Dale & Keefe - Are the Red Sox "bad for baseball"? Will Pedroia ever make a return to the big leagues?

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 1: Keefe and Tomase discuss how old Bartolo Colon is, if the Red Sox are great or if the rest of the league is just bad, and whether or not Dustin Pedroia’s career is effectively over. Also in this hour, Tomase thinks the Sox will target a reliever, the guys talk about concerns with Mookie Betts potentially leaving in free agency, and Red Sox manager Alex Cora joins the show for his weekly interview.

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Ultimate villain he portrait WEEI dale did vacation continues Johnson mossy is in John Howard you know I'm doing great we have the World Cup on we have Red Sox manager coming in California on worldly shows it the perfect day since mid seventies out there signing a beautiful day. For a ball game in the Red Sox have won eight in a row. They can on the Texas Rangers again tonight trying to us we amount for sale on the mound. It's 45. Year old parts hole Cologne. Why I liked it's that's how I look at it as well. But I did people get Tom hardy a lot of credit please 45 they'll get it done and he was hitting just that year to people that part well go out. And he's 45 like in quotes. He could be fifty pregnant. Outside chance that fifty year old guys that pitted a load you've been crazy thing is he was in. And they'll be after 9/11 when they crackdown on everybody's passports and that's assuming it's not a bunch of players ages changed unless there is did not not actually like dates back of that deficit that may have 73 there's not too many guys left in pro sports are mine qualities on and yet you look at some of the best players on the Red Sox right now there'll when he years younger than Parcells and his three or four years older than the manager for. Right. Which would say in and out score will join us at 230 a lot has been made of he Red Sox and now they're on pace for well over a hundred wins now with the Red Sox are. But is it then being great or is that the league being bad that I guess the other question after that is doesn't really matter because if they're gonna be a playoff team but still got to come down to. Them in the Astros that in the Yankees whether they have 95 wins are hotter and spot wins like do you think it's overblown. All the talk right now about how Major League Baseball states. No I don't think it's your group I think yeah I think it's a major problem and I mean it's weird because the National League it doesn't really apply and nationally look at you know west like every team separated by about three games yet worlds are there there's no great team nationally yet. So there's no team running away with it like Anna and the best evidence brewers the brewers incidents. Of the sexes the Phillies abilities so I don't know where this is an AL only thing right now. But the days tended to separate tracks one is the competitive imbalance in the Al is just off the charts he basically got. Three teams are gonna win like a 110 games apiece that's not yet and then you're gonna have potentially a hundred went wild card team on the line it's happened. But then the other part of the a hog wild card. ISI side and it also aspect I went specializing in Seattle and I don't think Seattle is gonna keep up the pace probably not Oakland is actually closed the gap on them but. In terms of the top four teams here in the day now via their head and shoulders of other above everybody else I'll put Cleveland in that category and other winning at bat. I've only McConnell Atlanta. Not yet that's old brick but last night we get back with the thicket. But yeah and so Carl Willis or outlets are the pitching coach with the Indians. And you know opera Carmen at the nickname for service he or weak your tax problems that yet so he asked for. What is it OP want opium one arise to get warmed up but Willis bodies that OT which Botero. So we get Botero warming up in the bullpen. And that Francona to sit there not donating about it goes out to make the pitching change that lead over the reds there up late or it makes it puts forth three. Trevor Bauer was great but Cody Allen with bullets and yet to go out to the mound. He goes to turn around waiting to see reds job again but it's owed to narrow it he's like I wanna Taro the president of war yeah. So terrible about their laws that it was the right that this lead and end up losing the game. Amicably on stupid nicknames connected bite ya ya Wilson like you sure that. It ought tightly Altera it's like four out of five days you know if they get the opera but he's got good numbers against auto the it's appropriate there that we want it even admitted in the post game like I want it for us is that we like Oliver pitchers but the matchup with better for rent the proponents of that but anyway yeah the Indians are probably. For me that the leader of a second here I don't I don't yet I would still. I'm scared of them in shorts. Aren't bad but yes that you so you have the one hand you have this competitive wildly and on balance you know competitive situation. On the other hand you have all the issues that Johnson wrote about the other day that talking about refuted. That amount yeah I mean I think a lot of people do get the idea that you know baseball needs to fix itself in does not seem inclined to do so at least management does but the players don't and that is it problems of those two issues argued for baseball I think when he look at the Red Sox look at what those season win total could be. And that there are they want the great Red Sox teams of all time it's what happens in the playoffs will determine whether they are looked that way down on the road. But the other win more games than the oath reveal fourteen but it cannot edit it is more apt to do with the league and to their credit. They don't he'll split the series with the Orioles like that like the Yankees are probably gonna do tonight there today. They royals they smoke the royals they're based in the Rangers the sweeping the Rangers. What's on the wanted got to give credit for beating teams that are that are beneath them but the same time you do have to admit. There's several teams that are on the flip side that are on pace for well over a hundred losses in the American gas. Yeah I mean I can't even compare them to 0304 because that was in the heart of this and a and so little bad guys who could remain dominant forces into their late thirties you see in less than last the last of that so. If you put those Red Sox by today's rules they probably wouldn't be used and certainly the Yankees wouldn't have been as good. This team went all the young talent that it has all coming together at the same time. That's borderline on precedent rats sister and we had Lynn and rice and we've had good young teams but. You know move keep bats and Mickey bats and moved out forget look at that affect everybody else you know but then intend he had been devers guy on the rise unless he gets traded away from its shadow which case you'll note that I management thinks that this team has two year window and that is its right. I don't foresee that happening now but. You know in terms of is this a great Red Sox team I think is a pretty damn good rats -- out in any air are today a 110 wins probably not but adding 95 like the you know both real 1498. Yeah. That's the idea though it's a right of every three and a half game lead in the division and we know how important it division is and you also get the sense that the Yankees will be able to make conditions whether it's miyazato. Or somebody else or you know multiple people at the deadline. Red Sox. You just can't feel as confident they're gonna do stuff because the ball well they have in the minor league system. And whether that money wise not they say they'll go over that luxury tax threshold I don't think it I don't want to they got I don't want the they can't say that it had no way and I meant it just takes about everything they've already made one mean Steve Pearce has been a good president and so far and that is an even hindsight when that deal was made he says you know what that is a guy. Who is hit the left handers his entire career. That is a good solid late and they Ramirez tied the guys get hit lefties who could play first base and doesn't know any drugs that night at stroke and yet he's he's you know not gonna put up media as much of a stink if he doesn't play every single day. But there another move down the road but the Red Sox to make we get it that coming up to opposite Dustin Pedroia we get the news yesterday about. You know he's not gonna go rehab in Arizona so he had been with the team he's been trying to get back in. You know there's no real timetable on his return but does not sound like a guy you can count on coming back now and I mean I wrote. About this a couple of weeks ago and I stand by it. Ever all the turns and his career has taken over the last year to. To meet point towards that he's done I mean I I hate to say that. And you know maybe I'll be wrong but. You consider the severity of the injury. Uniqueness of the surgery. And you just say let's be objective about this he's gonna be what 34. Therefore Arafat in an August so there are maybe 35 might be thirty so he's he's nearing a point where you say all right we've got to look at options for second base not just obviously this year but beyond. And I think going into this year ago they knew it was going to be great for the start of the season and clearly came back too soon by the by the by. One app we saw that first it but they are somewhat prepared that brought Eduardo Nunez back what they starter in the at the Major League level. Again do you think about the thirteenth and look at the course of the pace I think knew that probably starting second baseman. In the majors off on World Series thing maybe not you know you'd rather have Pedroia. Put Roy from 2016. And I think that's why. Let's not bodies probably talent but the reason you couldn't immediately write them off with because the three team and played a 15014. Just a year ago yet that was before this injury this scene on all I think it was yet on this injury and then absolute setback for him in this could be. A career Enders the guys at three years left on his on his deal. But before that I was thinking he was of a contract with kind of insane for how many years they gave them. It is number for contradicting each year get pre injury but they are generally. Get your money back on this guy and the injury is obviously thrown everything off I think is like forty million left on his deal something that aliens are here in here and every any earlier yeah yeah that's career I mean this is not you know he's got eighty million dollars left he's got a hundred million hotter is that a thing and let's not let out let's just outlets picked a number out of I had been there that that he doesn't have that left you know. He's earned money. One of the next thing that there need to Google or have a pretty good very good team make it great team and a lot of young players put in place some bigger contracts. Is the year to. But second base is that you know even without even paying Pedroia for the next three years. That's the position that they don't. Again and again going this year. And holes it's probably not right that if threw for a year you know the long term now a new union. Is more valuable as a Jack of all trades and so let's hope so you know you don't really want either of those guys starting they. You can piece it together you're offense has been really did all year you know the one little tiny blip like in late June but that's been it. If Jackie Bradley hits at all. If the catchers hit it off its second base hits it off just one out of those three guys at anyone time you suddenly have a lineup that seventy in your fine ball. Likes why art fans out there you know be a night good news these behind the plate he's getting hits. USC. Actually it's for him obviously there is that your expertise how likely is it. That he takes this opportunity and he'll make some really difficult decisions for the Red Sox down a road or at the release its trade value up. Yes because before it was. Portland useful they weren't they weren't playing them then Eric you get a few pets here and there was sitting under 200 for the longest time now at exactly who wandered. After last night's performance. They'll like our guys that's position and you're on the inner John we are talking now scorer. And we said what it likes our best position. He said catcher. And that Congo are you gonna tribe out there he's at now. That's a tough spot the idiot idiot here you can play your best position and it's not like the two catchers on this team hit the cover off the ball. He couldn't get that chance though baskets out six to eight weeks Swire a that you're still gonna feel Lothian known but Leinart last night. What do you expect from him yeah I mean I still look at it like you are trying to do what you can to make yourself viable to another team bigotry the Red Sox need relief help. And I think they could use a right handed starter we get to that later but. You need something to trade your farm system is baron Blake's life heart switch hitting athletic catcher if he shows that he can handle that that he can beat that. Maybe not full time guy but be useful back they're viable back there. You'd there's some value there's got to be a team out there that would value so this is a big. Two or three week stretch for him yeah to maybe put himself on the radar Samaria and obviously with a trade deadline coming up at the end of the month view. Realistically. It would be like a Steve Pearce of pictures yet right like that's what can actually bring it but that's worked for you before Addison reed Brad Brad Ziegler like these where top line. Did Ohio big money guys and they both made decent impact Al arbour back. Tyler Thornburg is back the other bills. And we can escort this may be he's comfortable I'm in Barnes has been really good the last couple weeks that I know that he tends to go up and somebody's got like sixteen strikeouts in his last nine innings he looks legit. Navy corps it's comfortable with the web app with what they had inaudible David Price. O.'s. Tomorrow Ratigan is next our Friday it would reverse next start is Chris Douglas tonight and then normalcy David Price who back to back. Rough outings for him. You you would think. After the Yankees star I thought our right now it's the royals there should be it's a bad lineup not much pressure on them he should be fine Andy Wallace's. Now is wait around that few days after his start like are we gonna get some sort of DL stint but it's negative picture it's count on excuse bullet hitting three batters and donating yet you say it's some might be populated that it is double or. But that's not the case he even admitted the post game but I'm kind of I'm searching for a little bit right now. So he's one of the guys as we approach JaVale one more serious than the all star break. As always you all eyes are going to be on David Price the second half but he is he has had to really. About trees yet and he does go tomorrow so you'll see artists will be. You know the return in front of offend my fans will see what kind of reception he gets he has come down sort of the passive aggressive and India always put him where he's pitching poorly doesn't know exactly the pitch well let anything get right back that was for yeah Diego when he pitches well I think he feels a little more emboldened and maybe be like that are being sarcastic or funny your whole area funny in barracks effort. So this this'll be a big one for him and you could see that yankees start leave and markets certainly looked that way against Kansas City. The only thing you add to that the guy's been in the big leagues that's in the playoffs eleven years ago when he won in doubts though if there's somebody. It's hard to imagine he's just suddenly going to be so mentally just combine regulated that it's just gone like I can really find that hard to believe but he does have to get through this. When he says he searching. Like your two starts removed. From one of the best stretches of your Red Sox career. And now we're all searching again that right now he's looking for a man. Every time we passed out or about David Price this year when he's been pitching well one of the first things he says if he's healthy. I was last year that the real whole season in the it's out of the bullpen it's so he always talks about how we help these LP. And that's why it's hard. To see him pitch that Orly and then not have the injury excuse the most pitchers that are at that level if they pitched that bad it consecutive starts. You'd think some opens up you know expecting seven shutout innings every single time. But I certainly against the royals you ringgit six innings two runs or something along those lines. But but he just couldn't do so he's going to be guys that one's gonna keep on you mentioned using a starter and I don't think a lot of people upset that. As something that this team might wanna look to. Right handed starter because in the end the Yankees yankees masters and etc. they all hit left handers well. And if you are the Red Sox you can no longer be looking at this like. How to we get to the post seasons and no you have to start preparing for who you gonna Orlando because the other. Eleven our ratings are an American League they don't matter those are the only teams that matter it's really the masters in the Yankees yet and if your trotting. Okay Chris L you're hoping that he's helping these procedures for sale of right now yet. Your gold and he has never been neck and late in seasons careers of this'll be a first and you can. The nest and that but let's grant that one. David Price and you ride I don't know about. Palmer it's if he's even back so you how it works well hapless fellow who has been hit hard in the post season. He had but at least he's right handed and maybe Steven Wright is the key to this now come back I pitched well I don't he had been at about Denny's are you surprised at the same exact injuries and surgery though process are you counting on him so I just look at in there you're gonna be rolling those left handers out against teams that these we saw the Yankees they did not touch sale of the sale but some of those lefties you have to pitch. You have to pitch sale price yes you have to pitch I don't know that your price depending on. You know and like you that I don't it's not our exit date to what they. They usually trot out for starters in the playoffs I always want the argument for three with that short rest for its got back not agree especially for your for your eighth but. More often and much more often than not they go with the four starters. And that's why I feel like I don't know if you can find four guys. To skip price yet. I think that's got to ask the question that's the question but if you don't add anyone and you have no options not yet you have no options but it's so if it came down to adjust the reliever or just the starter. I would take the starter it's more valuable gas and especially because you know Palmer insists it's in relief before so maybe he goes to the bullpen whenever he gets back right price was great in relief. All are they on sell us tell that no end of the season it could be a pretty good weapon for you but if he hit edit it all goes back to the price tag at a some think that it shouldn't but it just does what if these are like you say what if policy number what if there's some kind of injury needs time lady comes back and it's the same thing worries like ramping map back up again maybe you can zealot that that's how you could sell it both to. Him and maybe most importantly to him and everybody else but if he's healthy thinking makes thirty plus starts that he gets the playoffs that you ought. You're really valuable in the sixth inning how he handled that yeah people don't let it realistically we're talking you ride slash armory it's one of those guys yeah not starting him probably not pom rants ray yeah I think we can safely write him off now but I'm just think you know that she couldn't get shelled the pocket I don't I don't feel great about Pomeroy but. And Rodriguez had kind of sucked in that this guy. Maybe you can count on them and yet that's thirtieth the Yankees a couple weeks ago I followed that up real good start of the nationals. But. Again you never know what you're gonna get night I've innings Ivan if there Ivan two thirds nibbling and a lot of run support this year which obviously helped to mount a great deal by. Yeah I think of the rotation. And what they decided they were still months away from a but to date you know potentially add another arm. In that mix and I still think. Outside of Kimberly and Barnes Barnes has been pretty good. But you're kind your. Roll the dice when everyone of those guys out there until Kelly had a great stretch beginning of years and then he's been a bit of a masculine every houses moments where it looks pretty good. Another time I trust this guy. But that's sort of every team in baseball. But who says our starter goes six that we we know exactly how we're gonna go to work closer with most teams don't. But I think that. I could pick one thing I think it would still be able he had and I think that's probably the direction and ago you know because there are the most plentiful and easiest to require. It doesn't have to be a top flight name you know you might hit gold on somebody like a lesser pick which we've seen them do in the past though. I agree that that's probably the way they're gonna go but if I were them I'd be looking at these other teams you know we mind your right. And then you know it all goes back to the guys in their lineup right now can make up for so many things that's Angie Martinez. Aren't getting enough for a they really are pretty Martinez is. Close to be Major League Triple Crown. He has a move that's what else to base locked away. From having the Triple Crown for the majors and the kind of first acts as you're saying it's not it's absolutely insane. You know he's on pace for like 49 thing here is honored for Europe and thirty something RBI. He has been fantastic and it allows you to. Make up person outfielder. Or catcher hit port on the second baseman definitely all of that your ad on this and that. A lot of production from. But we have those guys were combined for fifty home runs and and you throw when someone like that it Andy. They make up for some stuff yet now I don't have any concerns about their offense because. Like we're saying earlier the bottom party the order it's not like you need author him. You really if you have one out of those three hitting with any consistency. You're all set and and their lineup is good enough and end the one thing is compare them to the last two years they get in the post season. They're getting out homered they're getting outs like they can it figures that they fall behind and you're just like wallets overrated non. You know they can't come back they can compete with the kind of power. Natalie. That's your ability to mosques in for Dale's time now to talk with Red Sox manager Alex Cora Alex brought to buy our dollar insurance. You're doing an auto dealers and Cumberland farms the officials coffee. Of the Red Sox radio network Al scenario. We're good we're good now last night when Hector Velasquez get in the start probably notes rubio a lot of relievers to get through decade how does how does that change the approach Conant. Now we were prepared we we felt that. We we had point seven house I don't know what. We we had an idea would be X and their lefties. He was going to be part of the game and then all the offense where we were in the game later on we use our guys over. Use some guys we had the lead and then we get when it's announced and now we move on. I had bigger picture question for you for the Red Sox bad for baseball. Conceded defeat on game. And rate the other great for Boston based. We're. People are watching him. We all oh on treatment on the Caribbean Watson writes. There is it's a team that. Often facility. Is a team that. If you watch in the game news we'll see you counties home monkeys in the same town of stuff. On the bases we still bases completing the things. Agree yeah else is this do you worry at the bigger picture that. You guys the cast as the Yankees yours so much better than everybody else in America. Competitive in counts and maybe people watches me. Walk and we've seen in. Teams going about them bigger and bigger deficits. 95 mariners there were what thirteen is back in in August 1 and and they came back and won so. Minnesota last year there was struggle and amendments that have also on the became one of the best offensive teams in the big leagues and and they medical plan also. Unless it's a two games it's it's not that easy. If we gonna compared to a spot the sports. Well I'd follow sports and I had a pretty good idea who was gonna play in the NBA finals. Yeah it has hasn't warriors have. A little bit of that. The big Amy's. The game is people are watching the election year which is very important for us wherever and blasted. Now you're are talking poppy. Home run derby yesterday a little bit how you city yet your slate you don't talk with a with the other guys like bats and you know Martinez doubled the Yankees slugger they are not taking part in it. Do you think there should be and look even talk about adding. If skills competition or something along those what do you think that would help the other days as if nothing else going on sports. During baseball's all star break you guys to really bring its more than they used to like different concerts by can like really raised over on to. Primate and maybe they things out I think hobby you know without in the contest now. That's going to be fun because. It really doesn't matter with them about it no strikes two strikes come on there is gonna sweethearts. That's good it's going to be there. Hello Susan. Harper are Thursday is their home we saw one of those swings. Yeah yeah and it those impresses the next month season right. Well. He should be yet eons saw him opposite field home run yesterday so unreal and the odds of it. Fund guys they hit home. What do you tell us about Pedroia you know the decision to go to Arizona was that him was that you guys to how does that happen the holder though it was sundown we talk about it. Pete is a guy that he he loves to be here and he's so invested on the team and and sometimes I feel like. It's not that he forgets about its but. He needs time for him when Dustin Pedroia and when you in the club house. He's the first one that says just take care of Celtic enterprise and and will find time for myself and I don't think forehand miss them is the best thing that happens now. Send him out there you know from. Probably he'll be in the clinic from 85 you do everything possible to. To be back as soon as possible but away from all the noise away from the guys. I think it's a lot better and I do feel that he's gonna come back in his helpless about it and to contribute to what we're trying to sue we are talking about us before hand you know nobody doubts the jurors will nobody doubts how badly wants to be here but. The injuries pile up and he but people like us wonder is could this be it for him won't how do you respond when you hear things like that I think it I think hopefully he'll play and like I said yesterday this is more than this season you know. Before XY reason he doesn't come back this year we know he'll be back next year's if we did we just want the wanna put pressure on himself others. There's years in the contract then now we feel that you can perform we saw him firsthand when he came back. The first game mats that can he was that in basic right field when he took the public is going to be you know just. Remembering what I saw last year. And he was line you say obvious it's worth it's you'll be. Please speaking of base running now there are about the halfway point of the season we talk about base running at the beginning of the year you said it was certainly an issue how do you feel right now I think that's that's about it. 85% that's the basis and is still basically craziness stolen bases certainly battling. We were making embedded with some doubts like yesterday Jack you got there but it was going to be a close play at the plate will take down one. There's a few stations that were like before that coming from they've been better they've been better. And then Tom Goodwin and and run right he had done an outstanding job the last. Last month talking to them about decisions. As far as stolen base is an organization. Has been really really Gibson's I remember I think you know seven and Louie at least that was first base coach. The pursuits percent what's eighty some percent and nice have been intently when he goes who saved. Moved here I think between Milwaukee. Jackie in. And many Daytona dating three times this. That's that's. As a weapon because we hit homers we slut and missing time when we're were struggling we can put pressure on yourself. Still you know still ninety feet and then with a basic with sports so we're very pleased with the way we've been running the bases. Now trade deadline is coming up we're gonna ask you about this every week until the 31 pass as they think it and you can punt on this. The site there have been reports that maybe you guys consider a close or somebody else is close to the reliever I know you can't comment on that however. You were here and Gagne was acquired. I'm curious what you remember about that because there were challenges you know it is. Taking a long time all star closer and saying you're going to be a setup man wasn't as easy as maybe we thought on paper. The I was in the middle of it because play whether it came in LA and he'll talk to merely that a library and we went through all process then when we betrayed like oh this overs you know we've got Okie and we we Eric. And also I'm Eric struggle you know and we face Harry here actually in double header he was amazing and that's. That's a tough part about. The treating them and people. Think that because you traded for ex guy and he he's been having great seasons also and he's going to be using. Whenever he goes and sometimes it doesn't work that way and I year. When we got guys yet still remember like this is over and you with. Yeah I think it and let it. We're doing without three wanted to attempted yeah or talk a Red Sox manager Alex Cora speak in the bullpen Tyler Thornburg is back what you see from him and Anheuser feelings. He's still okay Isabel today again velocity is is yours you can see the life of the game. You know some some pitches up in the zone and he was very impressive today. Just a matter of getting him out there as a kid we we've got some guys are stepping. You know you amber has been amazing last month and a half. Great against left and the hitters RC outstanding against both. Joseph he struggled a bit last month but now he's getting back to the Macy's he's gentler and more so we're comparable. But I do feel that little by little he's gonna step up and he's gonna keep it a matter we can put him. Highly with situations and season. Now looking at tonight's game you played against the starting pitcher you've played with the started it's tough to get any favorite Bartolo stories. Tomatoes and we went to Arlington. The Bartolo is here no it was way. And he was pitching well one day I go upstairs and the children's learning game and Bartoli in the Trenton course they're masters ours they're masked. We two TDs he's watching a soap opera. That's madness of the current right answer and and the game in the left. That's how you do. So he's amazing it's amazing that he's doing what he's doing now I know he's one win away from becoming when you speak to him. Latino pitcher I think. Yeah yeah yeah so hopefully we we can take care Louis today you know we've doesn't get that way men. When you look. It's been amazing ways on specialist on a lot of fastballs. In an area that every embody those 97 opens on these monies that wins him. Blake's fire at the start behind the plate yesterday pretty good opportunity it and it's part of him now with baskets out for so long how much per week do you think you'll be behind the plate probably 21223. You know we were right there and he did an ascending to Brady mode when Barnes late in the game he blah. He calling the game. Swung the bat well he's been an about a lot better than the last few weeks but we've been saying the whole time you know we combo with the guys. As a matter that it's hard to play three catchers of the big league levels is his time 22 shy and we expecting to do a good job lesson for me is a layup. Trade deadline you happy with the team you have yours there's something you would like to see how comfortable would you be if it's just these guys currently have very very powerful I think you know from top to bottom obviously. There's certain guys. Doing a better job now offensively today Bradley. He's an outstanding job of speed pitchers that we feel that they can make adjustments. And they going to be a lot better and have it what dish on the first and we're very comfortable. David Price after his last starts that he searching a little bit right now what. You know if you pay attention of the game is that it's an up in the zone which is very important number allows it was there. He meets fire aim against a few guys we saw that in the in the fifth inning or sixth inning when it was what. He was pitching up to him back to wind up early in the game that he went to stretch so. Little by little he understands the estimate investment and if he does this stuff is there just a matter of users he does things. Time now for the Cumberland farms question of the week for outscored us questions that are by and they how Warrick Rhode Island. What preparing first series nor the temperatures will be in the high nineties on consecutive days. What do you do to make sure your staff and players are prepared to with a facility is we we stay up. Less ground balls no BP. We went to me are we winning the last two days who went to Washington we only hit one day so and you can do that now because he got that in today's dollars. Now the total arms question of the week brought to Becker of favre's former Oakland iced coffee go to WEEI dot com slash managers and your questions for us that's out scorer. Every Wednesday any lineup changes for tonight in. Yeah out unions shuttling third note rivers. Sandy's cats in and vote been proven. Vote ask tag vote. Or out they smoked lucky next week thank you guys. Your ability Johnson mossy in fort dale today we're in our old that it freight lines that are built studios at Fenway Park so the manager Alex Cora on. Any ethics takeaways from talking about scorer Jon and I tell you got his back up just a little bit about you know his baseball in trouble he's like. I knew the NBA finals are going to be the first Touche there and you set it in the break you know you've got a pretty good idea that Tom Brady and the patriots are gonna be there at the end tonight they'll be at least in the eighth jackets game you can basically penciled them dead. Yet they. Think after this are all the time especially with people against the NBA there will also predictably noted that. When you have powerhouse teams though I don't think it's a problem it's still good for the sport against everybody. If the American League was also the nationally that it was the same thing you L teams separately that there's no real beat team. I think it would be an issue and the question that that pops up now is. Our. The Red Sox Astros and yankees are they elite teams or they can speed up on terrible teams whereas the warriors the cavs. To some extent the rocket that those were really really good team did get the Celtics thereto thoughts are right and but they didn't just clean up on the knicks and the nets like they were really good and you. You can tell because that's our players I think. That should be how you view. The top three teams in the AL those teams you know ultimately is the reigning MVP. Judy Martinez got a fever right now bookie that's the second a couple of years ago yankees have their guys. Like this isn't just them beating up on JV teams I think it's a combination but I think they're I think they are really good but there happening claim that the yet it's. Also the difference in the NBA is the NBA's top heavy exactly the same even more so because there's no team in baseball automatic is Golden State right. But look at the rest of the NBA. You know Minnesota. Made the playoffs was a good team you know. You have the pelicans and Anthony Davis you have what the Celtics did you have Philly with there young core they were a lot to jazz that Donovan Mitchell like all of these team. Work good and competitive the blazers so you had top to bottom. Interesting compelling matchups on a night in night out basis in the NBA you don't have that in baseball and last one of the two of the Big Three a plane itself. Well the baseball again that's an issue that's just always who would have to write yeah we we are Vermont not talked about this when the angels were in town it it's Mike Trout. But I trust the LeBron James of baseball but. Just the nature of the sport if LeBron could like chemistry but nobody wreckage. Well okay. The effort off the corporate yeah that the popular artists and the dominance of the single player like Mike Trout does all he personally can do to impact the game but not enough the angels are playoff team. You can you can walk him he could be up there four times to block every time and that's it. You can't actually walk the broader curry every single time it might get you out did the decision what channel via uh oh god QVC. Shopping network of these spin that the it just added it that we needed fifty minutes might yet but about my point is you should be excited to see a star player on our on opposing team. But does that do the same affect because the impact there. But Mike Trout could be out the outfield maybe it's too also a tool that Eagles don't want report the plate with a couple it with a walk or what the brutal walking elect. All right so the best player baseball yeah it's just it's it's not the same. Up at the point is you say the Red Sox Astros and yankees are you know these world beaters and they're beat up on bad teams. But it's still not predictable in the sense that I wouldn't. I wouldn't bet a lot of money to the Red Sox even make it to the divisional round. But they might get out of the wild card team and faced the Mariners at him with one game to crapshoot advocate out. So all that's like are the Brett that's good for baseball ought they've got to what do playoff round yet that's that is the weird thing about this compared to other sports and the Red Sox and yankees are gonna be playing it one game play out one game to decide if they even make it to the divisions of baseball about that because that it's going to be mossy TV. It's gonna be yankees or Red Sox vs mariners on Tuesday night on TBS or wherever that wherever they put it. That date gain nothing to put that prime time I think the played. I don't remember but either way that's gonna be electors blow it might do our canal in the Yale back to back that there would be month marks the easy for Oakland as well like he says Oakland at one I think seventeen it's when he won at one point that suddenly they're six games back of them. It is not impossible that the Red Sox 105 games. The Yankees otters the Red Sox finish on the in the you know it's a bit. What happened this is hurt. And out over the act it definitely happened. The trade deadline and you tried asking outscored it's so much you can say. Win. You talk specifically about other players or anything like that. He said he's if this is the team. You usually much matter that is the answer that yes no I actually do believe because you have options you can see what the one bird is you concede Palmer it's going to be your reliever. Maybe the Matt Barnes who's seen the last couple weeks is when he's going to be com Manny who knows. Lineups really did last grade the starting pitching that that's the other thing so as good as the Red Sox are. Looming over all of this. Is you get to the post season and you don't know of Chris they'll still going to be Chris LU I can't even say you don't know what you're gonna get out of David Price is at this point you kind of do sadly you sadly do. And then you're talking in port so low who. You know I don't agree it has not been great in the playoffs and I don't doubt he is fire and all that cost us fired a little bit of fire and fuel I think he's one who can rise to the occasion but it hasn't happened yet. Now I know it's a those three guys you're talking about adding somebody like yeah that that's somebody might help you. You know. Win the division right now again out believe you hold on that lead in the second app Mathieu Schneider playing in the in the divisional spears but. There in the divisional series each the last two years it was solid happen but you're not get somebody. There's nobody available. Or for the Red Sox anyway with what they have to offer. That would push sale price or or silo out of the rotation in my. I think price maybe he's the number three or starter Brett he's in there so alternately no matter what happens the next three or four months of the year. It's going to be up to those guys that if those guys pitch well you're gonna move onto the next round if they don't. It's good is that the Martinez. If they could at a guy even if he sport even if price in Purcell and you know. If even if it's the rotation we expect that fourth guy if it's a decent right hander instead of drew prominent honour that it. I hit it at somebody. And will see that could be adamant that could potentially be back. That is an article alone like apart so local outside activities that you we know he's not gonna get tight you know the best out of that story was by the idea that the core Mexican soap opera story out. That he was on a stair master actively with the standing there. LA is there it's other users select and it moved. You Bartolo scrappy. It's there master. But yeah I think. There are looked at somebody but maybe it's just it appears that all all the all they did go getter like that often pronouncements and reliever available yet reliever who will probably help I mean I believe that night. The playoffs the do one thing we talked about earlier. The difference for this year's team in the post season as they can survive that. Because they had no prayer. The last I'll know I feel that you don't doubt it's him that double this time around they can win games ten days now that they want to they're capable of winning games in the past I'll select outscored your question about Kirk on it which. Really that was such a disaster or at the time you know what they traded or. And it goes on. They get this should be in the playoff roster now so. Bad. Yet he was up there it but it goes into the psyche of a closer than those guys just can't handle and the greater the seventh eighth inning what's the difference or else there is probably a little bit more going on and that. Particularly year because he never he was done with last season though so I think he was cooked it was not so much. I'm a closer I don't know how to be a setup man it was I'm injured and let them die a site out there right on yes yeah I won the Cy Young in 20035. Years later he's putting up in the area seven basically all odds was roaches. Now yeah. What's the rumor out there action of the report it was an outlook for. Forgive me I don't know holly poker shots but what was. That what they got to make on gate the closer. It was that Epstein first spot as it's going to be gone in or out on and then make that if Francona or somebody kind of like Ricky without on this whole thing is all story that some members was yeah that is unfamiliar to me I mean I was covering the team at the time I don't remember that I hit it out on the fact that I've got the tigers and other attic this guy ended respects that's but. I think that bottle the book on you can do and then. He was just mess up what's the name that have come up recently and there in the division in the air on eight terrible terrible. Baltimore Orioles team mayor David shout out of their trade rumors about him last year and Zach Britton. Speaking as Cy Young vote that let's that Britain should have won the report so that's accurate. NC a couple years ago. By nerds Italian that he on the actor's sixteen innings and I don't care I don't care what that Thursday he should throw at least sixty applaud them but bad guys have gone on our box. But all that's there but. Zach Britton. It's a bunch of interest in him he's not the thing I was a few years ago injury it's gonna knock them down from from interest me now becoming off the injury that he had better numbers than mediocre. He's probably the same odds crowded theater nights that's yeah I mean outside look at it. He's since the injury he's walking like five guys per nine innings seems to me and hasn't come bat. Yeah his strikeout numbers are way down needs to be one of those like eleven strikeouts per nine examined. That you're re talking BS anchor you and for past performance and you know. Reputation for now made its job knows that's the in the Red Sox should be interested in there are seriously interest that it and I guess it without the star Rockville devers and whatever else they can Muster up again if that's the processing now too much right it's it's a mine I mean it's an upgrade them and he's better personally play third base via that he's the shortstop also shortstop wants the play shortstop. Dollars and uptight and it right there so you're introducing a lot of variables that. For a team where everyone is pulling in the same direction. I'm not sure why you want introduced that for a rent if if you could keep a long term if you had concerns about Bogart's move an honor that's movement on and you wanna load up a meaning the shadow. He's the one guy this is supposedly the best region class amber and slight Donaldson's hurt Harper's been terrible. Shot as the one guy who has been awesome and has lived up to its billing you know fully lived up to his billing you'll cash but I'm not trading Raphael devers for a rental and the Red Sox ever did that. That would tell you that date number as he believes this team's windows very very very tiny and if your Red Sox and you don't wanna hear that because you're on the year to remove from having the best farm system and baseball. Now you're dealing away prime prospects. To get a four month rental money well two years particular a whole lot different two or three years like Alia that there's a lot of guys whether sale or Kimbrel or that's or Bogart's a lot of guys that. They may make some decisions on or might be out of their hands directories that got to say hey thanks for your offer but. The letter yet don't feel like for instance watching the keydets in the way he's approached arbitration where it's like yeah I'm not gonna agree to Dion and take your eyes and win. That's the kind of guy seems like a table but arbitration. On now yeah but that's the kind of guy the guy who does that and that's on himself every year we're gonna go to arbitration on their win. That's the guy who leads that's the guy who signs for 350 million somewhere else though if you're the Red Sox he should be looking at a that way that there's no guarantee him you know what about a minute which out of those the Yankees that's or the rumors that's out there what that. Widening gap between the two teams or do you think there's still neck and while the left handed thing we're talking about earlier needing a right hander starter that would make even more important is that you added another right I just master for a progress both guys quit yet not a yes the you'd have judge you have Stanton you'd have Sanchez when he's healthy and you have much I don't know I don't wanna go in that series left and I don't know I don't. 6177779. Victories seventh all Wally in Fall River he joins us next what's going on while. Rough it's the bird town that they we tried it under way it does not work left eye again blot on the bottom up. It's this humid there in Baghdad that want what's going on its popular on the donor any item on that that's our Paula thought. I the government now I'll be allowed. OK everybody's. Can place on the make it would go to my if you look at the regular season it was it Roland though everybody right now. But beside the play does absolutely dead this is quickly realized it went 22 in the role illiquid the Yankees did wrong. It was indicted him a lot like 45 out of fifty but he admitted to the World Series. By the way you look at this team can do really well I mean you know that does is gonna get a relief but I don't go web site Britain. In other the other guys out well it. What content they want to buy and so the bottom and the other would sway I'm Bradley and I looked like everything's done right right now but do you really trust these guys in the play off. I mean you would you go about doing that until I mean I know Jackie's. Seems to be break inaudible recently go out to another bat to. I don't know they could do it though Wally is serious at the bottom of the order and yeah. Although I did that not an NC it's. We gotta we gotta get this thing bigger or is it that way because does that make anything of that year the broken equipment applause. It's you. It's an iPad that the work of this as a toilet and crush them aren't you can use threes as the frozen solid. I don't think picking. But I don't I don't has not yet. The company. Yeah I would I would yeah I would argue that that would be considered in some kind of sentence in his or won't he outlined I don't think now yeah I don't think you'd be interested I think. I think Jackie brow these are guys that that's that's what's going to be. And you're gonna have a bottom of the order like a lot of teams in the majors where you got three spots that just probably don't it's probably going to be second baseman catcher Jackie Bradley that's probably what you're gonna have. And you hope that the top the order makes up for it to this point they certainly have. And I I think that's what it's going to be I think they like what Jackie Bradley does defensively and hosted at every single time by the truth and that's what they're going to be you know. Focused are there other keep him there and retirement any major upgrade it comes with a big price tag. Koppel for prospects that you don't have or major leaguers that you don't wanna deal combined with money in the luxury tax it just seems. Unlikely that the Red Sox make any major moves however the Yankees act that could certainly be a different story yet and so you'd have to you know take and you are out of line which is fine you do estimates that Machado is not playing shortstop for the Yankees though he you know he'd have to play third night assume that you be OK with that the happier I don't know. Perhaps he did you if he's a competitor at all. Or from the Orioles or fifty games out of first place to the Yankees just for a short period time then. Every team that needs to shortstop and offered a ton of money no signs the morals. The argument if he says no I wanna stay with the or a no trade is a traitor now in studio by now. Again that votes and five and it by Adam Jones and accent yet you know the you'd waited for Boston. I don't I don't think so just yet. Just the gas who's to say yes so I mean if you Machado it would make sense to go to New York the interesting thing about him is he might be an all star shortstop he he has. But he's a gold glove third baseman is not a gold glove shore yet and he's so he gives you more value at third and short now I know he. You know from an ego standpoint once the points short but. The Red Sox for all the reasons we just listed you're gonna blow up U future. You're gonna get river prospect endeavors who has major like forty homer power. Forty homer potential right area for an in terms of power. Why you given that up why you gotta convert just a total miners are not even in your dad I'm I'm not doing that either but the idea that he could go to the Yankees. Kind of scares you now that you trade devers just for better or yankees about suggesting that. But it's just that's another wrinkle yeah we remember 2004. And you know A-Rod all my god how do you compete with the Yankees now that the mayor it's impossible one now that's room. 6177779. Victories seventh Everett doubled or that it would take of phone calls I'm not gonna pops up here a month you can do the guys back in the studio can do. Also. It's a thicker board get the break to think about this in fifteen years from now. With all that's going on who's gonna be a better spot which lead will be a better spot as the Major League Baseball or the national football.