Dale & Keefe - Anyone who throws a baseball is to blame for the Red Sox' down year; The game has passed Jon Gruden by

Dale and Keefe
Wednesday, August 14th
Hour 1: It’s a short show for Dale and Andy as the Sox have a matinee game against Cleveland this afternoon. Dale didn’t like how long Andy took to do the crossover with the Greg Hill Show. Andy doesn’t give out game balls to kid who lose. Rafael Devers went 6-6 last night and the guys think he will be even better in the next few years. The second episode of Hard Knocks aired last night and we look at some of the best clips from the show. Jon Gruden certainly loves himself and the camera and Keelan Doss. The head coach has the final say on what airs in the show, so how and why did Hue Jackson let certain clips get through last year?