Dale & Keefe -  Dale: “If Bruins lose tonight it’s a monumental failure” ; Dave Goucher joins the show; Gronk announces he will play in 2018.

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, April 25th

Hour 2:  After the show put on by the callers at the end of hour one, Dale & Keefe decide to keep ‘em coming. Former radio voice of the Bruins and current TV voice of the Golden Knights joins the show to discuss the Knight’s surprise team, Bruins teams past and present, and Bruins - Leafs game seven. Gronk released a ridiculous statement about his return to the Patriots


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Yeah. Sports Radio WEEI. Johnson aussies in the house with a will visit our our good buddy Dave goes through the bottom of the hour. I've talked Goshen couple times during the season I remember one point I'd sit them come on you saw this happening in Vegas right. Nobody saw this happening in days not a chance those were the last place team and I hear there are other Oregon second round it might be about them in Nashville the two best teams in the westar cough. Currency government expansion team in the cup final. I mean that's the seems wacky and try to think who's the best expansion team and export a Philly it's always like that jaguars and the Panthers are really to the falling yet sick year is took them right and then. How many years it takes the Marlins slick for yet didn't have the Marlins line but it they thought that I CNET four years later death. Basketball mean the grizzlies or raptors measles expensed if I remember that other expansions prior to that but those teams we're not gonna prolong the Iraqis are bad for prisons that'd get out of Vancouver but he credited stay in the city that they've they've they started. But yet this has got to be the best. Expansion team in year one there's no matter what happens now in order won the first round so it's definitely don't. Let's connect the calls that you guys are 6177797937. A text a city like 37937. A whole bunch of you want to weigh in on. This Bruins game tonight Ryan's up to New Hampshire write your next on Sports Radio stale in key. Yeah I hope so. I don't know if it's if it's the Toronto team you know other collapsing in the defense the number it Gillick the power play specifically. Back door one time or pat is just not there anymore and it was often the first couple games. Kitten you know that that pass through there and in Freddie wouldn't get over that but it just not working so if we are lucky enough to get on the power play I think we had to figure out. Some other way work behind the net I don't know and get some more guys open but it's just not there that. You're saying Ryan do not want him that's the sand the is that another way on the power play you're suggesting Xanana. Almighty Ryan well there you go that way is this being Bryan that's not it actually is right about. You know guys they exercise and it is right Donato who checked in yeah his Father Ted is texting and at this moment they put the death now owned up and up Brett Martel is they have to do a radio interview since we enjoy the game from the press day of you that are probably noncompliance I I I mean I understand. That the shiny baubles that is that the bright young prospect I understand got to get every time he is not the reason that you're gonna win or lose game seven. Now is there behind and well he's part of the of this was the team you had invasion ready to tackle Ryan to not I don't but this was the group but you bailed on this group in game six. And I like hey guys just kidding I had faith that you all along. I wonder how they responded that not that. You know I think it did you pointed out the other day at practice there was a scene all the veteran guys were all together you got yesterday yesterday. That they're asked the most important thing right you Chara who has played in more game sevens than any. Active player but the key scheme that you measured in my own life I'll tell you that you ran them okay and you look at what's Mossad Rockies today that it aisle but there's a lot of game seven experience when we talk about how young the team is that there what do you look at Bergeron a martian crate she had Chara and Backus Rick Nash took a wait a minute all of sudden. Yet it's hard playoff experience so it's gonna come down to to those guys yet dale brought this up earlier and crates she's a guy who's just gotten off Scot free here and he asked he was your top line when you won the cup he was incredible yeah is it a point again where more than appoint whoever wins easily do that and that in the year you blew the lead to Philly was really because he got hurt and he's supposed to be remains today. And what a luxury that's supposed to be your second line he's also though a set up guy. Which means you've got to have guys who can Barry on his swing at Nebraska has been great and abrupt end the other way crate he's got a point game in the first six games. The disappointment here and and where you've had a let down is that. Rick Nash hasn't buried them when crate she set them up for 22 shots on goal in six games Rick Nash pass it a one goal. I mean. Everybody is doing it's like I'd intended against left it is very similar it's the same sort out Rick Nash was was the right acquisition at the time oh and I did too I liked it I thought second guessing now beat up people did question though people or were saying you look at it in the playoffs elect well. You know those teams were relying on him as the guy here he's him in the second like it was some really crate she. Who has always perform really well who's a bigger forwards your whether it's important or Lucic or. You know again long wherever he he's been better with those guys are but now should be good fit and during the regular season he was until he got hurt. Now the playoffs you don't know if he's still deal in sum than war war we just haven't padlock I don't know. Fred's in New Hampshire hey Fred I don't. That's known that no great the great good to keep in the game and I just like oh man. Eight bill. Got a good out there are huge insult that's not you can't do it cheap shot like that that move on your point what can you miss Michael you don't like he's keys that we say. Why would threaten him throughout that sound. People. And government series called it getting out. Because they pulled I would be tuned in to win the series it would cap in hand it to. And iPods and those six games this onslaught. Yeah. You know these people what are the auction Ali. They've watched their team lose two games in Iraq soon potential elimination games. We got a seventh game in our own time okay so I'll yes and but to have the don't want us to regain its about the. Three and a rally around it came late in the year they did when they had a bunch guys turn. It. I. It lost the first three years of April right now other than that Democrat other than a couple of weeks ago I know I'm very good statement. Fill us for the last five hence why they had the play. Toronto is not New Jersey so yeah they have by the way I'm very reasonably I'd writes I need to take him for assignment this Austrians in a row yes. I hate to ask this question because it's it's gonna sound stupid but. As a hockey game government played in a barn now as they get that to I don't really I don't know it's a cliche I know we say it I don't really why basketball. Eventually people have mice in their virus on your rebuttal Hakim open hope art that essentially is a bar ideas I think it is but it's not a barn but it sort of feel like I did does that it very well could be it could act as a barn. You know not the wintertime. And it's not that good. Chris in New Hampshire sacred site on. Goody I don't drink. I got a couple for. Its first one is stretched past from Toronto they gonna kill that that apple would murdering them to that neutral. I mean what are you gonna do that it just gives Toronto often as having given out of Iran. Yet there it if it is a staple of the Toronto attack all season long they were using an all season so this is like it's a surprise to the Bruins figure they know they've got they've got to play it better and they haven't played it as well as they showed. That's crept past wasn't exactly killing you in the three Wenzel was it. Well but shelved text dirt would hold big deal going on there sure that if you can kind of controlled a little bit of an economy be put to Ottawa Canada. You know can do not gonna know what to do Kuznetsov bread and butter. Well I don't I don't know your right if you taken away it takes away one of the weapons that they like to use I'd I don't disagree with that. It is sometimes I think we over complicate things you know what they're going to do and you know how to stop it here's an idea stop at the enemy Kevin Miller's been beaten on that play a couple times where he's right there and act avoid two McIlroy you know where the puck goes under their stick or bounces off the boards and those around them but it they're right there it's not like. One like your coaching this Ron Owens and no one's ready for this. 6177797937. Dusty is in New Hampshire hey dusty I don't. I'd love this thank you thank you shed. Barack Obama if I had gone back and I'll probably not as they are you area with seat belt and rear seat. Thank you. Thank you very much are we the only one you take it up circle I it's I'm not. And one time that. Bergeron we want like a martial art and in particular he saw the hole might not score a goal and we're playoff perfect. And that's what march on an acute or not bookmark on hand and it locked up. In March in lock everyone on them and it felt like it happened more than it really did because Bergeron to go back and look he took a zillion faceoff still but. That's an advantage you have over every team I was driving me nuts not just in game six but even all series games they want to felt like they were they just drop the puck. It certainly NBA officials could take a look at it what I do I rate I agree with you guys might just dropped the puck but I can tell you that Toronto has been chucked out of the faceoff circle almost as much as you it just all you care about is Bergeron got in front vividly Bergeron even if you throw somebody else in my God's OK but Bergeron dominates in there. And when he thrown out of it doesn't crazy. I got it liaison. With public knowledge and I think McIlroy. Not playing you bet if China. I could bring chart done. It and they are one of the best years that a long time. He got hot and what are thank you I doesn't he has had a great year. I mean I I know that drives some people crazy the on Chara is slow and holding can't play anymore crowd he's had a great year. And he's having a good playoffs now I do think. I don't know of Charlie Mack a voice still being bothered by his knee I don't know off the knee brace is given an issues I don't know what it is. I just know he hasn't looked like the same guy that I watched all season long yet any did have a sprained MCA Allan ray is now playing with a knee brace self aren't put two and two together and suggest they might be. It maybe we shouldn't be surprised there's so many guys at the end of the year they're like hey they're going to be back in time and that okay that doesn't mean there are a 100% and that way and Rick Nash are our two of those guys that missed so many games late in the year. You didn't get Nash back at all you did get back to what back but you're seeing them also now thrown into the playoffs like a little that'll look right. And I think a lot of us myself included just kind of assumed the other back and a lot of seat and assume the same kind of production we'll talk today go shared. Now the television voice of the Vegas golden knights formerly the radio voice of the Boston Bruins in town tonight the call Bruins and Maple Leafs game seven for the national radio broadcast. Dave Goshen joins us next Sports Radio WEEI. He was a longtime radio voice of the Boston reports he is the first year voice of the Vegas all the nights because. There's no other years for the Vegas golden knights. Of what he's in town called game seven Bruins and leafs for the national radio broadcast. In his he's Arnold but he did go to your head coach Oreo. They're a good total other parents and as I talk to you earlier in the season NIC c'mon you saw this coming right in Vegas. Yeah everyone I actually thought it was government and at this rebel in the first round that's not double it or else. I think he he felt they organize a group of at least can't circuiting with all the way to stick to draft well together by. You know the big difference between a good team it wouldn't you want games and winning the Pacific and tweeting Ellen you are now so. The catalog Alan you know little at that succeed in really exceeded expecting a lot of obvious in the back there. United in my group and people law and I had one on the scene in Vegas was X. Oh dirt you know left. Expendable like celebrities still they've been playing with it a bit of a chip on our shoulder all year and the results have been put novels so far they say you know they pick up their sights set pretty high here. You know what like it in he wrote that eagle on the last is not a. Have but if even a bit surprised at how the city of Vegas has taken this team. Yeah I did not Q what they'll be Austria I think you're looking at the other Vegas strip is. You know what for a while lauded as one of the most unique you know stretches of land anywhere oral that I I think people that live in Vegas also wanted to have a identity. Away from the strip and you know drive around big bear in its form. Bill or you go and their current crop of factor. This effort biblical forcing him at Oakland Raiders cover a couple of years well. I think even that can be different in other moving from. For Oakland this is altogether different story and you know what I think a lot of it not older look so all of this you know that's so horrendous shooting October 1 let's say you know popular back so. That ought to merit on on and I think that the city in the team. Really bonded through that that's usually four or at least try to make people feel a little better like all the eastern here back in 2013 so. You know I think it kind of was in that direction starting to Albert the great relationship or that. And it got really you know cement Kennedy Kirk. Now the last on the Bruins in May it please let a game seven you get a pretty memorable call you're gonna be doing it now though for a national audience how do you not allow yourself to. To be the Bruins longtime play by play guys that call this thing down the middle. Yeah well of course Rick you know I got to talk it out. Do that you know like I saw so. Her few minutes of the practice streak you know her article can be got organized at a couple of minutes street that are actually it will pre interviewed for the the radio broadcast later at least it's as if the real openly that you don't follow it all worked out and I have a dog that air. All that area back in you know a critic on the scene at that want war. Well aware it was in some people was sitting there real that are from Canada at least fans. That I have to at least is that I can't go by history is that at least try to be as impartial suspect and it. Dave and curious when you take a job like this you go from an original six Marquette a hockey crazy city you go out to the desert where you don't know if people are gonna like hockey. Did you have any expectation and all that this would turn out like this are you kind of think in let's see what happens. Yeah I think I think John pew poll that you don't look at it was so good at all restricted and let's face I'll probably hear it. You know you'll love it here very much it is going to be back to spent time here Summers. I I think I looked at it as an opportunity for your Arctic the next step in my career move to television. That being said he had no other team looked at a lot of ridicule all three were going to be. Pretty good team and eighty fighting for a playoff spots but it is included in the medical fees and out there and they. You know they won their first two games of a little kickback or they they want that it was eight more after that first our games. It built a lot of confidence from that and it'll be on the street because talked about it either. Until it got out there you know that silently he ordered throughout the year okay well you know as the guy and the support but. Then you get through that inning and then you get through Christmas then you get through the all star break and get it straight there. And they would steal. The talking with a Pacifica and a symbol of a purse split a couple of days before Christmas and it never laughed so. No you know now they accept their psyche and higher and you know if they are starting tomorrow night he'll be back up there for round two tomorrow night I guess it'll let it all you don't nobody. Nobody saw this coming I. You know the fact is that I would later sued god if you're gonna and a half a billion dollars for access to the soulful it is. Then I think he's got an opportunity to be pretty good and have a chance to make playoff right off the bat and they. You know they certainly surpass that they are. We're talking to Dave go sure voice of the Vegas golden knights but in town to call Bruins leafs game seven for the national radio broadcast. Human around this town long time you've heard what fans say about Tuukka Rask. Why she's such a polarizing wired in your opinion. Yeah you know electing their elders like there are some real life Tuukka mean because what you on your outlook. It would either block the chart that a couple of for the Bruins and I think that's probably so that. You know that I take it easy to forget that he was you know we gave up on 83 goals in the four games meeting at Pittsburgh conference finals a couple of years later. What I think if you all your order of figure into a Stanley Cup. You know maybe that's something the he you have to live with you know I will say and complexity of the series after it really watched as good. He really struggled for. Underneath that big a thicker and it you might want the regular fiscal or bartered back that backhander but. I think so I think that comes later that they haven't won at all with Pam and you know he's had his struggles in the polls see that broke out earlier today east. He's five and eleven in elimination game so now we want trails that 2011 to about thirteen year. I think that our go to the territory. You know right now I kept tabs on throughout the year and we got a little rough start this year their looted regulation to. So I got to look at it all goaltenders in the series Serbian. Really good and the not so I mean I don't think anyone thought would be sitting here right now for game seven after the first two into brought on usually sell. I think for all guys basis as confidential record at the other side they're you know they have been citizen. Now I know you haven't had a chance to see every single second of the Bruins team this year but one topic that we've discussed on and off throughout the years comparing this year steam. To the 2011 cup winning team. Do you think there's a chance I know what happens in the playoffs is gonna really determine whether that's even worthwhile conversation or not but even to this point. Do you think this team is better I know that was a squirrel more goals or do you think that it's the the 2011 teams the better. Well you know political and he's written in years they had a lot of a lot of dad to approve the honesty and commitment that they at a like with. You know that Bergeron. You know with recchi had our share of colliding creature Lucci to coordinate alliance you know probably Kelly writers and other lines four lines pretty good as any in the weeks. You know our defenses partner. It's hard to beat the six they add that you know putting dark side birdie at play out as they didn't have thomas' hit that in the air so you know I think he's. I will let the crowd started about as are your thoughts. You guys know pretty ironic that they have yet younger lot in their life and they've been able to do that this year looks like there are a bit harder to get back into after missing air it out in six. So that enabled. What I've been impressed with it is. After missing the playoffs in 1516. They didn't. Needed to be that it wanted to be a long article going to be rebuilt sort of retool anyplace and admittedly it's important political. Blocks so I didn't. Not only you know friend Karl right on lack. You know weather's good the eleventh two you know I think they have another guy from that in there till around I'll tell you they've. They get a late to go there as he regular. You know a lot America to wait what happens. Dave obviously the Bruins like you said they have to win tonight for this question even matter by. Since both teams got hot in the late fall how much time have you spent thinking. This could be a bus in Vegas Stanley Cup final. There there are certain people we do that it's. Are you will be opposite the houses are you know. For me it would be it would be great to be in the come back here even a little earlier you know it just made in the off season. I'll tell you that the you know if you guys you get a chance this particular game and they get the app you're off the charts. Yana don't spoil here Burke. For seventeen years I felt good the atmosphere is that the guard. Flooded bigoted it's a little bit different because you get the big picture right there and people will read a short of the south into the strip that. You know you guys know at Vegas walk around drinks you know everything. Equity careful so like I think it does take it from one party outside the C arena and they take it right here. So the atmosphere is off the charts in their building they sell their regain standing global. So I think the speaker graphic I really do you know for me personally it would be great. You know people working for now looking at that you know our options that would give. If they were to be in you know a couple of not a good PR. Our final question before I let you go how much of the success of the big big its golden knights is tied into the fact that. It's Vegas are God's sakes players blocked Arabic all crazy. If they talk about the biggest flew up there right it's not. I won't let us. It's on daily a lot of scenes. At there you know the rookie parties or whatever experience. You know they'll look at the schedule is we grab three yards in Vegas and why we're in now. And we've seen a lot to lots of other cantor and other cities in your future look. You know article to the city especially candidate. Winnipeg Calgary Edmonton and ethical compass colts to two biggest mr. economical letters out there but I think something to it but I also think what candidate to go back to put together I expertise you know their speed up. Our country forward to reconnect all season long prevents so I think that probably has more to do that you know right unlike you guys feel with a you know professional athlete he is you can get your act together and right before game is already here. You know that's probably go after her you know maybe you liked or that laughter for the patriots. But it took a little bit of a bigger but it's it benefited from a terrific home crowd and had a great at a certain hall to see. You'll probably be able to find your way to the ninth floor tonight at the garden I hope you enjoy the game. Yes you're right I don't know like Gary when I was here back to a leader in the back right I don't want to hold regular site that someone utter what the hell. So I'll probably got into an announcer LT. Economy. Coach good to talk to you again. Aren't. They better as the day goes your he's the ITV voice of the of guys you're gonna have to disconnect that Memphis. It can be a four flexible US and there and I thought that's and it's not his fault it's we have some technical issues here of the TV voice of the biggest golden knights but as he said he was the radio voice of the Bruins for seventeen years. And is great. Working with a and other former Rome ultimately change ideas is color commentator. The sheriff Charlie Seraphin read it doesn't bother sounds color commentator on the on the telecast live believe. Got the start the last time Zdeno Chara missed the gain missed the playoff game easily dehydrated and Amanda tapping in the sheriff of Lee was laid next man up out of the played very much. But it by the he was up and on the last but yet the biggest or is pretty crazy you know it is indeed had no problem in the first round of the playoffs series and they could end up going all the way to the become property currency. As it's like the idea that hockey people. That's right. Listen most people in the around the league thought that a lot of the early season success for the golden nuggets was tied to the fact that it's Vegas baby and and there arena's right at the end of the strip and they're making the most of it out there. Wonderful to be that way in the NFL is illegal and for the one night and yet NFL probably different than a lot of guys flying in day out certainly when the patriots flew into Mexico City they were there for like twelve hours or failing maybe not even those who got an earthquake. They beat his death. Thought that was up girls that trip he was not that we're worried about the raiders went through that the only basis the team coming might be the ringers out the 6177797937. Is telephone number. I'd daily keep to my season house as well we're talk in these game seven tonight Celtics game five win last night. Alex Cora has already joined us he will come back on our final drive and about 545 thereabouts. Here on Sports Radio WEEI. And we'll play with national backers. To cross the player correction Rick Nash and versions I'll stay together and grosans. It's basically. The groups we had a vision and trust this group to get it done. And if they don't you can blame all of it will be a gigantic. Failure if the Bruins do not win game seven tonight now the other won a cup. They had to win three games sets so you know going to a game seven there's no there's no shame in that place you went. That they had to win three game sevens including the cup clincher in Vancouver. Played a game seven is not the issue to run as a really good team and a 105 points or something. Being taken to a seventh game by Toronto was not the issue he can't lose game seven at home. If you're a better team and they work points wise if you think you've got a cup aspirations and I think they do. He can't lose game seven at all. Don mean just in the and the way as college he said is gonna be a seven game series I Wimbley got those and be over sooner than that I was feeling really good of riding high on the on the bruins' season even though. They kind of limped into the into the playoffs. But not only is that you know could you lose a game seven but this is after having me 31 lead you've got a that you're close out game already at home. Any cough that one up and an eagle and its Toronto on you and you lose there and now you're back in in game seven where I think you have the better team there at the Vegas favorite tonight. They are the that the team and even going into the series that everybody predicted to it to win it that you could argue whether he considers India a quick search for a long series but there just weren't a lot of people even. National people picking me trauma Italy's. You go back to Tony eleven to sedate beat Montreal and overtime games games I. Then they win one nothing against Tampa when I was a port tolerant environment yes and that killed the best game I've ever no penalties in the entire game yes that was vacuum was not to think of the momentum so this is what game seven could mean this year you win that game and that it's not just we survive Toronto it's like no right now you're it's it's a springboard to something else the something bigger. And maybe that's. What they need to get going because even that Montreal series you know they are up three to two and then. The look like you know they lose game six in a holiday and we gonna lose game seven it's just more of the same and no they pull that one out men on their on their way. 6177797. ID 37 crests on his way to the Bruins game hey Chris I don't know what the press. They guys don't do it on. Pretty I. As what was said in the last four games so mean no secret that stole one. And in war. No I think the brewers have been out played a lot the last war. On a hole or that night. Whereas with Bergeron the last change. That that comes back there are they saw them beat me it's all about. Will ward tonight tonight. If they do ads. If you look way I wonder what goes towards. You know really not do well this war about last game to get an extra weight to look wagers for. That's definitely think you can go back to him and he still have Toronto a farm on the need to be Toronto but you're right the way they ended the season we were joking about how. You know we had a caller say well how that was possible lost three in a row well they started April losing three in a row in the got to win it and they lost the last game of the season where they played all their guys knowing. If they win that game. They're the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference and they get New Jersey who's not as good as Toronto. So you ended up getting the V tougher road to the finals. But. That that unfortunately not a right now he's he's got to take care Toronto now you said Vegas has the bruins' favor for tonight yes but in a big part of that's got to be just aren't Oklahoma area. Other people are saying you know put all your money on on Toronto. And it's likely get their money back but it's like it's like the planet with a guy who wanted to stick to evolve our predictions Helm is what's gonna happen. In an athletic and while that's why dale and maybe you'll get these later on but that's why you listened to the keys of the game that he's any silly game he hears that and then you take all that information and then you bet heavily. Among mentally right now would have bet on you're gonna hear all the keys you can decide for yourself but. That's what do whatever you like money is my guess is to say right in most of us do that you're gonna take those keys listened to moments there aren't a feel good about the broad or. Maybe you don't feel so good about the bronze I would also say that nothing helps you focus and make an informed decision more than like the sound of chain going he's correct in your yours to get rattling as people of people turn up their car when they hear the keys. Could they know they're gonna hear a fact. That there than that I share with somebody tonight we've sit around watch in the game like hey did you hear this I heard this on the race sailor runs awesome on Tuesday yeah. And that was the agency was. Good call you keep our 6177797. ID 37 Peters in New Hampshire a Peter. To go guys let's go it's great. You can talk about hockey being played the part about this. I virtual high school hockey game. Can you picture it lies literally play. At best this outrage as grounds. That's what I. How does that atmosphere Peter how how was it in there is that now hockey should be played. I don't know what it was colder inside than it does outshot. These. It was mid January. And it's loud it's now back at how faster. Do you sit unveils a hang yet yeah. And what they had stands. And that the that's what just ignore it ain't the only thing and I was what would you look out at the Nate they went in about your outlook so. Boy I can be a problem. Thanks for sharing that Peter. Thank you so if I thought that the longer the nights thank you very much. I you know I mean New Hampshire is that it is actually made me sorry I even ask the question you do bring it out. Well that's not how I heater that's on them we had a caller who brought it out yet rivas is what the keys as an assay keeps teasing canyon is. I don't know I don't know no I don't know there's and thoughts and thought no talking don't. Special parents this summer he's in teams yes so you live in team better be a terrible teacher could not market that cattle all day and he says there that you don't go to hockey human arm. Could do that and but he didn't run it on do you guys think that home crowd means much yes in hockey death did it last night. We don't Celtics on its own bat I think it matters more in Basque all matter I was at the game last night admit it was huge I mean I was only watching on TV but it seemed like the play it was deafening and the thing is. Markets markets off the bench. To your takes off plays I'm not placement not and you could hear people like period you know they'd. They were into it they were into into it and every time he dove for a ball. Standing ovation place went crazy. Idea absolutely shattered that it matters I think the most than basketball Bentley College gospels to silly college docile homes in wins and every game believe it Tatum is set like on the one thing I regret about Lehman school as you just don't quite have the same crowds here in the NBA at an item that duke well enough there but. I think a whole Weis is. Certainly important but we've already see in the series strong as one of Boston Boston's. One in Toronto so it's not without who did biggest steel but in game sevens it's. It appears to have mattered if you go through all the game sevens in the history of hockey the home team Ozzie is a big advantage I said the overall record in game sevens lifetime yeah and there's been a 169 of them. Is a 126 and 43 I didn't I don't have the breakdown for how home teams have done in those game sevens. But at the overall winning percentage is 746 it stands to reason the home team's winning percentage is higher than that right would think home teams are. 99 and seventy. What were your numbers they'll. In 169. Game sevens ever yeah. Earn 69 total games right. The the team that scores first you have doubts that rate writers want to scores first is 126 and 43 the home team is 99 cent. And yet that's. I missed it whole thing yeah these numbers are right. Doesn't audit its well you know authorities has an advantage but it's not dramatic video and other personal matters more than Brack where. Affluent. And access. I just think that and I wasn't at Celtics game last night but obviously have been and all of the Bruins games all the Bruins playoff games the last few years and there's a feeling in the building that's hard to describe and I'm sure you saw last night with the Celtics game day it's it it's pulsing it's is it. From the minute they start with a whole pregame presentation and by the way the people in the building were in charge that's a really good out there really good. And then they have the the flag banner captain I mean when Jeff Bowman went out on the ice that not out of something else and and I mean it was just. You thought the roof was gonna cave there's Matthew Slater was there outside the last weekend it was Matthew sleep in a joke. Only before that Dolly with my values and there I usually doesn't add any celebrity don't agree but he got the you've gone through it knows gonna be Whitfield flags that I wanted to keep it buried secrets surprised that there. They don't like to give them away maybe it'll be Donnie Wahlberg who is that the game so I would Jenny McCarthy via. They got they were married and as a couple now last year and a Lange did it for a yeah playoff game you know. And yet they usually try to to get some sort of an Matthew now. They think Dick rock after has been against the Graham announced on SE that would deal when drunk wouldn't like it a little eight power back on board the Robbie brought yesterday at our back on board from. By the way we haven't mentioned that yet because we BO got a hockey calls but but let's just say. Grunt it didn't take grunt long. To respond to the first real criticism of his entire career data. Because after Saturday's phony baloney god awful press conference for monster energy drink he was getting killed in this. It's there to persons who was the first person to reach out to them after that. Tom Brady the dollar check to rosenhaus rosenhaus for damage control we gotta we gotta figure that you are all fun on just a fun bro haven't thrown April I'm not improve our you know not fire and right now. Now got a bunch of people who think that their team is stared over the edge of a cliff. In Europe gone out there and and from rooming it is it may not heard back from. Really good. Now the guy's been in the league eight years and he can't tell the media if he's gonna play one day and the next day he takes in Seagram is like that would be back there with him back I'm loving it 2018 I'll be here and I like high end video that's BI will be back America. We're highlights the I met with a coach like that you did I'm sure you'd I'm I'm wondering at whose invitation. My guess is that Bill Belichick or burst. Made a phone call to ground its way to pay bill would like to talk to. Yeah orally depositary throw your house at a at a handed that like our let's let's get these two sets the other I don't know what's going on we need to figure this out right now yet team ground was like you know what we're losing we weren't losing at the beginning. When it first came out that he's thought about retirement and then reacts a lot of it is. Belichick's got to change you know what is he doing in Brady's upset Crocs upset. It's all crumbling what's going on down there Bob Kraft needs to exhibit hide out and and in the spin about ones stupid press conference we you're on the air when it happened. It was just like are you kidding me the light low numbers hitting me as one thing to read the quotes but when you actually see the video of you out even more later this is such a slap in the face to everything the patriots stand for right and so you knew what line and a few you suspected. That may -- wasn't at a standoff either way I did you get traded I did I'd never thought that making our I know -- to said there's no magic other sectors pretty good at these predictions weren't quite what eastern tomorrow night or death warrant if your ballot unbelievable what this whole thing your like are you kind of start to turn on them but they without -- -- get it back go to a lot of brought drugs great. They were not gonna trade you that boom they traded for but a first reports around (%expletive) it yet at the an absolute killer. I am I I actually think that you know it was probably at the invitation of the invitation of Belichick may let's get in here now. Cut the crap what are what are we don't have that meeting doesn't go well he's gone. I mean if you didn't like the sound of something in there or if he was if he played it kind of aloof lake Delhi. I had some really made up my mind yet if you did that badly he's gone that who's to say though so we're just assuming now that old rock solid again he's Ollie and now. He did in Seagram. That's absurd that suits our guys are pretty lucrative careers that you didn't snap Janet knows it brought it on there you go find it right around have dragged their stand down on now but it but it's like if he wasn't. All in before. Why should we believe the is now if your ballots sent. Why should you believe you now. What happens if mini camp gets here and he's gone through the motions. Can you revisit the idea of where I was reading through the motions though. I mean fair I I I don't have you ever seen him threatened to retire you know now not until. Look I got to be honest from the day after the Super Bowl when we were playing the audio I said of course is. I didn't believe that Bennett didn't believe it now I didn't believe it you know Boone both what do you think it was purely a mode you know a negotiating point because I you know I had one parent didn't seem. Yes see I I sort of felt it wise it was negotiating. You know he's he's making a lot of money for a tight end. But if you're Rob Gronkowski your comparing your offensive production of the wide receivers in the game and it's at for God's sakes they're making 60000017. Million. I mean it is any right it isn't fair. It's unfortunately the way the system is right now and I think yeah he was he was angling for for more money now I don't know what editing. That I don't know now eight my guess is. Because rosenhaus was reportedly there to write gosh after yes Rota rosenhaus and rocked you don't need rosenhaus there unless you're gonna talk contract. If you're discovering wrong key and and slap them around a little bit and cut the crap let's let's play football Leone rosenhaus together you weren't in a position. Slap him around necessarily if he's still committed to coming back. I think I think chronic still had a little bit of leverage and more so than Belichick being like I'm Manny Ellie you. The thing you've been upset about since last year's training camp. According on current and one dual little more and you're gonna take it I don't know if it was back. Contentious like grunts to add some some parts did you guys read the actual. Link between you know between battling with a quote from the official Rob Gronkowski Twitter account and then you go to the roc nation blog which I think we've read what once from before. If you could figure this out many are missing some an idiom down I don't really understand but he tweets about with a link. Then the headlines says I'll be back in quotes it's as wrong meets with the Belichick is looking forward to another championship run. The byline says Rob Gronkowski okay. That there's a picture of wrong that there's a brief little article. It's at the news all patriots fans have been anxiously waiting fourteen straight from the horse's mouth on Tuesday and ports now be in Iraq. He said no not that horse. Wrong so again it's written by wrong and that has rocked the insert him. To announce that he met with the big boss Bill Belichick and we'll definitely be back on the field next season. Not that we ever doubted that despite his dirt like hectic at the weekend. Yeah that's like kids now the LA does at some social media sweep it out though it was on a tweet about the link to a but that's right I mean I don't know that that some. I met with coach today informed him I'll be back the 2018 season with the pats rod or he wrote on instrument right I've been were I've been working out staying in shape feel great the support of the championship run. Ron agent and there's another picture of him promising. It's his crimes agent Drew Rosenhaus also in the meeting said quote it was very positive and rob is committed according to ESPN. Couldn't get a there's nothing Norris and avenues the second ankle openness of what is this as our nation website I've no idea that duty players right here. Who wrote that makes sense maybe he did but it says it underneath the title says the date advances Rob Gronkowski there's no other writer on there. That is grounds or others is limping to the computer room in the house this. You mean maybe. It reads like it was written of course it. I believed at the institute Graham postman while Ben rocks. I mean it makes sense yeah it it rates you know pretty sustained and definitely anchored and that bans a maker now what was that that means the end of the instrument post. Segment bands immigrants. Outs were trying to ban. Most of them on the game to believe there that's not I'm convinced of that but that'll video of them in Mo Jo scrutiny about the hands. Sony yesterday since two Graham post it. Wrong back in the good graces of football fans around here he had in my agency you know I think it's still latency. I think people are happy to have him back I'm sure they're happy Ambac but it's like art well the last two months of the new war ought to write and knew they were they were definitely odd but you just hope and aren't these are quite good I don't think you can get fair value for a minute trade anyway. So if you just tell me he's there he's on clay next year with Brady. I feel good about that your regular that don't forget everything that happened here and maybe don't be surprised if something else happens on the road for at least for now. That did that that's saved his wells anything could've after what happened on Saturday dealing drunk did desk. So Belichick wouldn't trade him. That's a very war. Reportedly reasons. All know what I'm saying is he he had reportedly he had said he wanted to be only wanted to play with a break. And now he's thinking after the Saturday thing all crap. I'm able to buy my hair out here you know what if what if he just gets mad and frustrated with me and wheels me out to some place like Cleveland or something and there's nothing I can do to prevent that. Maybe I need to go talk to bella checking player of the year. Rather than Bellic checked calling into the principal's office. Couldn't it simply have been drunk on that didn't work well I I actually believe that Ron was probably drunk and his people his team the driving force behind this meeting. Because it's really the ball is in their court today need to be the ones hat in hand. Who go to Belichick because if bella check just in a position to you know make ultimatums. He probably would have done it two months ago just to avoid all this. 6177797937. Its telephone number it's daily key. I you'll hear Alex Cora Red Sox manager during final rabbit about 545 here on Sports Radio W media.