Dale & Keefe - Is Brady negotiating with Gisele or Belichick? Doris Burke on why she interviews coaches after quarters and why Celtics fans should be confident.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, May 21st
Hour 2: Dale and Keefe discuss the significance of Brady’s absence at the Patriots OTAs after previously remarking about how important they are. The guys question the decision by Brad Stevens to give minutes to Guerschon Yabusele. Doris Burke joins the show for an interview to talk about various topics including Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Keefe dreads the presence of a certain NBA official in Game 4.

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This he's that Palin keep GO. Get a ball. Go ahead double they were good compounds oil there was then also have this farm optimized. You know be better. Arnold at which team Christian movement stars they would rather odd drag on the WEEI Sports Radio him. Yeah. Part of it to daily key Sports Radio WEEI. Doris Burke will join us at the bottom of the hour. She's in Cleveland for tonight's game four between the Celtics and cavaliers we'll talk to her about that and well at the Celtics and then regroup after Saturday's thrashing by the edit cut their. A few yelling right that was the most disappointed I've ever heard you would publish and composure a little surprised but I'm not surprised that nothing to do with it. You lord disappointing he thought the Mon stars were firmly completely different movies and he's ever football the odds are if there. I don't care I'm not the arguably you never seen that movie guy but he was trying to make a month stars reference any related to football I was very. Very confusing isn't ready the basketball guy is a ton of basketball movies these big you know want to Michael Jordan and that would audio. Around these youth through at least two teens early mornings when it came out there such thing as we know it's our view is that it's son's book sums this is ripped off and I'm I thought. Yeah apparent at book. Battle on the lower subsidies of Iowa I was supposed to support regret so it went in talking about. Radian again not being their first part and now. There's a difference between today and the other parts of the offseason program. Today is the first day of what what is called OT games which means they are on the field. It's seven on 7-Eleven. On eleven. That the couple this is this is the phase three of the off season do you ever heard phase one through three apply this not or this year this seems pretty they're never mattered everybody they always. Every bush there are also in in the moral cinematic universe that I thought where they that'll help clear up form. So today's the day when you know that he's not there where he's throwing footballs you know wide receivers and running backs and tight ends and beginning that that connection and timing and we said that in the past. These things Brady has deemed to be very important. We mentioned it a cut that Mike GRD had and this was I guess from June of 2013. And he said. And and this is well Brady was saying about this time of the year. Back then that. Even in every time they play these guys being the as the it's their job and that's it. Yeah he talks about you know you think god is just an OT in the springtime it does not that important and you know all those things are probably could enter your mind that. The truth is this this lays the foundation for the start training camp and if you have a good training camp usually means a good start of the season and did season you know it starts this season. Leads to you know a good position entering the second half of the season which leads a good player so everything ends up having some. Significance to it you just not how you're running plays and you know going through different things that are good meaning where you're trying to get a lot of things accomplished. It is not a lot of weight and that this is well well as well as information is changed I I've changed my opinion if things apparently. This is I am looking forward to. His next. Media pairs of underwear it is I don't know if it's with the scrum of reporters have on the morning show wherever it's going to be. To hear him into the wee -- record everything we keep track of every enemy apparently has everything good job by Andy good job by a majority Ryan Hannibal all these others who were polling these quotes from what you said weather is five years ago Weathers this past fall whatever but. He is he has talked on the record about OT gays and how you might think out there that is isn't that important. But in reality it sets the ground work and now this leads to phase four something but I think that it the next thing you know you keep building on that. To have a good year and something that he's always been a part of so I'm curious how he's gonna spin that into. So like it's still important but you know I don't need to be there the truth is this this lays the foundation for the start training camp. All right so how you do that without being there this year are you a deal to lay the the ground war and when he does meet the media again what's he gonna say. What's his explanation I don't know I don't know why it was important both for rights but it's not important now I don't know I don't know I don't know eyes Bennett. You know and maybe you bring up family do you go there it's hard to do that and other classic princess of thing in going up against that kind of but the family out there really well you added that a deal with the kid you know and don't. Baranov. That might be where he goes or he could he could talk about how he's been in the league for so long and things changed like Aaron go that's. The police at last year's I have the answers to the test now he did say that a year ago. Auto need to show up for FDA's own shares of answers to your teammates or all there is Friday February 9 would have a good time to yeah that that would cause everybody else. In outer outer I was gonna spent some interest and spectacles are the guys Kevin's in New Hampshire a cannon. They yell out on today well things are. Very well you two think number one capitalism does show rating at courtside today only 38 minutes Pataki got so I appreciate. Up for you we can't. I think I'm calling here back on the nail polish let's participant one time before but his putter snow yeah at times. You know yeah right I really wonder in the lap and we think that Belichick doesn't know exactly when Brady showing up. And you know Brady Denard yet decided that I hear that it bets for the team and camaraderie and coming together. I think everything they have a plan out of the idea that that surprised about jackets just he had to hand it to the media. For Brady to answer to the liquid bill saying you know the media is gonna can be interesting yeah operating handle that. Look at Belichick you know personal matters not might saying you know talk of the player. You know I don't know anything about that at that and it becomes like him against him to the media out pretty interest. I find it hard to believe that Brady has not spoken to ballot check about what his offseason plan I don't think taught sex schools who walked Ramirez Tom there hey you know he knows he's not there but my point is he can't be thrilled about it but when he told him what his plan was I'm sure he was not saying others this is good is good for the team. Sure I that they you know let it go Allen Iverson years ago and indeed that that's conference when he bit that practice. You know Abbott and Allen Iverson Allen Allen Iverson was wrong. I figured it out totally I've got to bring it up like wondering if there. That they're laughing because they have a plan in mind that when he's showing up at the media's great now about radiant but dropped something in there. Do not think. I do not think cults except their life. That's one thing I can you know but you know what I I don't think he says that set is as what you think he might. I don't I had birdie I got himself how how Dell's second he he is is so it's all he's very consistent and everything is important to him whether it's. The walk through it's OCA mini camp like he has said that so wouldn't. Would belts at one as the entire team there. Unsure liked Josh McDaniels said courts would weed out everybody here those at outlets I can't imagine the laughter Mulitalo. They think we don't know where is going to be here well not even if they know what he's going to be back does that mean he's okay would like. Let's just say for the sake of argument Brady calls dollar check up and says Taylor bill you know I need to spend more time with my wife and my kids. Not going to be there the optional stufflebeem there for many can't mandatory mini camp I'll be there then. But I'm not going to be their those other things if Belichick and said Tom it's really really important to me in the teens to be year. Would he still skip out yet again his mind made up. Until I think I used he was dead set on because then. You know who would who would you rather let down after Brady belts records as though. That's not a hard decision no it's not invalid in that door for him and so that's probably what he told blurry like arguing I'm only gonna maybe that's one of the tradeoffs that she's been begging him to retire for the last several years the navy say listen. I only go to mandatory at all but that that is a great call by you that could be part of a out called negotiations. Indian Gisele re elect I'm and then plan a a couple of years but I'm not gonna be there. In April anything that voluntary I'm gonna skip though I have to go to the Mansour stuff because it's just that bought. Everything else I'll be home you know whether you're doing something without review whether it's with the kids or whatever I'll be focused there and at what he told Belichick that exact same thing payless and I've I've had a long talk with my wife. You know we've decided that she you know she's gonna be okay let me play another few years. But part of that is I'm going to be there with them as much as I bet he's still pests a venue he's not gonna try to talk him out of it in like hey I'd known you for twenty years you know your four year old you've made up your mind a market talk you out of it. Bought I now have to go through these. You know or or run different drills out there we just have Hoyer and when that's not ideal I think you'd you'd prefer if Brady was there are only. He's just his biggest in the world he knows haywire when it's mandatory you'll be there you might have to play catch up a little bit and make up for some of the time that you missed. But. You know this is it's it's certainly not good for him and then not having crime fares well on top. You know belt sector via PC I also think that that's part of the social media stuff that Brady does put out. Which has a run and on the bleacher or whatever in other words the message is out there I'm not just sit around you know I think I'm working on stuff and it makes it worse late. So you can't practice with the team in Foxborough but you could throw the ball would big guys UCLA. Or you can run up and down the BSE I think that the point is simply I am doing stuff and it's not our guy that there I get all I don't think they would imagine him shown up Thad Matta should be a path that we're not gonna happen. But you can take the time now if he goes through with the Montana trip again which sort of been reported out there that he's gonna go with romp in a couple of and it probably settlement. A couple of guys to Montana. I don't think the teams that'll of that so you're you're willing to go to Montana able to go to UCLA. And spend hours away from your family were crumpled ball. But when it's our team in Foxboro you you can't do that. And let's say that Brady does communicate to Belichick what his offseason plan as this one and new bill I'll be there on this date. You know I'll be ready to go don't worry but yeah that's what I'm gonna show up. And bill says and I'm really not okay with that town. It's going to cut. He's not so. Facing an adventure that I'd ever had well that you sort of the the okay well I guess I agree and disagree but I'll see you in June CU and one that I'm I'm not gonna go so. Yeah I mean he has leverage in that regard. You know he could say well we're shall apply when I can. Or I want to Whittier and Obama and at that point I don't think there's much Belichick could do we're saying about it now I don't think he's got a big beef with the YouTube if he did. What's he gonna do. There's not much you can do. And again you don't have the generic problem although he literally don't have another option to win you games so like yours you of one course record time to do see this lawyer guy that we'll at least coming on real nice Tom that are gonna hurry up I'm especially proud of ass yet to a but it looks great children being regularly played the FCC real fills up the shorts and teachers are fairly nicely and that weight room though nice guy the guys like gum okay. We will talk Celtics cavs Doris Burke from ESPN and ABC will be joining us coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. Celtics and cavaliers play game four tonight at the Q. And at this point Doris Burke from ESPN and ABC is gonna cults me off of the legend convinced me that I shouldn't be afraid be scared. Well and and you hung up on I did not I I tried to die Litton are trying to do is like you know what the hell I can't start you off the lead. That is look at boy I'm not a lot till later that that's layout beyond that not happened so it was just lost by thirty so not happen now I doubt I'll play a lot I the only guy I we will get back door spurt I have not freaking out. Was that a few callers early on that is all the sudden and and dale you included the thing the series is is completely flipped now after one game. About that he would talk on Friday and we're ride the hot on Friday that they hadn't gotten their mother had kicked in game three run too low it's the same team at the same Rosser and it may be more importantly most importantly it's the same head coaches on both sides sought the point where I was saying Doris Burke is gonna coaxed me off a ledge and convinced me I don't have to be panicked is I. Water has an addict again and hello to arsenal aria. I gentlemen I'm well thank you very excited or not. I explained to me why I shouldn't be nervous about the Celtics fan based on what I saw happen Saturday night. Well I would be nervous for this reason I'm ready you as if it well clearly. In engaged. Teen. On the defensive and the Cleveland Cavaliers have found something that's working for them and that's primarily Tristan Thompson. Says some light switch ability. The ability to attack Al Horford at the point of the celtics' attack right in national and state they run. Dribble handoff to as much as any can be eighteen in the week they used alum can pomp circumstance that they use and that's a playmaker in the open floor intact that's one of their favorite things when he can rake it up. We don't get transition create all kind mismatches. That's problematic for a lot of teens. And Tristan Thompson's very often down sort of scandal plagued season with this team. You know has now transitioned into a place where in the last couple of series he's been. Crucial to to what they tried to do so. They found. I'm curious turn their counters the Celtics can run by to get Al more involved when I spoke to broke the half Irish. His very first point to me was Powell. Took one shot in the first quarter that is unacceptable and it's on all of us and he. You know what surprised me analyst. And you guys know listen talked about it all year sort of you know the level. I don't know how to describe it gets equanimity at Brad happened all circumstances. Great plays. Com or frustration but for the first time and maybe it was just my vantage point. I'm actually you know real. Crush ration on his face and in game three with some of the shop collection which I thought was a character so I'm really fascinated financial fast meant to feel the Celtics respond. Now. Tricky is it when you're interviewing coaches in between quarters because you can tell late day. They they want to answer your question but they also wanna get back to their huddle and and talk to their guys the united I don't know what year. You know ESPN and ABC started doing that but it's got to be. For a fine line there early you'll give it time for a question or two but I can't imagine the coaches are always thrilled to do it. He's and if you ever noticed I will sometimes just ask one like in the last circumstance I'm only asking one because Brad. It's frustrated the keenness you know start about as poorly as you can. End as long as he is neon a decent response until until actually it'll coach I am calling. Only ask you one in the hopes that they give me a good response. You try to be incredibly respectful these are competitive man trying to do their job you know yes the end does this clearly NT NT. They do all sorts of focus groups research and clearly. And maybe not your fans and certainly not one guy necessarily here trial. But what I'm told from my bosses essentially this has value to pummel the viewers and therefore we will continue it until we find something better but yeah shirts it's nerve wracking for me sometimes I don't wanna the pain but I'd like to provide that you were with something. We're talking Doris Burke of ESPN before tonight's Celtics cavaliers game four. Doris why this home court advantage means so much in the NBA more than any other sport. Yeah you know what surprised me if I was trying to dive deeper into. The Celtics travails on the road and I'm thinking OK it's because with two young women wings Jalen and Jason. And some of the other you know younger players who haven't ventured that the playoffs red urged look at reality as a country that to discuss the plot ready. The championship team with KG and Paul and granny. There are member of the remembered Atlanta haven't gained is they were at this small town in Atlanta. And the fact of the matter is that when Mac championship based on the strength of their for the most part of their home. Court you know playoff performance. I would say this you know we sat with Jalen brown this morning just getting some sound from tonight's game. And you'll print their I know he's a serious young man anyway clips he's seen too easy. To be anxious to get back on the floor and sort of make amends for what he believed was a very poor individual performance current. You know we asked him that question in fact that will be my open tonight I hope to be able to lead to some town where he he basically dale says. You know I'm not exactly sure what doses but. And he mentioned Stuart repeat things you know that you know you know continuing to execute all the little things to come so naturally when you. You know when you're comfortable crowd behind you you wanna get counted in census stamps and be on point with all your switching. Watch it or not clearly they weren't knocked. Connected defensively. In game three there's no question that I've become so accustomed to the fast switching. And and the Celtics to better than any other team in my estimation disk on this match is practically down on the post when their carts are to get exposed. You'll see that corner defender or that. Big crews on another section of floor. Just communicate quickly and basically raced Sam mismatch for the dolphins can take advantage out. That and that's not something that happened. A ton I thought it gained three likely on point quick. Switching communication. So. This is part of the group of this team to look. You know some of the best teams in NBA history or the best route cheese and could. You know walking confidently into that they didn't duplicative efforts. It's a different deal and I am I am I'm very curious I really sucks because I looked and you have to ask you questions you want to not get nervous still. Yet the cavaliers haven't sustain it defense over the course of a six month period so are they gonna do what ethnic and replicate. What they did what went better I won't say it was great I'm not saying either Cleveland Cavaliers defense is great but it was better and they run OK I'm I'm confident that. Now the Celtics have used a bunch of different starting lineups throughout the playoffs do you think maybe tonight is a time to make another change or roll up the same one that have the first three games. Boy that's really interest in question and I don't know what Brad was getting that he actually when we were all of the arena it. It talking to impose scheme and he sort of alluded to the fact that maybe that was some quirks and certainly we have achieved. His willingness to switch IE putting markets worsen the starting lineup. There was one substitution I was really curious about make didn't understand it and an alternate list to Colin packed your question about what you can and can't ask a coach at the end of quarter. The yacht apparently. A minutes. I mean I was taken aback and I literally can. Ask my producer to open the mighty. During the timeout to sit and chat and mark. Is it inappropriate for me to ask this question and that's I think a couple of them that act as an adult and Brad that questions like it. It's not. And you know what it was explained to me at practice yesterday that there's yet you know the the Mets for the cavaliers of the front court work it. Ended in the front court until there was just two minutes stretch where they thought they need to get Al arrest and gap actually listen you know there's like that I won't say they're an exceptionally deep team sport consult to write you think about all they've lost personalized. So there's times where he's been in that in grad. And just. He has some limitations in terms of personnel such that there are questions about the starting lineup and they are also questions about rotations in your questions or trigger that actually. Thoughts and another interesting aspect tonight. Without Kai re Irving the Celtics on the road this year seven intent. With fiery Irving they're 22 and eight. I do you think and you were tired about the people who all who aren't available you think about what this team would look like with just that one guy. Correct because what does he give you that others don't I mean you have some of those fluctuation Kate and can create its own Jalen can create his own. But it's interesting I remember hearing a story about her every European when he was on the base of the cavaliers and you know basically to run the assessment and move the ball or something and something about we we get better shots and Turkish response to something like. I get my shot anytime I want and that's an act. Matter like those two young guys are really at that I read into it at any time and so against the best defense is which are loading to about. All of which are making all the extra preach which is which Havilland and athleticism. It doesn't matter because I reassess. So yeah course infamous no doubt. I know only one person knows the answer this right now that he doesn't even know for sure but you think LeBron James will be back in Cleveland next year. I don't I really don't know the LA your kids at a gas yeah. You know what I don't I I think what what will be interesting to me. He is what type of fifteen personnel. A track them you know I've heard this talk about Philadelphia. Thought my immediate thought was well you'd certainly don't want to take. Paula offensively and can't because then you indicate his skills entirely but I hear of something yesterday from some somebody who I think is a little bit more plugged into. Cleveland and prom and I am. Default was perhaps LeBron might want to get off the basketball next year. Would not have so much you know responsibility. In terms of being that point forward. I have Cyril idea I almost eight is to say it and I had zero idea that's true. I don't know it is an interest income positioned to meet. That LeBron could be you know short of crashing the boards on the defensive end 1516 feet good luck checking him out. Get at all the window. And picture to to a guard who can make plays so what circumstance either Houston or Philadelphia but I think. Where ever he chooses. You know middle it does does this fascinating aspect is does she want off the ball does she treat now it's time for him to to relinquish some. Now let's say things go the celtics' way and and we all go we want the Celtics win the next two and in in you know they they went in five games is it a fair question post game Doris for you'd asked LeBron about next year already read the aftermath of losing a series of us. Who wouldn't. We have the only place I could ask a question is at the post quoting him because we obviously I will have the responsibility for. You know present in the Eastern Conference championship trophy. And so the only way I could ask that would be a I'm a you know he's going to get to question. And you know he's going to not answer breast yeah exactly. Doris in Philadelphia they say trust the process is it a more accurate depiction of the Eastern Conference in the NBA. To say the process is here in Boston right now. Well I think you know the countries and I heard Kevin McHale on the TNT broadcast saying that. And he's not a person won't be the last he could basically anti Jewish. The best GM in sports he didn't sit in the day of the best GM in professional sports now I I don't. Have a feel for football the way you Pashtun and hockey and all those names but I will just saying I would the. I would have incredible competent departments across the campaign leadership. And the fact of the matter is you have access to that talent. Well yeah I feel really cared that I can stick to it got to be such an exciting time your fastball and I have many friends and actually achieved shall expound on. Point I just. You know I'd like your championship window next year actually didn't even with all the pieces in place a protection to your IP your way and. About the next. Experience but that. Brown and tape and kind of responsibility that has been on their shoulders. The exposure playing all ready in two on the third week of may and the I mean this is just so valuable only has chew. On what should be incredible expectations a year from now. Now our last question for me do you think Becky Hammond will be a head coach in the NBA next year or in this in seasons upcoming air. I do not and shall be a head coach in the NBA next year or perhaps not for the next several you know I. Think that there's a process to be played out here obviously and she's starting that process and hopefully more woman become assistant coach he's eight uptick in you think about somebody like Tom Thibodeau spent seventeen years on the sidelines as assistant coach and all the networks and the decade. I don't know how Long Will. That process plays out or or where they believe. Becky isn't that process but I certainly don't think lecture shall be at coach like I do appreciate the tactic Rick publish much of this Metallica can't keep I sent. You know when he let Becky Hammond coached at pre season game and I can come here it's very rare step away from the game but I am a member of the distaff side right hook the stock is important techniques and I sat on the telecast. Unappreciated. One pot was willing to try within the purview of his power. To push women's forward. It was a pre season game he allowed her coach and I don't know whether he had to have a conversation. She just for wrinkle. Or at pour but Torre in the eagle or eat you know any of the men on his staff or. Credit leaks. Capable and pave the used to be head coach in the NBA. I think he has none of such character that they probably do what great intentions were in Mickey Beckett head coach that pre season game. So I appreciated. That he's trying to accelerate the process. So that's a long winded way action it's that we got you know. A way to go here but the process has so she's got to continue to learn and put yourself in position and get more and more responsibility to wake coach right. It is the windows stores we we loved watching you work I appreciate you taking the time to spend a few minutes with us today trust me Boston will be watching tonight. My pleasure always that it received no thanks Doris thanks George take care that is not Doris Burke from ESPN. Who's up pretty darn good at what you yes votes and so. Full automatic and on and I got the call us we thought well if that's how that was drilled real quick. OK I get back in August 2 will weights. Thanks for the call the Google+. Very confusing Celtics cavs tonight and what I did ask Doris to coax me off allege she wasn't real adamant about B and if you don't. You go why should we be concerned it's uniform there would be concerned enough. Yeah that's act. Melvin I mean it that's you know she's talked about the shots you know Cleveland was making and everything else than right Evan you're gonna get a good LeBron James game. She thought that it gets in the game one who suffered a game one he's pretty about it it's actually maybe it proves the point that if this to the series does go seven. You're gonna get six really doable project where he put it's well just let every single night the fact that he gave you one stinker already in the series uniting and another probably not released to make you you've made bureau of the most of it you gotta win there he had a great game in game two certainly statistically great game and their older when not one. And then he actually had guys knocking down shots in game three and gives every generally game they got to a huge lead early and I was pretty much all she wrote about Doris is point that this may be a year early for the Celtics was a really good oh it definitely is an especially without Hayward Irving. I mean nobody was was predicting this it's like people who sell ally of the Vegas golden knights were going to be in Stanley Cup final note you do it you should Nevada at and if you thought. That the Celtics without pork Gordon Hayward and carrier Irving. Had a chance to be in the NBA finals I think you're probably smoke and stuff though nobody did nobody did it all now there were varying degrees of how well they're gonna do but he go back to game one when they lost Gordon Hayward. We're playing the sound the game was on TNT Charles Barkley was saying I'll without Hayward on the they're the lucky to be a five or six seat. I didn't either going to be got that look at the rest of the Eastern Conference vessel off of five teams better but that was way carrier ring. So if you remove him forget it this is this the way this is. Much earlier if you about the whole team was together you thought maybe they would need a year to sort of you know figured out and do you still would have LeBron James and the in the Eastern Conference Toronto odd it's great regular season. But not its here earlier this opportunity to one lead in the conference finals without their two. Best players it's it is it's pretty insane now the question becomes did the Celtics did they did they overcome what seemed to be to be road jitters again on Saturday night. Although as Doris pointed out they've had road jitters apparently entire. The entire post season so far there's been a good amount of road jitters and overcome that tonight Ken because as she points at the kids really worked at bat. Jalen brown shot horribly but I mean throughout the course of the playoffs the kids. Okay. Yeah I mean Rosie ears for the one that has had the big swings home on rodeo the first two series to the casualty completely different player. But I I still think you know you go back to the boxers they get smoked in game three they come back in game four they still lose but they lose by two. In the housing in the Jalen brown went nuts at 34 points back game. Now all of a sudden you were up 20 now it's 22. And they win game five you know endorsed pointed out we brought this up there in the boxers as well. Even the team that won the title even the team that all the star players in Garnett pierce and Allen. They had to go seven games against the Atlanta Hawks and they want all the home games you know that the next round it was all home games and was finally he had a way to the conference finals to leave one on the road. That team won the whole thing in his is well that was a fantastic team you know and was healthy and had and all that stuff so. I don't think they get blown out tonight and even if they do. A lot of their guys play it much differently at home and they still would have. Now all of a sudden 88 best of three in the gets a little sore but it's still been Celtics. To Celtics fans feel that waited it out Roland. I mean out and Saturday connected Thailand suddenly out coach Brad Stephens so thanks a Wiener. I'd really by the way it's it's probably accurate to say that you know Brad Stevens didn't necessarily coached the pants off title in games one and two. It's exceed fusion it's how guys play. But it Doris is right all of a sudden in the the emergence of Tristan Thompson is the thing that they should scary I did. Yes our audience Thompson had what do you three offensive rebounds were ever felt like more and that the new England and they're so much garbage time and that team to. But I wonder if there depths change in the starting lineup endorse or I've got even mentioned the first hour. How strange is that when Yahoo! selling to strut his fat ass in the game in the first quarter like this. I wanted to ask Brad. She's I want that in the van Gundy Jackson I don't I don't know no doubt about it don't do that and why nots. Of a life that you get an answer should that a practice and the next day by. I would I would love to have known and of the game was going very well but Europe for the white flag and already have the first quarter but you don't need absolutely. Play six guys seven guys maybe seven guys who should really be playing when the game matters. To not need to see Gershon yup so in the first quarter offered spot if there is particular. All right so so. If you're Brad Stevens out. And and you've been getting all the accolades deservedly so but you know you've coach this team to this stage two wins away from an NBA finals without your two best players. Yuri genius genius. But as a genius. At how product Kershaw do you have a cell. I don't know that yet because tickets sit through that he was hoping this is going to be the next that they long line of genius moves so no I hopefully got facility. Stays on the bench throughout the game tonight I would not be surprised though because Marcus Morris wasn't very good at all in game three even admitted so after the game. I wouldn't be surprised if maybe they go Aron Baines and go a little bit bigger try to prevent Cleveland from you know dominating on the glass as much as they did. I wouldn't be surprised if they tweets aren't monitored the righty Brad shown you know in his time here. Both this season we saw Seve goes away starting against the box. We don't you go back to a year ago putting Gerald Green in the starting line up in a move around the near Johnson. He's made changes you know within a series one when he feels like he has to. I wouldn't be surprised tonight I'm glad they didn't do it before you know retirement changed his starting lineup in between game one and two. By market and our work so well. Well I mean Tristan Thompson did a good job Horford hit pretty good job but I'm saying. I'm glad he didn't react to it the didn't need to react to a man to get to wind down but it made the shots come off settled that so I I would have no problem there won't there being some. Wouldn't teach be just as simple as you know the Celtics hitting some shots in the first quarter yet because in the first quarter Saturday night they couldn't throw the ball on the ocean from the dock I mean six of 42 from three. That's one thing that you know everybody said about the south of Saudi along the way they can hit threes and a lot of their lineups and actually now another errant Baines is even shooting threes. Every guy on the floor to knock down threes everywhere that they play well we issued a market Smart moralist knock him down but he's gonna take and they all. Everybody out there's a three point threat so if you have that for 48 minutes. You can't make six. That's just. That that's is insanely low number and then on the flip side. Cleveland made seventeen threes. In a whether it was the broader chair Smith or Kyle Korver or even Clarkson in a late in the game it. Those guys were were knocking everything down. When Brad Stevens tells Doris. We only got Al Horford one shot in the first half and now that's on us. It does he mean on the coach. Or is that just on the guys who got the ball on their hands on the floor both or is it on Horford for not getting in a position where they can get him the ball to shoot all. Great and that's the only comfort for my gotten an argument couple weeks ago the game that and Simmons had won all for four against the Celtics. That he just put all that have been Simmons is separate round of a deal is good afternoon wraparound. Brad Stevens is admitting view at halftime as the corporate it's one shot. We get a better job as you can draw summed that up when there are certain times where the other run their offense maybe some of free lancer there for a pick and roll whatever they're doing. But you need to put Horford in the situation revealed a more aggressive yet the player deserves some of the the blame their shore. If you're this great coach would press even this you can also affect what they do up there he wasn't exactly aggressive now while senator I know movement of the not a great game video for people. So in that regard. He he bears some responsibility if I was I mean he's got to do a better job getting in shooting positions being more aggressive with the ball. All the things we saw LeBron too by the way you know LeBron was was pretty good and I'm not trying to suggest that Al Horford is like LeBron I'm just saying. In terms of the aggression is not getting that and now nobody is not so much 6177797937. Stephens on the cell phone hasty and. We don't yet on the yeah. So I would look it in the Muni got our butt crack even apparently the subject. And I did notice other people probably had it would ever yet at eight EE. Or as comfortable with the Ali like that into a parent like with Billy and add a real lead in Matlock. He into the kicker and at that lineup a little bit in the extranet. Wrote you inducted tuchman I almost like giving them a game but he went into. Is that how you explain the obsolete at the yeah but well not yet to sign a little bit to our kids. That lineup been given them a little bit. Hitting it in the world to create it ERT. You can go. Yeah I don't know him that sounds you know sterling LeBron go back to game one saying how he likes to it and feel out process of doing badly when you're up to wall you don't need to gates you know how we actually it was in years you're trying to end this thing as quickly as you can and it. Ray and you give LeBron life videos and also if they win tonight their film a whole lot different. Camping about the conversations were out on Friday you know everybody's laughing at the cavs they sock him. JR Smith's terrible and also on was until he wasn't Saturday night was almost two games but. He forgot how to play by the way after he hit a three pointer I think what he's saying when he was making a stupid gesture with. I can shoot an athlete no kidding he issued his federal career in the a's who shrugged and walked in on the court idiots of the Atlantic that. Thank you all you could Michael Jordan against the blazers 92 news director it was a three point shooter who's knocking down top threes and he shrugging and it's like I comic. That's Aerosmith doing like the stupid a little food little limited three game at three you know what you do need tonight you probably need a fight but all of they're tropical online that you need Marcus Morris to be much more aggressive defensively sleek lines Tristan Thompson and they are in and out I think you're gonna see a little more physical aggression and early on you're gonna see the Celtics much more involved physically. Cleveland's like that there are not back that's true although that's definitely something that. The home team feeds off of much more go to markets and markets more more us or markets Smart. Takes a charge or blocks a shot or save the ball from going out of bounds and dives into the fifth row. The home crowd feeds off that and so does the team where if you do that on the road. You might not always get anything I was following along on Twitter as I was watching the game Saturday night and and the number of Celtics fans. Who embarrass themselves. Complaining about the officiating. As though somehow that had some effect on the fact that the Celtics were getting beat by 28 you've either got robbed out there I know I think every topic. I'm pretty tic tac and Jalen brown Celtics fans do seem to be unit that they have such an inferiority complex. So they probably don't wanna know who the officials are for tonight's game I don't think zone bonds you're saving on that we need to hear who it is that it doesn't carry. There are involved go out there and do the same job as chairman Eric Close and that's that Bill Kennedy and Kennedy's fine Scott Foster it's our. It. How. Are that this guy's still doing games. We do and he's got tonight's game he's the cooler certainly you don't. I know you're well aware we talk about I thought he had to have a game everything jokingly that they're doing more games. Wrong here is why he has trouble with a jump ball solidly all from. And that Charlotte got up you shouldn't do that your dog its ruins your diet teasing your dog if you like fake throw ball. He's too limited to NBA players. Clown and that's what he got tonight so that's a year you don't think he's it be swayed by the home crowd at all. And Donna he's buddies so fast so for those folks I saw on Twitter complaining about the officiating Saturday guys on the tonight all you guys sardonic I mean yeah that's when they see this happen yet gone up against LeBron Scott Foster in the rest of the cast the tough I don't know much about Eric Lewis out there that care Bill Kennedy don't care. I tell you Scott foster's the other official. Celtics nation as terrible now their game last year. Yet issues width Shaun Livingston of the warriors. And I believe he was scheduled to do one of the conference finals games of the warriors in the may pull the plug on. We that you can look at there's a story behind that he was he should have been in the rotation should have been a part of that warriors series and they made sure they didn't duty game. If you pull a guy out of a series thousands fill out yeah just short of a because he's got a sprained ankle or something be it creates. You got in tonight's on expulsion so be prepared wonderful.