Dale & Keefe - Chris Sale is pissed that the Red Sox continue to blow his great starts; Bergeron is one Selke from being a Hall of Fame lock.

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, June 20th
Hour 4:  Dale, Keefe, and Tomase open the money hour with Gregg Popovich meeting Kawhi in California, and Chris Sale makes an unfunny joke in the post game media scrum. The NHL Awards are here and Patrice Bergeron could win his fifth Selke. The Bruins are still very interested in Ilya Kovalchuk and they also would like to move David Backes.

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Yeah and. Fourth and final hours dale and he. Sports Radio WEEI Johns mossy WEEI dot com is. Let us again here today we've already spoken Alex Cora that was at about 230 today will bring that back for final drive. 54545. Somewhere in there he'll talk about a a number of different things including why he continues to play Jackie Bradley junior. Pretty much every night news on satellite that's gonna change anytime soon that doesn't I also like his spaghetti metaphor for a trip coming up was your idea the power gotta be he's got a good spaghetti metaphor he really does believe it or not there. So will will start here with some Celtics stuff and evidently out Kyle Draper we used to be on the show I don't know if you remember us. Yeah it was a while ago and and letting on vacation many tests had apparently doesn't come back and but he was on last night. On patient. Who's talking to Chris medics and they were talking about the whole idea of of a coli Leonard trade possibility. Why would you you don't cut off half the league in you're trying to move your superstar. Immediate why does give moved Chris I feel like the Celtics are the team that it offered the best set of assets and to me it feels like it to age wants to go all in all cut Hawaii later he'll be a Celtic the question is how horrible dating age go to get this deal done. Well yeah I Draper look the other part of his two you're not dealing with like the Sacramento Kings here you're dealing with the San Antonio Spurs. Which are fronted by some of the smartest people in basketball. RC Buford ranks right up there with Danny Ainge and only a handful of others as one of the best dealmakers in the league if you if you're getting echo Y letter. You're not gonna get him for 67 cents in the dollar with the spurs gonna do and what makes me believe this is going to be drawn out process is that they're gonna play teens off each other. They're gonna use the lakers they're gonna use maybe even McCain as many as the Celtics try to find the best offer so if Boston wants him. They're gonna have to dig pretty deep into the well bass has to get him. So I definitely agree that at the Celtics won him they can offer more than Cleveland or either LA team or Memphis that they could. They they shouldn't have to though but what I disagree a man Exxon is. I think the spurs may be could. Go in a direction where they don't take the best offer possible I think it was eight year old Sharansky said the other night that if Kauai lettered and Popovich and that doesn't go really well we say we need the meeting is really bad. They Popovich is that gonna turn incentive exactly where he wants ago. That date date they of their body had they immediately this is working but you wanted to of the lakers spider or the lakers or would you say you're going somewhere else go to the grizzlies to outline right exactly like I could and maybe the Celtics get involved they're not that it's a bad location as is not the location that he wants. And so ultimately comes down the 75 cents on the dollar but it includes some really Jalen brown who made Popovich really likes. While that maybe they would do that deal you also have to factor in leverage you know the spurs don't have a time like he's he now I have to Euro he wants out and whoever gets him as possibly acquiring a rental that does not even a position to maximize what he's were jolted on a trade him now. Traded at trade deadline you can went theoretically some teams even more desperate to hold that's the guy who wins us a ring. Yes we'll find out how much they like this draft. Right at it tomorrow night if he gets Dowell and the they end up in the top ten with a with a draft pick and obviously they really. Like somebody here if not maybe maybe this thing moves. On so the big story last night was apparently Gregg Popovich. Went to San Diego to meet with collide latter. Supposedly collides induct him. A pop wanted to do this one's going collided wanna talk that's good or not they're a good sign that's a good sign it there and and reportedly what Popovich found out is that. Why does wanna go back San Antonia dale he wants to Los Angeles now the clippers thank you very much. He wants to go to LA and play for the lakers apparently. Now there's question about whether or not Popovich and the spurs will trade him to anybody in the west little on the lakers just because he wants a threat doesn't mean they have to do it. Don't worry Stephen A Smith has got some opinions about Cole why wanting to be an ally. Why Lenin if you listen. Here's the deal to me that they've stopped. Just stop. You wanna go to las Angeles got sick I am so sick and tired of folks walking around 8 o'clock. All talk you out. I do instead about. Why did not want to be at the editorial anymore biblical law does not have people throughout throughout the hill and how low. And close their advantage as they each got one time ally sorry they have now. Now spec book fed up that would have. Arabs didn't think yeah in the updated contact detectives he walked out because we want the big in LA you don't have that up there become public. All the Iowa City it includes we've gotten sick are you twenty million dollars you played nine day. We have added to. Detonate its. So is he gonna have the same reaction to LeBron goes so. Should he show right you're doing it's it wants to go to LA let's go ally with they're both being LA based guaranty matter acquired or opened abroad well the body cannot doubt. So he's not forcing a move dollar buyout and are okay but he signed that contract no identity even expect all right I don't. I don't let LeBron obviously did that he could've stayed long term in Cleveland if you wanna do it but he wanted out so is the same thing NB EU he wants that. Get out there and he's he's going to it's actually worse because the spurs will get something for Leonard. There's the cavs are gonna get anything LeBron is gonna walk away the bronze gonna go to LA and it's going to be a disaster I mean on the way I hope so. Guys almost 34 and he's willing to start over with a terrible though I don't say it is already established it starts at LA with LeBron. While Leonard and Chris Paul. Brigantine a pretty good or Paul George even sent Chris Paul had to be pretty good. Or you also get to 34 year old guys you know. It's a and BI out of Colorado Ronald third of the way early as Chris Wallace could cause but but it's lettered in George with LeBron. Maybe neighboring actually is Randall is froehlich a big guy and that's ever Alonso ball on the deal on top hundred and gossip just a regular on earth did I mention I was on this talk show on San Diego today and one of the things they talked about was the whole. Leonard here and elect yet and they said. The lakers are desperately trying to pull the plug them on lawns of and the spurs don't know exactly a part of act now on and on speak for yourself over our shoulders here while we were talking. They're showing it in two Graham photos of Alonso all's wool but he's clearly reflects that he's put muscles on an alana is flexing fairs he's like leaning in easily flexing it -- he's. His father still going to be around right that's true. They just because you're stronger is that you're gonna shoot above 30% from three probably 930 goes the other way yes you're gone from the weight of the bass and iris to get a date equity everything beefed up kid in high school awfully users there. The the other big thing around here is the patriots are providing so much fodder for some of the national talk shows. Tom Brady for instance. Skip Bayless. Sherri knows what Tom Brady in here it was. Was reported that we don't know that the of the true level of their that charm to rate to retire if they try to grow. Now in in that got laugh that scoffed at dismissed. Now I've believe that I believe Tom at least threatened to retire. And he would threaten to only one person. To daddy via video right. Daddy. Daddy. That's what he calls 1 problem that I am not in the program. Let's say that the day that we that within a week to someone's going to be students is back and yet here we are dated. Didn't take a month and yet there. Well skipping Shannon continued. Because they know that tar all over Tom is trolling you guys. Okay 45. Key thing all the things he wants to face. Bark. What he's doing it truthful to me yup so he's talk he's doing it in hot Holloway apple oh yeah I would go tongue in cheek he sort of it's like the book clubs into excuse me if they Georgie excuse me the whole weight of it. It's not anything like that not even a tiny bit light it's like what someone bumps in the woods says skis me and they bumping you again they say it is using. What does that what does it refer to not do everything that was just uttered in the last like minute and a half and that was meaningless since they outscored had a great analogy or metaphor to say giants are less so not that it's terrible that doesn't make any seesaw stick to confident national out was of the nice little bit that he had on the sideline there. It's like for what booked into excuse me that it Georgie stupid. Way to meet. Ha that's solid this is like. I thought this is like at all he's like so you know the guy you knock you with his arm just the manager. That doesn't again and even if she has initially grandma yet on who they think he's playing at least 45 or if like someone booked into. Excuse me now individual genes doesn't matter amateur does yeah nobody nobody does item now. As I said these we talked to Alex score in the first. I mean come on you gotta be a little frustrated John you pointed out the statistic the Red Sox in Chris Sale starts this year eight Nate. In Eduardo Rodriguez route and Rodriguez starts this trip with thirteen and one that makes sense I mean if you're Chris hale how could you not prisoners get just a tiny bit frustrated. And Eddie talked about some of that last night's. You know the stuff that's part of it. She's. We'll have. Certain backgrounds and drove through the worst for him so. This thing you know it happens you know this isn't this isn't rocket scientist lots of them. There's a formula for a so did you show couldn't score a lot of religious schools shall we score a lot of love to revision which we'll see visuals which well and our own vicious defense is there's some ways especially this noon. You know sort certainly different days so. I don't want to hang my head about I don't know his cousin Caroline. Love doing. Anything different on Monday. Remembering popsicle or something for. Having been in a lot of those grounds of a player makes a joke here and it's not that the army go off again fast and candidates and I don't really like induced him a little chuck better than or night jokes. But price. It's the knowledge either want to do is to stand up comedian theory where you're sitting in a standup comedians audience laughed at his jokes more than if you're watching the same routine and home. It's just the atmosphere the room and everything else. The laser missile. And what is known about and the tail it out the vet the crowd everyone is laughing all the easiest crowd is the best man and maid of honor speech that is the easiest. Proud history of crowd well I was awesome time. Those were great you know Gregory told you after they did daddy do it if they would make it's goes but there raises for virus never drunk that he go up there like I know story about the liberal that I. A lot is the easiest IQ does this sorry sorry I don't know what if it was a great story it wasn't an imam legitimately funny and it's on merit as exaggerated as I props for march what's today our efforts. I carry it like let's Mac Alec yeah. This comes and it was. Did you bench press liken our first just to get real Carrot Top blood has been depressing alcohol that companies are that are very important you know at the heart out as. To perform that way. Oh yeah I don't know you out yeah this guy has been allied jokes get out of your arm gets scratched the the Bryant. Is that what you call I'm patsy Pollack performing a landing yeah. Synod officiating I'm initiating everything yeah I got to perform live at those and is a song dance and well it's what they want to you don't like when I'm 64 and I think Gonzales the only top hat and tails. I think that is pretty good look though if the bride said they want me and that yes I said performance a bit of officiate wireless that is that you view it as a performance it's not performance or you're doing a little bit more than just reading off I cannot peace keeper yet not all the memory. There's a little bit memory it is a little bit shell is the role of government and I have little a little bit and brought absolutely. It's like the one book the good humored. Individual genes do it all the way to meet. I'm doubtful it's just like that. Identical and now it's. So I don't see the NBA draft is coming up by tomorrow night from NHL draft coming up Friday or Saturday forget engine but the NHL awards are tonight Las Vegas. You have to Bruins word nominated. One. Won't win. Where the finalist Bruce Cassidy one of the three finalists for the Jack Adams award. Coach of the year sari acting Girard a lot of the Vegas cold nights they party in grave the trophy with his name on button showed I got no issues with that. The other one is Patrice Bergeron who is nominated for the sell key trophy. And as Bruce cast these pointed out that used to be for best defensive forward it has kind of morphed now it's in it is now become the award for best two way hockey player. So not only yet begun to two grown into the ice which got bailed put up some points which is why Cassidy thinks it is entirely possible that. Patrice Bergeron is gonna win his fifth tonight. If he does he'll be the only player in NHL history with five silky trophy awards. Bob Gainey has four Bergeron has four. And I think he clinches a spot hall fame if he wins fine. Weird does you don't really think he had eight now other than Shara. For this run that the Bruins of N tower will be in the hall of fame as well I don't know should be very well let's just saying you don't resent anyone beyond him as autumn. I think once you include you know you think about Bergeron Albie you know team Canada Olympic teams in World Cup teams and he's been on you'd wanna copy. And then if you keep put not only keep winning this award year after year. And also combining you know the offense that he has that yeah. I mean he's got more time he's not there it's not likely designed 32 days that he's 32. Steadily forever but it doesn't like it's an eighteen year old yeah exactly. And and look I was one of those people who thought you know really really good player and hatcheries are going to be in the hall of fame. It looks like he is now you know like if he does win this thing tonight good competition tonight but if he does win. And becomes the first player in league history went by album. I think he's in the hall thing for the couple years ago the conversation started with him getting his Jersey Burton number retired in the guard as uneven quest now it's not at all and a couple years rounds on the practice started and now you're like okay now owes you one of the best Bruins of all time like does he belong in the hockey hall of fame and I think. The answer definitely yes I think. He doesn't win and I think second solidifies that it has gotten way out another one next year gonna yet clear what is already a finalist who very you know top three minutes he puts together a few more seasons like this which. The way things are going use you little pencil that in that yeah he might renamed itself do you work that the Bergeron award a few years he debuted before the Red Sox won the world sinners yes that's insane and he's in his early thirties there's 30 Pacific that is like a rookie in 2000 theory yeah. He's got a real good chance to win tonight. Some of that is you know once Teague once your in that category once Europe a silky trophy winner you know people are it's easy to vote for you again yet. But he also you know had the numbers to back it up again it does and he's back to being you know two of the last three years he's back to being a thirty goal score him so he's not just you know best faceoff guys and a one of the best defensive forward spot. Give me thirty bulls and he was on the bass line in hockey last year so few today's a big part of why it yeah I'll try it exactly so I mean there's yet this guy looks like he's he's got until all the emperor. A outside note to the Bruins. The teams all of all announced their home openers. Today and the rest of the schedule gets released tomorrow. I've seen some places where people. Have apparently come up with a released it but. The one we know all about is the home opener and it's weird. Really weird. The Bruins will open at home there's there regular season schedule. On a Monday afternoon at one. It's weird rates they play again otherwise when it later Columbus Day. Their their their home opener they start on the road. They are there will be the opposition for the capitals when they raise the Stanley Cup banner. The next night they play in buffalo against the sabres. And then Columbus Day Monday September 8. They are home for a 1 o'clock game. I mean it's just strange to me that your very first hockey game of the season ism Monday at one a holiday which you know not everybody has off. Some people have an off some people don't some people work. And and you're gonna I guess trying to put a crowd in their for the home opener. That's on that's a strange if I don't I've ever heard of that that that well first ball than any team has opened at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I don't think the Bruins have ever opened. On a Monday afternoon it got the cloudy day at throwing a baseball field and are offering today you get everybody wants to know the kids watching and so parents that don't know if America. Strange looking for the whole thing by the way the hockey fans and in Washington are mad. But the Bruins are the opener for the night they raised the banner they wanted to be the Pittsburgh and it sabathia should rather than they wanted to Robbie ace pitcher that that's right yeah. After all that they probably opened up in Pittsburgh a bunch of times. He's going to you know I think Crosby with tipped his cap Mo Rivera style he would. You know opium dominoes until game time hit with stay in the locker room knew it on the blues everybody's out when they raise it from all that stuff but it'll be the Bruins will be in in our nation's capital it. So the be the home opener for the caps the home opener for the sabres. And they come home from Monday at one home game which. And will political shock be on the team. I think there's a better shot today donated yesterday rights. I I've wondered about it. You point out at play in the NHL for five years that seems a little long to me. But it announced that it has Bruce Cassidy now first of all done Sweeney's interest is very I knew that. And then I I heard some comments that Cassidy made yesterday about global chip and heated pool pool at all he didn't shy away from an at all. That would be uninteresting. A move for our team is back is still on the team or to the fund there are multi trade partner reports out there that they are they are interested in moving away from that that contract. It's got like four years after who's interest in adding that all that well and I've done maybe they'll have the park oh look at that they'll have to withhold some salary. Bad last year and when many that are what do you want to throw now I I think that he's got 31 goals over two seasons here that's not what they thought they were they were getting they knew they were bringing in leadership they like that. I don't think they love you know the production now I now he's got some sort of a no move clause belt all the hot rumor theory as. Would Saint Louis won back. Captain their for a long time. You know if the Bruins were able leap part of the salary with the saint Louis blues wanna take David back is back in and you get even more money. The that salary cap numbers for this upcoming year that it Gary Bettman announced today the Bruins have about eleven point nine million to play with. If they moved away from Bacchus they have you know closer like eighteen million to play with. Now you can I can do some stuff. How much does cold Turkey of that if they don't matter. It found six when you're right I think for only a couple of ways yeah. Where a where Rick Nash is going to be like for five years to back it says three years left six million per he has a no movement clause eighteen trade less. Four or nineteen in time when he and then for I wanted this year and he's got no move that it's a fifteen team turned the stuff that. I don't know whether you have a list here funny but I wouldn't be surprised Saint Louis was on the lists again monarch back unless he's he lets you stop this that and offer. Molly. I think he liked it there there's certainly liked him. I know he was he was injured and couldn't play when the Bruins went back to play in Saint Louis but I made the trip anyway. You know went back and got honored by the fans and all that stuff. I don't know that they want to that they necessarily would find a taker but I wouldn't be shocked if they were trying to. Just to free up some money and see what they can do they've got mad grizzly signed to a deal. Does a good deal rails in part to Maria I'm one point two million a year and a couple years that's a that's a good average annual value. I think they still would like it left defenseman although the Carolina Hurricanes reportedly said today they are not interested in dealing Noah Hannifin. Well they wanted to was consigned to some sort of long term deal I'm sure that's what they wanna do some question is whether or not they could do.