attendee but I never thought that. You Manny Ortiz numbers could be duplicated for number of reasons I'm walking out of the job but there are also yeah they played well if you didn't think you receive your dad that and the fact that that's the Martinez have. Past those guys spotted at a number of the different marks is really what what he would even puts them in the conversation with some of these all time great teams the Red Sox about. I know that you know you wanna make an addition at the deadline and it and I understand that I'd you know everybody wants to. Sometimes you almost make one from a psychological point of view to show he tried the guys in your clubhouse. Am I got you back yum I'm gonna get you some help here. But realistically. What the Red Sox could get what what do you think why you why's everybody so cranked up. It did to take away from a team that's got 68 wins here down that he take anything away from the it. 25 man right now immunity you make tweaks to you look at the bull and really in years past they got Addison reed got Brad Ziegler like those would be the type of move that beat you would add because see that's the one area where I think the Yankees are better than the Red Sox bullpen is still yet. I don't think they're better starting pitching I don't think their lineups that are. I think a lot of might be idle close I think it's pretty close. I think the ball pens definitely better although the guy closing for the Red Sox I would take out of both groups but the guys getting there shall Wear out of the odds say the bullpen for the Yankees I think that's an advantage but I also think you know again that the college point CC sabathia is not the CC sabathia old before wherever reason against the Red Sox he does well. So they started. Severino. And sabathia for game one and two that may come back in you know depending on whether division series or the Ailes yes. Whether it's game five or you know eventually game seven. Those guys have had success at wears the Red Sox they've had a handful of guys that are really struggled particularly David Price. Nice guy to Philly which for Mike gruesome death data reviewed but you're gonna tear down her. How about what I anyone's gonna play it back 69 times a show or any I don't. He took his shot didn't work. We've got to regroup by the way according might bring yes ESPN boston.com. Rob Gronkowski was excellent fit powerball thirds. Senator contract. He did everything you know now it's insane that we. We're gonna out. Probably it was left on. So Jason weeded out of all the old Tom Brady riding donkeys. And Rob Gronkowski was doctor tiller. Who's more committed in the season you felt they won their you felt they felt like brown I don't know right now boy we're no other. My speed is up. He was doing that and I would be they use it to left of that as well solution read too much of a forum for really good I was that's allowed. So I don't have to report to next week right at and so when he fifth but yeah if it's until July 25 but the you know maybe they are working towards a new deal and they are outside in front was down there signing on the dotted line there isn't yet a rumor that I just flat out made us through. I was why not it most notably that there go. According to bill just the pot. Some people report early. Yes and don't care whether Torre room. Peninsula talk about the navy has been used our tickets are 6177797937. Is telephone number I also noticed. There was a piece on the athletic. Boston. A lengthy Q&A with Alex core but the all star break. And and we talked him every Wednesday we get an opportunity that it fans have had an opportunity to hear him every Wednesday. He's a blast to talk to yet he's been great here worth right he's honest he he doesn't sugarcoat anything now they're also on pace for a 112. Winds which makes it easy gone pretty well forum. And meeting count on one hand. And you know screw ups is the right word but game one of the regular seat which he immediately set eyes and he got he admitted to a McCain wanted to go boy who is art or is it the age of lure him to deal with a lot of the same things from last year. And that wasn't the case. That there was not one time that he forgot to make a defensive replacement you know Jackie Brothers on the bench and I went out and he didn't and end up winning that game. So it's kind of hard to come up with things. He really blame him forcibly Hughes had as per first half there's been very little criticism if any and MI think that they should be of. About score I guess one of the things they talked about is he's even now. Well will be spotted playing cards with the guys in the clubhouse they're playing for all those early Franco what secretary would do his in his office if you had to come to him right. Parent but it was always there all day for him they display scrimmage. That the thing yeah that they play cricket the lot but apparently you know he's the one of the guys he said the one thing that he knows now that he didn't have a grasp of was the time. You know the time commitment and and all know that area and we talked about how many times one PS law talk to people. It twice or three times. A game day and then. So he does the pregame interview on on the radio with either Joseph everything and forward dale whoever's doing that every single day of Friday they don't Indy tried to maybe he'll talk to again and hopefully your record all of the time they are graded out for tech act. Has managed to get over that the scars so it talks about everything on Wednesday he talks to all of the beat reporters before every single game like three hours before he talks that every B reporter. After the game and then there's different editors of the you know to get out of NY so we can us us once a week it's insane it's it's sold many interviews as if anybody in. The date that mine recorder had problems that day right. I had to wait two to Gideon to see him need to that I interviewed twice failed I don't know the first time for a because he had in all the ESPN guys were in our rights of the national game that's another interview I mean. Nobody talks more I don't think of professional sports than a baseball manager. It just it's so much now you don't see all of that never was while we'll get a quote what. That doesn't mean that he's not talking and every single game day twice about whatever is is going on to the fact that. People like listening to him any anti actually gives you real answers to questions. That's also sort of helped I think would do with the way people feel about the steep half joked about it first week of the season and said you know when the first you know eight game losing streak or something. In and not have that hole. Got kind of the other way where there had been winning streaks throughout. Yeah I mean eventually he's gonna hit some sort of adversity and and you know some of the injuries start to pile up maybe that'll happen you know what you have to turn to a Hector Velasquez and Brian Johnson they see those guys more than rotations and harder to have. 8910 game winning streaks. But for the most part I mean he dealt with the Hanley Ramirez situation. And are racing to take outscored aside on that. Kirsten Smith they certainly took out score inside a lot about. Part about Handley signing somewhere heavily now I think he may be done it thank you there's another story teller if you saw the popped up as well about the you know we knew differently but yet they don't know I guess the idea though golf right now he he's not. You meal in question to dog on a note that all that I don't I don't I anybody out but even said in that whole thing that he has won a place their parent. That's announcers saying they gotta send the checks the house I can sort of understood yes right two million dollars or he does not exactly have to rush out there and find another job. But army at this. First half you could not have. Scripted it any better route score. Really the best record in baseball that that the team is rolling. They got maybe maybe the MVP maybe the Cy Young he's a public manager of the year it's thoughtful and that's closer in baseball all of you've got this one little wagon you put together but people are waiting to sock in September. And it's little little read out on well right act I don't I don't have that fear about anybody outside of David Price. I think you'd be crazy if all of sudden anybody would vote but believe in him 6177797937. Tailors in time and Kate Taylor. They go to the goalposts on. I say to my question already held that it is halfway in the she's now gonna either take on maybe Atlantic great. And outscored thus far and I got until May be managed in the play are they get. In the playoffs who knows right now how it hey how could it may be less than an day probably in and the other thing and lead the major leagues with 68 wins. You only lost thirty games. You know you or your second in run differential. How what would you knock him on. I don't know I'd I'm not I don't mean you are compounds are bigger something but I would say it and I think that he's done. Over the last several a handful weeks. Is looking. Craig several coming in the eighth it allows one of the issues we talked about a lot John Ferrell last year and he was very consistent and all over the place whether it was gonna do when there's not gonna do it then you get mad if you ask them about it all this other stuff. Where is there's a couple months. And coral wasn't doing it and then it was I think. Three out of six appearances. They brought him in the eighth inning and yet to get four out save so that's one of the in game decisions. But the manager was estimate. And I'd like that he's done that and I think. Now he's just sort of storing that away knowing that if we have to go back this later in the season he can do it rocking port amount can be doing this all the time you know my jobs on the line like maybe it was last year for the manager. So I think everything and he's look at how locked in these guys are too. One of the main things he preached when he first took over the job. With changing the approach at the plate and having guys be more aggressive and not to sit back and wait for the opera take a take until I get a strike out there doing that the they're. They're going up there at their hacked in an apology gods are have been you know career years. The other part of it too from from Alex chorus perspective and you know and as we went into this season we talked double what happens if they lose funeral we don't know now you know what happens that the changes this three changes that. You get the sense that there's a body in factor on the part of his team in IC said in the athletic piece in there if we get no hit tonight. And I had planned in the plan was that I was gonna give someone saw a day off tomorrow not gonna change the plan based on what happened the night before right. If he goes into the week saying okay we're gonna give Martinez Wednesday off. Well if you lose Tuesday and are gonna throw that lived in the trash cheapens and on we gotta get JD Martinez. Back out dead he could you please plan for the whole season and November of loved about them is. Just about every start Chris L the way he goes he could go another inning. Again and they don't let up and then I don't and they're saying all right it and I know is is pitch count and is hitting limit is actually a little bit closer to last years that you might think. But there's just so many times we're watching the game and he's cruising through sixers cruising through seven. And it's Eric that's that will turn over the bullpen like yeah we know you can get a complete game or we know we've got a couple more strikeouts but that's not the most important thing. Because we saw what happened last August where Chris Sale wasn't very good and then the playoffs where he was really not good. There and try to make sure he is as healthy and and it was arm is in the best possible shape come playoff time. 6177797937. Wall he's in Fall River hey Wally. What's up down there because they don't want to head now and I recognize Hewlett home plus some of these deadline deals can be. And we've yet and don't let them but back then maybe shake their plutonium was that a little bit after the deadline. And local Obama win now when you get Dave Anderson and Blanco went. I frankly the highly rated prospect Lakeland on with the Red Sox and we know what can you do almost did for us. Well it's going to be any prejudice she went on and we let them brought it could throw at the purse strings note I mean does. I don't think money's the issue. I think the issue is what it what he had to give up. What do you. Deal had been made but he always had a place to be named later and. Now now not not grew out by the height. Ver big name guys and a big name high priced guys you know get them for players to be named later. I mean there's not many goods doesn't mean the Yankees are looking for is done pages that so many good went. But I hit so one has seen many go to an aid to the Yankees have made that would really hit the red side. I mean like you have a pretty even with the lineup now he's a wanna be faced with a guy spy died in a row with city home. I don't know how it happened give another righty I mean because the Red Sox have all these lefty starters and if they have to face the Yankees because sailors are on sale and if Rodriguez is healthy if he comes back and price going up against judge in Stanton and Machado and Sanchez. Although there are a bunch reports out there it sounds like the Phillies. Are gonna land management child supposedly the owner of the Phillies is basically set I'll spend anything I'd done matter here's what they're such a surprise team and Aretha they're going to be terrible and really both the Braves in the Phillies in the NL east now the NL east is not. Very strong division but those teams are. Surprise playoff team so they want it. You don't Philly added Machado that that could solidify them as a player so we talked about you know how much what what can you knock Alex Cora on based on how things have gone so far this year right. The bigger question to me is how much credit does the managerial change yet where the Red Sox at. I've heard multiple people reached out to me out I've kind of look and feel like that mean he's going to be traded to the village Wednesday morning. Did the handshake agreement right now not really sure what they're getting back there's some names floated out. Fight it seems like they're gonna let him playing author game should it fail it would be obsolete now he drafted Manning when Manning went into Baltimore. Number river also they've got to have a wink wink nod tonight gamble makes it the only thing went on. Yeah out bar stool podcast. We know which individual. I'm sure we'll have their Baltimore right find out a little Baltimore. But basically saying it's a done deal that many in the shot out. They're gonna let him play in the all star game as a member of the Baltimore Orioles. But Wednesday morning they'll announce that he's been traded to the Philadelphia Phillies so for the previous caller who was concerned about the possibility. Of much auto ending up with the Yankees at least according to the bar stool podcasts that I can now. Well that's obviously really good news that benefits if a handshake agreement goes through because we people would that backed out actual agreement or other orbit echoes through that is. Best case scenario for the Red Sox because these days in the division in is on the Yankees back and help separate the teams a little bit but he said in the National League. The good value and you know it cross that bridge the Phillies ever get that far. So they'll blow up the rest of the Orioles at that point that now the question is does dumb dumb brows ski have what he needs. That call Zach Britain right. An up or does Zach Britton. Is the other rumor we heard before it was acrid could be included in Maine which auto deal just so they can get even better prospects that they would include those too. And every contending team together Arnold's done that I didn't say that at all did mention him by. If not jabbing the Red Sox should be adjusted them now he's not the guy he was two years ago. Where he was lights now loaded and elbows on the Cy Young you're so good he's not that guy but he's another armed you can add to the pan Tyler Thornburg has not looked very good since he's been back. Matt Matt Barnes has been pretty good joke Kelly's got nine on the other way so. I definitely in favor than fun way to get another formidable time I've read. Over the last couple of days the suppose it interest in Mike most sockets now and it just seems to me that you've got a a fairly limited. Talent pool of of prospects to trade. I use month pitching. It be hard for me to give up bunch of prospects to bring was sockets in. When I think the greater need for this this team right now as his relief pitcher I guess you know depending on what they how own house devers feel like today if it did anything that he's going to be back in and good to go but if there's an issue there. Because I don't know very Pedroia again and now all of sudden your infield does not look in his deep yeah I played Nunez holds a lot like act and understand that Britain Phillips. There's a wildcard maybe Brad Phillips and I know they first side and they said hey you might even plays some third base so all the sudden second or third. Could use an upgrade. If the stock is. You know they're not gonna re sign them. And so they have to trade may have to get something form. But the other report only mr. crass nick said the Yankees have already expressed interest and and and it they're not getting Machado. Now they can turn their sights on the stock is who is the third base or worse when shot out can play third birdied the first deploy short. And then I guess the Braves are also in on the sockets but not because I mean I ID five without a mean. But they just don't have a lot to give up in it they they got now they Horry made their move they they traded for Chris Sale they traded for Craig Kimbrel. There are other guys are either hurt or or got popped for Roy it's like it they don't have much of a system right now L other young guys are at the Major League level. So they're they're not in the position to really trade wares at the Yankees wanted to outbid. The Red Sox for anybody they put it is whether or not they wanted to get to the previous callers point about you know how much will John Henry allowed Dave Dombrowski to spend I don't think money's the issue. Not the how do you get that guy but let's say they were if let's say they were in a Manny Machado what would you possibly. Give up by you should probably at Starwood devers. And then now you're Tyrod taken away from a Major League roster at some of the young guys that you would have going forward you know Machado as a rental. Mob might stock this is a rental. So some of those other guys there's a list to second base and there's an article Yahoo! Sports. The analyst the second case drafted 12 right they just. Oh yeah but but as far as for this year right data listing guys because. Let's face it Pedroia might already be ready for next year or if he is the easier or did or at all I've got to get he might not I know Alice told you guys on when yesterday that he's confident that Pedroia will play again play out of or proper of the Pedroia this. And you know I'd is. I don't think it is project if you get anything from Pedroia the rest the way don't you have to take as a bonus at this is not criticism I didn't hear the interview this is a question. Did anything get brought up with Alex about you know the medical opinion that cleared Pedroia to played it was obviously wrong. You know he. Yeah we I think we didn't bring something company that won a game right he did note with three. Was laid radiate played three games and is backed down on my hand on hip capitalists is I won it it was very confusing because. They said that you know they thought he can come up and yelled continued to heal while he was playing. They like to make of a ton of sense but I think they thought they'd be passed the proper protocols to get about but it seems like they rushed him and for no good reason. And that he was role and it's not like off we get him back if it's gonna change things that probably. They they could have taken their eye on the kind of brought him back. This past week. Or next week following on from there and the peace in the flat and the athletic that would referenced the Q&A with Alex Cora now. He was talking about the release of Hanley Ramirez and he said it was something that they were thinking about from spring training on because they knew when Pedroia came back. They were gonna have to open up a spot. How confident were they that he was gonna come back because you I don't know it was weird and and they kinda I. I understand that that it it's not an inexact science and you know obviously a doctor said no he's ready to go all ye can't hurt it any more whatever they say right. But it was obvious. There are clearly that he wasn't it. Now he was he was not at all and now. You say. Yet three years left on his contract but how many more games Z realistically ever gonna play again with a Red Sox so it would back to Arizona rehab right yes. So I mean. That's nice in July. You feel warm but so are you are these gonna go with a hole and knew yes you know second base for the rest of the season and that in the playoffs or. Is that another spot again Brandon Phillips yet you have Mon you know in the in the organization now but there's a list of other guys like scooter Jeanette in which Mary fear olden. Or Brian Dozier that potentially could be available as well. So that's I mean this the best team and if they don't make a single move and they're still pretty good shape but all the sudden. They had a reliever I think people be happy that they added a second baseman or third baseman like it there are some tweaks that they could make 6177797937. Don is in Charlestown paid on. Let's not. I as an intimate but David Price. If I don't want it to work out. You you're giving him three playoff wins that I'd I'd be very impressed by that but yes the answer is yes that's the warm up though. I do I would like him opt out no matter what. If he went undefeated in restaurants in a way yes. Not a lot of out of the U tenure that I'm not gonna forget the money because here's the thing we signed him to a seven year deal. It is already in his thirties so even if he pitches well this year. You're going to be overpaying him for the next four years I'd rather than spend that money somewhere else. Or keep some of that ready for the monkey that's extension or never LC unit 33. Later this season I think. These are going to be the best years out of him no matter what's not I don't want an even if he's healthy there and the way. And Donna I'll ask you this question he's sitting here right now at ten and six with a four point 50 ERA. How realistic is it that he puts up the numbers you were talking about. Well she actually. Besides the injury year lashed you. No listen look at the whistle being there this offense is great he's got to win a lot of games in the regular season I'd zero conference that he wins in the playoffs and it's era a is in the mid fours it's it's its fourth. Among starters on the team so. I I don't feel great about him. And I want him to be healthy the rest of the way because that would be the only chance that he could opt out in even if he pitches well I think long term I'd. When they signed a that they or even opening. But he would not doubt that you'd have three great years probably planned on our break what they because there are we're overpay but guess what he's gonna pitch really well for three years. That is an opt out get one last pay day and that team is gonna end up having a bad contract for. Half of the deal but that's yet to do what these pitchers you have to overpay. Overall. Just a really capitalize on the on the early years. So hopefully yeah hopefully he's healthy the rest has never won a playoffs start but maybe this will be the year he went straight at home. And then he says you know what I meant take this moment now on out he's got three playoff wins here and really good chance that you were in the World Series from June to three with 51 any serious there. Like Derek Lowe just you know get the clincher Ernie series that that won't read along. But that's that's going to be hanging over you know him and and I'm sure the Red Sox are they got the eight million page Chris Sale. Down the road to get paid back and they wanted Bogart's though yeah. And whether it's Kim broke symbols of free agency either him or you're likely gonna have to pay decent money for clothes are so. There's there's definitely better ways to spend your money than on a pitcher in the array in the mid fours for those who have been the past thought that the closer position was a bit overrated they still think that having watched Kimbrel the last few years I highly it's overrated I don't think Russia I can't imagine Red Sox fans thinking closers are overrated when he looked at how the wind event without one or think about it. Would you not have you been without one. But when the teams were at their best the World Series teams and in whether it's key fall and of those just for the one year but still he was dominant and was great in the post season or Jonathan toppled on Koji we are up. This fit nation no more than anybody how valuable a closer is the other had to give up some good prospects to get Kimbrel bought. The ninth inning I don't think there's anybody else you'd rather have out there. There was a and you're one of those all star break things they did one of these south players surveyed deals I think it was on the athletic as well doubt. And they talked about you know. Bottom of the ninth inning you know try to close out the game 41 and and the overwhelming majority of Major League players said. Craig Campbell yeah that makes it makes it what as a close I think I mean who else would you put him in that mex or he's he's doing. He's been great but maybe. Chapman I guess although chat and still kind of scares him and he could just lose you know the 112. But you have no idea where it's gul is probably a more uncomfortable at bat but I would just feel better as a as a fan about Kimbrel but I he's he's a good option to and there are a few other guys around the league. But don't odd liberals got director at the top shark and that the toughest guy to face wasn't sailed but he did finish second in wishers there. Via an instance I'm just got to face the guy you'd you do with the it was a nightmare to face was scherzer but sale was with second and it wasn't that far behind do you think it's because he is two different polarized. I don't think that was yet they don't they don't listen if you're digging in there this 'cause look at match here and he's got he's got two different color eyes. And do a lot of easy. Dexter says there is zero chance he opts out who would give up or 25 million a year for four years but I do think it's legitimate to say what he hates it. What he hates it here it's still a lot of money yet he's he plays on Italy also noted I understand but it it but how close to somebody else gonna get. What if somebody gave mom five years a hundred million dollars. Instead of four years one point seven. So well I had an extra year. I'm loot so to seven million dollars most people on the right minds would in wouldn't give up. But it's his career earnings with that contract would be. Still over 240. Million than you could leave that on the table if you're in your miserable. We always say that you know all while Leo how much does he need but they they almost never leave data on the table David Price. This year makes thirty million. Next year makes 31 million. All of our money 21 and 22 makes 32 myths he's his daughter is contrary is nobody gonna pay him that that kind of money. Matter that point of his career on a subtle visual extra year but it all but what's also different is. Does he wanna be here like if he hates it so much that's another reason you can opt out now originally put that in the contract because you figure gonna make more money. But also sort of a side product of all this is if he doesn't wanna be here. How much is does is happiness cost him. But if there's I just don't think he's as miserable as weak think he he he's not as miserable as he makes us. Argued that you think you. Could he added another off even in that that the terse conversation with Dan Shaughnessy chuck Roberts there's a polite he was you know Alitalia. But but he he's not an accident I I hate talk and these Pete nobody yet another opportunity to cleared up and he still did and showers and said you know do you if you hated here. He says I've never said I hate you here or the fans. It's pretty did it because I've never thought that. And will. It like that cleared up now now to the time. So I don't think he might enjoy this thing to Shawna cease point yeah I've never said I hated it here over the median follow up by things like that or did or didn't. It is that and said okay all your actions of sort of implied it even if he doesn't like okay. 313230. To 32. Nobody coming close to that. Even if they get an extra year. That they're gonna give them you know and and by the way I naturally given five years at that stage of his career age wise but let's play the game now they give him five years it. 25 million a year athlete gets that there's got to play an extra year for pretty gets is back. I. Think I'd I'd I would not leave it out. Our lead out hope because even said he asked the would you opt out of the market he has the authority called that hole. Hope I don't give up hope of keeping hope alive at this price may opt out yeah crossed. And he couldn't. I'm hoping does I'm I'm kind of with the the text I don't think he will. And I but I think he's gonna do it primarily keep just that if you lost maybe. It could be could be a slap my face few returns. How bad easier deal last two years in the deal holy smokes. Here in the sixth. How does it by now. Bagger at a Yankee games again here mass.