Dale & Keefe -  Ben Affleck’s back tattoo makes you question people’s tattoos;  Sister Jean is the hero we didn’t know we needed

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Monday, March 19th

Hour 3: Bill Belichick is off on his college pro day tour. This weekend he stopped off at NC State and met DE Bradley Chubb. Everyone is still in panic mode about the Patriots’ offensive line situation. Photos have surfaced of what could possibly be the worst tattoo ever, and it belongs to Boston’s own Ben Affleck.


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Hours are three days ago. Sports Radio WVT I'd much is in the house as well. I'm going over some of the moves made by the patriots in the the second wave of free agency. The time when Bill Belichick generally kind of makes his hey he's out on the college pro date tour right now. He was that done North Carolina State earlier today along with his defensive line coach so they're out continuing to beat the bushes and try to find. The guys that they think can can help them here. He seems to really like these like I was I was watching some video footage of him today. And Israel hands on let's listen to this interaction today. As a deserter on the recruitment it's. Yeah 31 campaign. That's always good luck there's no prisoners. Your statement just talking to. Is it Bradley child gases name yes. And can notes forty place for the jets it's a practical about them is there he is the negatives on Bradley job and Bradley Chavis think it's an opportunity to coach Phelan beckoning in politics is that were taken 31 we got no chance losers it's just not happen. But worth it worth the shopping day goes down there and he definitely gets the ball he museum all the time whether it's. Alabama or. If NC state here this camera urban liar back in the day route to Florida or do go out there again appetite and deplorable yes I'll linebacker that you're soon. But Brothers and you mean he's gonna be late in on the mock drafts of the top five pack now like well let's though. Either they would have to trade way up or something crazy and got that figured out the the slide down by talent he's they're taking notes on his neck and weaknesses Sony play against him right he knows how to approach that or is there something I don't there NC state whose off everybody's draft board will take in the third round worth. Earth. So the New York Jets gave up four picks. To move up to the third spot they give up the sixth then a couple of others in and out the second round picnic should be able four picks to move up three spots. Presumably to draft a quarterback yes. And maybe third quarterback to anti improbably yes such as think and it's acute exits and Arnold it's Josh Rosen whoever it is. The achievements of the jets getting the franchise quarterback just based on jets isms there's no objects it sounds like very little chance doesn't it. That is the other guys were counting on their history now as for the the single move. I feel the same way I felt about the vikings will lead to pelvic guaranteed money for Kirk cousins. It's the most important position if you think that one of these guys can be your franchise quarterback. You take a shot now he gave it my all don't have it you are. Freaking a relevant it's one thing to take the shot for the number one but it was they have like Intel where they think their almost thick do you love for re guys in the draft when I doubt or what do they have eight Danny Ainge light guy in their front office who knows that mark helpful is not the number one pick trades out of it and gets the number three guy in back -- looks at the best player hall and Jason Tait and white but there -- -- -- at all -- -- is there is Sam Arnold Marco faults I think announced think from a lot of people they police that he had a bad year I don't not a bad here is terrible it's terrible not as good as that expectations were is that the year before. But I don't think just from reading all of the from mock draft doesn't seem like it's a different guy so. Marco faults was pretty much the unanimous number Olympic bothered by that time and so when Danny Ainge traded or sent art you're giving up on faults. Like who's going water to right now I don't think we know so the jets traded all of that just to move up a few spots. And their guy might be gone again unless they would really like three guys which are fun heartedly. Yeah I I'd. I think they put themselves in a spot where they at least know. We're gonna get one as the top three guys it's amended there are four guys in a go at the top of the draft. They have now leapfrogged who was the other team that was and that was the bills who are likely move up here at some point again yeah I'd finally get a quarterback so what data is LeapFrog that'll lead to three. They also got past awful mean on the top two picks are likely not be traded so they know. They get their pick of a quarterback before buffalo does it again you guys are probably right we city or mocked the jets every year to Jerry or special. Just to sit there may put the jets it's it's like clock work. But I'd like the thought behind it at that position the paying guaranteed money going out yeah guy it set a fiddle around with you know. Look at some of the quarterbacks it's on for big money this year they on this Jeff I don't know they suck so that yes we pay all they sell offs of the jets paid. Fifteen million dollars the Teddy Bridgewater there's ten million dollars that just recount and other gonna draft three erosion did not Rosen want to play next year the idiots of redshirt year guess what and it 2000 medically nice here ready to go I'd bet whoever they draft third overall plays this year. Right now now we want you want at the start though an obese apparently agree couple the end of the year and just welcome to the thorn in his feet to the fire early on the season. To your point earlier about an and I said Nate solar was the departure from the patriots that worries me the most. I think that the the eventual starting left tackle this coming season might not start the season there but before the season is out. Is one of these kids that Bill Belichick is looking out on the tour out erode you probably right first round pick or that pick their effort or up to now when soldier was excuse me out when Nate solar was drafted he was on the roster for all sixteen games his rookie year. He started thirteen of sixteen regular games most of the time filling in for right tackle Sebastian Vollmer. When Ballmer and Matt Light were both healthy. He was actually used as an additional tight end for a lot and yeah I don't see what time on yes and and and then at the 2012 season Matt Light retired. And sold it became you know the starting left left tackle its second year. I could see them picking a guy and by the way probably 31. Who's going to be your starting left tackle by the time you hit November's. That mid in the plan last year with Garcia reckon they knew sold as contract status so they may have thought hey he's gonna give us one more year he can play at times as it turned out we've. Chanting going down maybe you would have played a ton you know again had even been healthy in good that we we don't really know. But maybe that was their plan all along that as the season went on the civil Moroccan bring solar back at that money anyway so we can't really have the more than a redshirt year disorder to play a lot the first year but he was a teammate with Matt Light they probably wanted sold her replacement to be on the team last year it didn't work out that way. But they're gonna to go back to the draft is Matt Light started right away his first year it was Super Bowl the first Super Bowl Matt Light boom again in early second round Roma at left tackle they got replaced. It calls because Marcus cannon at left tackle on the other guidelines all right tackle the guy that the latest NFL but come on track hasn't taken in fact I promptly tackled. Connor Williams at a Texas. And the issue I have with with the tackle and and Dale's probably right the probably think offensive lineman there. On report Phil Perry is he's done a lot more work it's public and I am in the draftees on the quick slant podcasts I think his goal was the tackles in this draft sock. Nice nice so hopefully they found a guy or two it doesn't seem to be deep tackle draft but all it takes one it seems more likely than Max Tobin. Getting Iran and we look ate it it did this is pretty simple. When Dante Scarnecchia has been here the offensive line has found a way to make it work when he's not out here with the news. They fall apart so piece here and other half faith they'll find a way to make it work because look at the track record he eases as reliable any thing. In the organization Belichick Brady. Scarnecchia heat when he's here they might have ebbs and flows but for the most part the offensive line I figured it just they figure out because he's apparel that good of a coach. O'Connor Williams at Texas eighties deals. Ironically. Willis with its older going lower reading last week was the the next to best tackles left in free agency. Orly Adrian wobbling Cameron Fleming which is bizarre and their Bolton Dallas and he's always felt right there they're both in Dallas that if they are both those guys walk and had no problem because then I I've seen idea I've seen them here. You couldn't convince me they could not find a better guy in the draft or that Garcia's not better or held a Max Talbot and couldn't do. With those guys did because they answer Matt's matzo it's a matter I was Macs to open Max. Matt Tolbert ankle Max yeah Larry Mac planes on subjecting all ought patriots often linemen and his thoughts were handled seem happy Oki we go 72. Osaka. And you wish I expect it. Is very offensive trends 6177797937. Is retired about the patriots moves in free agency so far. Our Mike's in north Providence and sang at the right button here might. You guys the night the the F corporal Paterson move actually kind of interest. Concealed bill historically has been very. Selective wide receivers out trapped. But he had been very identifying them once currently in the picking among. For next to nothing or you know to make it advantageous trade. And the guy in the first round pick six to 2214. Or. You know three time pro bowler L all pro kick returner and giving it to kick returner. You know the one hand he might be looking at him with an idea how he can use them in the and a larger scale. For example last year in Oakland they started using him as a water sometimes yeah you know he's not he's not a one dimensional guy. And eat you know just says what Hogan in buffalo was like Cole on the pick up so good and next thing you know he's he's at seventeen point nine yards a catch. Maybe they'll have something in mind for this guy. It British is to make these guys that Camille here these these wide receivers many of them who he did it had that ability not all of them because Donald Hayes came in big wide receiver outside leading receiver that didn't pan out right was the guy came in for a cup a Reggie when he came for couple copies that thanks but no thanks I currently Gibson I'm gonna also they don't always go to our wires that point my Mike's right about that for. The three million box. I don't these interview a runner and I L Oregon right now there's soars up there about his embrace the honor roll now in the NFL but because we can do that but it three million dollars via a campaign that he slaying let him go to Pittsburgh. He he better be doing those things like he's talking about can that be the bulls in he'd be very it's a lot of money for just doing that all we see them. And there was mcdaniels we've seen them be very creative and you know some of those little and arousal touch passes that pretty does the brain and cooks like I'd be a perfect route from Paterson it would double leg and around the basketball that yeah -- that he gets the credit for a touchdown pass which is not but hated it works of that kind of thing or is handing it to warm or. Lining him up in the backfield is as the previous caller said you know last year he had thirteen carries the exit two rushing touchdowns. First career. He has this is sort of puts in perspective but five years really for one year was action or is it five years. He's been healthy this whole time seven career receiving touchdowns six career rushing touchdowns. Five career kick return touchdowns. So I mean I is that I see him touching the ball. 6810 times a game. Between counted on our turns but he doesn't return punts writes he has not he's returned one punt in his career it's weird kick off return I just beat because the way to kick off fools are now you can just so it's not. You ran the ball the 25 most the time anyways so I went into the trade was it Friday I had to okay upon return. Now he knows he's got one career punt return I believe only they have in the NFL you know and and and dole gone it's Cyrus Jones doesn't make the team because he can't catch Ponce. And you don't want gentlemen doctor all the time I mean. You don't. But I don't know there are getting hurt honestly I think you give him a shot about it but we'll see about it offensively he'll be he'll be entry you'll be guide through that you know opposing defense is out that crap partners that they could be anything here he comes a lot of jet sweeps with planning the jets job all the lovely jets we've national shore. 6177797937. Its telephone number. On some of the moves that the patriots have made it made people little anxious that departure Malcolm Butler the departure of mates older the departure Danny Amendola. And none of the additions so far while except for Mike in north Providence liking. Court Errol Paterson. Haven't excited too many folks that that's what we're talking about 6177797937. Scaling keep Sports Radio WEEI. Never been happier. And it was over the weekend in the that I did not fill out. And NCAA basketball right I wanted to not be happy wild now. Hopefully the way the brackets have gone what it basically means everybody's human right. Yeah I've ever is freaks out all I gotta brag sort of a lever residents and everybody every bracket is well on there. Forget that he did. If you got Virginia or Xavier winning the whole thing or North Carolina. Arizona then you're done. But it did and going to the final four who cares that had most most people that the unified notre Burgos top seeds. No I was against more news or. Reality check no one knows anything so these guys that Phyllis and everyone wanna tell you they know they'd go look at the games we get when savior nor cal lost. These are all teams are projected by many many smarts are people who voted upon fraudulent this know nothing will this help the ratings for the for next week and the sweet sixteen or will it hurt the ratings. Make it's gonna is gonna hurt Eller won gonna hurt this poignantly at the top seeds and the and the you know the best players you'd like these that's another Virginia either of their top seed order in the ratings every shot out hurts that yes projected number one lottery pick he goes off completely about Arizona Kentucky which people love the Arizona Kentucky Michigan State duke the org should tell you those canceling and his big sweet sixteen games you don't have. That's with as many of those now so I'm. That the Israel with a sixteen seed out of it now notably kind of fun to sixteen seed into the round of sixteen night they don't have that my guess is it's it's not going to be here we go it's me dad. But it's not going to be great weekend nationally for the sweet sixteen is now matchup you want you're not getting is the big a lot of big games yeah like loyal Chicago Nevada. Hope you come out on know what has altered you know life and Ali al-Qaeda Singler sister Jeanne I'd like you're watching to see if you bracket is still do while their could you don't have that now you know I don't know check it doesn't matter what's the best you're looking at what's the best sweet sixteen. Probably either Texas Tech Purdue war world Purdue lost their center for the season yeah right Kansas constant. Villanova West Virginia those were actually the west Virginia Tech that's at Purdue goes with the two games in Boston. And that's actually a one verse 52 verses of theory in Boston at the best draw right they did the rabbit that got destroyed the least district racquet was it here Boston Kansas Selassie of Kansas comes and if you're a big fan of a head coaches you have duke answer yes you have OK and they harm. As big argument so. My father in law lives out in but upstate new York and so they treat Syracuse all the people that they treat certain that its approach. Let's Connecticut when you come yet to say anything at all askew askew asked him. Seasoning they got their cues that big and that's for Sarah Hughes should genetic see Casey Casey and I will next time so they. They they treat daytime late he has this on tides of the media people which are most of the Yankees or certain ethical. They treat they hire Mike he's this this god. Mike he's been there for forty years he's won once. It's like the idea is not made it all the way like. I know they would argue is look I'll relevant Syracuse would be if it wasn't for bay Hymie come Earl Anthony it's what right now I think it I think it's investigated. In that so they were somehow got Carmelo Anthony Boozer can't that I don't know how they did but they got him for one year he wins the whole thing and they're done so without Carmelo Anthony. You're their forty years of notes title caiso this or ask I get which again I like how much out of this Calhoun much better coached league one out of shortages this honor it's murder better but it got a coach he he is so heralded in Connecticut the one they rendered it with a gun fire Kevin I'll leave for the cause here. It wasn't a joke that people were saying bring back a seventy something year old Jim Calhoun for a five years out of Italy's of that to reassess the program but that but that that speaks to your your behind portions that other sense I just don't know what are. My defense would be. Because it had success with him. What would what's the next best option and bubbly behind was under oh in a coach they had all sorts of issues there. On his coaching staff so I don't like learning that a subtle forgetting is that for birdie thing fine night I had a bad as some little. At all and not a a not so there was some creepy stuff on there there was picked up on both Sarah and he's the best of their lives in them pit but that's all they always pay high maintenance on us he got popped for a bunch of games too like he he's one of these guys if you look at his election record that while that area to vacate when he wins I. But what does this mean. But yet nobody is treated like he's he's better than any minute just like that's the selection show ASCII I got a back injury issued team's bad he takes back surgery and losses Golisano records and they're well. They're all she bear all they're all all I grew in every single one of which comes out every coach is going to be on there like this thing it next couple weeks that the artery eaten up all happy the NCAA tournament is that now the NCAAs at nineteen the Arizona. And these teams are vault the role that knocked out here in his first round. Of the deal would disagree does breaker and sweet sixteen yeah shot out of our conference call them a payment. You wanna run ahead Pam a 100000 was with somebody willing to pay him around their through it and the bidding didn't start at a hundred you all of the little fans will command it they will be. A great in Boston this weekend Eagles fan base will be here and that they'll be great event to be yet. But deals right it's not going to be highly viewed event an event in Boston it's not going to be highly viewed here in Everett is now memories. Intense rain this is still the origins of the out there in Austin for around march informative and fun games but secondly if you're not about welfare it's utterly polio. You out slept right through on sixteen over one of fraud. Like slot at slate it was 930 been along day as the Atlanta game aka I can win this game that was. I want to like to think that the greatest sports town on our. What can't hold a candle for the Washington Baltimore. Or UN DC yes you have DC get it done. And then their Twitter cameras like freaking out rout of Twitter account com. Not that far but not as good as the make it's cold nights when it was not until it cocktails Vegas terror and allies they they have some of you let Boston there were two in the Boston accent for the entire game that was. That was Friday if you're seeing them fall picture not a person that runs the school the bank account. He makes Michael Berger who Boston's strong and I all bottom like yourself and Greek god an action he's worked on I'm sorry burger and Cuba. It. They somebody did a featured today on the college kid who's running UN BC's Twitter account doesn't look like the media. The Andy mass will before picture. I'll really apples carry on the other way again in the morning or higher. Get on what you want they evenly 83 I don't like the before picture not after all I don't think it now they've got this this big fame. Are there. But I gotta do it ripping except Davis and stuff that we were sixteen seed he picked the one seeds everywhere in the world idol one give them their that they are past that they're not they're about being series or the ripping set Davis is not a very sarcastic account of these fine. You have stitches but the UMPC Twitter I I I didn't laughs over some of the tweets they had Flickr it's here's a reminder that we have a stadium it's not sponsored gate can help us I thought I thought did a good job taken advantage of their biggest. Emotional because they would ever get big deal they were already sorry people failed big moments the UN BC Twitter account. Did not fail I think Virginia failed dated that's what we need to talk about more is now Virginia disgrace again about it and other. Several scenes like that we meet at its regular BC what a great story no Virginia is a joke and then they were a bad team they somehow Orioles the win is selling games in the regular season there are many good players. They play out boring style about our right to start the year yeah they're boy it's just that slow it down it stinks but. They had a really good record there were one seed but. I don't think anybody pick him go to the final four because it was a blowout I I didn't even I was in that senate missed it and what you watch the yeah I don't want to like yeah bus and Basra you Misch Michigan winning the way they beat Houston you yet had a snacking and Lil amber and I genes this sister Smith the sister. Sisters and energy system geez he's really got. Thank god he did it because we knew we would do it. Acquiesce my helpless and I told them god that we would do our part that he would do his part. And I hope the referees would call them like kind of the games I nobody would get injured that we played with confidence and we know we win that game. And then at the end we when the buzzer rang we wanted to be sure this tour said he had the big W. When you're staring at the abyss because I'm not laughter. That today they ask sister Jean. What it was like to be a national sensation she says I'm sorry in Europe but. It's internationals since old sister CD sister Julia oil rig now she's worse than the UMBC golf on a barge but now she's not yet yet out about a sweet 98 year old lady colonial or after all the they were and I story. Rupert about it now. Enough is enough. We'll move on Wheaties this energy in the final or we due up yeah equities advanced percent of girls are hard to pick on commuter in the in the final four. It's always a couple close and so. The firm yet it's one and one what may fighter a buzzer beater for sure I did notice it. I hit a Sar and in Europe I I don't shakes rewrite and quote below. Yes I did notice over the week on and on photos yesterday Dan Shaughnessy annual tweet about not being able to find true TV. Now I guess that's a rafter they hold this guy needs a lot and I see things afresh they member when he found out last year since I downloaded I have found you NBC last night they were true TV I cannot find everybody can find it. They were true TVs or shows like agent works that about the subset of maturity. Or not I don't know that that's bug bites that nobody was the see them play Kansas the same guy was making New Coke jokes in like 1999. So that's what Dan animal house yes slot a lot of house really hammered you know whatever they all quiet way that guys Jackson saga and it probably very good. I'll be curious to see the local TV numbers to two they want to point that we don't we don't watch college sports in this town as you guys all know now we certainly don't talk about it pros and there's no I mean you had promised it. Bounced out the first round yet Rhode Island lose yesterday or whatever was two days ago though. The local flavor is gone. There's no U mass and obesity. So of the out of the people Earl just about. And everybody thinks like their brackets are blown up on a gonna watch anymore anyway yeah there's perhaps that half of America the only reason they watches because of their bracket it outside that the Celtics that lakers pick is probably documents this year they're not they're not getting you know two through five picks of somebody's got in those some of those teams and Arizona have been bounced out on. The top college guys which maybe previous years you want to watch and see them right now it's generally. The draft that's important so neither of these bottles guy's got bounced anyway and desirous round you're acting against so it will be a great event in Boston will not be how. I've certainly about the editor in this thing. Uninterested and I'll never be able watched a Richard TV will know who the oxygen. Network ones yeah the time I had the search you know as a bit of a search but got there. I I once I got a great job that day I don't. Over to the oxygen network I think was the Lance Armstrong Oprah thing was I don't know if it was the oh that might as the different what was the other client list on Jennifer Love Hewitt was outlets like time don't let guys out and out. And I as I once worked for oxygen. They just did herself on the San I don't know I don't know why I I did I did play by play on Oxford uncertain they have a lot of sports but when Oprah. Owned it when they first came on they wanted to really if they wanted to be the woman's network. And they they procure the rights to the women's world hockey championships couple years in a row. And they hired me nice to go to miss a saga Ontario one year at a Minneapolis another year to do women's world championships but that's Cammie Granato and and those. Zero is audio this lose the collar digit Murphy who was the coach at brown she was such as coach at brown said she now coaches in that women's Professional League. The team that's in China how was she as they are as funny as you on issues but but it they had funnier than you NBC account in the name they had who is oxygen had zero idea what they were doing. They know on the standby without warrants Darren and this thing. And they decided now we're just gonna go to true crime. Her question when I was going crime and they're killing the ball much of your TV I get some ratings of quick so the Bruins on Saturday to three theory. According to my Boston numbers NCAA basketball CBS had 33 on Saturday nights the same as the Bruins. Yes dated to 32. So in the three unaware that compares is actually better than I thought it was going to be for the games they had. I'm surprised that your boss it was in the threes and supply of dollars from terrible to the brewing this so game sevens out of the Bruins yet was the same as the incident what it was a bigger Bruins game and was just dance ever really goes yeah this is a once a year kind of thing if your. This for a lot of people we always rated a lot better show and other markets of church did believe and I'll say you know nobody wants caught possible but even in March people who have their that non they're doing something and it's. Your Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday cat dominates the first weekend. And that's numbers I I admit I was open yesterday between the basketball tiger and I was gorgeous and tiger I was doing for you went article went out well yeah that that run it felt like. If he never left at that point when he's making that run yesterday and worries up top and I have no problem biggest want to make him the favorite in the masters. They might as well as people are gonna go all of the top with a tiger betting he better protect yourself the people are gonna walk in it and wanna say I'd bet on tiger when he came back with a slew of 6177797937. Is telephone number of hockey and make up 9 am I'm on my way to the garden but mutt and keep. Stay right here detailing key Sports Radio W media. Pete sport forget that these guys but it's in the house still awful Bruins. Pregame the Ryan did not OT tonight he. In Blue Jackets though mark is very excited but that's. What's the moral Brady and wrong. Soap opera is my honest shot to be the all these other and try to keep the folks you're down 7 o'clock a good problem it's going to be tough to do with what's your biggest problem is Ben Affleck and so the NFL draft like my iTunes right now flat I'll I unannounced testing that since you showed that he gets a couple breaks ago I just I'm staring at it during every so the DMZ your summary of his first foreign side so Ben Affleck was today. The face the Boston February is so don't call that no he's got I don't know the guy it's ever Mark Wahlberg is this one of those two that it is no other choices those of the guys who represents Boston feared that the most famous person of the operating. Not yet so it knows the opportunity guy wasn't born here in didn't grow up here to advance some cheers fine. Dare us to handle the milk and what anyone besides my apple it's honest it's obviously norm Mac in a want to move to Australia excellent the president dropped it Murphy's. You want those guys fine attitude could be full on those guys aren't so though both of the guys bots. Ben Affleck apparently has a tattoo on his back all take my entire back in it looks like a Phoenix. Rising from the ashes and it is. Maybe thirty different colors. It's a tough it is and it looks like jackets at six of one vomit today rainbow Phoenix it's not great looks like you went Phoenix and drive because obscene to odd track not the Phoenix rising from the ashes but it is did you leave his career with. So apparently what happened wasn't used to read this they'll keep WEEI is the roster is three that I have devastated so appear in the car you'll you'll see it later but this is. It's his entire overlook it back right now it's higher. Back which is fine. But it is just be a while this is sort out the story behind this too is in 2016. Somebody saw this and he said he and Jennifer Gardner right there were together at the time said oh that's fake ink it's for movie. So that same tattoo apparently is that on its formal yes is this is you really want that for years ago and now he's on the beach he was for you is seen over the weekend it will popular CS out of Hawaii. Somebody got a real picture has been hacking and top is down there as well. And that is that Norah lead Tutsi and that that is hours and hours and hours of work. That is probably thousands of dollars for the money out that's a factor for him but that is. And once you see you can't unseen so so a lot of questions here and he asked to now address this because it's not it wasn't for a movie he still has the tattoo. I need to know was that it was there a bet involved years and an eighth a video like Aaron Hernandez I'd be here do you think when he's down that's his release what he gets the tattoos or Hernandez said on par one of the special over the weekend so if you're one of his friends write that your buddy tries to get that huge dilemma you physically. You'd tell the tattoo are I'm gonna fight you try to give that had to we cannot yet another prominent and or. Like a lot of get drawn tattoos that he stumbled to a place of drinking a minute ago it Unionists. That you that would take so long that you wouldn't sober up by a quarter of the way through and pass out during. Yeah big and they really shouldn't continued to 22 year I'm sure I'll bet on you Marty beat it and advance it doesn't from what I got to finish it out here do you sleep in or not. But it is. It's it's saying you would never know I don't know I don't know I don't know and it is not it is interesting it is not there's nothing interesting about that it methodically it's disgusting. It's his body bodies that you can choose whatever wants on his body wise and interest color that you discredited and why is this interest because it is a Phoenix what does that mean to him what is it what is he talking about his career saga about is his life what is what is he referring to there. And there it's like a boxer France opened up there as back. Painful aisles of a lot of tattoos he said but I try to had them in places where you don't have to do a lot of coverup. They get sort of addictive tattoos. After awhile. So they become addicted to get so Aaron Hernandez I don't have any I'd fully admit knowing here's Julie yeah I've to Obama you did yes not like I don't have a Phoenix. The other that is so ID a shamrock and our laws. Okay the shamrock. I'm guessing it's for Celtics are reluctant Irish and Irish what does the hourglass. Just were all running at a time beatle dead anytime now things are needs of our lives and I was a huge days of our lives and I said in a minute and that I have the cast side and Jennifer executive. Phoenix who would be Jean Grey and aging grid actual executive X-Men Phoenix. Effective these guys these college high school rafter one was called one was after house. Were the aid drunk or sober sober the able though yeah yeah. Here's a spot we wouldn't see them unless you've basilica at each other right exactly now this this is this is different than in champ rocked it. Or if I don't think the thing is it that I freaking rainbow. A yellow rainbow yeah order what Jen garner thinks about. On Tennessee its audited audited 20 Jennifer Lopez shall Andy Cole Jennifer Lopez with it off cool I would tell what are you doing these tattoos always kept in the big. They shouldn't be so colorful they should be cooler I don't know. I mean publishing rights so weights and Jennifer Garner also all of back to jails and he's had this for very long time shirtless in many movies because this monopolies and covered up though you can but he key his quotas it be easy to cover up your entire back. I garner took offense at the idea the Phoenix's symbol of the end of their me. You know we say in my hometown about that bless his heart she told Vanity Fair Phoenix rising from the ashes MI the ashes in this scenario. I take umbrage I refuse to be the ash on madness and it's tough. He also vetoed a big lot of shoulder two minutes and we'll honors all shoulders yet there's wanna micro top right of visual is that a globe was that the atlas guy. That was hold up the glow of the problem. Like and it's flowers here in my brother in law has the atlas which is given the atmosphere is man. Yet they act with that article out this guy here economic adding community at these lifting up the other way over world's trust me. On the shoulders of the flowers left shoulder. Some sort of blue but if he wanted he wanted this over who's to say senate dom partly on what is the thing. Of this pack to all the colors entering this is available the all you'll do this god you go there quietly done right this guy had at least 345. Times to rethink its ability to go back and distance to get an outline. Idiot you sit there admit that spine that hostages killed so your so you are trying to again years to your best friend who's what's your best friends. It's really in your business to your best friend gets this in your answer is the hell is now only if it was on his face. When I say a I'd do not do this if you wanted to put whether they anything I was back thing before it's it's your it's your choice source game. His face cited budding college got. Who got a tattoo on the inside of his left on now it's only shows up on a practice that they will conduct does that school. He did the law of the consummate the marriage so he shows that the football practice he got there on the NAFTA initials of the Albright was he really excited it was you bragging about this music going and right he thinks he's excited. So he's like hey guys or all stand there like after stretcher everything hey guys like he like he puts easily on Fuld is let's you can read in the inside. Like three or for the kids or your brother of like that you're not so that's crazy I'm like that is awful. That I know you're not gonna want that like a day. And that is just on a key I think that's terror goes that was reckless what you just this idea that bode well usually don't sell you an apparent in that situation. But without you can't see but on this luggage disappears so much color here and you can remove tattoos of an hour and that's it more painful so if you guys are telling me. The full the YouTube yet more tattoo knowledge side of this and multi. Session multi hour bolted date thing. It's called the scene to remove it. And so when you said today at the Q with the school that to you gonna regret that I would say the exact same thing to anyone who spent this much time and effort on the big colorful. Rain the Phoenix you there's a lot of older at that yeah the port this so we know he regrets it. Two years ago he'd lied and said it was for a movie. He could've easily said this is my taxes as my body this is me as well look like. This is my decision yet that's true after all lie about it Camby all the thrilled about it a guy with sneak around with little wooded the was that the body they're even as their name up I was around a nanny and Brady and yeah otters at home beverage they called the civil rights but a picture that's what photo Loescher was on we had no idea what he's not at all that back is at a he had back is not the back in the face of what he's the guy represent Boston and kind of pop culture thing they immunities. Matt Damon. No case and half he wanted to move to spread of dale and you know again Nike's the name on them Casey got his own two while he's got. Candidate arise from the ashes like Phoenix now. Feel like he's you don't like that that I can't get over and I thought I think it I. A can staring at it now what would you guys save your friend got this year the same terrorists a keepsake I don't I don't care weird and I want okay. DC you don't care I definitely has a something different in high school that made it out the original scripts that he was a male. Awful a lot off our all college friend who had the same exact thing we didn't go to later but yet the it was his grandfather's name on his way. Graffiti letters in the small of his back maybe 345. Years before France and became apparent and on his name was present yet to do if you're if you're agents Phoenix if haired gentleman who got a trip -- that you have to turn into an entire back taxes and they nearly wealthy at the hole that's a bended that penetrates expert at the -- was going to be -- that the there you won't like jail load Kirsten your rented here for probably go to Phoenix to probably had the good -- that well also it extends beyond the waistline and some may actually be on his Botox as well boy. That's interest of the gulf. Worst that's due to a fire starts there. That looks like it extends to his left cheek as well I think one of the worst touches us again football like every two immovable tonight and touches the this is the worst one it was. There was and then some barbed wire was like a big deal for awhile already went out because it'd already passed its debut according not cool anymore to get barbed wire. So he got barbed wire that in between. The senate just shaded in completely in black it was like leopard. Cilic. Wired meets leopards at the U and so like how little we just made fun of us but not so we may find that on the rattled my friend call teammate Brad. We have we -- imports are you locked up about the he would not mock somebody also adding I got a lot of friends and I am like I was honest in people it's so if your enemy got the so teammate who got physical thing yeah got this you mock but a friend and yet you have different rules for for a friend but obviously that meant a lot to me get this huge Phoenix you went to school guidance that this leader in life and know why it's a group there adversary or whoever wrote you back but were no no all I'm. I didn't he said this Mets lost the battle of the white lie about a two years ago. Britain after all it's your question I don't know look. That is unless you're trying to protect Jennifer Garner is may be what it did mean was that sued the ashes are and he's rising up from the relationship. That can also be the case there. That is tough that is a man that I think I'm sure there's a link there to all the other the crazy. Celebrity tattoos that are terrible there are some that once this one's got to take the cake. Aaron Hernandez to bring a fact that at all had some aggressive ones I know you do not watch part two part two yet now when you do there's this garbage senate today and recently there's a glamour shots whole thing work. All the tattoos sort of dressed up for people that make him. Your right to those of bad tattoos. And apparently it went zero girlfriends that he showed up the show and obviously did Jesus on his back and it's like all bloody and stuff that she's that what was going on because my release. That didn't they say it's tattoos are authors of a document or not but they were saying now. They kind of may have also pointed to the murders a commitment clues that has got there without the big thing gang acknowledgment that there were cats who were tied into a gang that was tied into what he means. In doing in an outside position the pictures that they they showed of Hernandez gone back to high school college and pro you can sort of see the transformation work like. In the early pictures of me dad of a bunch and I got even more and more and more as an added me to hijack this whole thing but I just. It's argue I don't you apologize it was obviously very big story about. Rossi. I was here my you have to and having now battling pain. You guzzle user has you know to discuss just me alone might be when it does that mood is the wrong with the content that's IE. On a guy pirated that's more power to do whatever you want yeah I see girls covered that Susan's. Well I idolizing all covered like. Linksys C I V I believe anything like it's our disposable. A small peaceful tattoo on the wrist or elsewhere I'm fine with but when you might as we'll see a bulls. Salad a bunch I want like a bunch of my arms by I didn't know what I was going to be I guess not on the radio and probably feel free you can do and I know I really didn't want. But vows that's what held me back for awhile and while was the fear that you go to some if you weren't really big on doing well. Let's say look at TV John orders again it all out -- highlight I forget his name on every month I don't know if you're not politics it's like I Qaeda could ask me I cannot ask your beard by the government money and everybody else get them on their arms I think the result would have won them on television and they only hear what do you do any of Wear sleeves and went on Wear sleeves. So that was widened to a particular. Knuckles. No it's like it's public forearm and stuff like but you would have gone with the the barbed wire. Don't like oil and without bombard if your drive around with barbed wire godless you know loves the choice that you made in your OK about my best friends got the big board oh sure I get like a tribal then travels took over at all nice I think it's a combination of barb wire and tribal honor him as a. Ecology letters that no one knows who the winners you know god what does that say it's a thing with tattoos Moreland the with piercings than those things just don't know citizens hold detour through a network orders Jews who blow the years all I don't like big circle is in years so I'm not a huge and a team looked at its alone that either. So I guess are we seeing that now rocks guys are all you sooner that's tough. Hit pretty much. It's legalized there caught I won't say that it coffee place yes I know that you'll see that their allies. That's the that's government. But anyway you can weigh in here and maybe Texas stuff 6177. Tonight at seven everything that's all right sir I don't want calls and yeah it will calls on this but Tom colonels back out again Friday night he had some more on ground and Brady. We'll get into that plus your phone calls coming up Daylon Keefe Mott is in the house Sports Radio WB yeah.