Dale & Keefe - Bruins offense bails out Tuukka to advance in Stanley Cup Playoff

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, April 26th

Hour 1: Dale and Keefe dissect the Bruins huge win over the Maple Leafs in Game 7, and how for once it was the offense that bailed out the goalie and not the other way around. The Bruins were consistently inconsistent against Toronto, but Debrusk and the team stepped up when they needed to. Rask has been at most fault via social media, would a change of goalie benefit the Bruins? Callers give their thoughts on the Bruins, leading one caller to compare Keefe’s sports talk similar to Brock Holt’s utility usage.


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Yeah yeah. What do you make and ignore the last part you pretend you didn't say it would that would want one on your pancakes. Dirty south. Sat me from them being from movie that yeah I'm bad guy belief turned. Yeah out undertake no thank god we cleared I don't want that. That theory leaves fall in the spring. Yeah that was Jack's line last night. It took to edit it though I I guess it. Leaves now unbelievable in the fall but you know when it comes to the Maple Leafs. I look at parties that that part I gotta tell you a week. We did the the second intermission. And as we go off camera and they turn the cameras off and get ready just watch the third period. Billy barrier look at each other gulp like how horrible they did that second period they look awful. And they led jittery they looked nervous state. They looked like they were all. Clinton clutching their sticks too tight. And and it was that got the veteran guys. You know guys who who you'd expect different. You know marsh jammed and crate G and wheat wheat closed the second intermission and we said the Bruins have to get better performances in the third from Tuukka Rask Zdeno Chara. David Craig cheek. And I think it was Brad marsh and definitely knows the names that we sent the and then in the third period heading out they come. Well this is really good because I like this seem a lot and I didn't wanna have to hate them and if they lost in the first round of the Maple Leafs. Unit and what they hated that yes because the team. That when we watched them all regular season long you thought they could win the whole thing they get the very least be playing in the conference finals and can be Bruins and penguins. And maybe they lose that one whatever putt. This is one of the four best teams in the league they shouldn't be getting bounced out in the first round. And after two periods particularly that. When he minutes in the second all the laws second half all right how. Respond that adds Brad marsh and could not have made more mistakes on the Kapanen shorthanded. That was so it was like one great big gigantic error idle pleasantly that was martian ones that at all hours and we was all it totally wanna look worse and worse every replay they showed it looked worse and worse understand what is going on and right away when when Toronto scores earlier that early in the game first off. I don't think they should have been on the power play but there's an of those calls in the game that what it what can you do. Bought it and think they're going to be on their than a good response by the Bruins they get a power play of their own tie up. That book they they cough it up once again we talk about this a lot yesterday how many times the Bruins and scored. Only to have Toronto score. Within minutes and that's what they did again but there have to retake the lead it and it's going to be a crazy high scoring game is 32 after the first period. And then I don't know what happened but that may have in the worst period of hockey definitely of the series and one of the worst of it we've seen all year. Tuukka Rask played very poorly through the first two periods first period he was really fighting the pock. Second period. I mean okay Kapanen gets by marsh and and yeah some like 3-D expert you'd like and it you know be able to make a save he was out yeah it just days it was what do you think very there's ever chance that he might get yanked. He might have one goal away yeah I'd say fifth goal if you've had a half in ray had gone ahead you know five Koreans that a fourth three or something. They might have been forced into that position. But that in the third period and it's it's kind of a hallmark for this team all season long they've got a lot of character. I would say though they've shown the ability to come from behind all season long. And you got to the third period and the minute Torre crew export a minute ten into the third. The whole building felt different yeah I know yeah I agree and in the second period you know we thought. Well it looks like Frederick Anderson is settled down you know the Bruins scored three out of in the first but he called down he's making some saves. Took it didn't call down didn't make saves in the second period sent out Toronto's got the lead. And the crew goal was really bad goal by Anderson you know he's looking over here you al-Qaeda Miller outdoor recruit students from over there and yet and the minute that went in the net. He felt the whole building change. It was it was it was it's a whole different thing altogether and then up Iowa and reject the brusque. Great rookie season forum by this playoff run this puts them on a whole another level as you said. In the second period the guys that you needed more out of me guys you were surprised or let you down. Where for your most experienced guys you know refuted all one of the couple foreigners or what is going on and then Jake the broth is able to. Really bail those guys outing he enters the series with five goals so as they tied to David posture I apostle I can think what we're talking about after the first two games impostor was this guy. If he can't be stopped. And that is Jake the prosper going through the couple goals in that game last night which. Got them the win and that is huge that's gotta be mean everything for him my confidence wise going for him just going into the next series. Knowing what he was able to do and in the playoff series and in the game seven it. Is just remarkable. Zdeno Chara played half the third period played 28 minutes in the game. And he called his game down David crate she ended up with three assists in the game he called his game down. Patrice Bergeron ended up with a goal and two assists in a three point night he called his game down that top line. We said in the three previous wins they had 23 points in the three previous losses they had none. While all of a sudden you know they come through all three guys score goals last night martians was into the empty net but all three of them score goals. And everything just sort of felt like it was back in place it does seem I mean maybe it's two simple but if the first line scores particularly if they score multiple goals they win. So in this series that's obvious who wasn't even going forward it's as simple as that and the number of army but even Brad marsh and just that his playoff career the bruins' record when he scores compared to when he doesn't it's it's it's clear cut as that. If they can get that line going. They are almost unbeatable. But if they if they're not and that's the top priority for for Tip O'Neill will see that on the on Saturday that. If you can shut those guys down than than they can't they can be stopped at Tampa's a little different team in the team that the Bruins faced in the regular season. But here's the reality. The Bruins played much better against the Tampa Bay Lightning this year than they did against the Toronto Maple Leafs right took Rask played dramatically better against the Tampa Bay Lightning Denny did against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Against Toronto in the regular season two was won in two. A two point 69 goals against average and a 905 save percentage. Pretty mediocre numbers and against the Tampa Bay Lightning this year he was three and one. Goals against average was two point 00 save percentage was 926. And he had a shot out. Ruins won three of the four meetings. He gave up four goals. In the excuse me eight goals in the four games that he played against threat to a game he played much better against Tampa than he did against Toronto this year I. This was Toronto was the match up that that I think scared Billy and Barry the most. Toronto the Toronto was the one that they thought Melissa's city and that's why the last game of the regular season was so yet because you could face New Jersey but either way they've they've moved on and now they're gonna to play Tampa who they have matched up with a really wells in the Tampa. Had the best record in the Eastern Conference. Of the don't wanna play the Bruins although if you just. Sizing up the two rosters. Tip today is rosters better than Toronto's roster the Bruins have definitely played really well against them now the very last game the last time they'd matched up was. Early April were on the final regular season games. And temple on fourth. So the other three and one of the most recent game down and where the rosters are the most similar where you have you know guys that the trade deadline bowl teams were active at the trade deadline. You know I think this is this going to be another crazy series and this is going to be it was going to be tough even though they they have the advantage against them the first three games. I think we look at them side by side plus Tampa's got. They got good. Playoff experience on their side as well they have they have a lot of guys that get it done I think they're more firepower they better defenseman and then about a goal so if that's sort of they don't have more firepower you don't think though I don't. And their top guys I eat as I said you've you've got to bruins' top line that had 99 goals this year. At odds and vs Toronto as well Campbell I had all of that all web front on the play now thanks for your opponent if your match I am outside by either are matching on on on our own none are like I am I still like the Bruins in the series and I definitely Delilah. That's why would have been so upset had a loss last night because. They should continue to move on no I like the Bruins more than I like the lightning. Under saying. Despite the regular season records. Tampa Bay does have a better team to me than than Toronto's. It'll be interesting to see you know how this plays out because extra extra rest was gained here by the the Tampa Bay Lightning because they eliminated. The the New Jersey Devils in five. Bruins had to go 77 tough games as we saw last night you know usually happens in those situations. The team that has played most recently plays better in game one. It usually how yeah there's a lot of layoffs yeah actor yeah. Now the place Saturday afternoon at three in Tampa. And I'll be curious to see I mean the Bruins are pads and guys were nicked up but every team when your in the final eight in that Stanley Cup Playoffs. Ever hysteria. Now do you think. How confident do you think the rest of the players are into grass after after that game so as a must win obviously and they do they they find a way it's it's a win but it's 74. And for awhile there of your your your trailing into the third period. Not saying they were all the soft the schools or anything like that but in do or die game sevens to grass has given up three or four goals every single time he's been out there. And one of the things in a Mike Milbury said was you know yeah their their parents kind of concern and there's a lot of pressure on to grass but the way he started the game. Maybe that also gets it and the players had sleeping I I here we go I agree at site. It's like if I make one mistake it's gonna end up in the backyard of my net here and that's. That's not a good sign in my I don't know that necessarily changes from game to game obviously game one it's a fresh series so it's not you know you lose you go home. But I wonder how all those guys and from rumor are are feeling about him now it'll be interesting how he plays in this series you know whether there was a monkey off his back aspect. Unite as a kind of survived last night and everybody was kind of breathing that sigh of relief. Playoffs are on anyway and and you know and every city get the blast at the places jump on. But the players said this last night I gotta say just being in the building and working last night it's as loud as I can remember that place. Yeah as dead ringer there a need it to be an advantage and obviously now they don't have home ice which may have may have proven to be be the deciding factor in in last night's game so. In Tampa Bay has that their after the take your business when he gets back to three and four but. It's good I mean everybody can take a big sigh of relief you know because like you said that going into that there appeared to stand. Could this team really be done like everything that they were able to accomplish during the regular season how good they were. You know they're the combination of the young guys would be the guys in the prime would veteran guys. It seemed like a really good team that shouldn't get bounced out in the first round so. What a difference. An outcome makes because you've been looking at everybody who coached the goalie the top line and as our coach I mean I don't know what BI did a finalist for coach of the year yesterday afternoon they were gonna fire comes out those that we're gonna fire them but you would say all right so here's a guy who we all love yacht balanced out the first round NC street I was actually thinking of you when Dan Heine and scored a conflict if I realize that. That out of my had a hat trick for all we don't know that he might but. You can't say that the probably rumbles no we definitely do and and and for them it is. You know put a seven goal output you would imagine barring injury this is just going to be a lot of Eagles with the rest of the way right and ejected Jerker until. I shouldn't say I shouldn't say the rest of the way I think that not I was gonna play it. I thought how I I honestly do think at some point and I'm not predicting injury about I don't know I. Even thought yesterday I said you just because he doesn't play in this game doesn't mean he's not gonna play going forward. You go back to Tyler Sagan in 2011. Yeah when he played like thirteen of the 25 Stanley Cup is true but the deal with the injuries to at times there in their in the copper on I just wonder. You know who did you. Who could you take out the lineup right now. You know I like her I wouldn't change anything for Saturday that a lot of them playing him on the court. Things change as I blows somebody hasn't you know bad game somebody. Now doesn't play the way you think he should we let Nash doesn't finish. And seems like he's got like a thousand shots and he's got Wendell. It is you wonder with him if he scores one bullet or valley's more like a man Morgan I know at that level or because that's been thruster. I'm we had ray Bork on the pregame show last night and and ray was talking about he's a big fan of Charlie Mack of has been you know for a year now loves the latest in place. There's a lot that are assigned well and and race said to us last night on the pregame show he said. You know when you spring your MC and they put a brace on you and you try to play with a brace he said there is no way you're a 100% you can't be until next season. He said so he's trying to play through some stuff he's trying to make some adjustments. That was the best I've seen him look last night since he got hurt. Right now and that's huge for there they're definitely gonna need that in this in the next round because he'd been a guy that. It didn't look right and they had summaries Gaza or hurt furlong stretched throughout the year and then the yet they came back and they were able to play but he didn't they 100% and Rick Nash rainfall that category two but. Those good to see John Mack would bounce back when we've definitely his best game of the series I did right and it Charlie post game as I was leaving the building. And yet big smile on his face and and you know was obviously feeling good about the win that he just got the sense he was feeling good about you know how he felt and how he played. You know you have a bunch of guys in the third period and turn things around pretty dramatically yet Ed Ed Ed's got good a second life for the for a lot of them to look guys that whether they struggled in the series at all or they just really struggled in that second period. And that other guys bail them out and then once they did that you know you can check out off and now you start all new again outsider such a weird. Situation in the in the Stanley Cup Playoffs you have the number one and number 2 teams in the Eastern Conference playing each other in the second round. You have the number one and two teams in the Western Conference so down a Winnipeg in Las Vegas playing each other in the second round. Yeah we talked about this the former hour and in that they've had the change I think eventually it does make any sense trying to appease division rivals were ever but. This should be the conference finals although. With Pittsburgh there nationally in Winnipeg mission it's not my day Iraq today as a but but I mean this should be although Pittsburgh vs Boston in the conference finals if that happens to be it would be pretty sweet to hear. Based off what they were able to accomplish the regular season it should definitely be Bruins enlightening and. I I gotta talk a little bit about Cassidy and and I know he was a big topic of discussion here yesterday not just you and me but callers as well hurry up and there are a lot of fans questioning you know why go and why do on that one exchange in an up. He's pushed pretty much every right button this year. He's he was named a finalist yesterday for the Jack Adams award as coach of the year. He'll finish second probably Gerard Golan to Vegas is gonna win that meant no I have no issues that. But he's done a really really good job with this team they respond to him. He seems to have his finger on on how they feel and and you know what they respond to. And basically what he was saying was no this is the group we were born and this is this is overtaken into the playoffs were all right back till here. And that's I was I was wondering how the team was gonna respond to that considering it in game six. He shakes it up and at that point everybody's healthy so wasn't an injury thing was like Riley Nash wasn't available. They to start the series or Patrice Bergeron had to miss a game. You had everybody available in in game six. I studied I thought then. A very out bottoms of older it was good timing dwindles now's on the second line that illegals are in debt behind and who's been really good all year where you take him out altogether. And rather than get that spark and that potential spark right Donato. We're gonna go dwindles to. You got a lot of playoff experience in government the trade deadline a 5000 laud. And then friend then go back I didn't know how the message was gonna be delivered or house and we received I should say but. Obviously it works you know they won game seven these guys looked around and art. This is a more comfortable with and you saw in the results again not assert in the second period but the score seven goals in the game is is. Pretty tower John Shannon is one of our guest analyst on nests and he works for Roger sports net in Toronto. And I've really wanna get a sense of what was going on in Toronto today so he's gonna join us about an hour from now. And we'll get a feel. Firm for what leafs fans are feeling yet again. We said it's won what fourteen years since they won a playoffs as there's a little bit and it's going to be longer you know. And you know they they've got to be thinking about game seven against Boston this year may you know in this wasn't as bad as you know Europe no one of the third period but still third period lead. He had only their third and your goaltender just lost. Yeah I guess he just lost it now the whole team did too. Don't get me wrong in and out Mike Babcock talked about that he said he sensed his team just you know clenched up instead of saying hey we're gonna fight through this don't worry. He sensed that the whole team just sort of clinched up and and we're having issues but. I'll be curious we'll get his take a little bit later on we we don't normally do a whole lot of real world updates what would I do among this story well. America's dad. Bill Cosby. Was convicted on all three counts of sexual assault. In a a courtroom and now Pennsylvania. These at the same charges he was acquitted of a year ago. That the jury then got this seemed different evidenced in this jury did more people were allowed to testify this time he was convicted of all three counts. He faces a maximum of ten years in prison on each count although it's thought. You know when he gets prison time and he will get prison time and he'll serve concurrently. But we're getting some breaking news now apparently. Cost be lashed out at the prosecutor. In an expletive Lleyton tirade in the courtroom. After he got convicted in the sexual assault. Retrial they'll work or does not appear to be cameras in this courtroom though audio of this bill video and audio transcript please the transferable to get out what are some lead to a drop painting of him like they've done when Brady was there it -- have to be better result of bring animals like that at that point duke duke does the judge then slap him with contempt of court charges yet thanks so. I think that's what happens during yesterday's closing arguments the prosecutor yelled at Cosby from laughing during clothes and so this is the I think he's all that it therein anymore ever seen him when he's eighty right yeah. But they do when they see him walk into it was Rudy there with them last time pretty remarkable she was like walking they armored car when them. I'm like let's not the sort of the vessel for years to get shot asked there perspective now on I don't know much on Aspen he's probably busy but. Ronald hospitals there with a side by side this you're looking that. Then say any kind of how long's it gonna mean jail for that's where it's headed up to ten years it's up to ten years I doubt that he would get ten years but at the age of eighty he might be get life. Decent night that he should night thank you think we would all know Juarez. Rudy taxable in the cosmic show. So it surprised a lot of analysts that he got convicted because let's be honest celebrities don't generally get conveying and and and in his previous trial he was not convicted there wasn't part of it is the chance Dickinson who. She had even admitted that she made up some of those details and her book I guess I wondered if that was gonna sort of factor at all I don't know but did. But clearly not as if if he's going to be. Going away now. He's going to be going away and I don't know when sentencing will be out I mean my guess is they'll appeal Leo all that stuff that you normally do that my child that is very different now looking back on all the hours I spent with bill cosmic. A little bit different you think of those hour hour differently now that had them now I doesn't. Stood up and erupted after jurors looked decorum use an excellent preferred the district attorney gives you that artery to revoke his note as we shouted I'm sick of him. Ability kit he can't do that so they work. So the prosecutors saying we should revoke his bail the and then 'cause be proved why crap okay you have to pick is there really drive that point home thank you bill. So America's debt community a sexual assault and apparently Paula nutty in the courtroom and afterwards you know. I 6177797937. As telephone number text line. 37937. It's bailing people talks Bruins we will obviously talks Celtics bucks game six tonight. In Milwaukee game we both are feared that the Celtics will likely lose. The deer a little bit fear the deer there about Milwaukee radio Internet by the way on another good spot and just keep yield back. I felt that to confuse the earbuds that I'd Friday did you look at that rock I'm going to be honest. You didn't catch that parents you know I don't I'm I am curious to go by sounded better I tried and difficult and mentally CDC improvement no different song. Played just as long by a different song while the other. Yes that was an AC/DC at least know snotty TDs while but it was in definitely and that that John. Does this movement that is. A classic rock. Thank you well done thank you the better than that officials Sandra Massachusetts that we discovered last week get better man that he voted in yet Andy that's still a lot of lobbying their play a little Rob Zombie last night at the cardinals think him and that's should be officials on. They're like Dracula before the faceoff and those that the Bruins fans were being marked on social media for rocket out of Lebanon prayer I didn't. I'm they love that song there and missiles at a lot of them out the building also for swimming in puddles blog I I without China on its ruins banner ads of course that was. Is organized celebrate the win by the way. First fault when you dive onto the tarmac. Into a shallow puddle I'm just gonna give you a hint here if you're probably gonna hit the bottom. And yes we're gonna whimsy is feeling now a lot of pain at that point so we think in and maybe that's. I don't know if this is a good thing about the more I see those idiots too and that's stuff Mike cell phone in there wallet. Al-Qaeda public grown itself or this and that the somebody. Complete and it take the shirt off but I feel like if you're if you're that if your drunken offices to do it a snow Angel in a puddle. You really have the wherewithal to remove your phone that you're Smart enough or. Coherent enough to take your phone out you also probably wouldn't do that this is not a totally see your heart this disease slowed toward the garden full of yes. Probably you're probably yeah about Europe that well a lot of us thought that Bruins fans outside the garden apartments and I think that if you're if you're Smart enough to take your phone now you also probably wouldn't go in there. I'm guessing his phone was wrong. At his wallet and his wallet. But not this year and his team was put it dry shirt back on the story you know that led away don't underestimate commitment his phone film. Mayor and now I hope so yeah I can't imagine I had two friends who was there who sent me video that he took of this network at. There's a lot of video you know I don't know if you look at the whole crowd around him and a lot of votes for their phones out there that so I saw it a security guard or police officer ago approach him. For what. Zebra along these kind of holding back craft got dispersing I don't know it was again we're blog article wrong. Take your drunken sot and self stellar and zoom around zone for puddles laying in late wife. Some puddles snow angels and yet get on their out. 6177797937. Is telephone number. I'd Twitter is an amazing place social media is an amazing place you like in the immediate aftermath of the bruins' game seven win you know I'll let you know what a lot of the folks on Twitter were saying to me last night I'd daily key Sports Radio W media. Not a high. This is going to be more physical. And I hear on the awesome side they wanted to use them how much they can easily win this but. Limit what I think I have a little music just as simple as the matchup tonight between honest and everybody else or the Arnold well we're doing now we. That got bought Pacific are actually it was no doubt our aggressive yarder oil that was. You have your bones are a little background matter now that. Classic rock up the talk about diverted different. Literally just rolled that was from the interview maybe it'd have copyrights to the other one that you do that podcast version. And I undated audio. You should start commenting on song I. You've been waiting for by the way went in today and an editor on like if you can yeah you know it's like it's like halfway through maybe the music you hear it Belo which Unicode patched him. Well as the church okay too much if she. They're also not of the club become an early. Call here couple commercials. Our language that couple minutes. Mean it's like minutes I'll hold like two minutes. I don't that's often deck you've got the call guys wanna leave them on there. And that's that's two minutes after talking to the producer. And he wants the only at your library to go play some instances. To minutes yet and you would deep or. Victor dancing had to cut off line there aren't put. Two minutes and that doesn't include how long a model holds all of it he starts to show so hurry and it's that it probably. So last night though the Bruins are are scoring four unanswered goals in the third period. Our place was rocking and building was shaking they'd beat the Toronto Maple Leafs seven a for the removal on. Win game seven to go play the Tampa Bay Lightning. And you would think that Bruins fans would be pretty excited about all that went yet I would think any answer victory yes they would then got so much but enough or maybe just they don't social media is is a place where. And then not excited people just just sort of gather together to get a couple of quick examples here. Odd Dale Arnold tell me again how to grass doesn't suck. But another one. How is that Chara clear rotten tip them all I know he's great he's useless. Took a Rask is bad this game is over took already has tee times the b.s need to get rid of him Chara and crate G. This all the same personnel another several of them. If there is there'll against these two teams tilting the nets down and playing like this was a street hockey game without goalies for the next two periods. As analog yap requests Bruins so deflated making mistakes but they know their goaltending is god awful. Rask living up to his numbers choke on a clinching game it is what it is. If if all the Bruins played like to breast we have a shot to Ronald wants it more. Time for the Bruins don't wake up at one to win. Old or too got no goal is never his fault you guys are pathetic. The Bruins will never win anything with Tuukka Chara and crate G what this team could get with the money they would save off these three players. He's I mean it says he's able checked back in. But their away my bad. And when I was get all hot not so much. Via an and I was think and in in the aftermath of winning. It if what you've got go one for you is yet took Rask still sucks he's gonna. I hate having to in big games he's painfully bad and high pressure situations. We won despite him move. Well and actually may be true. Now. Fast forward a year let's say the Bruins are playing game seven against him today. There they were and get all the same got us all and at the end of last night's game didn't help his cause. A huge hit point to that game. Would you say he probably had seven games in the series to grass had. One really good game one game so bad that he got hold. And then lastly if he was not very good. They're probably a couple games in the middle and that's kind of what you got out of them. You know some of the other criticism but in the come in on one particular plane and Chara we're Chara played pretty well. But took wrath audit I got a lot of those IN SA did he sucked he can't play like 28 minutes. He played half of the third period last but do you Audrey you understand where the Tuukka criticism of yes look we want to criticize him on the telecast. Yeah definitely and and how to read that point but I just find it ironic that OK we won which. Thank god we got that overweight and it had Rask still Sox. There's a certain anger level out there isn't there there is a little bit. But you're also you're you're you're pushing it towards the next series and you're trying to say Eric what else is gonna happen. You know what they sought to beat him today. Pittsburgh or Washington and then when the cops hope there's three more series and how confident are you into grass how confident is Bruce Cassidy and two grass a profit it is. The rest of the players and problem into grass. I look back at the the breakaway goal I think that's kind of an interest in wanted to look at because Brad marsh and definitely left some doubt that that's completely. Brad marsh hey can't handle the puck any kick it back in so it leads to a breakaway goal. Most goaltenders would have allowed a goal there and we get all that that most what most definitely would have but he did so is that nobody is that what he is. But it is took a most goaltenders or is he. Top five easy top ten. And if he is we know he's paid that way that's another thing goes goes back to that hands out corporate heads David Price. But I think to get this past year was the second highest paid goaltender. So what I don't respect him Carey Price makes it was to Carey Price makes a lot Morton to. He does and he does a figure that he got on contract but anyway Carey Price and a pretty bad year yes and when you bring that up what you hear is. Modesty socked. And yet Hamas he sit here yesterday saying you know that's took this fall openness so at the team's fault is Glenn Reynolds and yet. I but in other cities. They don't just blame the goaltender. Yeah but lost so sick and lose for the Toronto they might be the I think if you get on them. We both goaltenders were up and down the series both on had unbelievable performances poll that terrible performances. But I think. If the Bruins lost last time I must say it was 43 saying that everything that happened but then the Bruins aren't able to score. Four unanswered goals let's say that that doesn't happen. I think who could blame but I think there's a lot of other plan going around to just wants the game that you re looking at your timeline that people get mad charge you organ manic preachy. Brad marsh and first grade he was this year Selig you've lost at times last night and not his best games I think there would have been some other blame. On tossed out there but going into game one of the series against Tampa Bay. And I don't think people have all of them more confidence and to go based on what he didn't in sub died don't disagree with the at all I I think they probably would have. Issues. And that we're gonna go through the exact same thing again if the Bruins in Tampa Bay Lightning go to a seventh game it's just that. More than that it's it's OK we just one. He socks yes yeah it's okay. Well opponents who doesn't eighteenth I know that's kind of where where we go and I was definitely a new addictive process to me was the absolute star of the game and the guy who. Who saved them from getting bounced out in the first round so that's definitely be celebrated but. It is a part of the story I mean sukur asks performance and how. It's going to be a nail biter series most likely against Tampa Bay and he's going to be a big reason why. I mean they. Pay I I think they're the better team than than campus. But I guess you could say one of the advantages that they had was home ice and you take out a way. And if you're not feeling great about otsuka or his mindset even as it focused again that he got pulled from. He said all the right things after he said he saw these and he deserved to come out of the game. But don't you follow that up. We is to do or die game. And it's still not your best performance in order order how he's feeling to see Olympus it was short and camera. Somebody asked me yeah but what's char is plus minus coming into a coming out of the first round he's tied for third among defensemen in the National Hockey League plus. I you've got to. Understood all the Charny is Exel at home is first at plus nine. Doable and Ali matter are tied for second at plus seven and then Chris Le tang Justin Schultz Zdeno Chara all tied at plus five. Our that our understanding all the Charlie to us. It's a weird thing yeah I don't on an honor really get it I don't think I don't think he's a solid in their best player but. He's on my list of concerns. Not a high failure that the three or four guys Jules you're OK were you a little bit more out of them by I think he's been fine by. What do I know I was not the game. Watched that the quality all luckily one of us was that the game so we talked about candidate yet I also watched parts that on TV but no lol well I mean I have a monitor. Well it's right there in front of me it's hard to miss some of 6177797937. As telephone number I promise we get right to the calls that you coming up next. A look at the Toronto perspective from John Shannon Rogers sports net at 330 here on Sports Radio WB. We still time it's a long long season. And many times your goaltender bales yelled on the road somewhere steals your game somewhere well this evening. The offense paid back their goaltender that we got your back to. Carter Barry Petersen last night on the telecast. And they did bail him out last night. It sounds. More importantly they move on second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs they're now eight teams left India in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs they're one of the eight. And the top two teams play in the east top two teams playing the west and we'll see what happens after that. Let's get to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Opposing Cambridge hey Paul I don't. They deal a rich what's gonna. And we got blocking a seven game its retreat from the gallery guards. And I just slow the lucky duck a million per restriction by the way I didn't expect from dale. All I expect from Rick should this. Well you all and the trend say reg you're kind of liked it brought a whole group. Me and Arnold loves to hear that Paul are you know we want to say how. You're not a Major League rocks not a blaze of all start to Paul's Baltic as a compliment yeah. You're as Abdullah well I'm Cicely don't side but they waited like you talk right now I'm in heaven. And I what do you. Never wanted to perish Jihad to a Q and you guys just so sport on during the intermission dale I gotta pay you a compliment. And massage and makeup job. Well crime has. Although we won't go that would you variability. You criticisms like. During the season abortion record and how much time to just go back to the action but I have to watch your back up to listen you guys it's it's just really insightful but. Last night. Relaunched just they they looked disorganized. Disjointed. And there are unsure. Great cultural horrible could include the dugout during the PK. Incumbent would give aways draw Arnold being into the park or battle. The whole thing and then it all changed like you said. The corps recruit goal just changed that building in the energy went from that all good crowd. Back to the team and they wanted to brass or that school Oceanside a matching people gamble would assignments in the first game which are. I don't. Remember always unbelievable yeah. Just played them. Well enjoy and look he's right you could tell it deflated them and and rather than fight through it I think they just felt like the inevitable was happening. When I said his son last night on the telecast when that when the final season highlight films put together whenever they're done playing. That Jake to breast goal in the third period last night's going to be one of the best schools of the year. Now yes absolutely it's going to be just for one man and the whole thing was near Anthony's. That's one where on the highland that he showed the three or four times but he can't do all these other ones that really fast that he showed out on the three or four times in different angles that. And that's save their season there's no doubt. He he undressed Jake I'm Jake Gardiner on the play Jake Gardiner finished minus five. On the night and as hockey players who want to do stood in the in the dressing room for Maple Leafs last night with tears in his eyes and said this one's all my fault. I I just didn't show up tonight which it's you know it's about all your fault but you're right it's theoretically there fumble by at least a fair chunk of it went down there. Alex is in sick to a tea outside on. Hey guys hey there today I just wonder content that you could stay on that just goes back life. Certainly collapse. And now the set and they're on the blog people in this region is salt and 2011. It's an honest and her current weight is now. And we need better play out and that are going to call rock right now is that you play like that escalates. It's not gonna happen. I don't I just hope welcome Erik. Satie any impact. On certain teachers need to be I'd Euro in order for him to alarm. Perfect he just lie to that level. Want to come from or seen any says it would that be acting that. You're. An actor I ate. Like. And. Well I I understand he's gonna have to play better I don't disagree with the abet and and for all of the valid criticisms of took its play in this series we've leveled summit ourselves out. He did win the series the wanna say they won this year I don't mean he'd that's that's him donated they they all the years he was the goaltender they won the series they moved on. Frederick Anderson didn't I think he's good enough. Oh win a cup efforts team. But I don't think if he plays the weight in this series they're gonna when the company it's as simple Saturday a retainer in the face after this in Toronto. Is this tough for the first round matchup as her to have based again on how they do the playoff seedings. Tampa and memorizing the tougher Pittsburgh's going to be tougher than ideal way to the end it's going to be tougher so he's gonna have to be better but I think he eat candy. That we've seen him be a part of a team that got to a cup final before so it's not like he's got to always loses in the first round that's that's not the case. But there's no doubt yes the play better than he didn't he seven games while that was his what fourth. Game seven yankees to a two and now he's too into Frederick Anderson's now owns her own effort. He had more issues than token game theory is given a game seven Bonser goals so. I mean you think about it and then again I. And wanna I don't wanna step away from what I was saying about Rask in the Bruins. I'm not blaming everything on on Frederick Anderson his defense saying it does it I mean did they leave him. On dressed half the time on the house those weird was at game five and six all of a sudden thrown defense looked good that we'll. Did they also become good at what happened here because like their personnel is not great. Like Tampa we'll get into that later on the Tampa was personnel. They're defenseman Melissa one if after about an anomaly yet today got a Norris trophy finalist in Victor Hedman who's you know as good as there is in the late and then they didn't they sat in just sit back and there hey we have him Sorrell said so they go out of the deadline and they were aggressive they're too so. Their defensemen are much better than Toronto is but Toronto was ill put the other couple really good games and then. In a panic you know found its level in game 76177797. ID 37 chosen western page up. They have what's going on got Ali. I've had luck on your opinion on the bottom line all applicants performance in game five. I thought the Japanese started development insects and then if you wanna gamble and it won a series and they start to go down. First of the secretary's. View what is it like to fire its capacity and seven. On a lot better than that at last I would suspect that they that. I've heard other people suggest this I just tell you that I can't remember the last time I saw a playoff team do that. Now you you've had playoff goalies get hurt and backups have to commit and Brian well right. We we mention that when took it was pulled from the game in game. Four via in game four it was the first time a Bruins goaltender was pulled from a Stanley Cup game since 1995. Craig Billington replaced blame locker in the game I mean it just generally unhappy doesn't happen. Yes so that's ideas and that's the ultimate panic move we're talking many angles and I'm back so he's the got a guy there he played in 54 games there ever was in the regular season. He's he's your guy. It's just if if the team starts to lose faith because one of the that the questions of these if you benched to grass and today we're going to open. Do all the got a skaters and they say oh my god that we don't win and refit it or were freaking out or. Do they respond to that I don't know the answer I don't know how they all fields to a to a man about Goldman compared to raskin if they're game changes at all or mentally how they feel about it. But dowdy wise woman in Delhi and cannibal. I think it here here yeah coach yeah I mean forget about you know do you put Ryan does not a winning game seven that's different yeah if you replace your starting goaltender if you know the fact that it feels like a panic move unless. You know it what's the mindset if it's too it gives a global the first two minutes against Tampa once everybody thinking about it you know that's what I want all of they generally think is this team comes from behind better than any team in the late they don't like last night they do. And they oftentimes they had to do that is part of that is the actually threw allow that to happen. Odd dance in Peabody again. I don't know what's gonna. A lot that are out there have been out of your article and it it seems that something Bruins and the alliance. Are all court pick. For the last night we all know what great on the old wood fat or the other one weird collection didn't. I mean whatever. It torture. Early and we've got to see maybe about playoff always perform at the all time intent on. It took out will ever bought that you're going to feel did not intend on. Other goalie in the league. Even that once they got a rocket that playoff form is it wouldn't show up for wanted to give up here in the cup final national which can. Don't think quick what about in the week it came about because beating three wood about 11. And a third period he caught a hockey Gordon. Did not another guy in the league is grateful. Meaning that when you Goldie with a lead that is up in the week that dog and occasionally caught up in the playoff that they've done they're not they're good enough to get their law. Arm and did not marry into play with it Balkan council army I am not too worried about Cooper and the next series. I think that they've actually gonna be good for bubble team I. I don't like it will be a little fatigued but I think they're the monkey off the back issue. I'll let you got go on from here are really good at that we want we want to grab your goalie I don't think there. You can comment about not. Or beer and I don't know it'll plug and and people I think often mistake what I say when I say. In in the final two rounds of the 2011. Playoff run Tim Thomas was as good as I've ever seen play the position he was unbelievable. In the first two rounds he was. Okay. He wasn't great he wasn't that otherworldly Tim Thomas but we we turned it into that. What we've we've made it in to all my god look what this guy as. Well I also think that happens. All the time and in every sport you in the sense that. So now to grass is being not only compared to Tim Thomas but then you're comparing him to other guys from years combine like passer or whoever else you are comparing to. And you forget about those moments you see in the NBA to where you know LeBron James has a bad game or of Kevin Durant has a bad game. If freaking out is that Michael Jordan never had a bad game or you know Isiah Thomas EO or Magic Johnson or bird they never had a bad game because it. Now they all have the right leg is you're a member of the top your head you remember the great moments and that's where it is right now Tuukka is terrifying that so into the college point. You know. Show me the goalies in the league right now that you would have 100% faith in what did this guy. He's on the right see you would guarantee you would win that Beckham doesn't exist. Again announcing to get is the best but he is he's still good enough. But it has to improve the more we just saw Oz Jacksonville record haystack. They're at don't know what's that. Am I I won't put up a little bit dark and go sort and Chara. I get it last night when we are a lot like when we're all watching it. Yeah he didn't have one of the dark in the but they're taking a awkward M. I mean a point where people took the puck away from John Mack boy but especially Chara. As we got him. First first two periods nobody played well. But it escaped including here but then merit you know when it came debt to game winning time it seemed like he never left the ice. Yeah I think I overlooked that a little bit of point com. But it's not like the first two appeared that they did we come out a little stronger. We could put them away just by the crowd noise alone. The one you're your thought on that stuff. And starts or are. Mean you get. What was kind of a soft call of those against John Crawley what is the goal of those guys I know it's not unheard of what did you think a start writing bad move by Bruce Cassidy because Sean per rally has a a tendency little camp up at times. There was a game earlier this year rates a couple of early penalties. I I love his game I love their game now but they they play their game based on emotion and I think rallies sometimes gets a little amp dot. As I was an odd choice I I understand I think what Cassidy was Golan for their energy you know energy line charge. Get a charge of energy out of him. But by the same token you run the risk of you know you take a penalty thirty seconds sand. They scored a power play goal to wolf five been in and you're cynical and I'll come soon enough yet it I heard her keys keys at the theater score first winds to 75% that I four point 6% at a time something at and by the way I love to rally and I love that line yeah oh yeah I just think that the emotion got to him a little bit you know that. If you're asking me I stick my best line out there yeah I say here here's my best I'm going right that you write off the drop of the puck. Not really against you simply get a little cute there you're gonna try to courier out thinking you're subtle than analysts are these guys and set the tone here but. I'm with the I would do you have the vessel and hockey mama wants our power will get a feel for how things are in Toronto today probably not great by the way last night you had the maple explained here. Yet the raptors playing at home. And you had the blue jays playing at home I was surprised there was anybody at the blue jays game last night on now. Those who does live there Samantha couldn't think you don't go to again they must have been invited to load my house party or something. I was surprised anybody was there by the they're proud L Los on the phones that probably out of a jumbos making their site and probably did we'll talk to John Shannon from Toronto at the bottom of the hour. I'd daily key Sports Radio WEEI.