Dale & Keefe - BREAKING NEWS Malcolm Butler signs with the Tennessee Titans;  NFL Free Agency money is out of control

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, March 13th

Hour 4: News breaks when Malcolm Butler signs with the Tennessee Titans to rejoin cornerback Logan Ryan. The money being tossed around in the early stages of NFL free agency is crazy.


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In sports Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI advantage each team one mares box it. Now from the old Riley auto parts studio that WEEI trending now. Is five votes and here's what's trending now brought him by Destefano hair restoration Jerry talents choice. For a full head of hair Dini and and Lola. Will sign with the Miami Dolphins or a multiple reports Cody a two year deal worth twelve million dollars eight point 25. Guarantee also in the NFL the Packers. Will side tight end Jimmy Graham to a three year deal the team also. Released wide receiver Jordy Nelson the New York Jets working on deals for a couple of quarterbacks Bernard and Teddy Bridgewater also resigning Josh McCown that. For the a one year. Ten million dollar deal Sam Bradford to the cardinals one year twenty million. The big deal of the day Kirk cousins three years to the Minnesota Vikings for a fully guaranteed. 84 million dollars the Bruins visit the Carolina Hurricanes tonight puck drop at seven Brad marsh is a game time decision it. And the Celtics return of the fourth. Yeah. Fourth and final hour dale a key support for it definitely yeah I'd tail is all four Bruins pregame Bruins and hurricanes tonight thankfully from Carolina's that will play of the game that means Mike and its youth in the for a bonus our own baby Powell were the roads but tell us about the road house still here for not getting that hotel close to the committee get in today that's as you drive 2008 miles an hour with -- is on an hour 45. Hour now got caught behind 35 A an army of plows ready in routier's so bittersweet well and that it was it was nice and safe for me ask you know like that and tell me that those clouds and I'll get together again they're safe now. But it's gonna say that ability with pork that I notice it is quite it was an actionable as only the the the meteorologists and Twitter whether people with converting the lizards turns out they got this one right so blizzard in DC to Boston had a letter bears that stay home if you can stay home gas pointed out we are of course essential employees. Yeah I guess and it turns up the night producer might not be essential parent is a big tool that he is a game time decision like Martinez plays radio man that I tell you what you put out our producers here I read or they are very very special and I'm not saying that's what. As you about this scares got honored at this theater of the mind radios and ultimately made that this business is still with like lights under achievers talent on radios and what you put into this room you put it a little bit effort and you stand out this isn't so you are driving around tonight. And you are not happy we do occur positioning your plowing some beware of your shoveling out for your 1015 bucks an hour. My suggestion is start your path down the road and radio because if you have any idea only effort out there right now you're putting any effort or hard work in this weather. You're already above half the people in our business so you have data directly in the as the personal I just think out your nighttime producer and you know the well is going to be bad and you're telling the after hubris that audit by. Might not be there on time apps like sound I wanna get in yeah that's like an ax doing a show tonight at six U spilling it onto the national shoulder a little over two weeks yeah. I'm just absorb an hour warmup so I checked email that pretty super to stop and turn that I should emailed and yeah because it on unity or Ross the data show any interest Andrea Agassi radio would you agree that yes he noticed that I had like that people like peaches I'm still here. Though slice under achievers and radio there's obviously an hour and a third senator gathers that's why I'm sitting here should be all right. While this is the money hours Chad did is I am radio idleness at 56 is the audio power. How about the Iranian delegate some money mind when they would go by the hour on his transition. Pretty nice transition of the pros pro I ever really hot take on Damon dole signed with the Miami Dolphins you save it for six noted and they view right now as you're here at five. And I had 67. Seven in the article I'll all the four hours. Probably get all this DOT hot take. I think it's a blazing takes alleged settled down there OK I'm setting out. Now if this is a money thing like it looked at him a gold said we page 01 point seven last year. The dolphins were offering you eight Garret you over the next two we wanna pay you goodbye that's one thing located at so that's. They had these four prepare the depth chart he's actually the playoffs will get well as play outnumber people know by now yet I'm ideas left machine so it's a funny thing and they wanna spend the money elsewhere Neitzel there Ndamukong Suh hello Malcolm Butler prowl on month. So okay the money thing I can live with. If it's something more about. The end of somber time episodes six about the having fun and about you know a Gisele saying about Tom Brady wants to be appreciated and dynamic dole it. And his love league is that the Nazi or girlfriend Olivia shore Angela definitely yes like interviewed not baloney hat on our show back in the day thank you relish. COPEL by the hope there Coppola a similar mind games that you would not if it's more about that part of it and not about money. That as a patriots fan. This is where you'd be concerned because those in the choir or the fall guy ever have fought or do you think the patriots you LLC waksal one last TV twelve gotten who hate I'd back in my was more about him and go out of sight and it may be it is said hey Tom you want to live dig around with what he wanted to be here along terra. Albany yank what are your guys are trading Deion Branch a bullet and they don't want no. That said he would be to bicker and concerns like is this didian goal that with a patriots comes out from Carter somebody else. Patriots off the same lot of money. And he just said all wanna go to Miami. Then holy smokes that that would be the concern that is at the beginning of the exes does he know. The Brady's only going to be different a year or two field of Brady's not happy Tina happy is he part of this group of why not having fun we know Glock and Brady appeared to be an act camp right now that tickets are ousted football move. That you talk about a for a little bit. And you move because he's a good player in the regular season he's a great player in the season he is a you mentioned essential nonessential Timmy. He is a nonessential. Other guy jittery sign dates older. Is more that ability you know it becomes the expected and mean Danny Amendola then you live with at least that now my initial take the news when you guys broke just after two clubs. Yes we we we found that out and then we'll get the money a little bit after that and so this the guy took a pay cut. Each of the love every year so beside the that Ager well take a pay cut every year and it did tonight money sorrow a cow became a pair of running joke about his offer an adolescent male slocum back on split burdensome about it. So it does lead to yet does he think it's the beginning of the end but I look at it there will sign a two year deal. If Brady's back for years if he really was so desperate to play Brady again. Probably wouldn't give it a million and a half. Blocks reported somewhere through elected a one year deal with a team option for year to. So what's your your deal but that the dull pencil the cards for years to be and is that lives in there that sounds like more of a money thing like that he was the he looked all the moved money into the potential left and table last couple years. I he's never going to be worth more at thirty something years and he's 32 that he is worth right now coming off the playoffs stretcher went eleven for 112. Seventh rated for two touchdowns eight for 152 in the post a number and in the charts so you're never gonna be worth more than that. In a chance to go to Miami. May. Now eight million bucks is there a couple years and make a point 25 geared to a quarter that may be. With the patriots yet everybody know not an image dole if it's money remain weak again right find out that this was a paid it eight in a dole I think it patriot I guess is that it is and we'll get more information I think. He would still love to play with Brady in with the settlement and those are two guys that he really likes him battle that I really really close. So I think you'd wanna play and you know you're going to the playoffs every year yes you go to Miami economic playoffs probably. And that it's his last thirty years old is the last big commerce here and it's probably money and a Miami and what a dumb assignment Miami. Like. He's not a good regular season player and he can't play him. Hollander percent of the snaps he's gonna get hurt the good ports in the fifth games are valid injury so so gates is Asmara to know that Miami I got I'll gain weight given the alternative is. You do with the patriots did have a month sort of a snap count limit and then wait for wait to have it pay off in the playoffs which you don't make. Side it's yeah Elvis sighting I don't know I think if you're trying to replace him replaced Jarvis Landry with him two hours later thrown into that every single play. Terms later looking up 160 targets. In legal battle over eighty that's a lot. That is not soda is not in about a sixty targets I don't I don't hate assigned to a you do I don't hate the Kirk cousins on today by Minnesota notes all guaranteed. And for for for gay savviest try to give. Right hand held real reliable third down option. He got only if you played so so I spent it this way. Forget plan all the snaps and Jarvis Landers and third down back if these. He's affected only so he's a third ever see again yeah which is the which at times when settlement and an adult or healthy guess what an adult ones. 83 down receiver this snap count. Was coming in on second alongs and third downs and fourth downs that was and I dole here and he's Brady's go to guide the numbers. Was looking to third fourth down numbers include the postseason dolls are reported its brand adult so 44 million bucks. You give tanning hello reliable option on on third down who guy who he'd always gonna run. He's get a run in the is available on the about noble field. And he's been reliable for Brady. I had no problem that the problem of the for the paper and a dole was the patriots have that guy. He's veterans individually and yet so you lose what they did for a couple years which have a backup for their their big time stars right that Martellus Bennett. For Rob Gronkowski they had Danny Amendola for Julie settlement I forget the outside Nick's dad but they had a a double off essentially be like every resource positions of the Fredricka they had about where it got essentially a lesser version. Of the same guy you gonna be hard pressed to find it right eight now a better. Back up and better replacement for an injured Julian element damage Danny Mandel but a four million bucks. God bless we are every penny once seven. Last year negate Daryn just want playoffs the playoffs alone you else he was worth that price but after all those years taking a pay cut he decides. He's not gonna do that anymore it's I completely understand that as it relates to the patriots my first thought was. Art you need at a minute rock to be healthy. 'cause the last two seasons sure seems so many games where you're all last season no settlement and then most of last season or two years ago in the playoffs without rock. You were able to get through it because Brady another guy to rely on in the playoffs whereas if one of those guys goes down in -- you don't have. That that battle that M Dolan. Then that's maybe where you're at some price. S I would also think that if they if they're not gonna get Brennan cook's done this offseason and let him go into next year and become less of a franchise tag him basin wide receiver money today. He's absolutely gone going to be these guys are peacefully Alan Roberts these are not. Richer these are not great legacies and they are getting aptly Brandon cooks is gonna make. The reason against insane money neck and you're so I Kevin's money which are slandered him money unless they. Unless they see a future with him and again pick the franchise tag for sixty million bucks in my flick at work that a year from now. And I'm not into surprises his name comes up in trade talks I charred trade and I want the best players around Brady my concern would be. The best offense possible not rob rate that's why did the in the dole wants things a little bit. But cooks. It's in this market he's gonna completely out I thought wrongly it but and I'll and the second part of today besides and a dole idea is that tight and money. Like we if you thought crawl was upset about the money Trey Burton just got eight. Trade broads getting nine next year Trey Burton who is known for most recently throwing a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl yeah in the back up to. You know that hurts Zach or it's an and the other guy play at red salad when Zach Hertz went down for the salt ones. He's getting eight Trey Burton keys getting eight in grant is getting. The only military burden of fury degenerate fanciful at best player we all those like I Hillary and so we all know trade partners but. That's not a household name for for those getting eight million you see it in there it is just Phil McGraw memorial today that you look around. You know Kirk cousins what he's doing that is that's great for all players the players to look at that and say here's a guy. Who's getting every penny of that contract and I know dale we talked on this last week. Dale said that's insane three years thirty million dollars a year all guarantees of a lot so I'm sure is when he got. 28 it's critical to third pretty close and him and the response last through I will get that money will essentially did. You got meet what. Basically the same exact number yet and if on the vikings. I don't know what I have no problem that gasoline on sick leave so I don't think Kirk cousins Annika what what what are the other quarterback so you your that they are eager defense Super Bowl ready. It is all right as a result every person who reinvesting case Tina you hope lightning strikes twice and he was good ring investors Sam Bradford and by the way is getting a year on what he million dollars of Arizona ballot cannot. Josh McCown got a year and ten million dollars today Teddy Bridgewater sense a theme here. All of these guys are re fed rate or are absolute hell merits of rough close eye on this question. We had flown back now I missed on the 6 o'clock shotgun snap out of what city what it what a mistake right that so what you want to tell me if you tell Maine that would Jimmy drop low side. His contract back. Well gallows separate Cisco they would of had a franchise and also other stuff and you know the sirens in the context that's why couldn't get more. I didn't believe that the Dow's one argument that now when you really not all around the league and see what these guys are doing for Sam Bradford. Ed for original lesser extent McCown Kirk cousins all these quarterbacks are getting Craig Sam Bradford Sox. Sam Bradford is terribly came heavily as the number one pick he's only had I think two healthy seasons his entire career. And he still get paid he got traded for a first round pick now is that it's one million bingo play quarterback for Arizona. He's awful and I think everybody in the league would rather have crop will take a chance on drop blow. It's of the second round pick still looks. Absolutely ridiculous as the end the the only way you can really look back on and say here's what the issue would have been. Is the patriots having a franchise tag him. And have an await liquid piano and softball teams have sweated and not at that point I don't think I don't think so there's the market because they're signing Josh McCown and assigning case key element of signing he's also ran Sam Bradford it's twenty million bucks again. And the draft classes that's the part I don't plan I think that the topic is really good but after that doesn't Arnold stink if you don't have one of those three or four Da Brat what those in authority power like the bills until the end of the bills trying to get in their today. Then you're really screwed. And so. I'm we view the U critic and he was the second and third a second in two forts. It would there was better than a second round pick there that it looks. That trade looks worse today the idea and it even did at that time and to me look bad at that time there I it can be ready soon frustrated today. With McGraw apple trade the return. As you can't be with dammit delete the leading in fact I would be more upset that his patriots fan. You only got a second round pick. Virginia grapple based on the other quarterbacks again parole and in the I mean so there's there's so much going on that the patriots are doing anything there's just there's still a lot that ties in with them there obviously innately lose a guy Danny Amendola. There's different rumors out there they're you know Michael Bennet they couldn't get them. We thought maybe there were on key to leave they don't get and rich Sherman don't get him. Your left town looking around at what else you know dates older let's put it used in the world today right yeah insiders which is essentially be paid the patriots dot com. Of the dolphins okay that's what they do that's the the idea artists yes or formerly rich Keefe the risky yes on that right ethical Africa so that they that's there. Same sort of thing Democrat that report today was they didn't sign him to dole could extend the money because they're trying to sign Ndamukong Suh. That's pretty juicy on Denon bouncy I but you. That's an intimidating dude it's good for our business yes he will do something stupid here and a BBC got a rude against at times even as patriots player. And patriot player patriot fans. I do what you wanna get phone calls and a snowy night if I don't ask I feel let down concern I'd like that there's so that's that that the balance that to me is why it's good Ross Edgar I have not paid a lot of money 32 years old yet he's not come off very strong year now means and I've we should find that sound of volume body heat that we are it's like employing young conservative followed Georgia powerful yet of these current podcast time aren't we there against. Man in my mind I knew him you see change for a long time these. Overpaid. Overrated. He takes plays off. He's more worried about himself but he is a team anyone that slightly starts to cut it is these he'll stop and get up and play. They ran away from boot times and they ran right out of the times do you know. Rex is first touched down there on the goal line they went away from home and and you go look. That half the old. We're gonna have to cut block the winner is an easy just completely stopped and that they've chased the play. And played so great on the John Randall all the way down Seymour you guys know who the studs that have been through the patriots and publicity he could last today until the objective. He was lower on could last today at a Bill Belichick team in the insider and sizes. Are suggesting they're trying to sign that's one of the other one tot. Such hobby car apparently because the weather's not want the office. Does he do when I saw he did a fifteen minute periscope that you're gonna mocking and I'm not mocking a great idea like I'm not mocking and it I was like it on the whole show on Paris go in jet with you were here we have the sound okay Paulson lays area late. Sized light sweet about this in because all the computers and hear no sound I sock current just talking to himself. Like a lunatic on Twitter already it's it's time it's fifteen he's walked around his house he's talking about his drier he's complaining about. The neighbors artist noble leader is so lets it go here ramblings of plastic card out just on on periscope. He's suggesting that according to a sources. Breaking news third with parents actually did some dates older. Is not gonna take any visits. Nate solar is fought us is our time he wants to be here the issue is that Houston is very involved until Bryant and all you'll read a visit. Yeah what bill O'Brien he's he knows the play are as huge as that plays an important couple years ago the rebels he his quote was exactly his quote from. His sources whether the patriots are again. Is gonna (%expletive) off pats fans in small plane Neitzel. So if they do this at McCord they ultimately got so. These not taking visits sold or wants to be here but apparently the patriots are not really entertaining bring him back. So that that I thought they're back tonight and hard on a pair scope video not sign a global credit is actual job and credit Tom parents fares go Todd Tommy add at top. UC patriot nuggets today. We could try to track down that audio I can tell exactly when it is sort of before thirty marker so they go for their remarks where there are the other story this came out more yesterday they witnesses. As fascinating as anything Malcolm Butler there's one pictures freeagent that we all can agree is not coming back to New England. But who is interest that Detroit Lions and Matt Patricia. That is on May I wanted juicy. Little nugget that was that at all these teams the saints included. Colts are on the list jets a lot of these teams. Interest and Malcolm Butler who might see his value as teams start to look around and panic you realize a ligament. We have a good corners and some of the murdered snapped up a guy coming off an average year and being benched in the Super Bowl. Might they make humanity over ten million dollars a year yet and make it for a coach who was part of a coaching staff that bench that a player they took it out of super heated bench him let we don't know he invented it that there's now another union agree it reiterates it was a ballot check move. For whatever reason whether it's an elementary disagree they'll keep suggesting that's eat he would something must have happened. Prior to the game brawl. He couldn't have been that bad dale because they were sold bad. That bill bella checks your sit down for the game Patricia is 19 you know aperture should maps so what's your knowing I'm not gonna go near that guys still get this turns back to. Terrible football decision by. The coach you start important reason that violence is good to get right enough. I never put him back in the game that's a Belichick not a map to the Detroit being interstate and that's what. How can you read into it if they don't want to sign the player the only way how could it really did this will be called as a boy punched Steve Belichick get a fight with advice that how somebody in the locker room Matt Patricia is not going to wood one of his first moves as the head coach say let's give this guy millions and millions of dollars and a guy who said he loved the player in the player loved him the gazette a mutual love there's a mutual love there. And bought at a Detroit would be amazing that would be an unbelievable player to sesame you don't this is and major fears those than anyone else you'll win the suitable march you don't see these Super Bowl de Gama sports cliche you. It is been a very frustrating. For five weeks the patriots and the sweet now I followed up playing Sybil like getting done. Gronkowski rumors Tom rated. What move the patriots emit rumored. What about Michael Bennett rumor okay. Puzzlement about armor candidly they got Italy or do we make them up on an Israel there okay keep it acutely got cut may be acutely about a trade where they've made a million bucks credible no doubt. Cameron so special steamers and Danny Shelton. And of course special teams and rocks not happy and Brady was busy pouting off the end of poverty numbers I'm sick and putting a crazy person. On called their last shot of your court. That pressing. Kind of an Everyman weird as a weird seamless you know they do have chug it appears a good time weird all black outfit like liquid with that but that SNL skit that's probably if you look like that he's ever shot now Sean Connery would I guess that dates they are not content to rest and celebrity jeopardy in all black widow. That look like brain had a little feeling of that yet that like the little. With a little bit of Knight the Roxbury to a little at the Rockford sewn by chug a beer court. Now dale is something called bear had a beer and beat him ample use. Would surprise partisan I'm not a big cold there now and I announced an upset the what's that like ideas that live as well 617777937. The number to join us tails off abroad pregame but still keep mutt is in the house Sports Radio WE. About winning without you know they're just they knocked over. That was unreal. Dale these mock is is portrait of that sweet guy huge NFL GPL league career begin trading tomorrow all these deals to become official what. A lot of movement going on patriots. Biggest news of the day Danny Amendola will sign would be Miami Dolphins so a guy sick of taking pay cuts understandable in three straight years. It's a reported two year twelve million dollar deal eight point 25 is guaranteed. So a guy who's been great for the patriots in the playoffs. Is gone. Patriots have been very quiet and it's weird. Last year all day where are you quiet right. So what what are they cook and they've signed Stephon Gil within polish last year they were off the charts slashing their coming awfully Super Bowl win. And they signed Stephon Gilmore to the highest contract. Out patriots defensive player in the league in franchise history they trade their number one tech. They're making other moves for guys like. On David Harrison coney you leave with that didn't work out put all kind of join Allen that'd they'll all kinds of trades and signings last year. To this point. Nothing now and I would also say to this point it doesn't look great for the guys that. Are on their own team they're trying to re sign made solar no matter Connie Karr reported last hour on his parents on his Paris and Bates holders not gonna take any visits but Houston is very much involved in Neitzel there wants to. Signed here in New England turns out that Jon McLean. Who is or covers the Houston Texans are hard Rick three up the same sort of think you Cecil tried again to play left tackle in Houston and now Bert Greer says the giants are getting involved with the old we'll tackle it easy only above average tackle available. So yeah he's so so watch so it's so help me out why. Why the patriots according to console playing it. Would it is should he be the priority right now so Brady. If you're convinced that now held Craig drop that is not part of what's so bull what are your options not know Marcus can or draft the league but today failure can they be coach somebody else. They may have they've done that before. So how does the job to me is David Enders Jack raised his Dante Scarnecchia is still here. So he's he's still here than okay that admitted never. When he's been here that their problem or left they had issues on the offensive lines I assume. Mrs. Byrd basically Bo when you this year they the dolphins want to be okay but that seems to be the kind of position I wanna be shored up that. When my quarterbacks B 41 next yeah I would I did it's I would say so and but maybe they look at it this is an original thought but they look at it. Demo according demo quarters the god obviously wanted but they're like ROC would you can get many comes back together some are being offered them crap. Okay. The equal match or whatever ones whether they won just below it are they hit the number exactly. They made him at for a time. The highest paid safety Dave. They've done that players they've made guys that they kind of play hard ball with the middle sudden Logan Mankins highest paid cardinal. Jerod Mayo are a few was over the highest paid middle linebacker pretty close Leahy bill that's why McCain is an awesome game may have and so maybe that's what they're dual dates older. Let's open up the phone 61777979837. Nick is in a way with what's going on next. Yeah you guys doing it. In decades and the fact that and you got two and a couple of and most by the way he's still outside anywhere now is not pleased probably. Right so but conservative out of the amount of reagents are restricted that'll let with the patriots. And it would include Amendola still at this point is not insights my question is. Would seal and under. As it is good to see where. It was over and under that they're that the crowds get involved in and book you know there's sealant. Poor judgment you know. In happy and don't stay yet you mentioned. He is getting eight million all the free to to you to do. 02 web site that was straight okay side of yet that idea what do what I was gonna say there was Google which we should they couldn't accept depth we'd eighty cases that have. Considering that Brady. Maybe very interested in keeping him yet thanks a lot. Well I tell you what nick that it be good for Brady. And bold writes about this afternoon that that you know I say it's not a big deal for that the patents by the big steal for Brady because teams became so reliable. For Brady. So he's back in the crass that being good for Brady I would say if that happens. That would signal the end of bill bell about cypress they see as the head coach and ask GM the we will pay tree that's not happening out bodies and go different directions say hey well maybe Danny Amendola. Say last minute you know what the thought of playing somewhere else I'm Laurie it's taken how many pay cuts like maybe maybe I'll take one more. And it's just a few noses Brady's last year. Which we don't know but after watching commerce time has public settlement is got out of minutes to Graham and that's it it's that he's gone on it isn't easy legal tampering periods have nothing could be. Official official but there are too many people around the situation to think. That he's now going to lead the dolphins high and dry especially to take less money here these are take the money eight I think any parent and you get outta my game seven last year solider going to make anything on your own you know. Green Day know he's getting a green he's done some modeling forum and today he does modeling his life his girlfriend yes is a former Miss America slash mr. universe slash model ourselves as a model and guess what Miami not the worst place to. Green Bay Packers make a couple of most of it at bringing Jimmy Graham thousand other name that thousands more fans the media I think flown out there. It radios not only beat writers would Jimmy Graham for the patriots and other Christian for. Four initial forays into ham radio hosts hammering radios hammering. That Jimmy Graham three years Green Bay Packers apparently different there Robertson deal greats are they cut Jordy Nelson and so I think a lot of patriots fans look at that they know the name. He was really really good for awhile last year he was not. It he's he's pretty old is a 33 you'd any interest in Jordan. Also any super duper discounted rate. Yet it probably won't look at some wild orgy while they do that given the amount of money elsewhere there's going to be money some morals they did to me it feels like they. They know look at the wide receiver they're gonna they've they have Ellen back they have will cubs come Crocs letters you were second. They're getting Malcolm Mitchell back they have branding cooks they've. Leaked out to Ian Rapoport our guy in the media. That they want to have Kenny for more bald next year. They they're wide receiver corps is pretty set that's why I don't sit here and go crazy or losing Danny Amendola. It's an agony going best decent money to 33 year old Jordy Nelson who could stealthy last year anyways. He was a shell himself when he was out there it was nowhere near the impact player won the when he came back that he would be excellent. Will Rogers wasn't because he's just physically not able to play it gladly did. For five years ago so I know that Tony now's your you're. Court across the street guy battle with the afternoons right suggests our rival they should trade. Brandon cooks and signed Jordy Nelson it doesn't get dumber I don't get re it really want to do that unless unless you can get Jordy Nelson and here. And a minimum plus deal. That makes no sense of bodily trading cooks and sign injured Nelson you're now worst team offense he would be worse that's just to get Dow drop off as and I and I can we yeah as you know lately at the NFL season a crap that I took for being critical cooks is last month. He was very good not great. They'll be a major downgrade he drew a lot of penalties. That's on coax people within which is. True Evian and in the playoffs that I like coax I don't love cooks a mean would you trade a first round picker opened the love the player. I really got my first round pick let him play for a year yet is pretty good then trade him inside the size of well not even that out. Guys do you think critical to make it through the entire year though I think that's actually interesting because are they gonna wanna pay him. Mike Evans we don't want him charms when you money letting you have released if your if their bank not least Brady for two more years. They pay cooks at this number and they if they could tag and next year X 1617 million dollars of toddler on a book you say that I just watch Sam Bradford a twenty. Sam Brad quarter announced that hair back Sam Bradford who is about quarterback 120 million dollars in Arizona. And that so everything feels out of whack and that's why I don't that they are out of whack it's our weapon. Are they seeing this a wanna wait this out and have a a bunch of second level guys they're gonna try to focus on or are they not have any idea. Can we got a Brady's deal guns that we wanna read you ground Sinatra played his number we know that. What about dates older it just. If they feel awfully slow when the other one other big names are being it's snatched up and traded acquired. They feel pretty slow in the process and it's an early early early early early. But given what happened the Super Bowl it's been rough for five weeks. Now I tile the stuff together at a show after reporting Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart is expected to sign with the New York Giants so I was of the running back who was on the market for. Maybe less than a week goes out not very long I don't know how much he has left in the tank but. Patriots look around they have their own free agents to deal with I don't know of any of those guys are coming back Dion Lewis. Neitzel was one of the want to look at the yellows is not associated all of the patriots known there and there's like eight or nine teams in on Dion Lewis and he had those comments about how we wish you played more than Soo horrible things like that tax credits that to me irate. He's he's very much comfortable. Place somewhere else. But there haven't been any new names linked to the patriots but we're still waiting on on those that what's the next wave of players because teams have been very busy. For forget their name so we we've we talked about Deon Lewis a lot. So we're not resolve assuming Rex Burkett has gone to. It must of had a body is back he's afraid. I believe he's free to look at this now Ron Burke can only become an unrestricted free agent Wednesday. When the league year opens core according to Mike Reese. He made at a one year three point 15 million dollar deal all right would be although with slightly priced out of town Burke it makes sense a cheaper alternative in new wing led. Will continue to split work and pass it inspector James White this year yes either Mike Gillis sleep with not great language really strong he was healthy scratch half again or offseason addition maybe they just assume he's going to be back but I I think we've heard so little about him yet and when when Louis other guys route. He not be an important part the Yzerman isn't that he's was a wide receiver I think a lot irreplaceable and I'm one of these guys I think the running back is not as on important as people make it out to be I think if you are really good running back like Todd earlier Ezekiel Alley you can see what they can do for your offense. But he could still. If you draft running back in the third round. He should probably deal to do some of the stuff that poor lie as a rookie though you're trying to expect that didn't want to because the freshest like he's alive because we've seen in the past yeah they did he threw water coming out so well you're you're one would bring you one of the Patriots offense. Always be an issue right that second year were guy gets there redshirt a year yeah so I know Steve your right Ruthie played a rookie running back stepped in and emerge. But for the pay less like a tougher painted James white's going to be that guy yet till saluted April who have a bit deeper Burkhead back that's one guy you're not rely on interest on the week not a smooth with Birkhead at all. Other little note here in non phone all sort of a football or baseball note. Sheets and Tivo cut by the Mets. Visually camp there for the Major League roster so the same. Amid these they were these incidents if there's a break club with the Mets I was going to be the start of art Graham PH him back. Sager calls noting that the DH movements. We have a very special weather related leaflets Kiefer madness good enough so we complain about your Packard again. No it's gonna be it's more. More like a news anchors as well doing their thing by the way how how did you. Great oh aren't re all I got breaking any real breaking news I got a real breaking news right now let's go come on not kidding let's find it. This is this is not fake breaking news. This is breaking the rule. Rossi. That. Everything that newly labeled and hands now breaking news this is dishonest with workers is that we aren't fans are knocking out that it's not surprising move but you go at a show after eighteen seconds ago. For patriots quarterback Malcolm Butler intends to sign with the Tennessee Titans. Per sources ball will play for former patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel and former pats personnel man John Roberts well. So he's breaking news for daily key I feel like she. Last month Sports Radio telling you. Danny is yellow and god. It's just that evidence they asked former patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler incidents on the Tennessee Titans. Resources Butler will play it for patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel and former pats personnel man John Robinson this burnout job there so again. But it was map personally done an excellent job guys directly in so not live forever in a WE yeah. Bill. We said with Matt Patricia if he signed there that it could not have been a big deal. Let it be punched as suggested by some people punched or got a physical altercation when they coach Matt Patricia a coach on that team would not sign a others suggest the same exactly what Mike Vrabel. Mike Vrabel played for Bill Belichick Mike Vrabel rentals John Robyn Walton went on Arnold John Robinson was the player personnel guy here in New England would want them if they thought he was that much of a headache and that management issued at what he did it. Was still problematic that he should play in the Super Bowl. They don't sign up Butler Tennessee. So this again blue dog backup for five weeks or patriot fans this would suggest that why knock Butler did not play in the Super Bowl. About the tight not that big media titans quarterbacks are now. All we'll get right out of the Cutler Logan Ryan nice they're building themselves a real team okay I'll ask you yes Malcolm buffalo Logan Ryan. John Gilmore. Boone Eric grow. On loan now Boller Ryan and an I it's close guild wars the best out of the four right now. Yeah they make but. Butler he had three. Now any decide Deon Lewis in its older holy smokes wanna get the money. Let's hear the money five year contract. Worth more than 61 million dollars according to rap sheet thirty million guaranteed. Are good for Butler. For Malcolm Butler. Big contract oh the patriots played the titans next year. Thank you Chris Curtis on the Kirk and that Curtis Twitter but it probably at the wave off the madness and yet I would hero and you went off the madness and I. Boller was one minimize it I would say this is. The best clips that you've had this next on posted at 6 o'clock we could do my next month madness flu coming out but. The AM adult with all thirty million dollar and guaranteed money you were alive could ought you know bill got it right. Bill was gonna make sure Malcolm didn't get his body by now play and is suitable boy told him the boy showed Malcolm Butler thirty million dollars scared the hated to part. Let's get some major reaction 61 half 7797937. And dole out. Butler outs. Anybody end. The judge he Shelton the show oh. The fact. In fact that it back I love I says I love and it fell for it scared what a wild what do busy season 61777979%. Of the phone number to jump aboard dale and Keith Maher and the house sports rated W yeah. Well. You sit there. Yeah. Yeah. We'll we'll look events I don't. Welcome Butler is gone that's no surprise I think everybody knew that about butler's top of the window was certainly up but it was where would he go and how much would he get in at the Tennessee Titans so we reunites with Logan Ryan Mike. Crable taking over with the titans that are on the the defense of those Gaza certainly used to. A five year deal 61. Million dollars thirty guaranteed. And I guess they said the contract is worth more than 61 so maybe you would over the incentives or elsewhere over the wording is bought. Thirty million guaranteed five years from ball a year ago the patriots Jonathan freed seem paid Stephon Gilmore tracks it was a pretty similar contract. Five years and 65 million. But forty million guaranteed they paid Gilmore ten million more guarantees that Butler gets and ask you off the air and it's close. Who widger rather had given the money I brother Malcolm Butler Mel knuckleballer and up and down year I think he'll more better now. Craig Kilborn has been a letter at he was better at the end of last year clearly bella check and and Butler in gone beyond any point of reconciliation. Well there was the saints mentioning early in the year contract stub his one on and on and on and on. But the idea that he wasn't gonna get paid. That now has blown on the water because five and 61 problem to get a contract signed by quarterbacks this offseason. That is significant money Logan Ryan got three and thirty year ago. Off the titans so. Odd there's a very nature field that secondary and and again I would say a bigger story than just the money in the signing. Is who signed him here it was a team with patriot ties so I I would ask patriot fans MI MIA. Making too much out of it to suggest that the he Mike Vrabel John Robinson. No one has seen what goes on knowing when it would not signed knock on Butler. Right if what he did to not play a single non special teams snap in the Super Bowl. Was so significant. They would wanna pay this guy sixty million dollars I think in 2015 and sixteen Butler was without. Question better than Gilmore who is better than most corners. Those two years last year was borrow a pedestrian kind of average year forum. And then obviously we don't have from the playoffs but. Gilmore is better than he is right now although you wired ten million bucks guarantee it maybe -- for five years so couple million bucks each year that that isn't a contract at the end of the season in much better stead and and Butler I don't know how much the contract in being an impending free agent how much that bothered. Butler. Right back and got in his into his head. I don't know that that played a factor and knowing that Gilmore was there like. Did that affect head how much of that effective Blanchard did had to I don't know I've somehow so I asked about the guarantee money let's thanks Kevin Duffy who will let you convert its cool how is shot and outcomes patient mass live dot com he says it the thirty million dollars guaranteed is accurate. Is he third highest figure among quarterbacks. Josh Norman has won at 36. Guild wars 231. And then he called Malcolm Boller. At thirty million dollars guaranteed in his contract he's got third stereo or money forty million guaranteed. It has easier for me it was after. That after the about the look of saying I'm going forward it to sing so third highest odds. Fiore airfield for Muller a guy that was obviously worried about it and you know being restricted free agent a year ago I didn't know exactly what he's gonna get and so. Cashes in goes to the titans the outplay the patriots this year play him just in the and the playoffs a year ago maybe you could see him again. In the post season let's open up the phone via about Kevin in Greenfield joins us next what's up Kevin. Well are you doing today well I'm great are on the you know. Spell check says it was a football decision that never made that to me whatsoever. What about quarterbacks in the league I don't picnic all good day out on the field. So my personal opinion that's just me. Is Belichick felt out there are other power centers on that team and he didn't like Erica projector in it all out of one guy. That would ensure that they're all separate these days not a good chip away and because he's gonna show you are in charge. That's what I thought would be trick. I don't think he wanted to lose I don't think and it and we pretty good on this whole run again about why didn't play at night I'd I. That's fraud style but I'm all for conspiracies but when you get into any scenario where spell check would rather lose ban whatever it is stop right there but we're done but there's that he didn't want to lose the game you thought they could win without bought. Which was a big time football. Mistake like again Wednesday from that for the beginning of this he said. Football decision no way had to be something couple weeks went by his teammates had his back now eight a former patriot. Tide player for patriot GM guys out drug John -- running titans end up signing him. To me that signals the what he did wasn't so bad where should not played that game this air amazingly 56 weeks later. Circles back to Belichick not playing knock about the simple quotes a justice. You go back to love Tommy current from earlier in the year just how the end could be near for the patriots and I say yeah I'd say they have to use and without some NFL Sunday is that are all. Yet the forty year old quarterback and a 65 year old head coach. Obviously the Andes is sooner rather than later. But now do you look at it he says he highlighted the coordinators who at that time without both were leaving obviously only one left salons and attitude might be some of the other things here you look right now. It's not the most important player on the team without the second most important player braiding rocker still here that if you want even third annual high tower still here. But Danny Amendola gone. Out from Butler gone. TO Lewis could be gone dates older could be college a Catholic if you did eight. The soft top might have been if you did run the patriots players by just overall talent. And yet the fact of the regents are well that right now top 5% so spot they lose in one offseason or one season. Rob Lowe Butler. Danny Amendola to start right there those three guys are gone I don't know where they are yet but they're definitely all in the top they're all the top third. I'll just the talent at major players are just from a talent standpoint. I would call it a pretty significant talent drain on the team especially if it's in the Graf blow was the going to be the quarterback when it here in the return on that. Is a second round pick and that's it. You lost grapple over Iraq or Israel and Hanley Dolan. The 43 pick in the draft look at some good that is horrific accident a year ready for right now is to draft next. Are as good job in Bellingham what's up John. Now they don't look it up. The parent company to pray I wouldn't be surprised at all we got rid of Malcolm Mitchell odious he'd I had been around Belichick what he would spell on him. It was a story John lead really hurt out there ought to appoint a second that he was actually healthy and up to come back. And and bill just said thanks but no thanks I forget who source that out but I do eat your. Maybe you're on to something there because yeah maybe I was healthy at the comeback he could help this team a deposition he was they all last year in the fourth quarter the Super Bowl with Brady throwing against the falcons to not commit Schobel people. And I can come. I think Belichick Asia gay and of the a market punk attitude. What the Super Bowl. If you look I think won't we had a great game and I take it in guilt or played great game and it is not well that Kirk well. That multi is that the market a pretty big he's 621. Yeah yeah. He didn't play well at a mile and gets where it's air or grow. Eric wrote settled down he also got beat for a huge touchdown by Al show on Jeff for early in that game he could've made a play in multiple times and he made one play Indians on to his credit. We're broke a pass up. But he got beat pretty hard by Al Shawn Jeffrey. And he gave up at least one touchdown and multiple first downs in that game and and the callers what was Malcolm Butler was eight matchup issue in the Super Bowl. Again not to revisit that story that is insane to think that that player. Who just got we think potentially third highest guaranteed contract right now currently for quarterbacks in the NFL. Could help you in the third and fourth quarters of the Super Bowl is actually positively insane and makes no sense for callers say first of all makes no sense for Belichick who thought that. Now about Butler the bigger loss to be just is he's easily the better player Iranian and those great in the post season in a Nazi and are gonna miss him there. But if Crockett an element are healthy which he knows a big if but he give those guys and cooks in James why you you have an up until Tom Brady. You're gonna score a lot of points they're gonna have to make do with somebody other than Danny Amendola in big spots but you're taking away. Year starting quarterback and at times this year even in a down year he was their best and to Gilmore you know figured it out. And obviously there's a lot of drama surrounding on the Super Bowl or anything else but at the text or points out all the patriots allowed. Gil Mor row Jones and Jones. Exactly. Think that's exactly send as a positive I think so I don't know I mean it's okay so let's let it just goes to go up still have I think to me would be. Are you donate the lists all the receivers from a generate all the receivers I feel fine about them Brady sort of I don't like what router. Reverse it yeah because the quarterback because the depth there the defense right now Cyrus Jones and Jonathan Jones were now hang our hats I should be out on Cyrus Jones they just gave up that forty points in the Super Bowl that nick full deck. Polls and it's Eric row amid this this is why at some level. Then being involved and on a consumer makes sense because they want impact players on the answer need guys to make plays not that sue according Heath Evans makes lot of plays defensively he does not like in his mind. I what they were down he would be. A pretty. Say big name but a big big piece of revamping the middle of your deeper into our make your quarterback better that's the bit at the plate on a quarterback better to pressure on the quarterback. That makes sense but Cyrus Jones please who nobody has any trust and I'll think Jonathan Jones what I as well I'm a slot for what he does. If that's. Elevating back and not a day to celebrate they definitely need a corner. Our that's got to do it for really what was a breaking news coming out on an hour he show Glaxo gonna wanna do another hour let's keep this going but were caught Monday night. That's gonna rebrand all that's a good idea or a rebrand it we have moderate night and it comes your way next.