Dale & Keefe - "Average Al" makes NBA all defensive team

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, May 23rd
Dale & Keefe are joined by John Tomase to discuss the Celtics’ chances in their upcoming Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Al Horford making the NBA’s All Defensive second team, and Tom Brady’s absence from OTAs. Also, Red Sox manager Alex Cora joins the show to talk about Mookie Betts being one of the best players in baseball, the return of Dustin Pedroia, and his recent face to face with the injured Carson Smith.

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So he's Palin keeps you know I'm impressed little Boston did a very good on the low right now you go back to clear room for calls are done and I don't see it happen I'll say that this doesn't happen within six. Arnold and which team I don't think he's he's would play well team yet why not can actually see Mike he's actually aren't exactly we would have. Have to see you on that WEEI Sports Radio network. A. Tomas has got a lot to live up to because apparently one appearance by. Kyle Draper just sent everybody over the edge everybody in general to his realizing its ultimate looks there that's got hurt they paid sick pretty heavy that's what he had not have a hearing and again hurts even more. Not ready to turn out like yesterday I asked that kind of blocked out of disagreement but that now hearing it again that is pretty hurtful I'll flow. Standard he set them all foolish if the L thanks probably likely that a thank you for. All this checking it juts last these are death we are west and Johnny's I want 38 Portland street. I just literally a block away from the garden which will be. Jump tonight he will be in I see it waits it is going to be rocking I'm very excited ago I decided not to remind you brown Jersey Michael. That big time fan root and you'll actually have the Rangers beat notre. Any you don't Wear with a T shirt underneath right you know that's what it much too tight. That theater the Rogers you pump the pump shoot at the pumps. On some one else. The bass or early ninety's at the pulse. Every night at the blindfolded lay out. That. Some of the aisle on the reserve aren't it Estrada. They'll they'll accurate and are who well Paul is basically says the Celtics have to win the next two or they're not winning. Saying it out so I guess the question would be arts the first other we all look at this that they have to win game five. So that easy to get a better chance of winning on the roads that enable them once the post season or a better chance of winning game seven against the wrong. Gates at my yeah I mean it. Yeah active and ultimately in Cleveland but that rocket that play insane here says LeBron will not losing games one game away from the finals he will lose games six and now I just I find that unlikely. I think without the celtics' best path to victory tonight. On it that you are the numbers are down idle all all the nobody ever does is what else excited that you're gonna get an a next level wrongly gave seven although I guess the question would be. Does that matter or does he need a couple teammates and it proved that out first game while special game to game one brought also put portly so now all Celtics but. If Smith or were knocking down theories that that makes the council a whole lot different. Yeah we've also got the weird thing nauert time Lou's teams that sort of taken over the coaching lead for Brett Stephens I don't know go out on the last games that you look at the way they played like. They have got LeBron isolated on tires here whenever they won tonight or wrong it selflessly use which we are going to that right away. And duke we answers here about it after the game the game floor. And he said they've changed later aligning of the players on the floor now so when we get that's which we can't scramble out of it and you know port for jump in their jailed writer whoever. They're putting somebody under the basket that's like Cleveland getting so many lay ups would often LeBron what do you make of Stephen's point about that because I was watching game four out of the same thing like every time goes rosier switched on from the get two points. But he's alluded ball the post game if the interviews he's done sense that. Sometimes we're watching the game it looks worse than it is legal look at the stats I think it was four or eight points on there rosier. Yet at eight out of 44 Williamsport and any however how would he set off what he set up often while many layups that they often they're easy bucket so I don't doubt that I I didn't like about his though I'm like oh yeah ironically apple are up and everybody else at the point is. It's Brad Stevens Point is you have to defend the three point line you have to defend everybody else. Will sacrifice those few possessions in order to do that in the rest okay but now they get layups as well you've got to account for at least two out of those three things right it's aideed. You can't you just can't switch from here on but does it matter if that means you have the Baxter wrote the year because at times you want your office only until it got a lot of options but I think maybe their best lineup could be Smart round. Tatum more us and Horford or if they're going really big maybe its corporate campaign that might be your best line because that. Anything that you're switching with the youth don't wanna switch if you're not fighting through screens. That maybe you could switch for everybody and he can't just host the beans are or bird. He also Smart and make it will the top of it got to shoot over Smart but he's got to make eagle but tough reform. And that he got you know the moratorium brown potatoes like that to those were better matchup than you or was it that easy buckets of this kind of spectacle coaching thing what's Bret Stephens and outer islands which we weren't saying that would. Note what Kenny do that just count at the coaching. But what happens in that game I'll know what happened after Hitler what are their products. They might get over. I think what you want and he and everything. I can't beat Oprah and I like keep reading it but also this day this scheme. Four of the conference finals. The team with yet that's just finished in the huge momentum swing. There at that point in the late third quarter of the outage in new anti forget how court route racing three so often that happened that have gone out again wealthy or his career for corporate jet and and its bombs it right chipping and forget that he he will Radenovic I'd rather forget that it's out of out of talking about slice of arts on that in the back guys that coach Wright's so was it. Just as simple as. Their home. It's actually quite that simple and that's gonna happen it feels that way doesn't like it throughout the playoffs and that's men. And that when you go to the next layer there it's just all the guys that are playing so much better yeah yeah they. Terry wrote years much different Al Horford and other which I was surprised by the split so when they showed them. Before game four the whole world's what's yeah obviously here wrote here's the different you browns but the Al Horford had a significant gap from how could be at home to the road. Almost better off I don't know here now. Or are things that she Angel had left the building wanted to get back yelled album always gotten looking back on what you think the better players should be the ones that their game with travel or they wouldn't be freaked out by the road crowds of things like that and he's been got a but much much different and so you can't view that into game six but you should get a pretty acute best performances. At all but it homeless Milwaukee or they'll work week. Yet the only thing with the Horford to me it's like he need the people who sent him we see him bring the botnets. You convince yourself he. He's run any offense he can run things for himself that's not really has game more now he's got to get in the post when he has the right matchup you got to get on the ball. Which they were awful adding game theory if they are little better and it or react. Interest that Thompson is a tougher matchup for him you know just two games were batteries and the great title who decided that it's best outlook for defender would not defend Al Horford. That's made a difference as well I just think EE a couple of Celtics alluded to this afternoon game Jalen brown in particular. About calls and the last thing he wanted to was one about wraps because. When you lose a game by thirty and then you lose another game we were down eighteen after one and you're down double digits pretty much on game it's not the refs while however. He does have a point about how they let the style of play ago like the Phil today this is the cavs are much rougher much more physical with Tatum brown on the perimeter on in Cleveland and Arab buses back of me. So if I screw up the pronunciation I apologize but shams sure running the saudis as last place called Dexia eyes and so yes he has an idea and writer for Yahoo! yes he has just boasted the 2018 NBA all defensive teams first and second Altman's to orca. First team Rudy go bear. Anthony Davis electoral people. Jrue Holiday Robert content of a second team. Jo Ellen B great mongering. Did you take Murray's case is on national tea. Jimmy Butler. Al Horford. But he. Or morality second team little run. No problem there well when he surprised he's first team Bo woody doesn't Friday's knocked it on there so Al Horford a second team all defensive. That's that's right path that the Celtics should have somebody rep I went even as we speak right now culprit presenting new teacher pay gas that it he's multi threat. Earlier fellow of that but big Al Horford had with stars coming out of a lot of stars obviously but that's they can't have somebody represented the best offensive teams in the league. You know markets Smart but he missed too many games devotes a key is all and be the fifth. Talent like yet while the guys you'd consider if they agree that the players about Al Horford dessert that campaigns would be added that he probably at my plane enough that he doesn't yeah doesn't do it in flash. But also it with a corporate who have a lot of people say authorities you know with the best of it politically for a while but clearly got better than him but he's very good Indy in your they thought your team but you saw some of the statements that are. Ahead of that's why we keep our defense institute defender means that he's had a great team defender on the best team defense investment I was actually. And it's on first take this morning. Not the other a shock to your first thing that could read that part well that was it was it's on and and I actually heard them talking about how. In away. This was their works. Carrier ring. This isn't like the Celtics doing as well. You know pissed. And it's important disease. Yeah I think he's rooting for the Celtics right that I'd like that angle against the cavaliers that he might be other thing especially if the cavaliers but I would also admit if they win the whole thing but hypothetically baskets and areas of what's with the whole thing. He's gonna celebrate the way he would have had he been on the team that's just. Well they certainly has the heart events example the guy who was who was probably going to be the MVP in the NFL we got hurt. You know that is back up considerably not the earth metal ring. Right to the Drew Bledsoe also the part of that team the first suitable team but he's not where in the bring him out yet daily and easily win AFC champion actually had wars right right yet but he also our new Hitler when legitimately being replaced forever yet another thing you know what's carrier if that's the part especially your carrier ring and you hit one of the biggest shots of the biggest shot in Cleveland. Cavalier absolutely zairians you're a big part of a title team your celebrate that would more than. Watching your guys like a very wants them to win but it is our yeah you know let enough. He knows that even if they somehow get to the finals which is looking at probably skip to the front they gonna get crushed so he can be like. Yea we made it now I'm gonna come back and Austria and but it does sort of set the bargain for when he returns right now all of a sudden it's going to be an as the conversation for once you've overbought. The return of Irving in Hayward all right they've already proven they can make it to a sixth game out worse in the conference finals without both guys. So now the the bar's been raised and have to at least get in the NBA finals next year. A just and I never understood this the entire playoff run I've never understood. The disparity between home and road. It's now given I'm not arguing against it it's a lobbyist but I don't understand why although Houston goals they've they've each taken wall act although or on the road. By the way before I saw that coming last night not not that with a 41 points that make America went on the road. I I you know series is all set to VO good luck predict the game five Mets series every saints week after the first game and you know to Houston a lot of credit they they really and staff misses a shot to win yeah. Our top. Not yet curry missed shots Klay Thompson on the threats that they were out of sorts it had a rough playoffs before they have bats but those cartons here except that ask that you hear them with somebody if that is all delegates that the second round yet though. My qualities the FDA's vote is this the real even though the total blowouts that series they don't now that ball their conference finals or at least six and that's a lot of the warriors last year lost one playoff game. In the last two B Houston so it's a lot different the leak make more money war games on TV more home gates that. Always wonder about desire and how much it factors in. You would think that the Houston Rockets would have a much greater desire. But the Golden State Warriors warriors have won they've been there I mean you got Chris Paul you that James Harden they got nothing on the mental. Other than individual awards. You know if it the same things being said in the in the Stanley Cup Playoffs we got Washington. Against Tampa Tampa's one Stanley Cup Washington doesn't do any thing. Alexander Ovechkin has got to feel like he would kill this for the opportunities. How much does this desire factor into a team winning and losing. Yeah I think it's got to setting them one Nichols state they have is they're chasing history mr. Turkey yet other dynasties because. There or looked at best team the all time after the certainly were two years ago they're the best team probably ever did not winning your before that they wobble thing. So they're just chasing multiple titles and I think that should be motivating enough. But you're right Chris Paul James Harden the people that really give it hall of fame careers that would say they have. But it's a small thing but either way the bet all their careers and they just happen. You know heartened that the finals once and lost that the the sixth man in Paul never been there affect its first conference finals for a so those guys have to have a little bit more wants but. That shouldn't the site everybody wants to write your cup playoffs for a candidate in the olden salary Seattle you've got a little you know. Less Walsh bush behind yet. And their the mortality teen by far. But also how much if you sailing for the warriors even if he says every game the next in the most important game ever. We gear up toward the series just one but 41 points. I don't know how you can't think that you know you're gonna when answers we'd have to put your mind. Aren't yet more wins in Kevin Durant is doing whatever he wants every game you just. Say OK you guys have hardened we have Carey we have Klay Thompson we have Kevin Durant he had like eight different people who can be. I lose. How that that it lost twice already out there Harry's banged up so that makes it but it still is looked. He does but he's not shooting like a great percentage and so he's he's our percent they don't want drew would follow last night they're the best player. It used to it's good to be hurt if her after the game that they want 65 games and it didn't make it that's good oh my god what an upset that. They have two of the fifteen best players in the league in their other guys. Who aren't household names by any means but they're pretty good like PJ Tucker is that a good post season clip pal of the deplete the double double guy error or to score off the bench though. They have a good team. We will the bottom of the hour talk to Alex Cora the manager of the Boston Red Sox. I'd bring to mind via the brat OSHA. Oh how altitude not the beginning and rob Bradford podcast rack in which he spoke to will keep bats. And Okie that's talked about you know. He may never happen season is who's the one that you know years it means it never. It you know with which this has been the stuff and he's right he may not be bracket show. You might be a lot. Better than. But better yet he split up just seen season right now mood and its. But keep your ticket and how the conversation with a straight face. Is he the best player baseball absolutely can't write it that's why I know how good my aunt out of that probably that's probably still the answer but like he's on the short list of those Trout with harper. That's been expert a couple of guys ride you wanna wait pitchers are anything but. If you're building a team he's one of the first acts yet and if he were batting. Third or fourth instead of leadoff he'd be Triple Crown maybe we ought to accept it might not be hitting the same way. I mean that's the thing and it's 73 cent all the credit but Cora brought up the point he spoke to move east or like January yet and he told smokey you're gonna bat lead off. I want to be more aggressive. And cookies eyes got a letter he sent to you wanted to badly off in you want to swing at. He might not be the same Hillary just admire her for my point it's just that right he doesn't have it until you get everything right only because of queries in order the other number nine and it the 89 guys were able to order but also more RBIs that's that's those makes a big hits for Jackie Bradley you know I think he's officially out of it I think you know I. What are these well Florida but the throw is on its way back and that's straight from the bottom line up so I mean that's. You might still on the east or pace for a big number for our guy out you'll legally said John Buck. Batting average home runs we've got to compete with Judy Martinez triple both well it kind of these may ease yet he's that a 35 RBIs and forty write games amazing credit sensitive to guys in front of them are getting like one cent 100000190. But yeah he's bad he's been awesome the Red Sox have never in their history. At two guys with fifteen or more home runs at this point disease which is amazing when you mean when you like about Danny and David or I don't. RJ RIs and Yasser Fred Lynn her back to those if these teams have William in 1950 team that scored a thousand runs very broad if you went on. That's definitely just lost I would like I might affect. You that somebody if there but yet you would think that any kind of powers that effort to low or native Ortiz at all. Yeah McKee that's what gets you leadoff batter he ended new cleanup it's pretty broad. So what's the situation with Martinez is he really. Think that he's not getting the tent in the desert like that's another rat suspects idol I ask all of all of this stuff. And I've been trying to figure out exactly what east wouldn't it well I think and you know exactly he's getting at this offseason nobody wanted me I'd settle for a million bucks. When guys are on I am I route I am one of the best players in baseball. I know that my peers know that. The public at large doesn't know that in the industry as a holding respect you know waited patient should have been a lot more with the I think that's got the most upset that they did spend money Martinez won there he had at the request others got a team of the moment have known that he's definitely do this well even like the Diamondbacks you know honestly back right let him back goals that's terrible by the way after the civil baseballs over. Goggles with that awful all season the approach used Martinez's and that's probably not gonna last but still don't know if you're the pretty low rate that's the cut rates for you know top of the leaks look like we have here the Red Sox didn't seem to be all fired up about signing him I don't want our hearts forever legitimate here we are a 105 go find out in six. You know good luck and popular that stand that I guess you're better off but our term so yeah he's bitten. Quietly. Or at best buy only if smoky vets is the LBB right now Martinez probably in the top five. Yeah in and only because the defense not only defense is what really puts up. Offensively. It's close yeah yet. We'll get more and it into baseball bottom of the hour with Alex Cora just to touch briefly on the patriots. From other sources are now confirming what what we reported yesterday. The Tom Brady was not TD twelve this week he was not there working out he's not there today he won't be there tomorrow. It and frankly if the other sources had been right it would have been an awful. If that if you had Salameh there seem to doubt on the field doing seven on 7-Eleven on eleven and he's up you know TB twelve working out it would have been a horrible lock. But it also was true but we've had that look already right I don't I don't know it's totally different job. Because what they're doing stuff that he doesn't do the weightlifting that stuff he's on a totally separate program I get what they are. Throwing the football to wide receivers and running backs. It if you're not down there doing a picture up the TB twelve that's a horrible I'm gonna say it's still bad luck to have your team working out in one place. When he was working out in California because he wanted to be with this kid everyone understood that. When your team is working out in your half a mile away. Doing your own thing that is a terrible luck like I disagree with. Because he's on such a different program than they are he doesn't do the things they do you now you can argue about whether or not he should be on a separate program. But I think that the results have kind of taken that argument away from from everybody yet he doesn't do what this also argue that that Belichick's results of having everyone on the same page and having Tom. You know serve as the whipping boy or whatever that the fact that Tom was always willing to be just one of 52 and not put himself above that. I think that's important too and that's what's missing right now yet the straight up team first football's the most important thing that's out the window yet like that that's that's not there. But him not being up the stairs is at least a better look you know I grew you want Natalie he's out of the country to a -- and out that Robert Kraft even today said he's been talking to offset he's got a Vietnam eternity right next month any mention it. Not just family but also business stuff that like all the things that Tom Brady's doing it. And the NFL season is not September to February you know Guantanamo may you guys were in our April working out so if he is gonna take time away and do some of that stuff that makes sense that are in the altered force. We will talk to the manager of the Boston Red Sox Alex Cora coming up next. The Celtics were steak on the Cleveland Cavaliers game five tonight we are live here at west and Johnny's with Budweiser. To 6 PM get you ready for the game if you're headed Kmart here in the area one down hang out radical Budweiser will be here until 6 o'clock. We'll talk to Alex Cora coming up next Sports Radio TV yeah. And now runs stock today. Manager of the Boston Red Sox Alex Cora Alex is brought to you by our belly insurance. Your New England Honda dealers. And Cumberland farms the official copy of the Red Sox radio network Alex joins us now from my Tampa where the Red Sox playing the race Alex how are you. I'm very. We're doing great thank you we were just having this talk about your player move the bats and I don't you're probably biased when we ask you this. Is on the conversation being one of the best players in baseball. It is. Why we. I agree that they want database could not only offensively running the bases defense only. I. He is also running game it took a lot of things on and you default two player. And there's there's so few of them in the big victim. And right now com. These. Credited best suited him well on the offensive player these people obviously you know he used an outstanding job of average. Two in the global marketing and bases these intimate. You talked about the conversation you had with him in January when you told me it's gonna bat lead off and you wanted to do to be more aggressive at the plate. Do you think that he could have this kind of year if he was hitting and another spot in the lineup or is that just because of the position you put him. I don't know. I can answer that question but approach slightly a lot of them but last June of very proud of it. Hitter. And it's not like he's slowing and that the first special time. But their content in nearly every pitch. And people discipline. He needs take away from bad pitches but. It's rated it from the get go and that's something that. I didn't see last year actually we took advantage. Of that situation with him another guy such as to get at. Men the first true about them and be careful with the first Asian serve Colombia because it was like a predetermined swing and the sort of bat and activity jumped what is announces enhancements. I don't know. All minority. The you have the same. Production and somewhere else what we're happy whipping leading mountains and an up tempo. Seems like the other new approach has been benefiting a lot of the players on the team one guy is off to a slow start is Jackie Bradley junior did have to be its last night but still hitting it. Under 180 I've seen anything different at his at bats recently compared earlier in the season. That movement more athletic and let them and defend it they still might have been a better athletic decision. I don't know if you guys watch and yesterday. There was no electric. United seemed like he was on time the I'm the first one ground and make the play at the base hit but then the second hit. He stayed up the middle hands inside applaud him about the middle amendment grumble attitude to to second base it was slow stroke to Annan. Now he is locked. Sunday at home. Yesterday on the streets of town. It was so. All treat people appear to actually borderline and open a way. And the you'd call went against him. He couldn't it couldn't duplicate it in the club and a bit better the last few days ago. Now he'll be out there tonight and now hopefully we can keep it improved. Alex he has options how much thought if any did you give to sending him down try to figure things out of the socket. Now I mean we we always thought of our rosters and our roster and then. And although situation that income mob. You know we crept into Skype to they're performing today. We were in working with him. Unabated they've actually. Really upset at me because I'm in the interview. And their meeting about it BP in the world that is my mind at 231. They're hit an early they're doing the thing. His work in and I didn't like you're making strides. What makes here the season. April that then at 705 when you face the big leaders it's actually at this down up my. If I let the fact that her we expect that the it last night. Craig Kimbrel had kind of a rough gold at the ninth inning anything in particular you thinker just one of those nights. I don't want my son the idea but I pray those great at bat. 32. Able to. Mentioning sliders down and weary and although you attitude than many of them they could collect the oil. Miller. If you like for everything there is familiarity is the Babe Ruth. If they've they've again the Red Sox the last two years. In between like he. He only gets at bats against then he if you are open on a double. Then. And event it is in the next creator and make a few good pitches to. Who's smitten he gets out of I think we you know the lot it was okayed location is not concerned with them. Now last week we talked about Carson Smith review in his injury he sort. Alluded to maybe overuse being a part of why he was hurt and you would then said. After our interview speaking to the rest of the media pre game that you know you're gonna have a conversation with Carson Smiths have you had that conversation yeah. Greeted with actually. We we got a. About all the whole thing. Now. And my dad told him well mom I'm pulling for them I want him hopefully everything goes. You know. In a positive way and he can come back sooner rather than later. I express my feeling created. The extra. We Chernoff great. Did he express to you that he felt that he was being used too much about the part of it. Or. I'm gonna tell you what well what goes on and I'll be but I guess that we turned. It is negative and in he explain why he you know what he could it and I told him where I was coming from so we left that. I bought it and stated what scheme I know we'll. Alex when your former teammates Dustin Pedroia is due back soon and you have an idea of how you're gonna use them. And how you're gonna fit. I'm on the roster. Yes got a pretty good idea. Some one thing's for sure we can we just got up. Maternity late tonight and by the way there is only there but that's the most important thing right now. It is simply yes they do them well Monday. The planet for him to to play today. I think there one of those special day tomorrow Pawtucket typically have at 11 AM. So we'll see how he reacts united. Yes I I do have a pretty good idea I think. And it's gonna help those. Open Aaliyah to get no. And defense believe is an you know he's he's one of the best defense completely in the basically so we just got to make sure we we couldn't help people of the season. He's not that out you know he's gonna get. A lot of lot updated look we we we got to keep him fresh. Everybody's so what happened last year way where he was obviously he was hurt. What enters unity and you know he wasn't performing them we wanted to do it does occur. I gotta make sure we we keep imprisonment you know. We can tell obviously Nunez has had issues of his knees since last year and he's been playing through them with the DL for him be a possibility. As you try to make room for dry on the roster. I'm going to be penalty use these these health these. The last time you know every day every every bed check with them. And actually be you know the word you're putting in not only offensively but be it before games. Pelted that is. I reviewed a part of the roster he's gonna help us. Two to be better. He knows the situation he knows what was common. And not enough that we can use and so I do feel that morning and came around not only be sent to you put in the lineup is gonna outlook out of I know it can contribute. Tonight's starting pitcher David Price is coming off. I think the best game he's ever thrown and Red Sox uniform in his last start what did you see from price in his last appearance that made him so effective. Although you could fatten a lot there he would change speeds with he was you can different locations where that. As he got a note the use this game. That week that wage. Pitchers are attacking hitters. That vertical packed you know you conduct fassel we don't. Deuce it works it works and you can see David. Going inside and societies and outside going up and and open a way. Being able to use his changeup. Which I am it's all about. Control he'd be criticized him and that night he was fewer votes than. Judy Martinez off to a a great start he's got to be in the MVP mix here early in the season. He seems to be a better hitter when he's in the outfield compared to DH now they are bad DH by any means buddies since bill that more engaged potentially in the outfield is that's up he has talked to you about trying to get some. Regular time and in left field though. I don't know I think he won the player of the week being DH last week most of the gains. This guy doesn't matter. Of doing it very likely be out nobody understands weary yeah. But. You know when you DH him. The only the only negative thing is that. Quarterly thrown batting practice vindicate how to go about in practice or seven because. They got won't go pick him and besides that they're not complaints he'd been at it regardless. He prepares. He executes him and he wants to get batters. You completely feel right feel it the agent we know he's gonna put it good or bad thing. And it. Now it's big picture question Torre little off topic. The NFL announced today their new rules about the Hampton and I have to stand for and all that and I'm curious what you think of the fact that none of this stuff has really found its way into baseball we either in terms of players being really socially active. Or in terms of protesting or anything like that what why do you think baseball has sort of been different from other sports and missile. I don't know I've been it was a situation last year and you know come it's unknown is mistaken my actual. He expresses feelings and online community job I think in two players before the game it is. Melvin and man and the in Albany. They've co locate with the situation. You know it's last year to be honest with you playoffs sometimes you wonder you know on somebody. Is enough. You know well they expressed their feelings. During the anthem it didn't happen and I came in our case. How long we've we always when we encourage our guys there's a scenic you know. Everybody's out there but it's some it's somebody feel like maybe they want to express your feelings we've got to respect that obviously. We operatives situation much while I got so we encourage him to there I think it's it's very important. Partly because of what did we present but also what happened before the end and at the end zone in the these very important market. Together and meet a lot to us. Time now for the Cumberland farms question of the week brought to my Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee. Go to WEEI dot com slash manager to submit your question for us to ask Alex every Wednesday. Today's question comes from Megan ploy EO of West Springfield she asks with so many players turn managers like yourself. Are there any that you were in contact with to discuss the experience of the transition. As I had anticipated. We we took a lot of public are you console a defense. I learn from being last year. Obviously it's a different situation well officially here and I think the world champs well. Issues. It's in front of me there obviously the market in different you know they would have to manage our guys and put him. In a position to be successful he could not stand up last year so I talked to him a lot. Nobody is a world champ does he still take your calls. He's done he goes yeah I wanted a hectic yeah I don't I can't wait it in the Meg Whitman in Libya on weekends. Yeah Bahrain and soared to a guy than men and not catch it would although. Thousand basic Jackie Bradley is on the line up again any changes to a tonight. No we don't Arianna cricket discussion tonight is an amount so the red curtains payments different. Alex we always appreciate your time good luck we'll talk to you next week. Yet they care about the next hour. That as the Red Sox manager Alex Cora joining us from Tampa. We're broadcasting live from west and Johnny's 138 Portland street normally. They opened at four but because we're here today at 21 it'll headstart on your pregame press on down the doors are open and we're just down the street from the garden with the Celtics take on the cavaliers. It dale and Keith John to my seats in the house as well Sports Radio WE yeah. 6177797937. Is telephone number will spend most of the afternoon talking about Celtics. And they're cute playoff games night. Just down the street here at the garden against Cleveland Cavaliers. We would be remiss if we didn't mention a couple of other things that have happened in the sports world. We we mentioned this yesterday that the NFL owners were meeting at their annual meeting in Atlanta they were trying to come up with some sort of a solution to the National Anthem issue this year. No matter if it's. So let me just let me just put this in dale speak instead of their speed packet. If you feel strongly. That you need to make some sort of action or statement on behalf of social causes we are all for that please please do however. The locker room where no one will see it's you can actually make a statement on behalf of social causes. Right meal in the locker of the do you McNeil well you know do we even though. It's in the locker maybe you're not ready to go out of the field and I had to pull something that's deep because that's your domain you are testing it. So. It just yesterday we were joking about what the the ideas could be you do was all right everybody at this and if you'd needle you're having yet. Analyze it could be literally a fifteen yard penalty assessed in the game they scrapped that plan is unpatriotic like on the edit it put that out there are high with that's it and do you know. On the kick off or what you decide to do and then there were other ideas and put out there that is going to be up to the home team they were going to be the one that everybody. Letting outlets all salt do it or like while these are two of the dumbest thing I think they flowed those out there. Everybody shot those out to visit today epic about this get back to you tomorrow we got them that a parsley worked out of it now so now. Every player that's out there has to stand is now the rule. What they Tuesday which if you pointed out. Different to every want in the locker room. Now I don't know if that's the waste our time that move yet the most earlier good weather is while players are out there would be it would if they do we have them and they usually taken nothing off pretty quick then Malcolm butler's frying in the buying we've seen that at that game on. But yet this is just the owners. So there's no decisions make it make that everybody would like and they were desperately looking for that with thinking that that was available it's not available at that now they're doing the deflection where they got April by the president of the united as a and an eight day. Actually yeah see this is the problem that I have with this because this whole thing. It's coming from you know fundamentally. Manipulative and dishonest place we all you have to do is asked this asked the president draft dodging president. Who doesn't even know the words the ask him to see you Leo how's this even reacts but does he really wants. Them to stop nearly. The answer is no god no of course it is it is so I'll bring the well exactly so it's not this is not real this'll that's what's so frustrating about this one thing like the way the NBA does it. The NBA as a rule the players abide by that rule the players are OK with that rule because they have a voice in the league gives them a voice and Adam silver. It's outspoken players are outspoken when they had a terrible owner Donald Sterling make a lot of other like you're gone. And so the NBA doesn't write the NFL think about this these players are kneeling not to protest via the which is what has been turned into Bayern nailing. Because. You know protesting police brutality they're protesting. You don't mind my priorities yeah they're they're protesting the fact that they don't have a voice in the NFL solution as dale rightly notes up there locker room. Oaks you can have a voice just duel it out you know do it and it's like. We don't we don't wanna hear it we don't wanna hear you at all and the whole thing was about these guys not having a voice and you literally in your solution. Taken their. What's the these other part of it though by the way what are gun owners just it just and yet you've already got owners the jets owners parties will work fine. They sit quietly aren't because now the team that gets fired but that Zain how collected and are kind of player who are not lie that easy but it on the teams in the tournament to you give every team and out to be like now I would never ridden there are certain teams that know that their team are doing it right. Robert Kraft I don't think if the ruling worry about it happen one game in the direct aftermath of one the president says that after that. Never thought it was pretty clear that to be head coach of the team. At discussion with the players. And they said OK and then they abided by the rules from that point yet and at least that is a collaborative decision and you could that are disagree with it. But at least they all came to that understanding to get to the players association and buy this book chance. Right unless there's something has them on the day the needless gutless players association slash union with a in the history of sport is it what are they gonna get done now about it role I don't like today's we're going to be fired rocket Michelle Ellis liquidate part of the voice about this or perhaps the certainly weren't even though it probably is in this in the league players still play long enough to build any kind equities and it's editor what worked out now and or beyond exactly like what can I get get mine before I'm done yeah and all bodily damage you know we have spared. Fifteen years but you know I just have to get what I can't twilight camp. Worry about the flag can't worry about this Alex Cora mention what we talked them you know one that this doesn't happen in baseball it happened with the one catcher in Oakland who dinner out with Annika part time you know power play out exactly. He's the only one I don't want me if there was another when I didn't read about it. And Alex said you know he wondered during the playoffs if it was gonna happen and it didn't. You mentioned the NBA. It doesn't happen there boot up through grove that they definitely nice that there aren't people haven't NHL had one guy from the Tampa Bay Lightning who raised is this during the anthem one guy you know. And that was it because by the way he knelt you wouldn't sequence you know we're behind bars this so he kind of felt like we can get behind are horrible Iraq if so so this is the only sport that this is an issue and I can't figure out why it's the only sport apple part of it I think it's because the NFL has made. A conscious decision to wrap itself in the patriotism. We have military fly overs we have. You know families reunited of the Department of Defense had to pay for all this dog that we make it look like an idiot whatever part of the show you and they wrap themselves and Matt it's like there at the fifth race at the other Ella works due to not to that extent but not today. That's the greatest moment at every bruins' home game for me as the so called they called the eight spoke salute. And they always honor remember the military. And they read a biography of dispersant when they show him or her on the screen. You never hear a word of it. Because the entire building is standing up and and applauding and throughout their sticks on the ports in front of the bench as well benches. They do it every single game yet I would tell you that I had no idea that existence I think a lot of people probably in the same boat. And also there's a difference between. What the NFL does witches. Every four commercials this thing for the military's something. There aren't like we said there are fly overs there's salutes there it's just. They have wrapped themselves and almost as a shield to defend their own shield yeah witches. Don't criticize us we where troops where the troops that's like that's the NFL's default position on everything. And so they've contributed to that as well when you factor in. That you're you're basically now millions needing picture it is like if that would America. If your patriotism European and he had just coerced forests that the bulk. Audited patriotism that's not how it works that's not how it's well I don't think that the NFL was the first to do you know capita was the first and other players in that league with a first to do it in the other leagues were able to see what the backlash was the fallout was. And I also admits that yes it I think there is it maybe this isn't unanimous across the workers are good owners in the NFL. But I think the relationship between the players and looks at the NBA in their owners it better overall the mat in the NFL. In the relationship with the commissioner is better in the NBA you know felt that the commissioner said look guys. We really need to do this I understanding may feel. But this is what's best for the league I think they're more like they say okay. I will sign off on its give us some other avenues we can voice our opinion and will will sign off on that worth a project elbows and then tells of players what to do this no thank you we don't trust you. I don't think this will happen because I think all the other owners in the NFL it going to be like the jets owner who's already set when a fire the Mets and as well without Michael akin. The Sports Illustrated sports blog I wrote about this today he said the first time an older. Gets fine because they player takes a knee and then turns around and finds that player that's when this thing all blows up. The mid and owner tries to find a player because that's the bleakest and others it on and win and it's on. What would you have done what would your solution inventive mind honestly would just be leave it alone and hope that guys don't do anymore hope that sponsors caramel fans move on there because it's back to football as a lesson last guy's doing I believe. And just move on I that's what I would have done we heard all of that for example yesterday you found out what their doing today. I don't think any of those were the right thing I would just said. You know what it's if it was less and less of the story each week yes everyone's while the president's gonna bring about that just it would Norton move on yet that was the problem is you can't play. You can't satisfy him and that's what this is all about. This is we don't want the guy with the biggest Twitter account. And the most the spellings and America. I'm telling probably some of them are intact like we have dishonor went. We have to sleep or less clutter via the about it. But so the idea. That anything is going to placate him. There's no solution to an anti like that at the beginning he wants this to happen he wants this to be an issue he wants all my life and I'd already today declared victory. Mike Pence on behalf of the president as is Anderson he go to local community stated as he has now said the president wins players being told they have to stand. Yes because they want this the vehicle to work that's what's so frustrating so even what we are doing now. In what I'm doing now and what I feel you know like I can't help myself in the stuff comes out I know objectively this is not helping. This is exactly whatever once they want. Eight culture war in the NFL it's at the forefront it and you can't tell me by the way but the fact that most of the players were talking about in this thing 99.9 percent. They're black and medium president talked about we all countries even need to go and all of that. But this is all part of the race and culture thing but the same percentage applies to the NBA. But the differences NBA hires it's a higher and yet it's a higher percentage in the NBA but NBA players happy what's already. And going after them. Doesn't necessarily. You know you have double what our commissioner capitulated commissioner in the NBA says to the players. We need to stand the general route we not say no you're gonna stand. He was it like hit the NFL do the same thing because that you're gonna say that the trust like his in the I don't. I don't care about the trust used it or you don't play yeah but that although we want you got no doubt and I that's why it doesn't become a battle Royale in the NBA because there is trust. On those two sides you know like. If Adam silver takes the basketball players the end he could probably do the six part it's taken and it's Israel if that Roger gets out of. I don't you are getting hurt against Jake in the and that's at a big manhunt and oh yeah and it a huge manna and also how you know he the number of players or guys that played the players that got suspended by it though or what the court with it dollars all of this does the relationship there that it's. On like any other sports so there's there's no frost of respect even and so it is just it's different in in these sports but. I think it's ultimately predictable. We re let's say there's going to be somebody's gonna sniff out oh like. The the patriots only have forty players in the Simon there at them and they all go to either they're gonna do out there every and every. Press box they're gonna come there with our 681037. Yes. And then the president has the opposite and you'll like the NFL should do with it picture all the players are yeah but why aren't they what they gave me a liar what are they fill in the public. Of the flag there it was actually an utterly no they're not perfect but like the biggest issue ever in the history it's players all I'd burning flags that's. That's predictable it wait that's middle of September are we believe though that athletes professional athletes in the other profession major sports. Don't have a social conscience. Are we believe that baseball players don't give him the more basketball play bass players do that's what players do this there are so where there are pre game and an adult about it you know list that's up in the air the coaches. I mean there are some of the best video. Oh. You know Gregg Popovich talking about the state in the country Steve Kerr is like our battery that app with assassinated overseas and in the olive garden variety and then backed it. That gets put out there and yet if they don't try to hide from a they put that out there and players. They are allowed to speak and do whatever they wanted to do so I speculate. They have a voice don't need to say we're getting more attention by taking me in it distract from their point. They're not the one at about LeBron I'll trump you bomb yes and that's just after the on and on and getting stuff carried. Right so he tried this he tried this with the NBA with stuff are you know the warriors you're invited or uninvited ever are invited out and play out of life you bomb. Yeah. LeBron threw spots yes it's so he can't it be the NBA doesn't engage with him on the level. That he wants and he recognized if he's good at exploiting this kind of stuff you recognize that he had a patsy. In the NFL and AT and now organization. That could be its. Why is felt by all four. Restaurant and yesterday they are our players are there are still there there are all intelligent as the athletes in other sports why debate why they get sucked into it I don't know it's not a very high percentage that does it at least there's you know or fifty yards and every single team of 32 teams have been a lot a lot more players the idea that means that they've viewed the gators Munich so it's also the biggest sport in the world at least in our world in the United States are an editorial dominates everything else and that's the others it is a lot more attention about it. Even in the NBA even minute LB. So that factors.