Dale & Keefe - Are there bigger issues with Tom Brady & the Patriots? Mike Francesa seems to be enjoying Twitter a bit too much

Dale & Keefe
Monday, May 21st
Hour 4: Dale and Keefe wonder if Brady’s absence from OTAs may be a sign that the star quarterback has other issues with the team. The guys also discuss Johnny Manziel signing with the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL, Mike Francesa joining Twitter, Richie Incognito coming out of retirement, and the Vegas Golden Knights reaching the Stanley Cup Final.

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It's that Palin keeps you know. Get a ball. And I animal that would fit I'm Sawyer okay what that also have this farm upstate razor Kobe better. Arnold at which he based the movie stars they would rather have dragged on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Yeah. Fourth and final hour daily key Sports Radio WEEI is we've been anxiously awaiting the 830 tipoff and I are here they're gonna complain up another tip off it sounds like you're about to begin at about eight to thirty tons of how long you have to wait. Okay all right that marathon got to wait. It is almost like it were stuck here oh. Grandma says if you're doing a full hour remember you've 8830 is the perfect right that's very nice girl at the wheel house Rihanna and Andy card yes that's the route map unhappy with the third start. So it obviously Celtics fans are are trying to figure out if the if the big loss on Saturday night was the the aberration whether. It's what's gonna happen because during Cleveland again tonight or Scott Foster growth rates are all of that under the worst part of those things that you worried about. So let's get a couple of of cuts from yesterday. And and post game on Saturday the first as Marcus Moore who locked. Admittedly in a very good job. Defensively against LeBron. The first whose. And out of this it's LeBron. Didn't you it's too comfortable world guards. Midwest very vulnerable screens and that's what discipline. You know we can have in the game of this magnitude and so you know do their job was exposed and you know personally I can. Better. I like that and never before game one. He said hey only only inquire Leonard and me can guard the brawn well what were the two best that it. And do another and so that Saturday had a lot game one he was awesome great yeah and then so at least he's gonna admitted here in game three he's acted as their well you know and and you put the blame on somebody else or wherever else are just talk about. You know our loan you know you can't touch LeBron gimbal and the route seems like now I played lightly it's those that so apparently Jalen Rose heard what markets Morissette on your favorite show I did not watch that and did they put the they put sports center on the other I'll be good today at the gym they must have a lot of complain they might have a son Jalen Rose heard that. And made a prediction for tonight's game. Got to get more physical LeBron I guarantee. Tonight they will get chippy. They will mix it up those guys no question because that's who Morse is. The bronze age at the best player in the game you want to disrupt this well. That's what he means bots and comfortable and that means nobody within his faith nobody was wet and that is arm nobody was making your work defensively we have to attack LeBron James. And so that's what I thought that commentary I anticipate the bought that can be a lot more physical tonight. I think the jazzy music in a funky groove just had to get out at amplifies his point of we didn't do that then they would pick one segment where we kind of just an appliance over some funky groove just like apple console. His overall point without the funky yeah background. I think he's right I think the Celtics have to be more physical and more champion my that my only concern of being more physical I think they definitely their physical the first two games but. You mentioned Scott Foster the games in Cleveland if you're too physical for the two Jason Tate all had three fouls in the first two minute we'll look at Jalen brown in game three at 5000 in the game reason files from almost immediately so you have. If you're getting too physical LeBron. You'll find out early in the first quarter other caller if they're let me get away without the older than perfect but if not. Timmy a ton of free throws for the caps so Al Horford speaking after Saturday's game after they get thrashed. Says don't worry he and his teammates can bounce back from nests. Nothing like you said we know we've been in this position. Before. And you know I think that I would choose different circumstance. You know war will go go back and look at the film. I can tell you this from right on top of my head there was a lot of breakdowns defensively for our group and we didn't have that the first two games so. It's something there we need to address. And and and be better Monday from one have any sort of chance of winning. I'm inspired you sound super competent they're going big there to about yeah. A guy like Kevin Garnett competitive advantage he doubts very go. Ahead and low key guy I feel terrible that housing. Have more energy. To us that you. I'd try to bomb yeah out here with this I don't like it out of that. Now I think he'll bounce back if he did have a bad game he knows that he'll be better he's been better throughout the playoffs. That they and that does not really yeah atomic. So Brad Stevens I'm hoping is gonna be able to answer the question I asked everybody out there. Why in the NBA does it matter so much whether you play at home away do you play on the. Road. Or were great the regular season on the road where one of the better teams in the regular season. I don't have an answer for you in the playoffs but. All that is is a viewpoint for us we play well with folks on us and play well and play with more substance. And they again they took it to us when you get the playoffs you get these environments not only play in. You know in great environment you're playing really good teams when we've gone on the road. You know we've gone on with 20 leads in all three series and you know to those three times we didn't play as well suiting. Point blank they sell place. Okay that's not helping feed and the other best coach has no answers for nothing that I know we're the regular season what I want elementary. I'm in the playoffs I've got no answer well make and yeah. Based on the truth is that he had answers they wouldn't have just won a roadway right would they be a little bit better. The city of lights and things so a couple of slump. May take that coming in tonight as we heard anything that makes us feel better about tonight's game four. Even Doris Burke who we talk or two earlier non venomous now a lot of confidence. No Scott Foster that in follow the settlement that rate. Al Horford sounded like you but the cry. Stephens. Arab toughness hands up nod and I don't I got enough and there are no let's turn our attention the patriots so today. Is and keep and I have had to admit we didn't know this was a thing today is phase three phase three of the offseason pro this has to be no item. Everything we've got a year for a long time here are guys it's so and so today is OTAs on the field now seven on 7-Eleven on eleven coaches out there all that stopped you in helmets and yeah you're not pads you can't hit there's a physical contact. But but that's what's going on and Tom Brady. Rob Gronkowski are not there. Both have continued their offseason of of taking the option unilateral thing about it's it's an optional thing okay I'm gonna take my option and so Adam Schechter weighing in on this says that Brady not being there. Not huge. If you are patriots. How concerned should you be about that its red flag the fact that he's not there that somebody who has been such a part of that team for so long. And wants to train on his own with Alex Guerrero. With the TV twelve system with that product and it is avocado ice Google things that come along with that during the offseason. Again he's going to be here when it counts he's gonna be there when it matters so in the grand scheme of things is of huge deal no but I think it's a red flag that says. All is not perfectly well. Right I'm making me feel better now is not that that's one of those things to where we don't really know the answer certainly don't know what today on how it's gonna play out on the road you can say red flag but then if you ask him. Well are they now not the favorite in the AFC is say yes there. Right so that we've been doing this now for about a year like try to piece together all the information gotten but if I translate what he's saying. I I think what he's saying is there may be other issues going on here. You know there's that when he says it's a red flagged it may be some things percolating under the surface anything new though or is it just more of the same well we don't really know all ready we we theorized what these issues are. It may be as simple as I wanna spend more time with my wife my kids in which case that's fine. It may be. He still hasn't told invited play Malcolm Howard whatever it is current contract that at some there doing that I don't know we all assumed he was gonna have a new contract maybe even just an extra year but. They always do this you know just how point this out while the for the always contract extensions that he's done usually has two years left on his deal. Let's now maybe he's thinking and Carolyn are played for two more years but. There's obviously. A lot going on again there's been a million stories written about them and this just adds to it now that he's not sure but OTA's something that he is. Always act. And finally that it looked like I got to give credit where credit is due because I've criticized this guy enough in the past. I got to give credit because I think he did exactly. Does that mean the right now now records when it came up from its. So this guy did exactly what he should have done. John Zell yes got a job in football. Here today to make big announcement from my life. Formally signing. In the CF felt number one. I decided silence Hamilton tiger cats. Albeit here for what looks like two years. Getting back to playing ball that's where it comes down to sort of miss doing. I'm somewhere. You've been nowhere on the Canadian border trying to figure this whole thing out and figure out. It's applicable in Canada. Big day for me I'm no longer employed get it back to what I wanna do and I'm happy about it. You might UGP assets are right hey there it's there candidate is on the line that's good that's great. He wants the play football he did exactly the right thing I could how many of these guys whether it's ten team Bork on tap project. Rob record in the third whoever it is. That had a out of status. Time in the NFL and for whatever reason and L a different reasons they were no longer in the NFL but they say they wanna play. Well to play football so badly he's gonna wait around until medical team changes their mind or why don't you go actually play football. All of those guys you can earn an opportunity yet this is this is the Doug Flutie menu here. Yeah you know only he tried to play in the NFL didn't work out went to Canada. Eight alive just went nuts up there right. And then had an opportunity to come back and play in the NFL again this is exactly what John Lehman's auction and your actually going to be playing football some of the new tape on youth solid K. Go back to the sold by the rounds is it exactly the Tim Tebow should and a wrecked if you really want the I don't know out yeah I want to play football because I still not convinced that he thinks he's going to be a Major League Baseball player I don't know what he's doing there but this is is absolutely the right answer for diamonds though mostly so they're season. Also there's a little bit of a spike in interest around here that or in here in the United States. In DC FL at least it starts middle of June that's not our way pretty early on so. I'm sure I don't know if we get any CFO games here but. I guess his sports center and all these shows are going to be showing a lot of budget and Denzel highlights. He may a text to wants to know where men's Zell made this announcement I ousted on. We know where in Indian arts the arts the arsenal OK I apologize Parcells worked well I think you do it on Twitter buddy goes. In his via bars in conjunction with the varsity Zito and a I see Casey Smith who used to work at NBC sports Boston and video podcast with her called comeback season. So I don't know how to read while he's playing yeah season podcasts Hamilton with his agent and with these easements on her how often that's become an output his agent's part of the podcast. Weird that no but obviously announce of the attendance and Marcos. I think he did exactly the right yeah as ill if you see if this really is the beginning of a comeback or just go to Canada. I miss the United States fizzle out and be done to always say signing with the Hamilton. Scioscia. I don't know but it it'll be good form maybe you know all the things that he's had in his past maybe it'll be good for response time in Ontario. The video for relax about let's give you one last one because that years and years ago I remember. We played this a long time ago we played we played the audio of a long time ago. I'm Mike princess that was not enamored with the concept of Twitter no no people. You know they'd tweak what's there eating for dinner where they had going what this full what is every second of the game so what happens when a game changes. And you suite at this second menu sweet the next second in the game changes. And its way to get who wants everybody's what thousand random thoughts you know he wanna hear from somebody for a thousand times a day. So I I obviously I wish it never happened. And now if you put a game up like if you put a game of what a computer bigfoot like people's tweets up they come over to think there are beginning. Wanna I wanna hear what people are saying about the game I don't care. You developed so you can probably guess from that that he was a bit and then bit negative on the whole concept of Twitter are they use seems down onto her term plan and sometimes things change we didn't. Well you know. We're we're. So we're trying to it would have to sound like you. There's some. Also a joke or something like you say that people well. So little if you mis reading your week so they know what you I'm thinking I didn't even that is not going to do so well. You. Got a really good. Long time going bruised I'm going to waste my time with them. Yeah. Blue van river flood would. There's an objective look we'll have that in new. Let me. Mike in New Haven nepalese in the long. Case for what I'm. Did you block my community as well again sold by the way he couldn't just like joined Twitter like all of us that no he had to go to Twitter headquarters. Yeah they had to make a video right of Mike. Joining Twitter is that little that was all of its obscene down his second tweak that was his first we what you just said what they read what he got a really easy laugh out of by the way. His second week. Thinking of broadcasting daily from the Twitter offices for the remainder of my career. That is an office building of course New York City only. No I don't agree I think. It's understands what is that about tweeting here's what I think. OK I think the worst it ever happen it is having a place where every ran them for every hour of the day by every person in the media. Okay athletes. People in the media. It is the old it is it is incessant it never stops it is boring is tedious it creates all kinds of stars. On on nonsense. I've never it's we don't do it don't have an account I don't do that Villanova is fake accounts I don't do it I've never them. I'd know it just you will never ever see me use that utilize that meted ever never happened. Who wants it all out there who wants hip or rats off. I mean enough. And Easter egg that would older and all day amid bits if it's used properly and it was used to you know you only had did it when you have something significant acidity want them. It is at this mostly nonsense. You'll notice ever what's ever hear me on Twitter so his out there would be well if you use it. As intelligence really now. He's talking about takes and is widely there's Vegas though is that all teen tween or eighteen now yes solitary work. Art and if you're gonna I know you had a good talk for you these are what are you gonna not the just sort of paper sounds like what you gonna do next earlier about. Or you is I cannot announce it before I leave I cannot announce it until less than the beginning a new year. Anyone about you gonna get around my Twitter anything sort of zone. You're my donation guys will be a while you are going to and they will follow me for a little while you're gonna have to supplies for the suffice for a little while we got to go by what I make. So until I don't know you know like it actually. Twitter contacted me. Actually yes. A little while. I would go to dog but they begged me they don't wanna waste anybody's time with stuff rightly be called on all importance on all good tweets that you wouldn't tweet something like. Last year I took road Vegas where she spent three days working with Jeff Smith at TPC summer Roland. She has been raving about Jeff Smith and his teaching ever cents. You would we like that zero. Golf. Telling a highly paid for what I just saw the eighteen tweets that he had so far yeah. He also gets his ratings back very quickly did all because he's been on the air now what to week two weeks okay yeah well what what he said is that number one. And then practice these big ratings. For first two days back banks of the most loyal listeners anywhere. I I I earlier I hate to break the news tonight. Him and everybody else in the business yeah. Look at the numbers that court now it's like a month behind. Yet that seems pretty quick for him to get those but the other is already has the value of about that I'd I'd worked its own once who said he had his own rating system. As photo line I'll the boundaries of the audio that will be my number one across the world on a hawk on all cylinders. Yeah rights. Of the between the preakness looks like Gould the I. But there is my presence on how immediately read do read the replies it's it's all he's got a ton of right calls he got 3000. Replies to his first week. It could imagine what how many followers is he up to now 63 point 3000. So he's gonna pass me like by the end of the day today for a Purdue while of your view and I think he's corny. I surprises and Adele you mentioned that's when when you first jumped on there. That nobody with the all the fake accounts that are out there but nobody was sitting on at Mike for instance he and his name on Twitter at Mike Francis how did somebody not. By that op or I want studies probably patted park that is my yes and then they bought it or maybe the fans just took it Muslim world's ways you can you can. And that the main things now basically you can go to Twitter Q well trademark copyright or the general Don that's a big part of this whole thing article if you guys know this does have an app soon I'm sure that aren't far that when Twitter came in begged him to joins Twitter nice today. Literally grabbed a name for yes Twitter called me. Why. They only in Twitter alternate color you and ask you to join no they did not. Mean did not happen to me. A couple of other football notes here again. The patriots but at a press release this afternoon. Within the last half hour they've announced two additions to bill Belichick's coaching staff. These are the most Belichick in appointments to as a coaching staff that you could ever see where we got they named Cameron eight cord. As an assistant assistant special teams coach. Acorn most recently served as interim head coach at southwest Mississippi community college. After playing safety at Belle haven university. Where is awaits you say southwest southwest Mississippi community college. That does what's last chance you on Netflix reversing that is that southwest's. Mississippi community count or theories play that or is that the act as part of us today the whole thing at the two season paying on. Netflix it's pretty cool that would care blog went there Chad callous of his other guys that go to a major. It kicked out of flunked out and they go there play for a year and their unbelievable on the may go somewhere else but. That's that's pretty it to succeed now on the stuff so they've also named a TAT I have a team Austin as a coaching assistant. He spent the last four seasons. As wide receivers coach and special teams coordinator. At North Dakota State. While writes he was part of three football championship subdivision national titles and four Missouri valley football conference titles. He also served as an assistant at Stetson. Northern Iowa and southwest Minnesota stay or nor North Dakota State Carson once used their Lenovo wants. Even more important than Steve Nelson that's right. Steve Nelson was from there. And the patriots do have a bit of a whole new entries in a bit of a hole on the offensive line perhaps. A candidate for good. Today the Buffalo Bills released guard Richie in cog neo from the reserve retired list. Because that in company told the bills he wants to play football again. He is now a free agent able to sign with any team yes please. Take him the second. 34 years old debts the questions he's so good it was just a couple years ago Yelp pro he told he told the Buffalo News and I'm quoting now. But he made his decision to retire for health reasons saying. My liver and kidneys are shocking found out while the stress is killing me I don't love that but apparently now they the liver and kidneys are okay. He was. Let's see it is a pro bowler. What to slap more improbable. 217 news April hired in April. I think it'll play told his go to Joseph Torre told the bills he wants to play and they voluntarily. Released him from the reserve retired list making him immediately a free agent able to sign with a neat yeah addiction short. That the more offensive line guys get to camp and figure of your best five are. Why not. So what happened was in Conde when the bills agreed to weigh renegotiated contract in March. That included a one point seven one point seven million dollar pay cut in 2018. Which put it in the final year of his contract. Days before he retired in April he fired his agent David done in a tweet. Competitive it's a little unorthodox way he gets the job done as opposed to now it that the ESPN peace that I'm reading here says and I quote at the time of his retirement. In cog need to remain under investigation by the NFL. For an allegation made by Jacksonville Jaguars defensive lineman yen next. And I can never say his last name. And news the Baghdad I bet that ink Todd need to used racial slurs around bills AFC wildcard playoff loss to the jaguars in January. Sure that he did right I mean we saw some of his text messages some of the other stuff that he has said in the past so I wouldn't I am not how I heard the results of of that investigation may be that they at least retirement announcement yet maybe they're disarmament move on repeat of back and leave it there at the premiere back up. Because that's something that they definitely number doesn't via penalty rate in the league too late in in game penalty I don't know what the what the penalty would be. Outside of that by the way I hate to break the news to you fellas. But the school in the Netflix show a's. These diseases or Mississippi community college like it not southwest Mississippi community college which is an arrival about that play them. My guess is they go through the whole season you see all the games and you see all these schools that are ranked in the junior college. Football rankings. But five of the best teams in the cultural Mississippi. So they had to Dave had Brett the alma around ya during the other in the whole pre draft process and working guys out all that stuff and read how well that Della bella and the coaching staff here no. No they had a guy from southwest Mississippi community college and a guy from North Dakota State. Those are the only two additions to the coaching staff but the patriots announced earlier today. The lead them they have the martial arts expert that they added him last week re our they added him to do with helping them out yet south. Basil offseason here. So those India where those guys that OC is. I Wear the president and they might have been none of us would have known answering. I'm not historic I would assume that they were out there they're their new coaches on the staff didn't. I'm guessing that they probably were part of this whole thing. Now other new assistant coaches or. Coaching assistance from on your New England Patriots 6177797. ID 37 Thompson Westfield town. And I hitter and option you really hit the ground running here time. And we've been doing all that we missed the first couple sentences. Read Jackie Bradley he stinks. Just put. And you are in our own little game let them hit a buck sixty. It you have a lot of confidence. Yeah I absolutely am under. Yeah we don't know if we wanna win the World Series while you want to have. Center fielders and base well anything that sent it goes on Sony's third in the division at bats and put it out. No no I don't know early to say the best of all baseball and he's the best on the Red Sox and not so sure that's what you better get the feeling comes sounds pretty. It must have been talking about it before we even just sort of joined under. He's just for the full speed I tell the clr houses as well. Think it's now I was sure that it is I talked to Tom a few times I think he may have you know. Got out of oracle early lets me. You know united jaws might as well avoid the heavy traffic at rush hour and we literally deaf. And my weight maybe get into her home after we caught him mid sentence when you what I did I hit. But then he was he already going fault I have a feeling he began that conversation. Maternal and Rossi put my whole and they just thought it was I was like ten or eleven minutes ago the colleges do about it. Yeah tenth when minutes so. The tiger butch Hobson and there was even he'll be the best number nine hitter since then about Wisconsin will Bill Miller did have that for the batting title in the anti number and iron there about maybe now had several this whole argument that Jackie Bradley dale you got him he had I'm in there leave them alone. He did go one of. Or ten over the weekend okay then I thought I see signs that it was a ringing double right though it did you know you smoke the double. He he drew compliments walks. The only punched out seven times in the bulls horse owners of the ten that strikes our non stop. 41 strikeouts on the season. And 127 about all you have to do was lead Malone he's I think that's the problem they have left the Malone at Kennedy he'd want to I don't know why enough. I just. Inspired. Rely. Animals they would been. Boy okay would that also have this bar mugs and razor Kobe veteran. Lot of things on his plate he's shared just asked him T Dorsey said Mark Jackson pointed out all the things that you do. But then she's at what do you view or you're looking to do half as others say what's best for the team needed this video definitely harder than a lot of them now these are way out of pocket maybe I don't I don't think Martha I have a lot of responsibility yet get the best player on the team. Most best players have a lot of responsibility that's how basketball works beginning. The Eagles and all the things including inspire my teammates and I'm okay well that of if you don't follow up north if there aren't OK. To let a lot of well saving time is okay would that. Man what a relief. Of this. My biggest fear is that we have to see another one of those interviews post game. The guy we don't you just almost like a huge responsibility. Art what would be a bigger shock to you. The Celtics winning the NBA title. Probably that only needed a California Vegas golden knights winning the Stanley Cup. No way Vegas. The Celtics winning would be more surprising and what Vegas is done is. Insane they're in the Stanley Cup finalists and a final and an Emmy a to a Whitney get to sit back and watch. And see who that it won't be waiting long because Washington over cough up a four ball tonight you know probably. So of Tampa Bay yes just what everybody admired the right through great hockey markets actually owns or other great team well I'll also say this the Stanley Cup playoff numbers the TV numbers have been down this year over last year. A and fairly dramatically. America might sort of did it that. The hockey part of America might actually sort of get into the idea of a Vegas being in the Stanley Cup final the other one is still want a dependency what's going on with the Vegas and how they got here by somebody posted on Twitter over the weekend after they won and so last night. Actually posted a picture of a betting slip that they had at one of the casinos in Vegas they bet fifty dollars. On Vegas to win the Stanley Cup championship. They'll win 25050. Dollars and 500 of one Riyadh the worst odds don't have a couple of teams probably. Mean it's just it's it's crazy I so wonder if it's. If it's a bad sign for the week not that there are great players because they're certainly I mean you look at Crosby and he located you know make gave it all these guys Grassley just the great players. But how a team that can just go through the expansion draft. The actual draft a budget trades and they're the best team in hockey Betsy I kind of crazy I gotta give McPhee a lot of credit George McPhee is the GM there. The way he put this thing together like light. Teams were making deals with him. If you didn't know if you'll take this guy if you'll take this guy on our expansion list will give you that guy. Jonathan Marcia so and Riley Smith or a package deal. And both are playing great for this to write in I hate it if you take Marc-Andre Fleury. Then we'll give you a first round draft pick. Right but when they. It just you look at all these other leagues that have had expansion and I thought it was nuts when the Jacksonville and Carolina. Got to the conference finals in years do you see you thought that was advanced the postal the second season. And it lost there in make it to the Super Bowl but that's thousand really quick turnaround to see this team put together. And look at the roster before the season started even with a all the trades or that they didn't said. That's that's not a very good that's vitamin a very good team in the four major sports combined their seventeen franchises that have never been. In their league's championship. Contention. Championship round Super Bowl seventeen franchises have never had a chance to play for a title. With all of radio and the Vegas will and the biggest golden knights will be playing for a title in year one the only other time it happened was in 1968. Saint Louis blues. But it was rigged that an expansion team was going to be in the finals they they actually set the playoff system up our. So that Al OK one other one the finalists is going to be one of these expansion teams. And then the other pilots is going to be this team from everybody else. I mean but did order the regular season had the best home record. I literally just thought it was that just that and all its in Vegas of course these teams that was not part of the traditional. You know travel schedule for all these other guys now they're going to Vegas all your home over the next game shocker. But then for them to do it the regulars are the post season as well for them to play this well is shocking do you think they end up beating Tampa or or boss I. I think they're gonna wind there. And I'll I'll say this it would be a much bigger upset at the Celtics win the title. Yell from where they are now because the Celtics in all likelihood would not only have to beat LeBron in the Cleveland Cavaliers we know that the they're probably then gonna have to Gobi Golden State. They'll be a gigantic underdog is that's series a huge underdog. I do think the Celtics would give. Golden State a tougher match advance Cleveland. Not that what does that mean I don't know at the games are closer on our benefits for five games are or how many they can they can win the but I think the spread each night would be a little bit closer in they're they're more likely to have a few closer games than they would against Cleveland regular is Dominic I've actually seen. The argument that you were expressing earlier I've seen it across a lot of the Canadian media is this a good thing or bad thing for hockey. The next that an expansion team not only is in the Stanley Cup final. But has a legitimate chance to win a Stanley Cup you never security is really I think it really depends on who you're asking too slick to me. I'm not a big I don't need parity that don't need every team every year to have a chance and that's kinda know what the feeling is if there expansion team is also in the best team. Were I like. These like dominant teams that I'm okay with the warriors being as good as they are and now the goal is for somebody to knock off the warriors or the honesty type teams. But for a team to just pop up in the expansion draft ground butcher guys and then potentially win the whole thing. If you like parity than you probably are all important that but if you if you like of the very best of the best that I I don't think it's a very good thing at this stage double for the season you would have said Vegas has zero chance of winning a Stanley Cup so Soviet that would have been a bigger upset. Where they are now. Going into conference final and in the situation with the Celtics and a Stanley Cup final for Vegas would be a much bigger upset at the Celtics were to win. And if basements at this point oh yeah for sure and even going into the the player once the playoffs started their odds were a lot better. You know in Vegas was looked at as one of the favorites and so. They are agreement. Pretty crazy area aka are gonna see this very often know and Seattle is going to be the next expansion team and they're gonna get the opportunity all of by the way if you're keeping score at home. They could not 25 years and counting since Canada had a Stanley Cup championship team. Out of Winnipeg got eliminated last night. How ya wanna side here without a stand up. In Canada updated odds are they'll real quick the updated odds Tampa Bay is actually right now V favorite to win the whole thing they are even money. Vegas is plus 105. Then Washington which obviously is to a couple games in the conference finals here they're plus 850s so they're the the big dog. A lot of eyes in the house that's right he's gonna join you forever keep coming up there is we'll be back tomorrow will be talking about a Celtics. Win that okay. By you know by an era homer this lamp and I like that part of Ian we'll find out tomorrow.