Dale & Keefe - Along with Danny Amendola, what Patriots players will leave in free agency? Bruins and Celtics injuries

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, March 13th

Hour 2: All signs point to Marchand playing tonight. With Danny Amendola taking his talents to south beach, Dale & Keefe look at the list of other Patriots that may leave in free agency. Dale believe whomever


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Yeah. However two daily key Sports Radio WEEI. Bruins will play tonight where there in Carolina so no doubt about them playing. Bruins will be back in action tonight Brad marsh and game time decision I think Richard Fuld in that but I think he's gonna place David back it's back after his three game suspension that will help. Opera entering Carolina had their six game winning streak snapped. In Chicago on Sunday afternoon marsh and told the Boston Globe that what he feared was that if he played Sunday. And he aggravated. Whatever injury he had he's not specifying that he was afraid that if he aggravated it he could be out for along time and he was concerned about the playoffs. Going to be precautionary he also said that if there had been a game Monday he would have been able to play. Now he did morning skate today. BA game time decision but given the defeat couldn't play yesterday. I'm not sure there Plame today but will say yeah I mean between the Bruins and Celtics just nobody left yet healthy would you like. It's an every day there's a there's another guy going down. And so you know Dana I still won so far there's been ruled out for the season only to the guys just kind of worker on the east. And a minor injuries and hopefully go to the month or so in the playoffs begin. It'll whatever is backward ago. So we'll see you know bit if march and plays we don't back it will play that that's definite he's served his suspension so. Of the back in the lineup Celtics playing next win tomorrow night against Washington. Here there. Here. Now but tomorrow I should be good right. Knows what what the Bruins are in one game it's no doubt spiral out of a second when I get a hell I don't know if they were home they would not I'm sure they've. Now what happens is generally the rule is if both teams are in town and the officials are and Tanya played a game. Well what's happened here it that occasionally and it happened earlier this year is where the city of Boston had not and we don't want people out of the streets. We don't want fans to make their way into Boston. You know the tee is right is reduced schedule that the subways are reduced schedule now we're not doing this and answer than they had called off Bruins have to make up the game on Sunday April 8. That got snowed out earlier this year right. The other Florida did yes they go to the mic down and out but it don't they should be good to go for the Celtics tomorrow although those who will be playing for the Celtics they missed it may have. You know 45 guys missing by by that point but not us let's accept them. No word yet on market Smart second opinion on his thumb injury right no we have not heard anything yet although that's not a promising. Side. Fired Lou and encryption England talking about today if you're getting a second opinion. What do you think the first opinion months of being the first beta was hey you can't play or hear any surgery. So let's go talk to somebody else and see if they'll tell us the better news and so. That's not monitors on. Once semis some interesting. Intersection between sports and real life yes I don't sold word is within the last couple of days back yesterday. The president's personal assistant a guy named com John McEntee. Was fired and escorted from the White House. According to Wall Street Journal. This was because. There's an investigation by Homeland Security into what they described as serious financial. A perhaps illegalities. So they escorted him out of the White House they fired him and he immediately took a position on Donald Trump's reelection campaign surprise surprise. Which actually know this council. He was a viral video star. What's that a few years ago John McEntee John Mac better nobody Johnny Mac. Johnny Mac he's a boom goes the dynamite neat trick shot quarterback from UConn. Trick shot quarterback and real and yell like they were throwing plates up in the air and he's hit them with footballs and how he's standing on the indoor. Early I economies throwing the football in law. Bob trashed him down on the field now. Johnny Mac trick shot quarterback zip poly sci major was I don't know I don't know he majored in there. He was he was the it was a viral video star from UConn about the and I'd bought probably doesn't. He might I yeah I don't that the Mike and I don't know what happened in the intervening years how we ended up. You know being part of that the trump campaign and ultimately probably a contrast just because of the church outs if you go to like WEEI dot com. John Tomas he has a link to the the video with four minutes and 49 seconds of trick shot of Johnny Mac trick shot quarterback. Who said he was actually a little bit embarrassed because. It want take away from the team and now this viral videos out there and shown into an Ali's trick shots and stop it's very sudden Johnny Mac. Trick shot quarterback and is John McEntee who got fired. And he was Donald Trump's personal assistant in the White House he got fired yesterday and asked. Ordered off the grounds. That's not been a first either know there I consider except there the other artists don't but a lot of escorts. White House recently. Interstate I do like a trick shock quarterback. There's DE 3000 or some stuff this and while it's gotta look at this video you know how any in Iowa's wonder you know with this 104 takes to get this done there it's probably a few I think that's the Thursday by. So earth and wrestle trek. I I don't know what the connection was as I said I don't know how we ended up working for the for the president but. He got fired yesterday got hired Rodriguez they're to a museum houses or hate throw some people all up to the attic and hit the back nine advantage to have. So they go well that's. I don't know I don't know who I guess with Tomas who made the connection I would not have known the water fuel loan. May be alone though this guy out Vince McMahon the ex FL we commuted the effect. Johnny Mac for action courtroom probably exactly what Vince McMahon is looking for actor Vinnie Mac this video as. Johnny Mac is history chuck quarter it makes too much sense though. He looks like he's in fine shape Hampshire be able to handle the idea the workload of being a professional somewhat semi professional quarterback now and speaking of that what do you think. Who do you think takes the Danny Amendola news the worst on the patriots besides parade. And I braced probably illegal zone Julian probably element is good but they seem to be buds and a probably is plotting I mean am I I'm I'm guessing they seem to go a lot of places together they shouldn't be different data that whole trick it and they've before the season started. That made it on a Mac to go to the other and they film the whole thing and and they played it later on. When the team was actually in Mexico. Are they that they do that specialty NFL network so yeah cattlemen's gotten pretty upside. This is what Mike Reese wrote. This was a couple of days ago about free agency for the patriots he said quote the patriots hope to have receiver Danny Amendola returning 2018. But it's usually the case with a all of their free agents it seems fair to say they won't stray too far from their financial discipline. In determining the price they feel best fits his role. The patriots and have had Evan doll as a number three slash four option in recent years when everyone is healthy. Carefully managing his workload so he's at his best down the home stretch and into the playoffs when it's clutch play often shines. What could potentially be developing after Emma Dulles impressive 2017. Season. When other receivers were out with the injuries is that another team views him more as a pure number three. But an expanded role in mind and might be willing to pay him at that higher level. With the business side of the game on his mind it would be harder than anticipated decision. For the 32 year old Amendola to make on its future so Mike Kris seems to an impression on this one. Yeah and it it makes sense and again it's a tough loss and it's gonna could show itself in the playoffs but if if Miami or any seems. Our mind in this case the other teams that were making offers look at the union and all of say well this guy will it would have put him right in Europe for example. Last year and I know is I've had to step in and literally take. Jarvis ledgers role is that's not what he should do but just just by comparison sake. Danny Amendola was targeted last year 86 times in the regular seasons at 61 catches he was targeted 86 times. Jarvis Landry was targeted a 160. Times. So he has started twice as many times as Angela. And if they think that they see him in the playoffs my Validus eleven catches about a hundred yards we can do this by week 45. He could be on the shelf he could be out and get your hamstring injury you've seen here all kinds of injuries that he is that -- and Reese made the point that the patriots were really careful about how much they used in during the regular his spark. Because they could afford to do it where front also injured you're just trying to get to ten wins seem to make the playoffs and your. We don't know what the money is yet but there are a lot of teams bidding I'm guessing it's not bad money. It's so. Derby freaking out our are you a deal to be patient say hey you know an Eagles gonna play 60% of the snaps. Or do you say we just didn't start time or money we should probably get him on the field and throw to home 1011 times a game. If you do that I don't think it's gonna last very long and it may be tough for them not to do that again would would Jarvis Landry being gone. So earlier you know Kenny stills and they're gonna have to do their they're probably going to lean on him handle more than they ship. Ever see that may not even make the playoffs and united to get the best part of an adult which is that he so clots in the playoffs. I would bet that Brady's not happy you know Julian not happy. Josh might not be happy. Throw in and speaking of coordinators who had a who might with a disagree with the head coach here we talked about this yesterday there was a report out there. That one of the teams interested in pursuing Malcolm Butler is the Detroit Lions. And you would think that if Matt Patricia. At a real problem with anything that Malcolm Butler may or may not have done around the time of the Super Bowl. My nappy that interest in bringing him in their right yet the is Matt Patricia interstate Johnson about a mostly. The interest in bringing heavy and now we're here that it understated Malcolm Butler so who would he rather have on the field in the Super Bowl. I think it's obviously Malcolm Butler and but he learned from it you know he grew it yeah I don't know. Though if it's that stupid I mean I'm not I'm not ruling out they didn't do anything dumb but it couldn't have been that bad at math Patricia. If you if a guy does something so stupid that jeopardizes him playing in the Super Bowl. Which one of your first moves as the head coach B let's give this got millions and millions and millions of dollars. Probably not that would not be very good business so I think. If in fact eons of quotable lines or this is true that there they have significant interest. It proves you that Patricia disagreed with the decision by adults second Belichick overruled his defensive coordinator and satin starting corner. I think a lot of us kind of speculated that but if there's any anything to this lines warmer than not confirms. I don't know it can firm's Atlanta because because I don't know if OK so are your scenarios of the bad happened. Before the game. If it was that bad. Patricia wouldn't. Or like I said he'd he'd he could also said look he gets really don't that was stupid. But he he knows now that'll never happen again he'll never caught himself in that position syllable why would you even take that chance the guys or what 28 years old you're gonna give him ten plus million dollars a year. For a guy who did something apparently so bad that he could play in this horrible. I would think it would it would just it would just make it a slam dunk that Patricia disagree with it if it was up to him I don't want these coordinators out of the guys that coached. But if there were up to him he would play in the game. Yeah I don't know I don't know the instant if that's true or not it's like a net thirty for thirty to two bills thing you know work. Where Belichick said look you know we would argue we go back and ultimately there he's been head coach it's his decision. And and I'm short now the Patricia is in that position where he's dead coach he understands better than anybody that no matter what the defensive coordinator says. I get to make calls but if they do sign Butler. They have to talk about race. Picked him he's already been astronauts and Frasier Walt but a treasured like hey. Safe to say he's got to play in the first gamer Watson that he did and we won't answer can I think. He obviously still you know wants to be in the pretty risky already denied opportunities to address this all right. But I think it says enough I mean if if he signs in my bed. It's loud and clear on on my and you're in need to hear an answer that he would tell you everything despite senator. Lot of departures not a lot of arrivals here have not seen any rivals. Or even even rumored arrival all the re sightings of despair and specialty rumors we haven't seen anything. So older resuming on Louis yet although. You know those guys sound I wouldn't be convinced that either one of those guys come here are coming back. DR Lewis got a lot of teams plus that's the position where they really don't need spent a lot of money. And then dates older I'm sure they want them back bought. Do they have a certain price that they can't you know goal over and would've won and is Ndamukong Suh and eat a polar cap room I'll take about and so. They allegedly examined all the solar you'd be fine as long law would be five dollar and this older one you get a houllier replace him with. But Ndamukong Suh and he could be Cameron Fleming doesn't vote for you and that's not to sign it until right at the forgets though I restricted free play Fleming doesn't know. According Glenn trade by the way that was the other day we're talking about it it was a with a heavy heart saying how you know. Left tackles don't really get traded all that often. Then don't we don't want him veteran right there are so. Who's to who's to say but I don't like the idea of throwing Marcus cannon over the laughed at and replacing him the right tackle out. Cannes back healthy I just keep him at right where he was really good two years ago and finally left tackle its holder left think about this. You gotta have somebody play the position as you do it's it is gonna be a rookie draft god for in. Is it going to be you know a guy that you you can acquire and presumably. If if somebody's making a left tackle available it's for a reason. I know that there are some people out there were saying what it's older signs with the browns that you look at Joseph Thomas right. Or except Joseph Thomas sounds like he's gonna retiring when the broadcast. And asks why that's why the browns are interested in getting smoldering there. Or less what there's a chance. For port Joseph Thomas who has played his whole career in the Cleveland at trouble naming all the starting quarterback athlete did you one year deployed going insignia of the sweet taste of the playoffs. Z a one year left them. Well he may but. You know Cleveland went on his right T he retires and goes into broadcasting work Cleveland owns look at betrayed him but he could. I give up more stuff in addition to losing salty even more stuff again yes I would do out of it but the the where these trades are like these players specially older players for. For draft picks go from march Michael Bennett is on for a fifth round pick that's that's nothing. Outside in they can probably get firm probably panic. Different via. Maybe if it if he wants to play him as I said that the general consensus is made decided that's it. Trying to find him if any of the numbers are starting to leak out about Amendola has not seen anything yet. That it is a little odd that does DN LE had a an offense they say is an out and other people now confirmed it as well yeah Armond assault Garros as I can confirm that Danny Amendola signing with the dolphins and and others here and always a year ago is this. Peter Schrager. Aux sports saying out two years twelve million incentives in their eight point 25 guaranteed. Or source. And that's that's a significant raise from what he was making here yes. Doesn't I don't blame him of that than not quite hit that aren't and I didn't anyway I want to look at a high number I wonder how how the pitchers were gone I don't know we'll get that information but. Two for 128 point 25 guaranteed I guess there are there incentives. Doesn't say at the incentives. Are what get them it's well over the incentives go over twelve as Miguel from Miguel's cap space. Site points out Danny Amendola received one point seven million dollars in cash from the patriots in 2017. And yet this would be about this as the area is safe. Fairly is fairly significant bump from that at all I mean he's one of the other guys amid the most this most recent playoff run none of those Super Bowl ring but still he people that really well and they'll cash in. It's makes you five neither of those two that change for a long time news. Overpaid. Overrated. He takes plays off. He's more worried about himself and is the team anyone that slightly starts to cut it does leave he'll stop and give up play. They ran away from the time and Iran right out of the times do you know these wrecks his first touchdown there on the goal line. They went away from home is and you go look. Perhaps the old. They have to cut blocked when there's an easy just completely stops and have been chased the play. And with some great somebody's time. John Randall all the way down Seymour you guys know those groups does that have been through the patriots and the city he could last available those sectors. Heath Evans not a fan of about patriotism Monday earlier this year. He would not be Woodrow that would outlast a day on a bill Belichick's team novel safe. And yet the above. I don't go crazy about this because this insider stadium rather thinly sourced symbols are there and says that their interest stated them. Polls say and first move feared to any of adults of the Miami Dolphins or get the money in two years 121000008. Points to five guaranteed. And what I was trying to say attic a Tweeter sums it up perfectly for me. The dolphins over this is from Matt on Twitter and I agree that pleases those trying to says the dolphins will overuse him. Early and you'll end up on the DL or they'll Bobble grappled the same for the playoffs that they won't make. Like this is that be great for video dole could freer cashing in 32. May be your last contract in the NFL. Cash in Samara I don't fault him at all for. But it just so dumb by the Miami Dolphins they lose Jarvis Landry who was the guy that they literally threw the ball to ten times a game last year. They try to replace him at Danny Amendola and that's just not the player that he is he can help you in doses I don't think he can stay healthy for a full season. And then he's really good in the playoffs with Tom Brady you have Brian Hanna hell and probably won't make the playoffs so what what was the sucked me what was the based on. Just like hey we're taking him away from the patriots like okay. That they're still gonna be really good. Our office or via a huge win for the for the dolphins. I'm mark Daniels Providence journal in writing not only about the the expected departure Danny Amendola but other moves that the patriots are interest it and or at least. Technically interest it and he points out that Nate sold their. Became one of the hottest free agents in football yesterday when the legal tampering period began. It was reported that the Houston Texans Denver Broncos in Cleveland Browns were involved early. Daniel says by Monday the price tag was high enough but the Broncos bowed out. Oh buoyancy and add on to Houston and Cleveland and then theoretically would even bring whatever offered he had back to the patriots video quality. He points out that Dion Lewis had several suitors on Monday. He's gone said drawing interest from Miami the jets the giants Houston Indianapolis and San Francisco. There and he's definitely gone and it feels you know Malcolm Butler. According to I'm busy and also yeah interest from the lions the Texans the saints and the raiders. And obviously we don't expect he's going to be back what I failed the white ports test with the saints accord major thing I. Now some say this but so they're still analysts suddenly endorsed the casual wasn't bits so saints and lions which is fascinating to me. I thinks older. Is the only one out of that three what I'm saying much about Boller budding soldiers oil one that three that's a chance to come back and it's just two days say hey. We have to overspend for hand can uttering an old soldier is great but I don't look at him and you know we know there's all pro left tackle. Oh you say what's the alternative I don't know what it is I don't know where you would find another guy. Daniels continues here he's he says that the a paper its landmark piece flower has a handful of NFL teams bidding for his services right now. He says tackle Cameron Fleming expected have a very strong free agent market went by according to mass live. The patriots are showing interest in bringing back James Harrison. According to the Boston Herald they're expected to re sign Matthew Slater had been shocked if that in recent deaths later Erica yeah and Erica surprises me a little bet it does you'll have played really well here he is good and he says he wants to keep playing and I thought he was. A pretty good fit. No bull you know we'll see what he can duke is when he left Pittsburgh before. It didn't personally go great and remember and then they have gone back there. He has pretty good and I don't think it's gonna cost you all a whole lot he seemed to fit in. You know we had reporters rubbing his back or lotions so while I think he's got one. Sign that audit of what I know Ella could have been others don't want to 2001 hop spots go to now. But yeah I'd I'd be final there's and come back and don't know Pronger some. Well I thought it was fine out there. They get Ndamukong Suh. Apparently as terrorists or how bad or didn't the line last that day on a Bill Belichick. Ndamukong so now all the maybe maybe it's not gonna happen man. Leo they certainly do everything that was kind of waiting for. Or must sign a player. Something. It just somebody somebody. Well somebody don't re signed a good for credible and Matthew Slater at doesn't count. The Brady tang and and that brought him back through those of count brings somebody else for somebody else. I really thought to keep the lead was on his way here. It feels there's enough smoke their athletic keep Talib was common that I never thought they were interested in Richard chairman I do people want to leave a toll by thought there was that possibility. But he had to get released weren't married and then Andy didn't they ended up trading into the rams so. Well obviously the it's the pictures I've I've just been sitting back do nothing me reportedly offered a third round pick from Michael Bennett. And you know they're too far down the road in Philadelphia snow Pete Carroll wanted to pull the deal with them for the for the fifth round pick instead. But they are trucked out of the Olympics flash and those older but he still good. The almost had Michael Bennet but that doesn't count you know almost as good enough and I you're sitting back united dispute losing players off the team right now. So we'll say every. They're probably at this very second still the favorite in the NFL audience goes to show you where they weren't that lost its widget still censored on what anybody's ever though look like but I mean he's brought up people wanna make bats they'll people still wanna I wanna get involved in the and these future bats. So the pats are still the favorite but. The others if this what should they lose soldier that's here that's gonna take a bit of a dent. It was sucked Kevin Duffy of mass life who reported that the patriots have at least begun discussions with James Harris. Yet only 39 years old. At the same as a forty year old quarterback I should say at 39 year old linebackers all right well more physical coal. But I played the regular season the final regular season game all three post season games for the patriots. I 69 of 75 defensive snaps in the Super Bowl. After the Super Bowl game he said he would quote wanna come back wherever I'm wanted un quote. Now they do have the patriots do have as we said about 21 to 22 million dollars in cap space. So I don't know how much money it would require. You know the guy is already played sixteen years in the NFL. One league year begins tomorrow to right yes so you can. I wonder if they're similar guys on the team that would kind of thinking about the base sort of he'd caught or kind of ball that you don't you'll absolutely be guys will be moved so that the other other. Roster moves that they can make sort of a free up some space and maybe still bring in a big time guy that last year. Stephon Gilmore came out of nowhere when nobody saw that common the patriots were to spend that kind of money ought to freeagent. That was that was pretty shocking. And then they trade out the first round they don't trade down they trade the pick. For a player so they do a lot of things that were surprising last year than this year either edit the pick in the player that they got for the pick. Is looking at these other wide receiver contract yet and he's got a year left under his feel any sane really. Well there's even trade rumors will then get would you consider trading him so there's there's a lot of moving parts with this team and we were so focused and rightfully so on you know why didn't Butler play. Then that turned into its romp gonna retire and then now more recently it how many more years is Tom Brady have Tony your spell check out those of the big issues but now all of a sudden the in Danny Amendola on Dion Lewis likely gone. Obviously butler's gone maybe meet soldiers on who else can you bring in here other guys that you are going to be available are being added different teams so. What is their offseason gonna look like is you know semi more than just the draft but there's going to be some of the better players they bring in year. But you know who's going to be 6177797937. Is telephone number. Are patriots fans are real nervous in the service there. You know and we always do this time here. When we see other teams make a whole bunch of moves in the patriots early in the weeds all these teams are doing stuff there's a there's a lot a lot of money down around because the salary cap has gone up a lot. They got a lot more money to play wind and teams are spending it. But that does happen right I mean when there's some bad blood and and specially when you get divisional game like this should play him again the same season. I got to believe that some of that stuff comes back right. I mean that growth has played nine catches for a 150 yards yesterday that these issues maybe. You know. Who focus also book. I liked it as this is it as an underdog and you're right there for a new role is tough and I don't like I mean isn't like sits. It is yeah if I mean everything went on you've got no matter what octagon also. Getting into Dolan was at that point talking about the bills and whether and I are gonna retaliate against wrong. You know it's like without him in the suspension of play and the second time. All of us got to get new weekly guest. I've I think they Marty tweet that there's little distraught about their wheels there's obviously Trey flowers and Danny Amendola right there James why would be what makes and there are so Damien though that's good interviews. Maybe Jonathan Jones could be at stake it. Well given little we would loan Jonathan Jones they wanted to try that out betrayed the world trade of straight out. Now did your though also at the good interviews where they were asking him you know did you work Allen outs Guerrero. If he would disputed. Now it. I've met out Guerrero America. It looked everywhere that others have before that did you today that I didn't go so but yet did him a dog that is. Maybe David shouldn't BA a shocker right the patriots clearly had a line in the sand they've they've were not paying this guy very much for the last few years. I during cash she made one point seven million dollars when the other way out whole Lotta money it is but what about three million less than he's gonna get next year from the dolphins and so he it was all worth it in fact he is he was. Wildly underpaid first playoff performance for you probably. Properly paid for regular season on the pillow last and he took so many pay cuts. Only sorry only sort which is not in a five year contract every first sign it oh man that was a pretty healthy contract for receiver who could not stay healthy. LeRoy I keys into the Wes Welker replacement and then. Thankfully for him to kind of worked out in the sense that Julian element became the walker replacement and then the M until they could. Sort of have a moment to pitch count and he was ready to go for the playoffs and the last what three playoff run last four playoff runs. He was used very won two Super Bowls want to another Nike you know really really good run here somebody like dual wellness check on my Tea Party. A little concerned about she RD today after young lady on the West Coast. On her in two Graham account posted a photo of horror and I don't know Jimmy around below and called him her Valentine oh my god grapples off the market that zucker the out years ago just a rumor is. His nickname out there is Jimmy GQ's. It nobody thought of that here on dance opportunity to use our little iron editors anymore we did not Jimmy gee isn't exactly you know. Grady urgently she's a terrible thing and but Jimmy GQ at least you know at least it's something Jimmy did a bigger this looks to BG QU a if you guess yes rich she's a person the person I'm rates Osasuna. Its own all of kind of where art that dollar dollar were open I I don't know the answer about whether she's a celebrity out there and not got the impression I got was that she's you know normal. Everyday person I thought she very attractive young lady I might add I don't doubt about jarred or break that news. Well he suggested on Twitter that of course he knew it. If there at night all of our theme do and I do all about it. Is phony. A solid one of these it was it was Howard's show on fox shows talking about how come all these teams that need a quarterback didn't pursue Jim grapple more. And I think that's gonna continue to via stories. Just drop load the page is getting the second round pick form not yet there it's it's all layered because they're talking and about Tom Brady and how to more years he may play but there when you also see. You know Kirk cousins going for. 86 million dollars guaranteed. We are rotated Bridgewater is going for yet Sam Bradford looks like fields when he million dollar deal with the cardinals think about this now. He's been in the league. Eight years since he got drafted eight years. He has 34. Wins. And a 114. Million dollars earned and counting. 34 wins in eight years. Mathis hard but that's a little over four wins a year this Kirk cousins found out front talking about Sandra Stafford I got has made a 114. Million and counting. Did you see the Eric Wendell suite one of the great. Safeties in the league he's. He says about a about Sam Bradford who must of just saw the Sam Bradford DO and he says. Where's that appeared. Basically along lines of nobody has been paired already been paid more to do us undergo so dom. Bradford has been paid more for nothing that anyone in the history of Vienna well. There when both Matt Chatham suggested that Sam Bradford agent is an American hero. I mean he really is. The thing that at first light comes into the league this also goes to show you what you come into the league now people can't totally shake that here's the number one overall pick. That he gets traded. To the Minnesota Vikings for a first round pick and remember when he was unfairly in Chip Kelly. Said that they've they've been offered a first round pick form around the witty thoughts of what he's talking about. And indexing our egos the Minnesota Vikings for the first that a third. He's thinks he's always hurt. He's not that good at one really good game did a good week one last year he was great now I guess this is what he could be any stakes marries her. He's yet ladies played eighty games in his career. He's got a 101 touchdowns. 87. Interceptions. That is so bad solution for this and it's made a 114. Million and counting. Because he still had the monster rookie deal and reset that his second his second year in the league he made 26 point eight million dollars first year 3.2. That was 2010. And it went to 26 point eight. Then 1291413. 1818. And now a point. And so the cardinals like I was the guy who harper for a year then there's an option for the next year. He has never thrown more than 21 touchdowns this season he has started sixteen games twice. In his entire career Tennessee's season. Outside of last jury went to morneau. These thick and pretty impressive too what no other great sort armored is thrilled about it in third interception and is very good for the vikings team BA stinks. And now's your got his fourth team he's just raking in the money. Yeah I won eight million dollar deal fifteen minutes is reportedly guaranteed. So why wouldn't have the cardinals for example gone all in on drop blow. Got to see him firsthand at two years ago this column start that whole game title game. Wouldn't they want when they have gone and more wouldn't they have offered more to trade. Maybe they're afraid that Somalia old to spend money on on the position. Another also to draft a guy Arizona's certainly drafting. Him in Bradford and start for. I am five games then get hurt early in her over the rookie and if the fun with the this year. There's some real funny money being thrown around in the NFL this year. And the increase in the cap is made teams crazy the wide receiver money that's being thrown around out there is in and and even veteran NFL observers are saying this is nuts. I mean so the wide receiver numbers that are being thrown around it's crazy what they're paying some of these guys started when Jarvis Landry got franchise right. And it's gone on since then some of these MIT and ends all money and he's really go to but he got a ton of money in now via these other guys are looking at it late. O'Dell Beckham and even and in another year Brandon Cox. A brick cooks his numbers. He can stack up against some of these other top receivers I think Mike Evans is a lot better the burning cooks but if you just look at the you know the pro football reference. It's not as staggering as you might think. So that's the guy who might really price himself out in a couple of years and if they were gonna resize Danny Amendola I don't know what the line would be four for Brady coax. Now his money jumps up this year recently making decent money does the last year and is on his rookie deal. But he got to wonder the patriots have been willing to at the pay cooks. After next year or he would if he got that way and that being like a surprise trade we should also point out that these agreements are all verbal agreements. At this point free agency starts at 4 o'clock tomorrow. It is theoretically possible although it doesn't happen often that players can change their minds. 2015. Where at the time between the verbal agreement and the actual OK here's the contract he sedan you know what nevermind it is a chance Amendola knows her. Because the patriots are gonna come close they're not gonna go anywhere near that her arm over eight million dollars guaranteed for the next couple years could make twelve. It even more on library with the incentives so. That's a good deal for for M until probably his last couple years in the NFL while we'll see what he looks like at age 34 of the how healthy is over the next two years. But yet now that the pictures look at some other other guys. Eight solar be in the of the key among them and that it's not it's older that's almost the thing they have to do first. Yeah probably because that's gonna determine how much money they have to play with for everything else right and like I I understand that there are people out there who just think that Nate soldiers worthless. But that somebody on the title straw hour or so ago Senna the human turnstile good riddance. I'm telling you there was still started he's the best left tackle available out there which is why he's getting all this money so much so that according yet to Chris Pryce RR mark Daniels. Denver bowed out yesterday because it was too rich for their lot I think to put it perspective effort there who was all all these different web sites rank the best free agents of and you can break it down by position and offensive tackle. I believe. Three of the top five. Tackles it whatever order worse older. Fleming and ball. Lake Erie hitting it lately our normal. It was may be or he Ian Fleming. Beautiful the point where the fourth best tackle. All the patriots when can was healthy and now one of those guys that be the fourth best available. In the entire league. So all the good left tackles are essentially locked up the other and they're all really expensive. And it doesn't see a note to NFL draft expert. But it doesn't seem like this left tackle class or right tackle class or our offensive line class doesn't appear to be. On super strong either so solid they could trade up in from their first round spot grab a guy that they would confidently be able to start right now next year. So there's I don't know I don't know what the the alternative is fighting game with me here assuming the patriots. Keep their pick 31 strike yet. They take. They can go any direction and then figured it won't be quarterback probably their their reportedly only four quarterbacks who were even worth anything. You're not gonna take one outside of those four in the first round but they would they would do anything they. And no thought McCourt was a first round pick him and he proved to be a really good first round. Now that they've also you know reached on other got a team on Wilson over a thousand a second round pick and it took him and that wasn't as good. They can go honestly in any direction they can go. The first and athletic linebacker that. Could play right away that's. Probably what I would want I think even with the loss of some of these guys have weathered Louis examined Dolan may be sold her. I think anything defense. Because they make fools was the that was the Super Bowl MVP. So anything defense is is what I would want. But I feel like I've never successfully predicted what the patriots were. Do in the draft ever got in and thinking more in terms of what do you think they need more than anything else and I think your linebacker and linebacker call you out. Probably from Alabama right probably yeah they grab governor Arnold as an excel because the idea high Karabakh which is huge and an outside of that. Some of these guys played above their heads but they don't really have. A any real play makers in the spot. It would appear that you know sick one Barkley and and the four quarterbacks are going to be via tops five or six picks they'll be in that top iris expects. Supposedly the bills. Are loading up on draft stock because they're trying to move up. Hopefully get ahead of the jets. So that bacon bacon have their choice or at least be able to select one of these four quarterbacks right it will reportedly are any good. Yeah I mean it's it's actually we've seen teams in previous years to about where they they Paris start out slow they just move slow you know the draft. Trade by trade and the next thing you know they evicted Jumbo out there and get together they want. So. Both will see it out and go home with the quarterbacks are in this draft class to be honest between San borrowing stinks. Josh Allen. Four days been told everybody that illicit and he's going to be a boss right. I'm intrigued that baker may feel Lamar Jackson but I don't know if those guys usually visited before who's that supposedly are are then Josh Rosen right with a Q you got from UCLA who. You read one website may say he's going to be the best in class you read another he's going to be a box so it's completely split on him. And then after that you get and the ones that in the kit from Richmond or some his other ones that maybe the patriots would take in the mid rounds you wouldn't be taking that was the first now now now now. But that might be five guys that could could possibly know about it. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. Lots of football stuff happening. Free agency starts tomorrow what we know a lot of moves including. The apparent departure of Danny Amendola its ailing key Sports Radio WEEI.