Dale & Keefe - BREAKING NEWS: Tom Brady is not at TB12, as reported, he is out of town; LeBron claims to know all the answers.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, May 22nd
Hour 1: Dale and Keefe are joined by Kyle Draper to talk about Game 4 between the Celtics and the Cavaliers. Patriots OTAs are also underway and Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are nowhere to be seen. Officiating is a popular subject, especially when Scott Foster works the game, and Dale and Draper get in a heated discussion about it. Dale breaks news that Brady and Gronk in fact are not working out at TB12 during OTAs. Is this the most criticism Brady has taken during an offseasom? Dale, Keefe and Draper discuss.  

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Speech that Palin heat shield there's not a defense. I've seen them all pretty much through. What school until now so simple deal Arnold and Ricky. We are so anybody in our responsibility go ahead and find out coming out on the LeBron haters got guilty on the WEEI Sports Radio network. I. So what's LeBron in effect saying. He has the answers to the test. I guess those giant because when somebody said very similar here you know I've seen every defense and he can't you know it surprised me right we didn't have any issues with the I have a feeling you'll have an issue with LeBron thing don't you consider everyone's though he's the man we can do it whenever he wants a obnoxious without. Accidents are outside why he did he threw game one. And we we we all made fun of home for that the game for a walking up and on the court saying I was feeling now is of whether the opponent all that stuff. But truth be told the next three games he has been fantastic but there's no getting around it. You can hate or I can pay what he says off the court what he says in the post game interviews and Doris Burke but on the floor. He's been absolutely dominant and then you see what the differences. When the other guys are knocking down shots. Because they're knocking down shots and he's playing that way they are they are tough to beat Kyle Draper is in the house. Yeah BC sports Boston hosts the Celtics pre and post game. At late night last night instill dragged his body and here in the act of two billion what I do we appreciate you guys would do pars were the business and as they've added that that's what I say out loud it at an apartment now I ask every single one of you NBA types you you know you you NBA's not answer I have asked every single what you Doris Burke yesterday you guys. It held its home court means so much in the NBA. Why is it more than any sport. Sport Brad Stevens that have an answer to L I don't know if I I don't know there. I'm not searching air and you know that's a great question because. In this series I think it matters a lot because the Celtics are yup. And meaner Jason Tatum Jalen brown even Terry rosier these guys haven't played in this kind of situation and I know. Milwaukee and Philly but this is a different animal loses the chance to go. To the NBA finals so for this series alone. That's why I think it's huge. But you you're you're right dale if you look at historically. I mean the home team's win most of the time in the NBA game seven at home here in 93% chance you're gonna win that series. I was looking at it in not to I'm I'm not cross pollinating here to just for the sake of discussion. I think I saw a Bluetooth Ross tweeted out the staff. Home teams are 21 and twenty in the Stanley Cup Playoffs last year yet it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter at all in the NBA it's so important and you're right I normally you look at easily take in order affects the young guys but then. Jason Tatum actually averages more points on the road that he does at home discreetly they've made it nice to have shown the graphic last night. Of the five leading scores for the Celtics were and that the road home splits and Jason Tim is the only player who averages more points. At. On the road they dozen home when I was probably Al Horford had a at a huge gap another turn into a hole Horford are Asian and I'm not do that but my point is. I thought he'd be one of the guys that you will be more consistent on bond ball you know home road would not if I am getting an hour and a bit out there but he had a bit like Terry rosier I think that's the guy that rates are appointed to in the first series against Milwaukee Knight Dana at a higher you know that. But Horford Jalen brown all these guys they have been much different at home compared to the road. And then even some guys on Cleveland let Kyle Korver and he's a rookie JR Smith or young guy. And they are completely different in this series two games look at all stars two games they look like they should be in the G legally it's it's it's crazy how different they play it gets amigo week. In this series you know. The effort level seems to be different yeah we didn't have any effort at all native played Harding games one and two. They came out fired up LeBron and everything it in the first Tampa game to open in terms of just. Effort on both ends of the floor especially defensively. I think Cleveland's ratcheted there's not in games three and four and so you know that's making the Celtics look worse. On the wrote regarding how war effort. I think the Celtics somehow need to rely on Al a little bit more the reason you point it out now PLO anybody tell everybody batch teacher. He went I can't tell everybody I go yeah that. That's not an a positive said you know what his teacher Tuesday over at ABC sports Boston that you Wear. Hello daisies or did you. Catch your eye. I have people are just like places that public but the size. Of Al Horford right in a cartoon to cartoon page yeah its five starts in early to start because he's a five penalty in our eyes eyeball story I heard that took the words right out of my doubt. Endowed here's the word average outlined area you know those words but the average is cross without and it says also are. That's gonna drop us a picture of gets hot out hockey club and yeah Tony not get this T sure we should he get the money for the Padres beat Africa T shirts he should have won for the people who don't like average Allen does that say average out there for the people who album and get this on words crossed out. Reloaded and we sit on a gold mine here it be you know but let's be honest with one. If it wasn't for me. I'll elaborate on your own credit yeah like nothing has happened to lose reared elaborate year or so real pistol average out dangerous and highly and I don't think had died down and ask that you brought back the library about it right now that's the hazards be it may yet so. That's what I do they did to. Difference in the Al Horford took one shot the first half in game three he took the first shot and and it was obvious they were gonna get him involved right now it was a terrible shot here's a foot away eighty missing everything area but but still they wanted to go to and they were trying to. To get him more involved offensively he took thirteen shots which was tied for the third most on the team but. Was was not super effect during the stats or wherever they were there Zito. That's the frustrating game because the cavs couldn't put him away so the Celtics felt like they were in it but they couldn't get close enough right really make a series how the hell does an NBA team sport looks. I don't know honorable goal and Jalen brown. Just be talking about the best basketball players planet yeah. I don't get I. I think that you can't explain what's sort of rounds especially at goal wide open when he mean what's worse the missed dunk or getting blocked like Kyle Korver toys that's embarrassing. They've got. I don't he's I don't know what are the static defensive stopper or not at all I would say getting out Mike Mike whoever is worse if dunks you know what happened happened. You know we've seen LeBron missed dunks yet everybody told me exactly but Kyle Korver you can't play like I'll quarter you don't reject your shot wag is being heard talked trash to you everything I asked three dollars yes I think they may have to Little Rock yet so there's three on Jalen brown so that was frustrating and brown ended up. You know they've redeemed himself in the border war at Fort Worth specifically east where a bunch of points so it's got a misleading 25 because the first three quarters. He was out of that and at the end of the first quarter. Yeah they have time for the last shot and he just. Knows that it misses the dunk it Stephens was Mattingly Matt Diaz I cannot go to class Italy ahead of Ed I announcers are saying while they'll hold here the Bioshock and edit OK and I don't miss the act non elect Obama. God let's get this out of the way okay because it's gonna come up at some point over the course of the next four hours. Home teams are seven in to win games raft by Scott Foster this year in his eyes. Wait a minute and I'm getting better you know Bill Kennedy and Eric Lewis combined. Home teams are. Twelve and one. Yeah but okay. So that's that's pretty significant but you also we we talk the home team with a little time regardless of whose graphic to write a guy. I I I thought the officiating was horrible bottom bolts superb ball and he's he's talking about it and other but I'd listen I'm Marty read it on Twitter already today every time the Celtics got close the rest got involved in. Let me I don't that day war horrible. I somebody's gonna have to explain to media offensive foul. Wait they said he kicked his leg out Tara did it I don't think he did it all the more inside. And I did outlook and generally declines in a couple of times the Kevin Love contact to all of the wrapped up I think Iraq but Thursday it in defense of officials. We're seated at. Three or four times on replay this game is back you know this is it opens a hockey to kind of calls being made in basketball. Aren't are its stock you know stock hockey players don't know I'd say that basketball after the yeah I definitely at least let media person media outlets that. If I have an interest in hockey human personnel in hockey whether it's you know checking boarding whatever you want to call you can clearly see that. That gray area basketball IP is greater than the gray area and hot. I disagree you ought aborting your right and everybody can see it but holding interference. Those items array holds out not as they are no different in the NBA Kyle it is it is not harder to rapid only a game that it sounded out the Allstate. I'll take a raft. When players are moving at bats and I don't move fast and I got it right now pastor and a foul ball in basketball alcohol be differences of alcohol is with your eyes you know beat you lose. It may look like a bow to go back we'll replay UC to guide it's not a hundred times and as he wanted to be NBA game. Where analysts that different in the NHL. Those expert I mean you keep on to talk about the speed factor and god knows how they aren't there yet and Atlanta's ability to speak because you said it. At close to you your roller sports. Our speed you know rely don't speak for both worked hard to a PC but I think the NBA. When we talk about outpost that's what people really get upset about we don't get upset over three seconds or you know you know traveling as much or anything like that. But I play it looked like that now. These players aren't balancing. Big time out there on the floor these guys have asserted that actors in the NBA it's so like market Smart. Markets Smart and honest day in the off these guys doing let's listen how does all these guys do it and I think the officials. Sometimes are being bought by these guys but then when you go look at replay have a secular look at site. That was an out port that was the ballot and so the officials don't have the advantage of a replay. What they make the calls they have to stick with the cause they can't go to monitors say oh you know what. I messed that when not if so that that's why I think it's hard to officiate. The NBA because your eyes you. Play and delusional it may look like a bout players may react like they work. Now look it's OK to say officiating sucks in the NBA and we have to talk about it every time the Celtics lose. Heidi hell yeah senator did they talk all I yeah. I get blown out Qaeda were all but it is I think games when it's. I didn't say they're always always they're not always that apparently it and a terrible when your team is that's the first thing people got to end it got to admit Scott Foster statistics are worth mentioning what are you are going every time a team was up two or three outs you go in there and the team that wanna game win you don't well that's hard. I've talked to a league official about Scott Foster last week and the first four games already predetermined it's not light brigade for a they say all that's why in stocks lost their cool so we can you know even things up the first four games the officiating for the first four games. They're party determined. Who those officials are those guys Artie know which games they're gonna be working and so you don't last series. Against Philly you know in game four when the sixers won. My Twitter mentions were on fire on Scott lost their. Tony Brothers definitely a loss. But those guys party scheduled and so. The leak isn't trying to extend his series or anything like that you know we had an argument on Boston sports and right about that as blasphemous lap blasphemous to think at elite. Would purposely put an official win so we stayed a series I don't think that happened I don't think then. I think the refs were bad last night I'll think about double team leader with a point to Marcus Morris being in foul trouble but so is Kevin Love and yet if you look at the fouls called you look at the free throw attempts. Could that that's also misleading bets on the Tommy does all time he's just immediately point to free throws at this thing it's everything that's gonna change and that's fine if you wanna do that the Celtics actually took one more free throw it right then the cavs did so. There are bad calls if you wanna get upset about the Marcus more often to file you wanna get upset about some of the other fouls that happened in the game that's fine. But I think it was pretty even easy only bad but that's. That's what it was Elena got it off possible that it that it's as simple as this. No sport are you is intimate with the the field of play as you are in the NB. I mean there are fans are literally sitting there two feet away from the sideline yeah and so if you're an official. Most folks are right on top of the and I could see how you can get affected by Al hometown crowd our home court crowd wherever you wanted the area because those guys are standard right there and they're right. Your agreement to stop patchy that you you wincing in front of your children. But also do you BA and Gail maybe it's like this in the NHL. But I feel like every cause dissected in the NBA and idea analyst on both money and got the replay big underdogs but the cross Jumbotron. Everything right every call is is some sort of indict it we have to you know break down his recruiter building back at it you know it and I think people at home. Had the advantage of seeing those replays. And then you like I said before. The officials. Things are happening so Brett you have to make the call in that moment there's no there's no gray area there's no. Maybe I should call this maybe I shouldn't you make the call you have to live with it yeah be right it may be wrong. I know I'd been there the rest are always in need of a part of the story but that's not why they lost last night I mean you all got no idea of young markets marches jacking threes you have Jalen brown played really poorly for three quarters you have Terry rosier getting switched on LeBron James a million times that LeBron scoring every single time or like Kevin Love letters -- let rosier and I understand why they wanted to keep him out there because. He was one of the few guys that you know early on the game was get something going offensively but he killed in my side late. They need to go more what Marcus Morris probably didn't do this more it's outsmart Pete smalls got on the floor. And then worst case scenarios markets switched on LeBron and he kind of hold zone as anybody else we've sand. Terry rosier will see you in the NBA finals if we meet its part basically groups are adding a white lately. It's here all knowing you you cannot if you're one of the best coaches in the NBA and this guy eons. If not big best coach in the and he just camps where you can't happen keeps switching off on a LeBron LeBron is easy about capturing that. It's easy buckets every single time and so when you just hit it about 22 points on switches and until I saw it so what's the answer then is it okay why aren't getting their I don't scream don't ascension don't switch happened chase Kyle Korver around that there's a lot of different ways to do. LeBron will always seek out the worst match you know yeah it's so whether it's air Baines. Bronze could run a screen with backtracked. So whoever you have out there even Al Horford LeBron. Would look at Purdue switched to get Al corporate yes on him and so that's I had yet they went when Rosie that's what's on them it was two points every two months it it will deploy its way to remedy is not yet song that he pick that apart I agree maybe in the fourth quarter. We saw Marcus Smart yet. Try to fight through Bentley free time you know makes it tough me like he can he's scores points it's the brawn but. When rosier it was just like you were given them two points or why did Brad. Bring Smart to the bench with nine minutes of the fourth if I sat right where there with the lights out right and again any calls market Smart to the bench and think and not now I doubt lowering your coming back. With the exception of some of the threes that he took in the first doubt about Smart and Aaron painter to their better players I thought he could use a little bit more bull those guys about Baines kind of held is all a little bit I actually thought they're gonna stardom in the game. They decided to stick with the what worked in the first two games. But Tristan Thompson Kevin Love that when they're pulled out their together. Yeah not a Marcus Moore is cooled off more more awesome game one but that's sort of cooled off when he was he was slow LeBron down and use knocking down shots. That's not happening anymore so I think he's got to go with more -- games out of the I would I wouldn't be surprised if. Air being started. In game five but did he speak it dunk and the second outing this winter didn't you miss Blackwell are right unlock why. I applaud ideas they used air base in it. And I understand that boot because Marcus Morris was supposed to be the LeBron stopper in the that hasn't worked the last three younger came out of a parent you got a game out of it as you go back debate. But that's the matchup LeBron scored its export. In game number five he's gonna get the screen. Aids is gonna cover he's going to go right by Spain's if you help he's going to kick it out victory if you don't he's going to get a lay out and so. The Celtics are in a bind right now I do agree with keeping hate to say this yes you know I obviously I woke up on the wrong sided affair but. You need a lineup out there. A 65. To 610 guys you know back everybody can switch can still manned up. What's that watch but your supper offensively you take Terry now you suffer a bit about why aren't out there right yet. But he wasn't even good enough and he ended up to video shoot six of fifty I mean for the game but in the first half there wasn't a lot of guys going you know at first that you don't you guys make it shots. Seek out had to see him out there but I think a brown Tatum Horford Smart. And then either Danes or more depending on what the bigs like on the other side might be your best five. Rats got to be so frustrated and and I will equate to sports now because Cassidy was to the starts of games. You know broadcasting points after the war is going nuts at them if his team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the starts. It's got to be driving Brad Stevens crazy that is teen starts soap. Portly. I think they've only won what two quarters out of seventeen in the first half on the road of this season and they you know and so. That was the narrative coming out of game three we got to get off to a better start and take it down in this same thing happened they got down way eighteen points they scored in that first quarter. It then they outplayed and wrested away but the cavs were partly on cruise control like yet there are in the second half by being in so. Jalen brown to me is the key to those bad start he took a lot of shots and peppers have three of well. But he didn't make a lot of ways he had a game to win LeBron it's one and one of the quarter but they're only up four to depart those children William Horton do you use maximum and so yet they get off in game three they're down 3217. At the end of the first quarter. Game four same thing it was 3040 team. I don't know what's worse you know given up you know 34 points in back to back quarters 68 points this act yet. Which is tied the the most that never give up all season don't count the regular season. And only put up eighteen points in the first half that's not gonna win like these these games are though the winner's going to be in the hundreds so you can't be going out there where it would eighteen so. A brutal start however. How are like unlike game three there was no. There's a death blow likely break a date. They would play it put more but you're watching like the Celtics or. They felt like they're getting absolutely smashed an it was a ten point game and it was an eight point game they really couldn't chip it past eight. Right Susan we get to eight could be thirteen and be back to eight going to be thirteen and they couldn't break through from there every time they cut it to seven rate. The canceled and hey I want to run out sinner. And a happy one church corporate like two threes some and those were back breakers it in Iraq but also. Where to cavs letting go to rope a little bit and did they turn your back on. LeBron you know turning the ball over a loss and I got a lot out Saturday different yeah subways weren't making shots they weren't turning it over at all. The cavs were making shots they can turn over some bows or reason why. The game stated that ten point game instead of pulling out 225. Or or ever event that's. Tom how it felt it when the Celtics just weren't making shots and on this could be. A really long night but then now they are there were content even in the fourth quarter economic and I think you're making a run. And get this thing you know two possessions but never happened and I think Celtics went tomorrow night. Yeah I mean they're nine and notice Emery wells and right it it is strictly home or port which means they'll lose games six and they'll win this thing in games have examined. Now I don't know. So I I like how our end but at the lesson. I don't like LeBron however. He is so good. A game seven with the brawn James. If he loses the game seven to the selfless team that's yet if they guy can go and oracle. Against the warriors and a good way to game seven in new NBA finals you can't doubt they can come into Boston and win in game seven with that being said. Our guys the Celtics played better at home they did overhear us but I don't Jalen brown Al Horford you know it's O. Don't pitchers the I think tomorrow's game the Celtics clearly need to win tomorrow's. They lose tomorrow they're no way to because I don't speak. I mean a small possibility yet and I don't think it's a must win for the tabs that's right because they go home and that's LeBron in game seven radars for the south is that it average fell a little harsh sentence yet for the Celtics. If they lost tomorrow night there is no way to winning game six in Cleveland. Zero chance of winning I give I give it because of the LeBron back you have to see I didn't have a chance of winning in Boston anytime you know I give the Celtics no chance to win in Cleveland. I've seen nothing that indicates they have a chance last it was better though wasn't even though there's like heroin they better they kept it there but you're right oh it wasn't it certainly wasn't ideal. They added to many. Just stupid shots early that. One of the things there's already at halftime was the the ball over the first half went they would sir rod pick and roll and and kind of hold our little ball of enforcement about three. What is this is it looked completely different team game once it okay and they finally got to go to a little bit in the second half but not enough. But they weren't giving clean like no they don't all handle the bought a passes where you know offer a little bit they just. They they look like they were bogged down and I can't believe that Cleveland's defense all of a sudden. Turns it into this a lot of down deep well you know looks to me Kyle Korver hit three blocks like Kyle Korver. She they should be able to go at him every time just like your game to rockets went after stuff you've heard in candy every times. It although he's not on the last spring at which time the forgot about by the way we can beat let me ask you Andrea and let Iran. But Kyle Korver if he's knocking down threes he's gonna stay on the floor for Cleveland. But your boss and whoever it is you're only playing seven guys who are Korver is guarding you should be able to score on particularly if it's Jalen brown. So that had to drive everybody not because that's a match up where brown should be able to dominate instead he's get. Blocks three times have been missing dogs. 6177797937. Is telephone number Kyle Draper is in the house when this will start talking some Celtics. And another loss in on the road which is sort of the norm but then they've won one road game. In this post season so far but they haven't lost the game at home which is where they had for tomorrow. And there's been a lot of talk about the patriots and OTA news the white tees that they're in the process might have. Some additional information. Might be different than some of the things you've heard elsewhere coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah. Program from home. No matter how about the people are here because that are here are improving the work and horror of the book. Yeah their very predictable lesson now number five common goal valid checked speaking today at OTA found at Gillette Stadium. I territory into the Boston Herald is a great report and I don't say that lightly. Hurt her own words it's going I looked at her stuff. That is generally speaking spot on she wrote today. That it was her understanding that both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. While working out it TB twelve yesterday. And today literally hundreds of yards from where the rest of their teammates. Were down you know working on the practice fields. On Rob Gronkowski that is true. He is in and out of their all the time and has been in and out of there over the last couple of days. We said yesterday I think this is a contract thing for Barack. He can't have an about an abridged contract they can't make adjustments to his contract until tomorrow. Even if they've agreed to what they can't pilot till tomorrow Thursday it right out Thursday and signed Thursday. And and so they can't they can't adjust things until Thursday. I believe that's when you'll see him you know Lotto out on the practice field was his teammates. It is my understanding from people that I've spoken to the Tom Brady has not Bennett TB twelve over the last couple of days and honey. He has he has certainly Ben at TB while a lot in this offseason right he owns the place for crying about our own dossier is not very intolerant not over the last couple of days when they were out on the field doing seven on 7-Eleven on eleven stuff it today and yesterday Brian media. It is my understanding that he's not in town. And that he was not working out a TB twelve. Bush does make it look a little bit better again I think the coaches staff wanna want him there I think you'd be better who was there he's always been there in the past. But it seems even worse if he's literally up the steps right he's just give it a vicious hit rob doubted he can't walk out they're going to see guys waved to him I guy's got a good break he's obviously he's always working on getting himself into shape and he's preparing himself for the upcoming season but what you can do with the coaches that he can't do with the players. So it's one thing if you're out of the country or you're nowhere near the facility then okay I guess you have something planned and whatever you're doing. But if you're just up the steps that seemed much wanted to slap in the face and in in the case of gras being out the stats yet. I think that's more contractually connected than anything so. We wouldn't all be surprised if they don't have a new comic contract set up on Thursday for grunt yes yes I'll be surprised right and so. And then after that don't you think he'll be there are a bit of practice front and why why why does he have to wait for that it's not like he doesn't have a contract now. Yet what C tech battering he doesn't. No he doesn't have the new contract contract ended and the same way people are saying O'Dell Beckham junior is stupid for doing what he's doing right now. Now there's there's no hitting out there we understand that. I got a little we see guys you know I'll. Jump probe all come down wrong it was getting hurt yet maybe this new contract it does not exist right yet and I as well just. Better safe than sorry and practice. So I I do think that while it is true and and Tom Brady has been working out a TB twelve a lot this offseason he's in and out of town. We know that he's been a New York we know that he's been in Brazil we know that he's been ultimately the race nice picture fire and and that that we know bottle yeah. But when he's around yes he's at TB twelve working with Alex Guerrero. But I don't think it was yesterday or today. Not during phase three of the offseason I didn't it was a thing exile I like to like you know they raise the raise exciting so does that change how people look. Until it yeah audit was up they're working out well I don't well no doubt that that that looks like. He's thumbing his nose at Bill Belichick you know it it's the department steamy tide beat Pitt but what that being said we played a little bit of Bill Belichick. You have sorted nip this in the blood a little bit earlier today. Many have said well I wasn't expecting Tom this week anyway or if there's something I meet. Plus history guaranteeing you'll and this is east economists rarely out as I but Arizona all right great is in London this it's so frustrating and yet here we are to continue to speculate left to speculate all we got isn't an excused absence is it Belichick knew he wasn't coming anyway and sell everything. Or is this Tom Brady saying you know what. I've been here eighteen years I don't need to come did not mean what is it it's so. I wanna know did Belichick no greedy wasn't going to be there this week that they talked prior today I only theorize that my guess is they have small and that he did he does know when you tell us. They'll he can play the game as a lady days yeah I'll you know his dad yeah yeah well I've got an idea this is mad men and I'm listening to reporters down there ask the questions. And you like banging your head against the wall I know that's let's not remember though the last news Tom got my batteries Nebraska and operating prompt you gotta that's monitors I don't care I this is so hard yeah that is why repellent check. He did this as worries but it is for this one here we are it may not as. They're gonna effect he's always you know always thought that our dealers are her hair for you to give away any secrets I said gag you don't let Tom. He told me was will be here it is week. You know we're gonna move on with the guys we have right now you know it's something like it I don't know where I left to speculate and this is try to meet craziness have to drive the people covering his team on a daily basis crazy because we don't get answers. Was still weigh in on the answer regarding Malcolm but pocket and never gonna. Not now speculate somebody's gonna write a book about it and it also leaps out Malcolm well let it be Smart. He should write a book about it you know is it about ten years is so cash in on it every day because I'm still waiting on an answer from. I yeah I put up one of those a quickie Twitter polls couple of hours ago unscientific them pull out and signed him make history I I asked the question on Twitter how do you feel about Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Missing OTAs for the patriots. Your for your four options are couldn't care less. I'd a waited bothers me a little. Really upset at them. End of the patriot way that we get those your forearm that results aren't ideal I've got. How do you remain a 144 folks have voted so far majority sand could accurately exactly tech because their patriot she fifteen I Brady walks on water and put them couldn't care less now the second highest number. In ways that is bothers me a little and that's 25%. I said you yesterday this is different now this is that this is OTAs where your route through all the ball with teammates and you know you're beginning that chemistry built with the new guys just. Let call that a red flag yesterday and shepherd's very tied him he volume eight and gotten that right from the somebody high up within the patriots like again you go back to what he set a budget McGraw will couple years ago unused debt on so for him to say hey it's a bit of a red flag. It's one of those weird stories where it's definitely something. But how does that impact the season. Excellent pitchers or every great a sibling Tom Brady plays and he's Bill Belichick the coach Robert cows he'll be back. But it's out of the ordinary way these guys are normally always that these things and it's also what makes Belichick's job. A little bit easier we have the best player in the world buying into everything you're doing and and appearing at all the voluntary stuff. It's a lot easier for everybody else to fall mine when those guys aren't there. Maybe you sort of set a different. The lookout if they're sheep fine whatever they are the fact of the matter is that patriots fans at least the majority of the ones who responded it's all psyched. I don't care what I don't know I had a hot topic exactly Italy is for us. For us folks in the folks who write the newspapers the folks on TV that the fans the majority of fans say. Ally and always going to be there when he supposed to be there this is optional. I know it's going to be there at mandatory mini camp I'd always going to be their training camp I know it's going to be there when the season starts I know he's going to be great care he shows up for the. Well if that's the case and I understand that. Why is Tom Brady doing this is it because he does what it's been more time with this family. Is he making a power play somehow busy posturing like what's going on here is this all about nothing I guess once you know some extra time with the family I left I don't want. Well I hate to give you that the easy answer the easy answer is it's probably all of the above I think the family thing does matter. He went out of his way to talk about that no final episode of commerce is time. And I can see where you know he has. He has asked his family to take a backseat when the football stuff is going on. He probably feels a little guilty about that. But I think that Alex Cabrera was part of it that I think Mercer IDs that contract is part of it I don't think that there is all whole bunch of things going on here being appreciated is a part of it and I think frankly after eighteen seasons and 37 playoff games which is in effect two more full seasons. He says I don't need to be there for this I know I said it was important before because that's what we're supposed to say. I don't need to be there now. I don't want to have to be there that is the change in him you know that is a direct change you know he's that we we play the sound yesterday about how important all the stuff is in so now. How do you spend it where. Is it not important anymore or just not you. Between Brady and Belichick is there is a real thing. And this is voluntary like we always looked at and for the patriots as you know quote voluntary but everybody's there right. But he's looking out whether it's these in the past like old seven net and when he was it'll living in California in the off season. He wasn't here for this now that was NL a long time ago when he got here for all of it for a long time right. This is a bigger deal this offseason. Because this offseason everything's a bigger deal. He did the whole year it was just very strange with everything else coming out of there all the different reports everybody predicting the demise of relationships going audio that. But rappel trade the McGraw retirement talk afterward that it definitely Ben. This gonna pretty soap opera. Franchise for for franchise that is so tight lipped it may try not to say anything. That's forty years a successful team like this would these big personalities has been a lot of different stories that a band on on the field related. But this year it seems like more than ever and everybody's trying to figure out what's gonna. Break up this currency according to my non scientific quickie poll definitely there don't care we do. I mean we will now sports talk radio folks and right. Articles for web sites are for newspapers it's not nothing I don't know how people can write and it's not I don't elegant to now nothing is they don't parenting but it is if you care that you're saying it's not. Because Utah or so you're saying that that you know it's not nothing but I know that it'll be fine. Yes I think ultimately that's why it's not. Really bothered too many people's because again if you're gonna say who's the favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Pick in the patriots still battalion based passed them by evil all the drama there and we should turn who'd be great Tom Jackson for his words it was the most democratic. It doesn't mean anything it's just something Nancy. I feel flat black hawk eye and I hope I don't think you can get deeper than now like to echo those statements appear as if I understood that I'm definitely. And it's it's a many think is just some it is something that and it doesn't make any and it has now we know as is happening I let's get to the call but you guys 6177797937. Our will talk patriots we'll talk Celtics throughout the course of the afternoon some Red Sox baseball if you wanna mix that in his wealth Sox are back in action tonight Chris sales pitching tonight in Tampa. 6177797. ID 37. Yeah I keep with Kyle Draper Sports Radio WB doesn't mean anything is just something. Tomorrow we will love visit with a manager of the Boston Red Sox Alex Cora as we do every Wednesday to thirty. I'll make sure you submit your Cumberland farms question of the week for Alex during our weekly conversation. You can go to W we got dot com slash manager if we choose your question UB editor when the grand prize. The chance to have Cumberland farms coffee with us and the manager I think probably having with a manager mean it'll more than happy with us probably our thanks to the folks at Cumberland farms for allowing us to be part of that yes glad we're invited this year when -- -- has -- see how it goes I'm not so good we got a ways to go to get the end of the year fact the last two weeks without its core we have no doubt he's who's on the program and we appreciate that the husband that's great new alternative three straight tomorrow. So remember go to WEEI dot com slash manager. Submit your question if Mara if our panel of experts select your question. The panel has basically Rossi right. Rossi is the panel he's the panel yeah growth he takes this over the good question that's on him it's about question also it's also on him. Yeah okay real artist gets the calls of you guys 6177797937. Let me just add one other quick thing about Brady. While the majority people responding to my little Twitter quickie poll yes they basically said is they don't go there I could shrouds and I understand that. But I'll also stated this there has been more criticism for Brady in this offseason that I can ever remember because basically there's been none. For from patriots fans there there has been none over the course of his career. And all of a sudden now this offseason it's. Oh come on for God's sake you win them all off season let's go show lock it up there with the boys both funny and there's also the more criticism of balancing act like echoes back Butler but yes. Losing a Super Bowl too laid back up quarterback and that's what nick pulls was going into the year. Losing a Super Bowl that way all of a sudden is great is they arteries as they'd best ever he would mind body else. But now all of a sudden there does seem to be a lot more criticism for for both and when you put it this way you're also. I don't wake her choosing sides between the two of the most stories that came out it's. Is belts are too hard on Brady or is ready to softly that's sort of what what that the data is turned into and yet the Florida. Pick which one you support. I think there's plenty of reasons. To be pissed off at both guys you know Belichick obviously with the Butler situation. For me Brady and his whole. You know is Guerrero Mike did it but now he's gonna dial on the hill he's gonna die on here you know a rare rose access in so. You know. Patriots fans would love these two guys the right out into the sunset scene it cool by our holding hands. But clearly. The cracks are there I mean and so I understand. There's still going to be a favorite but was the Super Bowl laws. Just to start. You know the demise of the patriots in itself. As great as they played offensively put up points Brady threw you know 500 plus yards they still lost and so at the end of the day. It's about winning championships sure Adobe to favored an EAC but that doesn't matter if they don't win the Super Bowl this upcoming year weak point to. Last year's super voted Super Bowl against the Eagles are saying. That's where things while the started to fall apart and so I don't know because it always twelfth thirteen games but would they wouldn't suitable I don't know. Finally Tom Brady is only the 38 most famous athlete the world anyway. 383830. In the morning to ESPN's famous one hon I'll coma treatment who's not so I'll wait wait wait care also he's 38 on this list snowboarder Shaun White is thirty seconds it's pretty famous here more than Tom Brady Shaun White. Worldwide and he's a reporter at the snowboard cricketer MS don't mean from you as always running against your arch how would we know swimmers sun Yang from China is over so I'd sooner or him in case you were you know wondered who's ahead on I don't regularly I rat only from India is number eleven total it's a moral stand. The world's game Bob never when it's Christiane a run wow yes very famous very. Handsome that was my god that's my number two guy. And he's okay. And although better than LeBron passing hurt by the way if you're wondering should be sent it to be honest and calls that you guys I Harry's on the cell phone hey Harry how you don't. The gun and I though. Watching galactic all I thought it would begin getting and because. Almost got leading up to wait hold Guerrero thing almost never an issue and the public didn't. I noted that the guy you address them and not play him. Short of rape or murder what are you would have played back there. So need Belichick would basically any amendment that I'm in charge on the blog. And without you can't land because you want all of a lot I admit it unlike any other ball. The last lemon doing nothing you know at least I'll. He didn't care and and going back to the ball all still the goal. I mean Brady Belcher back as ever but at that point they're not in the pro though bill is all about control and was thought. But people want and you're thinking about where it will not tidbit did not quite got it straight Brady. The hole whipped the crowd make this crap. You go right. To an onsite and though he. Think about that but Belichick got. And going to repeat and I don't like they are a bad thing happening. I thought well they might they would. There are. They're gonna make the playoffs I am I the only thing I would completely declare we're not alone thinking the be you know the hair well but again you know 41 year old quarterback and a 66 year old coach so yeah it's gonna last forever. I'd still like and I don't wanna go down all the Butler T spears is again but the one where Belichick didn't wanna win like that's where I get off a UIQ now on this that agree that at all that the make any sense to me he wants to win its week we've heard of talk about numbered there in the two bills but there's literally nothing better than winning a super bull so it was a throw it just to prove a point. We sort of why didn't play but it wasn't because. He was thrown I'll show you are where we're gonna lose this game that's that's not what happened but. Yeah I mean there's definitely reasons to wonder how much longer this is gonna last like that that's obvious. The 41 year old quarterback at yeah right it's probably not gonna last much longer and when it falls it's gonna fall hard. Italy India and no again well you better get used to some audience got passes out and twittered that looks like that casket as facial you look on our. I Leadbetter about light went around and I have an right OK Kevin that Laura take at night on. Good. One the talk of the guests and crew real quick or acute now then Gundy indoors parks more supply first of all. When they're just talking and not put the camera on them so. Not so little bit of a little bit of an issue for me. Yeah. You're issue is. Well it's about an hour on religion doesn't. And one at Clark. Are you get to that material yeah. When he got him. I don't go yup you called reasonably got a brain. Into little earnest and Smart Nolan apparently he told you hesitate aren't well Ron I don't know why did Eric. More voltage and say yeah. No vacation. Lessons and throw a switch and aren't alone or on the Mac. All right Kevin great stuff it. See I would say great out there that if it affect you just say to your sleep breeze as there have been no we weren't we weren't hard enough what was he hasn't asked how much. That's. Rosie here does not need to be switching on the LeBron and if he does somebody else needs to romp over there that that's what it is you to allow. LeBron to post up. You know Terry rosier back him in the paint turnaround have a little can fall late the left jumper that he apparently never misses now that I haven't met Saturday every time and so when he sees those years art a year ago on organ score score right now. The energy something else have them either got to fight through the screen if your Marcus Morris or Al Horford or whoever or it again. You are at. I hate to say it is the mercy of LeBron because he only is the only way you can defend this in ninety burn. It's having your guys' individual players fight through. At the markets market a great job of that yet been a fourth quarter routier's gonna have to do that whoever's out there that's the only way. Because if you try to rotate switch you do LeBron will peak you'll park. And so the last thing he wanted to innocent while worried about it pains does start in five. Because if baby is out on him. You can't just campaigns try to guard LeBron now wacky but but you can't run a second Adam has been no pass Korver netted Oprah but if that is if it is Baines he had switched out on the broad at least it's not going to be. Yogi just playoff foursome issue he's a great outside shooters we don't just let them that we're not crazy about what you get into that LeBron shot charts over the last couple games. On the paint it's ought to pay contract is up your pages as what these. Again he is backed down Baines post up gains he does that's a rose exactly what you gonna back them out. Yeah and get a running head start Adam. They go right around them that's that's that's the concern or hoping settles for outside shots like I did he gave to. Game two he was hitting goes down any stuck with an alleyway that aren't allowed to live without thing Eric. Go for if you wanna turn into a three point shooter that's that's their best that lets you know he's gonna score forty. I mean you probably wonder what assuming. He's gonna put up for last night was 44 which kind of assume the over under number here's fort but you can make it tough on him. You know the last I didn't seem like it was all that tough you would just get the match but he sure you can make it tough on again. Game one game was without his own doing yeah but that's dom if he's just thrown a game not. Mean you can't make it out you get frustrated and in our markets more than a great job in that game. Yeah he's settled a lot to prod several times with a candidate that has sometimes it that's what you gotta hope don't or you don't and because LeBron James we've seen I think it three and four. Was even different than LeBron we saw in game two. The way LeBron if three of four was aggressive although both exit of four actually playing deepens actually giving it damp red and black and shots steals that got a big hustling. And so when LeBron is planned at that level. Can he do it though the entire series season the Irish really follow it down a little bit three days off between games two and three neat because of the difference I don't score a lot of points in game two by the heat's on a better. All around game in game three in game four and and in front of forty minutes past I was gonna say yelling at two days after game three didn't faze him a bit now but I mean it's Woolsey if it eventually catches up to a lot of awful Willy seems like he's free to not regard. But again I would. The one matchup that is just the easy things are you right the only products or forty points or it's with the rosier there's like no resistance that's just eaten going to score any way that he wants. Lisa and everybody else he has to exert more energy. Inundated als also part of the reason why he's walking down the floor is he's doing the thing where he's trying to conserve energy he's only gonna sit for total five minutes in the game anyway. So if he asked the score more us or Horford or Smart it's a little bit. From the rosier. And the question then becomes you know. One of the Celtics to the other four guys who were on the floor mat in games one and two or nobody else was helping him out I mean to any great degree of love and a decent game to vote right those two games in Cleveland all of sudden Kyle corporate. Drank from the fountain of youth you just knocking down by the way Tyler didn't understand how old he has. Now tie Lou I don't think that Texas had much of a close eye. And eyes at that 36 to see him run it down the court somebody as one of the reporters that he's 37 insidious isn't if I'm in too much as you just tie Lou look what city he was and I don't think you would now like I just I. That is LeBron coaching them up in the tie Lou just gets that put that on his. And is linked in the least they had talked about Clinton and I don't know that not only then did a nice business cards they had their emotion is there has been not doing a thing and. By the way there is out one other Boston athlete who's on that ESP endless besides great race at 38. There's one other Boston athlete on the list curry players like at. Yes Larry gatlin and he's not yet not yet not yet percolating you know he was in the also getting both slightly advisory Kyra again. As a hundred most famous of possible Al marries him and he's never 27 now what am debris yet. Yeah international MBA yeah habit that is star. In the NBA is international noted are exaggerated their fans all over the world sir I also don't quite understand how they yeah how they come to these numbers. According to them carrier ring makes more than twice as much an endorsement money as Tom Brady. They said Brady make six million. Basic high remakes thirteen million I had no idea where they get their numbers at that local drew money. And they got deer rebels yeah. That and others scooped rebel maybe that's what it is Joe's in midfield page hopes me at the right button here page. It's not working there we go hey jump a. Joseph. Now every night. I know that in the browns I know. He pretty much about. Someone very. Where the ticket rolls. I think if you keep market mortar or and even written at the album art may be hurt as much energy as possible. Well the problem with that is Morse has taken up quick battle aren't the only again in its last two games in and so. You don't. So it's certainly my body is of saint. He couldn't end it there has bottomed out about it but the sense to do a better job even animated after game three when he played like crap defensively. Against LeBron but it. Now let's get we're talking about a top five player of all time. And if it was that easy to stop LeBron somebody else would have done it and vastly overrated top five player all time. I was a pretty obvious that we most of my eyes and I outlook Saddam Hussein's RT RT I let him back on the air if they're not so far I have only had an on samurai I don't know that we now. A. But he did well it it confused is because he said it was his words not mine. Vastly overrated but any settings that top five or six player all time at that he had the that you pumps excellent listener but he had a couple of I don't that we were we took some issue to win now. And has led in this building here we like Broadway experience these beer baby. I have to use and it's got to drag the hey we raised the beat your baby ago.