Dale & Keefe - Dale doesn’t want to hear the Rask critics, Alex Cora interview; Tense Bruins fans have wild takes for Game 7

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, April 25th

Hour 1: John Tomase is in the third host’s seat as he, Dale, and Keefe recap the Celtics’ game 5 win vs. the Bucks. They also preview Bruins - Maple Leafs game 7. Red Sox manager Alex Cora joins the show to discuss resting players, Craig Kimbrel, and Xander Bogaerts’ return.


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Yeah yeah. Playing the field and it's a wry smile a lot of heat today he. Well this is kind of out of context and that I thought this ultimate contacts. I've read this hour on men cried read about that balancing that some movies it's very good actor he I think that normally happens the day today and they certainly not tolerate it only happened a couple of times I can remember it. You happen to be one of the though I know that you know significant difference between choking off the crime. Tears being would be the biggest if I saw tears you are a lot I'd always did not get checked your I got myself here so it's nice in Boys Don't Cry at the that's good point of the woman. Just a spoiler it doesn't look at that. Thanks for that aren't I was watching are now we got to ride though he organ watch out guys and I miss my family movies you're gonna be a lot of I mean it's yeah. I'm open to bring a smile to your face so the Celtics did what they were supposed to do. At the TD garden last night yeah Marcus smartest back darkest smartest back looked great player winning play this medal winning plays. I figure every minute he places a midget that someone else's and plates all yet. Oz after that a body is going to be plated bullet maybe a little bit more than I expected him to play and and he looked really good Eddie went down he liked it. Take it down before a couple of times I was just thinking he had that Texas Beaumont that but. He even said I think without either one of these you know the halftime maybe they. Yeah it took a lot of contact early on and it kind of it was OK and I was able to go from there are people that really well it's kind of shocking when you think about it. He went before the game and did one on one drills into into jewels of coaches just make sure he could fight through screens and I was. As best we can tell his first two tests to that extent. And then an hour later he's out there diving and plus in a playoff game to you all want to know how to become it's why if there's even a question. Coaches never give a player an opportunity. Because if they're on well I think you'll be okay you know the minute the game starts he's gonna do that. He can't help himself peas in a playoff game he's competitor he's diving easy blocking shots that's what to do you can't say now it's okay Brad I'll I'll be careful out there no they won't. Because now nobody and he was the guy needed may still landed a plane Shane Larkin a body would just take shape mark in the minutes I was in the case but there is such a classic market Smart play at the end of the game. Where he gets the ball. Looks like he's gonna turn over that don't think it's going to be a jump ball that it ends up being an assistant a lot of them are out my doctor doesn't think I'm where residents are. Ever jump ball. And yeah it's part yet but he had a few of those he blocked three shots like he was. He was all over the place and it is soon as he came into the game we got a steal it led to an almost three rosier missed that one but Smart gave them atomic energy and it looked like the box not just. You know games wise you even in the series at two. But all the sudden their players three through 63 play a lot better. I've been getting market Smart back sort of gives the Celtics the ads I think. I would be surprised they lose game six and an adult act we said yesterday the win game five local Milwaukee and loosened and welcome moment when it probably don't question answers all over yeah minus fifty points from where you're gonna have acted on sports I will say I'll also as you watched this thing and I'm I'm not. And the guy I mean you know. Good for him he's try and oh boy is there a coaching mismatch in this series. The answer coach Joseph promptly I don't think is ultimately did pretty well in the middle to when he finally went to maker but certainly gave more money in his heart he went to maker because John Henson got hurt the author of given credit for that I don't and he just went the maker maker was great. And then Parker. I go back and forth now it's Parker was so bad in the first two games but meeting give him enough time my gas and then maybe that motivated him or whatever it was very knows oh wait a minute I'm Wendy restricted free agent I'd better and out of my ass and play well. And he has. But you know Stephens as you know semi O Julie for example. Not a guy with a huge fan of throughout the years and even the first couple games of the series are there I don't know if you need him. But he did really well he reminded me of a PJ Tucker was the guy a year ago of us of the two may be dead at the deadline he just. He's tough he gets rebounds. Yeah that's the guy right there that's that that's not him. I mean like you know interesting tactic of guarding you on us early in the game where you just fall down of that really works for me necessarily get any of those calls as like the can do that when he time yet. And you might get the twentieth but the first nineteen and I you would I had cancer rebounds and it is Gillick ought to shoot ever at any at a couple of an injury knocked down one but you don't want him to really shoot but. He of them oh a lot of really good minutes tonight game. Yeah I mean between him and Smart you had athletic defenders who were able to challenge shots that. Size violates smarts get now on Shabazz when he was in a bunch of shots. In forcing him into tougher looks like that that should happen you know brought him yeah action. Yeah right because I don't like like forty minutes he doesn't think so he has no idea what he has in his roster or some guys are just not playing in games and then they're shown up in their carry the team. Like a five minute stretch it's just it's open czar what what is though that team. The and the big take away. I don't artist was an assist shy of eight triple double. But that shows you how misleading stats can be because he was invisible for awhile he looks so frustrated. He was just and part of that is the Celtics defense but he also wasn't being very aggressive. And there was that stretch where did he not take a shot in the entire third quarter lead like that that is to happen to the best player on the floor. That's that's that's on him but that's also on Joseph prime T what you got to figure out like. Halfway to call tower that art were running a play for honest I don't care of its content like he's taking it to the basket you have to shoot the ball semi usually will fall down just got bought out bottom line that's fine go from there. It. Was exactly what local fans want it now the question is can the Bruins build on that. They've got a game seven tonight at the garden via Toronto Maple Leafs all the numbers are out there and I'm sure at some point during the course of the day will run through wall out. To be some keys of game even. Well hello maybe live audio rights dangling later I have seventies that it would be important for game seven numbers put that out there are happy now before after delegates. Could cause I tell you thought well I'll going to be looked good guy if I'm going to be a while I think it's important to preview the cereal or preview of the game specifically 187 did she give you one. Yeah please the towel and I'll recite really realize it later yes. Tonight will be in NHL history. The out 170. All time games seven in Stanley Cup history in the previous 169. The team that scores first is a 126. And 43. Move a 746. Winning percentage. While I'm gonna a lot of limit say the first goal could really mattered. There in this series that's been the case for every game belonged rights last month that last game where where liberal score than obviously loss though. That has been tea a stat all series long that is we are. A little. Little concerned hit a little capitation rate there is game sevens also not good grades now they have been less than they've been lessened therefore manager parents I don't know if you don't put it all on Tuukka I think that's a little unfair but in three game sevens he has won in two. And has given up at least three goals and every one of those that's their game six and to meet their team just knows. Well because you thought that was his fault at the end. The last two and yet to be the last you know you'd be wrong you give up two goals in the last Ali and you know you're well on the ice writes are you gotta win that game and I am so I don't know why you have to win you know what Jack Jack Edwards is right yeah people to talk on the radio Ottawa game on tunnel that averages out right there will get what that talking about that is not true it's accurate and just dropped out there Neely was active the last time as that a Brooklyn doesn't mean I don't want to. And if it's just people let's open the games talking about and it's going to be kind of now lock conversation gonna sound very PX rights act. This is the last. First round series still playing everybody else has done this is game seven in this one and I got to tell you. I like what Bruce Cassidy is doing tonight. What he's saying is at the trade deadline when we finish with the trade deadline this was the lineup that we envisioned this is what we said we wanted to go with the rest of the way. That's what I'm gonna go with tonight put Rick Nash back on the second line. With David crates in Jake to brusque. I'm I'm put in get behind him back and cause a set amount in game six but I'm putting him with Riley Nash and emblem put him on that line which is what we envisioned all along. I'm leading my fourth line alone I'm leaving my first line alone obviously you know touched that worth this is what we said it was the team that could win and that's that the line up on them put out on the ice. Does that message still play even though game six clearly that was not a lot of the oil went. Yeah I almost wonder he was second guessing himself. For doing that I guess that's a that's of this seems like the music are your try to make this is what you envisions. Or that this wasn't working sea change that city take the and I and how completely you have Tommy wing goals going from the second lines and not even implying. So is it too late for this the old take the hat I have the confidence in this group all along it's like what about game six. Well not then it does feel like mixed messaging out of you guys are doing Mac on Boston sports journal by he had all why Ryan Dinara should not play. And it was exactly decided and it's. You go with the guys who got you here in my response was yours didn't do that you didn't do it in the very last frame dale and I had a really good here yeah eight and legend you. You didn't do it the last game right and you do your team played well which are lost and what he's saying is known on all of this is a deciding game on gold back to what we said we were gonna do. I like the fact that he's not that I don't think this guy here notable that guy there you think the team that you put together at the trade deadline was good enough to win. Coach just a probe. If you've also never really had your full team together because Ryans and Otto played twelve games. The regular season and Rick Nash missed all of those games so even have a chance that you're true team now you're trade deadline team. Obviously is a little bit different than the team when they added Ryan to not go to the to the group. But I would have gone back with him I would've I think if you if you didn't feel confident enough to play pin high and in game six I don't know why all of a sudden he's going to be good to go in game seven. So I think I would have gone with a with a Ryan did not though. There are I don't lately and we want to let it elect in its Brian and outages that idea Rolen got back he was not great now on occasional doctrinal what's the difference you already benched nine majority bench him and and you. Are we saw Ryan -- play and they decided yet you know what when activists I think there I think you're I don't think your when this game one nothing said the eagerness to score some goals and I think writer not a gives you a better chance to do and is it possible that he needed that first game just assistant I don't know for a player out there. By the way if you go back to 2011. When the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Ot Tyler Sagan played I think he played thirteen of the 25. Playoff games but the Bruins played here. People don't remember and Tyler Sagan was this highly touted first round pick and all that stuff. About half the games. What they're doing. With with Ryan Donato was not that unusual if they don't win tonight if they move on and play Tampa Bay starting Saturday you'll see him again by the way. He'll play again in this in the playoffs assuming that they win tonight. This idea that are you gotta be you've got a minute from Harvard was great at Harvard stick and Eric well done that's not such a good play what's a little more. I'm glad he was good when he played for the Bruins I think it's more laid down down the regular season he had not won a playoff game he played like ten minutes so I would in my owed him another chance. You know any talk about Sagan he didn't play a ton but. And that Tampa series that's it it's yours was insane but going back to 2011 going like that and end of nineteen year old Tyler Sagan haven't what two goals two assists in one of those games that that helps you win. And I know there were other games where you know later on that series he he wasn't as good forward you know but. He was one of the reasons why you want it does game two he was he was in saint goes it was a home game for the Bruins. There are already down 01 in that series and he was a huge spark for them to to eat and that's why I think I would go them. I liked I like exactly the lineup I and not only the players but yesterday at practice he had different line combinations. Yesterday he had Rick Nash down on the third line with Riley Nash and debt behind and and evidently overnight signal you know what. This is what we said we were gonna do when we brought Rick Nash and we were gonna put monoline with David crate she injected brusque and by the way right when they did that battle and look pretty good. Went when he was thereto he got hurt the IT IAA said no we're not gonna just mess around throw all the lines and a jumble NC. Happens but they did it ladies and right David didn't work yet but IDs so then historic back yes absolutely but I big and so did not also gives you a little something extra on the power play in the power clothes on stopping on the first two games and then since then. Has not been as big of a weapon for the team. And I am I think you'd put him on the first power plant in those guys are pretty well set but the second power play where. What they base and while our holidays look better than the first hour but I just personnel wise not gonna change the first 1 I I am I saying the second has actually looked. More productive than the first power when it was over the last four games they haven't really done much right you maybe maybe they've they've looked a little bit better but they haven't struck with the with the goals so I would instead of hide in order to prosper and that second power play hard I'd give a shot to write about it feels like ever since Pasternak miss the open net on the left side perfect setup in game three I wanna say their power play and they are unstoppable -- Earl yeah and then went the other way. And everything you loose tonight. If you do lose game seven. In my opinion it's not gonna be because debt behind him played in Ryan Donato didn't. If you lose tonight it's gonna be some combination of your goaltender got outplayed by the other guy. Your top line which has 23 point senior three wins and zero point senior three losses. Doesn't provide what you need to it to get to that I don't is going to be Ryan Donato was going to be the difference in winning and losing that's. That's going to be Brad marsh I mean march yeah I'm closure on that roster not let you get out of him in game seven but I don't I don't wouldn't be the reason you lose but I think he could be the reason why you win that you could give you that spark in nineteen year old Tyler said he had four points in a playoff game against Tampa Bay he was the reason or one of the reasons why they won that game. If it is not easy if also the shell shocked again. Well guess what you do what you do in game two takeaways on his ice time and you and you figured out the other guys are gonna want the top line out there as much as possible anyway. So I just think it's a little added spark that you want. I also think you're right we'll be Rask will be a real point to a first and you'll be the the other top line if they if they're unable to score. But crated her national probably get a little bit more tense absolutely. Right and written on it and one point in sixteen I mean truthfully and that in the six games played so far the first line and the fourth line. Have done what you expected yet right. The second line in the third lines have knocked now they've been in Aden jump and welcome a little bit and you know I don't Riley Nash wasn't there at the start but. Yet they they have struggled and that was one of the reasons why they worst or some articles in the regular season because they had depth there wasn't all reliant on one line. You know that's the different when you look at Toronto going into the series. They at 330 goal scores on three different lines and militarily obviously of debt. The Bruins for all their third eagle scores on one line but the wall ways they could get away with a before because the crates on the score the rally national score in the series it's it's been no hard to find. The other thing with the DiNardo story is the last time we had this discussion. Of wires and playing games one and two they blew their doors yet and it didn't matter they did you know this may end up be in the same. Right there if that if the first line plays like they did in those two games we will be talking about the motto we won't we won't care about. Oh what did you think of behind in back it's like that won't matter because those guys are just lighten up or perhaps sharks'. Can't wait see what happens place will be it will be rocking to and yes. As they say if that's the safest and tents. You do wonder if there is an element of that what you just said tents. It's all pressures on the Bruins now all on the Bruins at the hundred for some of gas and you've got the whole sort Toronto strong bingo and right now I know it's not the same because. You know the Boston Marathon is so iconic and everything but given the events the real world events into Ronnie just wonder if they feel like this is our year kind of thing. As well you know that's working in their face yeah and they responded I was day of game six hoosiers it would when it happened and they responded and you know they had their fans all shown to the plaza again and they were it was business as usual for their beliefs they got that win and they've also. They've faced elimination now twice in a row and they've responded with those types of performances were the Bruins got an opportunity closes out in the camps. It's so pressure on them going back to dale stout on first goal of the game. You can definitely see in a series like this. The first goal late the did team that allows it getting even more tents and kind of freaking out a little bit because oh boy here here we go now to announce an uphill climb I'm sure we'll get to this later but just like to go you know we talked about to pin do we feel good about them. You go back to that's when he fourteen series against monster out there are up three to two. He's the vezina trophy winner he gives up goals in the first two minutes of game six in game seven. And it's it's not a game you know it's it's exactly what you're talking about that first goal putting all the pressure on them like you need to get out of the first five minutes tonight. Get out of a first line and it's 00. And nine start for me. Yeah I actually agree with both of you in this regard the Bruins face the most pressure tonight they are the team I mean adding Toronto playing with house money at this point. And of the of the Bruins took a faces by far the most pressured and yeah he's the guy who who you know cannot pull out and play. Normally soft and I you know only a no normal everyday game he's got to play a really good game and what if he plays really well. And the Bruins get beat 21 and out shoot Toronto get all 4221. Or some then. I'm not gonna blame to grasp. And pets how does that promise I think also depends on what the goals look like two weeks he'll sum up without Eagleton or that you can have the same thing we've seen somewhere you look at that it just you know complete miscue or is out of position or or whatever. I mean if if Toronto scores on the power play in his league it was nothing he can do about it. That's him a little. Harder to to look at them but. I would doubt pointed to go to Chara and Bergeron marsh and because as good as all those guys are. And they have the cup to prove it on top of it released the three skaters do to go Obama team. They haven't won a playoff series in four years so again it's a nice team and everything you know what a story it was for this year but. This was today hey just get in the playoffs and see what happens a belt the expectation was for them take you don't win the Eastern Conference not lose in seven games it's wrong. The leafs have won a playoff series in fourteen years Heidi well 2004. They beat the Ottawa Senators in the the conference quarterfinals this round. That was the last playoff series they won by the way that here. Austin Matthews and Mitch martyr both six years old Hector. I don't I wouldn't be ski and that does there's there's still all the good he's Ozzie to add that those bottom up at well over a thousand there trotted out their latter day. Obviously. On Wednesday's wee visit with a manager of the Boston Red Sox will talk about last night third straight loss for the Red Sox by the way. On a walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth low so will will talk with Alex core he's coming up next from Toronto daily key Sports Radio WB. Time now for a talk to the Red Sox manager Alex for a Alex's brought to you by our belly insurance. Your New England Honda dealers and Cumberland farms the official copy of the Red Sox radio network Alex joins us from Toronto Alex are you. Or do great things I guess it was unrealistic to expect a seventeen in two pace was gonna continue on all season long and saw a three game losing streak is not necessarily surprising. Has there been a common thread in these three games for yeah. And good pitch him by not only by the opposition by bios to or whatever it on on you know we don't want them. Three days while you know the particular and as a chance to win ball games which is very important. Two guys now mob pay that we had apparently you're not sustainable. By actually the last few days. We we got off you know he. We're not doing the same people are donor it seems like we treat bitch about it right now. And sort of being want to go to vote we want it looked like we wrote to Moses time and that's sort of count it. And don't beat somebody got a secret to a position but. You know ended two games in Oakland in the ninth NN. And we had a total count in a no hitter would masters if you get on data coming up to actually feel good about it. Man Sunday while we had a chance second and third with less than two outs we wouldn't score which it is and I'll bet that we have to. We kept cashing those is a bit and and they get pretty complex with a look at you know not great but the office of us it is at the team as a whole we would cook it. Amara going back to Sunday what a what went into the decision to give smoky bats Hanley Ramirez and Eduardo Nunez all the day off even when Monday be in an off day. Yeah that's that's the key the Monday one of them to get two days saw I'm actually looked cute. JD JD wood and an update on the weekend so well on Thursday we talked about it. Mentioned you know that he needed one and if it escaping the option. It was Friday actually looking looking to get it off and on Friday so he could play guidance on. When did you get to bail them on Friday and I decided is going to be Saturday afternoon has been mean obviously campus and our penalty. Big out tonight in we know what is coming from last year and I do feel that monkey well. To take advantage of the two days those Berkeley put them. Now we haven't stretched that we don't have an update until a week from Monday I'm not mistaken when we go to. New York so we don't take advantage of those situations and big big he's. The assault on the gonna do better terms and. Now ideally would you prefer to have you know smoky handily taking different off days and then this time it just lined up that way or ores rests still more important than maybe haven't had the best lineup possible. It has happened that this is stunning ward valley. Like this before or two to create we we gave DER. Tried. That was supposed to be you monkey smoky day company and so on. A lot of the matter I know there's a variety. Good against lefties but. I know David. Gonna get vicious shot he improved output. Now it's a good game we can we actual cable every day. You know that we can score runs as a matter that we would hit some balls and barrel and mom you know there were caught actually. It was a better day than look you know I of course via bat look. In this court's around and they beat us Alex any irregular sounds tonight. Oh huddle what Mitch they. And here is that right that it doesn't play for the rest of the doubt got a plan that they lineup. Now today. It's Christian explained and he is catching equipment. Such as on asked left handers have given you guys a lot of trouble so far Syria into a seven as a team. I know are only talking twenty at bats in a lot of cases but. Do you feel the need to address that and anyway Ben antennae for instance one for seventeen. Jackie Bradley someday even Denver some of these guys do you feel a need to shake things up and I'll against left and it it's. Not a period when one standard comes that we create a balance. He's gonna hit troops in the lineup and then you can decided he didn't block those six or ever since. And you make adjustments. Under and it and we do feel but he he's he's a cable hitter you know on base percentage was way up there. Using the numbers yeah it was a big left on the Internet yes. But there there was a lot of we have some apps you know we still a that we openly in the MY no Jackie Bradley to guys that you know any lefty. Any lefties he stayed with them him. And he makes him better. Hitter when he's hit lefties companies as autism he keeps the control them aside from mobile to let so and so I think now you know we got it grind them out there and we another tournament. We're talking to Red Sox manager Alex Cora you mentioned Sander Bogart's. Played in Pawtucket last night had a double and a home run. Said he felt good that they've already been rained out for tonight's game. Is this adjusted your plans for Zander and how Sunni may rejoin your your team. Not. You know range Regina most likely. He's gonna go to work out Camara. I did he also defensively that the biggest question what you're saying that if you play or what I heard and he moved well. You know command. Run in the bay could. Heatley and two thirds that he was OK I thought in last night out and this morning he's going to you know perpich. Perfect world perfect scenario was it into play nine innings before repeat we are rejoined the team but he feels like. The latest stop in in the ways can you know law work today and tomorrow he'll be ready most likely for. Now I know it's early we're still in April but you haven't gotten a ton at the plate from your catchers think Vasquez hit into eleven similarly own. 107 no home runs four RBIs combined. Blake's wife are not exactly up to a hot start either but is there any chance he can get an opportunity behind the plate. The now now we builder console Christian and stand behind the plate. They do want are calling games blocked him look at pictures not to many. Operatives who 22 of people out they'd they don't run too much about how they haven't been successful or not how many times. Welcome poet and we've a couple of late right now but not now. We as they were out Andean encryption. Alex a big picture. Craig Kimbrel question for you so he gave up a home run last night almost a year to today after he gave up a very similar home run to the jays. And that same park. Putting that aside have you had a chance to have that conversation with him yet about how you wanna use him in May be expand his role beyond just the ninth inning. Little by little we've been thought about it. Something that. A lot of people saying. That it is is easy to do a lot of people think that there. I live. The situation we've seen my mind. And I I don't agree. It is there's guy that has done it one way for car lot a lot of use them information comes into play. And the conversations come and play a Vienna today. We do feel that we've got guys around credit that can do the job to and we got sort of match that we can exploit over the course of the games basically late. So we got still believe in on those guys but at the same time we keep talking with the he'll present the information you saw yesterday. Now and I details coming up political granderson was a particular program they've been work. They pinch hit for I mean are quick to came into play defense port Oscar. In the second spot so my thought process look like well we got Didi got devers is a good time to shut the shut up or down. I would granderson and him and the second Peter and somebody gets on the book they're big boys to. So it's Corliss an enemy combatant and score runs and it happened conversations are. How do you convince and do you use data are do you I mean we know I think it goes without saying that a guy and his position is thinking about free agency. And you have to convince them at all day you will still be valued no matter what that save total is next in name. I don't feel that he understands. The amount of dollars at this guy they've they got their routines. Am one of those same. I'm I'm very aware. Men in the game. And now I always thought about it throughout the years when I was working on the XP and our last night. How we talk about bringing in the closer in the eight inning with a loaded no outs. And he gets out and Ian and do we feel that somebody else should come in the nine or is it fair for the closer to coming back to Asia. They compounded that are you know they have somebody uncle Adam and we're paying up to a two weeks. But those situations we need to do the research or you know you got to meet urged. Check how many times the second third and fourth hitter coming to gain up to it. In a one run game to run game in the eighth in an hour and haven't been. And sometimes it's not as much as what people think last year would be seen it happened four times as that statement. I'll buy two the second or portrait coming up so the information that I but I keep you know using tune to talk about the subject and which time. And an interchange on I mean we gotta be fair with this guy this guy beat out spring training. He's being on tour a lot. Off the field we used to backing them up when he's ready and when when we we come to a conclusion that this time will do. Alex we talked earlier in the season about running into outs on the base pads just a bad decision by Carlos fables last night. Accuracy of decision before it before the series we go over the scouting report sent the guys that we we identified that we have to challenge. Was Kearns grounds. You know he had a clean and you know it was a game up catch. And thorough put him right there we don't know it is not. There last year you know running water but you know it's it's an aggressive Juan and I do agree that I think you know the way we were swinging the bats now pushing DL but look there are you hoping for a bat row or. Something closer to the place you can happen. Will leave with their that would block. Time now for our Cumberland farms question of the week for Alex Cora. Brought to buy Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee go to WEEI dot com slash manager to submit your question for us to ask Alex Cora every Wednesday. Today's question is from Kathleen G a chatty from South Weymouth she asks do you have a certain routine that you follow on game days. Well on the road a target stage. Up about it our compliance possible not get up in the mornings or Tuesday that we have predictions. And I go back taken out and man band after that like Iran one. It's all part of home there's no routine because of the kids and those. You don't know. The twins might get up in the morning and I have to take care that they are likely to and I am and that could put it fat. It is really on the where I speak to the routine now home. Is it a lot different now about when you have the family around he got a ticket them sometimes probably become more in the mornings honestly and you. It'd be you or your parents do and do what you gotta do battle in the. Alex knows appreciate time like tonight we'll talk to you next week. Arctic accounts that is a Red Sox manager Alex Cora joining us from Toronto. I liked the fact that. He asked the question you get an answer. I don't ever again I mean I don't I love the answer which don't say like yeah that's what I love that aren't I harbor cigar and listening yes I don't think he thinks is good -- I don't think I was attacking his ankle I don't know the reason that he's not gonna throws and so he gives an answer which I which I really appreciate that he said scatter report Curtis Granderson and all of that but I would I would look at say well. Nunez has been running really well. And then. You're basically hoping for a bad role or let the ball skip away from the catcher and it does that allows the my prayers that are radar but that he also had Major League outfielder but these are major leaguers and so you're saying what's gonna have to take a bang bang play yeah the major leaguers so if you're just sending guys hoping that they throw our way. What do you do that legion the what do you do and that the majors for you without by ten we've got a lot last year. We did this is the Salmonella girls thing was that while they had to make a great play yeah. They're paid millions of dollars to make great plays. So I think the chair he had to make a great guy and I want your mind you know as opposed by like ten feet that wasn't even close now. Him saying the sky report granderson makes sense in saying the wave that that the team had been score runs as of lately that part makes sense. Are you aware they were in the game I get that part of that putt. That was not a close play at the plate I'm Ratzinger did a 100% of the base path of happen. Put that on every god gap on these matches are coming out they knew refinement it in its move key bats you say let's wait let's give him a shot to win. 6177797937. Is the telephone number the text line it's 37937. We've got Bruins game seven talked about we've got Celtics game five last night talk about Red Sox and Toronto last night and oh by the way. A date Kosher former radio voice of the Bruins now the TV voice of the biggest golden knights is in town tonight he's calling the Bruins Maple Leafs game. For the national radio broadcast. But ghost will join us at 330 to talk about this series. As the keys and the golden Knight who made out of that we're gonna throw up your keys out I don't know quite how to split them out on a about it and that'll just be baffling film one that it's a key Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. Its telephone number he had a game five last night at the garden that went the way local fans want it. Celtics win go to game six in Milwaukee. Tonight however it's that winner go home game for the Boston Bruins if they win tonight. They open the next round of the playoffs Saturday afternoon at three in Tampa against the lightning. They lose tonight. Their golf. It's innate choked it away. Yes should be do where ironically that is to say if they should the united cleaning toilets yet at all I don't I don't at worst the gap there that's on dad you've got to go pick up the trash on the side of correct. Let's get to the calls that you guys are 6177797937. Thompson New Hampshire hey Tom. Well when it's on there hi I don't. Well all that's right this is working. At it there were no barrier on sorry not our fault. Okay no problem I'm an old guy so I have patients with yet seen my share were Bruins game and I have seen enough of hope. I'm a little I don't know how much this organization needs to see how two point 13 all reach a lot on our. Loose with the guy in the net but he has no Jerry cheapens our regular Melinda and I. I knew. He's on them and tell you wanted to goaltender tonight are your argument for the future I would include openly doubting and I'm actually. What's gonna happen when asked plate we all gonna happen you've got to have the moral want this guy in another saying. The other lashed out in Nevada when it I actually like our children. I don't know what music wrong junior. Yeah. Rick Nash or Riley Nash which national which struck ground who are sort of play. Rick Nash wasn't hurt the whole year he is a lot out of there and caution here. Right after they play iron play most of the leader Riley Nash played all that well yet right. I don't know what I wanted to ask that gentleman who's seen a lot of hockey how you can explain to caucus two point 18 goals against courier in the playoffs. Let's and he can't question too good you have certainly you certainly ten. There's bit his game seven history is not very good couple years ago and they needed only the regular season to win a game and it took to make the playoffs. He got the flu and couldn't make it so. There's definitely reasons to question two grounds but no you mean. Who hoopla who now go back I think you know that I contrast Hart and puke puke is better suit them both better. Maybe he meant the bug like the pupa yeah our problem wire ovals to Italy and we talked earlier in the hour out of a panic move would appear that if you Bruce Cannes open would be the biggest Saturday and the biggest and it will have a history of hockey if you started your backup goaltender in game seven right. You could sign Jones got the gusts. To exit goose consisted. What a spread evidence that was spread. Again back and I don't think we're Erdogan don't actually at least decent kids I have nothing against them all the he's never allowed a goal in the plane's tail and a person you know the lightning strike in doesn't like you don't he's bill he was the perfect backup goaltender this year it was the he gave you exactly what you wanted. He allowed you to keep the games played for two per raskin a at a manageable level right I loved everything about his game I I hope they find a way to bring him back next year Amy gave you shot in the bowling game yet to play and it's yours right me and say it was fine from there. You know playback of you don't start your backup goaltender shorted injury in a in a playoffs in what that would fly in the face of a volatile we're going with the team what these guys particularly if they're back up for the airline Iraq and again that that's not ever have thought I would want this. What sukur we get tonight. Who knows you that's the thing you know it just this series alone. We seemed unstoppable. Terrible and in between them but we see we see at all sad as you have with with better benefits Ilya. He liked Lucas had one terrible game. And other than that he really hasn't been hasn't been agreed shells he's you know he's been good to very against three or five. No gain on the court is great for he was great. There or sailor because we were taking calls people say to you can't do when you're a game. But he wins the game or those who are very quiet and goes out game five he's terrible knowledge they're right back is a good about it or would I ever authorities don't talk about that one what about game five that's more important. 56177797937. Let's go to John on the cell phone John Europe next on Sports Radio is dealing keep. Yeah dude I'm a real. Hard to pick it rich keep in Egypt in New York. Make sure they'll leave it on ways. Yes dale Yasser. I got a big problem with Zdeno Chara lately again and I get a problems six that nice at all costs all you seatbelt on bill. Guess at all. It's become a partner dump the puck in the gunman chased acting at her backpack up our tech guy puck. Can see what nick pulled into play instead of charm. I went wherever you know it's our lady that's what he's been pocono. OK okay so and so that summer so John what you want nick cold and to play tonight instead of Zdeno Chara. On. You'd rather have my mind and John John. As you say hold and the better option you lose all credibility there just say he's been a drop. Light I watch the quote the puck out of court. Yeah. You've placed sixth defensemen is char one of your six best defensemen. John come. Aaron a hi Andy it's your turn because I can't evaluated the I agent so I do and what would you are you know appraisal of charts lady was gonna really good. I know that drives people like John crazy MacKey was that much worse people who know hockey a lot better than ID people played hockey political you know analyze hockey. They all tell me. He's been great this year remarkable at the age of forty about how the now here 41 when the series goes yet. Big Mac that would that in this series I think he's bad maybe their worst defenseman especially if you go along expectations interviewers he's supposed to be your best to your second best defensemen. But he's gonna let down yet and we've seen shower aware down impose seasons before where he knows him and Seidenberg at the end and you could tell my dad look like they're skating in molasses. I don't feel that way once and I'm not I mean look. It if you're lucky enough to get a couple series into the playoffs and he's playing like he has the minutes that he's playing now may that happens again. Six games into the playoffs now seven tonight no I don't that we went down. Do yourself justice Sandra yeah that's hard tonight and we want nick couldn to replace Zdeno Chara original they got all the top line are we still think called. Got a guy that auto accept okay of that out of a love him in there at the the Holden who build and people I did not expect. Anyway angles people out there and Tommy went about his whereabouts Gionta. That's the Mexico to add that you know it might robs up in New Hampshire rob your next on sports radio's tailing Keats and as we hit the button and there in Iraq. They do a good. I'll yield on the boards and that or if the first one. You've got to remember what attitude toward the floor quickly and obviously everybody thought copier so. We want to look at Tuukka level blocked as well look at this yeah. Anderson has played extremely well well. Without a solid look at that too much but anyway. That would he do tonight in the last couple genes. Stock should be some sort ankle aside the question is all crisscrossed call that it won't have foot shot. People has collapsed around the block shots so well. Or all of their flock and now. Just what happened the last caller votes are are another try our regular I've been with humanity. Apple is making him look back and west of actual culprits here. Our iiroc thank you unhappy if Andy Andy he is on your team that you were an undersized I don't know why any. How to draw the Mitt that they angled shots thing I mean they have made their their living. On that play all yearlong net. David possibly knock shots from up top angle on the one timer cross crease where other Brad marsh and snipe item I still want to have anything else absolutely trying to trying to make that fine perfect extra pass and you know I'll just dangle around this one other guy. Get it and go with it well what he scored twelve goals in the first two games here literally put the puck between your legs and scoring jackets Eli Daytona you do anything. They've even been hard I don't wanna just back off on some of that stuff then you know the fourth line is played very well in this series ever reason. They're pretty much north south Keisel dinosaurs they're just going to the net try to get traffic in front all those things that I wanna see the other three lines to in front of Frederick Anderson. He had look at notes cliche and and it's pardon me for using it until you're four up which can't see nice to make it harder for him. And you know this this dangle dangle like this that they've got here especially. Game six. And especially in the third period with the Bruins top line strike were trying to be too fine too fancy. In marsh in just was not puck handling well at just under very basic level. He's couldn't maintain control the puck it was weird to watch and watching him in recognizing. Some of the struggles he's had the post season you say hello. I hope game sixes and harbinger for him because that's. You talk about something that could torpedo their chances. On our after the first two games you think you're missing is unstoppable like outline was the day it's the best of hockey and then since then. They've been very quiet and it's going to be it's it's up to them what we can talk about oh by the way tons of shots they haven't had plenty of shots that we can talk about all of the other guys and and did not though and everything else than you know your second pair defenseman but it's got to come down to to grasp you know top line. 6177797937. Let's go to Mike up in Maine Mike you're next on sports radio's bailing keep. Yeah lots happening we act by I want it I want some dictated a prediction from the ballot about wishy washy just do it. I don't how do we know what's gonna happen tonight recent Bruins are professional. Contract it would resume broad picture of who you call him the winner and I asked if you want a winner is dumb sports talk re eighty Brad marsh in. Patrick and speaking of which will just had. You wouldn't want. Yeah. It's yeah it's gonna be right that I've led back tomorrow night Clinton leaps and months of the right. When the other way out there. But are not here that you act like other people play differently when didn't buy it eyeball it. My expertise. I feel like that you are welcome you to you shocked by. I mean that well look at the creek gold whatever game after not quite. A volley it would be impatient shots and they look at the right shot the last couple in that she got elect but I and every block. I feel like you were doing better when they are when they were trying to get the right shot. Well let's end and let's start with the idea. Let's start with the idea that don't play from behind that be good now they did score the first goal in game six. But they've had this gives back up frustrating thing lately and it in this series you know where they score a goal and within a minute or two in this case it was 35 seconds and they get it right back. Don't know that and and I just I I am sorry but I just think the whole edit the brunt of it three wide and Brad I think editorials gore I don't. What are and I aren't as odd titles and three Eagles nobody knows how Claus and break to Rask doesn't know Brad marsh and doesn't know Bruce Cassidy doesn't know grass is gonna go soft on earlier on Google. Another comeback of verified. The sports on the record I'm what you broads prediction now I am there's. Seven I didn't write downs and inhale like that get on the right here you get down early in places going to be a maazel leads in Uruguay yet that the senate gonna make because they're holding their collective breaths. And then they're gonna wait around and then here years ago it's been so quiet and then they're gonna turn on the team. That's good yeah if they're down one nothing at this little damage and yet there it booed going locker room that will get booed then if they're down one nothing going into the third. Maybe they're gonna hear from the crowd I was looking. It's some of Tuukka is shaky games late in seasons or play a course he wasn't I thought our I don't know I got a whole list here but one thing that did jump out at me if you go back for instance to. The end of the 2015 season when they control their own destiny they lost the last three games they shoot outs. It was what dale was talking about they'd score a goal to you to take a later time a game within three minutes at the mikes I time now yeah and three games they'd give you too good give up. The tying goal or go ahead caller never once it's just the momentum but I'm objective about this. No you not know is it holding up because of its and they give up the goal it's only took it gives up gas. He's legal the other BI lab the upper body guys I think I'm glad that I did the biggest task on the eyes Els the other guys I have nobody to do with the the bell unsettling not saying that but what's charms it'll get it out theories here. It's Lucas goals against them that's right he's the guy takes the blame. We get them out recommend bringing a spare hat to the garden tonight Goran began with Brad marsh it is gonna Patrick he's gonna wanna throw keep your don't know you know other trash and other regularly throw your keys there you know all I can tell us. And I got back. There are a little bit about noise I always think it's dumb to throw the forty dollar hat on the ice really dumb that's not a target Clark he's sorry guys bring that crap pat and I needed Hossa on the icy won't feel about about it. Ticker for dollar 6177797937. A threat Patrick in Cambridge. Hey Patrick Dario. Hold on Patrick there we go to gentlemen good afternoon. Indeed Bruins fan who think that they're going to win tonight for the homer in a pool. Wall well you balls while law law I'd do one why you don't think the better team. I think there's a better team ego got a little lost at home they've been eliminated at home for over the years go back to around 2009. While the hurricanes they literally to the flyers 2010. Obviously but a different codes they got different points of players on time in a lot of east series and for whatever reason they have been able. To do it I don't see what you're going to be different even with a coat. New players too on top of the Ada and yet to take into account the opponent like I don't feel that you feel good at Toronto can come into Boston and winning game seven but a look at that roster. It's fine it's good but it's it's not great for world beating team. Like about a world beater team but. But he's been able to come back this far they did you're right of the remote when they'll be able to get apple lightly on I have dealt the belt that actually be you know away. But doing so and all. You sound kind of negative Patrick Null and edit out negative energy is a lot of negative energy in this town to repeat of Canadian him you think maybe easily sky estimates in the world organizations yes that's true. Florida or out of Love Boat with both. We get Tomas in the house which is probably the harbinger of the negativity to prevail around here I did go shall join us at 330 here on Sports Radio WEEI.