Dale & Keefe - Dale believes Super Bowl is easiest championship to win. Is he out of his mind?; Is Garoppolo more committed to this season than Brady?

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, July 17th
Hour 2: The Patriots are the outright favorites to win the Super Bowl and the Red Sox are tied with the Astros to win the World Series but of those two teams who has the best shot to win it all? Brandin Cooks just signed a new five year extension with the Rams. Who deserves an extension more, Cooks or Bell? Dale believes that the Super Bowl is the easiest championship to win out of every sport.

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Yeah yeah yeah. Scale in key Sports Radio WB yeah. Live from the pine hills golf club here in Plymouth Massachusetts site at W yet Jimmy Fund celebrity golf tournament going on now. They're out there somewhere. I mean we can't see them there were out there they're out there I trust them they're having fun they're they're doing golf yes for my group is improved greatly errors that come off course depends. I get the sense Christian has played log off now or there by guessing either. And at least Christians with a professional actor of the real celebrity in the group. At that point man man thank my guys were a little upset. And let me all I don't really rich the grip or the rich keep a little bit of a drop off today that they get mr. Estrada but it down let's look at that Wednesday that. Pulled out the whole round yes thought that dust this off after the round. Cool write down that didn't work on in so called water so that worked well I don't yesterday we were we're having this discussion. About you know whether or not you think the Red Sox a real rich you are one of those people who. As a healthy dose of skepticism and yes. I think that is very Erica I think it really it is about one player particular but he. The whole team I think there's some hangouts with what's now the last couple years in the playoffs. The playoff rotations and I also think that as good as the team plays it happens to be a year where. The Astros are also really good and yankees are relieved that you might face of that and the answers and the reason I bring it is that you pointed out last hour that I think well a lot of the latest the Red Sox co favorites to win the World Series along with Houston yes yeah I believe you said yesterday. The ball on the odds that the patriots were still favored to win the Super Bowl yeah last check they were so you've got you know toward the fourteen in this town currently according to race favorite to win their respective championships and it felt that second. And our job other not a the first these right but it it it got me thinking at that age old. All star break was up there ago of about you know which teams closer to winning that championship. Now the easy answer is always the patriots you've got Belichick Brady. You're the favorite yet you're arc de facto the paper but it's really questioned how much faith you have in those respective teams in their respective leagues. I mean I was patent patriots I think they can win at California. But that an awful lot of playoff games they've got a forty year old quarterback. You know they they had some some roster turnover they didn't add much to that. To the group that they had last year not as much as many fans want it right and you've got a baseball team that you know has had issues some of the individuals. Like David Price issues in the past. But they're the best team in baseball right now. Which seemed more faith in the way. I think the patriots still I really do it and all that other issues I know it's tough for teams that lose the super bully get back into the Super Bowl certainly win it does not happen. Prices they'll have more faith in them part that I think comes down to. Their competition is just at their very own league or in this case their conference the Steelers are the Steelers for the next best team but. I don't know some of the gore on the levee on though it shocked anybody the Steelers had a rough year. I think the patriots you can always always. Pencil into the conference championship game. And then every other year it seems like they get back to the super bull. So I think they have a better chance of advancing further on the Red Sox as good as the Red Sox and you beat the Yankees Astros and then the National League winner just what the world officers and a tall task so you think the patriots any team in yet now would have an easier road to the championship. And team that's got to win 3547. And yet another there's more now. At the same time okay yet won that game you're out the door. And your championship team greens here are smashed. But you also got to win four out of seven to win but they also you know you usually get the buy that went to playoff games and iron to bull or the Red Sox. Part of it is they have a four and a half game lead. But if the Yankees make a couple of moves that that line. Who's to say yankees can't pass them and now the Red Sox are playing in the wild card game now the real crapshoot one game series then five then said. At this thing. I don't know who the Astros slash yankees are for the patriots. You know may be the Steelers maybe it's the tech Jacksonville made its Jackson said he got gifts that give Jacksonville a solving the Red Sox have stiffer competition. And there's there's so much of an unknown they get to the playoffs. It's Chris Hill degrade. I don't think the prices. That are are some other hitters where for the patriots you know what you got there once they get a letter Brady is it easier to win. If it's not a one and done scenario. In other words you have a bet Brady has a bad day. Rose three interceptions. Even though the patriots favored over Baltimore whoever has the play you know they're out the door where if price has a bad day for the Red Sox in the playoffs OK we remorse games I guess at the best team should win in the playoffs eateries more than just the Juan. The upset that scenario but again with that series. You know it's the Yankees I back that because that could very well be the division series. Andy if you see Severino a couple of times or sabathia with a Red Sox struggled with the would've they've they go and acquire somebody else. At the deadline so I just think that. The better team it usually does win a five or seven game series to that eliminates the one game that. But I think the Yankees announcer our right there with a Red Sox for the patriots I don't think that that your team I will carry with me for a game in Glendale Arizona. Nineteen dollar. Where you know we thought the patriots were the better team. We thought they were the best team football we thought that we're gonna win a championship. In those two teams that played best out of seven offered patriots would easily won here in my commitment. So are you going on one day. And it happens in the next thing you know the best team in football is eighteen and one and I'm sorry go Red Sox have a chance I just think that the the the logistics of the playoffs make it easier. I hate while I I like the one and done thing but I'm saying from from a team perspective you have a bad day figure out the door. Though it's true but the patriots. That's been very few and far between you you know couple giants who rebels ravens' playoff game you know. It hasn't been too many obviously Eagles who were able. But as far as there's also less games for them to do they get the pilot we assume that they'll do. There with their playoff games where is the Red Sox all of a sudden the wind. What went seven playoff and which or who get the most points you know that that becomes the hurdle yet remorse for that. You have to win eleven playoff dwindle. So that's that's that much power do you think the patriots are head and shoulders clearly the best team. Or they just the best in football where they're there to. Head battered and around the head and shoulders I mean I think about I think the best team last year and lost. Right but I was upset rate it would definitely saying oh yeah and it happened and figure out the door happened but then you know you look at the the Red Sox and I think. I think the Astros right now might be better or are better beat the Yankees. It's different beat the Red Sox are the better team for the regular season the way it's set up right now I wouldn't be surprised if they finish with a better record but and head to head series. I think that's more echo whereas the patriots right now I think the Super Bowl as the easiest of the four championships to. Really yeah. In and let's use the patriots is the example with three games here in. What games. If you're gonna win NBA or NHL championship you got to win sixty but in this if you're gonna win you know World Series championship you got to win one. On. If so. At that thinking that the warriors for example wars of the best team in the India. This year than a little bit of resistance with the Houston Rockets but the year before what it was one left in the hallway. They get a win four games of the series but we knew that much better that are but he didn't really seem to bother them I just think that they football title is the easiest of the four win. That is the two to three wins. Maybe four fours the most right but it patriots case sorry if those three games. Three games that we was series in the other in the playoffs now. And yes. So at this pace of the there's some other factors the factor opponents to. If you can't say any football team if any bass note if you're for the warriors than anybody else. They suck and also they are heavier older they are so this looks a lot easier for them that it would be for the patriots or it would before. You know any other team. But so just specifically Red Sox and patriots. You've beaten the the Red Sox of the better I think the patriots have the easier road again all I had to do it doesn't work that. So it is always going to be easier with regain a gonna win well yeah yeah well. Whenever the president is the eleventh I got to the last assuming you avoid the wildcard right at the so yeah I mean I guess I guess that's what it is but I also think that right now again and Rabin. They're on pace 112 games there having an unbelievable regular season but I just think each round is going to be more difficult to. Because each round. Whether it's Astros or yankees compared to you know opening round game for the patriots against wild card team. Or division winners that the vision that deserve be there that's yet another point will the patriots play bad team now. That clip that will they get to play that team. In the three games that they've got to win because they want Annika addict so the first round with while parts of Texas seems. And in Texas the Texans now our vote on Iraq right they have faced a feeling that sort of you know competitive a couple of years ago shirt that's usually more vote of the game. And in the bills' run offs last year. You made the plays are shouted out of the fact that they were in there have I think that there's not usually six really good teams. It each conference. So couple teams get it whether they would of that division I happen to be seen if the tiebreaker. You know your distance and angles or something that fund weigh in that way but in football basically if you win three football games over a month. Now. It's like I I I don't know that there's a physics I understand there's a physical aspect Julia that's different from the other sports I understand that. But I'm telling you winning but I have a cup championship is much harder much more grueling wait when it and yes the other our affiliate. The thing with game one and done is different sports so the best team doesn't always win. So you're right the team gets really they win three straight games that when the whole thing. But there's more chance for that upsets so again the 07 patriots if they get the play four game series all the way around. Yet they got to win more games but they definitely went around like they lose more parity got us once now when the next four answers going to be over. But it ought there's more upsets in. Football because the ways that instantly turn the moral that there at hole one and done yeah NCAA. Meanwhile get some of those years that you know UNLV that undefeated team and they lost the final four. If they get the play seven games series it would smoked every that would allow one game that would've that would've smoked everybody. So the best team usually wins those ones where in the NFL the Eagles I don't think with the best team the giants were 07. And is that a bunch of others in 01. Of the best team but they want they want this rule. One important if the leader of the news at 6177797. ID seven speeds in Nashua, New Hampshire hasty tight. Good NATO had what I wanna. Well you brought up by eleven Nobel and I just wanted to say picky here this tread very lightly because he doesn't wanna become. Jeannie Collins who wanted Von Miller a money but let me about one corner that night at eight. It's usually just decent look like Libya about. Quite found you know. Yeah he. I mean I understand his frustration. If he thinks he's clearly more than just running back just quote unquote running back Brian. At and he may be but but the idea and he seems to have his head is that you know he should be paid as a quote unquote a leaked offensive weapon when you tell me what that means. Outside of what it needs right now is he's really betting on himself for this year because at that position he can get hurt he can be done and that he's coming back off that like Leo will it reads off an injury yeah I would -- skies agreements schemes and then if if he's not playing sixteen games or if injury and this season and eastern associated. I don't blame them for wanting as much money as possible bullet. Fortunately for him that position does seem the sort of maxed out at a certain price and as good as he is. It's one of those positions where you can pluck somebody else and it probably you know 12100 yard season if you if you you know if you're in the right system. There are players were in the building sometime before camp and don't wind up showing their clothes to. Come to the building and do want to show he was not there for voluntary OTAs this offseason they should be mandatory minicamp. So I think this sentence was that he would be there for training camp but the contract issues still respond resolve these not a done deal that has been talked about discussed speculated upon. And so as long as that is not done the questions remain about whether or not we'll be at camp at the start but he will. We'll be there when the patriots report next week when most camps all reporting of the goodness of patriots as day. Try to get ready to get back to the Super Bowl once again. Adams after pointing out that Rob Gronkowski was in fact the Gillette Stadium yesterday. That report came from my agrees that ESPN Boston won fairly convinced just as a tenth. Yes he's out there aren't there yes go on vacations and now be detained that parking lot of shops there and he goes it's embarrassingly build. That it and then back down in stuff that there's lots but it is obvious have a nice meal and then. So you know I it. Gronkowski was there Schechter says he'll be there when training camp opens. Despite the fact that Tom Brady you know. His instrument it is twelve girls that sells stuff. But that's fine he'll be here next week on vacation by the way if if I was Mary did you zealot might picture ever with heart soul route to. I don't think we try to draw while it's not dive on it just sell I would not itself. Or your Rossi thinks that Yeltsin. Rock still convinced that pre there is more than. Tom Tom Brady would be taking hostages if somebody else was posting that photo itself today it's rather wait. There in Costa Rica together welts has the photo but Tom Brady with a little hearts all over the line. Rob C a come on -- these guys got evil people that does everything form. Yeah hey listen I'm willing to UV OK somebody else has since password. Now you tell me YouTube posted that picture right there on the top gradient to an outrage or at the very least Rossi at the very least he said. Hey let's do this picture and you are so maybe that's gotten a point that it would the other day. Now yes we played Tony Romo click you know he's predicting packers' First Act he posted on me. And he said oh you'll see Tony Woolsey I do you think Tom Brady's actually spending time to host asked the I. Sally looked at here is. Intent on telling Tom Brady posted this and to follow authority and those artillery. See my theory is he has his photos of iCloud may have accessed via iCloud so somebody's bag here suggest come through parts of their men but it isn't else. Posted the very least approved by. Everything on the team knows it Tom looks at it since. These are scientists now. That's. Turtles. For us and we'll find out and I'm real close to the guys in the morning and some. Of ago. It just. Just that in on it to heart on the Gisele tournament. And how I won and I don't believe he posts and it's. Are. You that you don't Wear it. Yes no he's very aware of let's ally or player accurate Theo part of the vote. That you're aware of it but he did have an honest. I don't. Alternate that. He may download titles it's of these consistently looking sitting in Montana. Only so so and just post something. And museum under comments Tom Brady. Normal art art art like groups didn't in Poughkeepsie. The body outsourced. And I don't know and I would argue that does all the posters of these people have it both teams of people it. Everything but you may seem like they're so busy that they wouldn't be able to do that they have down time to you know discuss their statement that the mean they can look on the phone is riding horses thing yeah exactly go right on what do you ride horses were 24 hours to get very sore the hours once and I put into one of effort to rolling on the Gramm he's putting at the time riding horses it's now yours yet now they promised that Euro on your phone. Number and figure out on. So are you don't do that at all. It's not that that's been written books all kinds what you might light. No one of them to say that the I think for all of us myself. I was on my phone it's not that he was on a donkey news that it was or savings and I don't Rossiter on the donkey horse more. I'd be yours is awfully wrong but that's not radio Shetland pony up an hour wolf. What if the threat of baby horse upon the phone. Or are able to right. If roll and you're right that's right it was it was it was wares and he's not at ground all outward. Fred what I don't suddenly. Got a horse like and it's Olympic. It's. Back to the barn back there. These thick coat on the phone but so your overall point about Rob Gronkowski. Circle back there are. After we implemented programs doubled back and budge on the audience thing obviously he's the target on that my point is that it's going to be there next week is Adam Schechter said yes race going to be there next week. And that for all of this offseason yanks yeah. Here that basically missed on the first day of training camp OK and that probably find anything with quark news. If you're word on the patriots in the waters new contract. Do you think your best avenue for it would be holding now. Or going to practice. Belichick probably going to practices and now I I don't think I've said about other places I think. You know what you're let me on dollar Julio children and adults on these other guys. That's what you can do that's an immunity your money but with we. Check if you hold the thing you know you pack your bags just trade the slick is it. It's right there that report last week about. How it's almost the tests as you know Bronx there and he. Belts civic commitment that he has an eighty to more likely to reward him with a new contract. By the way courting and chipped of these numbers. St. Louis Rams at LE Abrams Orleans yes or giving wide receiver Brandon Cox. A five year extension worth eighty million. What's tying him to LA now six years at 88 million dollars. Brendan cup dessert guarantee on I'm sure there are guarantees with we've got to see those numbers as you pointed out correctly yesterday. Don't tell me that it's in a six years 88 million tell me what the upfront money as they said six years and 88 gave him a five year extension. Where eighty. It's now he's now tied them six years for 88 million dollars. The keys back Brandon cooks so that's the that would be another oh want to Levy on belt the point now. If he says the offensive weapons and I think he means quarterbacks relatively corp runs out the side for. Who's worth more to a team. Let me on the old rating Cox. And that's similar money right that's fourteen point six million dollars a year. Is what it averaged out to be for for eleven adults and when it Brendan cook yeah I'm more a little more than rating Cox a Brit Brit cooks with the definition of fine. Last season which he was if you liked critic hooks you could make an argument for here okay thousand yards he drew a lot of pastor parents as an all close stuff. But that if you were interpret coax you could look at the same numbers Billick. You know first round pick tolerable but more problem and yet a couple of big catches VO it would like to see a few more and now things like that. Games were rock didn't play how effective was coaxing and all all of that so. I think it's okay that he's gone delegates not that LA has given that kind of money. 6177797937. Times on the cellphone. I'll let you know and let's talk. What about this ticket out of that got you ought to run solution you can got a beast hate the most when your offense I mean which it appears that Tom Brady the quarterback does yet but now you can't be on the market seventy million. You can't walk like. Half of that. Are you things happen that. You haven't dropped it to block what you read what it's beyond me octaves now look at what look at what Japan about substance just put out out with a rant now. That's tricky. I agree with you that the money for Brandon cooks is crazy. Yet and and I don't even disagree with you at that you'd you'd rather run the offense through grant that you would be Andrei Hopkins are almost anybody else right. But you know you've got the whole question of he's hiked again now he doesn't play wide receiver he wants to be paid like a wide receiver. Well we'll. Yeah they don't run that needle and offensively and that's why they don't wanna pay belt. I mean that's what it of what they wanted to AMD's unified would have been ordered him because they're opted not run through the about it back to the white see this that's why didn't meet years. Just throw up the stairs. Only that died in fast but I thought yeah. I'm up other clubs both on her out on the guy he's like youth yes. Wright's corporate data the right there at the thirteenth fairway here admitted that they are they can still shoot. Right now they're. That he wrote this is that it wiped and that's why you never go upstairs I tried on it until I think it's that that. That's that I got are the cooler distilled or go to the president or that there were cooler. And I lecture cooling L and it's hard never have to leave the basement that's the good news all around. At this point about rock being worth more than and he's probably right but if you're Texan I don't fault them for paying opt in money. Great they can't get aren't so that as well walk in the they have I think bronco always have a case popular vote won more money. Now hatred probably flip it around and look at some injuries and all Olympic Games have you Smithson and things like that. He is the tight and so it's hard to justify paying him. You know crazy money but the reality is. He deserves it if it's just an expansion draft. And all the money goes with fame. You were drafting players you know to fill out your offense crop would get picked ahead of almost every single receiver close. Honest I think he will come out of the gates blazing because of the fact that they'll have until an element and this is an offense that's kind of in the state of transition as far as that there's no Brandon cooks anymore though Dion Lewis there anymore. Tom has already know I am dole Tom hasn't been there very much assault season at all growth hasn't been there very much assaults is that also when you think Tom is gonna resort to at the beginning of the season. He's a resort to his default is the fault as the big man in the big man gonna get a ton of targets so barring any any kind of injures injury that really takes them off the field for a significant. Portion of time which you know is probably going to happen I wanna say significant injury regard hasn't played all sixteen games as a second year in the league. I would assume he is going to have one of his best years of his career because Tom is going to go to what he knows and in golf is what he knows. Lewis addicts around to the point here that it was all over it was all raced around the point. I don't wanna face significant. Editor at the fixing the figured OK okay what was and to what extent I think here you got a big here predict iiroc is not a figure of a month beginning of money raised -- -- Celtics coach about but there it's beginning of my vacation was when settlement deals with reject yes that was exactly -- right that the Friday night court on off right that it wisdom that the Tuesday going in the fourth of July whatever they buried whatever they Vietnam. Not a shock and all of that though. No well so so much for that we don't know the stuff was not get the matter whether it was handled properly we don't know we don't care right that's what they were really shooting for with nose and not that the documents. All. The real issue. Because apparently what test positive for that flag does matter. So settlement is done he made it or gaels aren't yet he's out for war I mean critics overall point is now. And if you look at how things will be sent the patriots. You're probably gonna steal whole bunch of ground targets right I would say it's wrong targets were healthy I gotta go back another year ago to help the he got the ball rode alone 101112. Times the games he's been the target off the charts rattled. Today removed you remove him in the lot even branding cook's take those guys out. Ethnic race and time to use the Jordan news or quartile Patterson some things that as a third down where it all ago. I was actually what Iran we have almost every now. Everything he states that Neitzel says what's the problem you know province it's hard to figure it it it's here easily enough at this exact moment. There both but it has your weary workers went foul like in the Arabian. It was a lesson we were given shall act today when you're locked in which wag bag and he's holding up some of what he's got there to an all over it for the alternate very nice. It's an inside the bag of these cool howls. Cool tells the I had after the round but I had had a chance to get it wet yet those that now I'm cool now. Although this last break went into the bathroom got it wet cold water you bring about change happen and where you where it read the instructions Daly says that draped over your head. Your baseball cap at your thoughts and it is specifics of the headphones but yet. It says Wear on your neck coroner. On now dead now that that was. That's very eyes that flag is now. Without us well this fan you that you look the I'd look ridiculous though I'm cool of the Q are you making Clinton played a moment ago you were able to uphold actually it would that pullover jackets from there. This is nice. Note that affair on me now everything OK this. Looks. Aligned and now I'm gonna post this for us for our our viewers the ultimate wondered just how ridiculous you look right now. And Rossi you mean Africa that they'll run its own incident twittered my man my very own privacy. I often do spending cents now. That's prosecute the same thing. If he's resourceful but you know for those of said that there is some sort of like. Oh yeah there's a slight shrug I go to every upper end up on public knows this. Stuff for this little line around here somewhere. I backpack out and here in the in. Well one thing I'll say deal me ran his putter but he has people take pictures of him. Some of these height since. Bill does 00 well yeah because every doesn't do it itself because he can't drop your phone Mal Washington that was the that is a thousand feet down and odds probably not a surprise that. There. Thanks I appreciate that. Your own down zero this. A bad for thirty X I can't make your calls. That. Well worth it. Are you know now. That phone. Obama take the software on the show off I don't know of him and besides it'll ruin the whole week I become a very comfortable. There are comfortable that's put him in the back in there to see you imagine if you know in the heat of the summer. And the patriots training camp. And that's wrong comes out with the gas. Al for you guys. Now he asks you well. Why they can we also that this is what right now the end of the show count as the cool to know. If you do Keith that he we it's now. That's bestowed on news. Well the problem not bother. Now now that you've seen it not about my phone and lost the power of so back to the alt rock thing he'd probably have a monster star. Well I mean I don't see why wherever it on the field. I feel like you've got to have a great team great season you just you're always a little fearful moves Rick mentioned that your little fearful they missed games. What what's gonna be back injuries hamstring injuries would be a forearm is that going to be. Caution which we saw on the playoffs last year he's just heard from much of the way it is what he's out there it is of the deaths suck Bronx new. IPod commercial today. On one commercials for God's way member yet what it is that he and while I was wondering is it like it is it more likely Ron uses the more eats them. You'll like the perfect spokesman to get to eat he beat her but yet the one awhile ago that he said don't eat odds. If they had to get him out front because those. Fat Kevin burned out that. So if I wonder why the first triple play that well they let. This is awful quote it's rough out of the week we had a good week I'd potty mouth. Now. Now I'll. Use. Off. I. You do these items were solid by you know I'd vote for wash it it was a solid Kennedy's the tide was. Did you guys. By chance and no impression bring it back but it does watch anybody. Eating them are the way they really dissect what was in the implied by opening them. I'd I'd never they now or can you did not my friends they ones though. Off that. You cut it open burst out now they should accept that people didn't cut them open and meet and I just eat this. Then they should people who were curious about it I don't know it. If they were cut open its iPod and now. That but. Yet people in the and they say they they criticized I'd like you make them too delicious. There it will both of them are all agree on what they look so strong I actually just bought them this weekend and say new low. Dobbs and less electable but they say you look at it differently than when players and I was totally different. Walt brought his newest commercial pods is just using. Which by the way I don't automatically and I also don't think he dies. I think but he actually looked like a much better to eat eat that and use the law he could tell it's fairly recent commercial that he's got the shape at. If that was a fairly recent thing that he did again in his cancer. I'll route fighting promotion Ross if ya and and so this is hopes that. And that was like what Michael Ross ice like that yeah actually making it. OK so. That it. He's out there he's faced the iPods or otherwise. Miss the first four games. I know he doesn't want missed the first four integrating them out there but for a guy that's there is the company's CEO. Our first game we five will be the thing that I I'm curious. Did a month. Passing camp disappear that is how I don't make it happen Leo what was that was that after the fifth. It was out there with Giselle all the kids in the whole family. Because he posted the video out of dodge ball game in the Bayer and if the bear and I thought yeah I the other way. In the face of late to the Brady Bentley doubtful they go it old males females with. If they had the greatest quarterback in the game is hot ticket at Eddie's wife and mom and it's. A it is sister don't want ago half beat. To consult with just one pass the so they go full go so I'm guessing not a classic it didn't take place that I don't think they edit I don't. I operate he's not committed to this season boy. I can tell your dangling that well so long I mean. It's not gonna happen now right he's in Costa Rica now say the thankfully he's coast Rica putting parts on the to sell its programs. And out of business by those down and now. I mean they got a report next week we're gonna Montana moral. Now I don't think so it's weird to the number at the end of that ridiculous folk video that that felt that they set for questions or Rose Bowl when the senate through questions would sell right right and wanna move we're gonna go on vacation. It she said those are Greek and he says Montana the taxi and Paula it was great looks of it based on what the Montana but. I don't know element to go maybe instead they did that little. One day passing camp of settlement Guerrero that we felt auto club now is that there without the extent of it quality record their first for him anyway so. Were canceling. Did Brady ever say they were going to Montana passed again or did it did we infer that he has I don't remember him there are reports are for him saying and then maybe when he said that he was going to Montana people read into it that way. But everybody was saying they were gonna go and we're trying to figure out who was going to be on the list. Brand new guys are what's going on there. But thousand report. Months ago but they're gonna do that and we were theorizing about who's who's gonna make the cut out right. You know settlement will be there haven't all the wall seismic Kobe gonna get the invite this year and at Augusta or who were reading. About wrong was to be. Out. The fall there if they get out the and I don't think it's gone. Actually topped out. Tools are working. With mr. I'm emotionally spent then I'll turn it. That. He's now committed. Sure looks that way to be rock was passed in San Francisco wide receivers right now Utley now he's needed yet that many of them is this. It is percentages were not very. It. Though growth game that right now practice play it never then that's fine undefeated at our. In two. It. Edit I. The Super Bowl ratings for how I had a lot to do with those that make on the squads or all three guys are. He was active for the game as much do that is Malcolm Mitchell products available bring to us from which. But when the wind the win. You wondering wondering that's going to be a break right now dale all year long I'm gonna look at those numbers every rain Monday and osu are outlawed. The problem let's get him really well haven't yet got our final acts of a lot is that the patriots Monday here. Site 49ers Friday it it. Actually I think you know what we should do for for. Year. So. Orally. Goes well. To underestimate. Your if that vote which says that there has been a couple of guys GRE. No don't don't don't oh god no no I'm not I don't I don't know what it is just iso the more off the black. That's all I know I don't think he's got to be. I don't the top. Quarterback this year. Stanton now he's not going to be as good as the forty year old quarterback here no god definitely. But do you think you'll gain just pictured the you'll be top sixteen. Start us. But Ottoman. Somewhere between ten and sixth it. But the question to you that he earned that that fifth team. That is now I doubt that there will be in. Convert. Vehicles but that. Sure it import it if they were eight Nate their first year to eighteen of the take that pressure. You know I'm poll you know he's never lost gains will lose a game thing. Don't diligently in the data. Voters over a definitive analysis done to me might lose itself in mind but if hot start that I'll put a win over Jacksonville last year though it through the number crazier. But he just found was the win. Rate to pass in the month. Jaime committed. You know people. Patriots. Well I don't know I think we all we all over salt. The passing month we didn't really know much about it until Tom vs time. And then kind of creeped us out if they're like throwing ball we saw mounds of back away they are very reckless with the other activities. ATP is doing it onto our shot rock's old away it's there. Rocks all holes there let's throw those those bomber out of eight TDs which it believes will help contract. I was very dangerous. So you know what. Much on the Montana. Listen I can't press it's the American Angel warrior out there around the world stuff enough.