Dale & Keefe - A caller nearly dies while making a point about Brady. Dale and Keefe’s mind goes in the gutter as they guess Red Sox nicknames.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, August 9th
Hour 3: The Red Sox released their nicknames for the players weekend and Dale and Keefe play a little game to see if they know who is who. It is an hour of callers and the callers bring it with some of their hottest takes and near death experiences.

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Yeah. Our number three dealing keep Sports Radio WEEI. Before we get back to the calls when he be quick quiz and I don't want to look at your Twitter machine went undone and quiz is usually pop quick list. Whereas I am okay or so the full list of Red Sox players weekend nicknames is out who they did this last year if you remember. Every body on the entire roster including the coaching staff manager they can all pick a nickname. One dollar but he did one. Person did not once they would like to death last hired who did I know what was it was the manager rod Farrell think Cuba I'm looking at the list here and I don't secret sales name on the label uses to command last year and maybe items on the DI SO UL I Y I'm gonna give you a nickname. You have you tell me the player I love me some of the Murti CO affect our communities you wanna start evo evo would be Nathan you've Albany easy one you've got a bigger put it there it is an aside if they are out right if you don't mind I don't report from the satcher about me I need some sort of thing so Tivo look at both parties that fine rock star. Rock star if you want to Dallas star Brock colts. Mark Quito. So this is already a problem marked Zito. Oh boy who had who on earth could that the little harder here active Alaska is Marco Hernandez yeah. God yeah I didn't. Right mark over it how about heat here here. Heater. Here like here here I am heater here. He remembered good while. And thank you thank you on BJ. That's just. Off I think I'll put it that are the best I have a rag. Back. Okay that. Brian jobs well and a topic they have their Brad of magnet. If you get this when that I know UT I'm not cheating you can tell by their arguments and Jimmy. Jimmy would be. The letter B Jimmy EB are known Joseph Kelly on it yet though. That I do but I think there are those arrows there is a little like adjudicated dizzy. He machine gun was one of the old nickname once which is great news machine gun Kelly. But I was going Jimmy Beasley was the reporter Jim Buchanan who. Brad though delayed a whole exposed as a whole thing and for about bootsy. Don't see bootsy is a slow the player Jessica. One give anything away but yes Tutsis and Rockville devers. Ian Kinsler. Yeah and so I you know I read that on baseball reference that I would I had no idea how or why those whose nickname. Ian Kinsler is bootsy GAAP Boca I got a couple here that aren't you can't get some corporate I got a couple still easy when our PD and possibly Iran. Why does he get one mid east back I don't know if you think he's back to be back their players weekend. Did not play dirty crane. Well that's Greg and sat there toys at the crack lucked out right now I don't know leads at thirty regularly sit on the bullpen would be yet. Well it turns out Berkeley there that's just painting a picture no law. Oh no armor is from last year this was. Is it Cindy Leo yes well. Name of it if something like that and mad dog. Oh mad news. Or sell Austin Max yeah. The attic hey he's. Shame on the look at. Let us off the mavericks about. Trying to get this when I look at ya knew when he knew when he. Knew me. Now in order ninjas. Are mostly different site now Tom. Big smile with a big smooth I know is drew upon creating as. Comrades basement police that'll be there are players now you players weekend or day and they could be gone on. Tour bags I'll make you two guys. And other outlets are born late lightning. Lightning. We sell a lot of these low on the Vijay shared something with a plate tonight and I took an oath. Lately like the Eagles will sell too late lightning ya man. Thornburgh Steve Pearce and here's a late late lightning what can I talk assuming the pictures are easily lightning. It is I hit lefties should be is the backers enters Minty ghosts. That would be is ports Olmert wanted to serve as were Marcella. Flacco. Wants. Joseph. Flock NFL ACL. Flacco. Is that ever G eighty Martinez. Are we gotta get this done historically I told us they Bradford have that and lightly on the list because like I said Chris sales on this list that I want to stick man last year here give me this month. Slim Dunkin. Slim does slim guy like that little bit of upon off of badly some advertising dollars is tied up and Lim Dong Kim it's got to be. Skinny guy I would imagine. Acts. David Price. And David Price is slim not to get down on the Astros dad it's via last year and said Lim Dong and I I've got an addition to the list as they were working but can the conductor. The conductor. The Steven Wright at his side. Now. Chris sales the conduct I don't know you must win last year I. He didn't have to keep it that's true Astros that changed is to slam dunks and a slowdown in his fort night is that he's Gamertag to wander a bit and it no it's not you know what it is. It Astros that 24 probably. I'm I'm Islam bound and a fortnight reference Rashard time when you need to. You pick it elated tomorrow and that tomorrow there. That it those multi embedded tentative album. I haven't seen them on the list yet to smoking's last year was to smokey I think and it's kind of iron with a good name though one of the all. I have a moral core probably he's going ACC and my guess yeah I didn't see him on the list either. Slam dunk him is his. It's his is his Forte or is that they Gamertag. But that's an edit the video game thing it was at the respect that he's. You know we don't have reflected blog edited not carried. So the they they claim the winner in the major leagues the guy who wins players weekend it's Brad box Berger of the Arizona Diamondbacks is that radio and number. It's got a picture of box at a picture of burger and how backers Adriana I'm athletic FF. That box burger box and burger. Worked permanent what you did fairly well are being told that Flacco mean skinny in Spanish. So that's maybe. And yet they do very much out there you go through sources on the out so I appreciate that on the Jesus source telling what slim Dunkin is about now we got that from somebody else a slim Dunkin is is a Gamertag. I don't mind he's he's he's skiing that's that's a good name. A big dirty Craig is probably the best on. You make I think Kimbrel sort of is the best one on the ruts like that one. Yeah probably probably the best one. Well you've we've gone bad image that that that's this week and thought we'll follow through on this and easy to do it at home don't you Ali and maybe. I'm not sure we'll check who's really to say I mean and how many of those other than the BJ jerseys authentic gonna sell and when I got. We sold eight. X that you gathered there hasn't thought. It yet. Two hours ago where as to how good how you are editor I doubt you're a professional professional radio man I let's get back to call 6177797937. I Jason's up in Maine AJ tonight on. And what's going on. While others are Britain. You want the apparatus it is. That went up the Rodgers leading. All right what is wrong interception could cost she went back left went. Or left and stripes played in Britain at 4000. He has more parts interceptions identical. It before patent. That's public. It. Yet eyes and so that's that's a good way to look and had a two and that doesn't even include a pretty did prior to that but yeah I think if you side by side and give it. Brady is the better quarterback but I I get I go back to quarterback rating where. All time really high there. One other quick energy action here we we mentioned earlier the whole Heath Evans stuff yes we do. In coming out the NFL network responding Heath Evans has responded to the NFL network oh my god he is going down with all guns blazing and today that included a pitchers that are thirty did not send any of those what are you looking for some dogs here as. Because he said sexual nature but he didn't really get too specific he has so he has come back with some mob some further facts. What he says are facts. I. 6177797937. This telephone number of we have as much fun off the air here is we do. On the air yes we should bring some of it on the air all the that we let the unemployed. Although it's also that's a risk that lets you know in detail would sock. Now dale you we want to take some time to reassess your career goals and it. Oh against Obama more time. Let's get back to the calls Evans on the cell phone hey haven't I don't. Also. Only a couple of things aren't all I need an agent digit gains and how they. And these these active quarterbacks. And instant typically these are very you can hear. I didn't mean confined. Eight meaning that there remembered them praying that I think all he's done greens and then there are also close completely. Honest. Exactly that and the elderly have a special report out check in my opinion. Is there to pardon me that it's clear. In Turkey where he's clearly there. And every quarterback ever think you're doing a disservice every Clinton reportedly and law. Bill Belichick himself a lot of those guys and except. And we he's currently I don't think it is open and shut cases most in all of our site. Let's and I I there is no doubt that bill ballot check out placing huge part in the success of Tom Brady right but but you know you've had you've had eighteen years of film to study the patriot system. If you're another coaching GM out there in the NFL I would think that if that was all the system you could duplicate the system pretty well and and find a way to win yet had I I would much sitting Brady is the system. Right exactly and I think that you know Belichick obviously gives him an advantage but it doesn't mean that he still can't be the best of all time. And I think that he is that it won't went looking that it is. You know Randy Moss is an example of hall of Famer that he played with Rob Gronkowski is another example Holler I would assume a hall of Famer that surely with. All of that in eighteen years. How many guys has he added here that he played really good but. Before or after warm. Again I'd imagine Deion Branch along April it round and round up I loved loved the guy out I love welcome when he was here. That eagle somewhere else he was good for a minute actually got hurt with with a it would Denver but I was also a Peyton Manning. And so you know guys that have left tomorrow receivers. And we say golly they get drafted receivers. It's a big go somewhere else and turned into a great career. So I look back at 06 as a great example of Brady having its robs all around answer scrubs. So Andrea talk about those who say that's what he's got this year yeah I don't I don't agree with other guys that that there's an element gets back but it's not great. Seawright not every quarterback gets the play with the same coach so it's a little harder to to evaluate at the same time. They're not playing with the same players like that was one of the great arguments for awhile was. Peyton Manning had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Those guys were leaked receivers. It it very sad song I'm not trying to make it out like he's never had any album. But he also made a lot out of guys that are. You know maybe average players that he has turned into you know pretty good horrible time players we've talked about players who when they leave the patriots have gone on to have you know really good strong careers in the list is fairly slim right. I can't think a wide receiver who was better after he left here now I don't think so. I don't think so rule at all I mean Welker. That didn't set a record for most touchdowns. It for himself when he left that he got hurt and never was at his best years were obviously knowing. All these other guys you know given signed a big contract and he got hurt branch cited big contract earlier traded him and he came back later on the out Ochocinco was Don he was never even good here yeah that's a long Innospec Danny Amendola is gonna. Die at his patriot numbers. In Miami now I think Santana deal throwing in the ball he'll go back to being kind of what it was the rams. That's my guess. Yep and read a way I'm not knocking him he he was able to cash in good for him. You know it's probably his last contract and I I don't blame them out yet I don't begrudge him that are bled him or the patriots pages and arts and letters he says that when a caption now Brit coax will be adjusting. If you're a player would Drew Brees signed a huge huge contract is up there were shared off you know so he may be one guy that goes on and and and performs better than he did here Wilson. Dennis is in East Boston hey Dennis. There what's going on it was definitely a unique mode or in Cuba since the last caller to go courses cooperate on. You cannot afford or. I was amazing court I need at. Is although almost looked a little more shall we are historical total group of characters. That's the only guy yesterday. Now guys Larry but. But I am a couple hundred people not realize what you can talk a vote winning percentage in the super cool with brief how old news. You can even talk about the player but he Troy an agent bill O ya know pretty substantially better I don't know what point. And anyone who doesn't. Rated the best quarterback alternative far away and indeed they hadn't watched got to play it that caught all they can and the best quarterback in the fiscal. Yes I do a great idea yeah it is and by the way I think they've also got the best idea yes that. Clinical problem now how are built on a little bit there's nobody at that position and never at a better. Well what does that 99 you're going to have to oracle called. It may be what is this that the career numbers for long may not catch Tony Gonzales probably not because he's not the last. Yes I in my opinion he's the best who's ever played the position. When you watch and you can't help but think what greedy guys the other quarterbacks and until that point in the station in the years ago you can also birdied. Re all saying career is based on how long that compared to some rocket current order alcohol thing. Yet that's her body differently to halt bankers maybe even three depending on how -- you sort of look out because I mean you're always H 37 till now it's been unbelievable aren't as bad but we had said you know his thirties were better than his twenties they just they just work now yeah and it more Super Bowls in his twenties. But in his thirties that's where he became you know the MVP this this record breaker also added Super Bowls. That now it's sort of been Obama's time as he's flying into his forties are rich is at war kerik. I won't quick question yes. If given. If Ben Roethlisberger had the same coach sinking meets in seemed system in my seat time is great combination possible would be. If he it was drafted the same year as Brady mean garlic is just it was a round the mountain back. In sync system. I'm not as many as Brady and then in your anger toward the and the that's not my my point is I don't think he's is that a quarterback he's Brady he's not as accurate combination of old you think you were one with the players and coached three Lutheran. You guys are also result so I don't think you're saying Roethlisberger all the credit better quality control quite ER he gets hurt so you're saying while he's better than Brady right zealot trying to say. And so. Now I ought to do you B a a committee of one the idea I don't know reader to reader wide receivers don't do what it is as bad. There's Spence well they they weren't all spent when they left here death it wasn't spent so I mean and people in the Roethlisberger household wouldn't say that Ben Roethlisberger to better more out of town rate that's outrageous that he's he's always hurt at least I I. I I have to understand and Aaron Rodgers debate. I disagree with the an OK I can at least see it. Yeah I can't see a Ben Roethlisberger today art here at all and one of the Super Bowls that he won. He he almost sabotaged it you've elected I mean it Randle el had more touchdown passes and Ben Roethlisberger did. He gets credit of the Super Bowl winning quarterback for that Super Bowl it was all you or the worst quarterback ever to win the game now the next and it went out there at that probably will pass to Santonio Holmes and he had much more but it. Fingerprints all of that game Ben Roethlisberger saw has had one. I repeat. One great year. 2014. He led the NFL in attempts completions yards and touchdown passes. By the way that's you know only season he led in those categories ever. Ben Roethlisberger led. Or a start at roper won the Super Bowl in 2005. Going nine of when he won for 123 yards no touchdowns and two interceptions. And he won the Super Bowl that. Some are part of real quick to give a lot of credit for now. Now later rod now later on he was definitely better against. Who wasn't. Airs on right yeah created better Mac game but even then in an amazing. In that one great throw. He led the league in those four categories once in his career. He never led the league in any of those categories any year but 2014 and that's a that's a bad example to because he's a guy that actually has had talent around them to from the receiver Antonio Brown saint Levy on ballot early on in guys like you Hines Ward and and a bunch vote clearly it's Plaxico Burress and yet he had some good players there. They had some good defense is. I don't think Tom owns a great coach but there certainly worse in the league so. Yeah I. Yeah I don't think he's he's he's really in the same conversation. And some weird. Strange sort of fashion we should thank rob park. For real infant stupidity I'll GAAP GAAP it was his rampant stupidity that got everybody all cranked up and talking about this burn off I mean. How many days on sports talk radio we discussed Tom Brady's place in the pantheon of NFL quarterback that's. True and around here we have. Come to our conclusion. I feel like Sewell. Points. That rob Parker brought out we should not forget these are two issues that he brought proof he points or key point on. Aaron Rodgers. Has never lost a suitable. Using a 1000% answerable he has Tim morrow Muslims but points. And in my list of others who you know are in that category and he says Yahoo! most of whom many others include the most recent and nick pulls the other thing that he said it was the Brady fumbled at the smell game. So. Those were Iranian leader had to have those two things that they were is that a must have an argument to be had it's kind of hard to go anywhere without rob do Abbas in New Hampshire gave up. It up. Another Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob. I'll I'll like yeah there yeah he's very just maybe wasn't sure what is what the lead with francs in sandwich hey frank. Breaking news undeclared what pretty eyes. Exactly that's out there when I I yeah the insanity gets five million dollars each roster extra Brett isn't Suu Kyi order Fries and Coke dinner at least. On a week he would never do that. There are out. He would he would he would never do it frank everyday he would he would tell them to keep their five million dollars is that really at frank and that was that. Strong solid you know not not know what they take it back quoted sources where. He came up about frosted flakes cheeseburger. Sounds great in French Fries. I what's the best at a crime issues during Friday waffle Fries steak if it. Our guys you're gonna do invading that in France and curly. Curly Fries are good. They'll have their fraud. I come out on their dictator clock I don't I don't know via a mile away but when I was seven. I'll instantly catered out. I you know I don't do a lot of Fries anymore they are fairly well the last time I was in element would probably be the lawful for a while Fries agreed Friday. Right 6177797937. Kevin's and of Bedford take Kevin. Okay and auto pilot and I don't doubt it would dump ice and let's not. I know. I don't blame you I do yeah it's automatic favorite Kevin you yourself the favorite in the radio down today there's a delay he'll figure out and I had a doubt he -- it up while odds yeah yeah. I don't Andre right yes 41. Coming up this coming here he's already on turn 41 a weakened to a broad. Forty block that my point is is that Brady is doing dumping that no other quarterback he's ever done or room. I only the only problem is with the patriots right now it's. Despite how good way to do it right now. They're quarterback situation is. In that the scramble. Well it's got to be on display tonight Kevin is a great call bright lawyer in action the any way I did hear all going to be out by Danny Heatley notified Jersey Jersey's assault now they have the the quarterback of the future. Not other team right now in Iraq yeah he not on the team. I don't I used to say the quarterback of the future some high school kid somewhere. I'll say the quarterback college bound patriots is now some college freshmen Emma the redshirt this year meant emcee of that they would no one goes and and it's probably lining up where he had that guys in college right now. So bought a lot of college football this year and he didn't even try to Smith guy there at the next guy which guy is Belichick gonna take in the sixth round in turn into a hall of fame as you would you had tags what Kyle letter he thought that -- for a check double blind him I thought that was the guy Damon went that an opportunity this year from Lamar Jackson and they said no thanks there are those rumors about baker mayfield about if they would trade up I'm not number one but the number three and it went very able to trade up to where he went no they could but there's top thoughts that maybe they would like him but. It did at length that's being honest I didn't make the team they've carried two quarterbacks a lot now they feel like maybe they can get something album hit utility or practice squad. Yet has I don't they have is snatch him up with knowledge of the winners but you gotta keep a guy in you know you've got a 41 year old starter and a and a back up who is that holds the pack he's the pack with senator Hillary thirty's his name is a crafty veteran. That's used to live he's 32 okay. As younger young pop their minds is that a lot of good football left them forget some mild some tread left on his empire is that rational. Johnson Connecticut hey John. April I something about a previous caller I I assume with the Steelers and comparing against this. I just I you know I don't wanna take it away from Roethlisberger that he is an incredibly talented guy and all that but. I'm I'm not even sure I don't think he'd win one Super Bowl with the patriots I don't think he can run the offense the same way I don't. Hey it's just the way it's set up its its set out to read the defense make a quick read all the snout short drops quick throws. That's not what the Steelers do it all and end to try to say. You know with most players at this the Steelers didn't have a dominant defenses and great offensive players all the you know all this time I think it's just kind of a ridiculous 'cause. I think Ben Roethlisberger is. Particularly ill suited for the patriot system that quick read that. You know that decision making like kiss army stronger I get to that probably runs better irate after the bell checks good enough where over the course of 1718 years here. He probably finds a way to win. With whoever is whoever did it and whoever I don't think there's eleven of five with Matt Capps right exactly so that's my point and in. Regardless of the system Roethlisberger much better than counseling that's a no brainer so I think if he had in the whole timing this is the god you have. That he would have a tough US and found that we would've found a way to win with them and maybe. Certainly I don't think five times maybe not even three but they it they would've won with them they certainly. Wouldn't run this system with Ben Rafa so I tried it's we temperature because I don't think he could do with Tom Brady gets lets you now he he does some things Brady can't do by the way but do you think if if Roethlisberger and it wasn't in the league dad but just let's. For giggles here if it's third or fourth year in the league. He was on the 04 patriots their Corey Dylan behind them and that defense. I think I think it would. You know I didn't drivers that are not where they could figured out and had a really strong running game and in the defense can kind of carry him at times so. They would funnel to one Joel's and Wilbert page all. Hey guys he. So this fitness. This is in answer to look outside Brady debate also Roethlisberger called got to. Call that okay the reason Brady's one obvious. Reasons. You name anyone assume shortly in the clutch fourth quarter clutch drive. Also OK so maybe we get Roethlisberger won. I was at Arizona and Arizona he had that crazy homes and now it is pretty I have some sort Graham warned yeah. And anybody who's. Losses include when you lose radiate much Claire watched. And you can't coach what's so good. Coach. Art that pretty. Well and and you think about some of the comeback sin and he just in the Super Bowl alone for crying out loud. But you know we see it's so often. You know Brady's fourth quarter comebacks Brady last drive comebacks here alas I'm winning last drive winning drives and he sees he is pretty clutch no he is absolutely clutch but there is something to you know the coach being able to help you out there because for example. Donovan McNabb you not confused as being clutch as he's throwing up you know on the on the right. Right but I don't think any Reid did him any favors right Andy Reid is clock bed he had a timeout everybody and they're already evolves every addict and obviously horse all agree quick opportunity and so. I think if he had a better coach. You know that might lead to more clutch moments I agree with the caller in some quarterbacks are some players in general have that others don't but. Part of that is the preparation. Rates are you if you don't go check on you all your long in practice populated his guys no matter who they are are going to be better end of game than say. You know another coach's message situation. I Jay is on the cell phone AJ. Hey guys I know it. So I could go other socket but actually they started talking about French Fries and I want. A hole which you don't you just put it in a pattern is still that dispute in the right that right up. All that that is yeah. Those fifty or. So so the Red Sox I feel like I. Rusty has made some amazing. 3 I am pick ups but not like it is I think if he gets healthy. He looked at Dayton before it hurt or outlook that may say speak as early it looked awesome. The one hole obviously is you know be sitting seventh inning guy. But I think right now it would cost to pick and it's just in the play out that would let it trouble. Yeah I mean the bullpen still admit I think every good team has issues in the bullpen but that's gonna remain my concern in the rest of the way and yet you're any good starting pitching but. Right now let's say your starter goes six innings you're you're facing a pretty good team you have a one run lead stars out of the game I don't really know what you go to to get the camera right now. It dat you go to Emery and don't appraisers that. Barnes and you admit I know it sounds so so what are you saying about about their their bullpen issues new EU the issue here for you was one. All right isolate the kick ass he's made in the team that it's constructed. It can carry it for a little while but I like it's only a matter I look that we use it becomes a glaring weakness. You don't let the Al longest losing streak of the year is for the Red Sox. Commuter jet on asking them the rights to it's it's too though three of us Guerrero. Me EU. I'll also our break now on the look and I'm looking at the the game log you go to any lost three out of four gonna go to April when he wants when it's usually for the lost three straight. Sued Oakland one Toronto. That was in April you go back and I had that you're right there was a day off in between so 33 and and that was back in April since April they have lost more than two and around the record so I don't think any long losing streaks are looming on the horizon I guess is my point here Jack. Obviously just below our average is gonna say they're gonna happen not to back to reality but if you continue at this is that pocketed it wants sixty and I don't think. Instead. Heading out Sunday to go see him in Philly after that go to Q a slight that you keep it up. They're go to it if they go 25 and twenty. The rest of the way they set the franchise record for wins those yeah I think that the pace in the and they keep him kind of improving on it but after last night their outpaced 1114. This let's give those also seventeen and two so they've played well they played at a crazy clip the entire time so. And I don't right now it is. What is it ten out of eleven they've won or whatever it is and six in a row I was in the Yankee sweep another goal for another sweet time against Toronto. Some us and they're never gonna lose again but it feels like this is what they are. And then when he gets the playoffs you're gonna have to you know do this against Houston reduce against the Yankees do this against Cleveland. And maybe that's where the bullpen you know bite surely to the starters let you down but until then I mean they're they're obsolete role. Bob's a New Hampshire about. But. Today tomorrow and pay you bought your Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob afraid Bob mine bosses at the same. Problem. Let's let's. Bob left the car but he he's got run down by UPS driver use. And dignity of the road rage. Screaming at somebody in front of the target house. No idea sounds like he's got some yeah let's somebody. You look at that somebody was yelling at him maybe it was somewhat it was meant. We try to point might we want to you know say Bob from today. I totally out of they was meant to be for today good guess on your part that you bought your. Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob afraid Bob mine bottles at the same. Proof. They have argued yeah. Now that somebody telling Bob that we're calling because he. Ball stopped at the tacky yeah I'll get let's get Nevada power company racks that take home its past 5 o'clock. I don't cracked until you get there right. That's that's the window once you're at in the safety of your own home theater had matter you do whatever you wanted to go for what it wants to get here dragon's lair at. Grab your favorite alligator road that they feel liquor store out of there. Yeah well it. Now rods on the cell phone A-Rod. Not gravity. Hot rod. Not. Think I. I'm not rod other bumps that echoed by the one odds that the ice where the yes. You're right. And what. I don't apologize you look at. All we know how to greet screaming. And I want well Bubba there. I object to. Opinion and I never watched murder. Okay my opinion is great quarterback at all of them on the net proved to be. Montana had a great. Every day with a lot older. Everybody else for that front runner like it was. Well. Well Bob I and the world's longest left turn and enhance. The dog and yet. And would not want a simple ball and lots. It's. The apple and. He he was making his way around the world in one giant long black Aaron we were never gonna know what he says about the Seattle Super Bowls I'm like a right and he goes right you thinking hard right there along with usually Tigger right on red. Places are places are side. Blows people behind him on. I. Bottom. Of the legs like well it's not. I have an opinion Ed a question I got asked. His wife was out of the park. Associate the car without. And I was Jason Terry ballpark not honorable thing about. If they want the caller. Last hour that there were seven develop a lot of characters in this is brought up your Alley ross' it is that this Roth is wanted since he took over here. He wants more characters the Callan we have the one guy that took the stairs he ripped up the stairs the senator called off after I was exhausted by the end at this point. Now we have Bob in the car we have Mario super fed up of New Hampshire wary. This week is this a great week. I'm French Fries we've had the more you want we've had some stuff going on here this is great. I'm not sure all of them of being let. That them. Now that was Ross acknowledges roster Rossi and aren't bobs back on the line no we're good Bob O'Donnell who. I have a disconnect there I don't Bob did you read right to our body is a good story.