Dale & Keefe - Brady gets underwhelming incentive based contract; Our former patriots Monday guest Heath Evans breaks his silence on sexual harassment case.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, August 9th
Hour 1: Football is back! Well preseason that is, and there is a fantastic chance that we won’t see Brady tonight. Tom Brady got his contract redone and it added a few million dollar in incentives but no extra years. Heath Evans was fired by the NFL Network and Dale and Keefe discuss what happened.

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So he's not jail and keep show a couple of comments besides his. The flavor of this is your boots up and and where you have to Hubert today he didn't. Martell a bit chicken leg for me I believe celebrated the critically they do their blogs and I think that's what market. Do you there with him I plead the fifth. Dale Arnold and rich keep them. But stability guys. Guys there when I know I got an argument that as the good solid apart on the WEEI Sports Radio network. So. He reminded. Just a tiny touch of constructive criticism to kick off the program here today out of the decadent bill now that tiny toddler and the smallest tiniest little thing. Finally I don't take criticism well then you know that as you know we now that showed a 10 o'clock coming on Monday will be it till exciting on Monday yes and and I just think that that at 10 o'clock when you do that first trending on Afghanistan with. It's god. I think maybe you could this article that way you know just that given a little branded more Lilly all put my name out front as a good point and could help. Can't hurt with the threat of expected to death clock earlier what's the difference I have a I would work that in there. 10 o'clock on Monday and rather shoot. And this. And sorry James I'll work. As a former sort of be like like mad dog on Mike and the mad aggregate these. And what was really funny you go to places like the Super Bowl all my guided and and you see him do when it integrating everybody standing around to Andy have. Okay. Yeah okay. He gets fired up a list gets ready to hit the ground running my throat hurt that's for survey we start that. We ever got to make a few changes we have makes him a few tweaks to the program well I think 10 o'clock which is screaming in the microphone right and I can tell you a bunch of stuff. Don't look at our our football programming for via for the October oh -- it's we have a lot out there yeah on Rob Ninkovich is going to be a patriots Monday regular dismal start with our regular season. Started patriots money in September 4. A Rob Ninkovich will be with us from ten to twelve down to let's stadium and Hyundai is great news because we had make of it's in a handful of times as we were searching for that third host which never came but we have a lot of good people that we worked with including -- of its. And a lot of listeners really liked him really likes to hear what he had to say about the patriots this'll be a perfect fit so every time tonight. Eddie you know he's not sideline camera tonight for the patriots pre season telecast on channel four that's right so so yeah yelled opportunity to see him break down these games the pre season and then during the regular season after every game Rob Ninkovich will be on the Osama. Yeah and it's here's the group of players who are ready and that's what we allot more active prior to for a good start here. Are patriots Monday players now will have two of these guys every week yet so you know it'll be kind of around right yeah but we will talk with trade flowers. And the greens are the. An elitist can you hold your applause until the last child has received his on the speech right yeah react the spurs and I are fine I'm all right flowers Chris Hogan. I got a James after. James why yes. I gonna be so hard your house pets are you get a clear that if it's gonna it is odd Donta hightower and hours and I'd Julian element that might be a little delay and they would hit it right away week five summaries that are abducted Julian element that's pretty good to get nice mix there are some of the veteran guys that's an offense and defense and that's dead Tuesday it's. To do this we will talk with Willie McGinest. This I think on balance I delegates are patriots hall of Famer Willie McGinest who will be greatly look forward to it they hear him. Thursday Peter King will return to entertain me with a Saunders I get off Friday's Michael Irvin will return regular route boat ice which is always fun for us. Oh I forgot Wednesday Tommy current we'll talk football in this. Pact we are slam yet here we are weak and this little throughout the course of the football season will also work. On any party and Steve DeOssie is yes Soledad you know some good football might Hastert only pitcher players on Friday as well we have Devin accordion to Ron Hartman on for a Adidas. I stand back and act I put in charge of the buttons yeah Ali is now he is now. God man he's stepping up the signal for Randy. He's he's triple. It these days but eighty works of those guys in Ross is with us over the like it or not daily atrocities work in the the breaking news senator it's all. Fast he's been. News right now about that is. And that's without a legitimate domain are now out of made up your request I now out of all of those guys flew this during the course of the football season now we start patriots Monday. On Monday down a July night. Some of these guys Ninkovich mcginnis Michael Irvin Peter King. They'll all start with the regular ones and these rules of the week of September report guys that we don't have that Peter you know what you think you can yet when last night we can wait all those seat I thought anything was sunny day was today I think it's because he's not wearing number 58 anymore he's definitely go away real quarterback number right there we were number five. And I feel eager to see a lot of leniently. The Olympic legacy of Tom Brady they didn't think you were going to anyway last year but in the pre season opener Tom Brady played zero snaps. The year before that he played zero snaps the year before that he played seven. The year before that he played zero snaps I was looking at that trend here with you we're gonna see yet I'll write it I personally don't wanna see him in the pre season at all I just don't and I know you will he's he's never gonna to sit out the entire four games but. I would rather that having just come you know ready to go week one. But I. We we saw a lot of the beat reporters talking about how Brady's wraps. Were pretty low recently and I thought that might be saying well he's got to play in the game Stewart keep the Donald but but it seems I thought it was they were preparing the other two guys must comply it must be that because every race and unlikely Jeff house one that said. Belichick always has the right to change his mind and it could feel that happened before I forget who was Arnold who's wrong or who was. One of the pre season games even last year where all the reporting all afternoon was unlikely unlikely unlikely people sort of rule them out and the next thing you know. They're out warm ups and here they are full pads I guess he's. It is gonna go now. But it does definitely look right now as though Brady will not place at the way to Lisa another week when you see a lot of Brian Hoyer and any player probably one Hoyer for half that we for a half hour in the past lives party get excited about either one of those guys I was young teams are on the league for example. Baker may feel the doctor quarterback Josh Al tobacco quarterback you know Lamar Jackson there's there's reason to be excited for some of those teams you wanna see what baca has. Patriots not the now probably. I'm Alina as much can we just and just a quick and rejection leaves a case of outright theft and I'm I'm. Quite honestly coming down firmly in your defense of that. As I couldn't help but notice that on the patriots Twitter feed patriots dot com born. Jumble heart. I think has a feature which ran here just a few moments ago what's he do it now. Keys to the sorrow laugh it's red pick you why hard. Obliteration of hearts keys of the game the starting line he used to the starting line up Nancy. That is suggests you know what you know it is I think he's upset that he's barely going to be on our show. And he is taking it out on me and he got laid Olympic platform at four point three million followers the patriots have. They just weeded out Jumbo martz he's the starting line. Leo losses up to zero win here tonight. Daily TV brings its players accused tonight. Bruce yes. So here's your basically listen like ten days and I don't ten forum come correct you're like CI. Some days she's sitting name. Easy to win tonight's game. The worst thing I've ever heard on want to raise the he's d.s peace keeps. Steve I think I'm gonna quit myself. I think it aren't as an open I can't believe heart ripped you off stole. Blatant thievery that's really frustrated. As really frustrating you know would get from him on a write the headlines or that literally all the you old Louis and one click on to it a sucker for that big that huge huge far. Well that's nice sixty font. Keys to the starting lineup. He's got a sponsor and everything. They this six things to watch vs Washington. That team that scores first is 126. And 43 there you go at the good that's the good tee now. And are these things are they keys there he's contradicting himself right away and then in the very opening line here his whole thing. That's frustrated now for things east know these keys tomorrow I've an idea in mind. He's the 10 I don't know the mid day who would you think of that. Abbas that out to your debt tomorrow he skis in the mid day. The people camping about it overnight at the long tease the that if I bet that's a good that we do and and I lay it on the call Maryland authorities think it always keeps keys to mid day will be peace in the day. Well worthwhile and Rich's case and we get there on time yeah that's gonna be ever had Anaheim on Monday ten man has got to get from where you are ought to Foxboro fox for a month. Douglas on the and I thought I feel idea I don't titles like it yeah very close and he carried just far out there had been at the way and back I'm. Adam petitions if we do Monday through Friday many days and on alzheimer's and worked out all right now Norah you wanna leave these the friendly confines of the studio. That's the vehicle the better suited as nice as well it's relatives will be there Monday yes I 10 o'clock. So Tom Brady is getting its contract adjustment he has Adam chapter was the first one to report this. I've seen a bunch of different people now kind of piling on their own reporting here's the deal about about Brady. If a fourteen million dollar salary this year when they one million dollar 46 man active roster bonus. So cash for this year is fifteen million dollars. The reports are that he will be receiving at least five million in incentives. Taking him to twenty million for the year which by the way will still only make him the tenth highest paid quarterback. In the NFL others its final in boxes below where Brady it's just not as low as that here's the part that that jumped out. And it was Andrew Brandt who talked about this. Initially said it's interesting that the patriots. Art adding any real money quote unquote in other words Tom what giving the extra five million here if you earn it. And this sort of feels like Rob Gronkowski of the year ago yeah where they did this exact same thing man at five and a half million grant's contract incentives he earned him. What you got the sense he was a little pissed off that he had earned him. Right it's a lot of Brady wanted to do that he'd. We don't know what the incentives are so it might be are you breathing a million dollars gave a show on time for the game eight touchdown passing I don't know how. Easy there are to achieve but. Based off of the MVP season from a year ago I doubt they're going to crazy with the men and for five million bucks Hampshire Hampshire you're revealed that those at any as. Basically the same deal for next year now I don't think dad being sentenced to next year's field that's its contract that's it this year. In effect the reports are that they have tweaked this year's contract with the with the incentives that we talked about this is not an extension. He's still under contract for this year and next right here there's no added years. Which are you a little surprised by that. Yes I putted especially when they went through. It didn't draft the rookie high another draft and Utley but they didn't first or second round it'd take a quarterback. And I thought OK he's coming off this year he has talked in the past the planes was 45 lethal is signed through age 4142. So right now and is also it was Jeff how. Brought this to late to a few months back. How every time not every time but most times Brady's had two years left on his deal that's what they've sort of tacked on another year that's when they started negotiate. They can't wait till the last season to say hey do you wanna add more years. This is the time to do it. I thought that's we're going to be talking about this offseason was ball Brady and grown getting new contracts now they always do these things like you know almost like under the radar policy and you just hear there right now as well Ingrid a faster that's what's gonna happen gronkowski. They will do something with his contract. He will not play. Under the present deal when this the regular season starts. They may have Marty worked on it I mean I don't know but. I feel very confident that he they're gonna do something for him I hope so and I hope he doesn't play in the pre season that's always wanna say about Crockett them surprised when he does by. Hopefully doesn't play in and they. Give him some ideas he's underpaid and they both Brady and romped. For how good they are at their position they are underpaid it's you know it's simple as that and rocket I think that's been a theme for him. Since the Super Bowl or even maybe before that he wants to get more money and maybe more years but certainly more money on on a year to year basis. Brady last year threw for 4577. Yards he had an unbelievably good year MVP doesn't it's very. If you if you stick. A million dollar bonus and if you throw for 4600 yards. Well that's not likely to be earned. You know I'm at but if you put it for you know 3500 yards no less a pass that yeah you and that's which you'd. And obviously all of this presumes that he stays healthy. Yeah maybe that's what they're thinking about as well I I really wanna see what these incentives are if we deal. And show after I was on the stuff out right. Because I just wonder if he's thinking well okay you you're given. He's given me money if I if I do this I do that I do that and then the word was made ground mad last year. Yeah yeah I mean I Nate I don't know why. Did praise by looking at the rocketed terra the contractor activists are over so he does make more money they feel like hey they probably look at Alyssa quarterbacks all these other guys are making sick and he should. Should probably make more money simply portals that's probably only fair he should be more money these guys. Now they're not gonna gold and make him the highest paid quarterback which you probably should because that's also gonna mess up your other your roster flexibility in your cap situation. But there to give him a little bit more. Bumper is also a lot more. Durables face it he always plays unlike rock so rock. He's got a really should be on the incentive plan 90 he's probably not wild about it but that's the one where. When he's healthy he's underpaid but then there's also times or he's missing games and then the patriots are our pay and got knocked the play. So if anybody was met for an incentive contract it's wrong. Brady a UN you assume is gonna hit a mall see Muslims give them the money so that's what I but why do you wanna work our president Dick workarounds right I don't know all the cap the amount McKeon out of all capped. Because if you put incentive bonuses in you're not adding to the cap number. I mean I understand why they're doing and I don't wanna see how easy they are with chi I like I said at 4600 yards is one of homeland now I don't think there are chances are that are gonna happen now not witnessed receiving corps. That's your that's your in the skip Bayless camp as if he hates the receiving corps and hated guys that on Sunday evenings at that Belichick he's basically punishing Brady by giving him crappy received I think year trying too hard there at age that they had a good track a little too hard. I think the guys are our. Again the the wide receivers players who were under the tag wide receivers if you eliminate tied in the running backs I don't think. Anybody should be wild about that group and get the whole lot better week five want to open returns to 41 four weeks could be a little Dicey you know with Chris Hogan. And who else is usually receivers in honor I would feel confident saying Eric Decker a with the confidence and grow Paterson. Honor I don't know who lost story. What are you wanna see tonight new uniting Brady party given that yeah it's not out there Sony Michelle who I'd like to that would have been the guy irate that definitely not a white guys are out. I think. Without Brady it does take a lot away from their receivers because we know how some of these guys. If they were on the wrong route or they drop a pass. He's going to be looking in another direction so for example if you know Braxton burials. Had an opportunity to play of Brady tonight which seems very unlikely but if he did. Any data couple plays you say wait a minute maybe this open a year or more debt with playing with a yes on duty and look at the and I keep would say I remember that propagate it read it do it a whole lot more. This is a boring one but this is probably the most important as far as football the offensive line and left tackle. I don't pre season and that's not super exciting when your first round running back stop playing you gotta look at the directions though. Let's see what the guys up front look like if anybody looked really good or on the other side roads and they looked relieved that I think it got a reasonable chance of getting smoked and Lynn boasts front. I have a path that I always wondered about people who gambled on pre season game off I don't I would gamble on. Spring training baseball don't like I don't that's really when their eyes went down oust I don't. The game is a lot of laurel where your putting these bets that but second while I don't think this is a very Smart move Lanier and we appreciate the football people people will batted but that is just massive billions of plane will you watch all four quarters I've. We do know really hard slog through the fourth quarter usually yeah fourth quarter can be a little trying but that's why eighty hard Paul for a lower there they go through those two guys in the although right now we'll have the keys to the siren. I should probably. Talk to him about that. The measure and a lawyer and I have to tap that straightened out if you should have some legal anxious and it right now depth if you waves the keys tonight on the broadcast all my guys keys out of his pocket of a world lose a month. But that's something to watch CNN affiliate out of had to laugh at it tried to pack up ago. But yeah I mean I'm by the way the pictures are two and a half point favorites and the over under 37. If you want it if you want I really hit it sowed doubts about the idea that there's nobody wants the whole game by the way I notice of those number one might. Former colleagues would tell me that. The people in Vegas no not only know if Tom Brady's gonna play or not they know how many snaps he's gonna take if he does. He was firmly a believer that they know stuff nobody else knows they have sources nobody else he has that's. Yeah I think Vegas definitely knows a lot but do you really think adding that that they know that. If Brady's gonna play how many snaps he's gonna take or he's not gonna do think they know that finally there was no regret not likely Tom Brady's gonna play. Yeah I don't think they know any more than that and if you're setting a line does Brady claim one series or no series does that affect the line document pageant. Go out there. The rodeo hand the ball a couple times you know incomplete on third and four than that's that I could be for the night that's like an effective. Pegasus gold the visits go with the home team a lot of these games there's a lack. This then we're go out with is gonna and it could be to get three quarters of immediately. Although there and you know Washington has their version of Danny yelling so yeah you're right I mean the other Red Sox are on at seven in the patriots are at 730. In a beauty flipping back and forth I mean I'm gonna start with the patriots 730 policy whose LSU is going on your locked into that. Again it's a fortune no Sony Michelle and there's no real true backup quarterback really well maybe this guy. Maybe this guy and your two can really take the job they're there isn't that scenario either but. The F fourth quarter will see them admit maybe also be confident. 6177797937. This telephone number I'd looks like they did something with Tom Brady's contract I think Rob Gronkowski will follow pretty quickly. I I think absolutely before they play a regular season game and perhaps even within the next week herself but Brady at least seems to have gotten something taken care of I assume the patriots and on a problem that. It still appears to me more and more self. That bill bell Jack is attempting to quietly sabotage if Tom Brady's chances of winning. A back to back in BP because it appears to me he's trying to increase Tom's degree of difficulty. And decreases chances of succeeding at the highest level because. This is a bunch of junk here and up I've never seen quite like this. You know you just can't fix the thing I mean. The hot tape I guess it's a hot sports take hash tag but let's think about this so it's a Bill Belichick is going to intentionally. Sabotage. His policies is that coaching this team right yeah he's gonna take away the chances of Kim being successful this year. In some vain attempt to sabotage Tom Brady's possibility of winning back to back MVP's data or dollars. And and one thing that I guess you would have to ignore that part is they had 21 round picks. It was the team that I know they had injuries but they just give up a zillion points the Super Bowl to nick pulls a backup quarterback who sliced them up. And they go their 21 round picks and what do they do. Offense they've offensive line and they go running back and also out of receiver but still the playmaker is out of the hole and I was hurt now but that was the hope. So they invested 21 round picks to help time break on break right that's a bit and now. Britain and cooks is gone but again you invested that would you know you rarely get a first round pick in gold to offense. Didian until he likes he's gonna get a lot of money somewhere else. They still have brought in they saw settlement. Overruled back week five so. They still have his two favorite targets. Than they have some other guys again I agree that the wide receiver position is not loaded. It is not. It is not you know our Brady moss Wes Welker Donte' Stallworth that's not I understand about that. But it's also not Reche Caldwell Doug Gabriel and in the back room. So that is just completely that's just ridiculous to say is he started sabotage Tom Brady and Nazi. I mean in in this goes back we've heard this before I've. In other day the the eagle bill ballots yankees just crap he's just wants to win a Super Bowl without Tom Brady he just wants to and a Super Bowl he's -- and when a Super Bowl with a rich keep the quarterback can be happy with it that's like a modified Qaeda and office. Yeah because you know I was thinking about that yesterday and the guy said I called cowboys and the guy said yesterday that Peyton Manning invented that that fast offense and a hundred hello Jim Kelly Santelli should Kelly K guys not to remember the outbound but anyway I mean. The idea that somehow ballot check his look he's got a big deal I'm sure he does you you don't do what he got all the level yeah does it. And not have a certain eagle on vault. But really. He just wants to make sure he wins one without Tom Brady. I don't. And orange and skip Bayless is case so he's intentionally sabotaging. His quarterback. Now and in Bayless is Casey says it's to prevent him from winning back to back MVPs is it also to prevent you from winning a Super Bowl. Jack do you think if your year if you vote MVP winning quarterback now I don't MVPs and not faired well. In the you don't Matt Ryan what those guys have not faired well in the playoffs but the but the whole idea is kids are your teams doing very well you're gonna advance very far if you have the MVP on your team. Also they just give five million more reasons to have a really good season today. They gave all that as Ari go out there and have a monster year personally hoping you do. And guess what he's gonna have to. He's gonna have to turn in a filled or set into a better receiver or Kenny Britt or whoever else gets that opportunity in a Cornell Paterson. He's gonna have to get more out of those guys. By the way they were all pretty high picks in their own right I mean not by the patriots but. They went in the league people expected them to have you know big time talent going into this pre season with the the first game tonight how many people think the offense is the patriots issue. Don't most people think the defense is the issue adding most of if the defense most people kind of in -- that if Tom Brady's there and Rob Gronkowski and Aaron. James white's there and when he gets there Julian settlements there Brett because you know you you've got some weapons here exactly that if you're talking about. Those are the receivers again that's really been the biggest story for the office in the biggest knock against the offense that. It'll wideout Dez Bryant and OK here's Eric Decker but is he really got to fit everything else. But if you are on the on the field you know wrong. You have James White and Jewish gentlemen you'll ever for two other skill guys admit it's another tired and its other running back or you don't even need that any change and it went down and it is James that there's the best fullbacks the lead James Devlin. Mean that's three unity of white and Birkhead bull line. Defensively though. You say are right Donta hightower coming back that ought to balance automatically makes them better. They did at a bunch other guys and and we'll see how they fit in some big names sometimes those guys work out other times we've seen the patriots. You know whether it's Adrian Wilson or John Lynch her Albert Haynesworth or whoever they come in. And they get off the left and that's just that's just it. The defense though the lot of the guys when they talk with a Kyle bit knowing it was talking with the care region. Couple days ago. And was saying how you know their linebacker corps erase sleeping on capitol linebackers are not good defense has the confidence but. I think most fans looking at say. Don't every single year with Tom Brady. The offense better than the defense. The system that's I feel I don't think you need to over think it and dolphins is better we have seen how bad skill position players with Tom Brady in the past. We seem much worse than this group. Ali and 060. Yeah and they can't they've really could've won the suitable later. If you think about what happened at the end and in lieu blown at its championship game and then wouldn't Rex Grossman in the Super Bowl. That team with Reche Caldwell as the leading receiver in yards in receptions. Could've won the Super Bowl. And this this group is is certainly a lot of map. Here's the other conspiracy theory I've heard a lot of over the last couple of days and I love this one minute she spears and maybe except you would mean wanna lay claim thank alpha a litmus that the reason no reason that now. Bill Belichick he's holding Brady back so much he's not throwing much is not practicing much. Her Achilles Tom's heart disease and veg out and Adidas is this is among the dead things I've heard what I mean. When your wait around for football to happen Agassi got to get a throw stuff out there. I mean I don't want to plates that every ideally how many games is you play in the present in the TU one won the third game yeah that's that means they don't like the first half past let us how third game. No dress rehearsal called down as the only the only game that at a site. I don't wanna touch in the field in the fourth pre season you know he did last year right because he was about to be suspended for four games so those two years ago two years it where he played in the fourth one you know and eightieth on OK while I understand it. I don't think you can see element tonight as I don't think they feel he's completely ready yet see that's the difference that's that's a good point so Brady's four game suspension a lot different elements four game suspension only being that he wasn't hurt right so if if I don't need element to get a vote to reps in the pre season. For watt that he uses it it and most of them probably would come without Brady anyway like all. I'll see him week five against the colts that's that's when I wanna see Julie element that's that's the next time on the field anyway coliseum. Given more time arrests though does more than things when he got suspended for the four games but. Not at a bit of a blessing because I'm not sure he was completely healthy right so don't why Russia back isn't the play August 9. Or it all August so hopefully he sits out and then. You know you see a letter on and and Brady only plays one game but he always finds a way to play more than one game they he'll probably play talk his way and if only playing. Teams to three and four you're probably play a series in the fourth game and you say what. What's the point. There was an instead Graham photo. And I am I I apologize and remember grunts girlfriends name hole from the old to be old coax deck or some Michael's second act again. But a bit and she she put and it's Graham fought on a day or so you fall or mr. knell but somebody else put up on Twitter real cost act that's it. A cheap photo op and it was hurt and grind this was after practice her and wrong. And Bill Belichick act and Linda holiday. All stand there smile on low double take then well. This whole idea that the others these issues between gronkowski and ballot check or between Brady and ballot check. It doesn't seem to actually be the case now Adam show after was on this morning. On without Willis David curtain Callahan show but mock was on with Roemer and out of chapter was on and one of the things that that he said in there was that. It immediately after the Super Bowl on Tom Brady Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft all got together and they had a meeting. And chapter in fact said it it went hours he said they talked for hours at a is that is that Brady craft telecheck Guerrero is that I mean that that took place before or after the season off season. Although I was Whitney unit of what it sees I don't know why exactly but. But I think it was in who's out there what different they get together in robber crept referred let. What about the snake in. Crab Belichick Brady sat down deceit all they could move forward that future using the best way. And you know what the end result of that conversation was. All we you have. Conversation outlet loans should. They think that basically decide to make sure they're great on the same page of the lines of communication are open. And that everybody should be happy they possibly can be movement. So according to show after the three of them met for hours his term not mine met for hours. A one of the things Adams suggested was that one of the things they discussed with Tom Brady throwing glass and he's 41 years old now. May be which are looking at your pre season yet the penalty early so many bullets in the gun but not to 41 yes let's give up their sling and away on how hot August day. Let's get him ready for when the games really map. Right of the assay in if you don't have throw less now I'm all for gas as a regular season he's sort of the throat and I got out of the apple and what he says there's no less I I know I took it to mean yeah. I think to ruin it all along like this whole of the relationship of all those guys I think that the we have over emphasized how bad this. This whole relationship that I Vick. Mean that's probably true I I just think as long as they're all still on the same team note nobody's gonna sabotage the other seat if they're not best buds guess what they have to be. Brady's gonna who out there his goals going to be away adults are schools going to be to win and grown school's going to be to win. Now crop might want more and more money or you know things going on but as far as this season is concerned. I think all these guys are gonna be completely committed to winning and I would I'd be shocked if if there's anything other than that. I I I think that we have we have bought into it. In many instances you know all well grant okay he's he's gonna retire he eat he don't like planned for for Bill Belichick the relationship is strained and in all those things that we say in and we based on nothing other than you know. Gut feeling half the time right well I mean there there's definitely some are reporting out there and I didn't. But it also goes back to our Belichick Brady if they don't really get along but compared to one. But these guys ever best friends now like heroic there's a lot of players there was always that so you're. There they make it sound like things have gotten so much worse or maybe they were just always kind of like this and we're just or were obsessed about more. We are but I think we've overstating it and and I think that this Brady contract tweaking is of further indication of that. Not no more extra years though house hoped for extra years that your. Maybe to a Don and and it I think it was Jeff how I'd I apologize if I'm giving credit in the wrong place. I think it was Jeff Howe who said. There could be further tweaking before this thing is finalized yet they and a couple of days it was in that it is it is actually possible that it's melts may be going on. Yeah and it is an extension deceive me do it if it's an extension that you feel all better as a pitcher and right now this guy. He's saying he's said before I want to play longer if you're talking about three years like three more seasons this year next year another year. Feel pretty guided all it always goes back to drop one those goes back to how many years to get it out of him vs Brady and what how that decision played out. Well if you get ready for all these years we're going to be a Super Bowl contender it feels like for all of these years. That it's actually worth the. So lay out a friend of the shelves. A former regular on the Shelley patriots Monday irregular. Heath Evans. You'll recall sort of disappeared from the program last year yeah I do this was such in December. There was a story out there. AI young woman by the name of Jamie can Tor who worked at the NFL network I think she was a make up person I remember yeah that's on very. And she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit. Against. Several people at the NFL network including Heath Evans. Yes and a bunch of people who were involved in this where were they sort of disappeared from the air for awhile. And we weren't able to have Heath Evans on the show from that point forward because he wasn't allowed to. And he has come out swinging here today. He he was fired by the NFL network back on July 27 officially. What he says he has again and I emphasize these this is key DeVon side of the story. I that the allegations made against me are simply not true and I can prove it. He goes on to say that the NFL network wanted him to not mount a public defense. But instead to quote let them handle the allegations in a confidential manner and essentially trust them with my reputation. I decided to honor their request and Null and reluctantly agreed to remain silent. He does not say by the way that even though we heard about this early December last year. That he became aware of the allegations last October. Yet he and the and a funeral NFL network learned about it in in October. I'd Jamie camp toward said that Evans quote sent nude pictures of himself on at least two occasions. And Eddie constantly proposition the plaintiff to have sex with him. And the editing made several sexually inappropriate comments to the plaintiff such as. You're making me horny and needed to get too well nevermind that sneezed and now we'll leave that one alone the who've so so Xian. He told the NFL now or this again his side of the story because he has come out today and set everything. He said he told the NFL network. Two years ago Jamie can Tor and he had exchanged mutual flirtations that included her sending me and me sending her. Pictures of a sexual nature of I regret having engaged in the picture exchange. Nothing ever came of the mutual flirtations and we remain friends during and after her employment ended at the network. He he posted a text message that he received from her. Thirty days before he became aware of the allegations. She said that dad she she had some weight issues she wanted to lose some weight asks how she wondered if that would help out. You don't get Isner getting in getting their tied up with a trainer that he responded I'm happy to do that good for EO and and etc. etc. He is ought to say quote I provide the network with the east texts turned over my current and old cell phone and earnestly participated in their discovery process. After providing the NFL network with the evidence the network kept me on the air and seemingly went to bat for me. When the reports came out to the NFL network had settled the lawsuit would Mike user by the he's breaking news there none of us knew that. At that apparently they settled the NFL network immediately started threatening to fire me with cause if I wouldn't sign their silencing agreements. In exchange for signing they offered to came out my contract and allow me to Hannibal language and my resignation letter. After refusing to sign their silencing agreements multiple times the NFL fired me Friday evening July 27. On. And as Mike Florio pro football talk put a net and what this means is fourth things one. As I said they settled Kantor's lawsuit none of us knew that him. A league offered him a severance agreement in exchange for his agreement to sign a confidentiality. Agreement restricting his ability talk about it. He refused to sign it. They fired him. He said he told the NFL network quote my name and reputation mean too much to me. For me to cave to their threats and not clear my name. So I will be presenting information that tells the whole truth which apparently the NFL doesn't want the public to know. The whole truth will include experiences not only pertaining to my accuser. But also other women who work at the NFL network. And what they have been subjected to in it had to endure in order to keep the jobs they have worked their entire careers for the truth may surprise you uncorked another is. Is the truth that you took pictures of your Wiener and sent to the slate yes. He says that I mean what he's saying which parts of his by I don't know yet though he says its nose she says. She logo gone back to when we first heard about this up she said that he sent naked pictures to her. She is that he says in here all there was there was a mutual flirtation. That included. Her sending me and niece and her pictures of a sexual nature of beyond sexual nature is not you know doing the kissing face that I'm guessing probably get a yeah a problem got so. Without loud is that I'm sure when he go through the NFL network when you sign on the area what's allowed to work what is a lot of work it feels like. Not as bad as it warrants apps explanation was but it seems on par once September is hoping their body that and thinning out a lot now that all your blood looks like this like Alexandria aligned to it or you're you're admitting to sending it. Sexual pictures to our I think right there she probably has the case we invited Heath Evans to join us today now that he is coming out and publicly talking about that's. Are we were told that he's not ready to do an interview yet he may be ready sometime soon the invitation is open to right because one of the questions I would ask him as. If you sent her a naked picture first. The position you've put hurry in an area of my employment could be dependent on how I responded yes. That's what sexual harassment is all about and I think a lot of even if Sedin ultimately sentenced a pullback to yet she may feel she active. Yet that's the other thing is you don't really know. How the other person Euro a 100% with how the other person feels that he makes it out to be like hey were we will also good friends and like this was what's going on in you know she can't believe it all. Yeah I doubt that that's how you feel about it you know she obviously felt old bit differently in it and who donated the truth is somewhere in between. But I just think that you know if he is it admitting right away that. You know is sending you know pictures naked pictures Stewart and I'll also I don't know I don't know this is important or not. I know he's divorced now but the pictures happened two years ago. Are you still with his wife then I don't know the answer I know there are worst I doubt that time I don't know the timetable I don't know I don't know but Arafat's of the details that the lump in their. NFL network has released a statement this afternoon in which they said and I quote. He's employment was terminated as a result of his own misconduct. Which he freely admitted to one Twitter today. And sitting before severing its relationship with Heath the NFL carefully considered all of the circumstances including the information that he provided. In the end the NFL concluded that his conduct was not acceptable and our workplace and we stand by our decision to terminate his employment unquote. I mean he did say yeah. That date exchange. Photos of a sexual nature right for the first person incidents pretty important it is out there totally different path if if she sends him a naked picture right and he responds. The sexual harassment looks different than if he sends one to her she second kind of I don't send some back. I may lose my job here yet other got some pretty gives us around to say nothing came of it. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I'd probably try to see if there's a relationship there before I send naked pictures yeah. That's you Dallas on everybody I read as well that day that point I feel like if you're going back and forth in the naked pictures and then nothing and then you're still friends also strikes me as odd. If you're doing the big picture thing for awhile and you see the personal lot. When it went wire that go away why that stopped simply got that a good thing go on but apparently did you didn't. But they're still friends and like I guess that is his big proof was. That she reached out who'll not too long ago and was asking about getting into shape. I mean it is is that good enough to say well she dollars in dividend that upset about it if he's gonna reach out to them I don't I don't know if that's gonna hold up. India in the lawsuit there were several. Player's name former NFL players named in addition to Heath Evans farms there was Donovan McNabb. There was Warren Sapp. Ike Davis. I think right. Taylor Ike Taylor leave Eric Davis era and it is nice yeah yeah of all of the other group of former players who were named. There's only one still with the NFL network. Bipolar Butler and current everybody else who was named is gone. And we actually we had Michael Irvin on that week right after all this came out you very denied every single. Part of that he went through and and he was adamant about it that's why I've always been and I don't kind of blew open my face when we heard Warren saps. Explanation for but I thought if you are innocent if you truly are innocent. I think he should get out there again on the record and say it now if you're Warren Sapp. Meteor maybe you RBU artist that it started a while Abraham yeah caveat there does he did in eighty I could you can't be an idiot there but you could tell. At the very least whether you believe Heath Evans or you don't based off this text messages need to check it out he's at Heath Evans 44. As a couple post treated the thing where he wrote. In the bunch of notes but on its phones that decided post that. But you can tell that he has been wanting to tell this story for a long time and as the NFL network that said don't. That ultimately they fired him anyway so now here is same stuff. Yeah. Oh yeah it's. Really you know on and and I don't know a single outlook on the well when I read that article. I heard about it all. These serious. A looser I don't know this person. I've never had a listen and contact with anybody. Any wary. It appropriate that that's all I know it's all right there lowered its well I know workers are well. As being put me. I'd always acted appropriately. When I left the you know fail when our beer over wanted to be. Code before it still reform talk to me you know and I think our EU because brickyard this narrow. I'd never act inappropriately. And you order out in the whenever without any X. Our parties follow any try to eat in New York so if you added. It would've put it in our. They thought that I I'd be sure that I'd never aren't eating in a little. I mean I used pretty clear about it and he was we should also interject here. We would have been happy to talk to Heath Evans when this came out last year old Sharkey. Was unable he was not allowed yet they pulled the plug on that and again able worker at the NFL network we he thought every Monday rate we my caller on every Friday and the yer gonna interviews continued. That was probably the day after that that article came out. And ever that was a weird day because dale and Michael Ball out. And we had a good record that early I think Andy heart was in pretty could make it and so is basically a one on one interview via Michael learned and we had to talk about that story is very awkward but. Irvin about. He just blew it felt like you speak very honestly. And just denied all that stuff and obviously the NFL network felt strongly. On his side because he continue to work while these other guys either fired or suspended sort of girls and the other thing go ahead. So you're there you're there might lead not only do you not know error in the parliament he certainly didn't grab her by the waist on the set of games on my car. Me. You. And go as it's pretty clear cut and and so he just tells you how he feels or what happens whereas Warren Sapp was just one on and on and on. You're talking in circles and making it worse for himself that's of Heath Evans today they did I don't read it. I think he's he believes he's innocent but it's hard to say without really knowing the other side of that and if he if there would admit to sending. Pictures of a sexual nature is calling it is Weiner pics if you're if you would admit that acts that I'd. I don't know how stronger cases he arm before he put the little screen grabs up he wrote and I'm quoting today my silence is over. I attached to these next few tweets is my first public statement since being falsely accused of sexual harassment eight months ago. He then goes on to the there's a series of five tweets but he puts out their screen grabs I should say. And yet when we invited him to come on today we were told yet he doesn't wanna do any interviews then why do you do this I'm not sure I clearly notified or silences all over. But a day because it turns into it maybe you fear the Warren Sapp thing where this you can control you can write no expert sex toys this decline. Mill now. Does such told his own little vibrates that you know and I have pitched one that my man makes its criminal doubtful. It's just. Let's say it's. They exit the terrorists exploit knows a little violators think what it's I don't reading old dot com stand nevermind voluntarily shore and a but so that's the navy that's the problem because -- these you can write out you can edit you can you can you know have somebody else look them over. And then just post them and Easley in there enough people do that if you get into an interview. And maybe you said the wrong thing Waltz out there and and we about Warren Sapp audio forever as. And sexual. Lu declared he does all the little we'll be back robbery glued. Don't don't don't don't. That was met a lot of buzz after another. If they found out about it. They get very clear this is not highs and winning trophy not liner wisely noted that I've met a lot of that this is also about where. He's got the letter by Heath Evans he post the text message that he got. Back in September. From cancer and was talking about how usual gonna lose some weight and Ngo mount and then there is. Frown a mode she. If he has the right for clarity on the text message screen shots. The front emotion was sent because I forgot the call back. I responded with a voice text because I was driving I also forgot to respond after last response on 93017. The you should pick a clearer while the good hyper threaded through and I'm like that frown face is what you wanna be in there. Than having to apologize are like that's the whole thing comes thanks. I'll we would like to talk to and today we invited them into a statement tomorrow we didn't talk to him by the way we talked was agent it. In his agent said he is not yet ready to talk to anybody yet but down when he is ready. Maybe next week. Maybe Oakmont and and talk would you guys because. His series of text today at tweets today opened up even more questions form and a Iger. Did you just open up the governor phone as well renowned Italian government pressure on talk indiscernible thought. You know sometimes she creeps into the conversation when I time my bonus it over here and talking and Alison series you know hello. Yeah out a series ought. Naked pictures. You guys talking about it filter those right now.