Dale & Keefe - Are Gronk & Brady the only unhappy players in New England? Big Baby arrested and posts video about it; Mut & Keefe want Rossi to get behind a unsolved sports mystery podcast

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Monday, March 19th

Hour 4: Tom E. Curran continued his streak of Brady-Belichick related sound bytes on last Friday’s edition of Boston Sports Tonight. Does Tom Brady take Alex guerrero’s demotion personally? ESPN Patriots reporter Mike Reiss got the scoop on new Patriots DT Danny Shelton’s dogs.


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Yeah to. Fourth and final hour dale aide Keith Smart is in the house tail off for Bruins pregame your Sports Radio WEEI adult or this idiot bonus hour gap of mutton key thing in Boyle in our these guys know you know your heavenly home that is where you are wrong for a lot of them on later yeah until set that is absolutely correct in much of this patriots off season. Has spent about the happiness of Tom Brady the happiness of Rob Gronkowski. The planet players as my charity has referred to him as and as dropper you know contemplating retirement is Brady and sign an extension or rework his contract what's going on with those guys. And Tom Curran who was a frequent. Guests on the NFL Sunday program I use the best guess we had. Not named Michael Fabiano Christian four or Christian Fauria. Or the occasional Mike Florio yes all of those three guys who was once again for your best guess we had I would say that all season long eventful Sunday he'd be in shed. Which is nice guy over eyes of them it was excellent combines the coffee Gergen go Israeli and hours fired up and so this was on a Friday night he was talking about. Rock in Brady and maybe there are those the only two guys that are unhappy. What I've been cautioned about. He is being under the impression that it infects the entire roster. Okay every single person doesn't feel unappreciated all every single player doesn't feel as if he's being coached too hard. It's really germane to two players in particular enables the most important. They act or not the biggest the biggest right. Ensure all trickles down to join cattlemen as well and some of the I wouldn't make up any time guys now and I would make that leap. You know you could you could guess that because but which Julian is is close to Tom as anyone but I still think that the news. An affinity for Belichick cattlemen that exists as well I think this is very much Tom Brady came back in 2000 and eighteen instead of seventy answered you know what was once five syllables and start doing some more things them. The way I want to a forty. And that sea change from Brady even though might have been minor and understandable. Was really breathtaking as fronts patriots were concerned. So I think this ago. Also helps would you look at its older and M and dole and Louis Butler all being gone. That all to be more speaks the money it was very clear those federal cash in it wasn't like all right now it's miserable here. You know at lane Johnson's whole thing about those guys don't have fun there. We'll share some of them don't have fallen a bit to Chris Long was one and done he's like you know I'm done now like how many young lady moved up and wanna go I wanna go move on a but we are talking about that are 53 guys miserable no I don't think so I think it's more Brady in front that's what what Thomas and that. It's those two guys that have in the issues and not doesn't necessarily. Trickle down to Eric Rhodes Eric eleven a miserable time knows that those two guys want things to change not everybody know. You would agree that you're the planet players being the most affected. Has a bigger impact there was two other random guys that the specialist at quarterback and the other hall of Famer on the roster right now and and when would Thomas saying that. It completely makes me think back to get down square deal for all these years Brady and elsewhere Bill Belichick having his rules and strict rules and dealt with that. And then after last year he decided okay and going to be moral point Alex where do the stuff in TB twelve and in that year. That's the year we're Guerrero gets yanked out of the routed the training room altogether and sent back up the TB twelve so. It is no surprise to me that Brady's at the epicenter of that because Guerrero was such a big part of what in his mind what he did last year help the team what do soup and does something have to change for those guys or are they just gonna come back and say hey you know I wish it was a little bit better but. Or come back but yeah I thought a contract were little that were still the best team. That this to be becomes a Bob Kraft issued an we didn't want what was your Friday but we talked about it's a bit on Friday morning. When it's now belly check and lets give planet players involved. The owner's responsibility is to figure out how to like get everybody back on the same page and how to make sure that going forward. We're not gonna have the angst that was with this team this year to the point where Brady goes in that video that you produced back and these are very open and whether I really wants to play for the exit appeared timely reports. I think right now we're appoint warcraft needs to step and and he needs to get bella check. Ravi crawled Alex Guerrero right other coaches that the other Trace that was apparently affected are by Guerrero. And make sure whatever they they have in place is not gonna lead Brady. Having it on exactly go wrong they're upset about the relation to guess they saw the passage. As so you're saying crap you get involved ask current and also added that. Maybe maybe two other guys he gets the other eighty let the other weird the other our current cut. It'd be just not. Please god decide between ninety we're probably pleased to have more than anything is. Just that come to Jesus meeting breed he's a guy who is not go away you know there all the time and say exactly how he feels and have heart of hearts of people. You know he's not. Demonstrative that way and obviously Belichick is an either sold. If Tom wants to feel differently be treated differently he feels that if 41 he's our at a different level of treatment that he probably start speculate that and I don't think that he doesn't I don't I think that if you take the local level of money that he does and you make the contributions you do. If you perform the way you do in his neck you'd never gonna show up in the headlines of a waste water and you're gonna be nothing but an outstanding example. Did this got to be some common ground you do you mean the act could reach. So he's a brain belch again osu guys you know that is now and that's I said Bob crap but I should bite at the Kraft Jonathan Kraft is notable setup as team. It hasn't been this meeting yet I think so I don't think it's right at somebody would know if all those people met together. They get leaked out somewhere that they met there was the talk that they were going to do it that multiple reports write a quicker sham. I think and it fell outsider in rap or there a number of people said. There was going to be a meeting after the season. And that. Didn't include wrong before but it probably should now. Or two separate meekly or Brady with a meeting involved with the meetings a different with rocket think because there's a contract and may cut. Yeah I am at peace there a contract issue would bolt these guys right now because Brady's hasn't signed a deal that is got the new deal. He just saw all the guaranteed money go to. Kirk cousins if he suck he's cute and to a lesser extent. It two years and 36 million dollars Brady's making two years and 49 dollars next couple years we synovus in the case Keenan is gonna make. At the quarterback is in the there's Kroll who is just. Is insanely underpaid at that you are you look at Sammy Watkins on the money these guys got. He needs a new contract he so yes it to write all these guys had to be involved for different reasons. Guerrero and conference and at the biggest ones yet although it does seem like the Graf retirement stuff that's kind of cooled off. When that was pretty pretty hot there right when the Super Bowl ended in the for a couple of weeks. You know Debbie did you we stuff the acting that is really. Relax rockets were we stop reading too much into his tweets right the gears as they are many eyes on it we get it he circled back good outline good ops I still don't believe that he's gonna planners current deal I think it. But when they've reworked when we come up for rare here at some point he's gonna get a new deal and it'll be happy to come back and play. But they hold this adult that needs to sits out for a year I don't mean you retiree is holed out of just that haven't holed out to get new contract AM gullible Americans on. He's not playing for the nine million us all about it is yeah you're probably not but go back to the big guy's been kind of miserable and their way into it obviously have to be aware of because what else can be like for your brazen plan for belts are for eighteen years. He's ever done any of benched Crocs or Irvin eventually it's not a ball situation and what these guys. There have fought at practice or it I got for granted the other parties just that added besides Guerrero. It's he doesn't want the negativity around Belichick more Apollo and again we are current on your talk when is about this but I'd much follows would have been. OK so is that a quarterback and as a wanna hear over and over again from Josh McDaniels and we know what led to and Thomas said this on our show before. What led to McCain as the Brady being yelled go back and forth as it. Beat gain a sort in Brady's head over and over again about missing now throes yet the silent was sick of hearing it like to see at the same feeling about Belichick to OK I get it you're gonna be hard on me. On the best ethnic quarterback of all time I have a shorter fuse now going for idol lesser of limit of one of the tape if that's the case I take politics I've. Peltz and he's a coach guy's heart he's been doing his entire life he's the best success of anybody in the world so if he wants to yell at you for missing a throw. He's gonna yell at you for missing a thorough. But if it's just as simple as taking a let me see Guerrero in this office down here. Let him do that to should be able to president why why that wasn't that hard why is he having a hard line now because he's been around a team for a long time talking about Guerrero. The year he decides to pull off the beat essentially is the year that Brady's most committed because he's not just a trainer anymore. We'd always be god father of 21 of Brady's children at least. He calls one is best friends he is now a significant business partner Daria of Tom Brady going forward so any any slight to Guerrero. Ends up being a swipe at Brady and his business practice going forward and that's why that's why every journal allow them access on the plane on the sideline that he take it away apparently this is it could be inching off season in the sense that today your out of his take more away from home I think just hire him on the staff for God's sakes and oh I know he's. Doesn't he's not credited doctor or anything like that the results are there for Brady use it works. Maybe part it's mental rest a little bit for crime and are probably some Crockett is last year help these durable I try to figure because he got that he's got the elastic and the trick water bottle at the biggest battle maker dance rock is back and he should be able to work with a guy wants to work with. Our continue what your thoughts or come up 61777. Eyes 79370. Aaron Hernandez. And calling it not a documentary. ATV special lucky draw undue drama the dock you drama and on oxygen. There's not great. We will we'll discuss that we come back your Sports Radio that the media. I absolutely believe that Aaron Hernandez. Was wrongfully convicted in the over the Lloyd case. I'd never seen so much evidence of innocence. We're clearly pointed that he did not commit this crime war. Once you give me 11. Piece of evidence that's okay by. He had CT the dock you drama. There's a gun passivity did the didn't. Other Baez just who is the producers of the hockey series. It's it's it should just Ricky spears she's Jose Baez last night. An event before another life. Four hours I'd rather holy mackerel I do some viral some times you're Q spears yeah rather have four hours of key spears who would add to watch that some of the dock you drama over that was. Types out there full disclosure I lie it's the first part refused to our summit just two more hours of this you got to watch a second part I will the lie I well I just did not try to watch basketball and stuff this weekend by I I will watch the second part but you said it was even works the it's it's much more biased much more more much more to buy ads. But it by Diaz asks I was real good Jason chickens had what lies that it was something else you know two things one the fact that it's. An ace. Yes. What Huckabee on its orbit on its it was good no don't don't don't sum up when I just we've that is what you bigamy thing it was biased that was awful you know we all agree nobody likes that whole audience. Think we're really Anthony and I feel like we'll come back yourself and at a boy I think tomorrow. I say something was by as an integral tomorrow it's fine today it's our butts on the attack but tomorrow. Well the call back fresh audience yet and yet there's the two out it's actually the Smart audience that they'll they'll get it. By edge so he was one of the producers on it you could tell they try to make him. Look at this genius you know it you're off you're contradicting yourself at times is a diving tag any real got evidence allegedly. You had sexual favors as payment for the Casey Anthony defense on allegedly allegedly and oh lead on the New York Times we've beaten or aren't about. A lot of people say that a defense lawyer who gets the guilty off that's not the defense where it is the evidence. There's evidence is there then the person can be found guilty. It's a simple and there's nothing the smartest. Slick mist smooth talking a smaller in the world and I can do about. That. I thought I try to big enough. Are you stuck in my wallet there's no murder weapon so how can you possibly convict them like once. I don't know what vote. We're watching the surveillance video we knew everywhere that they went there's like four guys now there's three guys there's him with a gun there's him dismantling a phone there's certain trying to dismantle the surveillance they. We have every there's bullet casings is published is gone these days of video of him buying the bubble guys come liked it it did so but it wasn't anything we did the murder weapon though who would it kill them if it wasn't somebody else it was the one of the guys there that night balls that you are easier but you're still wanna say it's one of those three guys who don't care to Massachusetts you're guilty part of that party right. But how slots in the thing and open to maybe learn something else that maybe that was my fault maybe I shouldn't expect that because. You know we talked about it a lot as it was going on and we were following it much more closely than the you know or random other person might be a different part of the country we were all over this. But it was just. Knock rates and the guys in the morning and Fauria they were all part of it as well Fauria even said that they kind of candidate duplicate it on the change and he's very worried it would put in words that he didn't say in specific statements whether I win ridiculous and I'm not super. I buy that and and I the first the first episode was not his spot Bai Yan is now have to senate race the second episodes. In a white suck Albert did the last thing he sees feel what is that. Whatever producer. Jose buys right there the last thing EC reports starts then it starts in a cowboy and it was just so much aryan is spin words it's not wasn't his fault then. You know what the mistakes the previous defense team made in the fact that. This sort of randomly dropping at the end to to make her medicine like a sympathetic figure is the charted a drop and his sexuality DN now is never reported before this that episode to. And no one any unease teaming up all clued his ex fiance ex wife's part of a team. Several willing to admit this but in the ad and this episode the last half hour they finally out of nowhere admit. Yes sort of matter of factly Aaron Hernandez who's gay people they say they don't talk about the the impact on the murders they don't talk about the date. They mocked the idea that one of the motives could be and it. That Oden Lloyd allegedly knew the secret about Hernandez he'd want to get out. But they just sort of pop it in there and make you. And make people look bad for suggesting that that could have been part of the play here is where it's pretty clear to me they put it in there. One to make him a sympathetic figure but also be to sell the thing like you you can't sell what you angels C flowers cells without having that salacious and with so today. DMZ New York Post New York Daily News. Their only take away from this that was so bad was or our air already as was gay was out and his ex girlfriend suggested that. Yet a hard time dealing with that she wrote letters he wrote letters to her allegedly at which he said the documented dock you drama. And he also alluded to some sort of abuse he suffered as a kid. So that was their big take way that's why included there to make him sympathetic figure and to get some buzz about this the next day that's not a bad it sucked into production value was terrible. They repeat themselves over and over again. It was born there were so allies Hussein to let's go back at the dells that last week and see this of life they say that they've got interviews that you've never heard before they get information you've never heard before. They've got questions that they're gonna answer that frankly I would like to see answered any of that. Why was easy wasn't those interviewed was seagate was up part of the motive I cared about that going in but they realize that I seen. His Florida girlfriend at a not it is not alarmed. She seems like maybe she's had some older girl for college and it's weird he's dating fifty Earl may be issues get a doctorate let's hope that the rats do I would rats do nasty stuff campus that's I was able of the poppy number yet who deftly grads that maybe chiseled little that makes the age now. Below that still doesn't lineup but now it doesn't make a lot of sense. And even the him being gay was not brand new and we've sort of and again maybe that's because we were paying attention to a but that wasn't this breaking news. Know what would've been wrong tutors so so the the alleged inmate is named and in allegedly had a relation with Kyle Kennedy. Creek breaking news an in depth they would have been a sitting down with Kyle caddie Hannity sure pocketing a wide he had a lawyer trying to fight for 50000 dollar watch that Hernandez allegedly wanted gift to him. He was nowhere near this thing because. A pal biased it was and how. It was it was meant to paint this in one direction. And it was all pro Hernandez and all of the other stuff that's that's why it's not the way that dale read that it's not his fault obviously it's the company's fault. They presented at right exactly what we can I don't want answers we wanted to do it wasn't that I was hitting did any of that is just amazing that the drag this thing out this is also. This is like the four hours part of there news that room like true crime now on oxygen to the other group. Should have been tipped off that it was a quote documentary on oxygen. Publishers said you know what this is an unreal that's why is water oxygen view. Well no that's the point. Do you think they do these hard hitting documentary I don't make great outlet you know I think exciting new faces here there'll be some network for true crime to crime is huge right now no decency dignity now old troop doctor I'm John Orlando I urged and so I assumed. They would try to debut was something good if people come back the next on my account on CNN was much more okay in a nice Kennedy Britain sure. And in. Our Kennedy NCAA and I did not watch a second time that I will but. That against CNN dates and some credibility to it the next have oxygen I was there and Jonbenet. Casey Anthony won the annulled. If Hillary can watch couples there but yet there's. Just crime is a huge look at the these serial iPod apple spots on the charts unsolved crimes cold case people care about that people do maybe I should do switch the hash tag or podcasts that are solved crimes I suggest it would get our largest net Nivins solving them just telling the stories. And I don't I feel like if you saw Hollywood crime but I feel like if I could get somebody out of prison who has been falsely imprisoned. Out of the pretty go out. Prior art market that I'm getting now I guess I think you just telling the story of it what you are now do better then. What was the worst I mean anybody anybody can read the Wikipedia page of a current gold repute do you go lecture report on this Harley my house talked to sources get that a common studio do interviews would you wanna do that a new inaugural solve crimes. I'm busy beat right now gotta tell you the date but note I'm amused busy that they're busy I'm busy I'm. What is it as we go solve crimes I'm sorry that is the way to do I adorable few years after making a murder in cereal but. It's still hot how much that you and Jason are doing mostly c.'s right. Together eating slop that over I say neutral I'm bosses offices ot we're gonna be big company wants to branch out into account as the biggest radio company now in the world yes or Golan. OK I just I just answered processor down we get annoyed do you recommend Rossi is immoral and so it's dangerous war crimes like this that the IWEER. Yes Ricky route you'll be first recruit OJ Simpson Aaron Hernandez hello I'll do all three. We're still in the mostly c.'s podcast into something that's a lot more hits and you know crime fighter. Yet or is where you're you're not real big on cold cases I pastors are more listen to your your work side yeah well that's a shot but I'm about naked than I did what we do is we just go out there's a lot of unsolved mysteries out there. There's a great television and tell the stories of let my. Or so before I wanna get people out of prison or falsely imprisoned. We need. And one billion we'd look at your face because it's weird that that late and it sounds like Eddie that that's what gets the most hits aren't I work we did meet Villa for hours. He's eight mil. Bills and Arturo Freeman built up so now our. Our signal out rule is this an important just from Boston is sports related we'll probably start local star folic you can do year old there's still and so error rather like the the first it's. Aaron Hernandez and and it's a pickle through an apt that would be at a Boston. Crop and Boston sports related stories you wanna tell people to commit crimes in Boston sports it's good and this is an eagle national with the thing. Yes and it's like you said rake a roof. We could still call it mostly sees this we'll mix in much publicized blog capitals got off with what top five. Yeah you know 1993 processing and marketing and what did bench minutes of by the way this guy should be imprisoned his life since our guys are not in its someone's going Stossel what I gonna do on sports crime podcast. We look back at athletes in their they will like it solve any mysteries Rick what we're gonna do is tell him. Tell the story dignity you didn't know about certain athletes and their their track like I hiring all the crime and these matters can couldn't solve what was on fire this film today Russell is literally right under our noses with. Odyssey Africanist. Let's look at who are the fire this fire guy. From the office. All right well let's let's go to a ten in the car he'll help us out here when he got Ted. As I don't I don't. I got a ministry guys may result to the Reggie Lewis a situation. Yes riding real story prior but he got involved yes yes mostly see is a big test is it realistic you guys can mop is not mocking someone's gonna wanna get hands. Wells that are. Calling in. You talk about Brady Belichick brought earlier and I. I don't think I'll object ever wanted to get rid of Brady seen. With what's going on like Netscape and older and going right now it's time back. No because he knows. Him by saying the war or Ayers and ballot check it at somebody for a future. That's why you want to change and part two would be you know it doesn't mind Alex Guerrero would just eat but aren't. I was at all stat and got 22 guys going don't know. The number is. Create controversy when they're working right it stuck the wrong work with Guerrero right that's mostly what's going on. Thanks that for the phone call I would say out of my way to work that goes up to 45 guys that 11 half the team is a definite males go with half empty as solid but if Brady and rock days should be treated differently but I hero I got his overall point about a yuppies. Real team doctors real trainers. That there were hired by the team they need to work with the guys but if Brady at this point wants the deep you know train with a Guerrero and a wrong wants to. I think he's gonna have to let him do that then the point where Brady. I mean last year he's talent Peter king and anybody else who will listen he wants to play five more years and the way that he just played. It was hard to think I mean obviously you knew old ones. But there wasn't any sign of slowing down play games so he doesn't do a better now than he was 1015 years I know. So it would have been hard to just you know deal Mawae I think when when grapples originally drafted. The thought I was cultivated Tom Brady I couldn't advancing the spell check out the quote about his age in Contra we all know the rights to. As they like OK so he was just probably assuming Brady is a couple more good years left. Turns out he had four and hopefully you know still count on from there but he about the commerce time. And now were starting to wonder if five years looks more like Warner and while some think. And you you. Pooh poohed the thought that the what is it about the negativity. Bothered Brady but when you read and I only read the first agreement good conduct at the roll forwards that bad but the four agreements book talks about. You know positive energy yes they have TB twelve when your when your listener Brady talk about how positive always say suck it up if he's if he's built this this this. Positive energy. Force field around him now that obviously the way Belichick treats players we know how that is famously. Is going to be an issue for him going at some level going to be an issue. Whether he's complaining about the teammates or trading staff or just to sell when he gets home I Gisele saying he wants to have fun and be appreciated. Sums up how he feels about. This right now 61777. 793 said it's more your phone calls a sort of if you introducing a conference call today with one of the new members of the patriots. Plus sub Glen Davis. In the news as well action make you have that coming up is dale Anke muck in the house Sports Radio WB yeah. But I'll drive cosponsored by air arrest restoration specialists a few minutes of facility and did not receive the frozen weather service Unita for pipes or floods becoming a RS restoration specials priority service time today learn more. An error at serve dot com. One of the newest members of the New England Patriots detainee Shelton was brought in via trade from the Cleveland Browns had the introductory. Conference call today would be patriots media members and Mike Reese who's a weekly guest on Owen he think. He may have had a story in mind here when you're talking additional. Watching a feature from the 2015. Drafts. And a little bit of I think motives you'd see at that rate right. The how. How are they doing and how they feel about that relocated to doing it. Were and then one of the things that I felt I was watching I was just have those. Two job sort of played an important role for you read challenging time in your life but what would they got a preview. In that area. Well. Actually. Most of the forum. More we is that the issue who won that. War come over and you know they do in your car lover. How how we spelman voted that and low and I. Yeah. And and you have any others besides mortgages if you Mozilo and do you. Board so for fort total. There gate ticket four man line they're hurting. Born. And he is getting all the information. About you're holdover dog is Joey I love dogs and you do it's a great story but it just put it out of the gates talked about a guy who wondered. How's he gonna thin defensively was it big coming into England. No it's. How do you spell Maloney again it was a doozy of any other dogs so the conference call continues to attend fifteen minutes. My priest at the jump back yet. Effective at last question in my mind. He did it just to maybe finish where we started out I was curious son what actually led you. Q after they get that job initially. You know at that point in your life that you could maybe that explains. You know where you where at that time and sort out what my you'd. Right back on now the article is out and it is it say it actually is a great story in you know meter pro dog the dogs the furry Shelton's. Haven't insert Graham account. There's a great pitcher that Reese posted on the Asia for dogs on any show his wedding day. And the dogs are all handsome or beautiful depending on I guess if you look at people who want to what Hansen dogs couple beautiful dogs the a couple of boy dogs that we'll girl lot of cases it can only juicy moto and juju. Are all there. But there emotional support dogs that's what dogs and cats Rossi an assistant another reason I'm the only reason or another reason. Public Glen Davis or Glen Davis not gonna say this is gonna seem like go. Beard segment when he gets cut before they've played. Danny de Shelton is gonna get all the Nolan Ryan always tells you you're starting the town of sheer allegation electing so. We've obligation old who's been out of Washington all I want the pictures drafting a couple of years ago what you need to play down last year could break out. What was their record they were on sixteen got you okay so what. So they're Altera Altera reported teams are probably don't sixteens I feel like you're pretending that you know he's in good ally as he was OK you like like I thought you guys like Chad Jackson Knight obviously now won now. You can get along as they already as a boy on another reference I'd. If I have been wrong also FedEx I was out of the carrier tiger or I'm out there is that Magellan and all the same showed just can't sit on television tonight if you get more of those takes the action packed hour now maybe that it's horrible Glen Davis because this this so this news came on over the weekend but this happened back in February but Glen Davis. Oh the issue. We got got busted for leaving it maybe distribution of weed but he also he posted a video to insert Graham volumes on where these little planes. And obviously that's life. They're very. And and I know how Monday morning. How did you Baghdad now. And I just hope all of them I didn't mind today. You remind a lot of jump shots on a lot of jobs. My project and. It was a private planes and little details. It is like the size of the shoe box with pat it's still a private plane nags yes all you ought to deal with our off. No no waiting in line who cares to can be flying and it. We think is this seat or sitting at right now I'm glad it's better than getting on a commercial that you sit there eating pot pies chicken and many as a briefcase full Monty because he was found with I think 92000. Dollars worth the cash and how many grams of marijuana we know it was like a hundreds and hundreds of 46 but it was little network neutral but it was a war on the court probably is the guy is that recreational that assuming he's now set with a cell quarter pounder we have problems do you -- different communities she could. Could you why did the cash for the united 2000 to play BCA cast so he may want all in his career he made over 34 billion dollars. Glad Ayers I don't he's got a job. A lot of jump shots which you don't doesn't make sense that's what. 1015 donor hours for work yeah stimulus he just sold even more what was really really good stuff as a matter 92000. You can't clear now so much of you remember this we're working up to New Hampshire we had Glen Davis on the show. And that's the somebody asked it was the worst interview you ever done. It was our fault Glen Davis was the worst was that any of all answered questions like this. Ten seconds tops our resident get a 52 really look at that what they keep it. Either he was high or he wasn't high and he wishes he was I don't know what that was the final lie or Italy autograph. So I guess it's a we have yes Jeremy was and he was. There he cannot have that kind of energy when we spoke to a like ten years ago he what else is so bad that. Were organized way station or Hubble it would only are we had no need. Original audience wants and AM station New Hampshire he hit it you know there are only talking about it just have a little respect for yourself classic. How do you delete this post already Jerry I think can make out. The president authorized a friend or you you believe this I think so that is the right thing to do for a big big big baby Davis who averaged eight points four point four rebounds first career. And thirty million bucks I do I like when Glen Davis rips on Austin rivers though that was that was a good time. User that was the war is yeah picked on quite a bit last year did you author as -- he deserves most of that's the story on dog Glen big baby Davis right we will in fact have a thing or will see how how that goes and they love an update we can we can bring him back he was always going to write a eventually go to what I legislator myself why had that much of marijuana with the money from selling larger commodities are forged in the cash and then in the lead but who cares what we anymore. But what all the cash it should be legal fees of five something or somebody just bought it on from him. So that's that who filed Dodd cosponsored by cars for kids donate your card of the child today schedule afraid pick up at 877 cars for kids. Or cars for kids dot com. Don't go anywhere there's another action packed hour of Martin and keep things really change. Except as you have to go over to seek to do the army cleared automatically that yeah right. I stay in this heat and double dog flier anymore go for fifth hour of found our excellent mood now for the sixth now is the reports out of Connecticut. And UConn is gonna hire you arise the in her. It's an expense basketball coach Wyatt no one cares but I mean very very good wanna do an oxygen network document doctor drama and why some hosts from the great seat in some cheese and Mudd says about sight lines. I just. What drove does to throw it wants to come here for so for me Andy. No all they are notably there's nobody cares Jason will work on that a new podcast. Bush took almost disease that should be look at the cover it's. Gas price and atlas. Thanks to a Indian Jason they get to go home I'll stay here were much further sincere and Lucy is in the house go dollars portrait WB yeah. Well yeah I didn't learn today.