Dale & Keefe -  Is this Celtics team Brad Stevens' or Kyrie Irving's? Keefe goes off on a caller for a wild suggestion on who is better than LeBron James

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, May 15th
Hour 2: Dale, Keefe, and James talk about how the Cavaliers have more pressure on them than the Celtics do. Keefe does not want LeBron on the Celtics, he would rather keep the minutes for the young guns and keep the team as it is. Dale brings up that whoever comes out of the East will not win the title. The only shot the East has against the Warriors is if free agency breaks them apart. A caller sparks a debate about how the Celtics have the best shot to beat the Warriors. Chris Broussard thinks the Celtics might have a problem next season because this is not Kyrie's team, this is Brad’s team. The Celtics have zero ego in the locker room, compared to the Cavaliers and LeBron James.

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Yeah yeah yeah yeah. However two daily key Sports Radio WEEI. WP IU. WEEI. For our English speaking friends that I said was. I'll Mark James is with us I was trying to say W I am Mark James all of saint all right at the -- problem gods and how Skype in there and I have so Mark James started last hour with the this hot sports take that LeBron James is over rated. He ersatz Langen is very. The fighting for the old old very over rate ansari actually you know it's into the very overrated Vasily overeat all bad athlete obviously vastly yup because we can't. Think of a way to make this take even dumber than was originally thought that it was so we're all right from vastly overrated pretty good despite the fact that as we pointed out there's only one player. Active player who's got more points than than LeBron does and that's dark and eat it five more years than LeBron to get there. And he's got like a 150 more points. Their players and he's gonna pass through some tough. In a world. He's gonna ask Michael Jordan next year yeah on the career scoring list. Before he's done came out of high school Michael played a couple a few years at Oreo and put barriers that are on and asked about a little brother ever won national title though way to college and Andre certainly has no final fours Brad Stevens isn't too. Though that's right or get out there are always liked Jordan also had that three year vacation. So you may or may not been enforced by the commissioner of the NBA you have. Your math is it 95 when he came back and got that I Orlando that that was ideals and arrest three years that the health goes 9495. OK anyway authority yeah no championships the rockets on the I don't want anyone remorse or our case it's usually could've won. I I thought they went around not data and funny girl that's Cecil. So the what happens now may it may be team laws whatever Maxwell you have a hit yesterday Smith TNT all that stuff really well against the bulls that would be the bulls yes sir measure that would. So the guy that that has is vastly overrated my apologies for not getting it right now is vastly overrated you think could block for like 45 tonight. He's going to be he's you're you're going to see the antithesis of what we saw on Sunday it's gonna be -- yes I do think I wouldn't doubt LeBron goes off for 45 tonight and I don't doubt at Cleveland at Cleveland waiting to matter the promo there. You occurred many hand I picked cavs in six I I think. With the sixers in six cell so why are guys. Automatic bailout that everybody's pitched against them and every series and amid the boxes more 5050 people nationally locally everything else but people thought it Milwaukee's got to you know over the lot talent look look at what happened we'd Cleveland against Indiana Indiana had got on the ropes definite and then they couldn't close so this is the one thing LeBron said in his really eagle tis the coal soulful sort posting press conference on Sunday. Is that. He's talking about you know hey. Dent in this spot before we dig down a you know we come back this is not March Madness it's four to seven right cities right Bruins won game one it looked great against hip babe and that's the next and it got ugly on this so what it doesn't you know I think tonight Cleveland strikes back I went out there was the raptors laid down the raptors were Tara their friends and that they are -- everybody then sent all the way to Cleveland is for real thorough. Toronto is just that think dale all time a bully an NBA history can you ever remember team who faced more adversity going into the playoffs in the 2018. Boston Celtics. In our slicks which. One of those basketball analysts said that that Cleveland yesterday morning at all in November that Broussard well those guys it was incredulous and it was Arnold said that that the cavaliers. Have faced are more personality you know Chris. Oregon was presided over excited about resentment you know don't easel LeBron sympathy if he was at that moment of my pocket profits on Sunday he would be about what's clapped yeah that class includes. Broussard put soared on the bronze forced decision. So the problems go to Chicago. And they got rid of him. Sold my favorite Christmas are the next. Exactly about something will be the first heat body broke the Darrent Williams citing public and the nets. I was out there on our dear lives to we've got a picture of him and at that. I started its first mentality is go to the bats well you know got without. You know the only person I will remember who had doubled broad going to Miami and he was on the outs from your seat placement. The Steelers that they'll put any Smith who all over my hat academia had it. Nailed it. So LeBron issue I think he goes to he's in Philly whatever you know. But that's I think he's gonna keep cheating you know he's gonna do not only the cavaliers guys he's going to decimate. The city of Cleveland the content again again in a second novel way to easy under some obligation to just stay there are no matter what though is not what bothers me if he gets so much. For going back now I hope everybody they get credit for going back rips them apart of the jerseys again yeah they're Arianna you have heard the fire in regard on. Because that was that was just embarrassed that it is. What we forget who above it about New Jersey yet has now he's back no more expensive now than they were when I bought the other. I was telling me about who's telling us. Actually the test I know they didn't lose their best and second or third best players but the cavs have. Actually overcome more adversity think about what you diversity means something bad. Happens and actually represents an obstacle and US to overcome it. Before this season even starts now even if it's self inflicted okay but before this season starts Kyra read Scott. And you get Isiah Thomas in crowded some pieces back but Isaiah was the centerpiece of the deal and it turns out. His hit which habitat laws like all combined to hit them should they checked it out at all they hit was the real thing he wasn't really Isiah Thomas you've basically lost I read for nothing. If a police are always a blacklisted and is at the beginning of the year. The Celtics fought their about Hayward and Irving and and so they were gone in a blink of an ally and Marcus Moore was offer extended period our smartest play off games and and is six against the Milwaukee and these same guys maxis Steve today and everybody else was thrown Cleveland parade. After they made those trades on them they they blew up the south and out all of these guys are hooded Clark and all the Taliban have now. And so they keep flip flop and about whether Lemond is. Same stone industry or states sits hombre he's already saying let's test him and is the same guys that Notre Dame needs to change from the fighting Irish is offensive. Content all on an agenda that he's that's okay that's what makes sure it's the CNET at the center I don't know what freedom fighting he's doing today and 6177797937. Cans in Philly they can. Today. I got one simple question. And it's all revolve around marching. You said that LeBron not the best ever might be pre written because. I don't know that that's a legitimate take what he said it's of these over rate. Well yet and I would agree with that. Good night if I really think you got his start like what the white could have engineer Larry. Eichel Reggie know what was the last. That is the dumbest thing a parent I added I had a pain in. The eggs. I think you're doing so well yeah you've lost your mind yet what can you do this is taller are you Reggie. Reggie Miller now way way. Because Bobby beat the knicks in the conference semifinals. At. I'm not worried about the final score are worried about the fact it will would lift. Are these kids are all. I can. Tell you get to the jokes like this fight left. Please can they got it's the they are always says. Reggie Miller is one of the most overrated players ever doubt he can knock down the Irene and if you'd say it marked get your restarted and I I won't unite I would gotten Allan ready pillar of I don't I don't every single out as it abroad and vastly overrated listened to one of the most. Overrated player in the history he's Carmelo. Learn and learn about that can be multi that you bring that I don't know why did not want all the observing adamantly but he thinks he's all that great to begin what they I think that nick Steve I think a lot of other teams did and he's proven not to be adding people say Dominique Wilkins is overrated MT Dominique Wilkins over but Reggie. Reggie Miller of an action there's no doubt about it because she wanted to shooters of all time that's fine. What else can do I did do literally anything I think there are you don't think you know nobody's gonna say it was like I was willing to it to do and like I don't Wear it on those. Doctor. OK okay fine you know like he played needy for awhile dugout like he won a title with Virginia squires suddenly Miller -- Mitt. Well that's easy to drop he would work. Who's a rep for the narrative I don't let you know Rick Smith O Fred Davis Brothers there. My own name and. Look let's be honest as we've been saying all lost whichever one of these two teams does survive yeah I think it's going to be Boston that. Mark thinks it's going to be Cleveland okay whichever one does. They're gonna get the right well Jim this is universal. The early all the way through the mid. Ninety's. Where the NFC championship game was the super bull. Yeah because they would face whoever they edit the doubts they would smack you around whether or buffalo or San Diego whoever was able Olmert the patriots the one year like whoever's it'll merge. And then right hearsay every Sysco Dallas maybe greenback on these teams. That was the Super Bowl that and that's what you get here and that. That's fine that happens sometimes in leagues where the conference should the two best teams happen to be in the same conference or in the same league for Osama baseball. Yea you know you look at Kevin Durant he spoke a pay cut last year or so they could read. All we step recovery Shaun Livingston and Audrey Nadal now someone's gonna have to take a pay cut this off season win. Klay Thompson's free agent always clean Thompson's committee on C you don't really now. A pizza there and he's back next year I think. I think he's back next I'm likely as an Oakley Thompson's free agent this summer while then. Better than expected of them doubles yeah I am pretty sure is a free agent this summer is one more year he's sure yet when he 1890s make it okay Justin and I don't know I guess that's another year yes and I have one more year and then they're gone Klay Thompson he's got to go somewhere and be the man and then everything you know the rich when they talk to us after the game and a lot and so bark mean Jack if he's happy there. Mean obviously he's like he's a listen it was idol is asked legal his future goes I'm just I don't care they mention before there's a money team winning it was a great area. He gets it he's gonna make ninety million dollars next year to be the fourth best player on that team. Third. I'm just gonna hurt so curry in a couple of years ago would be that's from the super Max really kicks and a couple of years he's going to be making over forty million a year that -- Klay Thompson twenty millions great but somebody else we'll give you a ton of money to now I forget exactly how much you can make with another team verses on team blob blob blob but. He can make more. Potentially there so they have one more year so. Hopefully the Celtics come back healthy next year and it could be Celtics warriors again but then after that maybe that's when they. Hopefully break up workers for the Celtics unless LeBron as with the Houston Rockets he could be. Because of these rockets because where else would you go out here feel weird if you're chasing a ring Philly. Already though well because he he's agency. Has signed that said in so that's part of a broad I don't think that some of them brawl were accurate yeah well I don't either I don't put that and I think he considered he would it and every time talent and there you know one of the five or six teams that beat you wanna go to if you LeBron. The lakers are really starting over what you need Paul George or go I you have about eight cents ultimately ago. Oh great I mean that did and movies and all that nonsense near the failure as the house and allies stars can live anywhere. I don't get all the marketing opportunity ever want Peyton Manning played in Indianapolis forgotten Aaron Rodgers Green Bay mr. state farm yeah parents of the top two quarterbacks in the in the line in on the top player in the world that he did he could play anywhere staff curry plays in Oakland for God's sake I don't and in the in the he's mated you know that vote their star players but if you want to do all that other stuff he lost the live there in LA maybe just multiply for the lakers and the lakers are are. A bigger Brandon than Boston's or play at his age he's he wants to make sure he can win. Yes and liberals are going to be quite a ways away from winning yeah but they have cap space worth Cleveland doesn't say it's that you say Cleveland yet to watch out he's a penalty stay right. But he's chasing he's chasing what he believes is going to be close to a certainty of rings like like Kevin ray knew when I go to. Golden State it's a wrap he knew that LeBron can go to Houston could be the difference maker. But I don't think he's gonna take a chance. To perhaps go to which team that's on the column operatives that a team that you look like. Well they might have a shot but not a beautiful go to Cleveland 2.0 not but want to go team loses bite it like Houston to meet the Houston you have. Arden and Paul let Paul the freeagent it's a gamble by the hard and Paul or you go to Philly you have indeed and Simmons or you go to the lakers and maybe Paul George and to Marcus cousins both over the closer to that that's about optional sudden I don't think bald Eagles titles about what is your third best daddy okay that's fine you know yeah I mean we're we're sitting with the only real bogey guy yeah the problem all along he usually it's probable in the credible player who's wacky year. Ramon greener bogey. Oh good question out there mine are little more malicious I think they're both pretty wacky wacky scale I don't know whether they're winning out they're both up there out rather have cousins on the drama. 617 know that if you would now I win a title. Yes I don't know trademark greens are a bit you can lightly edited you could keep him between the lines that might agree with yeah ought to let you can't I what I was glad I got elected I'd totally lied I think Obama agree might be the best one of the top three of 42 lead players in the league. Honorable that so I'm not rail and let them to say but to what he can he really has to happen to people he can Deke you can see that he's a taller Marcus mark. All now we must all come off grid that. Hi I thought the Marquez. I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight because I cannot ever remember a single game. In which one player had more pressure of expectation. On his shoulders then LeBron has going into this game tonight. His teammates are saying legendary. What Shannon across to me is saying monster all time legend there will never be forgotten laughter there. Yes that's a lot man do you realize what they're up against. So skip Bayless. Who thinks less of LeBron James that neither rich keep or Mark James sat at. I feel sorry for him tonight how is that possible heat at the very first part again Jason because. I feel sorry LeBron it's not. Anybody feel sorry for the project and never ever feel sorry for LeBron James I don't ever feel sorry. I'm all self inflicted everything that has happened is because of LeBron James he left Cleveland he went back to Cleveland he got the coach fired he treated carrier Irving like garbage in them he wanted to be traded. He made sure they signed Tristan Thompson acquired JR Smith. Traded for Kevin Love Kyle Korver Korver this is his team this is the team that he wanted although nobody is out Andrew both. Hold it all the time we got hurt efforts in that he has assembled this roster in this coach you don't feel bad form he's won multiple titles he's won multiple MVPs everybody still thinks the best player. And he threw up an absolute stinker in game one and everybody's talking about his memory it's insane nobody feels bad for everybody loves this guy gets what. They also they lose. Everybody's gonna talk about how bad is supporting cast is the bronco did get also let you get any blame from game one and he was awful. The national narrative will always be depicted positively towards LeBron especially always especially Cleveland loses because you'll look at this right now. That's waits at the Celtics pull this thing off. And they went in said. This and like all well Brian you know he could have Tyree are being inept this guy they'd idol bloated garbage around but and rich every normal what you did it seem that you wanted to that's. That's good coach. Dog you got Lulu Tyrod Luke this is Lou this is your lap dog who was in section 316 the other day when your in the middle of the team huddle because he couldn't get inside. And look at the broad everything that's happened to him yes he's won three titles he's a losing record the finals I always go back to this if not for two people. Hiring you're going. Ray Allen he be 17 the finals that's just the facts they're the ones. Oh no that's not just the it you twisting the facts to make LeBron look worse because you hate LeBron which is fine cousy I have no I have failed got to win I don't got to stop with that guy I'd be one of seven have been a hobby games would have been nobody other series would have been because. It's polish I can't hold it up quite. I would 26 seconds to go he missed that it's over they lose this girl lost in six it was over in Miami. I know and edit to would have been LeBron fault right. Not just saying they went about another way and then when I'm really does. Doesn't that show the people he's got the biggest shot answers but I'll tell you that have won the bronze in shock absorbing you know I got no problem. Why would. I'll finance that's just skip. Woody's words salad just saying whatever comes off the top of the dome i.s so that don't like just played a stop now again I guess you win you I can't remember a single game. In which one player had more pressure of expectation. Wise he shoulders there's no way on going into this game tonight LeBron himself has probably had more pressure on us when the brought. In the heat. Play together there's pressure on them every night because that was. That orchestrating the Big Three down to Miami. They were supposed to win right away that he thinks he didn't they didn't win yet they were they were great healed that it be but they were made a call themselves the Eagles the heat that he does it feel okay. Eagles I think it heals slowly reveals over the hurdles. Guys there's pressure on them then because expectation was art you're gonna do this if you're gonna play GM you guys that are win all three of them were their pride those are three of the ten best players that aren't they put him altogether they didn't win in year one I would argue that every finals game against the mavericks was there's more pressure on him than -- right now I would definitely say that plus he tried to get Erik Spoelstra fired a Pat Riley would let happen yeah each track multiple times you know it's full of Pat Riley didn't do every single thing LeBron wanted which is also why he went back to Cleveland not because he's this great hometown hero it's because Pat Riley didn't let him call every shot already so you still magic play the game with -- here this summer -- freeagent. We think Houston we think Philly we think LA yeah ever you know. Any change tries decide what you guys and I don't want no I don't want him I don't on the way don't want no way I want breaking up his team to arms treaty so I just adding so if you on this T don't eat it they wouldn't be banner that idea be -- I don't wanna need to know what you have Kyra maybe you got out of -- I don't Paris on. I don't imagine a scenario in which you'll think. It adding LeBron James doesn't make you better ball because I'm thinking long term and I want and I know he would just be signing but you sought to blow up part of your team in order to get him out of the -- on the salary cap I want Jason Tatum whose only twenty to play for the next 1015 years he would relish what's what you want out I wanted to record Heyward looks like for a full season I want those guys and that's and LeBron would be taking all they're playing time from dale everything about Obama outlets and I'm not saying that those guys are better than LeBron don't don't hear about it of course they're not but I know I know he's vastly over -- I like this team a lot and I wanna see what they look like when they're completely healthy amount bringing in at the time of 34 year old LeBron James just a weekend at chase another ring here in Boston now. I don't need your team. You don't you're the very few teams in the league that doesn't need Donnie LeBron James here and here's another thing too when you would you look at the Celtics are the antithesis of everything LeBron James has done his career when I mean by that. The Celtics or organic. Yeah okay hatred for ivory Irving that's Taiwan Al. They have the pieces they traded or okay yeah they Horford and they got Gordon Hayward according to Verizon donating for the Celtics now with aides drafted gee wouldn't that at bat that's just an organic part because LeBron is his whole thing that you titles and it doesn't put out. And got Tyreke they had that they had the trailer park right right back and signed Al Horford who signed Gordon Hayward. How is that different than what the Cleveland Cavaliers have done but problem so I'm going back to with the Miami Heat that was manufactured. When the heat's on LeBron and Chris boss those two free agents. Right and the Celtics when mountain and sign corporate and inside Hayward. Free agents they went and got them but still super team together dangers the one who put the original Big Three to get there are those old portraits Pat Riley had to sign them right. Yeah Abbott a clear double whammy take LeBron tries to manufacturing and tried everything that's he's all about that the Celtics what they've done here when you're talking about. Terry Gross here Jason TJ when brown Marcus Moore these four guys were trapped in the first round back to back to back to back years. And there organic who drafted since LeBron spend it it's done anything aside for into Wiggins who LeBron got rid of the bringing them of. Did it do you do you look at their team and what's amazing is this most recent trade deadline at least brought in. Hood in Clarkson and handsome young players is part of that you look at the roster from last year. They look like a team that hadn't had a first round draft pick him like six years we did it nobody interest in Thompson the homegrown guys that they drafted him all right there's any carrier ring once and and I get LeBron wants to break but that he left that come back. So they had some of those guys but. You're right they won the lottery so many times there were able to get it worked out for with the entity that. Note that not well I mean they've rarely get Kevin Love horribly get the spin them off that deal but they had they've won they've had four number one picks. You know LeBron being the of the earliest that they've had for a one pick so they should be a pretty good team 6177797937. Roberts on the cell phone Robert. And listening and Ivan Watson that Washington last night and I I was actually at all they. Lot of thought that the way they would beat the warriors once. The spread out offense on the court and the court under the basket somehow that's going to win. The game against the warriors. I watched it last night. You. It out of the fourteenth lap between that the best tennis to beat the warriors is so yeah. No chicken with a team that they have now. Our report Motorola. Are you watching all okay our salary was what what besides what percentage. Would you give the Celtics what chance would you give them a beating Golden State without Tyree without Hayward. Our security but. All of Roberts topic this is a little high from there I don't know Nancy I was like the enthusiasm down a deposit run hopefully you're not drinking like driving in a car. I'm novelist and I'll tell you why because I I because we have multiple no matter where we go we have a defense. There was no defense well. Robert look at what just watch the Golden State Houston game from last night and watch will Golden State did to that team. And they just dismantle them this it seem what the best record in the NBA the F home court advantage told the finals even if they made the I don't know. It is open have no chance in hell against Golden State Robert Nunn. I'll I disagree or yeah. Okay this is a different animal that this is a different it's different I did they they've matched up well Goldstein in the past you know their team was bad even you know total that it would have big games at the words I can't explain it when you lefties aren't. Now yeah obviously haven't had a chance yet I played in the playoffs but forever reason breast teams that are pretty good job they do have a lineup where even without their top guys if you. You know rosier and Smart and round and Tatum and Horford or more asleep you do that guys where. You can just tried to match up with the outline of a death where they switch everything they can get all the guys handle the ball all the guys shoot the Celtics who brought a lineup. It's not as good obviously. But it's definitely better than anything Cleveland can put out matchup wise if I don't know about Houston though it is the Celtics had high REIT and Hayward. I wouldn't get my 35% chance of beating on idol I live and let these two aren't buying it I. So we dale on this I if they had Irene Heyward there's no way averaging 35% Beagle state no way. Really no way policy I would just knowing every ounce it also since I know it's yeah I know is but I I think they would have a chance sure would love it. Everybody has changed a bit and took over 35%. That instant for me. He a big game win again Harry played well against the warriors in the past I got a job I have got to ask you I guess yeah and 35% chance and they would be better than what that Celtics team that we just described. You know the carried Hayward would be better than this Houston team I think that would be tied I don't. I think it would be I think that he I think you'll be closer but these big wins their third best player Clint capella. Yeah actually it should not Trevor Ariza write another just fancy talker aero Port Harcourt on the bench I got here Eric I'll I'll take Irving Hayward and Horford with the two young guys take out a refusal here's the thing about it I think Brad Stevens over record that as a global leadership at every coach in the league including Mike and Tony. Pop. Oh I mean you know pops is in the category he's easily good that would show he's home watching right now he's done and I know yeah I talk to these cluttered camp I guess right I'm on board flying I just can't imagine that Braxton because he get a free invoked in the head coaches vote to slap in the days sorry to Jackie McMullen the other coaches were trying to say Dwane Casey's job. They were try to I am silent when did. Broussard had a really hot today. Did you hear this toxic and it was its lack of modular yet though piping hot that you thought Mark James stick with Chris Broussard had a hop to Atlanta with some. Which coaching staff that's coming up next. So latex base says after the cavs get sent home it's 5050 in my opinion Boston vs Golden State 5050. I assume much of that 50% as senator on the head coach. Got it because you don't have the carrier ring you don't have Gordon Hayward so. You're obviously haven't pulled some coaching rabbits out of your hat I would say so yeah I don't believe it's 5050 by the way inside that seems a little hide. There's something else and anchoring Kuwait that we don't know about what we ought to we miss and what what's in there and you just tell me what it is because there's something in there if you think you have a snowballs chance against Golden State you've got another thing coming. There's no way his team. I did not filled with a quarter against Golden State all quarter. Lately there there's something be said for hustle and youth and effort and all that all those things that the sell there bring to the table in spades. They do have a terrific coach yes one of the best coaches in the NBA I won't say the best but I'll say one of the past her. So then the question is whose team has. And I guess the bigger question is is it gonna affect the team because they're going to be a player on the team is gonna be upset if it's not his team so Chris Broussard who we like to go to every now and again for some measure takes. He I was on the column cowards measured today yes the Massachusetts what he had to say. Also Kyle Irving. They are a lot of reasons of Marietta reasons he left Cleveland 11. With that reportedly he wanted to be the main right. He wanted his old team right thank you what does he really. Guess what. It is not your team anymore. Brad stevens' team while great rally that. Aren't you can't relax it's. Lot of that in college power yeah. All. Of eight point. It's not it's kind of recede Kyra comes back it for the terrorists use kerosene all season long carriers hurt so he's playing right now. And out educates people or are going nuts about her rosier people are all excited about Jesus Tatum to brown. It's a players league. Brad Stevens probably gets as much recognition as any coach in the Indian rate everybody crowd right time so any that he deserves it and again you go back to. The talent that's there and again they have emerging stars their future all stars and Tatum brown but right now this team. How does Al Horford is the only all star he's not going to be at all and he player this year and they are up 1:0 in the Eastern Conference finals so. Brad Stevens does deserve a lot of credit. Put it as he tries to diffuse and he doesn't want any ideas why do you believe we played that yesterday to back that he's asked about it. But when carrier ring returns next year. Is there any doubt that's going to be his team. Now this is carrier and write to me from most popular players really want the best players in the league and we talked about needing need need diesel in the eighties perhaps getting an extra lottery pick I mean there's no reason value. Has increased more exponentially over the course of the last four months interior room easier sell obviously heroes you would be the odd man out. You could have valiant if he's in a contract for at least a meeting couple more years Rosie is not one wanted it badly I'll caiso early. I wish for the league averaging five and a half points a game yeah. Now it's 2018. Postseason averaging seventeen and a half points a game so a fumble can make a deal heroes you're the guy. But all these people don't you don't unique career stopping carry Irving you yeah only superstar on this roster now. Why I think that 81 day Jason T include our ball all the target car definitely shouldn't I think gee I'm proud could be so heated up my friend home. Right now that Hayward storm on the fringe of that as well he would give apologists are lately we come off I I got to hear the rest others I or anyone I have answered I think there's a tiny bit okay great. Guess what. You team. Bret Stephens and wild racetrack like that where you come back. We're gonna lose this series to Boston. This is now Brad Stevens is a genius he's the face of the felt. And you and some people might well of course the coach is he's now. Is James Harden theme it's that curry came okay he has Russell Westbrook fame was the right fifteenth. LeBron had it been like. It's this superstars team but now now this is no longer time rethink. If. I disagree I mean it the first all you say win or lose so you lose in five games is Brad Stevens still gonna be lauded as a super genius like some of these great coach. But that takes a little this started off I would say I mean if you lose the series hope we see Gregg Popovich is the best coach in program right in the delegates end Antonio Gregg Popovich is team in Arizona gives him some time and I was filers yeah it's it's not. Phil Jackson coached all the best stars in Phil Jackson got a lot of credit and Phil Jackson a lot has all the rings loud jagr of the zen master all that nonsense. But it was Jordan it was Shaq and Colby that's right those are those were the guys and again if if Harry Reid doesn't you know again he's not there for the playoffs so based off of the current players. Yeah Brad Stevens is gonna get lapel the morbid apparel how they do and that's how they do in this. But it has carrier ring leading into the conference finals guess what that's tired audit. And you know the thing I'm putting myself. In the shoes of carrier rooting for second it's got to kill him. He can't play in this particular series in Cleveland beat curriculum because you know he wanted revenge on the broad that being said. I think would also sort of these sort of about revenge if these team that beats more broad with out here and Ian Gordon Hayward. Doubt crazy that he likes sort of like. Okay will not you not gonna be a team would outlaw it you're not gonna be eighteen when I'm when I'm hurt but it's not all abroad and also was what it was like a a going out after they removing carry away from Cleveland is the biggest thing to Berkeley and a course taking it wasn't that you know what people with substantive and have a different opportunity to have them but you don't either don't add so you weren't able to replace him do you honestly not view does does he honestly think that high res so shallow. The he's looking at this teams and while. Mayor elect Brad Morton me I got to know these guys jagr got Danny Ainge totally ignorant Stephens gives me now and I'll tell me up the one thing this team is devoid of it seems to be monstrous he goes yeah you let him know at everybody's platelets. Marcus Moore who came over from Detroit. What are we think it'll eat each seemed to calm locker room and they check everything acted for everything. They wanna leave the yup everyone says it looked clearly Cleveland is not a team. You'll stupid LeBron James buying everybody suits and making them all cleared the same suits to the game we get the okay. Like black leather carrying bags of LeBron gets an alligator. Here are ideas and Stevie Yzerman those guys but to the point about you don't know Eagles on the Celtics. I think part of that's the coach part of that is Al Horford should get a lot of currently he's the most veteran guy on the team he's been around a lot of locker rooms and they all say great things tournament would a leader Stephens is echoing valid moral leader Danny Ainge has talked did not do and maybe up the book he's one of those guys doesn't talk all the time so when he does every shuts up and listen to what exactly like that player coach. Well I guess on the floor underneath the defense I don't say he's that guy but the thing that surprised you the most ball or for. Not only in this series and series against Philadelphia his office. Has put the numbers yet if you're at ten and third I flashier they're different team when he's unbelievable how good he's played he's he's he's been great in the post season. You look at the way Danny Ainge put this team together and you look at the at the the character of the players involved. He put team together that put all that stuff aside he went out of his way to get players. All of a sudden Karrie every citizen Al while Brad get all the credit here I am I saw us and it's much easier said than done to defy the right chemistry to execute really know and that's what the president is one of the things last year was. The team didn't have the most Powell the world but they always played hard and they played well together. And then you get rid of the majority of the team and you bring an all new guys whether it's rookies whether it's guys from other teams have been in the league for awhile. And they were able to mash and they really do that real early they lost the first two games they won sixteen in a row. With a team that had just played the other for the first time if this Celtics win three more games and make it to the NBA finals and and are going to be one of those prisoner of the moment mentality people honestly say that this will be. Arguably the greatest coaching job that anyone's ever done Twilley team lost two of their their two best players on paper. To get into the finals I think the most improbable finals appearance at least I can remember in India that's. You know let's say absolutely have to be because you look at other teams that. He didn't have all NBA players that made the finals. It's pretty rare relic first vote your win it you have to have one or two but attitude and even if you get there. Yost figure Reggie Miller that called love Reggie Miller that was not a great team that made the finals although they were the top seed and they were healthy. Right again Reggie Miller they're all guys were joking about the Davis isn't everything else and that was not a great team. But they're the number one seed that year there were able to put it together they get there and you know was not a very competitive finals but. This is more probable they weren't even the top seed and they had to significantly for our twenty game I mean easily could do that Bashir thank you B of baseball note that. Will cause you to chuckle I do like numerous days. All I know that humorous and it. This comes from rob Bradford. A rep for the show Brad both show Parsons Smith sub lucked his shoulder throwing his glove in frustration last night will be out beyond ten days. They re sitting or Australia. It's still a lot of fire and well liked his shoulder at least half court and he's going to be out more than ten days. Deals that is that a whole different than punching a wall in the in the dugout or some than in Boston some that I felt like my whole high school career. I. All the battle. Happened at the bit of a break you know you don't. Had to do was sort of like on the field tested these valves I'd. Now now you you don't try to say I can sort on I don't know I think that I don't I don't miss the start because of playing four nights on the right after word got around Arnold from playing video game and then came back in Egypt pretty good and it weakened against Toronto this Jamie in the got a got an average of IB deal policy that is your prototypical. Big east wall injury number there was a guy would tie yes. Who got hurt in the shower. Does it hurt us are gathered that slipped on the a big Mac rapper. Was that they got literally in his house. It's what you're rapper. The artists and album goes on the ten day DL with a right shoulder some blood station. It bring up Bobby pointer from AAA Pawtucket take his place on the roster appointment Brad post says he's going to be out more than ten days. Because he got mad and throw was blah. He's a moment dale things happened. I'm excited about styles core about that tomorrow always he'll be up Carla how I guess on this morning I feel tomorrow. Can't wait to get that when and we get back the calls in just couple minutes Sports Radio W media.