Dale & Keefe -  Is Belichick going to retire after the draft? Keefe’s power outage, Rossi’s gross lunch

Dale & Keefe
Friday, March 9th

Hour 3: After an update on Rossi’s lunch and Keefe’s power, Andy Hart takes Dale and Keefe on a ride around the NFL. Now that the Browns have acquired Jarvis Landry, the guys discuss possible moves the franchise could make in free agency and the draft. Andy Hart poses the question of if Bill Belichick could retire AFTER the draft.


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Yeah yeah yeah yeah. 10 o'clock. Pool quail lags. He's hitting Quayle couldn't you Pontiac. Well on earth. Argue that its award act that ignites us not your played it there today bought on why aren't telling us back. Ross at the most disgusting launch of all time out in between. What ones that are an act in. We're on it was nobody yes it was a three old burger was even deeper. The worst piece that she's ever that melted on top all of a bogey older Boca burger. It was not a book of laws that it is a hard and the difference. She. She's. Out somebody at the time again for me meeting before the shows instantly to. To avert what would that ever. I don't know what it seems to argue are easy to surprise for me is that he set hours. I wouldn't have paid media. Stuff like you found in your bag and forgot it was there to act and it looked like heat lamp melting too much at Walt. Hillary finds his Super Bowl rings in his backpack. These are all. Here that maybe I'll eat the heat in a vegetarian the united right now on the season. And now he's does that mean it's it's guy out you could. Have a salad made. And I just need some of today though you went in to today say no bread. Now in a heated but that I wait it out at the south it would be better that just bites at the regular yeah it would still. And a beating with sound just humans. Top. Think it's sick from its excellent. If that. Does the tape smelly after union of America where you knew what you want to come home that's. Like a comet. I had a little hard at an elementary school advocate bombing at the Masada. I thought I was gonna pick this up accounts on all of all right so let's get your lunches out Celtic which is that it DB engine actually in the Internet and a healthy salad Florida and it's wonderful to speak out on us on the site LT the rose. To I'd rather read his burger than those beats. Have you heard from me yes you sound quality because he. Died eats. That's good for hourly renting the office. I repeat here that have been. Beats are only in the maintenance phase you know repeat next to do it into the collar economic anxiety yes. And that's worse than its arrogance and pride or hurt. Let's move on and it does it scare you know usually yeah I heard now from a light always do. Good job. Thru great so order or you who later yes sure burdens in an ally of ideas. Issues one. That. It's a technicolor rate tax. That always the window and Hart family and yes that's. Something that are now laughing protect its challenge the US's. Educated well thank you. The foot or two million people do believe he never. Better strikes without regard to age gender or. Sad things we played that twice a week. Right because that was the key. Ideas that the does he confirmed. Him and yes. We're we ought the other guys handled the outlook for our third most epic we do have to consider the idea he's pretending you're looking for there. I heard in India and it's a bag job search is over at times delivered a ruse although it is it. Was not given name hot. Important. Anti jet against him against who have. Probably mocked and he seems like Neitzel shoots. It's a result set for. Those finally got that in the eye and things that. Mike is not intimacy that there. So I said now. You by yourself or I would or tell us what you or is on the ground. Nice that team play its nice team player is he'll generally silly to stay an extra hour dispute. The night of the snowstorm. Asked go to Ivan Holmes wasn't the most fun I ever Obama still embarrassed about power so. There's an and by the way I bet that before the show stars in the office so much that we don't powers though it just lack. Its first response was just laughter otherwise is funny if you think. Forty degrees in my house who would metro Boston time that's of like yeah I have partner. That's crazy that's I think it and I'm like I had a terrific and we're sure we're literally the entire nor for a was out after an excellent and the impact late this more you know the update was to bring it back just before midnight on Sunday. They told my parents were five days they got back in the day so you're you're well that's because they want you'd expect the words and and be happy cleanser so he'll be to beats tomorrow market and waiting for it if it. Article summary also announced it would you do you think it's like when things don't ever rough my. I'd let them Saturday and Sunday are my days when I'm doing at that the word about your witness things about your frozen vegetable mortality I drank all the beer out of the first last about the gone we're about enough that you. The bank for crying out that the huge house and finally there are. Other. So have you been in the house the whole time I know we we did not stay in the house last night it's like forty something degrees is okay but went in the water was nice of pipes freezing can punch were. While I was in the house today so I don't know so slaughter every one of them flown via non flow. Took one last hot shower yesterday your home more useful arts and Japan yeah I mean waters or solve any problem with authority with a recent homeowners I don't know a lot of the tricks of the trade to the you learn from your mistakes all of my you're you're a consultant though you're going to be in Atlanta home terrible water on all built shenae RS the album not a broad audience was just that drip just a tiny dress and keep it moving went home blowing trick plays out. It's going to be able to get a 7000 dollar water Bill Clinton to make the prediction when you go home field. Obviously been going on eight. We should do in a pop. I don't think I evidence that summit they lie if at what they also do apparently there's the on the website the caller of the my wife says I don't know this is true or not. They will tell you you feel your information and I'll tell you if your power. He's going yeah Mike I'm sure that right away don't they probably don't I know from history I did that once and the power was on for like twelve hours in the night at the texting your powers on the here around this whole thing you know Wi-Fi enabled him as the water. Tablets and I'll get a garage under terms that you connect with you can connect. Islanders things on my apartment there's quite stuck that around launch since the month in which she had the edge you. Aussie actor with a bunch of Obama's now they're polished off the wind that was left it at the mountains we're blue in the 45 degrees an argument announcer now. Which I don't think that bad role hoodie on sleep and I'd be fun with the dog okay and would love that the bugs homey and he went up my parents. He's in the he has a look at act at a he's a cigar which it go back there's more comfortable in Callahan of the same problem was that he had no power we'll know he tweeted out a picture that looked like hell Apocalypse Now just a power poles down underwear he said he's going to be you know reasonable by candlelight reading the classics like candlelight for the foreseeable it might be would be. We a lot of candles again thanks to my wife was candle haven and I've got to do it handles so we roll out Neitzel only. That's not my wax tolerance is yes and I was right now the knuckled. Beer in the candle and I less a figure on at the in laws oasis if you're an advisor if you weren't it grossed out by the idea stock market and we got to talking about won't get it oil tolerate if she felt the hot lack of a sudden urgent piece. Anybody. Me can literally per. Cent. What sent to the all kinds stuff operates Bradley's. Robert Bennett can't guy I. But I'll begin that I would frosting first day after Michael left. Yes heard Michael steele's real emotional guy though yeah we go into the office in Jason's light a candle. I think it was sort of like are restarting nuclear power of chicken with somebody else what did you get IDS I wanted to you know get some new scent in there and lets you know started to talk. And it was there would you have a birthday cake now as it was it was like it like Birtley agent of the Oakland and Cleveland Ross yeah I. That's actually like the eastern and deeply I eat gross he saw it smelled it itself. I like peeps it smells like martian boy girl houses like heaps. Late in much. But to those beeps and that colors the our little frost. I it's like Flores gets back out on me every time caught. Andy we've heard argument that it did indicate. It takes. It's yes it's Monday morning why you're calling and I feel better off it is. For us in. Touch details of the it just correctly after the terrible for a year ago would like Christmas trees now now. -- for Europe beer drinker a new year Christmas trees. In the year for these issues differently. Hands they taste like Christmas tree water. I don't know if that's it is you that congressmen. And I played with the political veteran players. All of the needles of that into me that you made the cardinals and the way. The wick out maybe not smoke music I love the smell of when you blow it out about it the worse off since. It is helpless while deals that whatever that includes stops only birthday cake with her and protect. Letter rates. And I haven't let that Campbell sent the in his back soon as its future future calamity commitment at eight. Veggie burgers and has acts. And some things that's right at a level one. Atlantans like whoa whoa stickers are close but not those glasses. I've known but the cat can't organize the same guys kept him out handled and and it's outhouse on purpose there the Catholic it's easy I'm on fire that actually get out of the house that burned that. But. Did not recognize that article. That the people will they want a priority. Well you flip them. Beat mark. A like workers vacation I was cooling on the menu things happen to him. The festival on the man that's terrible. Well Dayton noted that a concern about the preview hi I'm guessing I'd we Turkey's week out we were over plot to attack. Read as well below it until it. I would want certain countries in the a lot of good. Time. Yeah. Cern help us understand your status with the Seahawks right now. Well right now they know that there's we've got compensation. And the way they've told me that they're lobbied people don't create it but there you know warming. Understand that the doors open the term. You know that started to work pretty clear Brady. Bunch of gifts give me and them the best chance or create. And I got to appreciate that. However his mother is really Matt. Thought for all Richard Sherman who says that the Seahawks are releasing him today. Allowing him to go check out free agency but you know maybe the doors open to come back if you wanna make a lot less than the eleven million we were supposed to pay you this year. The other trade the NFL minutes ago a wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Heading from the dolphins to the browns for two draft picks. You'll remember that the dolphins franchise Landry a week ago sixteen million. But according to Adam show after the browns and Landry are all ready working on a new contract they expected deal will get done which obviously will. Or mitigate that sixteen million dollar price tag for this year. And they have a ball cap room on the money list and it's arrogant turned that team around. Yeah team on the company went five games alone now only lasts eight to me that you haven't come I tuchman I was gonna turn around do epitome of field do you hate him. If Hamels called mortal. You can't say well you know yeah I did that was on donkey you know your donkey is it too confident he walked into the com and media room you know and there was just they massive throng of media waiting and his cohorts. And he just stopped and looked with this life. The spread. Yeah the highs it. He was as the word I can't say. As you think of a different all you can say I'm not cry out there and he's sort of yelled at me. There was as dirt the wrong. As almost anyone can remember at the combine and he's undersized in this some questions coming out of the big twelve days that it name is I think I want to comply like him better with the browns are a lot of marks to the jets I think you'll crash and burn in New York with the jets that media market edited out. But no ulcers is the browns. Joshua Ortiz come back yet our injury. You can drafts are Barkley number one. Mayfield made me feel or otherwise quarterbacks if they get the quarter entertaining guys could have some fun and I still think their coach stinks. So he's won one game. In two years as far. One. Three years and that's another issue for it and I've never understood that by keeping him. She draft young quarterback that he's gonna coach every year you're probably a German or if they get agent care. Because we coached him. Tried to get in the kind of on eight did but now he's available anybody inside right there because they might us and that's probably true. But how big is the aid of the browns are trading to draft pick six Saturday. That's. A number that's right. Except benefit so we have no idea if you are ready counts. Yeah you're out there and I felt like I was funny yeah so I would point out these are just facts you can take these were you want. Jarvis injury was picked up one spot after two big drop below. I got a quarterback he's not a quarterback and you're gonna get two picks for him easily go one and you franchise the owner tags of the erratic it's harder to trade ads that we've heard it's. I. Last guy was castle before yes now it's like a fifth and seventh and ethnicity here but if it's something real if it's a two tier as the final Russia yeah we got another 6 7 o'clock hour and I'm route and we had a lot gone if you remember when you wanted to get them now on your judgment is that out I I'm sort of the energy guy off the deputy energy. My job path now yeah that is here in the diary. You this took compliments to give me I acted need to update like my purity to use not happy that line with the people light. He technology Oregon was supposed to be president might appreciate listen I expect traffic. Accident you guys so far. I said Paulus three. The longer atlas is really. That's that's three of the Indians at any players for here's Britney like temperature of the that he couldn't name the play. Music exec Kevin tones are part of the patent. Kevin I don't know. Put him on the light officer Leo delegate text very intimate let's hurry and several expletives and learned. Lots of exclamation. Point promote Jesus died yet leap I believe is never mean yes. But are slim lead in the division in sports here but he's on the up and coming. Up my amateur and liked it. They're different. He's better avatar from you react is that so that makes you think he's that he's different I mean I think yeah on the patriot stars in would be insane. Of course. I think people would. They might go out and I think you'd have a better chance of priests deep balls looking but it's also more examples of those possession receivers having seniors then right after rating mosque. Again yet but it about Coke's yen rate so. Not that Evans wouldn't what am I have an hour because that's accurate or some of the stuff he did and lets college and it's been a couple years but. Joining and so just rolling out hot the ball and be aware of it much he would run back and forth he had been around and chuck it up and Evans would. Would rate him off the guy that's run in and can you envision Brady getting bad again he had with a mosque where you throw up there's a safety and a quarter I don't care and throwing it out. Do it to Mike Evans touchdown he would be enough. That's a dream is dead so none of those guys coming New England now the real issue here for the patriots is all these wide receiver contracts piling up have summer decision to make. We've raining cooks now. I'm not going down the Ben Golub wrote when he wrote they should just cut him swap. I will to be fair to ban it needed right it he had a full page in the globe. Apology note and after thing that nowhere there did he write portrayed. And I don't know why those two words could not defeated on that huge page ad in the globe and he did admit in hindsight he should have written. Portrait portrait he has value correct. You're not going to trade a first round pick for a guy that's putting your out of a year later disappointing it is depending who you talk to boss Iraq dropping NC you know he was just think most people depends where you got Al Horford debate is where you stay on the brink of the duet though there no idea at all along was disappointed in raincoats practical matter. It brings us that doesn't work so now my my my feeling is if if the dolphins stated targets Landry who by the way. As a big fund raiser tonight at the hard rock stadium on Jarvis Jim to benefit cystic fibrosis and is everything great apartment. So Jarvis tweeted out a few minutes ago. You all better understand bleep about to get serious all caps on my mama. He's OK let us and what that means it's up to get serious. Something about a mother. A Wheeler you asked about my eyes I don't yet on asking a degree saying it's on my other time and I Wear my mother yet. And sell so he's going to be really good he's gonna live up to or is is happy with this because he's about to get this new deal. From the Cleveland Browns now I would have thought that telling a guy that you're being traded at the Cleveland Browns it's like oh my god component of the federal witness protection program you know he's immediately hey don't see I pay back what you that's what between it's about committees like 1980 he's saying that's a rap sheet. He wanted to go there part of it they're gonna have a quarterback that he's feet as they they're gonna quarterback you what I don't know if that's true or not for the first time in dad ever. And all the other guys or was there and party do. Right with that so baker mayfield could crash and burn more Josh Allen or whoever they eat the last successful or right with their interest and for once he's right. Right that's that would ask your best bounced around is that so I think he's getting paid he's happy to pay via. I would be too so it this is almost a rhetorical question but answered anyway there's lots there's lots of bullets being made in the NFL when it's you know this team down the road here gonna do something. Today I played today about a couple today all of our chat is up. Catching the Red Sox spring training game when his buddy Tony La Russa. Opel the years to what you're going to tell you did on the phone I have this little theory. Is there possibility little theory. I don't know I think all up back to the size miles an older. Guys he left him. You know coach is coming to a new place and sometimes they keep the scouting staff until the draft is over yes the inverse possible. A coach stays with the scouting staff and team until the draft is over either adults or retire didn't they think just pulls you know that he's gonna retire this in the form of a question go I don't know what's so. And Judy stone cold stunned if Bill Belichick were not the head coach in September yes. Stone Goldstein yes I would zero as a chance don't know it 1% obviously it and a senior scenario there's a chance I'd be stunned counting. I have no reason to believe that he he he decided this is there's enough of that so he's back. Why why why would be combined why would be duel in the whole franchise history. That was very nice and there. Hang out with the sun and only interview just the re able to visit with Mike may doc again his body and yeah I do think it's coming to an and sooner than people want against memorial. That's an understatement of what you think at night. You kind. Of its music maybe gras could be traded you think maybe belts or could retire and pretty big they think there's possibilities. That Paul don't always a coalition that were legitimate possibilities. Arts and what do you think is gonna happen sort Rappaport. Get a dollar check out. Votes here or at a higher that's it might. You know clip where dogs are now at. Is more likely he's the coach probably okay but did you think he was weird yeah his buddies tribute to all but on Friday. Arts ER LA he did trades dot com I just said is it a possibility is that theory we've bounced around I've discussed of people at the column by needed to put it there's a lot of these discussions come by and wait hours to play I'll let did you ever buy anything I've heard about his that drug cocktail at. Saint elmo's fire in what it is you really need to go outcome in any heard that we hired a third personal ready whenever it's a bad job and this is all the rooms that's all I've heard that from people industry sources people in the industry where oil industry for massive air and now they're all there are high there learn about. There were industry sources. Indianapolis Cincinnati and so anyway is Belichick admitted happy hour with me I probably half an hour might have been the key sound like outraged Syria and things. But when I think that patriots are they good to make its trades here for the draft well probably not they've tried a couple in the haven't worked out of him enough on anything they had on their agenda. More well these next couple Hubbell one that works would you would you trade cooks. Now well well thank you should make an article yeah Friday Virginia does that act as an accountant for what you got back. Get back well based on the current economic climate for wide receiver probably OK so you would you take a two for Britain coats. Now they'll have three and ramp that seat in effect then you gave up one for a two that's not how he operates you know once we did not get one for mental thing. A year after someone who now want you get a player. Okay what player a left tackle perhaps. That's our trading US are left tackle for Britney coax them back up. To have both of us. You need. Are you don't they're adults it can happen if you want to answer you need you you think you're getting a starting caliber left tackle. They talked when he left tackle for bringing coats. No way. Carolina border app probably tackles the lords who again yet not every guy but. I don't you know that's been bandied about people saying would you take a two for breeding coax I think that's a legitimate consideration because or is it more valuable if it's like a really late to as a more valuable to CO one more full season had a Coke in a contract year. That's a possibility pot and you get that pick after that three. It's actually after all Michael compensatory. In the foreign transitory three minutes after the third round I called for it but that's happened. No that's facts while it's not really it's not the war first and the graphics are a third but it's not corporate if it comes after the first 96 it's a four hour for shields up for the fourth round. Yeah still after the third of the third half these particles and they do. They really do that you really try to drop a third and half from her guts for a that's some of the best Pixar and I thought. The concussion question was there was besides we don't break it again I say there words there's plenty of time audio left. It's even more Shia community Aaliyah I agree with the 6 o'clock got to be dumb on them that we we call that the pro Bono on our product. Apart and keep it minutes. Yeah I expect that will not be true today as 77797937. Crist up in Maine hey Chris. Exit at like all guys what's up fighting and equity is take on number one pick in the fourth round as what is. And if you give up on clerks remember how bad image all the work that first year a very talented receiver but it took awhile to get. It used to operating system all know I would I would give up on cook's either the bills under one. He's yeah. This is gonna get better any any unlike most particular it has some talent but I. Are there that I called this particular as that goes on with Stephen Smith and some of the radio host and Stephen A Smith one of the most vicious. Eight the vicious guy to deliver on the radio calling bill bell. Is just predict. And a lot of the talk show host in a lot of that. Quote fans calling in wanting Belichick explained what he does what we wanted to become Rex Ryan can go to the Mike and yeah I'll tell everything. Why so you don't want an explanation you don't wanna find out why Butler didn't play and who ball. Not really running the decision and it might not might not have been the right decision of course they'd like to now and building project. Well that's not about how this Nevada sort of example not really doesn't. Exactly progress under this situation or I don't start another conversation whatever slaughtered the rap world connect up to it's just gonna you're never. Ending it. So I'd like every Belichick make decisions. Ma won his system are of late we're late in the playoffs every single year because the way you treat people but the stakes are. I know that they're in the playoffs every year because yeah it treats their they're not them and in your phone's front agrees that even an atheist. And Hayward out that you feel that we it was our own talent out there there's also not ideal is that a shot. Yeah atheists penalty that's a show on the usually and so. Could be he's the president is that a shot these Protestant. Maybe. I don't know about a lot of veggie burger Tony the worst ads Asia and a hockey puck with hair product security. 617. There. 32 didn't do very seventh. That slide is 37937. In the hearts and how's the daily key Sports Radio W media. So mentioned valued at Cleveland Browns. A laughingstock of the national football like this before. I'm saying this that's who work that's who knew you were that I last night and and I you've got Jarvis Landry Josh Gordon. Played a game take one Barkley yes played a game. Kirk cousins my misses the Cleveland Browns to understand that Cleveland props. It would religion. TD clones when you needed defense today and the guys like him now. That'd immediately turn on when they traded later video peppers do nothing much. Yeah there's not much but I mean that young guys of those pretty Saturday I think whether it's cousins or AJ McCarron Mickey yourself. You're in the right direction and there was Baltimore to Moscow appears committed out of them now all of these are not the basement in the division he could be second. The division I their balance and senator with Cincinnati. Right you look at the bill to wild card teams in the AFC this year. Yeah not that far away right that you can compete with those teams in it ever Bill Ayers somebody turns it around it is like the surprise team that oh they only won four games last year this year they're gonna win ten or eleven. Abdic are about the coaching it does not the quarterback though because as great as Gordon and Andrea are you can't have. What it does on Kaiser war. They've why haven't Hogan and they are well yeah it will be a different quarterback understand whether it's a free agent and editor rookie. They get they go with the fourth pick and they just start Sam Arnold or Josh Allen Mike and I go about it right. Etiquette gathered. At a question I don't feel any added to the list of Cleveland Browns quarterback since 2000 but it browns fan. And I just got a of course you are you just get a big time receiver you have two of the top four picks in the draft a bunch of politics a good spot that's the one thing that that. Kwan left them Sasha brown will want is that quantitative person it's another Q food. Is that the credit only for cannibals are but he left them a ball looked at that was his evil it was and loading up affix any apparently offered a budget problem for problem and ride because he was. It mail and really we should point out by the way in in what will screw up keeps hold keeps scarcity theory here like I fine tune out according to Adam shaft here. The draft picks going for Jarvis Landry are neither first nor second which means it's two picks somewhere between three and sent it. Right yes yes that would I would deduce that your professionalism stand. I must connect. Doing some math here the big difference it could still we still don't know could be two thirds or to create a sixth seventh the 32 sevens the price you have no idea what could be fiery and a conditional seventh no water to do so right away so you lost your whole little rant about how to make more per. Where we're franchise then drop ran. Yet you already a world work iWeb law and you always have to be ready locked in a load off him and now you ago six the a fair exits so. I just think it's interesting that this was all I didn't realize it was only the second one since cap the first ones and Cassel. To be franchised and for trade under the veteran. To read Twitter auto while usually I would throw that now check Wikipedia. Has a background color is dictionary Marty on it as I don't have on their all day that's right it doesn't capitalize at the big number but. Their celebrity teams that have so much cap space they via U bigger capital of what could happen more now when you enter every authorized with multiple teams with a hundred million dollars in cap space. And even the worst franchise tag for a quarterback is. You know 24 million dollars you could do it reckon that if Jarvis later it was they stripped freeagent. Mode again. Someone probably pretty crazy episode Mike Evans got a you'd probably get something pretty good he's less than happens I don't get my band but you'd probably voted not to leap to mind. Known Mike Evans is that we you know what he might be. I put my bad news Nightline yes that beyond doubt that people speaking out what I did and I didn't Janus and Winston against Mike Evans yet he just wins an album I'm pissed that is that but he does great editor and he was not rate may have picked and union BP didn't. Suitable strategy. I thought hell he felt are not made Super Bowl related to aware about what it all into one of those pre season picks where you kinda. Are all in one basket and say if this works I paparazzi aren't night. And then the bucks a head when she's out there cutter was a coach of the year Mike Evans who's the pretty good. Yeah he's very good and these are added that one game but he was he was usually good substantive terms ledger was available through the Cleveland Browns you might. Gimbal extra money anyway right just to get him to go to Cleveland so in this scenario it you have to give them a couple of late draft picks in order to make sure you get them. Yeah I don't think they'll regret this and he's still as prime on his momma souls. And it's gonna take off if he does he know it seems happy happy guy would be ID and and just did. I see this is like rock and try to translate tweets here it is your favorite dangerous this has become harder you know this I feel like you're really started for me to fifteen. Now sixteen. The NBA trade deadline. Last. It ought to get right about it was a little quiz NBA trade deadline it's odd it's great job at an hour class yes Natalie that's when it really became this they were definitely just messing with us because I was went Isiah started following like a hundred from gas to grab it next. Yes that but now off in the end you will yet they off yeah. And it started in the last year's free agent member like hightower kept doing like the stupid little lies looking to decide for these random things -- to agree amount of use of the top mode you don't use the mode he's never had I don't know you don't really and a Bork I think we've evolved mentally to go to high republic the tablet that we have evolved to emote geez so we're going backwards that's how communications started on cave walls it's it's just tripled I think you can rent here is aware of your city councillor absence now companies become too simple and we're further evolves after language where words mean something. You've picked up the phone there's a reporter octave. The used to communicate to Lama god you have once more than I as he learned how to use it was I I. And you being obtuse yes alrighty. You never to send the thumbs up at seven okay that's Jay is the big promoted as the count guys became a guys have been the most what I do enjoy. Is that my car has like that apple thing you plug your phone in a pack and she says that. Jason Rossi replies with lights and bombs it tells you this time. Of the thumbs up their purse I bought it I only so I'll go out of the Simpsons that was yeah. She tells you the skin tone. He's glad to. She that's why you must the million dollar cars of the added that if the president has like that apple play apartment late. Decorate our department on our equipment that he pocketed it for sure that our. Appointment for a minute you know the power. I might. Too bad battery right and I think aged to try and promote the book shop at times modes. I've almost. And they patrol. The I learned with Batman from one Mike hears this issue that I cannot provide you with matches and eggplant some moderate about. The simple like that at saint okay I'm at times. Whatever you or your wife talk about it I certainly like we can just say. Right now. We took it I don't use them oh geez he brought up like bill later straighter now. Compensation. Is underground thing I've cap currently in the next and I just got a high. The receiver to add to die. Or they'll like use mercurial wide receiver or pot smoking at wide receiver that if I get a quarterback I think I'm gonna feel pretty good about it in the score a lot of points and it is if the guys on offense and the rams showed you scoring points is a way to turn I equivalent. The markets Peters Aqib Talib duo with the rams Matalin well that is awesome. Legal and well I think he'll and fine I think it would be great I think though there have an awesome year a real problem is God's. You used a relatively better this year than last year or they stepped back here. Move that's a good question to that I think the defense will be better but I don't know if the offense can't but I don't know Todd Gurley ten have a seasons it is just. But all alive I think off could be able to daughter could be better as he's involved in two years threat do they do they get bounced in the first round of the playoffs. Yes well as the Eagles right is now. Another loss to the falcons guests. So I think they could do that again at any big thick and again vacant looks different then might they might be better this year share amended shaman or they guy not good call their key for Iran or it's an Al Iraq reported right now they might even do the same they could make the playoffs or miss the playoffs next year it used to their new stadium. No they started selling seats this week did you see that open aren't that is not the most exciting country topic but are chosen Boston bring it right now. It's 5 o'clock instead of PS cells you know those where where you have to buy the right to buy the seat now they PSI. Now I would never they. Are calling them something SL some other term it's alone. You you have to pay like 151000 dollars summit to be a season ticket holders decent level you pay 151000. It's a no interest loan. It's guaranteed to be returned to you within fifty years I believe fifty. Yeah I could be year round descendants and it's gonna step that your I'm going into this deal and added two bunkers out of order has lost mass money dot com or whatever you guys in there they that's how they're doing instead PS cells are coming it's that's not related to that we need the stadium looks freaking cool pretty online could be due to implement movement come buy into that facility would you rather rather than India news. You know in the future. All the way officials to order that would be great you know like everything else what's the long in Indy. It's a short flight in the hotel as a block away from the the facility. Every restaurant is a block away from that unity steak houses everything you need to do you it's all walking. I got to thinking LA in my hotel before I got to mostly we're bats are walking city effort now I don't think it is meant to those teams and you know it wears it in Inglewood. Inglewood that angle yet admissible in three years yet today. It's theory but both Atlanta next year than it's the Florida one that you can't have in the first year and I think it's. It's two years away and then another here for years. It's. Details matter we may never get the answer them with a price Google it I'm not a few and I'm more of paying guys. Heard that I'm gonna lie under. The goods are delivered at the end interviews and bay at tickets are ten and 6177797937. Is the telephone number text minus 37937. When we come back on the other side I don't wanna waste. The show prep that'd be hard put him because at a time so we're gonna talk some Bruins hockey and ice and I did try and all you'd told me a warning according to make you laugh Angel Stadium at Hollywood park in Inglewood it's 20/20 two Super Bowl. Will the patriots be and its excellent service and it's like yours here's hoping I'm not like it chances and that's that I won Eagles when he when he wants to it's the fourth Super Bowl. When they say the twelve must now all they mean February 22 about the 223. Iron and smack you in the mouth at the back when I mean how many singles between now and then three and then it's the fourth. Yes it is at Disneyland next year than it is and at Miami and then in Tampa. Right so it's the fourth Super Bowl like I say that process no you said three and I think you're not allowed to host it in the first year you open. Or exploitative thank you in the right again your professionalism stinks. I question it.