Dale & Keefe - Dale believes Brady’s incentives are all tied into Alex Guerrero rejoining the Patriots; WEEI Week in Review

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 10th
Hour 4: Dale and Keefe discuss President Trump’s tweets about NFL protesters kneeling during the National Anthem during the first week of the preseason, Jimmy Garoppolo’s preseason performance, and the reported incentives in Tom Brady’s contact. Also in this hour, Dale thinks that Brady agreeing to the terms of his new deal is more about getting privileges back for Alex Guerrero, and another edition of Keefer Madness Week in Review.

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Yeah to. Fourth and final are failing to. Just realize that sound like they're not the fourth and final hour of dialing key well the fourth and final hour of today's program that's right. Final money our hits the final money our abilities and Morgan we've made we have grown our our history a lot of different money are that the readjust starting Monday will be at to let stadium well for our first patriots Monday of the season that's right tended to beginning next week. The guys from on midday all and that will move in the afternoon drive slot built talked to Bill Belichick next week the UBS chipper as it was last night I heard them you know kind of discussing strategy play out hug second a little one article right Adam Whiting to play Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl why I think you should do it I think he should call her right for it for the people want that's what they want spirit and let's go there I'll be disappointed now a few dozen. Just the thought of but he goes when. What is there Ralph web. Ralph looked into it also doesn't reps certainly did that Ralph Webb. Bill to delete the sick to Ethel football I think forays literally pin them down pretty aggressive. And it. That will find out how we will fund would get an opportunity a couple of quick things here we'll get back to the calls that you guys at 6177797937. You kind of promised in and I feel and an obligation to fulfill your promise and you've promised that throughout this season. Kind of do what a weekly Jimmy G update that we should mean might he RD would probably approve and yes you know it's a Junichi update so first ball. Give us up a little. Little handle here on how things went statistically for Jimmy. Last night in their pre season nope I'm glad you asked to be rebel played one series Hewitt 36 passing for 34 yards. No touchdowns no interceptions. But it was that they win the that's all he does win all around no win niners beat the cowboys it is everybody O line did you have any differently and I had nothing to do with him now. Act now you do a thread 634 yards that was that one series for problem played nine innings snaps last night which is not more than Tom Brady play as a true he played nine snaps last night and talked post game about what he would get out of that. Lines. I. Certainly take away. I don't mind that we improve on. It's good seeing different looks from a different defense and our own and seeing out there is played out against Amber's polar east and Soviet zone stuff. Learn is learn and he sounds handsome does and he does you can count a lot now she's miles there and listening to voice that's very nice he did say however that he. Also mr. receiver last night but today we're here. This is an ability to get in this case. It's hard to see ya I'm keeping them I'd keep your face and everything like that so are really get a clear look at the runs or whatever like that but. Oh yeah so we'll look at the film check out what happened in nine you know since it. Is. This guy look at the film they know that the Phillies apartment Smart players are gonna make that mistake again till it Jarrett McKinnon the flat on shore. Future's bright dale it is very brightly energizing he's pretty good yes. You think he's overrated but maybe now where I so. Last night candidate. I know there was a hall of fame game a week ago but last night the other is twelve games Miette I'll lock going on and and we had some player protests we did we we saw some things that. You know happened around the league. Couple players took me couple players raced affairs and I immediately turn the game off asylum several not my football several players stayed in they didn't actually stay in the locker room my understanding was they stayed in the runway. The jaguars player gets a edit those in the locker room which is how it was originally written but they stay in the runway and then came out. After the anthem of course the president tweeted about it today as you knew he was going to do. And Max Kellerman talking about all of that says he he he actually thinks trump is trying to distract people in using the National Anthem. Oh boy that mode no news must be tightening. Four when prompt to try this distraction technique again because it's transparent at this point. Two in terms of responding to what trump says he is. Without a doubt by all accounts by every single independent body that measures this the lying as president. In the history of counting presidential lots. By far and this is according to every single independent body that that that counts this stuff so in terms of any point he makes or fact he brings out Steve today. As the as in terms of how much revenue the players get. Debating it is absurd it doesn't do anything. Because as. As Kellyanne Conway mentioned they have alternative facts so it doesn't really matter and it it doesn't do anything this is not about fact it's in a motive issue. That trump uses to. Galvanize his base. And distract people from actual news stories. Worst element that I feel like that's the theme for awhile dodge ball back to the very tiny did it. Last season when he went out and I don't rags nailed it yet that Max has got its finger on the pulse here. Boy that mode no news must be tightening that it gets any of that so trumps tweets quickly for those it and it was an album today yet the NFL players routed again taking in me when they should be standing proudly for the National Anthem numerous players from different teams. Wondered to show their quote outraged. At something that most of them are unable to define they make a fortune doing what they love dot dot dot few minutes later. Be happy beat cool. Football game the fans are paying so much money to watch and enjoy is no place to protest. Most of that money goes the players anyway. It's not find another way to protest stand probably for your National Anthem or being suspended without pay exclamation point. That's not the rule either. Now while interning and have a rule well right now The Herald they suspended the five players now and publisher we don't know what we're doing to the NFL's keep. Because that's gonna keep happening to me that. Please season where regular season rolls around the players are still gonna do this we Kenny stills all of a sudden gonna go all you know some those tweets mr. probably not technique. He's gonna do that. In the league doesn't want to go on. In the season starts less than a month for real. For real so. The other story at the afternoon and burglary was the first one I saw who had the information. He had a source. Who who actually had the the bonuses the incentives in the Tom Brady contract any he laid them all out. And each one of these five carries a one million dollar price tag top five and quarterback rating. Top five in completion percentage. Top five in yards per attempt top five and touchdown passes top five in passing yards. Each incentive becomes two million dollars if the patriots when the Super Bowl. But the maximum he can make is still five million Brett so in other words there are two ways seeking get five million he gets all five of these nuggets five minute crux. He gets three of these quiet but they win the Super Bowl are Mormon he gets five million. And it's been puzzling for Minneapolis area about you know but really they're gonna make Tom Brady sing for his supper here at the greatest of all time. And and I gave about the theory last hour and night and and the more I thought about it the more I think. As we said if look at Tom's okay within its core we'd argue with it yeah. I think this is more than just these contract incentives. And I think that Alex Guerrero may be involved in all this Alice Guerrero and TB twelfth. And that there may be some adjustment. To that to the restrictions placed on Guerrero a year ago and and those restrictions may be eased up and that Tom in exchange for that says OK now I'll accept these. Yet it's saying you know a week one for example if Guerrero is spotted on the sideline. I think there you go see I don't think the sideline will be one I don't what about I think it will be. Team playing. I think team plane and being able to did not have to go up this week to work on Tom break. And we sniff out the team plane then went to submit to send somebody down there to see if he gets all the guys a couple of weeks yet till now and next week there's still an ally announce Louie a figure that out but it only thing that makes sense to me is that Tom would accept it. Because he's getting something out of it as well in addition to the possibility of making five more million I also in any kind of Brady V bell checkered Brady vs the team this makes the team look worse. I think it does I think the team. You know it you're make him brave unified millions or even why does it was Brady's idea that we're previous caller bring that up to it at first listen I don't know. But even if it was. I think most fans look at that say what do you put the screws to him for. A big more popular SI would Brady on this anyway and a lot of people to talk about a Maloney was and others. About last night again the present and commercial shot right. Right the pre season they crafts forced productions that is different than it once they get rolled on CBS during the regular season and fox ESPN. So next week at the home game. And I would be surprised if once again when he sees some of the the out outer shots that oh what is at the TV twelve. Yeah of insurers so delicate that have served our department. I'll be curious because next week next week's game is also at home. Yes so you know you can Thursday night if it would be hard if you do on a road game due to justify working in a TB twenty years spears weren't there will be playing gap just the way obviously did and and I know they had a bar Louie shot at one point they yes splits Ville one yeah and another showing the whole patriot place thing they just happen to open up with TB twelve weird. What a colorful would've thought sort of silly things that are so I wonder if Turk that TB twelve Alex Guerrero. Part of this. Was part of these negotiations. It does feel like all roads lead to outs Guerrero. So it every single time we bring some put up about relationships and everything else it goes to Guerrero. You know going back to we don't wicker shareware some of the things the current said that it's always. He's always involved in there. And so here we are they once again you know questions are arise again throughout the course of the year both the Brady and the bell check and in growth here or there in the middle of. 6177797937. Is telephone number our final drive today will have Bob our week in review with. Lot of good stuff in there and you guys are a big part of it I'm fact you guys are probably all it dominated their goals as we dominate that's coming up about 545 thereabouts. We get back the calls in just a minute. Galen keep Sports Radio W media. Here's his top commander there. It this way right now the one now. Any hour. Money our. A Sports Radio guy. Hey texture says. So Tom what except on a chance to make five million dollars more than he is contractually entitled to because of something for Alex Guerrero you're losing me dale. And this is on O'Donnell might everything Mike Moriarty is that this is all tied in with TB twelve and Alex Guerrero that was the point I was making was that. You know last year battle that changed. Alex no longer on the sidelines Alex no longer on the team plane if Alex worked on Tom that was up in NetSuite that we saw in Tom vs time. I could see a situation where Tom. Is willing to take less than he could he could absolutely as you point out demand now crap on more exactly. But part of it is okay out I'll take this but. In my what what if ballots don't work January used to play like it like yesterday of a vicious run down Revver. I needed now. I guess my question would be did the patriots go to Tomlinson hill got a record deal or an iron on the sitting right near anywhere I wonder if if if Brady and in Don he went and said hey we want more money but what do we do it this way and we get this or maybe they came to him maybe the pictures are they didn't. Ari Brady and wrong let's figure out of the with a contracts. And maybe maybe they did offer this incentive plan in the Brady was a little assaulted by a visit you know what about a trade off about we go back to the you'll sort of the way things were before. Eighty S and honestly if we're already talking about it on August 10. Thirty get a sense that this information is get eventually come out for sure what what the true story is behind this has a five million dollar incentive. Contract for 41 year old reigning MVP is just bizarre. So all of us are saying really you're gonna make Tom Brady proved that he's a top five quarterbacks I feel like a few of the deep reporters are going to be you know sniff around this and they gonna. Maybe catch outs Guerrero somewhere or ever in the this will this will continue to be a stories up rocks in middle Burl hit rock I don't. The guy was gonna go IE I agree economic outlook quarterback it. Operated under age I want to kind of put back into the whole argument it is making it. The only make fifteen million years now we've got to block. Burst out. I'd say for example you you do sign a contract if they get five million for the next ideas I'd keep you get out of Bryant. Iraq over the but I did did you get a billion each year. I know what I know what's saying the signing bonus or he's a pro rated yet portion of the signing bonus with seven million I know I'll let you get money he is still. Do you still vastly underpaid rock. I don't know I'm not saying you know I just great people turn and they get. Worse edited by constantly saying they're you know you hear it in the area and then the whole incentives. I think that they're the is it a larger goal. I think where it is it that it is well yeah you got more money like urged people keep saying. Hypothetically you get paid. 121000 dollar beer like Oprah watch you all more than that I I'll bet. Everyone that you pay that going to play all that we get an extra 200 bucks a week. OK but you know you'd originated not quite predict what you're not gonna get that extra. Yeah I just think it's weird though would Brady's specifically Brock because. He's a guy who either had one injury in eighteen years so he's always out there it's not it's not Rob Gronkowski where you say. When he and other acts surgery are no terrorist and when he does play he's underpaid birdied this is somebody games and then obviously is overpaid and that's as he's our door it Emporia. Brady's always playing and these incentives. Are a little bit different than what you suggested I mean years was you know play two hours extra week that would that would be like for Brady his art just. Play a sonic games played incentives. Top five in the leaves nothing to sneeze out he have a good year and miss a few of those who can sixth in the league in yards setting and where might you eat right you might be. So that they're committed they are attainable because he did it last year but they're not automatic. Money I don't I don't think based on what there Jackson New Hampshire Jack. Subject to go I don't want to make every yes pretty good yeah I did it on and they will be at an all bad. It did so well when they are like what are we are appreciated. A portrait of her cheek won your million. Yeah suddenly have a 130 so whoever wasn't at home and oh yeah. Only camera makers it get over forty million you'd get it. And I mortar. And and by the way Tom if you if you hit all five album. We'll pay as much as Blake portals is making. Written. Or understand it but keeping it right they'll bring another veteran receiver like Leno joked he'll look for hours like. I don't know naught in the eye and I think they got a lot of receivers and so. They bring in Eric Decker and I don't know if he's going to be it has this big addition the team you know and so they they hit they got to wait four games to get Julie Dolan back. I don't know I'd I think they could bring another receiver but I don't know that's generally solve anything and you still gonna come down to. Andelman when he when he returns Chris Hogan and an 81 of those other guys emerges weathered store set or Britain or Decker. One of the rookies one on one of those gospel step up and you're you're thrown to tight ends or running backs him. Let's go to Jack in New Hampshire another Jack Kate Jack. They know where you're gonna. All the what looked at this unseen in the first of very small task force rate that we're gonna be in the future. The milestone they are much higher than the previous year while big belt check look at it but can he meet or beat exceed. Last year. Former he doesn't even have exceeded all yes do we sequel last. Where he ZDT about right. Or appropriate need to get at the same level army even higher so he knows this offseason how hard I need to go. Kirk Barton and got Brady can place forever. I need to go get that medal this these. Are like you'll have maybe one or two more years you can be built capitol. And actually wait for a guy Al. Well actually trigger. Yeah I think he needs to draft or bring in somebody next year no matter wat. And he's alienated even if he's the MVP again you're always forty wanted so even if you draft a guy in the second round and he's he's got four years and are spelled British soccer player who's 46. Not completely sordid sex but I mean maybe you really got free agency next year. It came about an interim media brits quarterback and the liquid waste that car if there's someone out there and are they come up and he's he's not that they're really could be. They wanna spend that saw it and built some draft capital gets draft picks maybe I'm next season do in the same sang the. The bridge quarterback Terry. Terrible thing that's the you don't wanna go through that every team in the AFC east is that average quarterback or is it Kelly and Marino has been average quarterback to bridge core I laser not CBS radio was gone through this he said. He said if you if you drafted a quarterback. Yes if you're if you if the jets draft Sam Arnold player like him now it if you rule and in any any any can't go forward you got the wrong guy anyway right then go get another guy. And blazers point he has all these teams that are trying to play the bridge quarterback and Don Baer the notice not the guy to Cleveland for example picker mayfield played well last night in there but also to travel to animals like guys don't know plane and play decorations are from number one overall. There are good examples there because there was is all of them likely Derek cargo at Roland but our card David Carter ruined. Well Peyton Manning in Troy Aikman are two examples of just miserable rookie years and they made it out all right. You got a year and take some lumps but those guys especially if it's. If it's close I mean it's the guys you draft there there are few quarterbacks that you know. Make it some Morales and Drew Brees is an example of that sort of an injury unit there's a couple others like that for the most part. The best quarterbacks in the league were drafted by the team. And so maybe that's with a lot to do I think no matter what happens or a draft a picture and to right our Chris on the cell phone hey Chris I don't. Yeah the old guys don't want to what would you got good luck yeah thank you this yard effort idol my idol like normal slow. Slot like last night and the accent. I'd go went there page alone. We all look very closely already done and has great cars. Are and where it looks gosh probably accurate quote. All salute those sorts of immediate it would just become quote pretty Roberts walked. Ordered got a chance you know they got a G Kennedy all that on TV twelve I think he's gonna you know you're doing all that Seattle he's going to coach and I mean think about this coaches spend more time around the facility in players do Gadgetell thinks he spends too much time there now guys are gonna that's not he has not coaching. Now and I think it I think his post playing career. Is TB twelve and I think he'll start adding that philosophy in building more right facilities and I also go back to like the elite elite players doesn't always make good coach because they get so frustrated that guys can do things. Now no magic coach in Larry Bird coach but. You know Jordan was now their coach and I think it football. You're more likely to be front office like John Elway if you really wanted to McCrary it rather than becoming a coach and yet a time alone diseases would be way too much our final drive we can review is coming up next Sports Radio W media. Yeah. Yes he's ready to keep her madness. Racked up one up directly for medicines he had talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like keeper Matt. Good deal of rebuild Lebanon could not be so nice he's a nice guy and so screw you keep yeah I drew you guys. There are these jokes. Yeah strictly did you guys make you. I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. The library and blocked my passport. Now Tony does that make any sense do you. Luckily that night all and smell this this well by an endorsement for. I mean she during the most vulnerable fireball. We could you Kiefer and I did that anybody who can take almost an entire box fireball at the similar sentiment to civic. Yet there's. Foreshadow. That I don't know. We begin what we say our longtime producer Andy you be staying with the guys in the afternoon so we -- wanted to listen we're certainly gonna miss him working with them and he is among the best I've ever worked with ever in liberty and here's radium in it I mean you know it's gonna miss anymore that I had trees so lots of them over the last six months ago that Nazi must I just donated time flies when it is but. Eight he's been great we'll still see him every day so that's good. But we also we we know where his loyalty was so I think I'll. Quickly or is he where. And these loyalty gravitate towards the upcoming news or two ways producer price there aren't all that absurd that's you know it's probably gonna hate Republicans hate me Andy. But get this out of the way right now like all the producers and the ADV for some reason a pawn on the most loyal. On most dedicated in most understanding of their position Lou he's in different. For the most part of an orderly you know he's the push to pass when. We get some lessons it's so. He's an old you're gonna give us the only I think broadly in line again a little lost and you two been together. This is he speaks he mutual you've whose business rough is well aware of you say you're gonna give us lessons you're gonna. Bring us where show you mystery few things about the timing of the equipment and also work play in America. I thought has made it out. On this is not gonna go I'll be there on the plaza as I mean honest Clinton knows all local and sometimes. It's also a bit unrealistic his expectations somewhat yeah. I Brooklyn for years he thinks there's magical sound yeah all the time and it disappears out the new York and it just appeared quoted as we get this out irony doesn't exist. Already dealt. That you play scared deeply forced. Odds on Tuesday via Wi at a very important conversation. You know the states acted Tom Brady who shirtless picture that was out there but I said you know what there's. A quarter. You know I would like to see I'm probably not alone here is all 32 starting quarterbacks shirtless. Side by side by side with a silent prayers that would be a policy that. I know it's funny which is you were saying it I do all of shirtless quarterback I figured that I I didn't get rusty and it did Lucy. Well that's that I wanted to comment when you sing and they flew out. But you you might be underwhelmed. That I don't dad bought your nose in I don't know Brady would actually looked. Like younger guys. That are only good at what did you think like Matt Stafford has written. Not ever meet. He's one of the starting quarterbacks in the bases are covered do you think any starting quarterback for businesses that Saturday. That the fact that route now I admit we get a little research that day we are we are pulling up shirtless photos of of quarterback assure work and I got it yet. And a little underwhelmed on I mean I thought. Russell Wilson must look written notes or might not agree she must be. He these guys and so Alaska Richard quarterback yet with the terrible quarterback. Tim Tebow TiVo's reps he was I'd acutely error Rogers is not shredded marry out that he's mark scenario and Cam Newton might read. Out of it right now quarterback has Essex and I am thinking out of work and I think that the date of our own. Vote a Ben Roethlisberger shirtless. A ball. And Andy Dalton have a law. Okay. Well would you want to see these guys come on Hannah hill Josh McCown UNC assure adopt our own. Arnold but at the plot he's got a growth every one of them rose chaired off Philip Rivers. No come on Eli Manning shirtless but we got Russell Wilson. Maybe yeah Russell soft and he's got a yeah. The only way I mean. First of all fact that you both said Delhi's I island only looked at Idaho and you are right now Drew Brees was just talking about people were weak and Acropolis is well what little political indelicate that Iraq. So they got into the conversation about. For some reason how much would you. Need to get paid to step into off the right to step in there in an octagon and then you know how it then turns you know the text lines and what about the experience and it. People who don't know that is very attractive view of the fighter. And that sort of led to a different conversations. As well they'll certain things in. I mean that's fun for really only so long and then I right now that are if I really hurt us. Oh that is the problem what what exactly is our safe work in practice and there we go with them pan out that in Britain and there are you know career. Go to out bouts really does note that. That's more like that attitude about how confident. Are. Note that is there were doubts that and pleasure to much. You found out you found out they'll say they'll they'll feel bad about it threatens to close call us. I. Debates are. Who knows everybody is we're gonna have authorities. All the Jane where we're out of regarding. Rounds. Bigger Delaware that is from all right. If you don't rate with the Mario but. The both of them but lovemaking starts in the kitchen and do it go from there profits on the right. I do not I have been very comfortable but I don't know good some good in the mall okay. By the way. And your lap but now bill listening to a that's key. It's an. It out update on props by the way off I've I don't know do you still aren't that way and it's depressing but did love Crocs is Jessica that action or a bit like selling the brand. Sort of merger I'm hoping and sometimes yes sometimes but I'm hoping this means it immediately after the five in my that is given away as we Illinois like it building nineteen still exist or whatever the equipment whether it tomorrow with them like robot flown through those that. There are rip off Crocs and called rocks this. Rick's. Protect their. That there. This is sad things. I'll Wednesday was our last interview without score and he you know maintain. There's 230 time slots and to be joined by or well joining on math on its well I don't know about. It started out a little emotional this past Wednesday. An easy for a. Already. Could see down. They got thanks. Break the news. Am do you guys have to worry about hand foot and mouth disease seems to be going on the league. Now hopefully not a parent yet spent so. He and the and it's been a blast I think shows that a lot of Barney. And and we've become friends together and I've got to imagine that UK's gonna miss you like deals that you're in Iraq can be far. So that's what what. That was the montage of Padilla leading into rusty is leaving the Ron Arnold Rossi wants he's out of a great job communicating with the right now. He's looking at me yeah I know in my closet wore a weekend talking in my head that. He's your try even silent which are full disclosure don't know silent. I don't know what you're doing better to sit over here yes we're gonna kill Leona responses. Thank you are on the right. And not diet here you know just scorching day parts I thought I realize this was going to be so emotional Alex. I'm becoming emotional. Like in particular one thing we're sure I know. Words you know lied people try to. It's a united we are struggling in they're not talented than that now and news. It is now it changes and other people started being mean and we are struggling we unemployment those guys. There is gonna struggle not you know Beijing. We're gonna blame Lou Murillo that's a great point at the time this interview eighty and 34 the best record in the majors at volley Canberra. And by the way since then one and 11 in one good point. So somebody keep an eye on here and has the best record in baseball there were just say in Roland odd Dell on what. Stay the same days outscored the later on in the program we spoke with the gentleman named Larry in New Hampshire. Not my biggest fan. For summary tonight and I figured Joseph we're stating it'll maybe now this also white I'll admit that they're not my finest moment but let's let's take a listen to that the call from a Larry's in New Hampshire had Larry. There's no hard to find things are you jail after who have currently uses it would Eddie don't couldn't stand that show. Not a big theater you know to stop that right now Sony hater. Q okay alpha so our days dating themselves is there you know he's been listening the stationary front that a live listens that he does have a real problem but you know but I put another defibrillator rugby but the problem in there somewhere. Not a big cater you know. But they cater it there I am not scared. At all was the that was the biggest from Larry. Everything audio off yeah you disagree with a doll just. If you shut episodes you you shout out Larry that here so that's the problem you don't agree with things that I say seated hate everything I say. I don't agree with anything he does so so you just you hate people we don't agree with. Got now that's what I said Larry I'd just hate you why but if you have done it a good reason. Larry there. Larry I know you a little slow but that's all right we got time. There you go but got up and let the people. So what subsequent moves so slowly it's really difficult for lay I don't listeners are probably turning off it's it's tough shot up but. Give me one reason why hate me let's let's hear. Like I just said because you don't so a couple of the people. I believe thirty shoppers like Larry I'd give you thirty on Europe seconds I want you not get Larry Larry I believe very big news. Larry the one you can't say the word shot up there you can't see the words shut up maybe thirty seconds starting now. Yeah. Yeah yeah. That that term shut up that's all that so far I'm going to be thirty seconds but you gotta promise you can't say shut up. Ready on the operating on the 21. I don't know. Congressman now. You are what are you are not like I'm. After Freddie don't deal to get that out for another operative or to do that we're gonna try one last time and are ago. Good luck on your shirt. Iron so I Uga. Via its course it's Larry did you seconds. I'm off all night guy at her very you know the Larry great call rack room. Lack of. As Larry Larry calls on Monday house our prayers. You think the book value and I would add up to Larry just yeah good tiny little thing. If the money's the same it's comfortable ocean to the general if they don't mess with your money he doesn't get that part of it's the it's not an emotion it's a change of hours' sleep if you like obligated at whatever job Larry works that if they change is ours but they don't know messed with his money they changes hours. I would assume he would consider himself being demoted right I'm not a big. Later you know maybe actually that big right now and you. Iowa New Hampshire response fall about one trials in New Hampshire call all. Another New Hampshire PayPal site on. I don't you know I Larry tarnished the good name of the rest of appeared yeah. In the Shire that look and these guys. I never would come on don't look at it I'd love and I taxed very beautiful beautiful grids they. Down right dollars Vidalia thinking about what we were he's going to be huge in New Hampshire by the way toddlers and that's you have tough loss and little you know I'm sure right now there's a twelve year old who still sobbing. Probably and I bet they caught on camera offers military and onions here and was it a little road he came back and beat them is that it. Still fresh news of rational last thing we have Florio on a Thursday we gentlemen named Bob who called in and I was a little worried about obstinate Hampshire about. Its new. Home. Is that gagging at this point every single guy that calls its New Hampshire spots a New Hampshire about. Bob. Today. Yeah. Hey you Bobby Orr Bob but Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob afraid Bob might also at the same. Problem. A Bob left the car body he's got run down by UPS strawberries. And dignity of the road rage. Screw up somebody for it's gonna. Other bots that go to Dubai the one bounce back the ice where Bob. Yes. You're right I would have been one of I don't apologize you okay. A law we know how to greet screaming what happened. On why well involving their. Montana had a great every day where that lies folded. Everybody else but I. Like yeah. Yeah. Well Bob I. The world's longest left turn it ends. In August and yet. And we're not the case what is so people can see. Lots. OK. Okay. Oh yeah. Headquartered event just on the record that was not us that was not us we don't control that that was Rossi Ross is at full control that now over that. That was pretty you know well for the moment yes while your. Who knows ringing endorsement that proves the thing that will allow wrap things up for us as far as afternoon drive is concerned. We we will switch our hours to tended to next week. And not much gonna change as far as the show was concerned it'll have a little different sound will that the sound its going to be following don't know we're OK I doubt doubt going to be better. We're gonna take this opportunity to improve the program we're gonna hit the reset but yes we're gonna work go from here and and I'm looking forward to meet soon. Seoul op ever keep this up next alike forgot about the emotional last ever idiot series finale of ever keys were they get the Red Sox baseball thank you Jason might play this and the entire episode. We are to thank all of the co hosts all of the people who have children thought although we want to thank you. Failure on their shaky there will be on the air you know your welcome you're OK okay. We'll see you guys Monday 10 o'clock data Gillette Stadium. I'm. If you don't shut up or what from the people. Q. Ball off. You don't shut out the worker people. I thought its do it off.