Dale & Keefe - The Amendola “a**hole” headline is misleading; Charles Barkley “theory” on Al Horford.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, April 16th

Hour 4: Dale departs for Bruins pregame as Keefe and Andy Hart hold down the fort at the Globe Bar and Cafe. The Danny Amendola “a**hole” headline is being taken out of context, some of Amendola’s other quotes to Mike Reiss are more newsworthy. Charles Barkley draws a parallel between his career and that of Al Horford. Meanwhile, LeBron James was back to his normal self following the Cavs’ game one loss to the Pacers.


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There yeah. For our daily key it hard alongside today we are broadcasting live from globe form and ask them what it. That's the way from the finish line. Boston Marathon for that maybe part of life if illustrious career and if eating nachos and probably useless for the rest. No one of the in my heart but you have enough that you. And what you thought of coming up looking sliders or element that. They're all gone on prominent as. Those facts they really they were under pressure I ever cross. Equipped yeah what's the what what did you eat him during the thank. You like the pocket and if the front of your the fact that. He's now. And what you're hearing a lot of features that we're gonna get back to the Celtics suffering back the stuff you in the Red Sox stuff if all that's good. They did. You wanna get them out well well but I think it's big story you don't do you not I actually think we made the under. Would be under wine and you had eight. National. And it though. Media member on sports then yes. Saying that not only Tom Brady not year. Yeah all these programs because he's in. Putter and potter are oh with water authority but if they're not there that today your first. Offseason program to correct a confusing if not you know we always hear about him that's what it's all part of the same quality and everything that their ration of voluntary. Way that in New England I don't know really what is voluntary and what is technically by the letter of the media law they told voluntary it what you write him. You know you if you're 48 on the roster you know that thing your throat. Yes if you won on the rough inning Tom Brady are going to be fun we're gonna work through but probably you. Jeff Darlington talks about not just this so much as next week words he's not skipping workouts. He's leaving the door open for on field stuff that third a couple of weeks old he made that coming me. Q and then I mean. I don't feel particularly if you think you won't Arlington a lot of this goes back to the relationship with Bill Belichick who will it yet their own in the moment from he has yet in the first game dole. It is interview with Mike Reid yet. Say yes one with members of the Miami Dolphins that he was first asked. What it's like the plate for bill well. It's not easy that's for sure you know he's. Sometimes. A lot of things I didn't like. About playing forum but I must say. Things that. I didn't like we're all. In regard to getting the team better and I respected him. So you know I didn't like tracks in the snow and it Mike Tyson in the rain that was gonna make us a better football team. That was gonna make it better football player. It wasn't easy he was he'd be the first to admit that at the ring ceremony that it wasn't it wasn't easy. And you know silver lining is you direct links him. Couple of things that. One I. I think the headline it's been out there is that element they'll call felt that we all but that's more accomplishment but yeah listen to a write like you the tough coaches that aren't easy like. It shouldn't be it that's more of a slap in the face to coach at what's echoed that ought alone so easy right he sees the dot disciplined in all of the matter in the end. The specific examples of being enable our. The other thing that pleased in new England and he makes you practice at Yale since. Ever Dolan who is half what you and your ovaries no let's say you don't like the practice in the rain this though that some terrible I think OK David Price. I'm not sure he thought that all of that was restricted free planned this. Called him an a hole yeah and then it's like for an example. Animal well it makes it brag I don't wanna do that is so well but you. But my guess it is probably a few more examples of him but there's of the you know comments about contracts and different things that could lead to. Ill will I don't think those are the only things he is saying yet make Belichick and Abel it's now of course the one of the big stories from this offseason so I'm giving up about Leo and these ones are. Just saying you don't know counties and that you know thirty might be now you're not show and a half they don't have time to Pavano and you're gonna have to wait until the next hour. We have more native though who again the Malcolm Butler situations the pops up even now from time to time you know you no one in the lot in the play pop up all the time on the street and go somewhere if you go to the bush I thought what the producers I knew you you don't works Portland talking and I just ask you one quick what do you know Butler what's that. What do you think. We're keeping an liquidity. While might read that if you go about that. I had my thoughts about it because you know I was out there you know put my blood sweat and tears out on the field that night. One of our best players wasn't on the field game. It is you I don't know why I did ask I didn't get any answers and yeah like I can't make decisions like that so I don't really necessarily worry about it. I don't Malcolm's a great player and he could help to us for whatever reason he wasn't there so. You know he's gonna play that he's gonna play more football history. It's gonna be a great player for a long time and I know. It's going to be tough but it's. Both people remove him. And if you for a poster movie posters that yes I know Malcolm of great player he could've helped us win you just look like stating that back. Yeah this presumption that a lot of fans that that we would been better week we would want a simple now when Butler played. Belichick lost the sensible. If you movie posters that that I'll go to would even know yet and a lot of the union members that that that but. You know media members of his own life consider it like it this and the guys on the team and he's tying it to you all the blood and tears yet. But he's saying he ignited a that's literal than expected he actually you know you now from Butler him what I know when he gave him a little he said he was getting on the entry for a yeah who amongst us an average. I hope when he accidentally let yet it did so vehemently Lester for a little bit and NC. Now we're at an event at inside the thoughtful way they're meant read to them the question was that do you have any thoughts about. The mountain vote. Yeah I did honestly I didn't nobody really got an explanation for it you know he's a brother of ours is a brother cars a year and you know I I hate to I hate to see a guy. Who worked so hard throughout the season. Not get a chance to play in the biggest game of the year's end and and really get no explanation so. With that said I don't know how you know the business aspect. When I went into that decision I don't know how the personal aspect when and it's of that decisions in the bill. You know as a friend. You know I would've loved to see him I don't feel that. So again I think though for the eighth hole gets the headline yes. Those of the money well those are saying. Was he not out there fight for financial reasons was not out here for quote on quote. Personal reasons I did with their personal decision made by the head coach who lives and dies by. Best interest of the football yet right what this does to it adds another layer was because you're right after the through mobile number the conflicting. Responses from. Heir Ronald he would like out by dogs and play all of practices manner at all we Cory the well thought the players do what happened. Knew that was dated on and build it will be I'll watch it right we don't read that back yeah I felt like. The comments even Butler so. We're all sort of swan you know our little water on the embers of a feel like this month that it's bull might. We could've won if he was out there is one of our best players when he was out there I don't know the personal Arnold this contract related but there's. February answers in the end you're talking about. Not a captain's. Letter respect batteries don't you caught yeah eater yeah for a number of years that you once you've doubled with one playoff games we have. This isn't just to elaborate popping off and I really do think this reignite a little bit of the story yeah I think the guys on the team of an apartment in the field beat that same way but they're smarter not enough of what's what but you can't you you can't. It out of that they're Smart enough not wreck not to do that but but if you feel that that's all that matters he can from how does that manifest itself. Over the course of and offseason. Training camp pre season a season in this is the the year that'll patriots means that is that there is some lingering. Question in that locker room fractures in that locker room and you have the big crafts of lower wronged him Brady upset with that if you combine that we've. Lower your players were still wondering why leave my blood sweat and tears like in the cola and it in the go into personal view he's. He thought it was personal contract related you believe that I should get a ring ceremony today I'm not right. But if those things start happening at that problem think the other thing too was to doubt Bill Belichick yes there are based off what in the for some of these guys would get to you know I have to do Ferraro and Matthew how they're treated but. The predominant there what do you screwed up but what of the are screwed up on the field like he's still the guy you want president elect two examples of what about that's an important to. The American Oden started to right in all right wealthy as ours guys who were on the team now having nothing Ares equitable will Butler. And that's threatening knowing output they even like most of the guys that know him. They've done you know I don't have not done that not an even the guys like race that's been here forever and I have one of the big one hand count a couple times when you really feel good now ought Jeff Johnson for ESPN was on sports that are today talking about Tom Brady and not seeing it some of these phone through work it was our own Dale Arnold. Who actually broke the news that he is not going to be there the day they want with a sneak. In here and we got off there so we knew it was going to be there because these two in the fifth but these things. It Cotter. But it's complicated that either even after enough to hear it from just around. A number of conversations that I am having I anticipate that Tom Brady will not only missed Monday and Tuesday due to that this regularly scheduled event and cutter. But when he returns I do not anticipate that we if you will be part of the voluntary program. On those that when the team's resume their activities and they're moving forward from there. I would go so far as to say that I would vote unlikely at this point it is a part of any of the voluntary program this off season. How far you sense that his initial question one that I don't know that even Britain has an answer but for now we should definitely at least not anticipate. That he is a part of this week. And likely moving four. That concern I'd like double fault there for the says voluntary part of the program. Which that you get into semantics is talking just about the off season program workouts yet if he's not talking about on field empty days which than in real coaching and you know growing between quarterback receivers and group work yet much if that's a bigger deal next month. Because I don't hear you doesn't work out yet last month he thought if he starts the practice poignantly it. Guys like. Paterson guys like Matthew Knowles and he's not out there for that can honestly think how much importance in somber time with put on. Getting a mini bagel I believe in evolution or back in the day guys would go out to California and like rent houses on the beach so they could be with Brady for a couple weeks. To begin the profits if that timing down get in the inner circle. Now he's not there when you're starting that process in May and June of this team. I just think that concern that this. Team work out again they don't give you a participation lists were gonna find out exactly who wasn't wasn't there but important even Jeff Darlington himself the the 200820092010. Brady was not at the bees work out that this is the first time in his career. Well you could certainly argue that this is a unique time in his career they're committee said. But state Steele was there with Jeff Darlington you've just followed up with Favre Brady not being there why why. That is the million dollars question things and let's start with. Number one family he hit it very clear in his Tom vs Tom documentary told gotten so for the producer of that that he. Will be devoting this offseason to family we might out of read a lot into it at the time. But he is very serious about that he's gonna spend more time with that. He also will be working more with his body to a Giles Terrero. Very controversial figure in this whole thing because he's not a lot of Gillette Stadium for bill Belichick's rolls signal where you want to spend his time working with Guerrero. Certainly there is some lingering frustrations here with the organization but I would definitely point to number one and number two has been very clear reasons why bring people. Well first thing. Guerrero is allowed to stay right well I mean I don't know that we know 100% but last reports were and we saw in the video. Cumbersome documented that working out this week that yet he's allowed to let he wasn't allowed to free other players they are anymore they'd have to look to the facility. The second part that I I don't know that greeted him spending more time balancing work you know that. Spent almost all the time for healthy right and they're always together not stop to me I would fixate on. The fame and he said it in Tom repeated time yes in it's obviously. In. No one would faulted for that I'm not none of the other stuff was going on. Right and he said absolutely I just wanna spend more time with him and listen I've been here eighteen years and the team offense and on squawk like I've I'll be held on the shape I promise I'll go out there if you tell me when the days begin right I'll be there but it's all the other stuff. That you throw one topple. Would be very understandable reason with his name because. I think he should spend more time with him where they're at eight Puerto battering him or like you know they got soccer games whatever the play they're doing things. Do that but I think in conjunction with Alex in conjunction with everything that's going on now we've got that at the respected. You well and all that appreciated. That's what I think makes it a little more on earth at the last part will play from Jeff Darlington is just sort how does this relate to robbery counts. After reporting that crop won't be there either. Why it's interesting because from a lot of the general reasons that we're talking about his own similar very Palo situation between him Tom Brady. Football guys I'm being told. But my sources are dealing with Pittsburgh suffer this is not some sort of lines between the two to take down Bill Belichick is right and don't go too far and not vote. I will say this I continue to be told from people useful even constant that he anticipates planes 118. He's continued to get his body ready woods that we enough. In the shadows of Gillette Stadium I think he needs full facility with Alex Cabrera. Well I thought you. Yes it's all related but again it's not a I'm glad it Darlington. Leaders that operating Rockford here now you're right it at let's go to other not to orchestrated take down a Yemeni military that it without Guerrero. The oh but that's actually made that. That and it's also not similar drugs of that it's just been on that though he's not he's not quote unquote fame took frogs not there today that we weren't reports however we do not know if he is attending. Chair of our planned or it's just on its own what he's doing but it did if they Jeff how. Or as well. And others have mentioned this the wrong it's much more about the month. So we get into that hear them I think that's a presumption that everyone is making yet but until we know for you or it's just that to them. The look at it more of this what's going on with an experience also AD now the opportunity nachos please what thoughts on the Celtics playoff we did in overtime over the bought all of the LeBron James my guys back again. 617777937. We are broadcasting from the globe for a cafe it is feel lucky win any hearts Sports Radio that you yeah. Consumers through all familiar with twelve reports. That could be new I don't know that commitment towards the he took battle over got to get torn employment while he's only taken three shots hit the ball. You're voice and her why everybody else's career without a number of them that made me retire. Of course Charles Barkley Shaquille O'Neal Ernie Johnson from the NBA guts he would see to add some things given all of them locally years well but it also on he would see. And I've got people kind of fired up and there are a lot of Al Horford defenders on your could you Maloney a lot of crappy quality that's got very. Confused over what it means that actual point was about our earthly he actually thinks he's averaged like you and do more. And last night or yesterday afternoon he did Horford was great. Department comments are kind of funny though because the reality Barkley always that monster stats and at the end of his career. Probably averaged about what Horford did it that he was done that if it's kind of funny but. People were pretty good so far and it was clearly a situation where Shaq brought him off the air conversation. Yes he obviously they were literally watching the game and Barkley made a comment often here about how he averages twelve and seven and it anti you know they could when he thirty million dollar that it Charles Madden made his twelfth evidence that there's no there's no question money's part of it those types of like those guys are they can look I had yet like accidentally backed guys may thirty million what do you do watch and that's fine. But there's also hinted to us through that if the hall of fame player. Making an honest off here comment that we believe things yet not what he feels like he needs to say now. You know those guys have been critical of the Celtics often on our year has big wrap our crew looked really dumb when he mr. Hayward went down duplicate what we. The of five or sixty right as it was McCain but he's also. Charles Barkley for the most part all you know are human level Clinton when he was in the patriots locker room absolutely crap based on years ago and that the you guys when Brady Belichick knew you guys gonna leak in sock yeah. Like so he just tells it he does whether drunk or not about you feel it is not always right. Obviously you've you've you've you've been this isn't right. This day like it's fair to criticize the guys made 31 million dollars a year. That you know he scored twelve points and it's also fair to then look at it and say. We'll see what you just didn't like to see them more often capable of every coach does that every community like any player yet if it gets people who. He's playing way and then like he showed boldly and act in the Ehrlich. You after and there capable of that area now you need to do more often. Now it's unreal if he's not gonna go to 114 times tablet if they're not enough but now he can. Because that's a byproduct of the way you play. Right a plane in the post of backing down grind to create contact right that's a byproduct of the way you played so it might not be fourteen. But it doesn't ultimately agree there there's a happy medium in there somewhere where you can play the way you played yesterday help your team win you know let away. It's neat. The circumstances change when you're the third or fourth option. OK you can play one way when you become one of the all options and certainly the top veteran option via yet are you gonna rely on. Needham and brown to give you twenty plus point tonight in the post season it probably means they may need. But he probably very odd all right what's a realistic they do it. Or Al Horford your thirty million dollar five time all star goes well that's the thing is when when people are so quick to say about my corporate game but he's he. About 110 I understand that afraid playoff series. Good players great players are even better like most guys that are these great players look at their regular season stats and look at the playoffs that. That's not the case without Horford yeah actually slightly worse points rebounds in his playoff career that is regular season and I don't even fault and that if he were on. I read he. Miller that he repeatedly on the box and you just say the freak okay your time you're the stars you know brawn but this is when stars. Do their thing even Isiah Thomas was the star of this team mates who were in the league revenues were thirty unite with the we leaning on a win fuel to lift their game it's not fair to lean on the second year athlete growing into his role it's not fair to look. Lean on the rookie who for a while their people I was hitting the rookie wall took my feet and started. And everybody was healthy you probably assumed for for would be third or maybe fourth forum. It's when the top two guys go down why it's unrealistic to think you'd be the number one or number two option right. I don't think it is in so anybody can prove that it is yet. He should begin June he can do it and do it I don't expect to go out and and go re free can score forty and they understand flat carried this team. And now round now what you can go out and yeah. Heat that topped all for now yeah because things have changed within the environment and so they got a good Al Horford formatting they really good decent Tatum really good Q brown partner of the year and so my hesitation. For the series going forward is that those guys all played well they were at home. And they still need to go to their overtime being go to overtime to beat the box to. Greek frequent pretty good again that the political book to points but he never got the sense that almost got guys now still in the game he didn't go off my god took the game over a little bit in the last few minutes we just that. I'm doing some Guinness to overtime when this game. From the Celtics perspective I I agree with you were trepidation. In that area but it's it's also you know you're gonna go on the road you're gonna lose them. Right yeah lose and probably about a sweep this series I don't normally harmless non filtered the better chances than seven game tight series gap in. It's what you talked about earlier that they have they have no repeat. I believe they have a real bench other than me on the bench right now you'll have a lead on tape of ground you know on these guys. And then probably lets out at the what are they gonna have left you are they capable of just. Going the distance at this point what reacting like watching that game notes game one but for either team. He's not contenders now we have the facts and not go in there anywhere yet it was and you get into the match up but if we have four matches because. If you remove carrier serving. And even market Smart suddenly if they Mort you've been theories yet the candidate they victims here I would pick in the box. I went with the best player loans and what felt like yeah. I mean confident really competitive about it they're up one nothing that now. I think Eric what flow into part Parker will be better out of their great players. But they were to crash in the game look so it was let's notes that the stock is evil and wanted to. Like anyone who would it be and we called out yeah he was a game. Absolutely I think they'll probably about that's also not realistic to the so that was a portion of the game there. Where. They would just let the clock run down if you like three so does got to shoot and just launch something up there they were not getting quality looks now they want any these hate about it nice retribution can take in and out of donut store owners don't know it was great of the things when you're forced to me play off game. You sheen's marketing and stimulus. Wants him. Did you he would eye opener at you always involve both kind of grown on me the patriots they work about the only I don't leaves tight end. I don't completely it's like old slave but personally only plead the fifth but there's zero office. The public if I'm going into the body nothing on offense. Add to that you were a contender which they were like a month ago he's not really part but you don't need. But that's the reality evacuate you to be my mother like yes it was lucky that. So isn't really like sub they and I idea. Though because when you lose your best players and suddenly 91011. Have been pulled up three slots in r.s 67 and eight. You don't play them if you could swap out in market that usually. Carrier ring markets Martin's sweep this series you went in for. That you just you would. The coach. The Milwaukee coach Phil punt team would he do I hate you lost and they hear like how much time Durbin in the salon I love what they're doing media and other things like that might not think it's like. These guys were not with the we Abdul moved out. Yeah that's what they view it. Are back in there. Not a mark in the day Brian Anderson Kevin McHale yes. Yeah I was on come you want in on it for this album it's just my TV maybe that's because if I was going back and forth. I think the TNT. Sharper. Exact opposite. And here's really. At my mother in law's house the NBC's football that was far sharper enters the no question and I get to see Kyle Draper. Ill prepared for it wrote the studio when he had chips on the death article I'll bag of chips flat. Dale that element. That. I think it's fair for our show. He had to do a quick 32 hit the chip to the indeed he did a great job he pulled it on my guns and again didn't make mention of it just pretend it never happened but everybody feel that Ritter noted everybody involved with chip traits but it. Back to him. It next week in the he beat me. Suppose she was that the week my year for monitored REIT units went the whole situation room for an patty Davis resentment. And it on I don't know good read you that he did you like caught off guard. Well they're given a heads up there it would make go to I think you quite a bit quick commercial rate plus I guess thing. Palpable after the movie column on but it happens hate it though. The Celtics. But felt like Wanda an exciting game but did not Democrat Terry road here they've monster move got wide open drove the shot than the Chris Middleton shot he had. My god. In the ground closer to home. The problem. Feel free to start the clock and start the clock home court. Think it was so good on the way to this one of the things they bring in it's not a home port up operate it in an eight or should be rooting for the why when I thought referees are influenced by the home crowd so our guys that are yet to have another that it's very different that you rev fits with the whole. You that the talk going into the postseason with house you know you whatever they do wrap yet about it. See now how does that change now. Now they wanna game so a lot of people up when the series what we Chris van Exel last week and you would at least be able to beat the hawks even when Donald do it. What's one game but yeah I get your point certainly takes forums and other they're the perfect spot imaginable is that they win it's the Redskins coach there but if they lose the paradox of what he wants to do so. The box or not I don't think coach rattle say that he won't everybody else the the Bucs are a great team but I do you think it is tougher matchup than had they gotten Miami. Or even Washington. The the worst case scenario I think. Just based on the talent at Washington knows it I know they haven't played well they always yours if you last year. They hosted and the news they can go off at any time are really gets my got the wrong. Ron we have active one of the best moment I've tried and leave. And ripping little wheel wrong when he gets it if you have a yeah. Only now you look at a well thought wanna share it in order dessert and let him over the past cells and that's that's. Well I just broke back for they'll offer broad pregame DOT but it is hard here at the well par and cafes portrait that you yet. This first time you've been in this situation. Down a winding in the first round. Some never lost a day one the first round ball marker. Home. A review it big as it is at this point but he. Not the only thing better in the Celtics winning in overtime at the fox looked abroad games without losing to the pacers. That was amazing committee got classical moron after the game did you not hear. You know the classic LeBron at all via that this is what he had this is what he does. At that there's more of that but basically all I've I've never lost the game on. Look at me he never lost the first round series when we get your great everybody knows it great you can let other people talk or you had 11 what's the number like twenty street. He wants probably I don't know forty in a while first round it all probably usually. Quick sweep after its investments right out of the lights series straight it's a big loss to Indiana Pacers who Chris manic he could he wouldn't go there all the way. He that they could lose the first round. I wish he just picked him but he did but anyway that's going to be hopefully a tough series for the cavs but there's more both game from a project. It's a long time to Wednesday. I think you know. When it's gonna sound like the next couple days as a captain troubles capsule and you don't care oh here to yourself it's a long time to see it coming off a loss we don't play. I don't know a real solution meter and a I'm Jason you know that'll be unknown social media. When a wash today is up with musical and listen to commentator in the golf lover boy also. For me this opportunity for me that he won't play important for me as I could rest take two days. I need two days out and expect. 44 book. And always that you're here with the policies has us. As I mean I'm down 01 of the first round. Down 31 finds itself. On the left got about evil goodness. I was down 31 I'm down 10 what do you witness inner. Moderate on the team of yes the team. But when you were down when he was down 31 I'm pretty sure yet another guy that the racquet river's name right now we're a couple of really big shot up Internet users around I've got to go one place. You are down one Alter your meal I want out but it can't I don't wanna I just don't go and it's an Alaska and made a pentagon I hate them. I mean I'm down I wanted to first round I hate if they don't want finds itself. Nonetheless got a as well you goodness. The last 100 no matter what. Like this is why I've always thought it was always says stuff like that. I'm down 10 yeah I would 31 wow that he won that thing quietly by himself. It's politics and boarded one when it weren't for that when you're a boost it would take notes that proves it to a point victory you know. I'm MO 27 game winning streak right in the NBA before. Part of your own in the NBA in your your par tee at the break you there's a lot of Gershwin and every nightmare. You know on you at all on view. It's there any chance that they lose first round so if yes. And I just lost the first game and yeah if the Celtics you know a month yet they won the game to lose the game. Not your quarter of the way to absorb this and what does that mean for the Celtics. It's just that open or or now it makes it eat collier's war if you look at I would almost 1 o'clock we'll have pictures in thinking. This is so much work if it was on the team they're going to the NBA finals there Cohen and pacers might Kamal if they don't. Toronto the money they're going to what it would be even greater Seattle you wanna hear this it squandered it but they're not. They're not pocket nailed it the atmosphere walk in my he'll be filled in Philly then fitness. Weeks. These teams are unbeatable or they're gonna roll out just like if the next sixteen games now they're related in general question that the that if there are odious. Instinct they can it do it all up bunch of mediocre and not that the team playing for the right to lose. Anybody like our super team that it was like crap teams it's. Is it looks likely to have you definitely want to hear you write your key you need to support teams for conference you don't want the one in making. Roll through everybody like Rodgers would like. Oakland and in the Golden State is not overall warrior was strictly. The real well there through injuries right. I'm also an NBA moves forward and be a catch all right now a beltway Greg popped the basketball one Leonard. And it has in the Afghan people right. He even with the good that we're all a big deal here on lately and he's sorry if if he played for the Celtics or there was any other sport and of the New England team more or team that is the biggest story for you came back to them than you back to you movement needs I'm not really feeling it right now you worked for me it went in the hole and millions to. Beat you with me it would in the creek just with the ball if the first round theories that heard it go Whitewater and on all the and experts quarterback healthy bursting of the thing he did. I'd note that non. Now but do you think LeBron James bone back for is one of them yet you probably. I find it hard to believe but it's still hard at that against them even on the if the non use now. The laughs at the team that now. Used him that if you go wrong yet you go to Greek three concede he's probably gonna carry them enough right now that there's stars LeBron goes through the sixers. Ultimately we are all in a lot of trouble. Leave the upper and it'll be done Heath thirty a whole lot about him wanted to that's ever played every game this year and you know we'll tell you win. Mac or element like cliff authority. There's that clip let's get them to be. What do you do that we're speaking with the Brady said. There I don't like the thought that he said imagine if LeBron go down he says that. Making a distinction. Well this was final drive and cosponsored by air routes restoration specialists. If you miss the facility and did not receive the probe weather service you need for my wallet become an heiress restoration specialist wire service today. Learn more error at serve dot com also brought to you by. Cars for kids to make your current job and it's good or for that 877 cars it. Or cars for kids dot com Andy is always a pleasure thanks yet and upload view and look forward to seeing you. Nashville for Bruins breath about the next time period in the final day or ethnic map for a theme here for a mixer which it on the air chief Roth your intern Jon and of course in the back and corporate studios. Dale I'll be back tomorrow starting at noon to recap game three of rule of the Maple Leafs. But thanks to everybody here at the wheel more and after a real talking to Mark James is next here Sports Radio W. The last change. From the moon.