Dale & Keefe - Brad Stevens responds to Eric Bledsoe and Terry Rozier’s beef; Who is the blame for the Patriots drama?

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, April 18th

Hour 4: Adam Schefter’s report on tom brady made the rounds today and the founding father of reporting on Patriots drama, Seth Wickersham, joined the morning show. Keefe’s Keys played perfectly into the Celtics’ hands, and there’s a new sports beef: Eric Bledsoe and Terry Rozier.


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Good afternoon to. Final hour daily keeps Sports Radio WEEI. We talk to Rob Ninkovich in the past it's not like we've never spoken to him. Oh we've never had an in studio for an extended period of time it was fun. It was good or flew into that again there was all sorts of football news all over the radio station all day today. Some of it I don't believe some of it. You have to decide if you believe are not up to you I'd started this morning. Adam show after posted on Twitter and then spoke on ESPN. Now about quarterback Tom Brady. Andy also joined Kirk and Callahan this morning. And down and you know what will start when this one because that the question here and and I guess the way it was put by chapter was Tom Brady hasn't. Committed to playing this year. Ray yet and said hey guys umpire at play here. But any also said but everybody expects him to play literally everybody does including us so what's hostile. Exactly so here's the question is is this whole thing because of Bill Belichick. I think there are a lot of people around him want him to stop playing I think there are people on a news circled actually you know what time. It's forty wanna talk distribute 41 response from what Albert family. And again he has talked about playing to 45 he doesn't want to keep what they should not a reflection of his law this sport that's why I think. It's a little bit surprising and again I still think he's going to play OK I want to be very comically short iron right. Is telling you there are people out there that are connected to any organization or am Wednesday. There were somewhat weak making it up like we have an upper arm or we think you gonna play what they change. And you just don't know until. There's an official at the pageant in an official answer and I'll say this having covered John Elway back in the day mission somewhat on your rookie year in Asia late thirties. It's really that she retired automobile tire. Literally right around this time restriction time. So you don't know how the situation to play and you. It is better match which they don't you don't know don't be very clear I think he's going to play. I tell you that I know he can. I was off Mike Irvin gamble and why on earth I'd I just. So the headline is. Oh sources say that Tom Brady hasn't said he will play yen in 2018 but he Yeltsin said he's not gonna play those ever said that and everybody he talked to. Says that. They expect him to play in the late part of it is an even Federer there one there. Things as well he could change his mind all of course everybody could always change the right everybody every guy who's active in the league right now. Could retire that is a possibility. But why. Is this even a story like I I don't really get at it one coming from out of show after this will be one that maybe you'd expect from somebody else so the question they asked him this morning is the obvious question. Are the patriots waiting to see if Tom Brady's gonna play and he just not telling. Again I don't know there's an actual process write something like that. OK it's not like they say OK Conyers can sit well go out and yet returned his papers. And take his physical it's just the kind of thing you know he hasn't shown up there yet and told me when he's playing. Yet polygamy is not playing and I think there's a feeling a sense that he's going to play. What they don't know that he's an plight. And include people in and around and joke so people inside and outside the organization they think he's gonna play what they don't know he's like. So literally everybody involved. Thinks he will play but because he somehow. He'll heated post on its program Horry didn't. Call out and show after Horry didn't like communicate directly with the patriots yet that hey guys I'm going to be back so what if I don't know. David Andrews called bill belt jacket is like a coach Tom Dunn be back. The wife of a great wolf thank you very much we'll see you don't work out like don't call me on vacation right now it. What's that and it didn't find it odd that Adams after who has covered the league forever. It is the best NFL insider right now even says while I don't know the protocol is. If you go out there isn't one then there's not story right exact that's an important he's got him noted as well first rob surprise you know what it is but then that kind of proves out but maybe it isn't anything. So why you would lead to this that saw the tweet today to this morning a settlement. Well we got some veneer I read the article I was it was GM and on the TV channel seven. Went to abolish the legs Rory to you know aria Tom Brady not committed to coming back on the what is happening and then you read it you know okay well. They they. Not sure after they added as a guest when you know after that brought you out there onset quicker champ was scheduled guest and and he was kind of ground zero. For this whole thing the big piece that he wrote that it was like November somewhere in there and about issues going on down there and all that stuff so wicker ship was on this morning with Nigerian Kirk. And and one of the questions they asked him which is a great when he yours is Bill Belichick willing to compromise on this whole Alex Guerrero thing in order to keep Tom Brady happy. I don't know I just don't know and I ticket like you know the issues with Alex and detailed and as the globe detailed. You don't have to do with its credentials and him as much as they view has methodology may be more. And so. Again I don't know. If that's you has failed or not I mean I think it late the problem and it's unique problem and there's no good or bad guy. But it's sort of interesting because this is what happens when you have the unprecedented situation Rivera. Read future hall of famers in that organization all of which. I've earned the right. Be successful on their terms. Is that you know what ruled out play I was told them before the Super Bowl Robert Kraft. Had told people that like look we've got to figure out a way to live it out yet he's the problem and then he left in the Super Bowl on Robert Kraft started playing and so. In their just inconsistent yeah. I don't know exactly how revolve itself and I'm not sure that it will I think it into the days already looked like football too much could not come back and I think that. We'll probably end up being the case and we'll probably return playing at its typically high level. I had not heard that Alex Guerrero flew to the Super Bowl and on bill that Robert credit pretty interesting details and I mean that would seem to indicate that there's a certain affinity. Well I think nobody would argue that if he said who'd his craft have the better relationship where I've. Not that I'm necessarily say and one of them is really bad. But if you said how is he and Brady and how is he invalid sec I think most people say he and Brady again all the guys down there. That's probably the best relationship that or Brady ground. You know Brady has a regulation of those guys but. Where the tension comes from is probably an all the other different directions. They asked set quicker Chambliss morning if he believes Tom currents report that that Tom Brady is more or less leading a revolt against Bill Belichick. Well I don't know like I would never doubt harms reporting he is he's terrific it is job I think they've. I think the big rocket debris out has been sort of melded together what they're separate issues I think they're wrong. What is dispirited last year more than we obviously know what we do with retirement and I think that she. This contract if you could have been involved a year ago it was. Media lot this will be resolved if you know he gets rate. With Tom I think it's a different situation and in. You know him not being there for the beginning of the ball teriyaki and programs it means not saying it'd maybe be more it's hard to say it means. He doesn't need to be there really until. The end of August to perform at a level but he's performed that you're talking about it will accomplish what remarkable company he built the I think that when you're talking about. Perception and promote buy at standpoint it can create an issue. The one thing I guess are kind of disagree with is. You know he's right in the sense that Brady can literally show up right before the first game and he personally okay he personally I defied both some of the new guys are being doesn't that count against the coaching staff would view an eye on how Brady would approach and he now but I but I understand is the overall concept. So look I thought this and I think you thought this we've all thought. That there's another set wicker sham peace you know in the works that there's part two out there yes votes so they asked him directly. Some people actually got the last couple weeks no I mean I am following it like I would fall low in the one of a dozen situations around the NFL could try to figure out what is we're reading about but again you know my story was based on the rock was treated you know try that was so shocking to so many people it could also Albany. Coaches in the building. There are one to explain what happened without and it turned out it was a deeper situation. And so you know I'm not law a monitoring the tour and all the patriots have checking and people. I'm reading a lot obviously but I'm not working on another short. Where it says. That we know that that the creditor pissed off bunch of coaches is already coaches in the bill. That remember him writing it that way and maybe I maybe against maybe someone did read it that way I didn't. That's pretty fascinating. That would also make you think that maybe the coach here the coaches. Were some of the sources we all tried speculating on the sources may be they're obviously all unnamed. But that the coaches were upset about it the most that's. That's pretty distinct and it's unfortunate that there's not going to be another story because that has given us a six months of executive chef at. And a court last night Red Sox go out and play game one of their series in Anaheim against the angels they knock around shall hailed Connie should Wilkie bets hits three home runs they hit six home runs altogether they win by huge margin. What's really the story of the night. What was the story tonight was the return of Jonny Gomes. Third inning all three of these these balls. Works to BC with a half out of the box right here. Broad goal his homers just hit. Rewind it which we can do employ people listen to her. Three strikes movie comes out with the that's the two home runs tonight. A flare was. Public at set the record straight right now I have a Johnny don't stand. Did after the 1990 get a couple hundred to their. I didn't have his off speed for us right you're seeing all these false false false false but Yost. Ego the breakdown it's unique it's it's an unorthodox. On traditional. Roll there in the Booth I would say. Again I like him I I don't think. I could do a 162 games of that but it Minnesota West Coast trip to get the angels in the 80s I am among umpteen Jonny Gomes here. Wales public know. When we come back up more. The latest. I'm Eric Bledsoe. Of this and Eric Bledsoe not exactly having a grass is that a bad well he is with the latest on that coming at just implement its Alex Cora will be back on our final drive was talking about 230 today. It's daily key Sports Radio W yeah. This is that he's with the Celtics. Beating the Milwaukee Bucks it is Garrity who knew that night every media again I'll end they got to be at least three more times got him. I'd be shocked. They want to know take those can keep. He's a bit I'm either literally Penske. Now on another key to carry rosier. He's the outlay Eric Bledsoe used to win the point our panel you win there they get out of what I saw from this episode Sunday at those things very good about them. If that you can get there don't appear pleased when they see bright lights and the lights are never writer that in the playoffs. Fears that the air talent depth. Since game two Islamic Tuesday Tuesday night don't look at their performance is game one for Al. Jalen brown meanwhile he threw good on Tuesday at the end chaotic traffic eighteen point six most of any date for him. He's the best that I don't want to I don't wanna interrupt your flow but the phone lines are already lining up with people who want. People like Steve Steve the same thing happened last that affect daily called from my dad and I got blown out. Here are the only group of animals in the world to have it alerts. Last yeah what about what he O'Donnell and loans would benefit public health. It analyze those makes that up moments boots are actually need more months of the year and except when I hit him with a the whole terrible plea deal while it's all right all you plot to solve a thing about moves that's what keeps. He's a therefore it. Teaches some batting David bar and a who told you about Jalen brown Tuesday's Tuesdays are Jalen brown day goes WS prioritize what I wanted to now is who's the Friday gasoline at the tune in on Friday find out what they're doing now regain our keys keys we may have to. They're very popular to this point are. There's well. Policy it's hard to say that it brings up about for a little while with past weeks and get a we'll closest yes so the big thing last night was son Eric Bledsoe. Who let's be honest has been sort of outplayed at the point guard does not even though like united club drastically ally Terry rosier of course he got asked about it last night. From its series that are. First teeth. Truth to. Our own and it's. That seems like a problem. That's incredibly humble Taylor Eric Eric like overhaul that number twelve who keeps running by you hear us. The blame Joseph prompting a little bit now maybe Joseph the interim head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks has told Eric Bledsoe you're gonna try to guard here rosy year. But I have always said Rob Ninkovich in last hour and he was talking about how. Before playing the Buffalo Bills. He's being quiz name all of the tight ends on the roster and go so far they who's the GM on the team and who's going through all of us. Something tells me. Joseph front the is that quizzing at the blocks that that intently. On Gaza and the Celtics that's embarrassing because you're getting smoked and it leads to be easy jokes we need whose terror is here he's a guy that is will open your ass I don't know and these. Yeah well I figured out it came up today because Brad Stevens was asked about it during its conference call. And did you hear that. Let so that he didn't even know Terry that Roger was there would play maker. Such. I mean I heard that I'd just our teams is focused on game very. It wanna burn them. Oh. All right thank. I'd say absolutely makes that was very politics Ian wasn't at all he would he does he's got he's got that down now he will tell you more than belts are well above certain injuries and things that everybody does Elvis as well throughout the early to give you sort of an update now usually is much more cautious than say the Red Sox would be or or wherever else but. That was pretty good so I don't want I don't know. And. It's. Right now that are put that my story but it didn't come up today yes NBA live. Paul Pierce on the jump another job then it was Paul Pierson who else. Oh always the best players on this thing all your straight and team act talked about it today as well. Put that man to be paid back though flared this very role player. That's giving you buckets and right did you buckets on their way right hit a go ahead three. Say what you button run to the pay. It could go about it it's that's the shot. Nobody is go over the years ago going you're god like off the oh yeah they're guys that else that's out scorn you when you're that your backcourt mate. 25. To 96. Third. Bears and very embarrassing you know moving through the great guy thought that. When they also plan Wales he's not playing well he filled products that stuff I gotta give them props for what that is workable broke out of that degrade my dog. Try and up literally still talking trash. Eric Bledsoe is just he is bad so bad he had full disclosure I don't know if him saying he doesn't know. Who chair rosier is may be that goes back to Intel you point this out after game one the rosier quickly said what he's going through alleys of the post game press conference he said Drew Bledsoe. They do such a way were the other way around here would be easy. It would be easy slipped to make I don't think that was a burn I could be wrong it could be a heck of a little bit disrespect towards. Towards Eric I don't know for necessarily was always added read it that way. But rose here is dominating this matchup and if you didn't know who Sarah rose there was after game one. Where he shakes you off by about ten feet have been knocked out three. Two tie the game. Or to order a sort of put the team up three. Then it. I don't know how you still don't know who is after game two where he once again outperform junior teams down too low blood so looks absolutely lost. And that's a match up where the buck should win the point guard matchup Bledsoe abroad and vs rosier Larkin. They should win that match up or at the very very least have appeal launch but it's gone the other way at the big reason why the Celtics are up to law. So that's what's been going on in the basketball world hockey world there's not a lot tell you about that had a couple of days off they did practice day they had yesterday op practice today. In Toronto are met grizzly was back in his normal spot without him Quaid on the third defense pair he was the guy who was out injured. In in game three on Monday but he was back skating. You kind of split time with nick Holden but it would appear that Matt Chris looks going to be able to. Go back in the lineup tomorrow night that it did that stick out you at all in game three on have a about their because again I like grisly but what your fifth the sixth defensemen anyway. You know again make some good guys that they they have lost or whether it's grizzly or Carlo. You know Riley Nash by the more significant injury out at all and you know he's he's back in the lineup as well. See last season at double overtime capitals who Jack I didn't stay up for the I was I was watching baseball Larry and I wanted to end old Connie made it easier for me in particular artist I mean before 11 o'clock hour flight when he was done and they were it not for the bulls all the par I did not I did see the -- wanna double overtime I watched the goal which is Garcia a must win for them and they had lost two games in DC. The Columbus without serious doubt too long. Odd and the Vegas gold knights. Blew right on those quick. I mean this is what they please the King's College playoffs while the Bruins play their fourth game tomorrow classroom they they sweep the kings out of the playoffs. They are one of the great sports stories in recent memory you've got an expansion team that wins their division. And now sweeps their first round playoff series. And I mean I don't care who they play in the next round you're gonna pick us phenomenon. Don't they are absolutely absolutely role. Now the quickly go to Vegas if I thought that's Richard RD decide lottery that's my vote anyway off I would suggest if it's bigger boat carried keeps tees so I just figured it had said that you and I still there has been two installments. I say Vegas or Nashville we'd go. If it's Winnipeg or Minnesota. Or are. And time. Ersan and I not and I and I advanced out I would say no to those places the biggest national they should probably send us and talking on hockey. But Nicholas. We go forward are there other. And said news from the wrestling world today legend the not the Pittsburgh Steelers. And tweeted out about this today. And ended GM Kevin Colbert. Tweet it out following the Pittsburgh Steelers organization is deeply saddened by the passing of the great Bruno San Martino. Bruno was truly a world renowned champion who never lost his identity of a troop pits burger. Always placing his family and friends ahead of any personal accomplishments. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Carol and sons David Danny and Darryl. The Pittsburgh Steelers are in this out his fears the ban Pittsburg and he was also heavyweight champion for seven and a half consecutive years. Or eleven years total two runs who runs eleven years which let's be honest you'd probably have to question creative. After about four years would you say Arjun ray profile however beheaded body ready to make bush that he was the day is there was a fighting champion is while he would defend the belt. But yet what are the other wrestling legends is now gone. And there's a great story on nine WEEI dot com Ryan Hannibal wrote this site that should be interest at about. A a player that the patriots are reportedly interest to him. He is say I. The home on bond Damian Miller yes and they're men and that second place finisher women's finisher Boston marathons that Sarah sellers yeah also wanted to Weaver says Paul. That was so so this guy reportedly. Ran a 48140. Yard dash six foot 4295. Pounds. A shoulder strain limited him to 23 reps in the bench press but he says he's now to around 39 or 40. Here's the interesting thing program he's the son. Of a seven time Major League Baseball all star. Any being evaluated as both a defensive player. And an offensive player ahead of the draft he's dale Murphy son wallow McCain Murphy. He's listed as a defensive lineman but supposedly. Teams interested in him. At several positions including defensive line was an offensive line everything fullback and tight end. He's a Swiss army knife doesn't he sound exactly like a Bill Belichick kind of guy if he does. Yes he does Aaron Weaver state to probably get him a little bit later well they're saying he had just pulled this will not be a first or second day pick I like the sound about this is a guy who would be out. You know a late round pick. Next Saturday McCain Murphy dale Murphy's kid I'll keep that I program. Like the sound and just know that Belichick with his baseball pedigree would just love the opportunity or and I had dale Murphy commented our practice now on NASA raise our crossfire about a sold a sold by this this to work like this guy amends. Now if you go to WEEI dot com and you can read Brian animals peace. Suppose this guy can do everything. Which sounds like the kind of guy Bill Belichick just loves our final drive the manager Alex Cora joined us in about 230 today will bring it backseat can hear it. I he is forthright as he has been in each of our visits so far this year that's coming up next on daily key Sports Radio WEEI.