Dale & Keefe - Chris Long comments on Brady and Belichick’s relationship; Keefe’s pitch for more MLB All-Star competitions

Dale & Keefe
Monday, July 16th
Hour 4: Dale and Keefe discuss Marcus Smart’s ongoing contract negotiations with the Boston Celtics, Chris Long’s comments on the supposed drama going on with the Patriots in Foxborough, and how stacked the American League’s lineup in the MLB All Star Game is. Also in this hour, Keefe got yelled at on twitter for not knowing soccer, and the guys talk about Tony Romo’s infamous “Time flies” comment as well as The Rock’s acting career.

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Yeah. Fourth and final hour daily key Sports Radio WV I. Make no mistake from now on when I go on vacation please tell me you will be getting a tale detailed itinerary I know exactly writer I would have been able to predict the Sen Clinton thing headed down I sort of belly and a bit of a surprise gas but it torture chamber you knew your visit that I do most of his athletic and there was it were not prepared for that view their climb Mount Washington I didn't know that the next are. I did that weigh on my Twitter feed I weeded out the article I was telling you about in the bombing kills wide Mal Washington kills. It didn't kill anybody while I was there that you don't. Well that's it in your light area but that the big mountains though I would I would just make these grants a lot of places where you could've guy that's. I will admit their place is all over the place there the nice idea. I realize that that as the afternoon has gone along yeah. That my lack of sleep has caught up someone's own not a lot of the comeback album with money our the money aren't making a comeback Judy green drink. Always yes I I put in new green and at the wrong this year because of flight delays and a seven jet blue's fault I mean you know I just put them out on well. Oh thunderstorms in New York delayed the airplanes getting to San Francisco. So instead of getting home at ten something last night which was the original plan yeah I landed at 3:15 this morning later got to bed at 4:30 this morning aboard. According to might hit it and I think I'm better off of I don't look good look at that that's the worst feature wrote down three hours and 45 minutes of sleep and good. They know you're refreshed now ready to go and. I feel like two hours or three hours is better than like five or six than excellence is about this you don't. What it when you go to bed at like three you wake up at six is better than if you went to Bennett wanted to within the sixth. What do you. How how I don't know half were busy whenever you're gonna get deep sleepers of these you're up in Aaron I feel better but I'm not is about as ever sleep more than five hours he says I don't know. What if I had like twelve to sleep and it will not put it more and Alter much five hours of sleep in its alleged that. It's sucks at it as much as possible. Do you sleep on planes by the way night and I don't do well I can't now like it was great zip along and at a time all that stuff I densely I can't. I did watch John wick to for the Celtics have. And if I don't much threes coming out about a year conflict and twelfth to another dog in the one. One dollar fell nobody and he got a poppy though right bank in the get another puppy in the arm. At the end generally knows that his thought the world not from the first on. While go to exhibit now on it is all day management at the end of the movie now and this dog survived the movie a parent report that's good. I'll just catch up on us on things that are going on course the all star game well technically not the author game with a home run derby is tonight derby and tell me about that effort that we don't have. Magna and I'm now happy to report sadly you know none none of that stuff but the Celtics sadness. The Celtics were eliminated. And this summer league they might advance Portland trailblazers Africa right now. And now one of the questions for the offseason for Celtics fans has been market Smart. How much is gonna take you have to back up the Brinks truck and all that stuff. Mark Murphy on the Celtics beat pod. Talked about the possibility that market Smart now. Might be looking at accepting the one year qualifying would mark a Smart be satisfied would you be satisfied returning on the one year qualifying offer and then becoming unrestricted next year. I don't think you'd be set aside that I think he's prepared to do it. I don't think they wanted to do it I think this is gonna go deep into the summer while they try to find something wanting they have discussed was doesn't seem to. But sort earlier this week. They've talked. Sign and trade scenarios that interest detains. But it would depend that would focus we get back. What do you think they'd be targeted as a lot out there now everybody was to unload that context and respect from Oregon back country. Yeah I think I think Schwartz playing on the one year qualifying offer Fridays and how it's interesting because Murphy won bonded to talk about. You know how much what's the price point now for market Smart what's the feeling in smarts camp right now about where they're at where this is heading. Mr. in the lower their I think you know there were in particular I think at this point they're just trying to sort of recoup. Something and obviously hasn't worked so well for. Do you know how much less he's willing to accept. I think I think it's and somewhere along the lines of the deal on October and to humanity you're talking. You know somewhere in that twelve. Thirteen and. Yeah I would be fine I think twelve might be the limit for me like twelve and under. For four years or less I think that I'd be happy that I want him on the team but if he thinks he's gonna make fourteen plus what you told Jackie a ball out there were eliminated he's wrong to do to be out there at all. Or he wants to bet on himself says the best offer he gets sort of sounds like Isiah Thomas doesn't it does a little bit. It it does but. You know mark smarts in a position where it if teams were really interested in him so say for example it I think it Thomas if if you as a restricted free agent the year before he hurt his hip and if he had that same kind of a year. I think there'd be more teams interstate and and they can get the price up they could force the Celtics to match but that hasn't even had about an issue at all for the Celtics. So maybe he just signs the one year qualifying offer plays on it. And that is an unrestricted free agent next year ago where every once and make as much money and anybody B will deprive him. All know. Right now as we speak they're putting the harp on the field and one. And. All that how will this affect the festivities from it well we'll get rained out. Which it an ideal candidate or whatever it rained just. Yeah he didn't act. But as we're sitting or we and we've got that got the monitors on their their traipsing the tar out right now. And they moved all the now what we do without that and move all the ESPN baseball guys inside disease so maybe every so nice and Washington DC and they're retractable roofs only go forward there are forecast doesn't call for rain bad precipitation 14% as we go on and yet they detaining of attack dapper. Cautionary reasons Jews. And precautionary reasons an abundance of caution. Yes parodies for eighty scared at all events so the only reason we're gonna play this next Scott is because all it says it's got three words on my touchy carry out its hasn't relic. So why Hart ran a boy and I thought OK and then. Trade Blake's one hard because he got you rod injured and I think people are out of your minds with Blake's wife heard captain. Did Jalen beats his Major League debut odd man out if it's 888 it's wild cards fall that beats didn't throw well because so why are you called right pitchers what. Have we ever criticized Christian that's good save really don't we're calling the wrong pitchers. Now the most part out of first base if somehow complex why not if somehow gets all the evening and asked the played all these different spots it's ridiculous. Given a chance or trader we got traded big daddy rock hard. Up cannibalism on that. Yeah have placed wire kind of socks those now but the but the trade him because he got. You'd barely use of a thousand of the different baskets being hurt. He's not re ever before the car you gotta find reform went wide. We're there are ruin them by advice say is not a catcher anymore and put in the military over the left field and now as a catcher again he's also a first baseman these vols got this great bat like or is it like 200. I'm not really while vice why are amok and blame him for injuries or guys' pitching bad. But he can get something forum if another team would be willing to take him and like the upshot of him for for reliever that can help home I would I would do that this month started. NFL training camps beginning here in the next few days and and in this kind of the silly season in the NFL work. You know guys are making wild pre season predictions some of them could be click bait some of them perhaps not sure. Tony Ramos got a a bold prediction about the Super Bowl next February. Plus picking right now I'd probably go live. I'd probably go Green Bay vs Jacksonville I think that would be. Just a tentative rough guess here in the summer months. Meaning that the Packers have put enough of that around Aaron Rodgers to go all the latest here. Yeah I think they're going to be much improved. I think you'll see. A couple things that I think are key. And yet the Jimmy Graham additions going to be very big a lot of feel those are gonna turn of the touchdowns because of that having him as a weapon and then I think their secondary which I think has been a weakness for a few years. And costs and some games I think that's gonna improve this year. And then having a system that always gives people within your division trouble. We've got to see this bone that's loose. That is definitely. Nobody breaks down the dollar Romo so Packers jaguars you heard the first. Time flies. That was the great moment that was the best inaugural mobile last year that Keith Jackson. That Keith Jackson died. Or. We're just three weeks ago and now they are working checks and very sad times. Glorious career and life 89. He passed away at the age of 89 today for last night actually up Los Angeles. Time flies an unbelievable. Walk up and how. Oh I'm. It's not for him anymore and so I don't know I did I guess but that you Tony. I don't think it's that outrageous to say Packers jaguars is that event based on late portals but the defense is great. And the patriots. It's great you know they're the favorite I think Vegas favorite as they probably should be. But you know the stat of losing the Super Bowl than getting back to it it's pretty staggering in teams just don't do that through a very long time. Since the bill to bounce back if anybody could do without assumes the patriots but. People are Killen for the for the prediction bullet would want to do not predict it to our patriots fan don't worry. Because Greg McIlroy thinks you're still pretty good right Mack Rory and folic he was slightly Greg McIlroy Greg Mac right. Look at this that's amuses you I'm Wilson like Alabama it's hard for me to pick against the king and king as long as Tom Brady is in the league I hate to say that you talk about me. Not buying stock that that are four whole Lotta money I'm still Weinstock and Tom Brady I don't know how they do it probably about a lot of time by cheating but again it doesn't matter to me. I think it's still hard to go up against the patriots is because of the mental. Gymnastics that go along with beating them right like somebody if you finished the NFL doesn't have a stupidly ridiculous. Catch no catch rule I think Pittsburgh got a real shot of being in that suit last. The song so the patriots are Greg McIlroy now joy seeing a 'cause they she probably or chief. And good use of mental gymnastics and theirs well. So I don't know he put the jets are two games thousands careers there's an Alabama guy and a jets. Yeah this logic there of the Steelers would be in the Super Bowl because of the cats rule didn't they'd lose to Jacksonville Jaguars in the I generally make heads or tails of of that that was a regular season game that it change yes so wicked deed would give them home field advantage which they may have an object. Let's that it it's complicated heard proposed for the culturally get Jackson on there. I would get up to date whether Al Hayat textured on in DC Oka says it's been pouring for thirty minutes in Potomac Maryland so they say they need to be cautious. So at least. In some places down their four match and it issues those kids in the op you're gonna have that I already follow plays anyway they get a slick turf. Isn't broken ankles up there and empathetic and. Plus picture right now I'd probably go with the I'll probably go Green Bay vs Jacksonville I think that would be. Just a tentative throughout. Yes here. And I'm on an animated football song steeler fans. Typically a steeler fan and he read some hot sports think recently that said the Steelers might not make the playoffs next year. Yeah of federal they may not. All of them the second best odds right now. Two win the AFC's do you still do that there's a chance of that. Levee on Bell's father not happening. Couture could sit. So a lot we told by Chris Long who. Won back to back Super Bowls one with the patriots the following year with the Eagles. When he you know signed as free agent in the off season. Played for nothing. On let's I mean it's it's an American colonel. And and Chris Long was asked about the whole idea of the drama that seems to surround the patriots all the time and and Chris Long who's you know the the son of Howie Long never lost for words is afraid. Tell you what he thinks. Why do as saying any NFL team in the NFL locker room. Under a lot of stress over a year period. And they're gonna be storyline and that people can choose to. Pal blown out of proportion or. Not pay attention to him when you're one of those hallmark French news or world. I think everybody's gonna pay attention to. Sometimes really small issues. You know it has in whatever. People were alluding to going on out there hasn't affected their play it hasn't affected. Bare bottom line it hasn't affected. How they execute on Sunday and that's what they pride themselves and in. When you got the greatest quarterback of all time and you know. Possibly very approachable. You know. That's why they're in those big games and it took everything for us to beat them it took wrote performance by. You know mic hole and the rest of our team we have played our best game. So you know while everybody likes so he's. Point to that the patriots and be. You know on under duress serve you know there's some. Drama in the locker room or whatever there's there's drama where there are stories that you could lower proportion every locker room they're just on top in the store so could have been so great. And it hasn't affected them they've been. Right there there player to a could be not they're hail Mary bounce away from forcing overtime in the boldest last year it took everything would be of. Some guys who leave here go out with a all guns blazing and yet can't wait take shots. You don't sound like I need an audit a lot of us think that when Wayne Johnson was talking about how you know people are miserable play for about adrenaline from him I was Chris Long or the care blonde put that you know Chris Long was here for the one year won a Super Bowl and then even right after the game was like that's it for re elect thanks so much so lucky just. He knew it really wanna be back here. But that they use miserable or anything like that but he thought maybe you'd give it a little bit more. When asked about what's going all of these guys please. Now we've become very complimentary says yet that there. Because they're so good there's a lot of attention on them. Now he also wasn't here all year. So if you'd think at some of this stuff is a little bit more new element Chris Long could really speak to that. Right leg of this blog is your year write these stories seem to be a little bit more unreal fresher whether it's Tom Curran with a sham whoever they seem to be from this season but. I think long sane and when your team that is as successful as they are. Of course you're going to be. Talking. About a lot. And look. Cam Newton and the darling do we know what I did not happen I had I don't know I only heard one cut I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that would have you made headlines Seattle motivated me and I hear that it would be you're right Andy would be the logical normal follow up they would take him out. Question for dad played there for earlier but. He say enough embassy here but again he's he's he's a year removed from a. Oh. He he certainly did its job here. Performed you know at a at a good level but not the highest level that was a good player here is fine help them win a Super Bowl absolutely helped earned his ring deserved it. On a Philadelphia won another one good for him I think I think it is a big ball can be true that you can say the patriots. Especially braided belt checker gonna get a lot of attention no matter what. But I also don't think. That is it opened a publicity yearly everything's fine when I don't think that's a good enough evidence supporting that there's there's something that's a little bit off there's a little bit different than years past. Did one last night meant to do this earlier we get sidetracked on stuff and I didn't get a chance basket where you watching the World Cup over the week I did I did watch the World Cup. If so I was Souza of. Of thrilling final. And sites inside and out and soccer fan gets so upset with his soccer fan does not like Q soccer it is not a record and biography and I know soccer fan is upset that you don't like soccer but then if you say something about soccer they get mad so I do like soccer I don't watch a lot of soccer but I watchable I want to decent amount of World Cup. And so I made some sort of comet a Smart comment. On that bad all yell both those 41 and Armitage was the game and all due to chance you probably I was sitting at an airport I had lots of you wanna sodas for one and then France led in that easy one. Right and I said suddenly take goalie that you can use your hands and everybody I got a lot of hate on the tweets being late. 88 it was a path back. He can't use it can't don't talk about that that you don't know donated bearish years south of lake got super embarrassed right now that it cost soccer little we talk about soccer on the show Kate how on earth that I not know every single soccer rule. So we're not so mobile morally commented that actually he can't economic okay noted. Everybody but a lot of willing to help you at Butler in the game. Those people I I respect the other people like Alley don't speak about something you don't know how much will that I wouldn't say much most days of that was the case. But it just didn't bring that soccer Fred I feel the others the more relied even hockey fan is similar when people start watching hockey in the playoffs that weren't watching it all year and they comment a lot of bad art and get they get kind of added higher gas though it's. I soccer fade to a different level because. Federal appeals even more and even if they are so the inferiority complex even deeper recycled and she's an instrument enjoy a nice little weekend don't eat my pizza and beer Watson's soccer a lot of fans love both of them without a donut a point on that was separate audio rack and they're obliged the ones donuts. It was delicious but. Yeah about the soccer was it was fun to watch and so I don't know every single rule with an island off in this World Cup is. Rick always are not good for goalies every goalie recipes of breakaway looks so damn bad always had to go the opposite way it's always zero penalty kick herb you know wherever it's all about one goalie vs player that goalie always at the on the well. The net is so big you really have no choice you have to guess and HS and you make your roster yes India. You dive one plan yeah right it hits you yeah. And you look like a hero and a guest on new looks to open Arkansas and castrate that's I think I was that the file is the god the striker and that's sends out its ticket straight to those guys always dive one where the other was taken right out of and the deliberate or they work they can they've rarely ever stance though Tuesday afternoon early afternoon. I was at though I was in the MM market aero in San Francisco they had these huge TV screens. Set up outside. And it was the French semifinal and it was a huge gigantic crowd. All sit out in this park in this giant grassy area and everybody in the country are watching because the rate of heart rate that Narnia out Watson but they were down to know US there're there're in the dumps this year. 40% from last World Cup people who know better than me say it was a great World Cup I. The wasn't actually what I did read it shocked me. Is it is the first World Cup in anybody's memory where not a single player received a red card for dirty play. So slightly putting my clear program earlier World Cup apparently that's good to see. Usually a pretty cut from a there. Yeah its line on the ground like that shot. It's the game and soccer and really gets mad when I say this and I am a soccer fan I'm not you know not as worldly as some of these others turn on every day here it is yes it had to try to crazy. The it is the thing that that drives American fans and nutty yes. It is the faking it dead die of being. The -- faking injury although I'd edits and as you say that they. Yeah or the NBA I can I was then that the other day isn't visible but the idea like that through a sort of gotten used to it India. All that's going valor while soccer stuff when worst soccer but it's not. And in markets Smart he dazzled the loud and that was a lot of guys are Jan dies out and and I'm not taking anybody off the hook a sub might put it on my soccer. It is sold dramatic it's it all and it's months and months over the top and yet that date as you said date they've literally act like they've been shot last night aren't they roll around they convulsed on the field and then they get up and and they spread down and you'll find the whole time. It almost nobody is ever really hurt there's one got the outbreak is knows they're under the dharma group play that was pretty nasty. But everybody else define me as an at and it's never very hard to tell. As soon as they show Horry played yeah okay that that her good ground like a rock hard yeah like that mean they're grab their head this is there they're masked the mess out there. But for years the United States love their the big comeback. And bounced back and and in eight years or hostess and they don't albeit I know that because Vladimir Putin gave president trump a soccer ball today about your. Which Donald Trump then passed off to his wife and said he was giving it twists on bear. Guys with a nice mom was the only part of the Stuckey said today that wasn't controversial about that. A pretty much covered the part of that nice moment they had this people law mammals like when I can't peace in Boston hey Kathy I don't. I'm happy I went from the fact that I got up and recipe card why I am Christian Fauria creeps are. Other it was definitely Romo is Romo on the year we played the war yeah I'm sure Fauria talk about it but it's a 100% Roma. Okay I. I I. Our academy apparently not captain I think I'm sure those guys talked about it is everybody did. So Kathy was saying that time flies of the Fauria quote now literally little thing we Tony Romo we have we have the recording it's probably worried that it is a joke every show talks about the next day. I think we lost to convert just three weeks ago an hour behind it Keith Jackson. Very sad times and kidney. It's TVM glorious color so I plan. Definitely wouldn't recognize today for last night actually Los Angeles comes from. Time flies. Covering air thank you Rhode eyes look at what that's that you give me time flies. Yeah yeah I remember watching him play Iran's I remember watching him call games. I'm gonna have spent my body Christian Fauria yeah that wasn't him you look at them I was Tony Romo. On the broadcast with Jim Nantz. Time flies see if you probably remembers Fauria at those guys talking about it thank everybody talked about it. How could you know without as they've kind of they Romo original there ever was on. When. As fortunate the program final drive sponsored by cars for kids donate our help child today. Schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids. For cars for kids dot com. The lines coming in just a bit of joining a key for the first hour lower key it's a full. Ever keys tonight. And all week long running right no Red Sox we have full programs are gonna get crisp aligning at night and he's once he gets in here and until 10 o'clock. So are you wouldn't that you were forced. To watch one of these two shows you have you do not have a choice aren't the ones who wanted to watch one of the two are a home run derby tonight on board. Or the espy's. I don't know hollowed out watch wine. Who hello I answer that question no I start to finish you got to watch the whole thing aren't how long I don't have to watch the celebrity softball game after amendment to the arteries usually about three hours long it's this bit of a slog. Is it our the F these three hours. For their gridlock right four and it's like the Oscars you know for sports. I guess home run derby. The I I thought that the actual award for sporting events was a score. If it's of that trophy yes let's I get butchered really try to get as an SP. No. I mean. Award shows can be entertaining if you really get hosts they're telling good jokes or anything but I don't think that yes these you don't think Danica Patrick is gonna keys in the closest she's hosting the espy's this year. They are there this week rate. Wednesday. That's why the question they just put you know no doubt I'll watch because because these today at the days I and that and Wednesday there's no sporting a Smart for them put it on wow yeah area that's actually a pretty good idea. Philippine UFC or summer should take advantage into Wednesday card to somebody there's no sports is nothing else on ones and they should take from the audience. But I guess such is the home run derby I would visit the home render this is not a great year for. Again with the with the who's who of who's in there but I mean you know Bryce Harper could put on a bit of a show. If I lost it's luster certainly for me in a part of it is not having the star players even with the star players. All right and in thirteen twenty homer under resort Everett is now at that Caridad. If the sled dog contest which is another one people made an argued for that's gotten stale the divot there at least they can do different things they're mostly might see something different. Armor beverages does suck and figures which is great putt. Somebody out at 937 game in San Francisco as if among countryside and 93 I think was semite and 957 I forget and they called the game the game and and I don't they were talking about how baseball needs a skills competition. I didn't. Bogey that's at the same thing what would you do I would do a like that Tomlin risky thing where you throw in the ball into the yes yes and yeah yeah I would do I get a bar a garbage can at home but I have outfielders. Shocking him in there and have guys running from first to third. Or first second or whatever Bynum the fastest guys need. I IC hamstring pulls all over there won't do you one better and have a budget pitchers see if they can pump a 10203. On the aisle on the loaded god it's the where I. I what Chris Sale trying to see how hard he can throw final at bat and a shortstop in the same things are those guys had a lot of profit for Paul could throw the ball like 95 miles an hour bomb more a lot of supposedly. Added let's get a bit there. I we talk but the last week issued a five tool. Challenge they have all these guys do a little bit everything have to take part known that the decathlon dale. For baseball so you have them. You know participate the home run derby and have them run to first base yeah album you know field that grounder in the and rifle at home he spent a double play going to be honest. That sounds horrible why don't why it sounds like watching infield practice no it doesn't eat while people like that I haven't played pepper and have played you know I'm out of my peppered what you see this guy is outside the stadium got to go the parking lot and played like pepper. There's got to be some of these. The other spice this up hockey as the guy a nice skills competition in their ridiculous basketball at the fog night they got the three point shoot out to get dunk contest. Throw in the ball a net net saying that's so that's skills were with a colleague that would just be skills competition. Football league though I mean. They do something evolved and it's not normally used to used to automobile QB challenge those are the dog doesn't reflect Gus Frerotte vs Trent Green and like opera house and a lot of people up. Kordell Stewart don't want an athlete with back into at all. And they said be a lot of fun and then Robert Edwards. Well I was slated that you don't flag saying that you know that was part of the event that all right I'll drag every year or you're asking for an at that point but I you got asking for an easier trying to McKee that's right off about the problem running quicksand Roxio whenever run on the field. Still this can happen so just do nothing man. To that is out there doing that just you know they keep trying to spice this up and it's like now this is done put a clock on it now there shortly before guys that it too because he's got a bunch of nobody's. Shouldn't shouldn't Bryce Harper win this thing going they would always rig it's that the hometown team gay money on talent that we gave problem go back to Jason Day an inquiry that. Oh you today thousand pits without it Pittsburgh and he had a single race. It's tough. Phillip price covers not gonna try. No I was all right Stephen entered. They gave us the sweet pop forum. He meaty thing was halfway through the the first they hate side by side IE and voting is also our starter in DC it'll take part is that. I'd like to fifteen. It's 2.0 deputies wanted to hit a hot weekend I guess Audrey is a budget figures late he's the only star player in thing. So that's fine but he's always doing the ball so this. Game wasn't in Washington new arena Bryce Harper I would let him that he would not beat anyone you know you or some group. And he said bank to fourteen to fourteen. Then any effect on friends easily still believe in forty million dollars the know what 23 home runs Donna that's nothing to sneeze Japanese starting in the all star game he's having to fourteen. C'mon. Your starters for the Red Sox to gamble Keeley not. You get JD Martinez is a batting cleanup I think yeah how about its bets Al too great Trout Martinez not bad one proof for that is in crime that's as good as it gets and that goes back to. The mid ninety's. Early two thousand's all star lineups that is that good gives you two MVPs and there. And any of a guy and you've got to finish second in right now you. So that's or Martinez when it you have 3M VP sitting atop for the outline that that's as good as it Izturis. And then you got a quarter of mr. moral off the bench sales started the game and then Campbell could close did I read. Over the weekend when I was out and San Francisco when I was reading as saying Clinton no it's just a quick trip by their I didn't read somewhere that that moved he has now passed Trout for war. Here now is now what was that what was that twelve point nine to twelve point six what was that number that I would that I read about I couldn't. He threw that the bill war. What is the good for right now Mike Trout six point eight. We'll keep bats is third they six point three. For this season as obstinate. Offensive wars because they break it down that they do or there's also a day they did you know the last two years that there's a bunch of different stats that are put out there and there and they're pretty close as we get a bit of an argument on Friday. You know who's better bats or Trout. And I still think it's Trout but I think he's the only guy now and the entire game that is better than McKee that's. In the season that they're having are pretty identical when you look at the numbers across the board the hard to separate the two. And that's I think when is he get frustrated and say I got to here Trout nobody else is finally. Two years this team stinks no matter how good I am you know we get limp along and he's played one playoff series his entire career. And he's first or second in the MVP just about every single season. He's under contract for another couple years because they sort of they sweeten the pot for him so he's making 34 million this year next year and in 220. But that he could be that he's a free agent so. He could obsolete. Go summerall and any elderly you know he'll re sign there don't they saw me Aussie loves it there in the team as well but better than that number's going to be silly. But he and rookie that's right or on the same time. I mean forty million. Or more right I mean there's it's it's the way that baseball contracts have gone up he could make more than forty millimeter. I wonder harper we'll get that this year you know he's not matter did. Season I don't image a look at this season and decide yet Al Ali on an act that money down if there's still so young like all these guys are so done and harper what 25 so he's gonna get an insane number and maybe China is gonna get a a crazy contract to do those two guys this year and get away a couple of years natural that some Trout and Bogart some of it doesn't captions. I never keep is up next it's a full ever keep Phil said that and then belonging all the way until 10 o'clock no baseball until Friday is seeing a lot of the night should never month obviously but the night show itself does still exists and I'll be with you indeed for a. All rights Leo is back on the call angled on home on resident Keith won't be on not on front there. This is something I said is no known don't know just like a wedding to go to. So durable wraparound along with it saves them superior movies about them now it's not a movie in what's up this legacy skyscraper yet I'd Nazis can ask for not as they go through the rockets you are why. I know it's hard to believe. I've not seen skyscraper Renault Ewing great article about Iraq actually in a USA today in BC's and that he's a fraction of the matter we put them. Every single movie that he's been he's been a success even ranked voters movies get. That's not part of this conversation we got that Hercules that was six the last they really are about to fares. That was before we did the like I do. So you know Kevin Pollock you know Kevin policies actor he drove me nuts so when the rock was first getting into movies this was like. But the mummy returns or whatever or scorpion king right back then. He went on in this race to watch like the late shows a lot like Letterman and Kilborn he went on in two adequate twice in one week. Kevin Pollock went on to different night shows that promo whatever he was on. And he goes hey Roch I got I got two words refer you like to words of advice for you with a delicate DX dead nutter goes Hulk Hogan. As they get as big laugh like vocal advocates terrible movie star. I was supposed to we were wrong into recycle the joke twice in a weak on national team c'mon bro we also that the rock beat Paul Crocker about eighteen car hillside after the weekend. First skyscraper. Hogan's I mean out rock's career box office isn't a billion dollar auto parts like ten delegates it's just that Aaron which of these. Yeah as the money you I'd. In their Kevin Pollock's I am DB lately I have not not real good since a few good men at arms gonna have there Wednesdays than usual suspects a little will rule on a show called shark that that once you've often called shark exactly. Make your phone with a rock you know you wish with a rock with. I I Eddie and I both did ROX. Gilani will be in here as well talk to guys tomorrow by.