Dale & Keefe - Are the Celtics prepared for the LeBron storm in Game 2; Stage 5 clinger exposed in Keefer Madness

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, May 15th
Hour 4: Dale, Keefe, and Marc James discuss the “trash talk” directed towards the Eagles by the Patriots during the Super Bowl, Shannon Sharpe’s bold prediction about LeBron James, and Carson Smith’s injury. Jonny Gomes’ color commentary and the new owner of the Carolina Panthers are also talked about. The show concludes with a new edition of Keefer Madness.

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Palin she's she's the pride day you think your word against a war. Put them or they don't water from the Purdue and it's not go go do limited them to Arnold and reach key for its summed up LeBron James quitting on his team on the W. Yeah I exports we healed now. To. Fourth and final hour daily key Sports Radio WEEI Mark James in the house whether it's. Let's catch up to date on some stuff here we we mention this last hour but we can now add to them are good we can we can flesh it out for some more detail so op. Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle lane Johnson who had some stuff that say about the patriots after the Super Bowl but you know what. When the super bully get talks stuff though too long to do what you want you know. So evidently he had an opportunity more recently to appear on Steve Austin's podcast. From the broken skull ranch of course helmet or Steve as I don't know where Elaine Weisel Mario and apparently it felt like it is better double cross cross rained all different ways to replace their hearts are now part of Texas. So blame Johnson appeared on Steve Austin's podcast. And kind of doubled down a little bit on where his animosity comes from about the patriots. When you make statements about you know the editors what are records just this was your service between Philadelphia and papers. Sauce I respect their coach are Specter dogs are. Right on well. However some. Thing or what not. I. At a Airgas rpm. Or so aren't well or Yahoo! there are all or call our you know. Our current board game yeah arms I hit a you know. All the ball well at all. Aubrey are armed and yet partner on your let. Dan you know dark you are not at. No. Outline. How are I don't know Robert rehab program. All right so. They Johnson's kind of all over the place the he is without a doubt it is seat he said Robert Kraft behind closed doors was talking smack to Jeffrey Laurie the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles the right way they've been friends for. Years and years Lauro a year so anyway he was Hawkins. Or owner he set on the field ride Belichick was talking smack before the game to Doug Peterson and don't you worry classic quality as I don't tell idea if you don't this out. Not only will Andy find it he will play at good we will hear the costs. Bill Belichick was thrown at Doug Peters. It's. Good thank you so much time and again we're behind and find. That's a living hell yeah. And you like it finally is a game somewhere in area. At all but very severely depleted because he writes that president. Lee Jones and lie here the man. A great year Goodyear several ratified rapidly behind there and fine line will be he's confused it was players aren't there appears to be found his image Dolan oh here's my business Bosnia must beat him. I. It's. Antibiotics had to deal got all callers value to. What's. I'm telling you what it was innocent it was the offensive line coach I cannot help. What he's saying to your coach right now and he bought it shocking that lean Johnson's liar I would yeah out of sight out of that picket line I think he just holds they would result he's gullible. Well I'll probably and it's good coaching because they would you want in new worlds and the offense is great new whenever they said to motivate the defense didn't work but they still won the game. But that is just that would that would be so out of character. It's a lunch with the kind of game we're behind him. That's a little old me yeah. Finally the games somewhere in area at all but great to be here to be here and you actually write the president. Until we busted missing something Doug Peterson sound very he. In all Bill Belichick. You can tell that you this cardinals were both two wells and innings. Right five. And by the way as a coordinator he's got a bunch more so broken even nicer tone. Well and it was going that's always against it if he's got to be with somebody like man gene your Parcells he a couple of nearly. Before the game today and dockers and these guys say anything he's got his arms crossed goes back to you guys are gonna say something to yet it's going to be a study just like what you just perfect film of kindness right. And operatives than there might Johnson. Right again. Although I wouldn't dismiss what is the first time. They think that what they know all of the guys that I don't think there I don't think the whole team but I don't think any. Team has 53 guys on farm and I don't think that's the case some armor and out of mind you I was on the sharpest tools that you would the top ranks I don't think it keeps changing his story but just research assays on the that might make sense. He goes again don't goodness and I'll. Is out there owner was talking crap to our owners. Yeah Robert Kraft is once you snap right now Jeffrey Laurie yeah that's that's you know that she's extremely soft yeah the I mean we don't have tape of that OK I'm not that good now that's what I am a lot on a limb and suggest Robert Kraft in saint crap about Jeffery Laurie I would be shocked by them. Well and we've seen obviously he said the the Dini Amendola. Car karaoke interview we've Mike Kris where he sorted through bill underneath the bus you Alda. You know I mean obviously Malcolm Butler when he goes he posts on NC Graham and and Brady like saying I'm you know freer. Or no though Rob Gronkowski did a lot of stuff that I doubt either that a lot of different pieces there this is not that here's the thing back fill you won one congratulations. Not now just act would chants as it. Right act like it and he's a fired up you could tell he'd never done this before they don't know how to. So they feel like a team record missed the plan they have three world titles since the Euro 933536. Years. The sixers the Phillies and all eight and the Eagles last year that's it they don't it and I used this RC here you've got ten world titles over the course of the last seventeen years it's a little sort you know you get used against them. A that's the best game. I mean I I hope lane gets to hear this and a good natured attacked electable winner of this weekend listened to a pretty good offense the attack on her I'm sure John Rich you gave his accurate take your WIT in the days. Have at it and if you know series because it in there that yeah. It's like you warning part of that lets you know on the but he oozing out of I cannot rob about the art of the army. I don't do that all right so Celtics cavs tonight over TD garden and as you know you guys all notes Celtics win game one by 25. And they're facing LeBron James tonight and because he's on add to that mix of our voices we can't hear enough club. Sheriff sheriff says a lot outlines then. Tristan stood meteorologist meteorologist takes the other 20 yeah he told you about the store that some people. Do you Miami you know storm Columbus club people they refused to go to home before lol do they were used about plywood and board up and get out of town you know. Folding hard hit it took. Celtics play at that film clip they have no choice but whether it's Norton they got to be radical sometimes suggests they should just leave that old mother and I don't. I got somebody got to give them no you can have you can you know what got you got that we have Soledad yeah. Well ballpark where are ten picking up the name every week noon tomorrow. I don't get people to moon told they got the state and what you know how I will you don't want it to happen you know what that capital. The broad danger of coming up with a ball that I have a sneaky suspicion that you own the Jirga a short. Would be owners which Springfield if some of the dangle. A whole wow that's Hillary is gonna retire as my health ally the in his mouth and itraxx Asia gets my hometown Springfield and I can drive up ninety west to get before you went shot president while I think in watching your the very beginning of that by. Audio what went east. Tristan stated meteorologists mute all that it won't be your a ball OK I'm not sure everybody can slip on a word and shots of the more one earned him mentally doubled on one or two they'll be funny aryan tomorrow at the Celtics win tonight. What Shannon's gonna solve its really do you look at that 45 point win like nothing doesn't count notably deal. And the bronze in play well and that's what can automatically give them a win that's how it works now this cavs team. I can't stay in shooting sharp he's bad art what he he he really is his bat on the anybody here in New England would ever like never did that thing we was taunting the page lesbians not do I was the telephone down these are all the National Guard you know I'm sorry no no time to back. So during Keith's. Fine award winning all of sorrow of a three or have it keeps award winning. Trending out top of the are good for having you heard the bad news about a Parsons met the I don't mean a lot. Yeah Alex please let these are professional athletes you've got to admit the whole idea of of perhaps. Injuring your shoulder to such a degree that you could require surgery because you. Fire your glove in the dugout after you gave up a home run they are mad ev do you think your frustrated if I toss the global president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski gives you all the details on Carson Smith. They're going to wait a couple days let it come down. I'm sure at some point we'll get a second opinion. But. I don't know the severity of it but it's not. I'm Lyle and not expect him back in ten days planes at this point it's well we'll see how severe bands that we've got to potential major entry. I'm and you don't say that and it's not like he's all while feeling her reality T important semen ten days were already looking for a second opinion. We gotta wait for it right to calm down before we can really talent old by the way out. It's got the potential to be a major injury. Doesn't sound that audio at all the Carson Smith Aaron Boston it might not ideal you out not talk to not work out so if you. Boy you're probably driving right now shrimp and probably not moving very fast based on what it looks like that there is a great I have a feeling that the commute home and take a little longer than normal tonight does or does the ruthless clocks time and Italy you can listen to that you'd like. So Bradford rob Bradford is over at Fenway. And he's got that Hanley Ramirez and Jonny Gomes and he's preparing the weather update for. I'm definitely around. Right in the outfield this newest hot Linden and a few hours in my. We don't know where you would think the you know. We got about. 845 start. Stay tuned to and we throughout overall though this don't call her every angle there. You know what I'd listen to him and bill I don't know if I'll be honest I would like it was definitely scary interesting personalities away quietly just in case you're headed for Bentley. Jonny Gomes doesn't go into it and start it got to let us and write in and he just posited out here may be right though that does not look rate it's ominous out there and stay tuned to. Throughout the world. So Clark. And guns. At him in domes. It's amazing indeed how much. Find it then it seems like hand me in Zander Bogart's are having this year now that Farrell's they're having a blast like people really don't they've figured new lease on life. Because John Ferrell is no longer an idol I'm sure they're not the only so no that'll that sort of seem if you don't the most and and and were in. Maybe the biggest need of sort of bounce back here especially handling when he wanted to see more out of him and apply it only works is to be twelve stuff it where his advance you know about it that's for sure it was like he lets you it's yet. Any let's examine a blast. It's on. Very happy so there with clutch up on all the stuff I can't believe this stuff the Bill Belichick said to Doug Peterson doesn't mean it just got to congratulations than there yet hello a year eleven years and every seaweed and have a leader now because of the best at. And let you eat how where's my sound byte at me saying LeBron James is vastly overrated where's that. Now he's hauling back. Falling right that I'm calling us the replay is all and god I don't you guys wow. I just kidding I'm voted out did you notice why did you notice that four of us all just stop arguing and music stopped it was like lol I was videos that I'd like to Kristy Lee de and he got that that was also good poll that was grateful. Also buying both or are hurt or hurt or call our you know. Our report bureau or. You know I don't. It's. Good thank you so much time and again we're behind and putt on. An Atlanta television. Asleep and you like finally. Somewhere in area at all but great to be here in the division in Iraq he writes that president. It probably snuck back after the microphones loud Brodie probably snuck back in that it yeah that would suck. Soccer team Sox senior offensive line really sun the worse or that coach. A tear to throw the ball to your quarterback we're gonna try and a half. I don't arts the are there ideas I'm your trash. All of us all this because of Steve Austin's podcast a story goes he never knows that happens the uncles pod attitude and I guess it's a good one and it's a good one there and listen he's got a lot of great guests alike are they shopping Kevin Nash used to listen to a they've morial wrestling related deaths the little surprise village Utley late Johnson. Even when he went over the parcel guys like to have all the guns athletes on their shows but they're kind of bigger names even then yeah I was surprised he was on there you you know you would think would be and so calls podcasts like. I'm going to ski. Yeah yeah right part wrestle mania in reality maybe they'll do in Johnson thing donors include you can cut pro mode now he critiquing it got a problem through by the way the revenue will owner of the Carolina Panthers is and yet hedge fund guy by the name of David. Tapper yes yeah you mean cheating and all the LT got well that this guy and offered 2.2 billion cash all of our. So yeah. I took a billion yeah cat she got back when you so apparently it'll be voted on the other owners from may 22 or some like that I promise you it's gonna go through some 2.2 billion in cash. So how do you go about that item with what is the process liquid what do you do not gonna affect our guys with drums with once typical. Apparently able to close the world owes a hundred years self select so. David tepper let's just say that politically he's probably not exactly where like Robert Kraft is. Robert Kraft is is friends with our president yet says as it was at the inauguration has has been down to visit the White House but I'd David tepper. Has called Donald Trump quote. A demented narcissistic scumbag. Okay and our entire quote and quote a father of lies unquote aren't so I'm gonna suggest that you know Adam the heat between that the White House in the NFL may not clear up with a Swedish. He David Oliver hit it to the one owner who tells his players that Neil during the they have by the way guys were all take unity or a fight the president now so we don't have to worry about the Panthers have gone the White House if they wounds and I doesn't sound like a year ago and they win that was RX three guy it if it. What are the chances that they get to be in the Super Bowl and it's got that night and not not good players they're cup years ago they bite you now he's starting to see they are starting to progress a little bit but right now. You don't take guy Christian McCaffery you know it's on you know with the first round pick a Munich that it's it was a good pick Ed McCaffery subsidy. So we've got back to the look forward to we've got big game at that the garden tonight. Pike and like I am gonna suggest that might take a little longer to get to Fenway a little bit get to the garden to consult with your play of the Red Sox those so that if opener one. At least the start. Yeah. Johnny Gomes that if you fortified slower and I don't how well they gonna Vizquel. Our marker you argue it on Jonny Gomes two games and hosts last year it was it was it was it was talks Oca I was tough yeah he's grown on me. Okay he's got me a little bit of a fungus. Yes that's it accurate to pitch yeah yeah he has grown on me he's he's different that's a different unique. He's Dolly things right he's I like amateurs in a oh series again he's he's on the -- series I'm good with that it he told me. He's doing. Fifteen of the 162 games amen on board that yes as you start sustainable ways to get to eighty games. Is up on the eighty games yeah I would say nobody beats Romney in and I thought act. Access act that acts did a phenomenal job last year and it's great to have back in studio so. Jonny Gomes is he's grown I'll I'll I'll I'll you know that's that's one you know dale. I like I like Gomes Eck is the best I think he's as good as anybody who does a team in America. I think he's that good movies. He is pretty good the nets to. Napoli had a good is not as good as act and some ice met him recently for the first time does that that it never had before last rice on. And then Jerry Remy got sick in an active on two games on the coliseum so I didn't seem to this year. She's the epitome of cool he's cooled and then you've been really cool to act like that dude is cool this is tight. Listen I have I had the opportunity to to fill in for TCI posted a bunch of Red Sox games at one point and I can tell you this there is nothing more fun they have to be on the road at the time. You sit the green room. And you're watching game went back. And just listen music and are taught our dogs say anything out there just listen to him. And you know this guy went raids that they are Tehran radio they get killed while they are seated at some point you'll start imitating you guys batting stands right. He'll box oddities Seton and imitate how guys delivering a baseball off the mound that is. It's a language that's unfair part of it because you know what he's saying but you never said it that way right you'd never described a certain thing in that way but you know what he's saying you know what do you mean when I think back I think we should do the Denis Packers Lee shot game. Where every time he sees cheese you take down she's yet yet she's the air yeah he he's great and and see hear and like you said. I did in their public yuck yuck what about a good one yeah yeah. Jim Rice heads out rotten fruit a couple times in to hear him tell stories back because I'm always interested to hear about. Like the old school guys the guys that early that rice played lead but he didn't think it like Eddie Murray who's very sorely with the media. But what was he like you know to hear Jim Rice tells stories it's it's on you just like. Why why did also say this about rice he had a certain reputation from when he played here. I've wasn't here when he was playing idea I didn't know him as a player. I've only known him at NASA he's great he's the nicest guy this guy goes around saying hello to everybody in the building as you said he brings Fuld in for everybody Chinese food two way game got to get in on that. You gotta get an A semi does he he's than he I had I know people only think of him in terms of the reputation he had as a player. Not like that the building over there. At all at all nice guy he's an avid golfer you always fun modeling spent always golf and rice is up is all favor but yes you're right act is the best. On. These guys are clearly overlooking Jonny Gomes to remove defense going first movement on left keepers be back right when that broke book comes out you take off you sell out. Good slide again just like Toronto and outside of the bag make it a long tack. To those on the outside the Bagger at their clinic of a slide it gloves go all the way to get to. He felt like trauma may have skis they all drills without any breaks it down if I if I could upper one slight bit of constructive criticism to John ago so he's listened very slight. And and that would be. Don't begin what you say by repeating the last line Dave O'Brien assess. Big team we'll become the take his spot on the hill would compete that's working. Bennett Tedy in here they Rivera's as well. I don't remember. The long game. Well Glenn Fine for Giuliani. Need the machines fact I. -- greats of the innings over the the other half yeah maybe JoAnne Harris mantown at all hunger is a real -- well I've -- that a constructive criticism would be to wait for the happening but wait let's say what they do whatever you want but it'll bring a food for except for what they did dump those in the mid six admits it's a big things so you know -- -- -- there the you'll get because you know Dave O'Brien M and usually share revenues on Jonny -- the Hossa back to studio to -- of the case I think Donald does Telerate and so like you know you don't you don't leave during the -- six guys out what's coming up on sports that are ready yet to follow up and got a -- in sports when they got to have a look at entity we're gonna have this I don't don't do that puts out now across his body -- and yet I like him he's different he's good he's really -- they're different no one explains which nobody. It's why our bases are empty. Devers sun deck strike one changeup. Never switching over to the left side obviously switch hitter. Three kids and Iowa game. It's still left side. It's actually ridiculous yeah it makes sense to me meticulous lefty on the mound yet ready ready on the mound yet lefty switch hitter mind. Lol pretty good stuff. Thank you John. By the way good observation to buy an innocent that he said that that's pretty good he does he has a tendency to repeat Dave O'Brien last line as has kind of police did to his line there. Which well that that way there's I don't enable Brian's really good right so it there's no wrong thing you're gonna say something at somebody said muzzled what they've said well. Cracker Jacks I really got Barack Obama though another little broadcasting chip in just the almighty tell. Popcorn is not a good thing when you broadcast I can't imagine not Izod as it's not a go to. I do agree rules the sleeves up but I'll look you normally see you don't that you don't fit too much you know rolls it right now had guns and his ass like that you'll only half I'll never Wear sleeves shall be in my honor them right on pattern literally in Ireland. I mean you be doing that in you know yeah Jonny Gomes CES he's on the series he's not doing the following series is to Oakland series I believe it's just you know usually is it when they come in they do a series and then yes somebody else does roughly expect after. Grammy or running yeah. Waiting for or anyone worried that they don't already know all of our guys I don't act one ready to write Colmes story on Agassi John talented and now. Knock on there. Are all about that he was fine. Fund that if Europe sort of driving around Boston right now was is it isn't that bad yet. Yet pretty crummy in place game on so well I mean they're the Celtics games so you yet they're playing indoor I know good jobs are down you mark my alcohol either. I don't sit sharp since about a storm common but he had so far I don't trust it tops in studied meteorologist I mean me urology you heard she had sharp say that I wrote it with interest in Thompson's class is at Texas stood meteorologists. We take it up he yeah he told the bottom of the half I thought the people uneasy our views what he what he's done road at that it was a cry your own agent right when he's he's studying like the guy and it's nation Iowa. The what's his name. The guy Al Roker Al Roker writers that he didn't specifically did write a report on him exactly different but it didn't classes attacks. I understand and it weapons. As the afternoon got along we have not really had an opportunity to delve into this very much but just if you just get in the carnac on January anyway. Our Robinson kanell has been suspended eighty games by Major League Baseball. He put out a a statement and said that he wanted to make sure you know. You win media and market because this admitted that he did not take a PED only didn't he took a diet Riddick. On the advice of of a position OK united and that that's what did what he got caught for new as a problem what's the problem okay here's the problem. When you take this direct. And they pop you for for taking this. This case immediately goes to a neutral. Arbitrator and neutral party completely neutral. Who did investigate. And tries to make a determination of whether you took this director cover PD news. The neutral arbitrator said yet that's what he was doing. So Major League Baseball also held their own investigation and they said. Yet that's when he was doing he was covering up PD youths and so he as soon as he was told he was told in the wintertime writes that he got popped for this. He appealed it. Los and then a one million get to the Peoria at their he'd drop the appeal because now both this neutral arbitrator and Major League Baseball again you took the dire Redick because you were covering up PD use. And so he says. All while nevermind I am I now is don't cover health news that doubt about it gives are now says he covered a lie with a lie it's not a good thing. Not a good look at but every one of those guys who take something of outsourced all they either say. Somebody tainted my AM my my product that I added did. GNC era there I've read the fine for an. I never did they say that they say I would never never never I will go to the end of the earth I'll find out how that substance got into my. While I might take in anybody who knows me knows I would condemn all all I think. I have a question for you guys would you be shocked and this is not we're not you know throwing any era this year would you ever be surprised. If it was found. That Albert Pujols 3000 plus hits were not all cleaned. There's not single athlete in the world those surprise me that councilman not a single got a pact whereby I have a I don't assume anybody's clean anymore I can't nicely you know candidate. Especially after the Mitchell report world is all shapes and sizes but for the Brendan Donnelly like you like OK it's every position it's a reporter we get keeper madness coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. Yes I'm ready to keep her madness. Racked up one up for Iraqi tremendously and it talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Could be in a great deal of the men if not he's an ice he's a nice guy and so screw you keep yeah screw you guys. There are easier. I hate which he's just strictly just Baghdad makes you. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. But until then the situation. Stinks. I thank you very much. Your professionalism stinks. I question it. There go to Tuesday and it's time for key for madness and dale mark we have a a case of love at first sight all this one quotable Pope. It is not okay it does work out but please state soon but not go anywhere with you tell that they'll do what Dowdell pull out out boy. It's well first I at least for one of the people involved perhaps not the others who go out to Arizona for the story. Aggressive behaviors like it was here about a year. Cannot be ignored ABC kids like to Souter digging into this case. It involves a Paradise Valley man and a woman he met online election this story gets scary real fast. And on why is yes yes that is a bit ominous scary story in Arizona that music yes than and you kind of backed senate didn't yeah at current storm kind of weapon delivery of real prayer if it was me yet on definitely Paradise Valley man and a woman he met online and look to this story gets scary real fast. Account. As is Tom Brokaw and his ball is an unbelievable story after broke. This woman did not just walk into a home that she wasn't invited to bid and then she made herself right at home. When you arrived you keep your eyes valley home last month they found 31 year old Jacqueline eighth in the man's bathtub. We've had one of these stores before the eldest there's another wrinkle to this old woman was harvesting organs here army. Home of the victims says he met her online in the pair went up one day over a year ago but she won't leave them alone a John yeah I. What hey hey yeah. All you're doing a year ago is out we got to take ago just to refresh your previous tubs or nepalese and it with the data but. Happy it's a happy and says. He had Ronald Cerritos CA casket to build ports. On top of the net and about. About the difference but this one. That's what gets intense the. The victim says he met her online in the pair went up one day over a year ago but she won't leave them alone you got arrested on allegations of stalking a class five felony according to court documents that appears to be true age trespassed onto his property last July allegedly again in December. She's also accuses him more than 65000. Text messages. I don't want to add. A little aggressive at the lot of. Oh goodness I wool yellow again okay. I did you do well Andrei all 50000. Nosy sees it he said I got excited and I had a but I figured at that you do and others is staying on every phone call block you can block a lot better color do you know anything about that I guess I get. I hear it very well it does go back and soccer has been good luck you guys you can head to block out here that she went above and beyond to a lot of time thousand text of news he's also accuses him more than 65000. Text messages that's I've got a Jack. Our auto 500 texts a day to that was very smitten by the judge at the unlimited text plan helps them she brought it's not I would imagine it now bankrupt she is on your keys that the yeah that's a lot of text messages but she obviously had a great first date or only day authoring worked three words in the poll block being block are all right all right so she's been in 65000 text messages a friend and then climbed into his yes I'll kick them and notes nothing wrong with that I'd actively targeted at. Now got to go the other way and I. We talk with an expert about situations like that she suggests avoiding contact at all costs upping your security measures may be getting some video alarms an extra locks on your doors and of course saving everything so it can be handed over to police and help with the investigation. When that you know he knows and likes a good safety tips here is that they locker doors we need to. Yeah in our yard and our Brian play here is the same way when you meet someone from an online things that I don't think there's a cycle meters there no yeah it's hard to tell the brightest in the picture right in the name yeah OK those are gonna how sort of hear from. The lady yourself no way that news on this they're gonna matter I'll put her relatives jail and they also got into the details within those the accident it's a little worse and does. It'd bring us down here but look let's go to which is the side. And that I saw me Jack slowly I'm. How. The closet. I got to put the people are you wouldn't want to text not you're sold me a 500 pounds of today Larry and I said. Nobody out and I haven't checked my wife by credit tonight but I don't know if you reciprocate I did nothing to counted no no. Felt like and that I saw me Jacqueline aids speaks from jail about the man she's accused of stalking she thought she'd found love. From my feeling Angel thank payment told me I wouldn't be human. Not a flat hill hold. The healing in a lot of anguish or this week and on our house is pretty adamant you know there's there's a level that I would imagine that. Probably everyone's that guy or mackerel Psycho is she's on the state senator Byron site that I might be another rough is another level. Payment told me I would be healing Angel managed to what everybody else did we just like get married everything defined as a. No no what happened to his aides is alleged to have said demand 65000. Text mess companies are averaging 500 a day after according to police report some of them were quite disturbing news you ready for us. On I don't know I am here and Sarah you are not ready where there's photo Texas. With the zone. Well nothing we get through here and I are just words they're not you're not ready for. According to police reports some of them were quite disturbing things like don't ever try to leave me or I'll kill you. Wanting to. All right okay now I have an idea bracelet oh way to key and that's not ours and that's the only web they'll just wanted to get it if you did some light. That it got into and if so I wanna Wear your body it's. You never got a text like. No I don't cancel or lead lead in this Carl I'll be really. Hello slick would dilution to the basket and it's. And needs Texas chainsaw massacre. I don't act clarks were they even his blood. Aides also went on yeah. I don't. I don't know about a lot rather left business as usual make art yeah yeah drivers that. Now aides also would not address accusations of showing up at his work pretending to be his wife or allegedly breaking into his home and breathing in his bathtub. When asked if she would never hurt him she said this will be nice cheap. Got a whereas body OK but I don't want all of a right that might heard that yes mark govern how you re probably stands here when asked if she would never hurt him she said this. Home. No she wants to Wear his body parts are well that depends on what body lands now yeah Pacific. Jury Rand ABC seven Eyewitness News we have a quick follow all is good this is apparent. Yeah it's very well as those are talking about you know the Millard yes reasonable time for warrants it well I thought they want and expect Dr. Phil went silent this I was pretty tough and. After falling to number 33 he's a wake up every game every night. 336. 330 for verification. I have found them thirty for eight. Right. Oh that's available. We're. Okay. I. It yet big for thirty items fan and I say hey I was Larry Bird and I'd have I was Kareem I'd watch out I would version that we watch out. But it until there is lovers. Of god you know pretty good. I think I it's much here right months and he said another women don't know that my friend who's not exactly so vigorous cross is the only Sox game tonight might startling sense that a lot of lips Jonny Gomes might have been right if I liked. Isn't Thompson who studied meteorologist at Texas Johnny gonna be an item and by the way rich I had nothing to do with that with the Pro Bowl that was airing. That's had my name on the show all right I wanted it will be more on that in Alberta and I'd I. I think you deserve a lot of respect thing you have my utmost respect that that are we not I want to know it is. Wanting to where his body parts. Or bay even his blood I. Don't ever try to leave me or I'll kill you. 5000. Text messages that's the day.