Dale & Keefe - Any penalty brought down on the Patriots will happen quicker than people may expect; A Christmas themed Karaoke Tuesday

Dale and Keefe
Tuesday, December 10th
Hour 4: Dale, Keefe, and DeOssie look back at the original Spygate case and a punishment was given out 4 days following the breaking of the sotry without an admission or acknowledgement statement from the Patriots.  This year, with a statement made and the evidence relatively straight forward, a punishment should come out sooner than you may think.  We hear from Bill Belichick on his conference call today with the Cincinatti media and his continued statements about knowing absolutely nothing about the video grapher at the Browns/Bengals game.  The guys get to a few things they didn't have time for today in What Else Ya Got before Scheim takes center stage in a Christmas themed Karaoke Tuesday.