Dale & Keefe -  Dale and Keefe go at it over Hanley Ramirez’s expectations with this team; Are the Red Sox screwing up the team chemistry?

Dale & Keefe
Friday, May 25th
Hour 3: The guys react to Dombrowski and Cora press conference; did Joey Cora coaching Hanley affect DFA move? Keefe and Dickerson question how players in clubhouse will feel about Cora making team decisions. Dale and Keefe argue over Hanley’s playing time, and Dickerson takes Holley’s side.

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The speech that Palin keeps you know the bill comes down to play disciplined. Jackie Stewart expenses. Now Hanley is gone and so don't chase it its best ball dale Arnold and Ricky. Hey let's highlight package like intensity twenty straight minutes and receivers we have on the phones right now on the WTI Sports Radio net. A. Our free daily Heath Sports Radio WEEI. Greg Dickerson is in the house when this it's been an an eventful afternoon already it has. Just before we went on the or 2 o'clock we found out that the Red Sox had designated Hanley Ramirez for assignment and I have seven days. To either trade him piling on like not happen. Or release him which is more likely now he will be coming on restricted free agent he can sign anywhere he gets the fifteen million dollars fifteen million plus that the Red Sox to Olin. He can side for any team in Major League Baseball for the veteran minimum. But he's still got fifteen million coming his way. I've seen several folks on the text line scared to death and he's gonna somehow end up with the New York Yankees and burn you. I don't see them interest at all these are the Yankees in the Astros and the Indians knew all seeing them again. That's a prediction to see him again does one of those cases where a guy. Doesn't want a part time role on his own team but would be willing to go somewhere else that kind of thing BC that all of our ports through well I should be a starter. Will block any sign that the nerves are there a play everyday they're a well that's okay are they want they want ten million dollars team offers some four million lot I think if one million dollars. Well once you take four million dollars if he and others who aren't it would take four million dollars for the opposite of all right yeah I I will say this and this isn't why they made the move on to saying this is. Subset of the move. Other Red Sox beginning tomorrow will be dramatically better defensively. When Dustin Pedroia reprise replaces Eduardo Nunez at second base he has been a disaster. And when Mitch Moreland gets much more of the playing time at first base he's only played half their games so far this year they will be dramatically better defensively than that that. There and okay at that a couple positions Bateman yeah sub par and you're gonna get JD Martinez I think. Out of left field where. He liked being out there I don't I don't think they like having him out there while I like being out there's so much he's going. You don't realize how bad he is out there now I think our guys understand that you're engaged in the game now on the winner DH into your mind yet he has all that I'd prefer to play in the field it's just look at their numbers were you know it's again very obvious to us. They wanted to DH that's where he'll be tonight you know where most of the time from now. Honesty back to calls you guys 6177797937. Jim's on the cellphone HM. Without guy except in India it has got a quick car on the handling things so earlier in the day. When it happened I was as surprised everybody Ali it's a question bail out before the break which is do you feel better about it. And I do but I actually think the rationale makes sense. Is that risky yeah but I you know I think more when does make a lot of sense of course if there is risk that'll play down. To lower level but he's also coming into his pride in him and exiting a lot and I beat it to make that risk. I felt like the groups which brings in my next weight which is. Don't give them a good job cutting this arm's system they've got nothing and they desperately need. Helped with a reliever on the trade you know the Yankees you're gonna get. And it's your best prospect of a plot out. The room the other kid who got hurt earlier this achieve it. You know their their ballclub the radar right so let's let literally have not. And there aren't systems don't think England added benefit to that is. You get like why are some appearances at the plate yeah it's a little bit of rhythm he's not kidding he becomes marketable again if he was a marketable a couple of years ago. And they are not moving the men sitting on the bench Lahti got hurt. All that gave him a little out there maybe he's he produces a little bit and then it can hold them as part of a package or to generally people which it desperately need help. What you write about or read about everything except one part Michael chances and hurt the suspending her pocket it's it you know realm then surgery other two best guys that are yet another trail right now but depending on. And I and I understand where you don't with the idea of trading Blake's life hard but it likes like heart starts playing in starts hitting on a regular basis. You really wanted the union for road. Seventh inning reliever yes yes I still know I really do I go out from where are you rather not keep him I think is that all rated everybody just assumes a few places him ahead why. He won't stop being watts. Because he's the top prospect at that point yet you're shouting out yeah because every top prospect at all they got bad guys of all of this that we I've never seen before our line it's wrestle all the scouting reports that we got ahead are as long as her clear that the great is in a lot of times by the way there's room for -- fired out in the lineup is not a lot of just a bit and Atlanta are its first base yet I can't way to get another position that's that's and he needs a but it doesn't have a first baseman eBay and I met my I don't get on one just take Hanley sailors are gonna mutants and more. Nine pound and I was housing in my arteries gone but I now. I'm gonna guess that while it will be able to sign until next week the way the timetable is according to them brows ski. They haven't worked out a deal. Next Wednesday they put him on trade on release waivers that takes 48 hours next Friday. May release them weakened on sun where every once it's going to be amid an American League team right I mean are we in agreement while on a National League team on him in the field every day. Our post as a go to New York Mets potentially iPods if they I don't know why are at a NL teams of that Adam Dunn you know in the outfield for years and all they've got all kinds of you know defensive players for regularly get five and a desperate and again. It's not like he is just. Doctors don't hand and air force base that is say that serviceable. First base serviceable you can get away replying. I'm Mattson Brattleboro Vermont pain that I don't. Hey did you interpret the options are I think this is actually sent out there who. I think the only reason like people are worried about this is because it's Red Sox in the Alex Cora is this was the. Who lost we lost him. We lost well happen that will give that while it did say on the ball screen that this this is a move out of the Bill Belichick playbook. That's true a surprise cut and it and definitely adult fearlessness of yeah. You know trading. Logan Mankins on the on the eve of the start of the season sort of thing. If if felt it was in the same spot and a player needed somebody snap counts to vastly 22 million dollar option and he's back at the staff costs sell off this is kind of a Belichick moved because we were all trying to figure out our who's going down as somebody hurt. What are they gonna do. They get to we knew Pedroia was gonna be activated so movers waited for move. But nobody nobody predicted this and that now that you hear I think a lot of people are trying to talk themselves into it and say well hated on on the dollar he sucks and man dollars up a great defensively. But still out of the 25 guys on the roster or here's why take the position players are and the hitters. He's not the worst you have. Is not a good teams got better because he's gone this contract obviously was not Dave Dombrowski it was bench Arrington yes and at the time. Look. I thought that I thought Pablo sent a ball signing was a good when that was going to be great I needed I bet they need the third baseman. I didn't understand at all why they signed Hanley Ramirez at the same time to play left field cherry there was infatuated with him in the way he talked about immunity opening press conference was just kind of hit areas and being around him from before and now now Brady is and but you're right taken on a bed putting him in left field it just never talked in like this guy. Stinks but then he was able to bounce back and have a have a monster year or Ortiz is last year by the way I'd I did go back in check and Joey Cora. Was a coach on the marlins' team win Hanley played there and so we are talking about you know how much this Alec for thought I think Alex knows. But sound altered a second of all. He very easily could have called up his brother and sent him what do you think if we sit this guy and the bench for five out of seven days a second goal over. I mean if he's looking for more I'm not saying he had to do that he probably made up his own mind but he had ways of figuring this I. Other leagues kind of fascinating that it was never even brought up to him was never even now disgusting guys try it out about it wasn't even fought to say hey. Wanna sit and talk dear. Here's what we're thinking of doing namely he you're our here's our thought process. What do you think they probably if they knew. I just knew they felt that they didn't even have to ask him that even mean that that. Rolled it by Hanley Ramirez that it was going to be ugly if they do but also I don't if they'd they knew what it was gonna run yeah. You're also started spring training in your number he's that Hiller Mears is our number three hitter there he's our number three hitter. And then all year he's at third and and lastly that second yet he's at second hand full time so. This whole year and this whole month that he's been bad and he sits second or third the entire. Time so not only do they even not try sitting them for a few games they didn't try removing them down in the lineup so how many first place teams think their number three hitter they feel better. I'm not one right well done yet we now on one example of that yes bends in Connecticut had been. Hey guys had a quick question and maybe I missed the order but. It definitely hurt Simon and at the pick up the fifty million dollar. And has been in them are really don't. What it every other team just kind of let him get released in Angola. Yes no no nobody will probably won't trade for already theoretically someone could if they wanna make sure they get him as opposed to you know anybody can go assign him. But that they don't want him next year nobody wants the pins were originally go to next but I but I've still got to find out if that vesting option goes with them. Because I've read both ways but even even at. They're gonna pay fifteen million anyway why not even offer another Senior Bowl pick up the contract this year. If you give us something in return. Maybe they did maybe they did or anything else in between now and next Wednesday. Yeah rightly so they saw an opportunity doing I would be shocked if it happened I guess just from Ken Rosenthal and I guess we don't know the exact rule but I thought the contract if he gets traded. You get that same contract. You know hence when John Lackey went to the cardinals so that five sheep out here all we have still carried over I assume that this carries over as well. And so teams would want that to deal with the exact same thing the Red Sox currently have to deal is it fair to say that during the time that Hanley Ramirez has been a member of the Red Sox. You've been for the most part disappointed him. You one great year. I haven't. Really not a that's going to be bet you wouldn't think is going to be better than that I'm not no not really know why I got that one really Goodyear. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he played. First base. I thought that he could be all. Real shy can't pick pain in the ass in the club outside that now the it didn't happen I thought I mean how this bill. Flopping after David Ortiz retired an outline of excitement and their marriage is gonna fall apart is going to be a lousy guy deal with a can be a pain in the yes. Because he had David Ortiz he you know we eat. He flew right. Because David Ortiz was Dexter once they've Ortiz leaves is going to be his own guy who was off it was never values yeah all wasn't yeah he sent ripples seasons here. And to keeps point his second season here thirty home runs a 111 runs batted in he hit 286. If it. Now it's OPS was 866 but it was good it was you know you enter the other two full seasons here there's no way you couldn't say they weren't a disappointment. He in in his first season back eerie it's 249. He's got nineteen home runs 53 runs batted in in the mr. Hartley Bundy did qualify and horrible while guild's last year he plays and a 133 games he hit 242. He's OPS's 750. He gets 23 home runs but he's only got 62 runs batted in. Great I don't know how you couldn't see that this guy was a disappointment he. That he did not give you what you thought you were getting why would guys got a bottle right when they signed him tell it all depends on what your expectations war. Going into assigning. I did not had huge expectations for Hanley Ramirez and actually hit against Houston is one of the few guys in the playoffs are closer to started what do you was he was the other he had a pretty good series against him gets as much in his Red Sox career. Is a PS is 776. Based on his salary. He's a disappointment shore yes but going into it. I've mixed I didn't expect him to have even one year like he had back in 2000 even worse here than anyplace east play. Look better in Miami he was wetter better with Angelos all rocket look at the age now though but my point is how how could you not look at these numbers and say OK I'm. That is some money while some. Only have 13 it was I would like nobody unless I'm the begin within that's why I have a place forum. Right leg was not a left fielder and so that was just a waste of the entire didn't even want you guys like the solid player by any sense all buttons and that's what's going so going into that contract you that 130 home run season and he had had had 100 RBIs season and his entire career. He had anyone on here yet immense seniority had to have here one great yet on a foray. I didn't necessarily think he was gonna have any years ran on a three or four so that's why I say. You know I embrace Asia for if you're over exceeded if you're grating on the Carl Crawford Pablo Sandoval current venue the whole idea of exactly 617 Sox hall of Famer that's a big group of 6177797937. Its daily key Sports Radio W media. Not I don't think you can fit in but I think it's always been of the you know part of for a bit of a player is it was going to be difficult. Probably platoons. And becoming instantly games and that's a perfect world. It is he's it's about. Obviously would versatility we have with the other players. Juniors. Late as far as man in the game it's he's here. Manager Alex Cora talking about why he recommended to Dave Dombrowski that the Sox. Designate Hanley Ramirez. For assignment but if you're wondering why bench Harrington is no longer employed might Dave Dombrowski has that job. The red stock as a Red Sox still Pavel send vol eighteen million for next year. And then there's a five million dollar buyout after that. They're paying in my case this year eighteen million pardon next year. And a five million dollar buyout after. And they still or paying Alan correct right yes the ranch is had some money and that you'd and that has been going on you've been gone for output socket for. Three years while we mentioned this earlier in between Ramirez sent a ball. They're still paying Adrian Gonzales anatomy that's incredible Allen Craig and Bruce neat Casio the Sox are paying approximately 45 million dollars. This year for people to not play for fleas. And they've got the highest payroll in baseball. I was on top model Alibaba at what point does ownership pierce say look I'm one. Ollie here this is the team wide but have they not done this Taylor bears although it is that is that there are they do have to pay him thought it might be a quieter trade deadline. You know they could say well this is team I must there's a big injury you'd say well guys were paying more money they embody else look at how much money. Is invested in the rotation how much is in the everyday lineup even the bullpen with a guy at the back and there's a lot of money being invested here but now I wonder if you know there right there and if it's. A game difference between them in the Yankees whether you win the division or have a pled not wild card game that yet they're probably more aggressive now. And if you're keeping score at home the yankees' payroll this year is 66 million dollars less than the Red Sox pretty crazy what the gonna be aggressive with. Open no word yet what they give up follow. What they have water have you heard about the Scott Blake's wife are great which I. And I hope he can catch I can play the outfield hit to play birthdays and you get him a few games get it going. A young Buster Posey is what he has. So Bure well I feel he's not playing it right you would think a guy with a little left to play all the time. I wanted to be behind the scene he's raised a lot of stuff these are not CNN what they've got to that he's got a great hitting catcher right now running a couple of them so that's why they got nearly a like lot playing that well I don't logjam there catcher right now. Nathan's in New Hampshire hey Nathan. Yeah I go into. Our political elite ball. Sucks and that one it went to cross our club I mean it's. A bit that I don't. Disagree that what you're saying that but you still have to pay him fifteen million dollars this year to not even beyond a team. It only care. Here is that you it's what would you run up right wolf all. Of I wouldn't. I mean. I'm. Glad I did a great and so I'm not. The well right now I'm not dull. Namely. Our goal. It won't. Yeah yeah well. I don't want him. So you. Never. See what. Happens when it. The only hits lefty the team the team does not hit lefties hand me downs that's my that's my along on the team handling. Yes. Are. An ideal ideal and you don't care about the money they keep bringing it up but if you can do one thing I want to keep my on the team that's why that would keep him and that's pretty except they don't think he'll handle that that's what comes down to right right and I'm gonna but the car outside his point the oil and then I would ask. Slumps I've constantly that's why they don't think that's a good eye about that Nathan's point no I understand I haven't heard the brows you're quorum. They think you'd melt down there and given that chance we even get to see it happen. Ever put into one that's all. She or righty melted down so that's down to get rid of your read on August overall it's not gonna ruin the team but it well you don't laugh at that point. You will gotten rid of somebody else to. But all I don't wanna keep around if you're gonna get on the vent your gonna get rid of them eventually right now. Yeah I think so and and your point is let's just use it against lefties paint at Alex said. Alex Cora said you know pinch it off the bench and chances are is not gonna wanna do that but top way to talk about Alex you are up and out and we do it anyway. Even if he does all that you're gonna get rid of them. You're never gonna let him hit it into they'll let him be a part of this long term. So cut your losses and a whole lot of all why not use him while you can still use him long. Did when he could possibly see is some news right now I understand the full time ever perhaps as good as great gonna go to suddenly get better when he's hitting last year was right up my code now if you just. Haven't hit against lefties now he's not gonna hit 497 plate appearances so that you might not even divert or maybe you just use him and now. You know your face in Dallas cycle and at the beginning of the Astros are in the playoffs on the that he could be useful player getting go back to last year against the Astros in the playoffs. They they were out and and and for but he was good news one of the few guys that was actually hit the crap out. Last seven days he's all for fifteen last fourteen days he's sitting on 43 last 28 days he's hitting 198. You could get better so what about other rabbis jacket rally on the island because he can you were least defend the position but he adds even more you you looked at a month for him Ramirez I don't get a career for Jackie Bradley he's still on the team. Bob Brett is in Westfield Hambrecht. Yeah we go what's the correct. Well a couple things present law yet made it sound bite Cora. I'm surprised to hear I didn't know he could turn out like why are the yeah war or new ones writing in the lineup dozens ballot. All right but as far as and it Ramirez goes on I'll put a bill. Qualified expect eight dale I don't Pakistan remember you saying it acquired the about elite. But I looked at the station airlock and I call it would be pretty calm all about bowl titles citing. I gotta be honest with you most of us didn't understand why you were signing Hanley Ramirez to play left field most of us build most of us like. Likely an animal like my idols live on you talked about on the air yes all. Yeah I mean when does simply does have a dog that's the yes of course there a. I act ally remember but I could be wrong that's all right one last thing ominous they had coming up or shut it down cart on the Yankees fan. Will you get to play and make it some other planet you. But the last several years and Ramirez about the last person I wanna see at the plate. When the chips are down. I don't want to see him you got less than your offensive. Output today. Well I IE you haven't you have a greater opinion of Hanley Ramirez's offensive skills and abilities tonight. And and I I appreciate the fact that you know he's the guy that you fear and and all that stuff. I just I I just haven't seen it. Other ways a lifetime to 73 hitter against the Yankees and interest that he's though for different bodies that I. Against the Yankees and he's gonna better than 273. In. 65 games he's got fifteen home runs and forty runs batted in in a robust 273. In his career against the Yankees 6177797937. Us telephone number I hear. What's that maybe hard to start my car alone now when I leave here really because apparently. Might keys. All gone it's a big hat into I miss San Diego a little bit sad so it's a big game. We have about it in a while Mark James and not me. Not I don't think either of fit him at a think April was gonna diminish how hard for a bit of a player is it was going to be difficult probably platoon. And we come in and instantly games and as a perfect role for there is a guy that seems it's about. Obviously would versatility we have with the other players would prop. We millionaires don't late as far as manage in the game is a lot easier that way when those. Red Sox manager Alex Cora you heard him live here on Sports Radio. I'll admit we we knew we're gonna go to Dave Dombrowski at 3 o'clock and we did. And he dropped the bombshell right out of the gate that this move was Alex chorus idea and suddenly we wanted to hear from Alex Cora and you heard him say there. He didn't feel that Hanley was gonna who. Take to the to the changing his position here you know platoon player at a off the bench that sort of thing he didn't think that was something that Hanley Ramirez can handle what do you think. The other guys on the roster Fink of outscored being able to make that decision. But is that for them oh OK he's the manager goes up the general manager he's not who's drafted near signed mere trade reform or whatever. It is that a good thing like the million barrel now I know they got them around with all the time he has a lot of input on whether or not I'm here I've. That's I think that's just an epic that they look at they say. OK I knew this guy had power but if he's got enough power where he's able to convince the general manager. Of making a major move. There could be a good thing. Yeah I think so rather hi Bobby Valentine need to walk all over but I also don't think the players were walking all over export I don't think not only orally I don't think Alex Cora was gonna allow players to walk I don't think there was that feeling that sentiment from already the only negative would be if it and I'm just using this as an example if rock the Al devers just loved Hanley Ramirez. Loved everything about them. And then he finds out you mean. You're the guy who got him I don't know maybe gets mad at him about it and do our I got the blessing from Allah scorer I think Alex course that's raw field anniversary. Whether you Africans admit it. Slightly light when I heard them Brodsky say. You know whipping about going another direction but Alex called up and said this is what he wanted to do and I talked you know he gave these reasons I thought about a little while. Kind of like the fact that he that he's doing. We use them joke about you know does. Does John Ferrell gets lineups handed to when did you know it is Dave Dombrowski telling Ferrell played this guy here about that dead certain. I don't think that violence core audio now what are they did do though is fair Obama's own right in every ordinary you know it but also Dombrowski didn't hire pharaoh when he hired outscored at the actually his guys so it makes even more sense for him to. Listen to his employer I got surprising but but maybe it makes sense but doesn't it say something duplicate them prosecuted he's willing to listen to is yeah first year. Field manager and say OK I'm gonna take what you say under consideration as a matter I I wonder what Toronto zone. Well close the browser and horrid what is just the right thing slides wire Saturn brand. He's got the option than I I don't think that based on what Alex Cora told us Wednesday that wasn't happen. Alex Cora told us Wednesday bear down and sending him. So my my guess is that doesn't want a commitment to browse these ideas you know right by navy my core came up with this one to 91 about how badly the browser is there and really I act if you wanted to nitpick this decision and I don't really nitpick and that we do. You could have done a ton more. 'cause evidently Pedroia is not playing tonight that they knew to had to do some other move with some even have to activate Pedroia tonight as my appointment. A plane tomorrow quiet why I get that I don't understand that I admire him a monopoly and and I I don't get it it seems to be kind of the way there they approached these things they activated guy. Don't necessarily stardom you know maybe use it in a pinch hitting all let it get his feet wet a little bit in India the Detroit he's played two with three gazillion major act rear athletically he's right it goes on the camera guy out there he's right to get as many bats and get him up is because that's possible his fight is the big announcement obviously besides Taylor Ramirez but the trickle down like Dustin Pedroia is back if there's any more that's replaced by heart right. A lot of that I would honor that not yet lot of season left side baseball note as we get back to the calls I I know that I have a tendency to make fun of of baseball in particular. I mean the end and when guys are coming off injury you know. All while David Price through thirteen balls off flat ground today for fifteen feet hopes to get up to fifteen balls tomorrow you know that sort of thing. So today. The Toronto Blue Jays have cleared Troy Tulowitzki to run on the ground. All that's. So no big aura as opposed to what's up pull into the pool it's good for your New Year's manager John Gibbons did say. He's probably a ways away still they. Just yeah. Highly a lot of ground on the men. And Arnold Wilson does all the other options if they hadn't cleared in Iran on the ground with tops. I don't I gaffe about skateboarding department or maybe it's like that I don't know Arnold. It's guys all the time when their rehabbing. In the running in a pool yeah but they got off the ground ball to Gordon Hayward analysts at like zero rabbi Fred definitely got us thinking that's. Probably weren't doing. As the video the other day of a dog. Recovering from an easy album and he was on terminal dock paddle nobody is gonna track bill that was in the waters has had the ball the water but he was getting Neitzel John's daughter doing it torn ACL is recovering from that yes correct. Just kind of thinking of what kind of money the owner of said dog must analyst looked under the Greg. From my dogs yeah. It's just like down and just let it heal. You know I'd I don't even when I ask all around I actually I don't like yet I don't I can't I thought OK I need to be spending money on my question is Vegas to. Run any zero gravity treadmill I loved my god it's crazy elbows thrown out to recover not always easy chip monks again or not my dog doesn't chase any deficit to his Colorado the fear of you feel there are no 900 might I might volunteers and ACL yeah it'll be because she's nineteen years it'll and it's got out accounts like this sort of thing. I'm mites in Greenfield I might. It Avago on guys let's it was going really well not a our top. Can't complain at McCormick and in position it's I'm so looking at secondly. I still don't necessarily record were because. You have. Is saying the other utility they're very quick. To now take now late inning and it says it all where so that he just fifteen million. Nick Sheridan against foreigners where. Circulate. Which I used on the same. I I think the what they're looking at it's a month's worth of futility and say how many times we want him up there anyway against lefties you definitely want against lefties does nobody else besides Martinez and that's our hits lefties he want that but Mike I think it keeps coming back to. I don't know what he would do all but they're just afraid that he either quit on the team he would turn some of the guys against the manager or he would. What he would do that a different they're so afraid of how he would respond to being a platoon player but that's why they got regrettable. I don't think that they think he was useless as a player I think that there's definitely opportunities for him. But it just wasn't going to be every day and a body respond poorly to. All want guarantees they feel a bit wherever he'd go movies he's got to be able to hit that he's not gonna hit like he did. This month record but can you imagine for them to do this without discussing at what them. Without even going to with a aren't even running up a flag always them. They must move. I believe that I don't know how quarterfinal that Alan on their mommy was gonna hit there was nobody else on the market and always then he's not gonna want to bust. I mean Cora felt pretty strongly about this like I said they would even brought up today. If they didn't feel pretty strongly about how he does what what it means so how does that play out is it ninth inning you know you're down by Iran that yet but catcher come to the place they had him legal pension there's no like is that how about it like a lot riding hood it's like riding hood I don't walk Rodney hood got other lenders did. Just how bad it would be if you couldn't you know let lakes why art it. And it's well I usually rule of Blake's 10. Exactly Anthony's in Springfield Anthony. They don't does want to most of our thank you keep you don't have been mandated that thank god yeah that thing you know in the well. All right so I know mom. Pedroia and quote correlate buddies are physically together. What if the roles are reversed so you said earlier that. What is bomb apparently stayed out like up to enroll in would have treated it that stat and acted like a back. I can't I don't know that he's going to be your reasoning of the bench coach doesn't work on him but I. I'm 24 are on the lawyer Doug looked at and I think honestly. If that is not that you wanna put it up another year to but I think that it. I mean so what do you want to play when he's not play he's better than unions though he's not even as is what's better I mean that's that's solid you don't play Pedroia you're gonna play handling right. But what you bet your health thank you what I would do anything to mess the rookie that's the player. Slowed markedly anyways and useless why else are quietly has put a lot why aren't you placed second I want to the senate themselves. Anthony you're trying too hard here man I mean I understand you like Dustin Pedroia yeah Jamal and looking back at second base and let's. I feel that our. It's apparently a bit more about. You know Mitch Moreland that's the that's the key that is I may want playing and they do it they're gonna get that and I just feel like in a monster realize oh wait a minute yet Mitch Moreland. But he's tough to a great start that's awesome but this isn't what he is he's going to be he's and it went home runs these days and a lot of every day he's probably gonna hit 250 to sixty. He's not gonna hit 311 and haven't OPS over a thousand like it's an awesome start. And they shouldn't ride this out as long as and it only gets to sixty that'll probably be higher than Hanley wood hit a heat stay out play perhaps. I mean in two with a three years he says here he's had less than 250. He just yeah I mean I get a his good days are behind him is that fair to say his good days are behind them but I think he's still as they use area that he's not as bad as he has looked this month. Robby is nearly got that he's probably not as good as he wasn't April as bad as he wasn't mad mad and you can't tell me that hamburger Mary's couldn't hit. 260 for the rest of the season on our sail home runs a month not a real good possibility tool of the three seasons he's played series at less than 250. On 250 by the unit to fair thing to go low iPods he's got an athlete you hit a playoff to the problem is if you're gonna play him in place of Moreland. Not every day not knowing what I'm saying when you do know he's got to hit dramatically better than Moreland to make that worth it because Moreland can play defense and haley's defense is in the words of Dave Dombrowski. Okay he's at 333. With a 854 a PS against lefties this year that's that that's that's what he still does well you don't want them in their every single day against righty that's fine but Mitch Moreland. You keep that same argument you don't and that's the the problem they don't think he can look at that they are critical but obviously he still is used to it sounds trash an awful and why was it eighty don't you know you think that getting the year deal that you you want him to play and get the vesting option one that wasn't did in cabinet I think did little I didn't. If the media. Don't respond to something that I'm not even saying yeah let me finish what I was saying you were adamant that he should play. All season long and I went out and yes it is I'm numbers saying they don't want that yes they don't Isaac plays really well you could that isn't an option is really how long that they didn't want that they don't want 122 million dollars next year this is very clear. The back row I think you've got right was that I said if he plays really well yeah you know I good data the data no problem doing that. And it. I'm playing well and a monster April is that a bad Maine I was gonna run away from him dep because they didn't want it wanna pick up the option and they don't. Think what we're thinking about to be like the worst player on the team better completes one heart. I feel like her home and be able. Reclusive government decide right now Greg. Mind you pick eyesight. All inside my among Michael Snyder a vacation this comeback actually Ericsson cell phone Eric. Right why are you comparing. Hanley Ramirez to a place like our. Because he had to get colonel one on the make Dustin Pedroia give them Russell Carter comparing Obama to say yet you have to wanted to. Or why not why not why am I not do enough. Hanley Ramirez made himself into. A vertical one trick pony can hit lefties. One out of every four games. He's gonna hit fifteen home run that she wanted to embark. You're still paying him you know that right are you lose the pan. I understand how to. You know like that so when they get it straight out of line and murdered here that they need to acquire somebody who hit lefties we're gonna say I had they have got these. Does not he's not useless but but Bristol the what argument I'll have we view is. It's pretty obvious. It doesn't wanna do that that's what comes back yes I you're right there's also butter but instead of criticizing. And ripping the Red Sox for not. Allowing him to do what we're giving him a chance to do it. Watch Cunningham the Ramirez as it damn obvious. He's pretty much give them every side in the world that don't screw you who I'm playing every day around my plan at all so I guess we don't know the answer that to that though let's employ a lot of liquid but they didn't even try it that he never even moved down in the lineup you have. Awful in May and mean he hit third or second every single night they never sat him for two consecutive games so that they have a conversation and they said hey you might play less isn't all quit like it that okay yeah I thought you'd think so I don't know what companies are important time yes. If it had to be related to the Red Sox van or had he said to. Alex Cora that. On the higher I don't know that plan part time stuff on the I don't wanna Ed at product really did we didn't get that today we heard the crowds and Laura and do what I thought from an today you weren't gonna tell rats and as we said it could have happened on those rare occasions when they went to handling it he played most of the games this year. And sailors and Hanley and played today we're gonna gonna DHL Martinez we're gonna play Mitch at first base and yeah headline and it it was one of those deals where it became clear to them well if this is done on a regular basis even turn to think he and his agent went into this year thinking that the vesting option was possible. Or they've yet with the FID and don't eye popping I didn't agent now and they don't like and the the play I think yes company like yeah parts that I'm not gonna get my plate appearance the agent had a sit there with a clear head thing and you know unless he goes out hits thirty on hundred and there's no way they're gonna yeah let yeah afford bodies out dance for a 6177797937. Is telephone number tax minus 37937. We'll catch up on believe it or not their other things in the sports world today as well besides and they would get catch up on that. And I don't on we were gonna do this keys thing but then he became so bitchy I'm not sure it's worth its 60000. That's out there now that's a sound as he's leaving the that's out.