Dale & Keefe - The Celtics are breaking LeBron James again; Alex Cora talks trade requests & injuries, 5-16-18

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, May 16th

HOUR 1 - Dale, Keefe, and John Tomase break down the Celtics victory in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Tomase wonders if the Celtics are breaking LeBron again. Keefe takes issue with Mark Jackson calling Ty Lue an outstanding head coach. Red Sox manager Alex Cora joins the show for an interview to talk about injuries to Carson Smith and David Price, as well as Blake Swihart’s reported trade request.


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Skis that Palin two weeks ago. We've got to be tough for Atlanta we. We see that severe physical. Well let's go to the game up. Smooth going. Do you work. Arnold Richie. I would never I will go to the end of the year I'll find out how that substance got into my life might take on that WEEI exports way to heal. I. Exactly. Vibrant and I didn't read decline I think an accident anyway he the company says that yeah you get on the airing operated games. How is that you are now pop or three shows I think that. With the we you don't get paid during the course of that work in them. And on. Paid vacation applies its it only cost. Robinson canal eleven point eight million dollars this war. That he's probably. We have got here at Fenway Park it is a Wednesday the Red Sox are home so weak and down here at Fenway Park and talk with a manager of the Red Sox outscored that's coming up at 230. John Tomas he's here with us as well from WEEI dot com but let's be honest there's one sports story for everybody in these parts right now. Cool lenient to owning up. From the team had that JR Smith give Al Horford the two and shot into the stands then the. But our way that there is play of the night was body typically the cavaliers and usually good morning when I hear grueling and up. Like the Miami Heat of the New York Knicks in the late nineties with a games beat eighty to 75 like I'd. That the sublease on a spoiler free throws that's why they shoot threes are very talented or good morning it up by without him as a physical. And I think I don't know that plants suffer and we are we see that they're being physical. On Laguna and game out and we got to do the same thing so we gotta be tougher mentally and physically. I'd say you Tyler bring it rich. They. East of the 20. Yeah. There Lou obviously brought a whole. Lot but it's nothing. Out there. And those very odd and the Celtics the players react to. Its stock. And mark it arrow. You go man and now with a clip that you played in. It's. Who own who knew. Work. Wouldn't it. To. It's. Quote on quote. He's let down I'm like why I don't know where I looked it up about. But it's Aerosmith play it was was that there was the Buick dirty play by the way have they changed yet today because everybody I heard talk about this yet NBA analysts said. He's getting a call today that's changed to a flagrant two today and we changed today it happened yet I haven't seen anything I've Nazi. But he you know what you don't want him suspended you want him on the floor he's helping the Celtics in the first and you let I don't doubt it'll take away one more way more flagrant fouls than points are JR Smith. Yeah just insane and that we all assume that LeBron James got a big game he did to our viewers quarter it was insane 21 points and I thought I thought the first quarter the Celtics killed here he was great and he was often more rested certainly there with Orkut remember guys gave wanna kind of feels. The opera off their game and driver are you want but gave him he was off them. Kevin Love had a double double twenty points fifteen rebounds Kyle Korver knocked down a couple of threes where you didn't do that the game before. They edit double digit lead one point and they still soak your tabs you've got to be so frustrated I was just grasping at straws right now because. You're two best players both played really well. And you still didn't have the answers but so yeah love gives back though whenever he gets whatever he gets someone and he gets back on the art averted if you can't say that about LeBron and LeBron. Is what you said the two stories to me for this one IR. Obviously LeBron thing like he came out in hit you with the game you're expecting 42 point triple double byte OK Cleveland Cleveland when he. When that first quarter was over Margaret so it's Iverson Barnett for at in the first quarter that's when you said. They might actually when it righted they. They're right they just took the best shot Cleveland had yet and and they're okay and and I heard it was funny because I I was listening to Bret Stephens. And somebody was asking him at halftime I think Doris was asked and halftime you know he's it I actually think we're playing pretty well yeah and the first app may end and they are. Here's if you're Cleveland if you're tie Lou here's what's got a scare the crap out. LeBron was LeBron you know 42 point tripled all let's. Korver actually gave you something shot pretty well. And Kevin Love was really good. And you still. The rest of the team is so bad the rest of the team is giving them nothing George mills thinks they don't even played Jordan Clarkson Rodney hood stinks right now currently the player he speaks right now I. Housing even on the floor I ask you refuse to go into a game right. And you're back out there the next and LeBron told Kyle Lewis told LeBron said why don't apply TV showed up he showed up Tyler emotional wrong so he's gonna guess play a little bit. But all the other guys are about an interest in Thompson. Who is still the Celtics in years past it's getting rebound after rebound after rebound but they've got a better job on him so they changed their story lines at the cavs do any game will give a good start anyway the other one the first quarter but again. That was all brawn. But it's insane like a fun little game play is it the Celtics right now are playing up their two best players if you took the two best players off the cavs. What is remaining. If the team that be in the lottery fighting with the suns for the number one debut Micah seven win duty or that you want it was obvious I'm historically bad guys get asked Ronny and Kevin Love off the cattle that are that are that they'd be terrible and meanwhile the Celtics have six guys that. Are averaging double figures in the playoffs they don't need to rely on the one guys to even if you terror rosier isn't going nuts that's fine decent native well or he's not doing probable or on the outline of a number gothic and do it. And they always play defense like that's one thing that's one the dramatic difference between these two teams. In the regular season so that's always play defense the cavaliers never played defense that a couple of guys who can do it including the brawn but for the most part they're awfully the elements incorporate a couple of shots that's great. But he also on the floor allowing. Even more shops you know yeah it and they picked on him every time Tatum brown whoever got matched up with him. All of everything we're talking about points to the biggest difference in the seers it's the coaches I mean the coaches the coaching matchup in this series. Is such a bloodbath in favor of the Celtic design clothes and I I can't imagine this was coincidence. There I counted like four or five cavaliers players in their locker room last night who said. The Celtics are very well coached they're very well coached and they're very well coached they kept saying that and you know like Brad Stevens some somebody was telling me this a couple of years ago before they get really good. 01 of the things Brad is really big into our parents like. These two players work really well together it's not even necessarily about. Which five players are on the floors which pairings of two and three at the hockey thing to look yet inside the line combination its. It's marsh and and Bergeron GDP got -- yet and it's the same sort yet and so like you they had all the numbers for eyes and Horford size they have shot threes better from the right wing when Horford was on the floor because the big cities that whatever. The Celtics could break stuff down that. My new league. Then you look at Cleveland. And there was a tremendous data online it was Cleveland's worst lineup Pat Hill hooded. And I forget the third guy. Clarkson finally got via the trade yet if that's the hill noted that I think it was those Hillary and air plus minus was insane it was like minus 200. And that was the group. That Ty Lue had on the floor for the like the majority of game one amazing when they are getting killed so that the coaching mismatch cannot be overstated here how badly that favors itself was great. Because in between games want to tie loose talk about you know product changes line that he didn't completely say it officially but he's given away that there are critical interest in Thompson. And one of the things that he was saying was. You know based off the statistics that you like you some metric but somebody obviously whispered into his a year ago nobody guards Al Horford better than person Thompson over the last five years but apparently didn't have that information available through game one out and that he now had a game to about it is expects and power all that break another are their other matchups that you don't worry about it. Also how can you not see that how can you got Howard you're not aware of that going into this series was that like. You show up to the court you know we are playing. Think that the value that day to prepare epithet 42 yet you're allowed to see Angela you're allowed to make solves your other do all these things will be used as landing for carrying Gordon Hayward correct these as very seem overwhelmed and I know he's a guy who is it won a title he's a guy that's been the finals here for a couple years but he does seem to be. A bit overwhelmed in this series right now the two games and doing well. In game one of this series I thought the Celtics won the game in the opening minutes of the fourth quarter. Where again the two markets is just sort of took things over and they kind of just sort of trampling Cleveland. Ironically it was the first 45 minutes of the fourth quarter last night that I thought was the worst the Celtics had to offer. They were settling for shots they were they were not doing all the things that we've seen them do in the third quarter. Which it got them back in the league or or they just stop doing it at the beginning of the fourth quarter. And then. The JR Smith play happen care and from the JR Smith play on it was like okay. Now we remember he's such a fraud to it if you dual their research and there Smith he's the biggest fraud your minds of Clarence from a mile and everybody knows the players parents are really good marriage this guy who thinks he is. The toughest dude in the world and he's not all while you of a couple of neck tattoos that nobody scares you the Celtics are afraid to view. At all of the cheap shot on Horford and if anybody can be sensitive to that. It would be the Celtics it wasn't a cheap shot that got Gordon Hayward down but it is still value where he was up in the air goes down based off first and what happened in the game was goes it was a closer game a deal said but that just that blatant shove in the back Horford goes down. It's dark at five point swing it is he scores the two free throws they get the three point play out right after that with like it turned everything around it reflects in the middle. Maggie never had a cult yeah right and and those guys it was great you know the markets Morse yell for the top that I loved. The markets Smart defend Al Horford getting JR Smith's face I'd love Frist and Thompson by the way here's that here's a plan. If mark is Smart is going to be dumb enough to hit JR Smith. Let anybody problems just stop grabbing him around the arms now I don't we spent a lot of time of the parent asked him that they're breaking stuff up constant. I mean life my guess is he's thinking I gotta stop him from hitting my guy in the face I understand the instinct. He probably safe market Smart. He'd only to have via the other what do Marcus market like that is that is market Smart right there at an optional three of nine from the floor rightfully that you particularly well. He's a plus what they want what's the best in the entire game. He's not at all to Iowa over the guys want to steal seeds got a ton of with this eat just barely cracked double figures. Scoring wise. Like that. That's what you sign up or markets Smart that's going to be the tape that you know he should send or use agents should send around doing hey if you're good team like if you're a bad team I don't think he's really hope you'll want but if your good team. He is the kind of got neck and neck and push you over yet. And another reason why you hope the Celtics finally keep I was thinking the same thing the play where he dove on the sideline to the ball in the Celtics possess and just like selling out yet you don't you in the back and I had to let up. So he made three buckets in the game you don't get the 13. And then he had a couple like really nifty layup from the basket where it's though. Hit the deck if you like going down on us I'm like it's like he's choosing these holding its coming out like comes down things like an out against dot made it an indestructible but I was there in the same thing as you it's like to find his agent. I am it's cutting and splicing them this game and including getting in JR Smith's face yes oh it's all part of it I think. That's what I don't use on the team last year but guys like Smart at Marcus Morris that little vegetable but different like you need to sort of add that in it with your skills which you need that on your team and I think if you look at all these great teams. Sure they have you know Jordan or Kobe or whoever else. But they usually have another guy you know like dream on greens product guide for gold statement somebody little artist. Robert Reilly a lot of good teams of Iraq and wanna on titles. Yeah a lot of those guys right look at your whole team markets Morrison's smarts you probably not putting much but you have one or two of those guys that can be the perfect match. The plaintiff. Let the market shot because it keeps screaming your pacers didn't stations that. Doesn't matter. I'm very excited episode you can ask him the church. He's not that I don't care of the fact that you say those words makes you. Less than a man I asked that that question yes it doesn't matter if not requirements on notice that I have letters like this there. She daddy and the episode you. Somebody said that episode you didn't ask him that. He has done I'm in there. Now. But patty patty you're done I said on Friday go to a Celtics in this series and obviously I'm not changing that now deals for Obama but I'll say this. This is ending in 45. All. They get a win in the rhyming make an Indy Milwaukee. One down one road game so far eleven easily chances right there five more than 14 but the one and three on the road and so that is so that went in Philly. Cleveland like what's gonna be different again you you've got you had a great LeBron eroded Kevin Love. I guess the difference would be if they knock them more threes against much as JR Smith's thinks so far he is capable he's the kind of guy that can score. You know fifteen points and a quarter which Yi Yi is capable of that would've seen that at all. Same with Korver Jeff Green too late Jeff Green green but your right we'll have one game on my series or scores 279 and Cleveland's is topping get this the right annual event on the flip side of that you know. Just here rosier who has not been as good on the road couple a couple of your guys on the Celtics also. Have to rip rest of that. But. I mean the more they play the more confidence there you know it was even though it went seven games against Milwaukee finally won that series. Everybody in the world picked Philadelphia to win. While the field Vegas did a lot of the NBA equal experts did help pick in the win. And they make that here's a pretty easy everybody's again was picking Cleveland and they when the first two games I just wonder does Cleveland have any kind of fight. In any pride and I don't I don't have the Celtics broken LeBron because for this team is for today it's mostly the things like what's wrong with him and Kevin Love yes I wanted to witness. I mean what is the total yes so Kevin love the sitting next to LeBron and not getting any questions and at one point love says should go our relievers like that. Little Dustin Pedroia ask. Now home they don't have it you sit up there are you so well that LeBron is ask the question now they've just lost a game where he played out of his mind if you can't win this when you might get swept. And LeBron starts cracking jokes that are obvious than that it's just like. You know pay I'm not I'm somebody out who will you be able to sleep tonight a semi bad the only way own appeal to sleep tonight. Is that none you last Kevin Love a question like that incident and our old friend Mike Vitale actually tracked him being gassed him a lot of questions that we've got a question but as they get this really joked I'm is that is that we're doing now while the first game it was it was so loose that we have we talked a lot about the first game. Press conference that he with the memory on I don't read a tire got out of my outlook for people over there like all of this is looses well nearly okay well it's game one he got a little panacea now I don't newsman asked anybody that we had an excellent music that it was it was more loose but. You write some of the cuts that we did play were on. Jarrett last pass there GAAP like the Celtics being more physical obviously your basket on the floor he had an act got out of Rogge that you're on the floor I don't. Crowd yeah certainly webpart won't do mostly tonight if you don't get a question. Good days and juices off. I would lose the love Sweden. Sort of the next question on these. The data in Tanzania yeah just in case. Are they allow look at all happening right now that I had a great that my favorite post game press conference moment ever in 2012. When this other play in the Miami Heat and LeBron and wade would do their press conference together much like LeBron wouldn't have a lot yesterday and it goes one last month deal with those guys. But Chris Bosh comes out and they medal podiums that are so it's not like you're in the locker room there at the podium easier and the response to block well out there sits down. Everybody tennis there's out of her about thirty more effective than that they've ever questions or Chris Bosh. But don't. Way of like. Thanks Chris and so if Kevin Love was by himself might have been kind of same things. You know I you know what I thought LeBron was the last night. It's like when Colby when they'd lose the game and called to bring his daughter to the podium well CNET stating means that the Andy's got his two daughters sit there. See that's that's what I thought LeBron was that I got my two little Kevin Love to all their ultimate act like man. Scratch and pioneers and don't ask in the lady yet the adults up to we haven't in the playoff them off but you know regular season off these growth that we haven't. For today OK with him. Are they breaking LeBron again the second time like you said its key checks out of a game when he yet shouldered by one. And it goes to the locker room and all these people are breathlessly eats we eat you might African costs and it looks like these days looks like isn't it Melanie or. When. He now all the while Bill Kristol whiskey tweeted about it last night in its day. You know if if you're gonna pretend to have a concussion protocol at least. You know pretend app with go through I mean at least expert you know and was back two minutes later and you would yesterday claims he passed the test if you Xavier and that is that the laws. But with your game even the good news he passed the MCAS. That's the argument grabbed him starting and they go to the events come back and there's that clear just yet it's usually with 42 points an injured. Are you see him like royalty excellence that line it is within two plays later as chase down lockers twelve feet up ground it's my. Can you explain this to mean this this question. Shrugs citizen. Thank you for your work that you do in northeast Ohio. No I can't. Now I have a lot has been a fixture on the Celtics beat four years so I think he gets a little more leeway thing was them arising duke or northeast Ohio. Yet I was not commonplace for. It's not Iowa I was a little fascinated by that myself that is terrible. That the post game press conferences have been kind of an embarrassment an expert for the media and people vote the single from the get nervous from LeBron. They are nervous laugh and applaud they make him. They for what. What are the line thank him enough that was the local Iraqi applauded says he does so well organized Ohio he does and yeah that's that's fine. What does that have to do what happened like every guy goes up a whole bunch more involved in charities you thank them for Obama thinks that your game to a conference finals this. While that thank you for your work that you do in northeast Ohio. And a man maybe he's for a I don't know I was a little confused by that you are cards straight. At them yet but. I don't know I mean that LeBron. Again he's that are put up big numbers throughout the whole thing bought. It just seems like. This is they've they've killed them and they forced him out of Cleveland yet he's checking out that you already thinking about all right. Where should let you know it won't Paul George V in the teammate rule the markets public who want wanna take with me he's Horry talking about it or thinking about the 1819. We will live grabbed a quick break here in the manager of the Boston Red Sox Alex Cora will join us here in Nara. Our beautiful Old Dominion freight line studios here in center field at Fenway Park by the way it's it's eight the united states military job. So there are real honest got heroes out here India in the concourse all around Basra we should go on them a like thinking LeBron for the working at northeast Ohio. And Alex coral join us in just few minutes we'll get called review in just a little bit as well. It's delicate job to Macias with a at Fenway Sports Radio WB yeah. For our regular weekly visit with the manager of the Boston Red Sox Alex or Allison brought to you by our belly insurance you're Gwendolyn Honda dealers with. And Cumberland farms the official copy of the Red Sox radio network. A we're down here at our Old Dominion freight line center field studios Alex good to see you see guys. It appears that if there's a lot better I like to select that area. Let's start with a bad news Karstens Mitt yesterday Lance on the ten day DL with. What Dave Dombrowski described as a sub luck station of the shoulder. The night before evidently is he came out of the game through his glove in the dugout hurting shoulder. Did you have an idea even the night before that it was as serious as it ended up being. Well talking to Carson that night. He felt it was. Like I told you guys before wanting all of our guys that hasn't would be transparent in in and responsible and in that conversation. It was a tough one from from here suits to my house and then talk to him. He was very sword he he has set to how'd it happen. It's a freak accident maybe if you if you watched the fifteen games ago on every night there's a lot of guys that throw helmets through gloves bunch of they bunch of cells just like Kenny Giles. Just happened to institute for him to he got Rangers is it's a free cat accidents a tough lesson for us now it seems like he took some of the responsibility is talking in the media of the than the other thing Hussein was. Philly you've been used a lot of or was tired and as I read that you sort of what you're a little bit for that did you did you take it that way at all neither figured out way. And a daily basis we talked to to the players how they feel special it will open that's very important for us. Of one thing over a 162 games it's going to be stretches but you play extra inning games being played back to back a lot you know I mean you play a lot of games without off days. You played you know about those games some that's enemy down and then. The usage goes up but on a daily basis we talked to them they need because that there about available and we go from there. I think since opening day we've been asking you about the eighth inning in this obviously another Mike addressed that. So how do you handle that going Florida and how much of an area of concern is that for you we we don't feel that we have guys that we can match outlets he gets concede we used parties sometimes in the six innings against the middle of the order and that we use him NBA Joseph Kelly. For me was a guy that I've identified this before the season when I got the job that. Dag I throw the ball the way he's talent is he's going to be cable guy to give this high leverage innings he's done so he's done so far. We use in some times in in the eighth inning with two lefties coming up he's been outstanding instances we use and sometimes. These guys and can catch up without forcing fastball and a breaking mow these bars and sometimes looming credit in the in the ninth. That's why it's obviously is a hit because the way he was throwing the ball when he was turned a corner he'd he had. There was an at bat in New York against hicks he threw a lot of food to it retained us now from the third base dugout looked like there was sliders and I was eight he he's getting there by. To bat we got to move on let's be honest he's hurt he's been helpless. Right now so we we've got to find other guys that can step up and mobile. Dave did say yesterday that this has the potential of being a major injury is it almost to the point now where you have to have. Steel yourself to the fact he's not going to be available today. I'd feel though it right now hopefully something changes in the upcoming days and he can perform this season. But right now we got to move on and Bobby's here yes a young attained a too bad but. We feel that he can do his job there are some guys in Tripoli that it's on the ball well let us have before the season it takes more than 25 guys to win the World Series even. More than the forty man roster Portman was. Was it sample here in 2013. He was in a big league camp becomes a game. Against I think it was three outs in the world's I mean rain is in the World Series as a Woolsey resigns so. We feel that week we got plenty of arms in Tripoli that can help us and the number they'll be here again examples of the Nazis. Workman even added that baton answer yeah I had read that area pretty memorable last liquid or on your votes David Price was doing when miles carpal tunnel so they miss that start the that he went out there and how to start that weekend. Is is that just something that you're have to monitor with him throughout the entire season it seems like he had. A handful of different ailments weather's cold allergies. Carpal tunnel there in the middle. Or mama's got the the thing that is not on on so bushels which is very important for us so in between starts obviously there's a lot of work going on in training room. As he says you know he feels that he's healthy they can pay its the rest of the season. Amy some adjustments which I love you know change in species in the breaking ball you've been detained and for him. To be that guy that we want he is to make adjustments as beyond the league is an stage right now that they're pumping fastballs and you hear. Your pitches are in the same speed. They gonna do damage with the with that we saw it yesterday with regard it was from 88 to 91 there in the game. And there were able to follow the pulpit is or or squared them up and hit out ballpark. After that he made adjustments just like they did did in in Toronto if he can do that you'll be. What do you think is going on with the starters right now I think over the last eighteen games the Herrera and I've you have an app that consistent start to start success earlier I do feel we haven't been able to put hitters away if you if you look at the numbers there's a lot of hoops who two out runs. A lot of two strikes damaged and early in the season it was an happen and the last few weeks is being there also the first few innings it seems like. They're putting good swings on we're we're we're pitches that that we relied. On a fastball early in the game and and teens make adjustments we saw Woody Hayes we've seen it with Toronto win now against itself. Dust up to Oscar first pitch he's points is a double. Then Donaldson get some of the attorney in the county assessing this one up and down so we have to make adjustments and. We're talking to Red Sox manager Alex Cora. You you obviously can't run away from a player like Jackie Bradley junior but you've also had a hard time putting him in the lineup on a regular basis lately. How is T get short trust again and earn his way back into the lineup on a regular basis conversations get. Out into them Poland in the office and showed some obvious from the past and where we want him to be. Is one them one of the most athletic guys in the beginnings you know be in run he has power. Is a small guy but he currencies that he's an athlete just like monkey bets and it feels night he'd be game. Wait too rotational was his swing he was an able to relax and load and just movies and and that's where we at right now in Toronto there was some strides but not where we want it to be there's been a few tough matches in this series with money and I. And did yesterday and nine cable today that he's very tough against lefties. And I feel like if they're so tough. Guy on the mound against a left handed hitter well we should play one of our best left handed hitters which is Mitch Moreland he's at bats outstanding you saw it yesterday so. Right now he's just a matter of him making adjustments and meets when about. Now there's a report out there that place YR wants to be traded. The party your columns he's managing the personalities are adults and five guys feel good mood all the time but. What's it like when you know that one of the guys in the wants now I mean. I'd read about it and is spite of the business terrorists then and threes they want another pirates and look at them right now other efforts please. I don't get caught up in the whole thing one thing for sure I'd be an open mind with him talking to him. I've been in that situation I was 25 player for awhile so I know there's certain days that he doesn't like me you know coming into the clubhouse at. And I understand that. But one thing's for sure and you got to impress. He shows up takes us that there at second at first base level in left field that's has opened. He's always ready late in the game between innings where he had his best you know months. Position lies that you want it catcher that's it that's his decision and and offensively we site has been trying and now. This guy you know without injuries and everything that happened to him. He fell behind and right now when a situation we're very comfortable with Christian behind the plate with sandy and the played. Is very tough sometimes I wonder should play him behind the plate there now like well. You know we got this guy gone would put him there but one thing's for sure and I give him credit he's always ready to play. He does his work yesterday they had the remarkable machine here because Stevens here it was here he was for him pitches so. You can't ask for for a better teammate and a a better place you know he's been in the club he's been rated it. Are you rethinking the catcher thing at all only because you've gotten so little offensively. To novel we need them to to to do a better job offensively and they know they're working matter Didier. There was an at bat with men at second and no outs with Christian and he files pitches up well foul pitches. He ends up making an out he's tried to shoot the ball away but the result wasn't there and Agassi sometimes you now you wanna cup. For how good you are defensively you wanna contribute offensively and sometimes you can see the frustration. We talked to them. And you just want him to Colgate game in the contribute offensively with quality at bats and we haven't had that her you know for for a long period of time. But lately you can see sandy put him better at bats priests in the last two days he's been okay. But yeah we need him to perform offensively just lasting a slight heart what's the Harman and given him a drive we know is offensive upside is probably higher than any other catcher in the system. It does it get to a point where you say let's just seat was duty in. Now I think it's just I feel comfortable with the two guys and and they do a good job calling games. Shutting down the running game. Let's be honest but it and a spot right now after 42 games is it's not easy just to go out there reform. At this level is nothing against them is just that we feel very comfortable with the most. That's briefly before we get to our our question of the of the Weaver for the manager here. Dustin Pedroia have rained sort of affected his his options last night we understand that he disposed take a couple of days off then play through the weekend. If all goes well do you expect him to be available to you beginning of the week. Began the week I'm not a hundred position where we go until players that there's the turf is in town but is not the best surface. For a guy coming out of injury just to play there but whether it for sure whenever he comes and there's going to be a lot of energy is actually in the clubhouse right now and and there are gone nuts and there but he's in a good place. He feels that he's out bats were dead and three at bats he was able to to see some pitches and tracked. Some pitches and put good swings on it defensively there's no problem which is great. And whenever he comes back I know he's gonna conform. Time now for the Cumberland farms question of the week for Alex Cora. Brought to you by Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee go to WEEI dot com slash manager to submit your question for us to ask. Alex Cora every Wednesday. Question comes from Patrick Murphy from Walt then he asks are there any positive to a long road trips such as players getting to spend more time together. Yes. And you know do we do a good job for them to spend time together they have breakfast once once and in in every city that you know in the hotel just like the NBA which is different is the first bout being bought it. I mean a lot of organizations that ever happens. They gap dinners after day game to complete vita games. They can do all that stuff you know is is is is a good time for them to spent together but sometimes. It becomes long you know like when you play. This stretch we just went on it it was a tough one though. Anaheim Oakland Toronto come back here for two cities and then you'll Texas New York Toronto you feel that I mean it was an easy. We survived that and now we're home for a little bit so hopefully we can because of instant wins and they line up changes for tonight now it's gone just like the line obviously it's. Yeah same line position. We appreciate time is always good to see it now thank you guys Red Sox manager Alex Cora Sports Radio WEEI. Have a quick statement there are two outstanding coaches in the suit. Two outstanding Coach. Brad Stevens is outstanding coach and tell who have been alphabetical from day one. You won't 62% of his games in a reckless. And we look back to back. I bet he thought he has the best player on the planet playing four in a mediocre conference basically if you more than sixty so yeah. Well I have was Mark Jackson into the bull former coach of Jackson also player bought. They've never that a bad thing about single coach ever they prop up the coaches all the time you can sort of see where comes from but mark Jack I mean. To go out your way to point out there are out I lose such a great coach and that you point to regular season stats where's that impressive. Think it's just waiting with sixty plus games in recent years argument but it anything. They have under achieved in the in the regular season but about the Celtics Lester had a better record them. The cap of the four seed this year you LeBron James the cricket coach I don't think we have a great team on this. And if we said that all along the bet is yes yes great play. A 62%. Winning percentage that's fifty wins that's LeBron as winning fifty gains rates and great. That's that that's laughable blow that thing Margaret coach Ian if the Celtics win this series. And I think they will and you guys think they if they do. This time around the fire yet because LeBron going to be gone in the problem hired him that it would Bryant's gone. If you're Cleveland what the reasoning. I don't know if they think he's a good coach that make it Pat Riley. He hired Erik Spoelstra any stuck with our bolster those up LeBron Spoelstra would have been gone but yeah identified him as a good coach he is any problem. The front office in Cleveland some now for a reason thinks Tyler round of the good coach them maybe they keep on but. I would think it would start for a bronze on new coach we see how important coached and he would Brad Stevens he's guess what now we're not gonna happen talent that we have the topic talent anyway. That we've had the last four years so we might have to try to scratch on coaching and it's not going to be yet and can't we say at this point and I had no I don't even think I'm home or and I say this Bret Stephens is the best coach in the it's not Popovich asked balls on how to not. I think what I what they are doing Popovich is kind of but look at what they're doing it means they are rushing teams and they're only getting better as disposal one. They're starting their third string point. And he has become indispensable it's like. Oh we need wrote here I mean wrote you approach it like he's your third stringer he was I was like a 30% shooter from the field he was basically Marcus market not as good defensive Ivy League I think integrity unit or because again you go back to what was in the that's Robert Parish says he's into which he did too much credit as night and now if you take the two best players often every team in the week. It's not even exercise worth under. The sixers didn't upset with them being. Again they have five wins no LeBron and no Kevin Love a winner has fallen hard. I'll help me out here yeah. What does he do. It's different than everybody else to deal point. The best two players are gone. And there are two wins away from going to the to the NBA finals so what's he do that other coaches tell you two things one is he's coached his team to play defense with need. They are so organized defensively. That starts with the coach. All the switching that they do and yet you need the athletes this Isiah Thomas wasn't that great fit that we might body was a lot of stuff they do voters here you can not do at night he's not switching guys. And without getting the other thing is he exploits miss matches. Every single trip down on the floor and you'll see opposing coaches. Not do that at all actually Joseph plenty of all people a lot of times it's able to get Chris Middleton. On somebody smaller like when they would have Larkin in the game yet they would do a good job of whatever locked in so it's not a Middleton got the ball. It sounds elementary but the Celtics do that every single possession they win it JJ Redick. They went however a match that they use is spot on and it's whether the starting line up where it's an art than he is not the start line ports only go back or go small markets more like game one like that that's of the corporate there. Bret Stephens new markets more than against LeBron immediately so keen to make the switch where I lose that the Thompson turns up by the yours acts that he's gonna get Al Horford in the wouldn't start or play and watching game one. We're back with of that that he doesn't. Re act to. You know a team or to -- quick wit that Utley with all these changes plus you sprinkle in the you know. Time after time about the plea that he sets up like the x.s and both parties great but also just getting all those guys to buy in in the NBA he sees that it's it's pretty tough. It again college coaches in those guys are playing there for two years and the gold Perot and and see you later they can buy and it's hard to get it done in the NBA. But that's what he's done you sort of take that college model or these guys play hard every night which can one of the knocks in the NBA players don't. They do you enter over the while. I always ask this question in every instance you know how much credit do you give the Celtics how much blame the you know the cavaliers for what you've seen so flaw. And I think that's a legitimate questions Celtics have done great things I understand that but how much blame you get the cavaliers. Look at amount they're also the same team that swept the rafters raptors couldn't figure out a way to slow those guys now on the net and its motive couple both games there but. Sleep in the coach got fired. So I'd put on a credit to what the insult. And we agreed by the way that they could not have Ron wrote. In cults are correct and that's I was so mad at the start hiring wasn't there yet we can reach that level power station but. Music worked out perfect. You got even thought about it a little better at his Miami or Washington or whatever if the audit loved Washington. Our time at wal inmates they struggle that's a lot and a lot Bill Lockyer ought to count if they still do but there there there mass yet get them. Then you get Philly at that because Cleveland then you at home court throughout human or the topsy. I don't think Iran has agreements for the Celtics I mean poppies that Toronto is not going to be intimidated the Celtics like there LeBron may full. That's another report due I don't know how much Stevens gets credit for that or just the players on his team but there one of it's in the warriors that seem LeBron James others LeBron James not almighty god you believe it promising court with this guy. And you got that game one when they play each other. Jason tape that you could tell was on all of the pond and I like that he's nineteen at the time he's watching them on the entire life yet that you want the ball on or one of all back on Twitter we now that it. He's looking at the broad is the greatest player of all time in game one and he was in our announcement a full season in the playoffs roll around in those guys there there's not to do not mock the key. I'd known doomed to not something like that we it will come out in remarkable way Seoul. Again I don't have control Flickr's so. Get a is on at the gym this morning. You're the only person wants in the and I anybody uptight about Carlos Boozer specifically though Carlos losers on this morning okay. And he said forget about the process. The team of the future. It's the Celtics he set especially in the Eastern Conference but maybe in the NBA he said it it's the way they've gone about building it. It is the real process and look at the wait any interest put this team together. And it's unbelievable because they only had one roll way year like the dull. That's the process is a four year run monopoly competitive and we after your neck on half of your number one overall and get all the you know you've got into local forward it to him for nothing you know girls while it's fine but community and in so. Yen hit on all your picks in it for years on watchable basketball. The Celtics one here that and to Indy and was able to. Turn that and by the way and when the lottery that year market Smart you immediately in or Parker or beat Uga markets Smart and play nice job in the lottery last podcast. Yeah eighth well how about that pick by the way every Russo scared of notre and everything's coming up so let's clear that that except they didn't get. The tour three. Back after I expect at one point 3% chance that number two at one point 6% at number three that would have been insane. But yeah that nobody wanted to partly. Is the eat pick in the draft a lot of people that fires the player draft this there are at eight. So now the full return. For carrier going. Is that Rodney hood Jordan Clarkson in the ancillary pants on these visits in the eight. A lot of crap good luck but that's Brett top ten player that is unbelievable what what the job done by my opinions on real. See that's the thing any coaching field. And what you've got is is this youthful. Exuberant enthusiastic team. That plays hard every single night and let's be honest in the NBA you don't get that every right now he should get it doubtful you'll all of you don't notice that the game one with the review the eighth conference finals which you can't just laid down. And they did that will run to cut the lead from went to eat the fourteen. But the missile which we're both you know come right back when he was and then that was in game you don't normally see in the playoff spot. We've or a couple of but the thing I was saying earlier about Lou playing the wrong groups of guys in like minus 200 plus minus group. That was the group that started the fourth quarter when the Celtics scored seven straight points but the game that's to answer questions in daylight blues is the last. 234 games over five 23 or four games war we said before yesterday's game that LeBron was gonna respond. He had a terrible game one. Finished the game just sit there on the bench she was it was a terrible game one we knew it was gonna respond any yet although quite honestly. He responded in any didn't respond the way he started the game out of its port eighty is now I can't even finish that debilitating neck injury. So so he responded. Is he sick announcing it okay you one have to tune now yeah I add add add I actually heard. I think Jalen Rose said he's gonna score sixty what field that's up from Paris. He's got to score 66. A sixty for this the. To win public Jordan against the 86 Celtics but even that win here in late in the game right now they are games that double overtime after right over I lost the game. There could be yet he has to be looking at his guys. Where it's the classic I'm not even mad just disappointed relief George Hill apartment in this like Rod Hood by humans but your not and the reality of late. How this can you get there are some of the Kyle Korver went reality. But not that good and there was a reason why you went to my name in the first place and let's be honest there's a reason why I went back to Cleveland and one of the big reasons carrier. And he's not there anymore so get the bronze always been the best player on his teams though don't get that. With those on the bestseller team. But when your second best player is an inconsistent Kevin Love in the third best player is god knows who. You're back in the finals of recent years and the irony about this is the best situation for LeBron would be lost the case and that because they have the coach of the tonight I think he's probably didn't learn what the coach I think he does I think he's learned from Ty Lue and he's the one he was saying it last year you know Brad Stevens now Grady is did he its videos enough. All of that stuff and you look at it you say if I play for coach. Who can do that with that group. Put me on that team I stay in east forget about Billy yet but obviously it's never gonna happen OK Robert you wanna Doc Rivers that you star recruit Doc Rivers from the heat join the public usually try to get him. If he played for Bret Stephens copiers on the all star team. Unity yeah I think understands the importance of yet and I don't by the idea that LeBron wants to be zone coach doesn't want strong personality Doc Rivers is would fly right in the face of what I think he wants to be the GM maybe not necessarily. Well he's just a lot for northeast Ohio well we thank him for a tough I'm telling you watching him post games with Kevin Love. I thought this guy who's given up yet he's checked out you know he has decided you know a lot to talk witnesses over two socket and and I think there's a positive role in Boston he spends the end of games and over there on the bench even last year when they had carrier ring he was so afraid of the warriors like they're not fair that they outlook they now meet me like they look at how good the warriors are. We need to be better to beat them and now he's he's in this series there. In which they beat the Celtics without the two best guys how to be Goldstein editor Owen an idea why what they deployment can get smashed. We're right there looked horrible to mostly to question. On good days reduces. We're losing a lot of Sweden. Sort of the next question. Asking a question he's given you did Andy. Add in that laughter is that and the laughter or is that the actual orders you know the president had there was the Ted Knight from caddie said yes that's better than. Half percent which is terrific what is going on it and yeah but that chuckle hut. It's it's ridiculous but for Kevin Love he's he's the field work diesel conference that he's going to be on that bad at team is going to be all going to be in Minnesota again it's gonna effectiveness about it they're gonna have it get it at eight and the crap out of turn things around when LeBron leaves about that that's true. They're of all things American gamma knife that he issued every. Yeah I mean it does it feels that way if that's the question for Saturday may even have any fight to them any respect for themselves as he had an. Are we party decided they don't. But LeBron it's weird because the game that he would against the Celtics in 2010 the triple novel yet that yet that university medical through the motions and prawn. So go for you know thirty Tintin. But it could be pretty hollow it could be one of those games where he's not very aggressive. You know returns the ball over on just get frustrated with the teammates that you definitely. You were asking about the Stevens effect earlier so the play I think they talked about it on TV. But the play where I honestly rouge a year got to pass sort of on the right wing. And just stood there for like second to line the three that he drilled. And they showed the replay of light because LeBron in love in the lane and neither of them made any effort at all to an out of the shooter. Name me one moment in the entire season when Brad Stevens left apple yanked in Somalia that also was and it happened I think that do brown wants the music and art Narnia it actually it's all your out of usually normally you know super aggressive movement on art you don't have it now it will put it back and but he yes it right now and when I also like. The estate market those planes too much in the first couple rounds we took care that it well he's out there and again you can thank LeBron. I guess but you look at that are there guys they basically have. A six and a half men rotation of the inner pain in the seventeen minutes he gives indictments it's seven guys but the most aren't you three points you're Smart jumper is now lets you Matt Bonner what we have six guys you know averaging over thirty minutes of game and they're pretty interchangeable so your line up is you know both slightly bigger pain to go back two years ago five guys on the floor it's a 5000 or. That could knock down threes and year the other tabs possible time. 6177797937. Is the telephone number. We are here broadcasting live from our WEEI Old Dominion freight line operate line center field studios at Fenway Park but let's be honest big story of this entire day is is the Celtics and their two nothing lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers with Marty talked Alex Cora will bring it back on final drive. But will talks in Celtics and NBA playoffs with you coming up next 6177797937. Its daily keeps Sports Radio W media.